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AwsoonnHi all, when I update via cli, it says there are some packages held back. Why is that?00:06
charlie-tcaNot all the dependencies are ready at the same time.00:08
charlie-tcaIt will wait so things don't break00:08
Awsoonncharlie-tca: you are always a fountian of knowledge, thanks!00:09
charlie-tcaIt holds them in the gui, too00:09
AwsoonnOk, at some point I installed the nvidia drivers on my system from the nvidia site. Is there a way to purge them from my system?00:10
* charlie-tca don't know that one00:12
Viper550so I heard you removed the repository manager?00:28
yofelsoftware sources? removed, no. You can access it from the software center, no need to have 2 entries for it00:29
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yofelAwsoonn: run the nvidia installer again with --remove or so, check the --help output, after that reinstall the mesa packages00:30
Viper550yofel, its for manual repository addition, right?00:30
Viper550http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/software-sources-disabled-from-ubuntu.html cause someone thinks this is the end of the world00:31
TsimsAnybody know why Avant Window Navigator won't load a dock on my screen?00:31
Viper550though he's now realized this00:32
bjsnideryofel, --uninstall i think00:38
bjsnidereven then the xorg/mesa system is probably pooched00:39
jo-erlendcan someone confirm that sync-ui is not installable on maverick?00:41
Azelphurjo-erlend: sync-ui : Depends: libedataserver1.2-11 (>= but it is not installable00:42
jo-erlendright. Because libdataeserver has a major version change?00:42
Azelphurdunno, just copypasting for you :)00:43
prepHaving issue with Jack on Maverick00:43
VolkodavThis xorg thing is getting to the point the box is not usable00:48
* Volkodav back to no X times terminal life00:52
johnjohn101have a question regarding compiz fusion and the snow effect in 10.10 beta.00:57
prepIs there anyone able to assist me in repairing Jack?01:00
okratrying to get touchscreen working on 10.1001:18
okrals /dev/input/by-id : usb-QUANTA_Optical_Touch_Screen-event-if0001:19
okraevtest receives events when I touch the screen...01:20
okraso it just seems like X doesn't have it mapped to clicks or anything01:21
okraweird enough... it shows up in evtest but not in xev01:22
wallyJust installed the ubuntu 10.10 beta and I think it wiped out my windows 7 partition.. Is this a known problem? I selected side by side. Anyway to know for sure if its gone?01:26
Awsoonnyofel: thanks --uninstall did the trick and it gave me a hint to why it got screwed up too. :)01:41
bjsniderAwsoonn, you might want to reinstall every package related to xorg or mesa at this point01:42
bjsniderevent hat might not save you01:42
AwsoonnWhat it the best way to do that?01:42
bjsnideri dunno, go into synaptic and select them based on search parameters and then mark them for reinstallation i suppose01:43
yofeldebsums should be able to find modified/deleted files01:43
bjsniderthe .run files are totally incompatible with ubuntu since lucid and actually cause significant damage to your system01:43
yofel!info debsums01:44
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.48+nmu1 (maverick), package size 47 kB, installed size 268 kB01:44
AwsoonnK, that's sweet. :)01:45
AwsoonnAre virt-consoles disabled now?01:45
yofel'debsums -a -s' should be what you want, checks all files and only lists errors01:47
* yofel is off to bed, good night!01:47
jjcmyofel: later01:48
bjsnideras far as i know, there's no proof that reinstalling packages broken by the .run installers will fix your system01:48
Awsoonnyofel: thx a million01:48
Volkodavwhat's up with xorg craziness ?01:51
TsimsHow can I change the wallpapers so that each workspace has a separate one?02:17
AzelphurTsims there's a compiz plugin to do it, but It's broken for me in maverick, apparently it's an X bug02:17
TsimsI think it must be broken for mine as well, ive been fooling around with the ccsm menu for a few hours and i cant get it02:19
AzelphurTsims what do you mean by can't get it?02:19
TsimsI've added image files that I want into the desktop cube settings, which i thought should change the various wallpapers, but no suck luck02:21
AzelphurTsims uhh, you mean you changed the cube caps?02:21
Tsimsyeah i think so02:21
Azelphuryea, that...changes the cube caps02:22
Azelphuras in the top and bottom :p02:22
Azelphuryou're after the wallpaper plugin.02:22
Tsimsthe wallpaper plugin isnt present in my compiz settings though02:22
AzelphurI'm not sure if it ships with the default Ubuntu compiz, though02:22
Azelphuryea, didn't think it did02:22
Azelphurwant me to talk you through installing it? I'm curious to see if it works for you02:22
Azelphurgotta find the link for the script that installs it now >.< lol02:24
Tsimslol okay02:24
Tsimsany luck?02:26
Azelphurnope, I guess I'll just send you my copy xD02:26
Azelphurrun script, receive compiz unsupported plugins \o/02:27
johnjohn101is there any reason why the snow effect won't get enabled?02:27
Tsimscan you walk me through this.. im kind of a noob..02:27
Tsimsi downloaded it and then when i open it it brings the launch application menu to choose an appplication02:28
AzelphurTsims open a terminal and type http://pastebin.com/xpqRZGCH02:28
Azelphurjohnjohn101: you probably did the same thing I did, you manually installed snowglobe at lucid, and then upgraded to maverick?02:29
Azelphurbecause snowglobe is also unsupported and doesn't ship with compiz02:29
Azelphuralso snow globe works for me :)02:29
johnjohn101azelphur, it only works when I recomiple from scratch02:30
Azelphurjohnjohn101: I had problems with a few addons after upgrading myself because I compiled them on Lucid, and they wern't compatible with the new compiz02:31
Tsimsalright i did that02:31
Tsimswhat now02:31
Tsimsstill no wallpaper option02:31
johnjohn101azelphur, I will check to see if I had compiled in lucid.02:31
AzelphurTsims now go system > preferences > appearance > visual effects, select None to stop compiz, and then select what ever it was before to start compiz again.02:31
Azelphurthen you should have wallpaper in there :)02:32
Tsimsstill nothing..02:33
Tsimsit should have been under utilities, correct?02:34
johnjohn101azelphur it's in  ~/.compiz/plugins02:34
AzelphurTsims use the filter :p02:34
Azelphurtype wallpaper in it :)02:34
Tsims"No matches found."02:35
AzelphurTsims are you sure you ran the script correctly, it should have done lots of scrolling things and asked you some questions02:35
Tsimslet me try again02:35
Tsimsill paste the script it came up wtih02:35
Azelphuron pastebin.com, sure :)02:35
Azelphurjohnjohn101: yea so have you tried rebuilding it?02:36
johnjohn101i just recompiled and it works now02:36
Azelphuryay \o/02:36
johnjohn101so I must have compiled it before02:36
Azelphuryea, that's what I did too02:37
Tsimstristan@tristan-laptop:~$ wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/August%202010/compiz-addons02:37
Azelphurtook me like 4 days to figure it out :D02:37
Tsims--2010-09-08 21:36:31--  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/August%202010/compiz-addons02:37
TsimsResolving dl.dropbox.com...,,, ...02:37
TsimsConnecting to dl.dropbox.com||:80... connected.02:37
TsimsHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK02:37
TsimsLength: 9898 (9.7K) [application/octet-stream]02:37
TsimsSaving to: `compiz-addons.2'02:37
Tsims100%[======================================>] 9,898       42.7K/s   in 0.2s02:37
Tsims2010-09-08 21:36:33 (42.7 KB/s) - `compiz-addons.2' saved [9898/9898]02:37
Tsimstristan@tristan-laptop:~$ chmod +x compiz-addons02:37
Tsimstristan@tristan-laptop:~$ ./compiz-addons02:37
Tsimsthats what i got02:37
AzelphurTsims pastebin dude!02:37
Azelphurno need to flood out the channel :p02:37
Azelphurwhat happened when you typed ./compiz-addons? use pastebin.com this time02:37
Azelphurunless it's <= 2 lines02:38
Azelphurhehe, what happened after that though?02:38
Tsimswait a minute i tried it again and different stuff happened lol02:39
Tsimshang on02:39
Azelphuryea it should ask you if you want to install anaglyph02:39
Azelphurand if you just press a you get all the unsupported plugins02:39
Azelphurwhich is fun.02:39
