BajKah it is already postet00:04
BajKin bugreport00:04
DarthFrogMaxDamage:  nv vs. Mesa is like bread and marmalade: two different things.00:12
MaxDamageIt is?00:13
MaxDamageStill, the "nv" driver worked perfectly before.00:13
DarthFrogMaxDamage: If you're using the nv driver, you would also be using Mesa for software 3D.00:13
MaxDamageDarthFrog; Right...00:13
MaxDamageI don't have any hardware 3D, though.00:14
DarthFrogOr do you mean "vesa"?  Video Electronics Standards Association.00:14
MaxDamagevesa, maybe00:14
DarthFrogMaxDamage:  You have a Nvidia card without 3D?00:14
MaxDamageGeForce 8600 GTS00:14
MaxDamageNo 3D is available in glxgears00:15
MaxDamageXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:15
MaxDamageError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual00:15
DarthFrogWell, it's not the card's fault! :-)00:15
MaxDamageI know it's not.00:15
DarthFrogThat card certainly does have hardware 3D.00:15
MaxDamageI'm trying to manually install the nVidia drivers now, you messaged me 3 seconds before I was about to stop kdm00:15
MaxDamageRuns Modern Warfare 2 at 100 FPS average ;p00:16
MaxDamageSo it definitely does.00:16
DarthFrogThe nv drivers are 2D only.00:16
MaxDamageThey are?00:16
DarthFrogThe proprietary nvidia drivers are the ones you want.00:16
MaxDamageOkay, stopping kdm and installing it the manual way.00:16
MaxDamageI do need to run nvidia-xconfig after I install right?00:17
DarthFrogShouldn't need to.00:17
MaxDamageAlright, then.00:17
MaxDamageBack in 5, hopefully.00:17
Daskreechanalex: ugh sorry I keep getting called away00:21
Daskreechanalex: Did you get the upgrade instructions?00:21
MaxDamageOkay, that was a disaster.00:22
analexit seems as thought I have a version of Kubuntu that has been terminated...00:22
analexcan't get any updates or anything...00:22
MaxDamageDarthFrog: It said something about a pre-install script failing, but I told it to continue anyway.00:22
MaxDamageAny idea what that is caused by?00:22
Daskreechanalex: You can't. but you can upgrade00:23
DarthFrogMaxDamage: Not enough info, sorry.00:23
analexI'm not gettin' thoses instructions anywhere online..00:23
Daskreechanalex: Very honestly it would be faster and 100X less headache to install a new version00:23
MaxDamageDarthFrog: I'll check the log file that Xorg left behind. ;p00:23
DarthFrogMaxDamage:  Is glxgears working?00:23
Daskreechanalex: do you have your home dir different from your /00:23
analexthat's why I'm even trying to get a usb-installer program, because I have no blank cds with me now, and I need to install it like now...00:24
analexyes I do....00:24
Daskreechanalex: Ah ok and you need one on Kubuntu 7.04?00:25
Daskreechor do you have a windows machine nearby?00:25
MaxDamageDarthFrog: Graphics are in safe mode at the moment, so I doubt it. ;)00:25
MaxDamageNope, doesn't work00:25
analexno I don't, the windows laptop is in use by my housemate in another room...00:25
DarthFrogMaxDamage: The Xorg.0.log file will tell you which driver Xorg is using.00:26
Daskreechthey can't give you 10 minutes of time?00:26
analexlemmie check.... brb00:26
MaxDamageDarthFrog: Seems like I'm using vesa currently.00:27
analexgot the windows laptop.... @Daskreech00:29
Daskreechanalex: ok00:29
Daskreechanalex: Do you have an iso for the new Kubuntu?00:30
wubihhi from turkey00:30
analexgettin' it as we speak..00:30
Daskreechanalex: ok You'll need the live usb creator00:31
analexon which system?? windows or tis one???00:32
Daskreechanalex: hold finding a windows one00:32
Daskreechanalex: https://fedorahosted.org/liveusb-creator/00:33
DaskreechGet that and then you can point it at the Ubuntu ISO00:33
wubihi am using mint 9.i have a problem with full-videos00:33
Daskreechanalex: Do you have lots of data on your / partition?00:33
analexumm.... nope.. just installed the kubuntu today...00:34
Daskreechanalex: Ok you should be ok then00:34
wubihtürk kullanıcı var mı?00:35
Daskreechinstall the  Live USB creator on Windows00:35
DaskreechCLiick browse and point it at the Kubuntu ISO00:35
Daskreechthe USB stick has to be formatted (or at least have 1GB free) and then click create USB00:35
DaskreechYou can boot from it and install00:36
analexohhh, so I should install it on the windows system??00:36
Daskreechanalex: heading on the road should be back in an hour00:36
Daskreechanalex: install what?00:36
analexthe usb-creator00:37
Daskreechcopy the .iso to windows00:39
Daskreechmake sure you have space on the USB stick and click on brwse in the USBcreator program and choose the kubuntu ISO00:39
Daskreechclick Create USB and let it do it's thing00:40
Daskreech( you can give it back to your roomate at that point just get them to call y ou when it's done)00:40
Daskreechboot up this computer with the USB and install00:40
Daskreechanalex: Have to catch somewhere I'm gone see you in about an hour00:41
analexok, cool...00:41
analexhopefully by then, I'm running the newer version...00:42
MaxDamageDarthFrog: The pre-install script seems to deliberately fail in nVidia's installer.00:44
MaxDamageBack in a few.00:45
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CyberShadowWhy are Tcl/Tk apps changing their DPI depending on the resolution??01:15
CyberShadowAt 1920x1200 the font is so huge it's unusable!01:15
CyberShadowthe "resolution" reported by xdpyinfo changes depending on the screen resolution01:32
CyberShadowI think it's a bug in VMware tools :/01:45
Daskreechhi all01:52
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elijahI just got up and running with Kubuntu the other day, one thing I can01:56
deathstrokehey guys, what command to view what daemons run on my computer ?01:56
elijahcan't figure out is why whenever I fresh boot or come out of sleep my NTFS partitions prompt me for a password? Any way to always have my partitions online without asking for a password?01:57
elijahKdeSudo is the name of the prompt asking for the password01:57
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cjaewhy do I getasked for a password on a usb fat32 external hdd?02:07
cjaekde 4.502:07
illunaticwhere are the colors saved to when i customize and save?02:21
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cjaeanyone know why I am asked for password for an external fat32 hdd, I am using kde 4.5, it is an esata connection02:29
well_laid_lawnmount needs root permission02:34
frogonwheelscjae: though pmount should handle that02:35
illunaticif i want to move my color scheme from one computer to another, what is the easiest way?02:36
cjaewhy does mount need permission?02:36
leinad83im not sure if system is showing the correct amount of empty space02:42
NeurotrophinAnyone know of up-to-date, working instructions on installing nvidia driver?02:51
cjaeNeurotrophin: propritary02:55
cjaeno bots?02:55
Neurotrophincjae: Yes, proprietary...  The ones so I can actually get usable 3D exceleration..02:56
NeurotrophinThe documentation I found on the web didn't work..02:56
Neurotrophinfor multiple reasons.. looks out of date..02:56
Neurotrophinkubuntu's documentation links don't appear to have any instructions.... reverts over to ubuntu anyway..  Ubuntu has a gui tool for it..02:57
NeurotrophinI've done this before so many times.. but.. it changes over time, I guess.. and I don't remember exactly, anyway..02:58
Daskreechelijah: you mounted your drive as root perhaps?02:58
NeurotrophinOk... No documentation on installing nvidia drivers.. no way to search mailing list archives.. no one providing any help on IRC..03:01
