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ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, only if a miracle happens and oem-config gets installable00:10
ogra_cmpcwe now fail on oem-config/ubiquity00:10
GrueMasterheh.  Figures.00:10
ogra_cmpcbut at least all header issues are fixed00:11
ogra_cmpcanyway, bedtime00:13
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lag``ogra: You should really get out more00:29
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rsalveticooloney: nice, were you able to build the kernel with highmem and 1gb at your es2 board?07:53
rsalvetisebjan: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commit;h=68e4544fcd736e6aa00354da15dd48a92c15750c07:54
rsalvetididn't test, but it seems cooloney got it working fine07:54
cooloneyrsalveti: i'm going to test it soon, but you know it will take hours08:05
rsalveticooloney: but at least it seems we have a fix08:06
rsalvetindec: http://lkml.org/lkml/2010/9/8/42508:06
rsalvetiwell, time to get some sleep08:23
* rsalveti out08:23
acorvilHello.. am new around here.. I am working on cross-compiling an application to ARM enviroment, so I was wondering if someone can help me with some doubts around it?08:27
persiaBetter to ask a specific question, generally.  In practice, we don't cross-compile as a matter of course, but some subset of us cross-compile for other projects.08:28
acorvilWell the thing is this.. am trying to cross-compile and application that uses the library "libusb", but when I try to do it it gives me errors that doesn't find the library.. So I checked the toolchain and it doesnt have the libusb packages, so I was wondering on How to add the library into the toolchain, and if that would fix the error?08:31
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sebjancooloney: is this patch supposed to fix the instabilities we observed with highmem? #63322708:46
cooloneysebjan: yeah, i hope so08:47
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cooloneysebjan: it is quite slow for me to setup the building environment on my es2.0, ports.ubuntu.com connection here is too slow08:48
cooloneysebjan: so please help to test on your es2.0 firstly, thx08:48
sebjanok, I'll make a test with it then08:48
cooloneysebjan: great, thx08:48
persiaacorvil, Apologies, but it seems that nobody has the answer just now.  Have you tried native or emulated compilation?  In either case, simply installing libusb-dev ought allow the build to proceed.08:55
sebjancooloney, ogra: in one of my last patches, I changed the HID support to be in module (instead of statically linked). So without the kernel modules, there is no mouse/keyboard support...08:59
sebjanwould it be easier to re-integrate HID support statically?08:59
acorvilpersia, yeah I already have the libusb-dev installed in my host PC, so if I try native compilation it goes well.. The thing is if I cross-compile it that doesnt find the library09:02
acorvilI was guessing that the library most be into the toolchain so the cross-compiler can find it.. but I dont know how to get it into the toolchain09:02
ograsebjan, our initramfs tools should care automatically to have the modules available. compiling them in statically might be a speed advantage though09:03
persiaYou'd need to have the ARM libusb-dev installed.  If you're native ARM, or emulated, it would just be a normal package.  I've absolutely no idea how to integrate it in a cross-compiler.09:03
cooloneysebjan: CONFIG_USB_HID=m is the same in master branch09:03
persiaIf possible, please set modules to match those for the primary kernel: we've had all sorts of annoying ports bugs in the past for different things being modules vs. built-ins09:04
cooloneysebjan: so i think udev or other foundations stuff in ubuntu will load right modules when we insert the usb device09:04
cooloneypersia: yeah, i agree09:04
* persia has a special desire to see mod_dm has a built-in, for instance, which doesn't seem required for some targets, but breaks boots if not done that way09:05
* ogra wouldnt mind to have some essential things statically compiled in since it lowers the boot tima09:05