Tsimsyeah its gonna take like 10 minutes to download because of my internet connection02:40
Tsimshttp://pastebin.com/Zu40g3ys This is what I've got so far (download time obviously not accurate)02:42
johnjohn101azelphur.  will compiz 0.9.0 be supported soon?02:44
Azelphurhehe, installing the dependencies it needs to build02:44
Azelphurjohnjohn101: in ubuntu? I don't know, I have another script made by the same guy that automagically grabs 0.9.0 and installs it in a seperate directory so you can try it out while keeping your 0.8.6 safe02:44
Azelphur(soreau is awesome at making scripts for compiz :D)02:44
johnjohn101I guess if it's working, why upgrade.....02:45
johnjohn101do you have any idea when flash will be more stable on maverick. I keep getting flash crashes..02:46
Azelphurno idea, join the club.02:47
Azelphurmy chrome keeps freezing up :(02:47
Tsimsazelphur, do you want me to give you the complete terminal text when its done?02:49
Tsimsfor whatever you might want it for lol02:50
Azelphurnope, it looks like it's going :p02:50
Azelphurwhen it asks you if you want to install a plugin, answer with a02:50
Azelphurand it'll install all the extra plugins for you, new stuff to play with02:50
Azelphursome of it may cause compiz to crash, though02:50
Tsimsoh alright02:50
Azelphurbut if a plugin causes compiz to crash, then  just open ccsm and disable it, then start compiz again \o/02:50
Tsimsyoure the man. just so you know02:51
Azelphurhaha the guy who made the script is the man, I didn't do anything :D02:51
Tsimsthen youre the messneger02:51
Azelphurthat works \o/02:51
AwsoonnWhat is the name of the package that contians mesa?02:52
AzelphurTsims bet you're gonna get wallpaper installed and find that you have exactly the same problem as me :D02:53
Tsimsi bet its going to work perfectly so my head doesnt explode.02:53
Tsimssheesh these plugins like to take their sweet time.. at least the text is pretty02:55
Azelphuryea, it has to compile it all02:55
Azelphurhttp://xkcd.com/303/ :D02:55
johnjohn101i hope they get it all fixed before 10.10 is released02:55
Tsimsthats getting saved in my awesome folder02:56
johnjohn101not to be a nervous nelly but I'm noticing a lot more crashes than any other betas... I still am using the beta for my home computer03:01
Tsimsokay so its there now03:02
Tsimswhats my first step in custom wallpapers03:02
AzelphurTsims nice, so try turning the wallpaper plugin on03:02
Azelphurthen drag a window around, does it go completely screwy?03:02
Azelphurit works for you? :D03:02
Azelphurfor me I get window trails :(03:03
Tsimswell i added the images into backgrounds and all the workspaces are the same still03:03
Tsimsso idk if it actually works haha03:03
Azelphuroh yea it will be03:03
Azelphurforgot to mention this03:03
Azelphurthe wallpaper plugin will replace your desktop03:03
Azelphurmeaning no desktop icons03:03
Tsimsthats why i have awn03:03
Azelphurlets turn the desktop off then03:04
Tsimsbut i didnt have desktop icons anyway so im not worried03:04
Tsimsi know how to do that lol03:04
Azelphurwoot, xD03:04
Azelphurin gconf, right? :)03:04
Tsimsyep, then nautilus, preferences, show desktop, off03:04
Azelphurso once you have your desktop turned off03:05
Azelphuryou should either A) get graphical weirdness especially when moving windows or rotating the cube03:05
AzelphurB) it'll work03:05
Tsimsthe answer is A)03:05
Azelphurhaha :D03:06
Azelphurnice to know it's not just me.03:06
Azelphurthe silver lining is that I've been told that this is a bug in X03:06
Azelphurso with luck, there will be an X update to fix the bug soon, then wallpaper will work.03:06
Tsimsthats good then03:06
Tsimsive been having nothing but problems with x03:06
Azelphurthere's also a few other cool plugins for you to try, workspace naming is nice imo03:06
Azelphurfreely transformable windows is nice but it's caused my system to lock up on a few occasions, so only enable that if your adventurous03:07
Tsimswhen i first updated it it changed my video card settings to disable X accelerated and loaded _173, and when i tried to boot it would just boot in text unless i ran in failsafe graphics mode03:07
Tsimsi am glad i downloaded awn anyhow though03:08
Tsimsit makes the desktop look so much nicer03:08
AzelphurI use cairo-dock myself :)03:08
Tsimsthen you wouldnt be able to help me with my awn problem most likely lol03:08
Azelphurhehe probably not03:09
TsimsWell thanks for all your help man, i really appreciate it03:09
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bdoggcan someone help me out w/ rhythmbox upnp?03:23
VolkodavI add them up ...slowly....to see the xorg go nuts AGAIN.....105 % CPU03:53
* Volkodav out of this misery till they fix it04:03
DanaGGreat... so all I can do with my middle button is left-click or right-click.  No middle-click.05:26
DanaGApparently it thinks my 3-button touchpad is a 1-button ClickPad.05:27
systmok, so I just upgraded to 10.10, only thing installed other then stock is irssi, Xorg, and dwm.  For some reason, X will no longer start, any suggestions from succesful upgraders06:28
systmI keep getting in term no protocol specified06:52
systmwell if anyone is even here, its because of my synaptics, i believe07:05
hghjwhy the hell we still have no flash oob?!07:34
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AlanBellanyone else seeing libc6 dependency errors?10:04
AlanBelllibc6 : Depends: libc-bin (= 2.12.1-0ubuntu2) but 2.12.1-0ubuntu4 is installed10:05
gnomefreakInstalled: 2.12.1-0ubuntu410:07
gnomefreaklibc6 and libc-bin are ubuntu4 here10:08
gnomefreakdoing updates now to see if there is a problem10:09
gnomefreaki dont see anything atm that would cause that error10:11
gnomefreakgood morning chrisccoulson10:11
chrisccoulsonhi gnomefreak10:11
gnomefreakAlanBell: what were you trying to install?10:11
AlanBelljust dist-upgrade10:12
gnomefreakAlanBell: ill let it run through and see if it has issues10:13
AlanBellI can force it, I probably upgraded some interdependent bits at an unfortunate time or something10:14
gnomefreakAlanBell: dist-upgrade from lucid or just normal maverick upgrade10:14
AlanBellnormal maverick upgrade10:14
AlanBellI tried apt-get upgrade first, but it said there were things it couldn't do so tried dist-upgrade10:15
AlanBellwell actually I tried the upadate manager first10:15
bullgard4Can you recommend a large list of changes between Ubuntu 10.04.1 and Ubuntu 10.10?10:15
AlanBellgnomefreak: I forced it, seems to be OK now, installing all the other bits now10:16
AlanBellbullgard4: the release notes10:16
AlanBellbullgard4: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta10:18
bullgard4AlanBell: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+specs: "Sorry. Launchpad is offline for scheduled maintenance. We should be back soon. "10:21
gnomefreakyay LP is down just what i needed10:28
gnomefreakbullgard4: i already found that out :)10:28
gnomefreakTopic for #launchpad: Launchpad down from 0800-1100 UTC for a  code update10:29
gnomefreaklooks to be another 1/2 hour10:29
gnomefreakno closer to 1 1/2 hours10:31
fluffmanHow do you add or remove a program to/from the the favorites list on the right in the new netbook edition?11:14
fluffman*on the left11:14
vizlimI'm sorry, but why after update ubuntu do 10.10 . The Enter in OS me 2 bout need enter login and password ?11:52
bullgard4istribution upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 asks: "Do you want to replace /etc/rsnapshot.conf?" What does the line mean: "@@ -24,13 +24,13 @@"?12:00
gnomefreakbullgard4: it meansan update to the conf file.12:01
gnomefreaks/meansan/means an12:02
bullgard4gnomefreak: Can you explain a relation between »conf file« and a number »-24,13«? I cannot see any.12:03
penguin42bullgard4: I can't quite remember the layout of that message but I think that's some information about the number of lines changed12:04
gnomefreakbullgard4: no i cant teh conf file was updated with major changes and if you want o keep the old one it will work but IMHO it is always better to upgrade it12:05
bullgard4penguin42: Ah! Thank you.12:05
bullgard4gnomefreak: I see.12:06
[4-tea-2]Howdy, is there currently a way for ATI users to get composite/accelerated video?12:13
[4-tea-2](I really would like to be able to watch YouTube videos fullscreen again...)12:13