NeurotrophinAnywhere else to turn?03:01
NeurotrophinIf I install gnome, will that provide the Ubuntu method of installing nvidia drivers?03:02
cjaeNeurotrophin: no need for gnome03:02
cjaewhat version of kubuntu03:02
NeurotrophinThe latest..03:02
CkhiKuzadis it possible to install KDE in ubuntu 10.04 without the hundreds of ":D i have a K in my name but you might not want to see me while you run gnome but i'm here!" programs that are installed with installing kubuntu-desktop03:03
NeurotrophinCkhiKuzad: You can pick the parts you want.. kde base... and go from there...  Just don't install the meta package for everything.03:05
cjaeNeurotrophin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QByStWMuIW403:05
cjaeNeurotrophin: that app is on the menu somewhere under "hardware drivers"03:05
cjaeeasy peasy03:06
Neurotrophinok.. installing flash now so I can see that..03:06
CkhiKuzadNeurotrophin, so it's recommended if i do not want the hundreds of megabytes of programs i already have, to install kde-base?03:06
Neurotrophinit's not going to eliminate anything you already installed.03:07
cjaeNeurotrophin: lol03:07
CkhiKuzadNeurotrophin, i havent installed anything yet.03:08
CkhiKuzadbut installing kde-base will allow me to run the WM without the billion apps?03:08
CkhiKuzadwell not WM, more like DE03:08
NeurotrophinCkhiKuzad: then you can just pick out the minimal kde packages you want.. to some level of granularity.. it isn't quite down to the specific application level for everything..03:08
Neurotrophincjae: that video shows the gnome way.. I have never been able to find that app under kubuntu..03:09
DaskreechCkhiKuzad: You can. In KDE at least you can tell the menu to ignore all GNome programs (Or KDE programs) I suppose you can tell the menu in Gnome to do the same03:09
phoenix_hello everyone03:09
CkhiKuzadyou can't Daskreech. i've tried and failed on the last 3 releases of ubuntu03:09
cjaeNeurotrophin: but if your on the newest version I think it might be broken still, but you should be using nouveau which should do all your rendering needs unless you have more than one screen and that might be fixed now too03:10
phoenix_can the delay in drag and drop be improved03:10
Neurotrophincjae: nouveau is severely substandard unless just for 2D03:10
cjae Neurotrophin that app is on kubuntu too as I am looking at it right now03:10
Neurotrophincjae: how do i get to it?03:10
CkhiKuzadNeurotrophin, this isnt exactly what i am asking. for example, the package Kfoo would be installed by default with Kubuntu-desktop, and Kbar would too. I dont want either of them, would installing kde-base allow me to not install Kfoo and Kbar?03:11
cjaeNeurotrophin: what, it worked for compiz03:11
NeurotrophinCkhiKuzad: it's the base.. you can then add what specific other kde apps you want.. some of those packages have a number of things in them and other have only one app.. it all depends.03:12
cjaebtw itss called jockey03:12
Neurotrophincjae: it might work for compiz... it won't work (usably) for Glest, for example..03:13
DaskreechCkhiKuzad: Ow. You can't install an alternate menu that lets you do what you want?03:13
CkhiKuzaddont really trust alternate menus, Daskreech03:13
CkhiKuzadthey usually suck.03:13
Neurotrophincjae: nouveau driver gives very minimal 3D exceleration support03:13
cjaeNeurotrophin: ahh03:13
CkhiKuzadNeurotrophin, what i have been asking this entire time is, and this is all i want to know. If i were to install kde-base, would the packages that come with kubuntu-desktop be installed? thats all i want to know.03:14
DaskreechCkhiKuzad: No03:14
NeurotrophinCkhiKuzad: no.. it installs the underlying kde-base...  that's all03:14
Neurotrophincjae: ok.. there's a jockey-kde package.. not sure what the executable is... but it's already installed (somewhere)03:15
CkhiKuzadNeurotrophin, so no kopete, no Okular, none of those packages.03:15
NeurotrophinCkhiKuzad: no.. just the base... what it says it is... that's it03:16
CkhiKuzadalright. thank you03:16
Neurotrophin(last I checked.. I highly doubt that has changed)03:16
CkhiKuzadYour support is great when someone is asking an incredibly detailed question, but it does make people confused when they just want a yes or no answer for the question they asked.03:16
CkhiKuzadanyway, installing kde-base now. thanks for your help Neurotrophin, Daskreech,03:17
DaskreechNot sure what he expects to get from that03:17
Neurotrophincjae: jockey-kde ... I will never forget that, now..  It's downloading the kde driver.. I hope it works.03:18
elijahcjae: I am having the same issue with NTFS drives03:19
elijahDaskreech: How would I see if I mounted my drive as root?03:20
OptiplexGX620Hey, can I set up a USB digital microscope in Kubuntu?03:27
leinad83i think my kubuntu is reading me incorrect disk space info03:28
leinad83or is reading03:28
OptiplexGX620Or do I have to use Windows??03:33
OptiplexGX620Well Windows sux. C ya ltr03:35
illunaticanyone know offhand how to export my color scheme?03:37
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illunatici'm very disappoint03:41
nettoKubuntu speak via Twitter, with Gwuibber03:42
nettoops, i'm sorry, i say gwibber03:42
illunaticnobody knows where the colors widget saves it's schemes huh?03:43
illunaticnot a square to spare?03:43
Daskreechillunatic: hMM ?03:45
Daskreechillunatic: tried in ~/.kde ?03:45
illunaticah you rock03:46
illunatici should have known03:46
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elijahillunatic: I am new03:47
illunaticelijah: welcome ^_^03:47
illunatichow's it goin so far?03:48
elijahPretty awesome!03:48
illunaticgood deal03:48
illunaticwhat OS did you use before?03:48
elijahExcept it always asks me for passwords for my NTFS volumes03:48
DaskreecHelijah: How do you mount your drives?03:48
DaskreecH are they mounted at boot?03:49
elijahDaskreecH: Yeah, mounted at boot03:49
illunaticit asks for sudo pass?03:49
elijahillunatic: Yeah, "KdeSudo " asks03:49
elijahand it is the sudo pass03:49
elijahEverytime I come out of sleep it asks too03:49
DaskreecHI can kinda understand out of sleep03:52
DaskreecHI don't get at boot. is your drive in the fstab?03:53
illunaticyeah you can change that in preferences somewhere i believe03:53
elijahI have it set to not use a password on resume, for normal login03:53
elijahBut  that is diff. right?03:53
elijahI don't know what Fstab is?03:53
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:53
elijahThe partitions aren't listed in the fstab file03:55
elijahSo, it says " If a device/partition is not listed in fstab ONLY ROOT may mount the device/partition."03:56
DaskreecHtry stick them in there :)03:56
DaskreecHelijah: but it will be mounted automagically by root everytime the kernel gets woken03:56
elijahDaskreecH: Is there a way I can see what they are mounted as in dolphin?03:56
elijahI am just wondering if everyone has this problem03:57
elijahit would seem that they do03:57
illunaticafaik the directory should be /media/whatever03:57
elijahk, well this seems to be on the right track03:57
elijahoh, I thought it had to be dev/sda5 etc03:58
illunaticdid you boot with the device connected?03:58
DaskreecHelijah: type mount in the terminal03:58
DaskreecHyou can press F4 in Dolphin to get a terminal03:58
elijahYeah, I only have one hdd in this laptop, two NTFS partitions from my XP and one ext4 for Kubuntu + a swap partition03:59
DaskreecHelijah: /media/disk and /dev/sda5 are two ways of saying the same thing03:59
