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cr3hi folks, might someone be available to rename a couple empty projects in launchpad?03:21
nigelbcr3: ideally, you can just open a question against LP03:23
cr3nigelb: will do03:23
cr3nigelb: done: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/12469403:28
cr3^^^ if someone could have a look at this, I would very much appreciate. sleep time, cheerio!03:29
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XRayNuke|L-Ghowdy. i'm stuck importing an external SVN repo. project: https://launchpad.net/gpt-surgeon ; ext repo: http://bat-country.us/svn/GPTools/trunk/ ; nothing happening. Is manual intervention involved or required?06:52
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pooliethat's kinda nice that you at least get a warning08:52
poolieis that new?08:52
spmpoolie: ? in launchpad itself? if Y, no, that's been there since I started.08:54
poolieperhaps it's just the warning is too short for me to normally notice08:55
spivYes, I think that's probably the case unfortunately.08:55
bilalakhtarLaunchpad is going down!08:58
wgrantThe warning's not been there forever.08:59
wgrantBut a couple of years or so.08:59
spmwgrant: thank you for that vote of confidence in me not being around forever; but just over 2 years. ;-)09:01
vishhmm , maybe we can name those 'maintenance' unplugging as  "Forced Typing Breaks!" ;p09:05
bilalakhtarvish: took a break?09:09
bilalakhtarHopefully this break will get some devs to have time and endorse my app :D09:09
bilalakhtarthey seem to be very busy09:09
vishgah! i cant even read bugs!..09:14
vishthis is new level of maintenance? :(09:14
vishi mean higher priority..09:15
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lifelessvish: we're upgrading several machines to lucid, which are key non load balanced machines09:22
vishlifeless: ah.. cool.. this is the first time i noticed lp going totally down :)09:24
lifelesswe do try to avoid it.09:24
bilalakhtarvish: Take a break!09:26
bilalakhtarHello there, hyperair !09:38
bilalakhtarhyperair: go and check on LP how good the new theme is!09:38
* hyperair runs away09:38
lucidfoxSo, Launchpad is offline and the only way for me to get information on why and for how long is from a dreaded microblogging service09:45
lucidfoxthank you very much :/09:45
lifelesslucidfox: we try to minimise these events as much as possible09:46
lucidfoxIt's not that Launchpad is offline09:47
lucidfoxit's that the only information on its status is available via an identi.ca link09:49
StevenKlucidfox: And blog.launchpad.net ?09:49
Gsilly question maybe and kind of in light of lucidfox's comments as well, but whats the best mailing list to get advanced warning of these events?09:50
lifelesslucidfox: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/launchpad-announce/2010-September/000074.html09:50
lifelessG: ^09:50
Glifeless: thanks09:50
lifelesslucidfox: http://blog.launchpad.net/notifications/launchpad-unavailable-9th-september-2010-08-00-utc09:50
lucidfoxThe "Launchpad is offline" page doesn't point to blog.launchpad.net or the mailing list archive, only to identi.ca09:50
lifelesslucidfox: the offline page is static, it serves for both planned and unplanned outages.09:50
lifelessthis one is planned.09:50
Gyeah, the maintenance page or something should encourage subscribing to the announce-list for "advanced notification of planned outages"09:51
lucidfoxStill, why can't it link to these?09:51
lucidfoxas it stands I didn't even know they existed09:51
lifelesswe can add that in.09:51
lucidfoxpresumably quite a few other people don't09:51
lifelessI don't know why they aren't there, so I won't promise to get it added, but I will file a bug with this discussion and see what comes of that.09:52
Glifeless: thanks, btw I noticed you are from Canterbury, hope you didn't get too shook up09:52
lifelessG: no damage to my house, family are ok. We're in rangiora, which was one of the least affected places around the fault.09:53
lifelessG: we got the all clear to drink the water again today.09:54
Glifeless: yeah saw that on the news tonight09:54
gnomefreakhey is anyone esle getting a "unable to connect to ppa.launchpad.net:http:" im getting it on all of my PPAs10:26
gnomefreakoh LP is down10:26
gnomefreakshouldnt that be added to topic10:27
noodles775erm, it is?10:27
gmbgnomefreak, Have you looked at the topic?10:28
gnomefreakyes i think10:28
gnomefreakgmb: its not there10:28
gnomefreakoh nevermid10:28
gnomefreakiots way too early thanks10:29
gnomefreakit seems web pages and PPAs are bacvk up10:45
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bilalakhtarMTecknology: The read-only thing won't happen?10:56
bilalakhtarMTecknology: tab-fail10:57
bilalakhtarmthaddon: LP won't be read-only?10:57