[4-tea-2]And I kinda miss that fancy Compiz eyecandy.12:14
bullgard4When distribution upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 the dist-upgrade program stopped and asked: "Do you want to replace /etc/rsnapshot.conf?" I inadvertently pressed a button, and the dist-upgrade program continued although I did not notice all text of the file replacement proposal. Where can I find a copy of the configuration file replacement proposal text?12:22
penguin42see if it has left /etc/rsnapshot.conf.something12:29
bullgard4penguin42: Before I can do that I need to configure my Ubuntu 10.10 Beta: "TERM environment variable needs to be set." Is this related to my Tilda terminal program?12:40
penguin42that's unusual - TERM should always be set12:40
bullgard4penguin42: Sometimes unusual things do happen.12:41
penguin42well they shouldn't!12:41
bullgard4penguin42: Can you suggest a procedure to set the TERM environment variable?12:42
penguin42bullgard4: Is this logging in on the console or in X?12:43
bullgard4penguin42: In X. Tilda is a GNOME program.12:43
bullgard4penguin42: 'set | grep TERM; TERM=dumb'.12:45
penguin42does it work in other terminal emulators like gnome-terminal ?12:45
bullgard4penguin42: In a GNOME terminal I obtain: 'set | grep TERM; COLORTERM=gnome-terminal;  TERM=xterm'.12:49
penguin42bullgard4: Then it sounds like a bug in Tilda12:50
penguin42you can just do export TERM=xterm12:50
bullgard4penguin42: Is this a good idea in the light of the 'Alternate' system?12:51
[4-tea-2]So you're all using NVidia cards and/or don't care for Youtube, huh?12:58
penguin42[4-tea-2]: I'm running ATI with the open driver12:59
penguin42[4-tea-2]: I don't do full screen often though12:59
penguin42actually, it just did that vid OK full screen, wasn't HD though, let me just find an HD one13:05
[4-tea-2]I get about 3-4 fps when watchin YouTube 720p or better in fullscreen with the free driver, on a 58xx.13:05
penguin42ah, I'm on the hd4xxx which I think has better support on the free driver13:05
[4-tea-2]Obviously. FML. ;)13:06
penguin42[4-tea-2]: You might try the xorg-edgers ppa that has bleeding edge free X, but I'm sure frglx will work by release - I've not tried it13:06
[4-tea-2]I've tried it, all I got is a T-Shirt with "Look at this black screen" on it.13:06
[4-tea-2]Well, I'll try again in a few weeks. Thanks for the hint about the problem being related to the 5xxx.13:07
penguin42[4-tea-2]: When you said you tried it do you mean edgers or current frglx?13:08
duffydackI have no option to install fglrx in additional drivers app13:17
[4-tea-2]penguin42: the PPA13:18
bullgard4penguin42: I found a file /etc/rsnapshot.conf.dpkg-old and can now compare with rsnapshot.conf.13:18
penguin42[4-tea-2]: It would be good to bug report it anyway, and you might try asking on #ubuntu-x13:19
* penguin42 goes to get breakfast13:19
pmatulisbon appétit13:20
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bullgard4I need to configure my Ubuntu 10.10 Beta-Tilda: "TERM environment variable needs to be set." Is this a known bug? How to fix that?13:43
bullgard4(The GNOME terminal knows 'TERM=xterm'.13:49
Azelphurwhere has the software sources gui gone in maverick? :(14:13
econdudeawesomehi all! I have a nasty case of x being dead14:49
econdudeawesomerunning Ubuntu 10.1014:49
censorhi all14:51
censori justed install 10.10 desktop amd64, but there's no openssh-server package?14:51
censorhow can something so essential be missing, even in a beta?14:54
Picicensor: It should be there.  Have you issued an apt-get update lately?14:56
censori just installed that box, and it was one of the first things i did - got a couple of 404, though14:59
censorwell, just did it again, and now it's there14:59
G_A_Cit's definitely present on my Ubuntu laptop14:59
censorthat's very very very strange, the box isn't even running for 10 minutes now14:59
censormaybe the mirror had problems15:00
censoranyways, working now... sorry for the fuzz15:00
bullgard4How to configure my Ubuntu 10.10 Beta-Tilda: "TERM environment variable needs to be set." Is this a known bug? How to fix that? '~$ export TERM=xterm' did not help. (The GNOME terminal knows 'TERM=xterm' though.)15:05
vbabiyHey has the latest updates broke the ability to login?15:08
penguin42vbabiy: Not here; what are you seeing?15:08
vbabiyevery time I try to login it kicks me back to gdm15:08
penguin42ok, so thats probably an X server dieing or similar15:09
penguin42vbabiy: Can you log in at the text console?15:09
vbabiyI have this happen before the only way to fix it remove my /home dir and create a new one.15:09
vbabiypenguin42, nope nothing15:09
vbabiyI have to go in to recovery mode15:09
penguin42so what happens if you ctrl-alt-f1 and log in ?15:09
vbabiyblack screen with with a blinking cursor in the top right15:10
vbabiyno request for username or password15:10
vbabiyso I can't login15:10
yofeland on f2 ?15:10
vbabiyand f7 comes back to gdm15:10
penguin42what graphics card do you have and does it have multip;le outputs?15:11
vbabiyits a laptop with nvida15:11
vbabiyand I use it sometimes with a dual monitor etup15:12
penguin42have you got the other monitor plugged in at the moment?15:13
penguin42I'm thinking the login prompt might be hiding on there15:13
vbabiynope its not hiding, I have checked with both monitors15:16
penguin42vbabiy: odd; I don't know Nvidia stuff but I'm guessing it's nvidia driver related15:17
vbabiyI did have it to auto login, do you think the update broke something since it was on autologin15:17
vbabiypenguin42, I would not be surprised video drivers still suck15:17
penguin42vbabiy: If you can try and fair a login, and then boot from a rescue disc you might find something interesting in /var/log/Xorg.0.log or /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old15:17
penguin42fail a login15:18
vbabiyI will have to look at that15:18
vbabiyIf i use the recovery mode and root access I can look at it then15:18
javatexanhowdy all15:38
yslyxqyslthere are a lot of problems in nautilus15:38
yslyxqysl10.10 beta15:38
JohnHeikkilaThat's why it's beta15:38
om26eryslyxqysl, problems like?15:38
JohnHeikkilayslyxqysl: Quote ubuntu.com: This is a beta release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 10, 2010.15:39
yslyxqysltime to go to sleep15:41
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Tsimsanyone have any idea why when i disable my desktop to change the wallpapers for each work space, my graphics freak out?16:04
penguin42can you define freaks out a bit more?16:06
Tsimsnothing happens with the wallpapers, and if i drag a window around it trails16:07
penguin42I guess it sounds like either a graphics driver bug or possibly whatever does the wallpapers16:08
Tsimscompiz fusion is using the wall papers, but everything else in ccsm is working fine so im assuming it must be a graphics driver bug16:08
Tsimsi use an nvidia geforce with X16:08
penguin42is it compiz that does the wallpapers?16:09
yoasifdoes anyone have any ideas on where i could look for testers of a web based project i am working on?16:09
penguin42what does it do?16:12
Tsimsthe wallpaper package? or what happens when i use it16:12
charlie-tcayoasif: make announcements requesting testing on mailing lists?16:12
penguin42sorry, that was to yoasif16:12
Tsimsoh, sorry16:12
yoasifcharlie-tca, ooh -- know of any good mailing list dirs?16:12
yoasifpenguin42, it's a wiki editable news/social site16:13
charlie-tcayoasif: https://lists.ubuntu.com/16:14
yoasifcharlie-tca, it's not really ubuntu related, im not sure that would be kosher, ya know?16:14
yoasifcharlie-tca, it *can* be, I just don't want to annoy people16:14
charlie-tcaYou can still ask users if they will test it, use the ubuntu-users list16:14
penguin42yoasif: if it's the actual code behind the site then you could try freshmeat as well16:15
yoasifcharlie-tca, good idea, thanks a ton! :)16:15
yoasifpenguin42, sadly closed source at the moment (fear of competition :/)16:16
votanHello, I tried to run the live image of 10.10 unr from my thumbdriver, but it shows me only "SYSLINUX 3.82 2009-06-09 EBIOS Copyrigh ..." when booting ... any ideas ?16:19
EagleScreen_votan: image wronly downloaded or wrongly burned?16:22