DaskreecHOne maps to the other03:59
elijahWeird, fstab only has the partition paths in comments04:00
DaskreecHWith the only exception being that there can only be one (at a time) /media/disk whereas /dev/sdb5 can be reused many times04:00
illunatici love that you can mount other partitions. that is awesome.04:00
elijahOk, this seems that it is going to take some learning04:00
DaskreecHelijah: yes Ubuntu uses UUID04:00
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:01
elijahThanks for getting me on the right track04:01
DaskreecHYou can read about it there04:01
elijahI will reattempt tomorrow04:01
elijahsleepy time in a few minutes04:01
DaskreecHelijah: I can give a quick explanation if you want04:01
elijahDaskreecH: Sure!04:01
illunatici think you can just sudo mount /dev/sdb504:01
DaskreecHthe place /dev holds all your devices04:01
illunaticbut there is something else you have to do to automount at boot04:02
DaskreecHthe directory /dev (and /proc) isn't real04:02
DaskreecHIt's made up when the computer starts and sees what devices are there04:02
fqhuyHi, did anyone try kde 4.5.1 ?04:02
DaskreecHbut anything that you can touch in the real world like a keyboard or monitor or drive exist there04:03
fqhuylast time I tried 4.5 ended up with reinstall kubuntu04:03
fqhuyhey, any idea about new KDE 4.5.1 on Kubuntu 10.0404:03
DaskreecHelijah: The only problem being that if your computer changes then what was /dev/sdb1 last week could be /dev/sdc1 next week04:03
DaskreecHHowever each device has a Unique ID (UUID) that can be used to pick it out regardless of where it is in /dev04:04
DaskreecHSo if you computer isn't plugging drives on and off you can use /dev/sdb504:05
elijahhow do my lockes/passworded drives get mounted if they are not in fstab?04:05
DaskreecHif you want to make sure that that drive always goes to /where/you/want on boot then you can use the UUID04:05
DaskreecHelijah: Not sure I would guess they get mounted by Dolphin cause of your KDE session04:06
elijahDaskreecH: K04:07
DaskreecHCould be a few things. If you have something that you were working on that 's tied to that drive it would try and call it back when KDE starts since it remembers the last thing you were doing04:07
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elijahfqhuy: I am running 4.5.104:07
elijahDaskreecH: That would be logical04:08
fqhuyelijah: did you see the "blocked updates" in your package list04:08
elijahfqhuy: Didn't notice that, all updates worked for me04:09
fqhuyits strange04:09
fqhuyelijah: are you using backports update ?04:10
elijahfqhuy: I am just using Kubuntu 10.10 beta, it came with it, I am a noob04:11
ultimate_noobHey all. Does anyone know how to manage color profiles (icc profiles in Windows) in KDE 4.5?04:11
elijahDaskreecH: Do you know where advanced user settings is?04:12
DaskreecHelijah: Hmmm ?04:13
elijahor auto mount settings?04:13
DaskreecHelijah: you can alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate /etc/fstab04:13
DaskreecHAt least I always find it faster to just copy the line and change it to my drive04:14
elijahI will try that04:14
DaskreecHelijah: in 4.5 there is no advanced anymore04:15
DaskreecHit's all one page04:15
elijahDaskreecH: Where is it?04:16
elijahI did "sudo blkid"04:17
elijahand I have paths and UUIDs now. IS it safe to use the UUID?04:17
DaskreecHelijah: where is?04:17
DaskreecHelijah: yes of course :)04:17
elijahhmm, ntfs or ntfs-3g are options04:19
elijahI didn't know ntfs-3g was a filesystem, actually04:19
DaskreecHit's .. umm a fake filesystem?04:21
DaskreecHIts just a driver for the filesystem04:22
elijahDaskreecH: Yeah, a slow one too!04:23
DaskreecHelijah: Can't be too careful :)04:24
elijahDaskreecH: So, won't it handle it the same either way if it is ntfs-3g vs ntfs? Isn't that how it r/w ntfs?04:24
elijahOr is there another driver besides ntfs-3g?04:24
elijahBtw, the paid driver from the same company on mac is uberfast04:24
=== Diziara is now known as HuntingKitten
DaskreecHno there is probably 4 of them04:24
elijahI wish I could buy it for Linux :)04:24
DaskreecHYou want either ntfs or ntfs-3g04:25
DaskreecHif you want to treat it like a normal drive ntfs-3g is the way to go04:25
DaskreecHhas more features without screwing up the drive04:26
elijahcool, I configured it04:28
elijahsaved it04:28
elijahThanks for your help04:29
elijahGonna restart , test and go sleepy04:29
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sea4everHi, I'm not sure what happened but now I no longer get a login prompt at startup.04:43
sea4everIn fact I get nothing at all, after the verbose boot messages it switches to a better resolution (all black) with a blinking cursor and just hangs there.04:44
sea4everAny way I could figure out what it's doing?04:44
DaskreecHsea4ever: looked in your xsession errors log?04:53
sea4everIt doesn't get as far as running X, DaskreecH04:55
sea4everAt the part where the services start, like (checking battery state...OK, starting nfs daemon...OK), that's where it stopped04:55
DaskreecHsea4ever: ah umm do you get a terminal?04:55
sea4everNo actually! The services starting stopped showing up, it's hidden to me for an unknown reason04:56
sea4everNo terminal on any VT, ctrl+alt+<x> doesn't work on any f-key04:56
DaskreecHsea4ever: alt+ctrl+bkspc doesn't work?04:56
sea4everHm..uh I could try that04:57
DaskreecHor alt+Prntscren+k ?04:57
sea4everLemme try both, hold on04:57
sea4everapparently it changed the loglevel or something.04:58
sea4everDaskreecH: Any idea why the services starting don't show up? I notice that it doesn't switch to VT7/8 when booting up, it stays on VT104:59
DaskreecHsea4ever: what did you install before you booted down last?05:01
sea4everuhh..nothing actually. If I remember right I turned on the laptop to check the schedule for my next class and to copy off my homework05:04
sea4everand then I turned it off again05:04
sea4everI'm gonna try something else here05:09
DaskreecHsea4ever: didn't install a new kernel?05:09
sea4evernah..even if I did I tried the older ones from grub05:09
sea4eversame result for all05:10
=== HuntingKitten is now known as DeathKitten
sea4everAh, I got it working05:10
DaskreecHbleah that's a .. well upstart issue I'd guess05:11
sea4everOk, here's what was wrong: Somehow it's configured *not* to show startup messages05:11
DaskreecHtrired rescue ?05:11
DaskreecHAnd you were just being impatient?05:11
sea4everthe root filesystem was corrupted (probably because I shut it down in a hurry because I was late)05:11
sea4everand finally, since I couldn't see the boot messages I never saw the 'File system is corrupted, Fix?(y/n)' message05:12
sea4everSo I just fixed that from liveCD and it starts up just fine.05:12
illunatici installed some screensavers. how do i get them to show up in the screensaver settings?06:33
illunaticthis one06:36
DaskreecHmight have to install xscreensaver06:36
illunaticgonna give that a shot06:39
illunaticotherwise it might jsut be a mystery to solve06:39
DaskreecHHooray mysteries06:43
illunaticDaskreecH: i found an install txt that addresses it http://paste.ubuntu.com/490748/06:57
illunaticjust need to find my x sessions startup script now06:58
DaskreecHwhereis xinit might help06:58
illunatici don't understand07:03
illunaticit's getting far too complicated for a screensaver07:03
illunaticwhy not "get screensaver" like wallpaper and splash?07:03
DaskreecHI don't know I wanted to take up maintership of kde-wallpapers to simplify it07:12