sebjancooloney: yes, the modules get loaded and the mouse/keyboard work this way. I was just wondering if it would be easier to have HID statically in case we want to just update the ui09:05
sebjancooloney: ... just update the uImage without installing the whole kernel package...09:06
ograoh, sweet, we finally got images again09:06
* ogra zsyncs09:07
persiaogra, The kernel team spends a long time each cycle determining the set of stuff to do statically and modularly, and then lots of userspace stuff expects that.  We've had ports breakages before on both sides (stuff compiled in that oughtn't be, and so didn't initialise properly, and stuff as modules that oughtn't be that broke booting for some folks)09:09
ogracooloney, did anyone talk to you about bug 605042 yet ? seems we need an imx51 kernel specialist there09:09
persiaI agree that more in makes faster boots which is nifty, but I strongly argue that this needs to be coordinated with everyone.09:09
ubot2ogra: Bug 605042 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/605042 is private09:10
cooloneysebjan: as persia said, normally we will do that config review during UDS09:10
ograpersia, Keybuk does that too and often there is disagreement, i'm most of the time in the Keybuk camp ;)09:10
cooloneysebjan: and omap4 branch will be merged into master in the future, we gonna follow the config setting of master09:10
cooloneyogra: yeah, apw pointed me out that kindly09:10
persiaI'm in the Keybuk camp, based on long arguments about lucid not working on some of my machines.  The kernels *need* to be aligned.09:11
cooloneyogra: i talked with Yao Qi last night.09:11
persiaSo don't tell folks to fuss with them :)09:11
ogracooloney, got any idea about it ?09:11
acorvilpersia, Thanks for your answers am going to see if getting the ARM libusb-dev installed and see if it fix the error09:11
cooloneyogra: just wanna isolate the issues,09:11
ograsweet !!09:11
cooloneyogra: As Yao Qi said, he found the issue on imx51 with 2.6.31 kernel09:11
cooloneywhile other 2 omap3 boards with 2.6.33 kernel don't have such issue09:12
ogracooloney, right which is what we run on the buildds09:12
cooloneyogra: i wanna know the root cause is the kernel version 2.6.31 misses some key patches which are in 2.6.3309:12
cooloneyor it's imx51 specific issue.09:13
ograyeah, could be either09:13
cooloneybut unforunately, i don't have fsl-imx51 babbage now09:13
cooloneymine is bricked,09:13
sebjanogra, persia, cooloney: ok, I wanted to get your advice on this HID setting. Will follow your recommendation - let's keep the current configuration.09:13
ograyeah, i have a 2.5 here and could test09:13
sebjancooloney: my memtester test is running for few minutes now (with your patch), which I have never seen before with 1GB mem!09:14
cooloneyogra: thanks a lot, so i think is that possible for you to run upstream 2.6.35 or 2.6.33+ kernel to test that.09:14
cooloneysebjan: good news, man09:15
cooloneysebjan: actually, it is a very subtle issue, Gary King from NV helped a lot09:15
cooloneyogra: or do you have fsl contact person who can help to test with their lastest bsp on imx51?09:17
ogracooloney, not anymore ...09:17
ogracooloney, but i know the upstream maintainer *g*09:17
* ogra looks at amitk 09:17
tmzt_anybody know if ac100 source was released anywhere?09:18
persiatmzt_, I've not heard, and I've asked in a few fora.  Might help if someone made a request (if this hasn't already been done).09:20
ogratmzt_, i tried to find out on the weekend, but beyond the tegra2 stuff you can pull directly from nvidia there doesnt seem to be anything yet09:20
tmzt_okay, I don't have hardware or anything09:20
cooloneyogra: let's welcome amitk, heh09:20
persiaDoes anyone own one yet?  I've heard lots of folks say they are hard to find.09:20
tmzt_I just hope they make enough before market forces kill it09:20
ograand its a) not really clear if you can even get serial access to the netbook09:20
persiaserial access may not be required.09:20
cooloneyogra: so i can try to rebase fsl's latest 2.6.31 based bsp on our lucid kernel09:21
