rockstarwallyworld_, stick it on devpad.00:04
rockstarwallyworld_, and then just link to it on the merge proposal.00:04
wallyworld_rockstar: thanks00:05
wallyworld_rockstar: links added. ignore the devpad ones. use the people ones00:25
rockstarwallyworld_, cool.00:50
rockstarwallyworld_, sorry it's taking a bit.  I'm trying to schedule the planting of trees around the currently inclimate weather.00:51
wallyworld_rockstar: np at all. thanks for doing the review00:51
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rockstarwallyworld_, I'm having a hard time connecting to people.canonical.com...  I thought I would just wait, but it's still not connecting.02:03
rockstarDoes the link work for you?02:04
wallyworld_rockstar: i had timeout issues also but thought it was going to be transient. the links to devpad should still work - I haven't removed the files there yet02:04
rockstarwallyworld_, cool.02:05
rockstarwallyworld_, yeah, they don't appear to be transient...02:05
wallyworld_rockstar: hmmm. i put something there last week and it worked.02:06
rockstarwallyworld_, the project cloud one is approved.02:07
rockstarwallyworld_, as far as moving the linked bugs, I'm -1 on that one.02:07
wallyworld_rockstar: thanks - yes it was a really trivial change02:07
rockstarwallyworld_, maybe you and I and thumper could have a call.02:07
wallyworld_rockstar: ok. np.02:08
thumperrockstar: ?02:08
rockstarthumper, I don't like the linked bugs moved up there.02:08
thumperrockstar: what is your reasoning02:08
thumperrockstar: why02:08
rockstarthumper, with our current design, we're saying "we have the most important things at the top."  I think that we're putting the linked bugs above things that are much more important.02:09
wallyworld_the "bug" report indicated that perhaps the linked bugs section is considered important too02:10
thumperrockstar: surely the bugs that are being fixed is pretty important02:10
rockstarI think, to some extent, putting the most relevant things near the top is a good idea, and I think the linked bugs are relevant, but not more than the others.02:10
wallyworld_and i can see why people would think this to be the case02:10
thumperdon't you think?02:10
lifelessrockstar: I think the bulk of the conversation is -much- less interesting than the linked bugs.02:10
lifelessrockstar: because the bulk of the conversation just grows and grows.02:11
rockstarlifeless, the conversation, maybe.  Not the votes.02:11
thumperwhere is the bugs now?02:11
lifelessafter the 'add comment' field02:11
lifelesswhich is after the timeline (comments, new commits)02:11
thumperI think the bugs should go after the description, but before the comments02:11
lifelessthat would work for me.02:11
thumperlifeless: sorry, I was asking where they were moved to in wallyworld_'s branch02:12
wallyworld_thumper:  https://devpad.canonical.com/~ianb/linkedbug.png02:12
lifelessthumper: oh, heh :P02:12
rockstarthumper, ah, okay.02:12
* lifeless butts out02:12
rockstarthumper, I think they could go right before the comments, absolutely.02:12
thumperwallyworld_: try moving them after the description, but before the xomments02:12
rockstarlifeless, no, don't ever feel like you can't add your two cents.  I (personally) appreciate your two cents.02:12
thumperpersonally I'd prefer a few dollars chucked my way02:13
thumperrather than just 2c02:13
thumperwhich you can't even get in NZ now02:13
wallyworld_thumper: ok, can do02:13
thumperthen new pic :)02:13
wallyworld_of course02:13
wallyworld_rockstar: i'll ping you tomorrow your time with the ammended layout. thaks for the input02:14
rockstarwallyworld_, I'll be around for a bit tonight.  I'm doing homework.02:14
lifelessrockstar: thanks! I didn't mean I would stop commenting, just that on this one I've thrown the 2c in; smart folk are looking at it and I feel happy that whatever you guys do will be good... so I'm off to fight other fires.02:14
wallyworld_rockstar: ok. you're a glutton for punishment :-)02:15
lifelesslike why storm is taking 4 seconds on staging to deserialise 2865 specification objects.02:15
rockstarwallyworld_, tell me about it.  I'm currently writing a paper on how we can eliminate the mouse from every day computer use.02:15
rockstarlifeless, I'd like to talk to you about f2e at some point this week (probably tomorrow)02:16
thumperrockstar: replace it with a rat :)02:16
wallyworld_rockstar: i want me one of those screens where you can just gesture like in Minority Report I think it was02:16