phoenix_i would like to disable unwanted process, can anyone help me07:53
* illunatic sighs08:36
illunaticwhy so hard to get the mic working?08:37
illunaticdoes anyone know whic directories relate to the mic?08:37
illunatici have it working on another installation08:37
illunaticdon't know what i did tho as nothing i recall doing is working yet08:37
rascranasinghasobcyzk: do you mean that a little part of the panel can be seen at the edge of the screen?08:38
* illunatic thinks maybe kubuntu isn't the most business reliable OS08:38
illunatici'm fucked08:41
rascranasinghaillunatic: what seems to be the problem?08:41
illunaticwell i have my mic workin on one installation on this machine08:41
illunatici need it working on this one as well, but despite my config so far, no luck08:42
illunaticwas wondering if i can just copy the config over from the other one?08:42
rascranasinghaillunatic: what are the different installations?08:42
illunatic2 paritions of kubuntu 10.0408:43
illunaticbut the working mic partition is only 10Gb and i need it on the larger partition as well08:44
rascranasinghadoes tham mean08:44
rascranasinghathat you have two KUbuntu 10.04 instances installed on two partitions08:45
illunaticSTAC 92xx chipset,08:45
rascranasinghaDid You Try The KMix08:46
illunatictried everything here08:47
rascranasinghaok i'll see it08:47
illunaticlast time it was a matter of editing /var/lib/alsa/asound.state so that capture switch values were true08:48
rascranasinghaBTW.. Why'd YOu Have Two KUbuntu 10.04 partitions? :-)08:48
illunaticthe 10GB one was to try it out for a while without removing windows08:49
illunaticnow i've installed over the old windows partition, but kept the 10GB one since it still works and everything is configured on that to work at least08:50
rascranasinghaDid YOu try that /var/ thingy?08:50
illunaticyeah and the capture options show up in both kmix and alsamixer08:50
rascranasinghaon both the instances?08:51
illunaticboth of them are set like that, yes08:51
rascranasinghaI Could Be A Clash Or Something08:52
rascranasinghaI'm Stumped As Well08:53
illunaticthis is what i did before08:53
rascranasinghaTwo Same Systems08:53
illunaticbut i may have done other things i don't recall08:53
rascranasinghaTrying to access one device08:53
illunaticnah don't think so08:53
illunatici'm gonna try just copying those two files and see if it doesn't fix it heh08:54
rascranasinghaDid This start after you installed over the Windows PArtition08:54
rascranasinghaillunatic: did anything work?09:03
illunaticwell i copied over both the alsa-source.com and the asound.state09:05
illunaticare there any other files relating to the input device i should be aware of?09:05
rascranasinghanot that I know of09:06
rascranasinghaI looked at the09:06
rascranasinghalink on your forum09:06
rascranasinghadid you try booting to the instance with which you had problems09:07
rascranasinghaand modifying the asound.state?09:07
noaXessdoes anybody has also the problem in dolphin that it don't response if any folder/files is doubleclicked?09:12
illunatici just remembered... last time i jsut copied the whole /usr/ directory from the working partition to this one and the mic worked09:12
illunaticso it had to be something there09:12
illunaticbut i was having errors so i don't want to copy the whole thing this time :X09:12
illunaticnoaXess: yeah09:13
noaXesshave that since de 4.5.1..09:13
noaXesshey illunatic09:13
noaXessis there no fix?09:13
illunaticbecause you're only supposed to single click unless you set it to double click09:13
illunatici dunno. dolphin seems to crash easily09:13
noaXessillunatic: i have it on doubleclick...09:14
noaXesswith singleclick no problem?09:14
illunaticoh... that's just not right09:14
noaXessit occurs also if i right click and select anything, eg. open with kate09:14
illunaticyeah but i'm not using kde 4.5.109:14
rascranasinghaillunatic: did that work?09:19
illunaticrascranasingha: yeah it worked before, but i had to install kubuntu again because there were too many problems since doing that09:21
illunaticso i know it's possible to get it working :)09:21
rascranasinghaillunatic: that's good09:22
illunaticperhaps it's the /usr/lib/alsa-lib files09:24
illunaticor /usr/share/alsa, alsa-base, alsa-source09:25
rascranasinghaillunatic: Mabye alsa-base is not the answer09:29
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* illunatic sigh10:54
illunatici think i've found where the problem is, but i don't know why10:54
illunaticevery time i reboot, the settings at asound.state turn back to false10:55
phoenix_i am using kde 4.5.1, i feel that there is some performance lag after karmic kola, is that true or i am wrong10:57
illunaticany ideas why it is resetting my config instead of using it on reboot?11:05
illunaticwhy is it doing this to me? why?11:21
illunaticbecause i'm overdue on rent and need my mic to work?11:21
steveireTm_T: Hi. I was away the last few days.11:49
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=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
illunaticnow i have no sound :(12:22
illunatictryin to confure alsa-source12:23
illunaticis there a way to roll back to the working drivers?12:23
illunaticcmon there has to be a way to roll back to the working dricers -_-12:34
illunaticthrow me a friggin bone says dr evil12:34
illunatici'm looking at them right now in kde control module12:35
illunaticthey are grayed out12:35
illunatici don't even have alsamixer atm12:44
illunaticfuck me12:44
illunaticyou guys think maybe ubuntu would be a bit easier on a newb?12:45
frogonwheelsillunatic: yeah you can force a version with apt-get install12:49
illunaticare you talkin about sound drivers?12:50
frogonwheelsillunatic: I'm talking packages..12:50
frogonwheelsthere's a few howtos/FAQs on getting sound working12:50
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frogonwheelsillunatic: you got alsamixer now?12:50
illunaticyeah... that's what caused my probs :)12:50
illunaticbeen tryin to get mic working. long story short, my sound no longer works (see general help step 3)12:51
illunaticsudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-source12:51
illunaticat this point i apparently am not installing the correct drivers?12:52
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frogonwheelshmm - I've usually found I can get them working without recompiling anything.. what soundcard?12:53
illunaticshows up as HDA ATI SB12:55
frogonwheelsoh, ok12:55
frogonwheelsI think that's what I got12:56
illunatici didn't let it toss the drivers, so it shows up in the multimedia control module12:56
frogonwheelsdifferent chip12:56
illunatici'm on a dell inspiron 150112:56
frogonwheelsVIA VT1708S12:56
frogonwheels..I'm an ASUS fan. :)12:56
illunatici would love a machine that is proven to get along with more linux distros12:57
illunaticseems like everyone with this model has issues of some sort12:58
frogonwheelshmm.. yeah - I tend towards Asus & Friends (remembering they use a linux variant for their ExpressGate stuff)12:58
illunaticoh yeah?12:59
illunatici'm keeping that in mind then12:59
frogonwheelspresumably you found the 'capture' section of  alsamixer?12:59
illunatici get i want the hda-codec-atihdmi?13:00
frogonwheelsyep, looks like it13:00
frogonwheelssnd_hda_codec_atihdmi,snd_hda_codec_via,snd_hda_intel,snd_hda_codec   is what I have13:01
frogonwheelsobviously the via 'cause I've got a via base chip13:01
frogonwheelsgg do some dishes13:01