ograand b) i doubt all toshiba patches are in the nvidia source09:21
cooloneyand build a kernel for you to test.09:21
tmzt_I bet they have a EC in it that needs special support09:21
ogracooloney, well, i'd like to hear a statement from amitk about the linaro binaries, they build imx51 already, if we could use that without regression for the buildds that would be the best solution09:21
persiaLet's not speculate.  Source will be available if anyone purchases one (nature of the license).  It purportedly ships with an OS that (for some configurations) allows one to rewrite the flash.09:22
ogratmzt_, the LCD probably too09:22
tmzt_that's good09:22
tmzt_ogra: not ion/nv lcdc?09:22
persiaBetter to assume that it will be all good, and we can work around anything confusing later.09:22
cooloneyogra: yeah, good point09:22
ograpersia, i saw the unboxing videos, there isnt any CD in the box09:22
persiaion'd be no issue: we have working free drivers for ion.09:22
tmzt_how do you define free here?09:22
persiaogra, So what?  If you own it, you can request the source.09:22
ogratmzt_, well, as persia says, i'm only speculating, they sell ac100 around the corner here and i took a look on the weekend, it didnt look easy to unlock it09:23
persiatmzt_, Mostly DFSG+CC-SA2.0+GFDL+a couple other similar licenses.09:23
ograpersia, the graphics drivers are definitely closed (even the ones you can download from the tegra site are)09:23
persiaogra, unlocking Android isn't often complicated.09:24
ograif you get serial access, yeah09:24
tmzt_persia: you saying there's an open 3d driver or just framebuffer?09:24
persiaThat's why I'd like it to be Ion.  Run nouveau (which builds for ARM: dunno how tested it is)09:24
tmzt_ah right09:24
persiatmzt_, I run nouveau on an Ion on my desktop.09:24
tmzt_cool, does that work for video playback as well?09:24
amitkogra: cooloney: I'm trying to get linaro to build imx51 images09:24
ograthere is only one otg port and that registers as a cardreader on a host PC immediately after powering up09:24
persia3D works (although I won't say it's *great* - some games are good, others not so good.  Videos are fine.09:25
ograamitk, i think you already build them (i see them mentioned in the recent upload)09:25
tmzt_ogra: so firmware flash can be confirmed (essentially)?09:25
amitkogra: we build the kernels, the images were only discussed yesterday (dunno if asac already did them)09:25
ogratmzt_, it registers as a cardreader for the SD slot, i didnt see a way to access serial or any flash mode09:26
tmzt_oh okay09:26
ograamitk, i dont care about images, just about binary kernel packages09:26
cooloneyamitk: is the linaro kernel 2.6.31 based? or mainline version?09:26
tmzt_that sounds like what android provides09:26
ogracooloney, linaro only uses upstream09:26
ograthats why i said "lets see if there are regressions)09:26
amitkogra: but as I commented on the bug, if all you need is serial + ethernet, then we might be able to support that09:26
amitkcooloney: 2.6.31?!! yeeeccccck!09:27
ograamitk, we need USB at least09:27
persiaAndroid allows one to write to flash from the booted system (as does linux).  Not really hard to change what happens on boot.09:27
amitkogra: there is USB support too, but I haven't tested it all09:27
ograpersia, that requires that you can install apps to access it09:27
ograpersia, toshiba controls the appstore for the device09:27
tmzt_persia: if the android image allows root, this has been contenious in #android since the g1 was relased09:27
ograthere is no access to the android stor09:27
persiaogra, There exist Android devices to which you cannot install applications?  I thought that installing apps was the entire point of Android.09:27
tmzt_but mostly I'm wanting to replace kernel and remove android entirely09:28
ograyou can install apps, but only toshiba selected ones09:28
* persia gets confused, and tries to go back to ignoring Android09:28
ograpersia, in android you cen define which appstore the device uses ...09:28
tmzt_persia: only some AT&T models, the issue isn't applications (java code in euid/egid sandbox) but the kernel and firmware themselves09:28