votanEagleScreen_ I thought of that too, so I redownloaded the image a few times on different browers and tried a total of 5 different thumb drives, no luck16:22
penguin42votan: There was a problem with images made on Lucid16:24
penguin42I don't know if that problem still exists16:24
penguin42votan: Did you create the thumb drive on Lucid?16:25
votanpenguin42 I see, Although I'd think they'd correct that mistake wuite fast and I tried to redownload for a few days now, anyways, I'm going to redowload once more and try again, just to make sure :)16:25
penguin42votan: Wait16:26
votanpenguin42 nop, once in Win7, once on Linux Mint 816:26
votanalthough mint 8 is based on lycid16:26
penguin42votan: ok, I suspect mint might have the same problem as Lucid, there is a lucid-update to usb-creator https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/+bug/60838216:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Lucid) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Fix released]16:26
votanpenguin42 that might explain why it did not work on mint, but still does not explain why it fails after i created them on Win716:27
penguin42votan: yes, I don't know about Windows one, the other problem is apparently if the usb stick is created with a persistent option it breaks16:27
penguin42but I'm not sure where that comes from16:28
votanyeah, I had that problem with lucid, so I created them without the persitent option to begin wtih for  10.1016:28
killer999after today's gwibber update....a new panel indicator have appeared for gwibber....anyone else facing this?16:42
Picikiller999: iirc there was something in the changelog about it, I forget what though.16:47
killer999Pici, but its stupid to have both panel and messaging menu indicator....there should be option to turn off one16:48
duffydackAny way to get the gfx fan to slow down while i`m waiting for fglrx to become available.. its always on while using the radeon driver.17:29
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Abhijeetkernel deleted how to recover it as boot menu do not shows the ubuntu boot entry in 10.10.17:30
lucas-argim having problems with nvidia gnome+compiz is laggy17:30
bjsniderlucas-arg, there's an issue with antialiased fonts and nvidia right now. probably the same thing17:34
lucas-argbjsnider: hope they solve it quickly17:35
lucas-argoh yeah and pulseaudio constantly crashes on my system17:36
lucas-argdont know why17:36
penguin42lucas-arg: Are there any errors in /var/log/user.log ?17:36
lucas-argpenguin42: didnt check it wait17:36
penguin42thats where most pa errors go17:37
lucas-argpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491098/17:38
lucas-argis there something wrong? penguin4217:39
penguin42lucas-arg: Nothing too unuusal in there from pulse - I get the same warnings I think17:40
penguin42(not that I can understand the lanugage they are in17:40
lucas-argok... then i dont know either17:40
lucas-argthe nvidia issue is buggin me a lot17:40
lucas-argi wanted to downgrade the driver17:41
lucas-argbut i cant, theres only one in the repos17:41
penguin42you might find you have an older one if you previously had it, in your /var/cache/apt/archives17:41
lucas-argi did apt-get clean17:42
lucas-argso probably not17:42
CardinalFangHey all.  10.04 to maverick "dist-upgrade".  "E: Couldn't configure pre-depend x11-common for x11-xkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle."17:43
CardinalFangAny ideas?17:43
CardinalFangBoth of new are from  http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick/main17:44
CardinalFangx11-xkb-utils:  Installed: 7.5+1   Candidate: 7.5+517:44
penguin42CardinalFang: Not seen that, but you should upgrade between releases with do-release-upgrade  it fixes a few things17:44
CardinalFangx11-common:  Installed: 1:7.5+5ubuntu1  Candidate: 1:7.5+6ubuntu317:45
androidbruce|lapwould there be any reason to do a clean install of maverick?17:45
androidbruce|lapi've upgraded from 10.0417:45
androidbruce|lapto the beta17:45
penguin42androidbruce|lap: You get a few things that aren't quite the same as a fresh install, but mostly it's OK17:45
EagleScreen_there is always a reason to do a clean install: upgrade is a pain17:45
androidbruce|lapupgrade seemed pretty painless to me17:45
androidbruce|lapas far as the upgrade to the beta17:46
androidbruce|lapupdate-manager -d select upgrade17:46
androidbruce|lapthen download all the packages17:46
androidbruce|lapit's been very stable for me, i don't see many differences at all17:46
androidbruce|lapfrom lucid17:46
CardinalFangpenguin42, Hrm, never seen that tool.  Trying it.17:46
penguin42CardinalFang: It should do the same as the update manager, but it fixes a few things that a dist-upgrade doesn't17:47
androidbruce|lapwhat do you guys recommend as far as creating an image of my current machines?17:47
lucas-argandroidbruce|lap: i always used remastersys...17:50
androidbruce|laplucas-arg, oh im not familar17:50
EagleScreen_does partimage support ext4 yet?17:51
androidbruce|lapEagleScreen_, not too sure17:52
lucas-argwould be cool if ubuntu adds remastersys to the repos, i always use it to clone my current isntallation and install it on my different pcs with all software i need17:53
EagleScreen_it doesn't17:53
androidbruce|lapit's interesting that ubuntu doesn't have an imaging tool preconfigured17:54
vbabiyis ubuntu 10.10 going to have a monospace version of the ubuntu font18:14
charlie-tcavbabiy: depends on whether or not it gets done in time18:19
vbabiycharlie-tca, I really hope so18:19
charlie-tcaWe don't even know yet if 10.10 will get the new font18:19
charlie-tcavbabiy: bug 62962218:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629622 in Ubuntu Font Family "MIR+FFE: Inclusion of Ubuntu Font Family ~0.7 in Maverick (10.10)" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62962218:22
vbabiyah thanks18:22
zniavregood evnening18:39
zniavredoes nvidia drivers 256.xx are working?18:39
desu_desuhi all, /me uses meerkat, X boots in 640x480 or something, have to manually do xrand -s 1366x768, there is no xorg.conf nor the new xorg.conf.d/ where is the config for this release xserver please?18:39
Milos_SDIs there a way to add MPD controls in ubuntu sound indicator applet?18:39
penguin42desu_desu: You can put an xorg.conf in and it will use it18:40
bjsniderzniavre, yes they are18:40
zniavrebjsnider, thnak you , do you know if 173.14.xx drivers are working?18:40
bjsniderthey are not18:40
desu_desupenguin42, i see but how does X get it's values , it is said to use xorg.conf.d/ which does't exist ...18:41
zniavre173 are not updated yet to use xserver1.9 ?18:41
penguin42desu_desu: X should automatically detect your monitor and hardware and doesn't need any config file to do that18:42
desu_desupenguin42, logfiles ftw : [    18.393] (==) Using system config directory "/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d"18:44
penguin42desu_desu: Yeh those are mostly just things with fixes ups for known problems, I think you can create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf and it will still read that, and you could also create a /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/myconfig which would get read with the others (not sure if that's the right place to put new stuff)18:45
desu_desupenguin42, it does create everything concerning video new ( writing section .. etc ), logfiles is pretty verbose, i think it guesses my resolution wrong from the vga port18:49
Slasher`Hi all, I'm trying to upgrade to the Beta and get this, "Error during commit 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend x11-common for x11-xkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle.'" any ideas?19:19
tetsuo----does anyone know how to manually configure the partions on a new graphical based install?19:33
tetsuo----i want to use brfs, so i cannot use the automatic option19:33
charlie-tcatetsuo----: there should be a selection to "manually configure" the partitions19:35
charlie-tcaI think you will need the alternate image cd to use btrfs, though19:35
charlie-tcaI don't know if it has been added to the desktop image19:36
tetsuo----hmm it didnt say that in the changelog19:37
tetsuo----which partitions do i have to create for ubuntu?19:38
charlie-tcatwo partitions for brtfs, / and /boot, as far as I know19:38