illunaticyeah i thought it was sigmatel because that's what i used when it was windows13:01
illunaticor hda-intel because that's what showed up in alsamixer before13:02
frogonwheels(that's on our media box - running mythbuntu)13:06
illunaticno, i don't want KDE to permanently forget about these devices -_-13:07
illunatici want to use those devices13:07
illunaticwhy such a pita?13:07
illunaticdo i have to reinstall kubuntu all over again just to get back to default working drivers?13:08
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=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
hawkIillunatic: From my BSD kernel building experiences, you should be able to get any drivers you want into the kernel, just re-link  (run your kernel make command )and reboot.  Thats what I used to do in 1982 so Linux must be capable of the same.13:45
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janikhi there13:52
txwikinger!question | janik13:55
ubottujanik: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:55
txwikingerwrong one :)13:55
txwikingerAnyway.. just ask your question13:55
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EvilRoeyHello.  I am on Lucid Lynx with a Geforce 9800 GT graphics card.  Out of the blue two days ago (after some update, who knows), the Desktop Effects functionality appears disabled no matter what I do.  'glxinfo' says "direct rendering: yes", so I don't get what the problem is....14:51
James147EvilRoey: and I take it glxgears works?14:53
EvilRoeyOoh, right, checking.14:54
EvilRoeyJames147:  yes, yes it does.14:54
James147EvilRoey: ... weird14:54
EvilRoeyWhat's the next check, then?14:54
James147EvilRoey: could you try creating a new user and seeing if it works for them14:54
EvilRoeyJames147:  hey! I created an auxiliary user and found that it's fine over there as far as desktop effects.14:59
EvilRoeyJames147:  so what could cause DEs to fail for my user then?14:59
James147EvilRoey: config problem... my guess is with kwin :)15:00
EvilRoeyJames147:  hrm.  But.  Ah well, right. I'll pester #kde15:01
James147(my guess, and I could be wrong is that kwin marked a file to tell it that for somereason decided that your comp cannot handle defsktop effects, and is reasing that file to save checking every login)15:02
James147i would check ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc15:02
EvilRoeyhey all, why would I suddenly lose my inventory of Desktop Effects under the 'All Effects' tab (and DE is obviously suspended), but ONLY FOR ONE USER?15:04
EvilRoeythat is the question better put.15:04
EvilRoeyJames147:  http://pastebin.com/SZkxVJRD15:18
EvilRoeyJames147:  I moved kwinrc out and let kde build a new one; that worked.  The link shows the diff between the two.15:18
James147EvilRoey: well... my best guess would be the OpenGLIsUnsafe=false  (its false on the one that works, true on the one that doesnt)15:24
EvilRoeyright right.15:24
EvilRoeythat's what I suspected, too15:25
James147(why did i read it bottem up... took allot longer to find that)  :D15:25
EvilRoeyI do that too :P15:25
EvilRoeyimpatience on our parts15:25
EvilRoeyit's our generation.15:25
James147i did a search for effects and started at that :)15:25
James147EvilRoey: i would be tempted to just delete all the lines that refer to opengl, or graphcs stuff in general in teh same block as that line15:26
James147(if there missing kde will assume defauts)15:26
James147(or should, backup the file as well :) )15:27
EvilRoeywell it did re-build my kwinrc after I moved it out of the way15:27
EvilRoeyJames147:  true15:27
EvilRoeyJames147:  then the question becomes, what prompted kde/kwin to change that GL setting :P15:27
James147EvilRoey: no clue... one failed check probally stoped it from checking (there is no point in checking again if it has already failed... or at least thats probally what the dev thourght)15:28
James147EvilRoey: dont know what triped it up in the first palce though :)15:29
EvilRoeywell thanks so much for the advice!15:30
EvilRoeyit worked!15:30
James147and without deleting all your settings :D15:31
EvilRoeyso I was wondering, what's with your nick?15:31
EvilRoeyaye :)15:31
EvilRoeyI'm glad about that15:31
James147dont you love having settings in config files :)15:31
* James147 now has to find the file responsible for krunner autostarting (or rather not)15:31
baxeico_I'm wondering if it's the case of upgrading to KDE 4.5.1 in Lucid15:37
baxeico_do you have any problems with 4.5.1 from backports?15:38
baxeico_I'm running 4.4.5 from backports15:38
James147baxeico_: not personally... well nepomuk search was broken, but seems to be working now15:38
baxeico_I read of some dolphin crashes and freezes15:39
baxeico_also in 4.5.115:39
James147hasent dont that here... although I think that problem was with the info panel (which i removed)15:39
James147(and possibally the tool tips (which are disabled by default))15:39
baxeico_James147: did you upgraded from 4.4.5 in lucid?15:41
James147baxeico_: along time ago yes :)15:41
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baxeico_:) because aptitude wants to remove libqt4-phonon, and it sounds scary to me15:42
baxeico_libqt4-phonon: Depends: libphonon4 (= 4:4.6.3-0ubuntu1) but 4:4.7.0really4.4.2-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1 is to be installed15:42
James147baxeico_: there where a few packages that where replaced15:42
James147baxeico_: so it sounds scary, but its because its being replaced by something else :)... or at elast should be15:43
James147baxeico_: if in doupt reinstall kubuntu-desktop after, that should pull anything you need (although you shouldnt need to)15:43
baxeico_kubuntu-desktop is a meta-package for a clean kubuntu install?15:44
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CaptainCanuckis it dead in here?15:46
James147baxeico_: well, not clean... (it shouldnt remove packages that are already installed but it will install everything needed by kubuntu)15:47
James147CaptainCanuck: why would you think that?15:47
CaptainCanuckidk, ive never been here before15:48
CaptainCanuckim the only linux user at my university15:48
CaptainCanuckso im bored15:49
CaptainCanuckanyone need help with anything?15:49
James147CaptainCanuck: well, this channel is for kubuntu support, if you want to chat join #kubuntu-offtopic15:49
James147CaptainCanuck: generally people will ask questions if they have any :) you dont need to prompt them15:50
powerinsideHow to adjust refresh rates of two monitors (in a dual screen config) ?15:53
CaptainCanuckWhat do you see in System>Preferences>Monitors?15:53
powerinsideI see only 59.9 Hz.. my LCD 's optimal is 60 Hz15:54
powerinsideI get flickers when i type or move the cursor in current config15:54
powerinsideI suppose it is due to refresh rate wrongly set as 59.9 automatically15:54
CaptainCanuckA change of 0.1 Hz is hardly noticeable, I think your screen flickers for a differet reason15:55
powerinsideOk so were do I start?15:55
powerinsideMy gfx is Ati Mobility Radeon HD 230015:55
v3nd3tta``how can i add a refresh rate mnually? it shows 50,0 hz but my monitor says he supports 60 hz as well15:56
v3nd3tta``but in refreshrate menu there are only 50 and 5115:56
v3nd3tta``how can i add 60?15:56
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powerinsideCaptainCanuck: Maybe should I try installing propertiary gfx drivers on my box?15:58
CaptainCanuckdoesnt hurt15:59