ograas a manufacturer09:28
tmzt_persia: local apk install is almost always supported09:28
ograapk requires a console, no ?09:29
tmzt_no, adb works as well09:29
ograthere is none preinstalled and i dont know if the toshiba store has one09:29
tmzt_usually has to be enabled in settings09:29
tmzt_the review I read mentioned 'sideloading' a wordpress client09:29
ograif i wouldnt be so busy with omap4 i'd really buy an ac100 just to find out09:30
tmzt_point though, very thin full size keyboard debian/ubuntu/linaro device09:30
ograbut i'm short on play-around-time currently09:30
tmzt_and 3g options available09:30
ograthe one here only comes with 3G09:30
ogra1€ with contract, 380€ without09:31
cooloneyamitk: cool, is that possible to verify such issue with Linaro upstream based kernel09:31
amitkcooloney: do you have an easy way to reproduce the problem?09:32
ogracooloney, i just need to dpkg -i it i guess09:32
ograamitk, bug 60504209:32
ubot2ogra: Bug 605042 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/605042 is private09:33
ograseems a simple "java -version" shows it09:33
tmzt_okay, I need to go, I'd love to be updated on ac100 if you guys find anything (or get one)09:37
cooloneyamitk: yeah, Yao Qi told me that we have to apt-get install eglibc and open-jdk package09:42
cooloneyand run java --version09:42
sebjancooloney: your patch solves the memtester issue, but not the problems during the build: I just reproduced it. So we still have another issue...09:44
cooloneysebjan: oh, is the memtester issue in launchpad?09:45
* cooloney just found launchpad is down09:46
sebjancooloney: I flagged 1 bug and described both tests: bug 63322709:47
ubot2sebjan: Bug 633227 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/633227 is private09:47
ograndec, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/20100909/ works fine on my ES2 6 layer, please spread the word at your team ;) (didnt test on 8 layer yet)09:48
ograpersia, wuld you like to work on Bug 613612 ?09:57
ubot2ogra: Bug 613612 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/613612 is private09:57
ogra(i know you tackled that issue before)09:57
ograbah, silly launchpad ...09:58
ograbeing down doesnt help09:58
ogratitle is "Favorites missing from netbook-launcher-efl"09:58
ograwohoo !10:04
ogra8 layer ES2 works too !10:04
persiaYeah, that's in my list of things to look at, although something like 4th or 5th place in the list of bugs I'd like to fix for ARM.10:05
* ogra_omap4 hugs his ES2.010:14
ndecogra: i like this ;-)10:14
ogra_omap4strangely the screen turns black from time to time10:15
ogra_omap4i have to switch consoles to get my X back10:16
ogra_omap4[  650.169860] omapdss DISPC error: GFX_FIFO_UNDERFLOW, disabling GFX10:16
ogra_omap4[  650.219543] omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT10:16
oskudehello, anyone know (yet) if this can run/boot ubuntu ? http://www.archos.com/products/ta/archos_101it/specs.html?country=gb&lang=en (and if there are drivers for the wlan, opengl, etc)10:16
ogra_omap4and the asoc driver complains a lot in dmesg10:17
ogra_omap4oskude, if you find a kernel, the ubuntu userspace will likely work10:18
ogra_omap4check the channel topic for rolling a rootfs10:18
oskudeogra_omap4: roger. i might just mail them and ask (the device is not yet available, at least not in my country)10:18
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ogra_cmpcNCommander, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-live/20100909/ FYI12:32
ogra_cmpcwe should probably enable it in the crontab again :)12:43
ogra_cmpcsemms colin disabled it during beta12:43
NCommanderogra_cmpc: yeah, that probably would be good12:44
ogra_cmpcNCommander, is the menifest wikipage alredy updated ?12:45
ogra_cmpcfor dove12:46
ogra_cmpcfestiman ?12:49
ogra_cmpcPARTY !!!12:49
persiaYep :)12:49
ograsigh, the XM takes a century to boot13:39
mopdenackerogra: do you mean that Ubuntu takes a century to boot the XM? ;-)13:52
persiahe's exaggerating a bit...13:52
mopdenackerogra: slow SD card?13:52
persiaIt's just slower than for some other platforms.13:52