lifelessrockstar: sure02:16
rockstarthumper, if only...02:16
lifelessrockstar: thats front end somethingorother ?02:16
rockstarwallyworld_, yeah, at least then you can eat buffalo wings and still use your computer (my iPad and my favorite foods don't mix)02:17
rockstarlifeless, front end engineering.  Basically, I want FASTAR!02:17
thumperwallyworld_: if you get a firefox addin called screengrab you can get an image of the entire rendered page02:17
thumperwallyworld_: even if it doesn't fit on the screen02:17
thumperwallyworld_: very handy for ui reviews02:17
wallyworld_thumper: np. ksnapshot does that too but i thought I would just cut the actual changed part to show?02:18
thumperwallyworld_: no ksnapshot won't do that02:18
thumperwallyworld_: it can't see the parts of firefox that aren't visible02:19
rockstarthumper, or you can just type "scr" in gnome-do and it'll bring up the gnome screenshot app.02:19
thumperwallyworld_: due to firefox scrolling02:19
wallyworld_thumper: my bad. sorry, i misremembered what it could do02:19
lifelessrockstar: I want faster too; stats say the backend is the suck today, given that its a necessary condition to fast, I'm focusing there : I'm delighted to help out on fe2 stuff as well, but it is (IMO, based on the data) not a common/dominating issue for us today.02:20
rockstarlifeless, yes, but it will be, and it's where I'm really gaining knowledge currently (due to my classes).02:21
rockstarlifeless, I'm sure you'd like some company on Performance Tuesday, ent?  :)02:21
lifelessrockstar: btw the SSL experiment we designed at the epic should be going ahead soon.02:21
lifelessrockstar: absolutely!02:21
rockstarlifeless, for instance, if we kept track of the scope of our variables in javascript, we could double (and in some cases, triple) how fast our javascript executes.02:22
lifelessrockstar: do we have any automated figures on that ?02:22
rockstarlifeless, before I do anything, I'm going to get hudson set up to track it in lazr-js.02:23
wallyworld_rockstar: we need to ensure we get the Chuck Norris and Charles Schneider plugins for Hudson :-)02:24
rockstarlifeless, if the API gets faster, I think we could offload many of the expensive things on our pages to be on-demand.02:24
lifelessrockstar: how does that help?02:26
lifelessrockstar: let me rephrase that with some context02:27
rockstarlifeless, well, it doesn't help actual performance, but it at least helps perceived performance.02:27
rockstar(Both should be goals of ours.)02:27
lifelessrockstar: we /should/ be able to deliver a page with 3000 objects in 2 seconds backend time02:27
rockstarlifeless, how close are we to achieving that?02:27
lifelessrockstar: making things that are /always/ shown loaded separately by the browser adds work to the appservers and decreases efficiency02:28
lifelessrockstar: so I have a bit of a kneejerk reaction against it.02:28
lifelessrockstar: we're moving on it; I can't put a dial on completion yet.02:28
lifelessrockstar: storm performance is 4 seconds on staging in a dedicated test of 3000 rows deserialisation; a profile suggested 10 seconds.02:28
rockstarlifeless, well, "always shown" is kinda dynamic, right?02:29
lifelessrockstar: we have to fix it for the appservers to fix it for apis because they are the same thing.02:29
lifelessrockstar: bug subscribers - always shown, loaded in separate transaction. As an example of it done in a way I don't really like.02:29
rockstarI mean, Facebook offloads a lot of its stuff to be done on demand, i.e. when you scroll down halfway, it thinks "oh, the user probably wants to read the newsfeed, so let's give them more of that"02:29
lifelessrockstar: *that* sort of on-demand I love.02:30
lifelessrockstar: should be able to do it today.02:30
rockstarlifeless, okay.  thumper and I had already talked a bit about some things like that.02:30
lifelessdid you see the google instant announcement ?02:30
rockstarlifeless, I've seen some Twitter traffic, but I don't know much more about it.02:31
lifelesstypeahead searching for their main search engine02:31
lifelessrefreshing the entire page as you type02:31
lifelessthe instant bit is that the last character you type generally won't change the search results02:32
lifelessso by the time you've finished inputting, you've got a full result02:32
rockstarAh, yeah.  I think YUI's had some new changes to value-change that support similar things.02:33