tetsuo----how big do they need to be?19:39
tetsuo----ive always just used the auto psrition in the past19:40
charlie-tcaI have installed / in 4gb, but there is no room to add anything after it finishes19:40
tetsuo----i found it19:45
tetsuo----aww, if you crash you have to reformat19:47
tetsuo----nevermind then19:47
tetsuo----boot wont work with ext4?19:49
charlie-tcaboot should work with ext4, but you don't need a separate /boot with ext419:52
_EnchainedHi all20:28
_EnchainedI have a problem in maverick with my audio capture devices ...20:29
=== undifined_ is now known as UndiFineD
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:34
_EnchainedI want to capture analog stream (audio+video)20:36
_EnchainedIn previous version (lucid)20:36
_EnchainedI used mplayer/mencoder with /dev/dsp2 device20:36
_EnchainedIn maverick /dev/dsp* disappeared20:36
_EnchainedI tru with ALL devices found in /dev/snd/20:36
_Enchainedbut nothing ...20:36
_EnchainedIf I open "pulseaudio volume control"20:37
_EnchainedI see the sound moving for my microphone input20:37
_Enchainedbut can't get it ...20:37
Slasher`Hi all, I'm trying to upgrade to the Beta and get this, "Error during commit 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend x11-common for x11-xkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle.'" any ideas?20:37
AwsoonnIs there an easy way to kick off a reinstall of every package on a system from cli?20:39
jimlovell777I just tried installing Maverick on an IQ770 and the live disc ran ok (graphics were messed up but enough to install) but on boot I get "panic occured, switching back to text console"20:39
penguin42jimlovell777: Any other messages? If you've got a didgy camera that might be the easiest way ?20:42
jimlovell777penguin42: I can take a picture.20:43
penguin42yeh that would be great20:44
jimlovell777penguin42: http://moontaj.com/temp/a.jpg http://moontaj.com/temp/b.jpg http://moontaj.com/temp/c.jpg20:48
penguin42jimlovell777: ok, that really shouldn't happen - general protection in init is pretty odd20:51
jimlovell777penguin42: Any idea on how to um, use the computer with Ubuntu? Of all the Ubuntu releases only one "worked" and it's been end of lifed so some of the newer packages I need aren't available.20:53
penguin42which one worked?20:54
coz_jimlovell777,  which version of ubuntu worked20:55
_Enchainednobody can help me for this audio capture issue ?..20:55
penguin42jimlovell777: It's promising that the live disc was OK20:55
jimlovell777coz_:  hardy20:55
coz_jimlovell777,  ok and what is NOT working on lucid for you?20:55
jimlovell777coz_: The computer won't boot, like now.20:56
coz_jimlovell777,  you already checked the live cd for errors  ?20:56
jimlovell777penguin42: Most of the LiveCDs will run but fail once the system is installed. Graphics are always messed up.20:56
penguin42jimlovell777: Can you boot the maverick live disc you installed from and report the bug using ubuntu-bug ?20:56
jimlovell777penguin42: I can try.20:56
coz_jimerickson_,  when you boot into the live cd and see the keyboard symbol at the bottom hit enter to get a list of options  and choose check cd for errors  if you havent done that already20:57
penguin42jimlovell777: That should capture a load of information about the machine and you can attach those pictures to the bug20:57
UndiFineDpenguin42, I was thinking, a bit tricky, but could he copy the kernel form the live cd to disk ?20:57
tetsuo---ok so i managed to install 10.10, and it offered me a partial update20:58
tetsuo---i was dumb enough to click yes :(20:58
penguin42UndiFineD: I'm not sure if it's just the kernel - I suspect the boot cd passes a load of safe options but I don't know20:58
tetsuo---now i cannot use the chat client20:58
jimlovell777UndiFineD: If it helps I'm trying from a liveUSB stick this time. (made by clicking create startup disk and selecting my USB drive and the maverick iso).20:58
tetsuo---online options are greyed out20:58
tetsuo---any ideas on how to to fix any breaks the partial upgrade caused? it didnt remove anything20:59
penguin42tetsuo---: Hmm messy,  so does it all apparently work except networking?21:00
tetsuo---so far only the chat client wont connect21:00
tetsuo---empathy right?21:00
tetsuo---im on the client right now, i have internet21:01
tetsuo---just not through empathy21:01
tetsuo---using webchat21:01
penguin42tetsuo---: Oh ok, so run update-manager and see if it will do any more21:01
tetsuo---it says no more updates21:01
penguin42hmm, pesky21:03
tetsuo---run some kind of cleanup script?21:03
jimlovell777penguin42: I have the live enviroment loaded and started ubuntu-bug. What option should I select, sound, display,security,storage, or other? If I click other ubuntu-bug says I failed to include pid and closes.21:03
penguin42tetsuo---: well, it sounds more specifically like Network Manager is unhappy, and things like chat clients ask the network manager if they are online or not21:04
penguin42jimlovell777: quit it and run ubuntu-bug linux21:04
tetsuo---ok wierd21:04
tetsuo---it works if i use the mail icon21:05
penguin42tetsuo---: Wired or wireless?21:05
jimlovell777penguin42: Ok. Kernel config or other?21:05
tetsuo---i use wireless21:05
penguin42jimlovell777: other21:05
tetsuo---mail > chat works21:05
tetsuo---but but nick > available didnt21:05
penguin42tetsuo---: So the network manager icon shows you being off line ?21:05
tetsuo---maybe i misunderstood, do i need to start chatting through the " email"  icon nect to the clock?21:06
penguin42jimlovell777: When you get to filling in a title use something like   Attempted to kill init! on IQ77021:06
jimlovell777penguin42: Considered a regression? Sorry for the questions but I want to make sure this gets to the right people with the right info.21:07
penguin42tetsuo---: I don't think you should need to21:07
penguin42jimlovell777: Well, I guess so if Hardy worked for you21:07
tetsuo---well i guess it works now21:11
penguin42tetsuo---: I've seen nm get confused before like that21:13
jimlovell777penguin42: The bug page requests using ubuntu-bug -p linux. Do need to start over?21:14
penguin42jimlovell777: Oh erm I don't think I've ever had to do that, if it's telling you to you should do what it asks21:15
Volkodavis this CPU crazy usage on xorg being worked on ?21:16
jimlovell777penguin42: Nevermind, just checked ubuntu-bug help and -p just specifies the package.21:16
penguin42jimlovell777: I thought it normally figured that out if you gave it it21:16
jimlovell777Yea I just typed up the whole bug report and launchpad says there was a problem connecting to the server...21:18
tetsuo---should i let the janitor remove the old kernel stuff?21:20
penguin42jimlovell777: Pesky - if you just hit reload it should get it21:20
penguin42(Has anyone found an ocr that works well for oops screenshots?)21:20
jimlovell777penguin42: tried that 5 times now... I'll keep going.21:21
penguin42jimlovell777: Oh that's annoying - it normally sits there trying to reload every 10 seconds or so21:21
penguin42jimlovell777: It can get to something else like google I assume?21:21
jimlovell777penguin42: Yea just fine. I'm on the launchpad website but it fails to submit the bug info.21:22
penguin42jimlovell777: Damn, that's annoying21:23
jimlovell777I would just hit back and copy what I wrote and start all over again but back starts you at titling the bug21:24
penguin42jimlovell777: I wouldn't put much info in at all, get it to accept the bug, you can always add detail after ti accepts it21:25
nachohey guys21:26
nachoanybody else having the system slow as hell?21:26
jimlovell777penguin42: Was trying that too, just got the same error. I'll start from scratch. This time I ctrl+c what I wrote.21:27
jimlovell777penguin42: BTW I just tried ubuntu-bug -p and it said -p is deprecated, someone should update the launchpad site to reflect that.21:29
penguin42jimlovell777: Sorry about this, I could tell you to create a bug against launchpad but.....21:29
jimlovell777penguin42: Same thing, just started back at the beginning and i get to the page that reloads every 10 seconds, that finishes, I type in the bug title and add a description and hit submit. That's when I get a message saying please try again.21:32
penguin42ok hang on21:33