wgrantIt seems to be fully upgraded already.10:57
mthaddonbilalakhtar: nope, we skipped straight to bringing everything back up10:57
bilalakhtarmthaddon: good, but the code rollout?10:57
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persiaWow!  Nice work on the upgrade: much less time than was announced.11:36
vishah.. back with new fonts too! :)12:18
vishhehe.. i caught y'all trying to test the new fonts on lp for a 5min period[not edge]  a couple of weeks ago though ;p12:19
vishany chance we could get Bug #414401 fixed any time soon?  such a PITA when we comment and later realize the person we reply to isnt subscribed to the bug :(12:21
ubot5`Launchpad bug 414401 in Launchpad Bugs "Automatically subscribe users to bug mail when they post a comment (affected: 4, heat: 10)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41440112:21
Gvish: the font has changed?12:23
vishG: yeah.. only the bug descriptions and the rest on the side.. but comments are using monospace fonts..12:24
vish it seems lp in general is using ubuntu font.. only the comments are HUGE! ;p12:25
Gvish: hmmm it does look a little different yeah12:25
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persiavish, I'm not convinced that bug can be "fixed" in any easy way.  What is the issue with folks commenting and not subscribing again?  Bugs aren't a good place for random conversation, but rather for detailed investigation of issues, so identities oughtn't matter, and there are bundles of folk who find subscription not to be a useful way of tracking a bug.12:31
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vishpersia: sure its not for conversation.. but when we ask info, they aernt subscribed .. so either i have to comment again or  hope they look at it when i subscribe them..12:33
persiaYeah, but of whom are you asking information?  Folks who are actively working on a bug are likely subscribed or otherwise following the bug.  Reporters are always subscribed.12:34
persiaIf random people post random issues in a bug and don't follow it, it may be better that they file a new bug.12:34
vishpersia: bugzilla does this pretty well.. it usually has the mail id in the box , we can uncheck it if we dont want to subscribe12:34
vishso the unsubscribe is intentional.. and easier..12:35
persiaI think the default should be the other way (as it was in LP), but more interestingly, how does one implement that with the new ajaxy implementation?  I think it's non-trivial from a human interaction perspective.12:35
vishpersia: but we cant even tell them "this is not your bug, file a new one" :)12:35
persiaYou can leave a comment like that.  If they aren't following, it wouldn't have mattered.  If they are following (by any of several means), they may do that.12:36
persiaBetter, you can use something like contact-this-user, as that sort of thing doesn't add to the bug triage, really.12:36
vishthats an extra PITA :)12:36
vishit seems people just expect to be subscribed once they comment, hence they dont see the need for an extra action.12:38
persiaI guess.  I tend to comment and subscribe for unrelated reasons, and it's not frequent that I really want to do both.12:39
persiaPerhaps it depends on personal workflows.12:40
Gvish: persia: surely the best way is: Above the comment box, add a checkbox that says "Subscribe me for follow up e-mails regarding this bug"12:45
persiaI suppose, but that means having two controls that do the same thing on the page.  Plus it's messy to use checkboxes for ajax calls.12:46
Gfor advanced users that can be defaulted off12:46
persiaI'm not sure "advanced" is at all a good word to describe the sort of folk who want one behaviour over the other.12:47
Gpersia: I meant advanced users of Launchpad12:47
persiaIn general, I'm opposed to a set of "advanced" configuration that only some people use.  Things should do the right thing, and when they can't, there should be friendly, inviting means for users to express preferences.12:47
Gdevelopers/triagers/people that use LP daily12:47
vishpersia: we could have two buttons "Comment and Subscribe"  "Post Comment Only"12:47
persiavish, I like that.  Easy enough to implement.  Not terribly confusing.  Doesn't require more pixels.  Please tell the bug :)12:48
persiaExtra points for writing a patch :)12:48
* vish adds comment..12:48
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wgrantvish, persia: This reminds me of the old pre-AJAX commenting UI, which had a checkbox to do that.12:50
vishwgrant: yeah , that was nice :)12:50
persiawgrant, Indeed.  The original description for the bug asks for the pre-ajax UI to be put back.12:50
wgrantAh, i didn't actually look at the bug.12:51
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objornHi, is this the place to start my open source career? :)13:21