powerinsideCaptainCanuck: How can I obtain one? From the official site it doesnt list my ATI mobility radeon HD 2300 in supported list16:00
CaptainCanuckSystem>Admin>Hardware Drivers16:00
powerinsideCaptainCanuck: Sorry I cant find "admin" in my System Settings UI.. My box is kubuntu 10.0416:02
CaptainCanuckhi slowmo16:03
letalisanyone here have experience with kde 4.5.1?16:03
letalisim having problems changing the plasma theme16:03
powerinsideCaptainCanuck: I can't find that either! :/  Are you telling me to use terminal?16:04
=== capncanuck is now known as CaptainCanuck
powerinsideCaptainCanuck: I can't find that either! :/ Are you telling me to use terminal?16:08
powerinsideYes cant find16:08
CaptainCanucko nvm, this is kubuntu16:09
powerinsideCaptainCanuck: Sorry, but mine is kubuntu too!?16:11
James147powerinside: run "jockey-kde"  or look for "Hardware Drivers" in the menu (not system settings)16:12
powerinsideJames147: Thanks, but now it says no propertiary drivers installed. Now how should I proceed16:13
James147powerinside: does it list availble drivers ?16:15
powerinsideShould I try jocky-kde in terminal?16:16
James147powerinside: shouldnt make any difference16:16
James147powerinside: well, you could maunally install them via apt-get, aptitude or kpackagekit, but I dont know what the ati ones are called :(16:16
powerinsideWill any general ATI driver for linux work? Or should I hunt down thats specific to my mobility radeon16:18
realburbhi, I have a fileserver (smb) and connected to it using dolphin, I can pull files (mp3) from the server to my local disk and play the files, but when I try to open them on the server, I get errors, what is going wrong here?16:19
James147powerinside: normally drivers cover a wide range of cards (ie the ndivia-current ones cover mostly all nvidia cards)16:19
EagleScreen_realburb: and you open them with?16:20
powerinsideI am pretty much sure my card wasnt listed in supported lists when I read the release note of the latest ATI drivers for linux on ATI's site.. will it be harmful if i try to install it?16:20
EagleScreen_vlc may not support samba protocol16:20
James147powerinside: wont be permintly harmful, but trying to load the wrong drivers can cause X not to start (you will get a command ling prompt) you can always loginto that and delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf  to get X working again16:22
realburbwell, shouldnt kio make network shares look like local filesystems?16:22
EagleScreen_realburb: may be it should16:22
powerinsideJames147: Ok thanks for all the tips.. Im going to risk and try the propertiery drivers16:24
James147realburb: dose it work with other placers (vlc isnt kde so probally wont use the kio)16:24
James147players ^^16:24
realburbamarok doesnt work either16:24
EagleScreen_they cannot acess to files across ftp or smb16:26
realburbwhat about smbfs?16:26
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realburbmhm Ill try it, I may need a reboot, how can I choose a different workgroup?16:31
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JuJuBeeI installed nis on my server and clients but when i try to use yppasswd on client, tells me yppasswdd not running on server. Any help?17:08
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Monalisa_Thakur guide for nebiw for IRC http://i-am-newbie.blogspot.com/18:51
MamarokMonalisa_Thakur: please no advertising on support channels18:58
Monalisa_ThakurMamarok, sorry18:59
Monalisa_Thakurdon't gonna put the link again ^_^'19:00
Monalisa_Thakurbtw is Kubuntu still in alpha 319:00
Monalisa_Thakuri am installed kubuntu 10.10 alpha but buggy ..and looks cool. but now its become OPEN box simple & fast19:02
Monalisa_Thakuri remove all kde stuff from it19:03
Monalisa_Thakuracually wating for a dist-upgrade when its become stable19:03
MamarokMonalisa_Thakur: please ask questions about Maverick in #ubuntu+119:04
Monalisa_Thakurok bye guys ..and again sorry for that link ..19:04
Monalisa_Thakurohoo ..19:05
Monalisa_Thakurthanks Mamarok19:05
Mamarokandthe stable version is Lucid19:05
Monalisa_ThakurMamarok, ya i dist upgrade useing alpha ppa of 10.10 from lucid19:06
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glaucousIs there a way too boot into command prompt, terminal, instead of getting the KDM GUI at boot? I need it this once, for installing NVIDIA drivers (after uninstalling I can't get KDM).19:26
TSKglaucous: You could try passing the kernel parameter "single" at grub to drop to single user command prompt mode I think?19:38
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cato37hello. amule isnt working. it looks like it is trying to load (bouncing cursor) and then it fails to load.  what should i do?20:01
hishhello after I update to kubuntu 10.04.1 my x not working and give me this error drm:i915_hangcheck_elapsed20:03
hishand there is anothere errors all related to i91520:03
hishafter i do a search about this error20:04
hishit realated to vga and kms20:04
hishtry to load the i915 at boot time20:04
hishbut it is not workin20:04
hishi know it is a bug in the new kernel
hishhey guus any help in this bug or wolkarond20:06
TFrogis anyone here running an intel 8.xx graphics chipset?20:25
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TSKcato37: First thing to try is try running it from a terminal and see if it spits out any kinda error message which might help you discover why it's not running.20:30
cato37TSK: thanx. i uninstalled it, and am reinstalling it in apt-get with the -b command, like with freecol. it is taking a long time though20:31
cato37it is in a repeating cycle. how do i stop it?20:34
cato37TSK: how do i run it in the terminal?20:37
cato37i typed amule in the terminal and got: There is an instance of aMule already running20:40
cato37TSK: i typed amule in the terminal and got: There is an instance of aMule already running20:40
TSKAfraid I dunno anything about aMule, but perhaps you could try "killall amule" then try running it?20:42
TSK"ps -A | grep amule" after the killall would tell you if it's really dead or not.20:42
cato37killall amule gives: no process20:45
Peace-cato37: pkill amu THEN PRESS TAB20:46
cato37ps grep amule didnt do anything20:46
Peace-so it would be amule is not running20:47
cato37display all 3310 possibilities? y or n20:47
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cato37amule is listed20:48
cato37i typed amule again and got20:49
cato37Initialising aMule 2.2.6 using wxGTK2 v2.8.1020:50
cato37Checking if there is an instance already running...20:50
cato37There is an instance of aMule already running20:50
cato37(lock file: /home/theo/.aMule/muleLock)Raising current running instance.20:50
FloodBotK2cato37: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:50
cato37reboot. brb20:53
cato37TSK: i purged the last install and reinstalled it over. it is working. thanx.21:06
TSKcato37: Ah, right on.  That's good news.  :)21:07
cato37TSK: :) have a good day.21:07
TSKYou also.  :)21:08
MarkSSKDE is very hard to navigate21:10
MarkSSI need help21:10
MarkSSDoes Kubuntu not have a Software Center?  Where the heck is it?  How do I find and install new software packages?  I cannnot find any at all and I've looked like everywhere.21:11
zongo_Hey Guys, just installed Kubuntu and rebooted. Cant use root in a shell anymore. Authentication failure. I had just used it. Any idea ?21:14
TSKMarkSS: Menu > System > KPackageKit is one possible software center.21:15
MarkSSTSK:  That just keeps returning nothing when I type any programs I know21:15