wallyworld_rockstar: linked bug changes made and committed. see my new comment re: horizontal separator. no hurry. thanks.03:23
rockstarwallyworld_, looking now.03:23
wallyworld_rockstar: thanks. sorry about the delay. i had some bzr (pbkac) issues03:24
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jtvoh hi noodles775 :)07:56
jtvJust working on modernizing our template builds as well07:56
noodles775jtv: Great!08:01
jtvJust trying to get makeJob working.08:01
* noodles775 just merged your latest recife changes before we go offline :)08:02
jtvAh, almost time for that!08:02
jtvhi henninge08:02
henningehi jtv!08:03
jtvnoodles775: thanks for the review btw… I _would_ point you to my buildfarm work now, but Maintenance.  :/09:10
* noodles775 breathes a sigh of relief ;)09:10
noodles775jtv: if you can paste your MP (and a diff), I can do that too :)09:11
jtvnoodles775: the MP is at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/translationtemplatesbuild/+merge/3495209:13
noodles775jtv: sorry, I meant paste the text of your MP to paste.....com :)09:13
jtvnoodles775: yes, I'm otp so a little slow sorry :)09:13
jtvnoodles775: my diff is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490815/09:22
noodles775jtv: Was that a decision to allow both interfaces for TranslationTemplateBuild via ZCML (rather than having ITranslationTemplatesBuild inherit from IBuildFarmJob - like IPackageBuild does)?09:31
jtvnoodles775: barely registered.  :)  I tend to avoid interface hierarchies because they can get a little confusing in combination with class hierarchies, but if that's wrong I'll happily change it.09:32
jtv(not that zcml can't get a little confusing…)09:32
noodles775I'm not sure if its better or worse... I think of it with the question: Is the interface ITranslationTemplatesBuild also an IBuildFarmJob? I'm not fussed either, I was just surprised.09:33
jtvWe're sort of probing the boundaries between is-a and has-a here, aren't we?09:34
jtvI guess in python we're doing inheritance, just not in the db—in which case perhaps I should change this after all.09:35
noodles775jtv: sheesh, it'll be nice to get rid of the BFJOld stuff (and makeJob). A question, in your makeJob() method, you don't add the TTBJ to the store... am I missing something? I'm wondering if you meant to call TTBJ.create() there?10:09
jtvnoodles775: ah good point, thanks10:10
jtvnoodles775: ah!  Actually I do add it to the store.10:11
jtvnoodles775: in terms of db storage, the BranchJob _is_ the TTBJ10:11
noodles775jtv: ah, so TTBJ isn't a storm class itself. Right.10:31
jtvjust one more reason to clean out these stables :)10:31
noodles775jtv: so r=me, assuming that you won't be landing this without further branches (ie. to ensure BFJ.getSpecificJob() works for TranslationTemplatesBuild.10:41
jtvnoodles775: that's actually a lot more than I was hoping for, thanks!  Any other points I need to cover?10:42
noodles775jtv: er, you could refactor the code and get rid of IBuildFarmJobOld? ;)10:43
noodles775I can't think of any other things... the above will make it self apparent when you look at current builders or builder histories after having dispatched TTBs.10:44
noodles775(sorry, where "the above" is ensuring BFJ.getSpecificJob() works for the translation template builds)10:45
jtvOK, so I'll move on to that next then.10:45
jtvnoodles775: since I'm being difficult today, perhaps I can interest you in yet another review?10:59
jtvThe diff is 342 lines.  It fixes bug 632880.11:00
noodles775jtv: if it's non-urgent, StevenK is keen for reviews? Otherwise either myself or jelmer can take it.11:00
jtvStevenK: what say you?11:00
jtv(it's non-urgent)11:00
StevenKjtv: I'll take it, but not right now.11:01
jtvThen maybe I'll just wait until I can file a proper MP anyway11:01
noodles775jtv: I think you can now? (at least, I've updated your previous one already)11:02
jtvoh, good11:02
noodles775jtv: can you assign it to StevenK so it doesn't get gobbled up by eager reviewers ;)11:03
jtvnoodles775: just pushing my getSpecificJob branch now.12:22
jtvStevenK: I assigned that review to you earlier btw12:26
jtvnoodles775: you seem to have your "reviewing" state stuck permanently on "jtv" today.  I don't know whether that's optimistic, pessimistic, devoted, or simply practical.  :)  The getSpecificJob branch is here: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/buildfarmjob-getspecificjob-translationtemplatesbuild/+merge/3496512:28