objornI want to gain some experience by contributing small work to projects13:21
objornI'm a beginner, and I need beginner tasks. Is there a way to sort through beginner tasks on launchpad?13:21
jcsackettobjorn: you could try to find a project that interests you, and then see if they have a tag like "trivial"13:29
jcsackettbugs marked with that tag should be somewhat easier to get involved with.13:30
mdzhmm: bzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', '<Fault -1: "Unexpected Zope exception: CannotHaveLinkedBranch: <Distribution \'Ubuntu\' (ubuntu)> cannot have linked branches.">')13:42
mdzlaunchpad, bzr or ubuntu bug?13:42
mdz(from bzr branch lp:ubuntu/apport)13:43
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deryckmdz, this is from bzr cli, or from the bug page? Or somewhere else?14:06
deryckoh, or from just running bzr branch you meant.14:09
wgrantIt's at least only broken for branches that don't exist.14:10
wgrantSo it's just the error message that sucks.14:10
deryckright.  So it's a bad error.14:10
deryckthe branch just doesn't exist.14:10
wgrantAnd the new code to automatically create them goes a bit wrong in the source package case.14:11
deryckhi wgrant, btw. :-)  How you been?14:11
wgrantderyck: Hi deryck!14:11
wgrantUni keeping me more busy than usual, sadly.14:11
deryckI thought I had been seeing a tiny bit less of you.14:12
chrisccoulsondoes anyone have any idea why bug 410407 didn't autoclose with the upload i just did?14:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 410407 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "Adobe Flash Player does not respond to mouse clicks [READ DESCRIPTION] (affected: 990, heat: 4341)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41040714:19
chrisccoulsondidrocks also sees the same behaviour since the rollout (eg, bug 526552)14:21
ubot5`Launchpad bug 526552 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu Maverick) "Ensure rhythmbox is compliant with the sound menu specifications (affected: 26, heat: 143)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52655214:21
bigjoolschrisccoulson: I'll investigate14:27
chrisccoulsonbigjools, thanks14:27
bigjoolswow, a few dupes on that first bug14:28
bigjoolschrisccoulson: which package did you upload, flashplugin-nonfree?14:30
bigjoolschrisccoulson: try using Launchpad-bugs-fixed (note letter casing)14:35
chrisccoulsonbigjools, sorry, i just went to get some lunch14:39
chrisccoulsoni uploaded nspluginwrapper14:39
chrisccoulsonfrom looking on maverick-changes, it seems that none of the recent uploads have autoclosed bugs14:40
bigjoolsdo you have something that auto generates the Launchpad-closes-bug header?14:42
wgrantdpkg does it.14:42
wgrantFrom the changelog.14:42
wgrant(in Debian too, IIRC)14:42
wgrantSoyuz and its tests are buggy.14:42
chrisccoulsonyeah, the header is there in my changes file14:43
chrisccoulsonLaunchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 41040714:43
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davidbarthhi, are there some known issues with the ppa builders atm?16:08
cody-somervilledavidbarth, why do you ask?16:10
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davidbarthhaving build issues on a package since after the restart16:17
davidbarthbut if i'm the only one mentioning it, it must be my recipe16:17
davidbarthi'll try a few more things; i just wanted to know if that was worth investigating, or if the service was still getting back online16:18
mdzderyck, wgrant, should I be filing a bug?16:23
deryckmdz, I would think it would be more of a question against code to get the branch created.  But I'm not sure.  rockstar, can you help?16:24
* rockstar looks up16:24
deryckrockstar, mdz tried branching lp:ubuntu/apport got weird error because branch doesn't exist.16:25
rockstarmdz, launchpad-code would be good.  I'm sure we can re-target if it's not our problem.16:25
deryckrockstar, is there a bug for the error?  And should he do something to get the branch created?16:25
rockstarderyck, unfortunately, I don't know much about source package branches, so I'll have to dig in the code a bit.16:29
rockstarmdz, yes, please file a bug.16:29
deryckah, ok.16:29
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mdzrockstar, bug 63414916:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 634149 in Launchpad Bazaar Integration "CannotHaveLinkedBranch: <Distribution \'Ubuntu\' (ubuntu)> cannot have linked branches."> (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63414916:52
rockstarmdz, thank you sir.16:52
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El_Ricohi there, i'm trying to change my user name on the edit page, but i run into an "not allowed here" page17:45