MarkSSIt appears to be very disorganized as well.  Hard to really see anything.  Long lists21:16
zongo_I think I found out why (may be:) cant open the KDE wallet thingy21:16
zongo_I suppose that stops me from accessing root privileges ?21:17
TSKMarkSS: Personally I prefer "Synaptic" package manager.21:17
MarkSSYes, I can't even find that21:17
TSKzongo_: sudo command doesn't work?21:17
MarkSSI think KPackageKit is horrible and terribly confusing.  Can't even get anything outta it21:17
TSKMarkSS: It isn't installed by default.  "sudo apt-get install synaptic" at a commandline will install it though.21:18
MarkSSWhy isn't this KPackageKit not working?21:18
TSKI personally find it easier to use than KPackageKit.21:18
MarkSSI got the updates, but can't find anything else21:18
zongo_TSK: nope wont let me use root anymore21:18
MarkSSIsn't there a Kubuntu Software Center?21:19
zongo_the weirdest is that i was using it 5 minutes ago21:19
zongo_the kde wallet can't open either21:19
zongo_with the password that I used before 5 minutes  :)21:19
zongo_I knew I was not alone :)21:19
TSKMarkSS: KPackageKit IS the Kubuntu version of "Software Center" as far as I know, but I'm no big fan of it at all.  I much prefer Synaptic.  :)21:20
zongo_can I just delete the kde wallet and I suppose start a new one ?21:20
TSKzongo_: I wish I knew what was wrong.  Are you in the sudoers group?21:20
TSK"groups" at a commandline gives you a list of what groups you are a member of.21:21
zongo_nope, I am not21:21
zongo_But i was doing  is just type  su then pass to become root21:21
TSKAre you a member of adm or admin group?21:21
zongo_that worked21:21
TSKHow about "sudo su" and then type YOUR password instead of the root password?21:22
TSKI'm pretty sure the KWallet has nothing to do with the sudo command, although I'm fairly sure KWallet IS used by the "kdesudo" command.21:23
zongo_TSK: yep I am in admin21:24
zongo_that is really weird21:24
zongo_since I logged into my session i did not forget my password :)21:25
zongo_and I have been drinking tea all night long .....21:25
TSKzongo_: Try "sudo su" and use YOUR password when it asks for a password (NOT the root password, but the password you use to login to your user account).21:26
zongo_I connected with root without it asking me for a password21:27
TSKzongo_: That SHOULD get you a root shell if sudo is working as expected.  IF that works, then you can use "sudo <any root command>" to run commands as root.21:27
TSK"sudo synaptic" for example will run the synaptic package manager as root (if it's installed of course).21:28
zongo_thanks TSK for your time. I have another question if I may. I am connected to a display and eveytime i reboot it looses my parameters21:28
TSKIf I remember right, the actual root account is technically sorta disabled for security reasons.21:28
zongo_is it possible to keep my settings alive even after reboot ?21:29
TSKzongo_: Which settings is it losing?21:29
zongo_the display one21:29
TSKLike screen resolution?21:30
zongo_scren res on the display and the laptop but also the position21:30
zongo_and everytime I have to manually reinsert the settings21:31
zongo_may be an expected behavior ?21:31
TSKzongo_: Hmm...  That sounds like a bit more technical problem there.  Might have to actually edit the xorg.conf file to fix that one.21:31
phoenix_how to disable unwanted services like kbluetooth from starting automatically at logon .21:32
zongo_may be I wait a couple of years that I can come out of the newbie zone :)21:33
zongo_thanks TSK for your time21:33
=== progre55_ is now known as progre55
TSKzongo_: Happy to be helpful.  :)21:33
zongo_on another subject, KDE is fantastic compare to gnome21:34
TSKIt's been my experience that the longer you use Linux, the less you want to even TOUCH any OTHER operating system.  :)21:34
TSKI've always been a big fan of KDE, although I'm still not sure whether I love or hate KDE 4.  :)21:35
zongo_bought this magazine and there was the CD of Ubuntu and on the CD Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu21:35
phoenix_TSK: commercial games have stated coming for linux21:35
zongo_I tried all and will for the moment stick with KDE21:35
zongo_learning my ways around21:35
TSKphoenix_: Aye.  Since I started learning various programming languages tho, I've really not been all that interested in playing games anymore.  :)21:36
phoenix_tsk i mean to say that linux is getting popular21:36
TSKToo many Windows games have been too much the "same-old-same-old" over recent years anyhow.  :)21:36
TSKphoenix_: Aye.  I just hope that popularity leads to more-better hardware support for Linux from more hardware manufacturers.21:37
phoenix_TSK: that means, corporate support for drivers21:37
TSKphoenix_: That's the thing I've been MOST looking for more'n anything else, is more hardware manufacturers to take Linux as seriously as it deserves.21:37
BajKTSK: I can just confirm that. I always hate it when I have to stick with windows^^21:38
TSKUp until recently it's been up to the hardworking open source developers to reverse engineer new hardware and create drivers.21:38
phoenix_TSK: i stared using linux for the past one year and now i am programming using qt, i am writing plugins for kopete21:38
zongo_I just wish that their would more doc for linux21:38
TSKI haven't "had to" use Windows for anything in over 8 years now, and to be honest, I don't miss Windows one little bit.  ;)21:38
BajKphoenix_: Oh, I am too lazy to give KDE programming a try. I‘d love to help programming, but I hate C and so, well, I cannot (:21:39
phoenix_zongo_: what kind of docs do you want21:39
TSKphoenix_: Only QT programming I've done is in Ruby.  Sooner or later I really should take the time to learn some form of C/C++/C#21:39
BajKThe first experience with Linux was in 1999 with KDE 1.0 :D Where it had this three-dimensional blue K logo^^21:39
BajKand we didn't get the tape drive to work21:40
zongo_phoenix: well for ex, I just run linux kubuntu and stumbled upon ktorrent21:40
phoenix_BajK: my favourite is BASIC, but for linux there are only two versions, gambas and realbasic. its not yet good enough21:40
TSKBest KDE ever was KDE3.5.11 if what you like is rock solid reliable stable as a brick outhouse.  :)21:40
zongo_looks like a very nice app by half I dont get21:40
BajKphoenix_: Basic? Finally I found someone who shares my opinions :)21:40
zongo_was googling left right and center but to no avail really21:41
TSKktorrent is uber.  I download ALL my Linux CDs/DVDs on ktorrent.  :)21:41
BajKbut I'll stick with Lazarus :) Kinda reminds me of visual basic^^21:41
zongo_Plus, I was looking for some doc that would explain the basic of linux21:41
TSKBajK: Might also want to look into MonoDevelop if you like VisualBasic.21:41
BajKTSK: I couldn't get used to it, dunno..21:41
phoenix_zongo_: try ebooks21:41
TSKzongo_: There's TONS of great docs about Linux and Ubuntu21:42
zongo_I did that as well21:42
BajKand I can connect to a mysql db which helps me a lot. Currently developing a customer managment system. Because it seems to be an equation, the more expensive a pice of software it the shittier it is to use^^21:42
TSKOne sec.  I'll see what I can find to get you started.21:42
BajKbest example: EVERY SAP application21:42
phoenix_TSK:  does mono compile the code to native elf format21:42
zongo_not that easy to stumble a good one that would be at my level21:42
BajKTSK: but I think I'll give monodelop another try21:42
zongo_but otherwise, a lot of docs as you said21:43