noodles775heh, I just hadn't updated it.12:29
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stubFour line diff to review if anyone is bored - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~stub/launchpad/trivial/+merge/3494813:22
noodles775stub: done.14:17
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allenaprockstar: Just the man :) Please can you review a very small Tarmac branch? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~allenap/tarmac/fix-votes-copyright/+merge/3498716:06
rockstarallenap, great!16:06
allenaprockstar: It's not very interesting though :(16:06
rockstarallenap, by the way, thanks for filing those bugs.16:08
allenaprockstar: No worries. I'll try and fix one or two of them too :)16:09
rockstarallenap, great.16:10
allenaprockstar: Thanks :)16:12
rockstarallenap, you keep not putting a commit message in!16:12
allenaprockstar: Oops, I'll add one.16:14
rockstarallenap, too late, I did it already.16:14
allenapAh, you've done it.16:14
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bigjoolsrockstar: can I grab you for some help please?17:29
rockstarbigjools, absolutely not.  :)17:29
rockstarbigjools, what's up?17:29
bigjoolstest_enabling_enabled_flag is always failing17:30
bigjoolsand I dunno why :/17:30
bigjoolsthe assertFalse fails17:30
rockstarbigjools, how does it fail?17:30
bigjoolsif I test it in launchpad.dev it all works as expected17:31
bigjoolswhich means my test is borkenated17:31
rockstardoes on/off actually work?17:32
rockstarOdd.  I would have thought those would be bools.17:32
bigjoolswell, hmm I just lifted it from aonther test17:32
bigjoolsI changed them to True/False and it fails in exactly the same way17:33
rockstarbigjools, hm, that's annoying.17:33
bigjoolslib/lp/soyuz/browser/tests/test_archive_admin_view.py was my inspiration for this test BTW17:33
rockstarDo DASs default to enabled?17:34
bigjoolsI did wonder about that17:34
rockstarbigjools, so I'm suspecting that somehow, the enabled param isn't making any difference at all.17:34
bigjoolsthat's gonna be frustrating if that's the case :/17:35
rockstarbigjools, what if, for grins, you manually set self.das.enabled before messing with the form values in initialize_admin_view.17:36
* bigjools tries to get grins17:37
bigjoolsaaand no difference :/17:37
bigjoolswell - depending on how I set it affects which test fails :)17:38
rockstarbigjools, can't you say "self.das.enabled = enabled" right before the "if enabled:"17:42
rockstarI suspect that form setting stuff isn't working the way one would expect it to.17:42
bigjoolsI expect the same17:42
bigjoolsso obviously that made it pass17:43
bigjoolsnow, wtf is up with the form :/17:44
rockstarbigjools, yeah, so what we suspected is correct.17:44
bigjoolsrockstar: I have to finish for the day now, I'll try and grab someone tomorrow to fix it, unless you feel the urge to dive in in my absence17:48
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thumperrockstar: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/deleting-individual-branch-revisions/+merge/3494321:28
* thumper runs kids to school21:28
rockstarthumper, on the phone with abentley21:28
lifelessrockstar: hi22:56
lifelessrockstar: are you still OCR?22:57
lifelessrockstar: if so, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/oops/+merge/3504422:57
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lifelessmwhudson: thumper: ^ its 6 added lines, no mods23:07
mwhudsonlifeless: otp23:07
thumperlifeless: chasing critical thingy23:07
thumperlifeless: but I'll look23:08
thumperbecause I'm awesome23:08
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lifelessno tests because it would be noddy23:10
lifelesslike testing that a for loop iterates23:10
thumperlifeless: done23:11
sinzuilifeless, ping23:27
sinzuilifeless, can you review my word press theme hack: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad-news-wordpress-theme/escape-from-monkeys/+merge/3504623:28
sinzuithumper, ^ maybe you can take a minute to look at the MP.23:30
lifelesssinzui: done23:33
lifelesssinzui: I know nothing about wp but the method name seems sensible23:33
sinzuilifeless, I spent too many hours remembering how to install moin and wp today. the good news is now that I have working instances, I can fix the styles so that behave more like the main sites23:34
mwhudsonthumper: approved23:55
thumpermwhudson: thanks23:55
thumperOH FFS23:59

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