El_Ricois there anything i can do about that?17:45
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El_Ricojelmer: you around?18:10
jelmerEl_Rico: Hi18:10
El_Ricogot problems changing my launchpad name18:11
El_Ricowhenever i try to i run into a "you're not allowed here" page18:11
jelmerEl_Rico: Somebody else was having a similar problem earlier today, it's probably a bug in Launchpad.18:11
El_Ricoah, ok18:11
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penguin42I've started getting a bunch of apport retraces for things I reported weeks ago and they're failing, with a warning that the packages were old - well that's pretty obvious given there were 3 weeks old - is there something that's just changed?18:42
vishpenguin42: the retracers were blocked by a bug earlier.. which just got fixed..18:43
vishso they are catching up...18:43
penguin42ah ok that explains it, it's probably not a great idea for them to complain about the version of the packages if they were valid packages - whether that's actually why they're failing is a different matter18:44
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vishwhy do bug mails from members who have set the email ids to "public" sent as the "from addy" for bug mail?19:54
vishthere was this user who has set mail filters to : " my spam rule. Message goes to spam if sender is not in address book."19:56
vishso it turned out that mail sent from a triager went into soam.19:56
vishthis sounds like a reasonable request :  <intrader> vish, there should be a way for contributors to send message on behalf of launchpad, and then I would only have to have launchpad in address book19:58
bsaibesquestion about Launchpad: Does Launchpad provide a query facility, where one can define a query, save it then run it at a later time?20:04
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cr3hi folks, could a losa have a look at answer #124694? I'm about to push a branch and it would probably be simpler to rename the project without anythin linked to it, as is the current case20:08
lifelesscr3: speaking of branches20:09
lifelesscr3: storm, privacy policy on hardware cert...20:09
cr3lifeless: oh right! that's been approved to be open sourced, so I'll remove the privacy and eventually attempt to merge into trunk20:11
cr3lifeless: done20:13
lifelesscr3: you'v eremoved the privacy *policy* or just the privacy on *that branch*20:13
lifelessthe former is what hurts me20:13
lifelessthe latter needs to be done too20:13
cr3lifeless: just on the branches, isn't the policy on the team?20:16
lifelesscr3: its on the project20:16
lifelesscr3: its been the policy I've been nagging about all along20:17
cr3lifeless: I'm not sure how to do that then20:18
lifelessthere should be a clicky clicky there20:18
lifelessif you can't find it I'll snag a losa later and get them to do it, now that you've got the OK to not need it.20:19
cr3lifeless: I see the informational message:  New branches you create for Storm are private initially.20:20
lifelessneed to change that20:20
lifelesshelp.lp.net may give you the instructions you need20:21
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cr3lifeless: I'm not finding a clikcly clicky nor finding documentation on help.lp.net. if I get the attention of a losa for my renaming, I'll make sure to ask about the privacy thing at the same time20:32
dobeycan i get some help debugging some weird issues on LP?20:34
lifelessdobey: !ask :P20:35
dobeywell, there seem to be several branches which aren't getting properly rescanned, and merge proposals for those branches, aren't getting the diff created, etc...20:36
dobeyit doesn't seem like a speed/timing issue so much20:37
ari-tczewdo I need to change my private key if I want use another emails adress?20:38
dobeyone of them has been 'lp is rescanning your branch' for 7+ hours :(20:38
dobeyari-tczew: just add the e-mail address to your account20:38
ari-tczewdobey: I mean about using command debuild -S20:39
dobeyadd your e-mail to your key, using seahorse20:39
dobeyand re-upload the key to the server20:39
dobey(to the key server, not launchpad)20:40
dobeylifeless: do you know anything about the code scanning, or how to figure out what broke?20:41
lifelessdobey: needs a losa20:43
lifelesslosa ping20:43
mbarnettheya lifeless20:46
dobeyhey mbarnett. launchpad's code scanner and diff generator seem to be having some issues on some branches. they don't seem to ever be getting completely rescanned20:47
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cr3mbarnett: if you have a moment after answering dobey, please let me know when done because I'd have a question and a request for you20:50
dobeymbarnett: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/fix-613219 for example, has been "Updating branch..." for about 8 hours now. :(20:51