penguin42jimlovell777: OK, it seems to be working here; I suggest either try doing it another time or, copy the URL when it asks you to enter the summary/title - and open that URL somewhere else - e.g. not the boot disc or the like and try it then21:35
penguin42jimlovell777: Or if you're comfortable give me the URL and I'll see if I can get it to go here21:35
penguin42jimlovell777: However, while you're in the livecd do a cat /proc/cmdline    and record what it's got - I'm wondering if they have any fun options for making it more likely to boot on the full install21:36
jimlovell777I got the bug reported from a different computer but didn't know to carry of the url info. How can I get the info added to my already created bug? I don't want to make a dupe or merely subscribe.21:41
penguin42what's the bug number?21:42
penguin42jimlovell777: OK, attach those photos to the bug as attachments, and from the livecd if you can figure out how add the output of sudo lspci -v -v -v -n   and dmesg21:44
penguin42jimlovell777: As the 1st comment put a big 'sorry ubuntu-bug wouldn't upload this from the livecd' - or someone will ask you to21:45
nemoSoooo, considering making the leap again.21:47
nemooh. no 4.0 for 10.10. that's a shame :(21:47
nemoI've been using the minefield browsers exclusively for like a year21:47
nemoodd, too, since they went w/ a beta for 3.5 release, didn't they?21:48
nemoI wonder who makes these decisions...21:48
nemoesp w/ the opengl accel that linux could benefit so much from21:48
jimlovell777penguin42: lol, well ain't that cute. output of lspci -v -v -v -n = pcilib: sysfs read vpd: read failed: Connection Timed Out.21:49
* penguin42 blinks21:49
penguin42I've never seen lspci fail21:49
penguin42jimlovell777: does a plain lspci work?21:50
jimlovell777penguin42: ah chalk that one up to me being ignorant, it worked but spit that out also.21:51
penguin42still weird error21:51
jimlovell777penguin42: Ok I've got it all up on launchpad21:53
jimlovell777penguin42: Thanks for walking me through all of that.21:55
penguin42jimlovell777: no problem21:56
penguin42jimlovell777: So there are a few warnings in there; the vpd one I've never seen before on anything21:56
penguin42jimlovell777: Having said that, a few googles show other people do find that as well21:57
jimlovell777Oh wonderful, the screenshot looked right (distorted) on the IQ770 but on my computer it looks normal. So I should have taken a picture, not a screenshot.21:58
penguin42jimlovell777: OK, so it's time to see if adding any parameters to the boot line helps22:02
duffydackIs there any way I can adjust the colours with the Radeon driver, like I can using CCC with fglrx22:02
jimlovell777penguin42: Earlier I ran cat /proc/cmdline and the only things I saw were quiet no-splash, the other few options related to cd/usb detection.22:04
penguin42jimlovell777: Can you get to grub and  add   nolapic nomodeset nr_cpus=1   and see if it helps - I doubt it to be honest22:07
jimlovell777penguin42: Sure, I'm willing to try22:07
penguin42jimlovell777: I'm not sure what to try to be honest22:08
jimlovell777I had a Dell computer that acted this way and it only did it when I had a PCI graphics card installed. I had to install ubuntu with the card out. boot, blacklist intel drivers, re-install the card and then use the computer.22:10
penguin42jimlovell777: it's a bit of an odd panic though22:11
votannow i finally managed to get the 10.10 UNR image on the thumb drive to load ... now it freezes during the bootsplash, no message nothing o.022:15
jimlovell777penguin42: I tried those grub options and it's frozen, taking a pic now.22:15
DanaGWeird... every time I wake my computer from screensaver, it very slowly fades from clear TO black, AFTER I wake it!22:21
DanaGAnd this fade can't be interrupted.22:21
DanaGI'd expect it to fade before, not after!22:21
penguin42DanaG: The slow uninterruptable fade is something I've seen using the normal screensaver timeout in the mavericks22:22
DanaGWhen I wake my thing, I expect it to give me the password dialog, pronto!22:23
votanis there a way to disable the bootsplash when booting from a live image on a thumb drive ?22:23
penguin42DanaG: I've not seen it on resume, although having said that my machine panic'd on resume for the first time today22:23
penguin42DanaG: I think the way the suspend/hibernate works is that it turns on the screensaver and then gets on with it, if you knock it out of screensaver quickly enough then it doesn't surprise me that it then enters screensave on resume22:24
BUGabundoevening my friends22:25
penguin42Hi BUG22:25
DanaGRather, it's not resume from suspend, even... it's just plain wake from DPMS.22:26
penguin42oh I see22:27
DanaGI guess "wake" is not quite the right word.22:27
jimlovell777penguin42: Would it help you to see cat /proc/cmdline from the live boot?22:27
penguin42jimlovell777: I think I can see that at the top of your dmesg22:27
DanaGAh, I see... dpms is set at 5 minutes, screensaver is set at 7.22:27
jimlovell777penguin42: Oh, ok.22:28
jimlovell777penguin42: Yea, that's it.22:28
nemoSay, does Maverick have an updated Evolution? and if so, what version of openchange is it using?22:29
penguin42nemo: See http://packages.ubuntu.com/22:29
penguin42nemo: You can lookup the version of all packages in any ubuntu version22:29
DanaGIt's still weird that it fades out after mouse move, though...22:30
DanaGit should go dpms unlocked, then fade out to screensaver.22:30
DanaGThen come back on mouse move.22:30
ubottuDebian bug 542720 in gnome-screensaver "[gnome-screensaver] Ignores input during fade animation" [Normal,Open]22:31
penguin42DanaG: It's a very annoying bug22:31
nemohuh. couldn't find openchange under libraries22:33
DanaGyeah, immensely annoying.  Happens every time I try to wake it.22:33
DanaGScreen turns on, and then the fade OUT starts AFTER that.22:33
DanaGSo for a moment, you get the desktop visible.22:33
nemowell. here's hoping it is >0.922:33
nemohm https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/openchange/1:0.9+svn2132-122:39
nemo(found by googling)22:39
nemo2132 is good...22:39
Foggyhi all trying to install 10.10 notebook edition on samsung n11022:55
Foggyhanging at syslinux22:56
Foggyhelp (o;22:56
yofelFoggy: do you get an error about a wrong configuration value?22:56
Foggyno just blank22:56
yofeloh wait, that was fixed22:56
Foggyflashing curser22:57
Foggyafter syslinux banner22:57
Foggyany idea yofel22:59
votanFoggy i had the same 5-6hrs ago, did u create ur thumbdrive on windows ?23:00
Foggytried both the universal boot creator and the one of the distro23:00
votanyep, same here, I was NOT able to get any working live image via windows, tried different thumb drives etc ... I finally succeeded in creating one under unr 10.04 fully updated23:02
votanso I _suppose_ there's something wrong with doing it under windows23:02
Foggyok mate cheers23:03
BUGabundoI'm impressed with Transmission23:06
BUGabundokklimonda: it has evolved plenty23:06
Ian_cornewhat's so special about transmission?23:07
Ian_cornei've always used it, never used anything else :p23:07
BUGabundoohhh Ian_corne23:09
BUGabundoI'm kinda old school23:09
BUGabundoI come from vuze23:10
BUGabundoI used yet another for a while23:10
BUGabundobut once you go Vuze you can't go back23:10
BUGabundosure µtorrent is nice, but not floss23:10
econdudeawesomeHowdy! Do y'all support 10.10?23:10
kklimondaBUGabundo: they do put a lot of work into it23:10
econdudeawesomeI've lost xserver-xorg somehow23:11
econdudeawesomeand it's not a whole lot of fun :C23:11
penguin42econdudeawesome: When you say lost how do you mean?23:11
kklimondaI love how my whole system sucks ram - I'm already under 1GB :/23:11
kklimondamain cultrips: firefox with 1.2GB and X with almost 600MB :/23:12
BUGabundoMEM | tot    3.9G | free   76.0M | cache   2.2G | buff    0.3M | slab  144.5M |23:12
BUGabundo 2323     10      0      44978K 989.4M 199.1M     0K   -48K   5% chromium-brows23:12
BUGabundo 2090      0      0         51K 774.6M 188.6M     0K     0K   5% firefox-bin23:12
BUGabundo12851      1      0       2151K 703.6M 164.0M     0K    52K   4% gwibber23:12
BUGabundo 2285   4417      0      44978K 933.9M 151.7M     0K  -264K   4% chromium-brows23:12
BUGabundoyou think FF is bad? LOL23:12