zongo_Linux is just not a straight road21:43
zongo_many ways to do things within the linux realm21:43
phoenix_BajK: did you try qt21:43
TSKMono compiles to native CLI (common language infrastructure or somesuch) code which is the same thing that .NET compiles to.21:43
zongo_TSK: thanks, I did have a look at that website21:43
zongo_"Written from the ground-up to cover Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10" says the book21:45
BajKphoenix_: yes and it sucks really bad^^21:45
zongo_I have just installed v10.0421:45
phoenix_BajK: gambas is good but, it is an interpreter based one21:46
BajKI also have gambas21:47
BajKbut I don't like it21:47
BajKit cannot even use the standard file dialogs21:47
BajKand I hate applications that implement their own and so I don't wanna do that21:47
TSKThere's the best beginner manual I know of.21:47
TSKA more direct link21:48
TSKThat should be for 10.04, too.21:48
phoenix_BajK: have you tried realbasic21:50
TSKzongo_: That last link I posted is probably just the book you are looking for I bet.  :)21:51
zongo_let me have a look :)21:51
phoenix_TSK: i heard that kde 3.5's performace was better than kde 4.x , what do you say21:52
BajKyes KDE 4 is kinda fat^^21:52
BajKand I hate plasma :) But anything is better than Windows, eh^^21:52
TSKUndoubtedly true.  KDE3.5.11 was not only rock solid stable, but straight up lightning fast.21:52
zongo_nice, thanks TSK21:53
TSKKDE4 is getting better, but it looks like it's gonna be well beyond 4.5 before it's even CLOSE to as stable as 3.5 was.21:53
TSKAt least it's not cripplingly slow and constant crash anymore tho.21:54
phoenix_TSK:  there is some performance lag of kwin in 4.5, i thing 4.6 will be good21:55
TSKThe latest 4.5 in kubuntu repositories is running fairly decent, but honestly, KDE4 series is still buggy as sin compared to my old 3.5.11 box that can run rock solid forEVER.  :)21:56
TSKI look forward to the day that the KDE4 series achieves that kinda stability.21:57
phoenix_TSK: are you still using kde 3.5?21:57
TSKI'm sure it will soon.  It's getting pretty close.21:57
lookTSK, i do to21:58
TSKphoenix_: I have KDE3.5.11 on another box that still hasn't been upgraded, but on my current workstation I'm using the latest KDE4 in kubuntu.21:58
phoenix_TSK: tried compiz to get some performance, but it crashes22:00
TSKI used to use compiz-fusion and for a while I used emerald, but now I just use kwin.22:01
phoenix_what is your kde version22:01
phoenix_the kde windows decorator crashes when i use compiz-fusion, mine is also kde 4.5.122:03
TSKI haven't tried any flavor of compiz recently.22:03
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TSKkwin pretty much does everything I need it to these days as far as eyecandy, and I can easily disable it anytime it gets annoying.  :)22:04
TSK(Ctrl-Shift-F12 FTW)22:04
TSKSorry.  That's Shift-Alt-F1222:05
TSKShift-Alt-F12 = Toggle compositing effects on/off in kwin.  TOO useful.  :)22:06
phoenix_TSK: what do you think about the performance, i feel their is some lag22:06
TSKCompared to KDE3.5, KDE4 is still a bit slower on my current machine, but I suspect on a really up to date graphics card it would just positively FLY.22:07
TSKYou CAN adjust the animation speeds in the settings tho.  Set to "Instant" it's pretty fast even on my old graphics card.22:07
phoenix_TSK: i mean to ask the diff between kde 4.4.2 and 4.522:09
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TSKAh.  Honestly, I think that 4.5 is actually NOTICEABLY quicker than any prior 4.x series version on my hardware.  4.4 series and before were visibly laggy.22:10
TSK4.2 was cripplingly slow, and 4.1 was not only slow, but so crashy as to be entirely unusable.22:11
phoenix_TSK: how do you set emerald as default for compiz-fusion22:12
TSKI think maybe by KDE5 I might be AS happy as I was with KDE3.5.  ;)22:12
TSKphoenix_: compiz-fusion is the Emerald project merged back into the Compiz project.22:13
phoenix_oh, then how do i change the default windows decorator22:14
TSKIt's been a long time since I used any flavor of Compiz, but I used to control that with the fusion-tray icon or somesuch.22:15
TSKLooks like fusion-icon is still available in the Ubuntu repositories.22:16
TSKPretty sure that's the tool I used to use.22:16
phoenix_TSK: i think i installed compiz instead of compiz fusion22:19
TSKfusion is the better choice.  All the goodness of Emerald PLUS all the goodness of Compiz.  :)22:20
phoenix_ya, i heard emerald is stable22:21
TSKIt used to be more stable than Compiz, before the projects merged back together into compiz-fusion.22:22
TSKWelcome home?22:25
phoenix_TSK: system crashed when i used compiz22:31
TSKRegular compiz or fusion?22:31
phoenix_TSK: i have to use kwin now22:31
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TSKphoenix_: Looks like there is a compiz-kde package in the repositories which might be better suited to use with KDE?22:34
glaucousI installed a NVIDIA card (from ATI), and now all fonts are smaller. Is there a quick fix to this, except editing all Font sizes?22:34
phoenix_TSK: i tried that first, but it too crashes22:34
TSKBrutal.  :(22:35
phoenix_TSK: ya22:35
TSKI guess we are stuck with kwin for now.22:35
phoenix_TSK: :)22:36
glaucousNow I just came here, but what's the problem with kwin?22:40
TSKNo problem that I know of.  A couple of us were just feeling nostalgic about Compiz and trying to see if it still works with KDE.  Apparently it doesn't anymore.  :)22:41
glaucousOh, I see22:41
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Taha_I have a small problem22:50
Taha_I can't install XChat for some reason22:50
Taha_I'm on Ubuntu 10.1022:50
FloodBotK2Taha_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:50
Taha_FloodBotK2: I'm not flooding. :(22:50
Taha_Also, FloodBotK2, speaking of punctuation, those commas should be semicolons!22:51
Taha_administrator_: You sound like you're willing to help :D22:51
chuckfTaha_: you won't install xchat until you at least try22:53
Taha_chuckf: I tried to, but it gives me an error22:53
Taha_I can't copy & paste the error22:53
chuckfthen I can't help22:53
chuckfmaybe try quassel22:54
Taha_Quassel, eh?22:55
Taha_Is that an image screenshotting utiltity?22:55
TSKQuassel is actually pretty slick.  I'm using it right now.22:55
Taha_It's an IRC client22:55
TSKIt's an IRC client similar to XChat22:55
chuckfquassel is a different irc chat client22:55
Taha_It also won't install22:56
Taha_How do I take a screenshot?22:56
Taha_And update it to imageshack?22:56
Taha_I know how to update22:56
FloodBotK2Taha_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:56
Taha_Oh wait22:56
hsrKubuntu 10.04 had a feature to add gnome applets... How can i get that?22:56
hsrKubuntu 10.04 have a feature to add gnome applets... How can i get that?22:56
e_t_hsr: what do you mean?22:57
hsre_t_: Apart from widgets, current version allows to ad gnome applets as well22:59
e_t_hsr: Where did you find out about this feature? I haven't come across it.23:00
cjaehow do I extract multiple archives at once? they are not number23:06
e_t_cjae: I'd probably open tar in several terminal windows, but that would slow your system to a crawl.23:07
hsrHow to burn music CDs directly from Amarok?23:12
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bbeckDoes anyone know how to add an application to the panel that is not in the application launcher?23:59

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