dobeymbarnett: any idea how to figure out what's wrong there?20:55
mbarnettdobey: hmm, i see the branch scanner running and processing...20:56
dobeymbarnett: right. it's certainly scanned other branches that i've pushed20:56
dobeyi even pulled one of these branches that isn't getting scanned, and pushed it as my own, and it still failed to scan20:57
mbarnettdobey: i don't see any errors.. is it possible that branch was pushed right before the rolllout, and somehow the diff was lost. I wonder if you pushed it again?20:57
dobeymbarnett: there are other branches from ~1hr ago, that exhibit the same issues20:57
dobeyand i've pushed branches prior and since, that have been fine20:57
mbarnettdobey: so, the branch scanner is selectively updating diffs?20:57
mbarnettthat sounds fun20:58
dobeyi don't know wtf it's doing :)20:58
dobeyaside from 'not working'20:58
dobeyi wonder if maybe something is crashing, and it's not getting recorded or causing other stuff to break?20:58
mbarnettnothing obvious.20:59
vishoh! lp is acting weird..  previously if we select the our user name on the top right, it will take us to our lp page.. but now it takes us to our bug.lp page :s20:59
dobeythis is very much not good :(20:59
dobeyvish: it just doesn't remove context21:00
dobeyvish: if you're viewing a branch, it takes you to your code page, if you're viewing a bug, bugs, etc...21:00
vishdobey: yeah.. that one is new.. only after todays's update..21:00
dobeyvish: i've been seeing it for a few days now21:00
vishpreviously it takes to main profile page..21:00
dobeyor a while even21:00
vishdobey: were you using edge? :)21:00
vishyeah.. i'm talking about the main lp  :)21:01
dobeyoh ok21:01
vishseems they might have had it in testing and now it been pushed to production :(21:02
dobeythat's usually how it works, yes. :)21:02
vishyup.. but no one told me! ;p21:02
dobeyuse edge21:02
vishi mean about the context retaining...21:02
dobeyyeah i don't like it either21:03
dobeyand nobody told me about it however many weeks ago when it got to edge21:03
vishyeah , no one tells us anything! ;)21:03
dobeyi just woke up one day and it had my username up there, instead of my real name21:03
dobeybut anywya21:03
dobeyback to my real problem :)21:04
ari-tczewdobey: gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com my_id_key ?21:05
dobeyari-tczew: sounds right. i just use the ui in seahorse to do it21:06
mbarnettdobey: can you give me another branch that hasn't updated that was pushed after the rollout?21:06
dobeymbarnett: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~verterok/ubuntuone-client/fix-59818921:07
dobeymbarnett: and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/fix-u1sync is in a weird halfway state. like it got some of the data, and a new revision was pushed, and it got stuck21:08
mbarnettdobey:  does the following show the proper diff for this pushed branch?  (i wonder if it is a display issue on that page, not a script issue in generating the diffs) -->http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~verterok/ubuntuone-client/fix-598189/revision/68821:12
dobeymbarnett: well, there's no diff getting attached to the merge proposal e-mails either21:15
dobeymbarnett: so i suspect it's not just a display issue21:15
mbarnettdobey: okay.  i think a bug needs to be filed then. The script is running with no errors.  I see nothing on the system that would indicate a problem.  It is possible there was a change in this latest release that is causing some branches not to be updated properly.21:16
dobeymbarnett: the bazaar.lp.net url has the right changes it seems21:17
dobeywhich i suppose should be expected21:17
zyga-goneI just responded to a merge proposal by email and I got a bounce from lp email system21:20
zyga-goneit said my signature could not be verified21:20
zyga-gonethat is odd, I did not know that email signatures are checked (I assume the message was about PGP signatures)21:21
jenkinsI have tried #ubuntu-packaging with no answer anyone any idea why i am getting this error for mavrick but my package will build in lucid http://paste.ubuntu.com/491143/21:22
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bcurtiswx_jenkins, do you have the source file with the extension .orig.tar.gz ?21:23
jenkinsbcurtiswx_: doing debuild -S gives http://paste.ubuntu.com/491208/ a very similar error21:24
beunozyga-gone, they are, not sure if for regular comments, but one's with votes for sure21:24
zyga-gonebeuno, it was for a merge request conversation thread21:25
bcurtiswx_jenkins, you need to have the source file .tar.gz renamed with .orig.tar.gz it's saying it can't find it21:25