econdudeawesomepenguin42: as in, I am unable to start xserver. I get some nasty errors. Specifically"23:13
jjcmoh gwibber...23:13
votanfirefox with 1.2gig ? wth o.023:13
kklimondaBUGabundo: well, 1.2GB is a little much23:13
penguin42BUGabundo: Can't argue here Mem:   8053900k total,  2409108k used,  5644792k free,   173596k buffers23:13
kklimondaBUGabundo: and it's with all addons disabled.23:13
DanaGgwibber has never done anything but fail, for me.23:13
jjcmBUGabundo: first action on this ubuntu install: disable gwibber23:13
econdudeawesomepenguin42: /dev/fb0 is not there23:13
BUGabundojjcm: naaaa23:13
econdudeawesomenot sure what that does, but it messes everything else up down the line23:13
BUGabundoI go through a lot of work to get gwibber to work23:13
penguin42econdudeawesome: What graphics card do you have? and can you paste bin /var/log/Xorg.0.log somewhere?23:13
kklimondagwibber does use a lot of memory..23:13
kklimondaBUGabundo: oh? it just does here ;)23:14
penguin425GB of free ram - that's just obscene23:14
BUGabundo12851      0      0       2151K 705.0M 166.1M     0K     0K   4% gwibber23:14
BUGabundo3rd more app23:14
jjcmI have 24GB of ram in my home system23:14
penguin42although to be fair 2.4G used is also pretty bad23:14
jjcmno need to worry23:14
kklimonda153.1 MiB +   3.2 MiB = 156.3 MiBgwibber23:14
Ian_corneFF uses more ram when there's more available23:14
kklimondathey do use webkit to render all its interface..23:14
BUGabundodon't all apps?23:14
Ian_corneI don't know23:14
econdudeawesomepenguin42: I've lost all availablilty to cut and paste. I perhaps can DCC, but I'm on a TTY shell and not all that familiar with it23:14
BUGabundokernel manages it like that23:14
jjcmBUGabundo: All apps *should*23:15
penguin42econdudeawesome: Try using pastebinit23:15
jjcmWait a tic23:15
Ian_corneWell if an app is a calculator, it has a max :p23:15
jjcmthis isn't #cyanogenmod23:15
penguin42econdudeawesome: It's a command line pastebin uploader23:15
jjcmBUGabundo: Stop tricking me23:15
jjcmI'm like, "Why the hell doesn't BUGabundo have ops..."23:15
kklimondaecondudeawesome: install pastebinit and paste a content of /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:15
jjcmand, "Why is this in channel 12 in irssi..."23:15
econdudeawesomepenguin42: kklimonda k I'll be a moment23:16
kklimondaBUGabundo has an op on #cyanogenmod?23:16
Ian_corne8 for me :)23:16
BUGabundothere you go jjcm :P23:16
DanaGecondudeawesome: install gpm, and you'll get console mouse.23:16
DanaGPastebinit is good, too.23:16
BUGabundokklimonda: I'm op on about 20 #s23:16
kklimondaBUGabundo: nice :)23:17
DanaGMy gwibber never shows any messages at all.23:17
kklimondaBUGabundo: you coming to uds?23:17
BUGabundokklimonda: I do manage a bunch of projects and support :)23:17
Ian_corneI don't think it's near him :p23:17
BUGabundoDanaG: *finally* its working fine here23:17
kklimondaDanaG: you are probably using some evil network like facebook23:17
BUGabundohave you untick Only Mentions ?23:17
jjcmBUGabundo: Using pidgin for irc and you're in 20+ channels?23:17
BUGabundoyes jjcm, its Pidgin23:17
BUGabundo3 servers23:18
BUGabundo3 µblogs bots23:18
BUGabundo4 MUCs23:18
BUGabundo13159   1491      0        909K 863.1M 90440K     0K     0K   2% pidgin23:18
BUGabundosee why its so big ?23:18
DanaGyeah, facebook.23:18
BUGabundo6 years of logs and avatars23:18
jjcmBUGabundo: You crazy23:18
DanaGI don't pay much attention to it.23:18
BUGabundotell us something new23:18
kklimondaBUGabundo: 6 years of logs? I can never keep my logs for so long :/23:19
DanaGArgh, stupid kernel breaks my middle button, and turns it into a left or right button, depending on where my finger is.23:19
DaekdroomPidgin and xchat together here are like what, less than 40MB xD23:19
kklimondaI always end up deleting them by accident23:19
econdudeawesomepenguin42: kklimonda http://pastebin.com/zn8XqvEJ23:19
kklimondaI'm probably going to write a plugin for empathy to store them in desktop couch..23:19
DanaGMy Pidgin logs are in Dropbox.23:20
jjcmBUGabundo: Eh, I guess I have irssi using 150MB right now23:20
jjcmBUGabundo: So not horrible23:20
DanaGAnd UbuntuOne fails miserably with it... eats 100% of one CPU core.23:20
econdudeawesomeDanaG: what good is gpm? All I see is a cursor but doesn't have much use... geez I'm so newb23:20
kklimondaecondudeawesome: also paste the result of dmesg command23:20
econdudeawesomekklimonda: which?23:20
kklimondaecondudeawesome: you can do dmesg|pastebinit23:20
DanaGClick and drag, then right-click pastes whatever's selected.23:20
BUGabundokklimonda: I delete all of mine since 2004 _accidently_ :(23:20
penguin42econdudeawesome: What's your intel chipset ?23:21
penguin42econdudeawesome: lspci | grep -i vga    should say23:21
kklimondaBUGabundo: ouch! :/23:22
BajK_what is the required minimum ram for 10.10?23:22
BUGabundostupid win app for "cleanup"... all *.log  :((23:22
kklimondaBajK_: I'd say 1GB23:22
BajK_just minimum where it starts23:22
BajK_not where it is usable ;)23:22
kklimondaoh, minium23:22
jjcmBajK_: Probably around 128mb23:22
kklimondaBajK_: you can't install it on 6423:22
BUGabundo512 *bare* min23:22
econdudeawesomepenguin42: it runs over in the screen, not sure what it is23:22
BUGabundofor *usable*23:23
Ian_corneAnyone else having their X hang after boot?23:23
kklimondaBajK_: or rather not without swap23:23
Ian_corneGdm screen comes up corrupt23:23
jjcmBUGabundo: I've ran ubuntu nicely on 256MB before23:23
penguin42econdudeawesome: From that lspci | grep -i vga      that should only give a line or two23:23
BajK_well lets see if it starts^^23:23
BUGabundojjcm: not 10.*23:23
kklimondaBajK_: use alternate cd and text installer23:23
penguin42BajK_: I know on Maverick people have had a few problems with 256 or 384M23:23
kklimondaBajK_: how much do you have?23:23
BajK_hm ok, it started just fine but after the KDE splash I am left with an empty black screen with mouse pointer23:24
BajK_seems plasma didnt start with 128 mb :D23:24
penguin42KDE4 in 128 ?! Yeh that's pushing it a bit :-)23:24
kklimondabah, 128 not nearly enough ffor kde23:24
jjcmBUGabundo: Yea thinking back, that was probably a warty install23:24
penguin42BajK_: Add yourself a whole chunk of swap and you might crawl through it23:24
BajK_its just virtualbox ;)23:24
kklimondaI'm not sure if you can run lubuntu with that much23:24
Ian_corne128 is not enough to do anything useful on imo23:24
BajK_"error: out of memory, unaligned poimnter 0xf000fea5, aborted" :D23:24
BajK_when starting with 4 mb of ram23:24
kklimondaBajK_: 64 is bare minimum23:25
jjcmBajK_: rofl23:25
BajK_that's what nerds do when they're bored23:25
jjcmYou got balls23:25
xapelwhen I open any application, it is maximized and there are no close, min, max buttons. Is that standard for 10.10?23:25
econdudeawesomepenguin42: http://pastebin.com/YqHhY0Jn23:25
kklimondaBajK_: and even then you won't be able to use alternate installer without first adding some swap23:25
Ian_corneno xapel23:25
econdudeawesomenot sure which it is... sorry I'm not of more help :-/23:25
jjcmBajK_: I've gotten a full wordpress deploy running on a 64MB machine23:25
* BUGabundo slaps jjcm23:25
* penguin42 has had a Linux running on a 4MB machine about 12 years ago - and that was a push23:25
Ian_corneunless you're on netbook edition23:25
BajK_well I got an old laptop with 16 mb ram and then we removed the ram and had 4 mb left with windwos 95, even moving the mouse pointer resulted in long hdd activity23:25
penguin42econdudeawesome: OK, thanks23:25
BajK_ok trying with 25623:25
BUGabundoBajK_: let me guess: GPU ram?23:25
econdudeawesomexapel: sounds like you may have gotten rid of window decorations23:26
BUGabundoyou need at least 16 for X23:26
jjcmubuntu 9.10 with a running wordpress install on 64MB of ram was not easy23:26
penguin42econdudeawesome: So I think I see what's going on but I'm not 100% sure why23:26
xapelso, how do I fix it?23:26
BajK_GPU is set to 256 anyway^^23:26
qwmrunning maverick, and can't run any gtk apps as another user (sux)... problem started the other day, been working fine in meerkat before that. anyone experienced anything similar?23:26
kklimondaecondudeawesome: can you run in your terminal "dmesg | pastebinit"23:26
BajK_ah ok, netbook shell is a bit slow but it works23:26
penguin42econdudeawesome: What kernel version are you on?23:26
Ian_corneHell my netbook has 1GB and I find it waay to little :)23:26
jjcmqwm: What happens when you try?23:26
xapelecondudeawesome: how do I get it back?23:26
econdudeawesomexapel: it usually comes back for me when I close then reopen the window23:27
* kklimonda has installed lubuntu 10.04 on old T23 and it's quite snappy23:27
BajK_ok works fine with 51223:27
DanaGAh, every so many logins, I get gtk-window-decorator failing.23:27
econdudeawesomekklimonda: http://pastebin.com/3S9EYtGx23:27
econdudeawesomepenguin42: not sure, whats a quick way to check?23:27
DanaGNetbook shell doesn't work AT ALL for me.23:27
jjcmBajK_: Using the alternate install cd, I'm sure you can get it much under that23:27
Ian_corneuname -a23:27
DanaGIt hangs, before even giving me a menu.23:27
* penguin42 is confused by econdudeawesome's error - to me that reads that the Intel X driver is complaining there is no KMS, but 2.6.35-20.29 has just blacklisted kms for i845g23:27
kklimondaecondudeawesome: "i915 disabling kernel modesetting for known bad device."23:27
DanaGThen after vt-switch, it's solid white.23:27
jjcmBajK_: Especially if you're willing to forgo gnome for something lighter23:27
qwmjjcm: i get some error messages and core dumped, can i pm?23:27
BajK_another question, is 64 MB of graphics ram too less for 1920x1200? :D23:28
penguin42econdudeawesome: uname -a23:28
jjcmqwm: no keep it in channel23:28
jjcmqwm: Pastie your dump23:28
qwm** (gconf-editor:25678): CRITICAL **: dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name: assertion `connection != NULL' failed23:28
penguin42BajK_: No23:28
BUGabundoBajK_: VB doesn't allow 256 :S23:28
qwmGLib-GIO:ERROR:/build/buildd/glib2.0-2.25.15/gio/gdbusconnection.c:2170:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL)23:28
qwmoh, pastebin.23:28
econdudeawesome2.6.35-20 generic23:28
penguin42BajK_: 1920x1200*4=~9MB23:28
BajK_BUGabundo: ah right, 128 ;)23:28
qwmAborted (core dumped)23:28
kklimondaecondudeawesome: you are owner of a pretty old gpu which Ubuntu doesn't like for some time23:28
econdudeawesomepenguin42: 2.6.35-20 generic23:28
penguin42econdudeawesome: Can you get the -19 version?23:28
BajK_penguin42: because my old pc was quite slow with Kubuntu 9.10. Pentium 4 3,2 with HT and 1,5GB ram, 64 MB graphics ram23:28
penguin42econdudeawesome: (Is it still installed?)23:29
* BUGabundo wow this # just came for life after weeks dead23:29
econdudeawesomekklimonda: I hope not. I was running Lubuntu for awhile and it ran fine. penguin42 -- can I just run that from Grub? It should be23:29
xapelecondudeawesome: nope, only way to get them back is to right click on the entry in the bottom panel and select unmaximize23:29
Ian_corneI think kernel .29 messed alot of intel stuff up, right?23:29
penguin42BajK_: Hey no one would say it was fast with a graphics card with 64MB23:29
econdudeawesomexapel: weird23:29
penguin42Ian_corne: Do you mean .20 or .19 ?23:29
kklimondaBUGabundo: it's getting close to the release.23:29
DanaGi8xx?  Sorry, not only does your performance not get better... now you actually get FEWER features than before!23:29
votanmh, seems the new unity interface is slower on my netbook than the old unr interface23:29
BajK_penguin42: okay :D23:29
Ian_cornethat's when stuff went not so well with intel gpu's23:29
xapelecondudeawesome: is there perhaps a package that I can reinstall to fix this you think?23:29
DanaGIntel really sucks like that.... why make a new driver that can do less than the old one?23:30
DanaGThey should just fork the OLD pre-kms driver and call it i8xx.23:30
BajK_penguin42: well, but that is yesterday^^ now I have 1 GiB of graphics ram and 4 cores and it runs just fine with 2 24 inch monitors )23:30
econdudeawesomexapel: I don't know for sure. You can try playing around with different windows managers. Most likely tho it's something very simple23:30
penguin42DanaG: It's not a new driver; it's the interaction between a lot of stuff23:30
penguin42DanaG: KMS is probably the 'right' way to do stuff - but if the kernel guys are blacklisting it it really doesn't make sense23:30
kklimondapenguin42: his card is blacklisted by the kernel module.23:30
kklimondapenguin42: it got blacklisted for a reason.23:30
penguin42kklimonda: But if the X server is insisting on kms what's the choice?23:31
econdudeawesomepenguin42: this explains so much. I had issues with Lubuntu 10.04 (and Ubuntu 10.04) on this machine, which is why I upgraded to 10.10 in the first place23:31
DanaGYeah, i8xx should just have a separate driver.  Not a sucky, does-less-than-it-used-to, new driver.23:31
kklimondapenguin42: it should fall back to vesa23:31
econdudeawesomepenguin42: I did a dist-upgrade without thikning yesterday and poof xserver crashes23:31
kklimondapenguin42: the fact that it doesn't seem like a bug.23:31
penguin42kklimonda: IMHO it should fall back to non-KMS23:31
mikedep333hey guys, I just enabled desktop effects on 64-bit maverick with the latest updates and now, despite my attempts to adjust pointer sensitivity, it is very sensitive23:31
kklimondapenguin42: we don't have a non-KMS intel driver in Maverick23:32
kklimondapenguin42: it got removed in this cycle23:32
kklimondapenguin42: or rather the code has been removed from the driver.23:32
tetsuo--Hello, how can i make empathy pop-up new conversation windows when people talk to me?23:32
penguin42kklimonda: Ah - that's probably a bad idea if they're blacklisting stuff23:32
kklimondapenguin42: it's either that or random crashes23:32
tetsuo--also why do i need a launchpad account to report crashes?23:33
econdudeawesomekklimonda: it was fine until the latest updates for maverick (between friday and yesterday)23:33
tetsuo--with the auto reporting tool23:33
penguin42kklimonda: did it get random crashes on the non-KMS mode?23:33
kklimondatetsuo--: because we may have to contact you later.23:33
kklimondapenguin42: I don't think so.23:33
mikedep333has anyone else noticed this pointer speed bug?23:33
kklimondaecondudeawesome: probably a new kernel blacklisted more devices. go to #ubuntu-x and ask there.23:33
tetsuo--so if i say no to the log in, the crash doesnt get reported?23:33
kklimondatetsuo--: right23:34
econdudeawesomepenguin42, kklimonda so should just try to boot from a previous kernel23:34
kklimondaecondudeawesome: that's not a longterm solution.23:34
Ian_corneindeed tetsuo--23:34
kklimondaecondudeawesome: sure, give it a try.23:34
penguin42econdudeawesome: An earlier kernel might work but as kklimonda says yu'll probably get random crashes23:34
kklimondaecondudeawesome: but its not like a blacklisting of your device has been a mistake23:34
Ian_cornerandom crashes you say23:34
tetsuo--thats unfortunate, i bet that blocks 100's of reports23:34
Ian_cornetetsuo--: reports without feedback are usually not very usable anyways23:35
* econdudeawesome needs to remember /quit != /leave23:35
DanaGor /part.23:35
econdudeawesomeDanaG: exactly23:35
Ian_corneor /wc23:35
tetsuo--thats true23:35
DanaGwater closet?23:36
econdudeawesomeIan_corne: what is /wc?23:36
Ian_cornewindow close23:36
Ian_cornein irssi23:36
* DanaG /flushes the /wc23:36
DanaGJust joking.23:36
* econdudeawesome laughs in the face of danger23:36
tetsuo--Why are the fonts so small in 10.10?23:37
votanecondudeawesome watch out, sometimes it slaps u in the face... :>23:37
* econdudeawesome laughs in the face of painful slaps in the face. Or cowers in the corner. Depends on how many people are in the room.23:38
* econdudeawesome is happy that people are willing to help him fix his problems. Awesome23:39
votanu really like /me too, dont u ? :)23:39
econdudeawesomevotan: Who doesn't?23:40
BUGabundotetsuo--- they are not23:41
=== tetsuo--- is now known as tetsuo55
econdudeawesomepenguin42, kklimonda booting from the old kernel fixed the issue23:45
econdudeawesomepenguin42, kklimonda at least as a workaround23:45
votanHow do I add an App to the Launcher Bar on the left in UNR 10.10 ?23:45
kklimondavotan: when you launch an app and it shows up on the bar you can right-click it and select "Keep in dock bar" or something like that23:46

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