zyga-gonebeuno, it's odd because I keep posting to that merge request today and it's the first bounce!21:25
beunozyga-gone, maybe you said something like +1 in it?  something that got interpreted as a vote21:25
zyga-gonethat would be fragile21:26
zyga-gonesince it's not about voting here21:26
* zyga-gone checks21:26
bcurtiswx_anyone, i upload to PPA after a git from source, then adding a debian directory and bzr-buildpackage with the source.changes file.. and it gets rejected with Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed.  any ideas?21:26
jenkinsbcurtiswx_:  i don't understnad why? launchpad also will not build it https://launchpadlibrarian.net/55298330/buildlog.txt.gz is a log21:26
zyga-gonebeuno, nope21:26
zyga-gonebeuno, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~zkrynicki/launch-control/stable.bundle-views/+merge/35005 last comment21:26
zyga-gonethat's my full message21:26
zyga-goneI can send you the bounce if you want21:27
bcurtiswx_jenkins, where did you get your source file? and what is its file name?21:27
beunozyga-gone, I don't see anything strage21:28
beunobut you should talk to rockstar21:29
jenkinsbcurtiswx_: I am building bzr branch lp:quickshot . What i don't understand is that for lucid it is not needed to add the orig bit in21:29
zyga-gonebeuno, I'll check the email source for any oops id21:29
zyga-gonebeuno, nope, there is only this text Signature couldn't be verified: (7, 8, u'Bad signature')21:30
zyga-gonerockstar, ping21:33
zyga-gonebeuno, thanks for your help21:33
jimlovell777I can't get launchpad to accept a new bug, I've tried several times now. Any ideas? All I get is a screen saying Please Try Again, and that's after I've typed my whole report.21:33
rockstarzyga-gone, on the phone.  I'll ping you when I get off.21:34
lifelessvish: please file a bug, I don't think that that change was intentional21:56
vishlifeless: which one ? the retains context one or the bug mail's "from addy" ? :)21:57
lifelessvish: both please22:00
vishlifeless: ok, sure.. filing them now :)22:01
cr3losa ping, can someone have a look at answer #124694? I'd really like to have something to show at the release meeting tomorrow22:02
mbarnettcr3: i am afraid that requires some sql tickling of the db, and I am in the midst of running down an issue right now.  It will certainly get done today though.22:12
cr3mbarnett: cool, looking forward to it. I'm still around for about a couple hours, so I'll cross my fingers that it gets done before I leave :)22:13
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fta15h?? https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/1952454   please kill it, it's stuck23:00
zyga-gonerockstar, around?23:01
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jcsteelewhen trying to change my nick on launchpad, i get the error "Not Allowed Here.  Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page. "23:13
pooliejcsteele: but it does show you as logged in?23:14
wgrantjcsteele: Before or after you submit the form?23:14
jcsteeleit shows me logged in before and after23:15
jcsteelei am logged in (obviously) when I submit the request, then upon hitting save (and again after the warning about changing your nick) i goto the error page23:16
jcsteelestill signed it afterwards though23:16
wgrantjcsteele: Can you change other fields on the form?23:16
jcsteeleyes, i just submitted a real name change and it went through23:16
wgrantOK, let's see...23:17
jcsteelehttps://launchpad.net/~jcspsyc is the current page23:17
jcsteeletrying to /s/jcspsyc/jcsteele23:17
thumpermwhudson: ping23:17
mwhudsonthumper: otp23:18
poolieoh trying to change your lp username?23:21
jcsteelepoolie, yes23:22
* wgrant is trying it locally.23:23
jcsteelewgrant, things are a little weird now.  I changed my e-mail addy awhile ago (< 15 mins) and apparently it never took (though I did get a confirmation e-mail and confirmed it)23:31
wgrantjcsteele: Where did you change it?23:32
wgrantlaunchpad.net, login.launchpad.net, or login.ubuntu.com?23:33
lifelessaccount renaming is fubared23:35
lifelesssee the bugs in registry overnight23:35
jcsteelewgrant, login.launchpad.net23:35
wgrantlifeless: Yeah, someone broke the permissions.23:35
sinzuiWe have a fix in landing. we are asking for a CP once it is merged23:36
wgrantjcsteele: Confusingly enough, that actually uses a separate list of email addresses to launchpad.net.23:36
pooliehello sinzui23:37
pooliehello wgrant, lifeless23:37
sinzuihi poolie23:37
wgrantMorning poolie.23:37
mwhudsonthumper: no longer otp23:49
thumpermwhudson: nm, I've written my own plugin for it :)23:49
thumpermwhudson: I was going to ask about yours, but it was quicker to write one :)23:49
mwhudsonthumper: most of my custom plugins are pretty trivial :)23:50
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