mopdenackerMorning rsalveti . Already got coffee?13:55
NCommandermopdenacker: well, when it boots, its 1907 :-)13:55
ogramopdenacker, well, the whole install in the panda takes between 10 and 12min ... the same thing on the XM takes about 45min13:56
NekoSD cards slow?13:56
ograi use a class 2 on the panda, and a class 6 on the XM currently13:56
ograif definition of classes recently swapped i missed that ;)13:57
Nekothat's still kinda slow. it's a damn shame that new SDHC-I thing probably needs a new controller13:57
mopdenackerouch. You've got faster DDR access on OMAP4. Could it be the reason why?13:57
rsalvetimopdenacker: not yet13:57
Neko(and I guess on most platforms twice the clock, mx51 esdhc unit runs at 66MHz..)13:57
sakomanrsalveti: Panda patch is now staged for mainline merge: http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot/u-boot-ti.git;a=shortlog13:58
ogramopdenacker, well, i have dual core 1GHz and 1G on the panda ... single core 600MHz and 512M on the XM ...13:58
rsalvetisakoman: cool :-)13:59
ograsurely the SD plays a role but i guess ram and CPU are the more important parts here13:59
ograthe panda is real fun to use now13:59
rsalvetiogra: yep, real fast14:00
ograi just wish it was a but thinner ... i have a bunch of old netbook shells around :)14:00
persiaAre the clock speeds directly comparable, or have there been scheduler improvements?14:01
* ogra wouldnt mind using it for day to day work with a fast usb disk14:01
mopdenackerogra: the XM's OMAP 3730 is supposed to run at 1GHz, according to vstehle ...14:01
persiaYou might use it as a desktop :)14:01
ograpersia, since we run from SD both images use elevator=noop14:01
persiaI meant on-chip dispatch scheduling, pipelining, etc.14:02
ogramopdenacker, well, it currently doesnt with our omap3 kernel14:02
ogradmesg shows 600MHz14:02
rsalvetixM should be faster, I guess14:02
ograand /proc/cpuinfo 511 bogomips14:02
ograthe panda goes up to 2000 here ...14:03
ograper cpu core ;)14:03
persiaAh, so the clockspeeds *aren't* directly comparable.14:03
devilhorns^ that will be nice when it hits :)14:03
persiaThe hardware virtualisation is the bit that is most exciting to me.  I don't need 2.5GHz even on my desktop (be nice on a buildd though)14:04
Neko28nm? crazy14:05
devilhornsindeed :)14:05
persiaWhy?  Isn't RAM there already?14:05
devilhornsonly depressing thing I read there was " it will be at least late 2012 before products featuring the processor arrive on the shelves"14:07
ograuntil then the pandaboard will serve :)14:07
Nekoyeah but there'll be a bunch of nice A9s around before then14:07
Nekois there a quad A9 on the market yet? :/14:12
ograprobably prototypes at smoothstone14:13
ograsurely nothing public yet14:13
sakomanogra: you can tweak the xM clock rate with the mpurate u-boot environment variable14:13
persiadevilhorns, That's normal, given the design and certification issues.  Often at least 12 months between having demo HW and retail HW.14:14
ograsakoman, ah. cool i'll check if we can do that from jasper on firstboot14:14
sakomanyou could try 'setenv mpurate 720' or even 1000 if your kernel will accept it14:14
devilhornspersia, indeed ... but dang it, I want one NOW ! :)14:14
rsalvetisakoman: ogra: I'm just not sure if the kernel supports it14:14
ograwell, our kernel still has a bunch of oppses it seems14:14
rsalvetibut never tried14:14
persiadevilhorns, Be an ODM or IHV :p14:14
ograi see clock related ones :P14:14
sakomanrsalveti: well, my linux-omap should accept up to 72014:15
devilhornspersia, hehehe yea...not gonna happen tho :(14:15
rsalvetisakoman: but we're currently using just upstream, could be missing some patches14:15
sakomanthen 720 should work, but not 100014:15
rsalvetibut didn't check, can do that later14:15
ograi think we use a few cherrypicks from -omap14:15
ograso if its there we might be able to pull it in14:15
sakomanbut be warned running above 500 lessens the life of the processor14:16
ogralike ... from 10 years to 8 ?14:16
ograwhats the estimated processor life of an omap3 ?14:16
rsalveticool, seems we got some patches for mpurate support, so it seems it should work fine14:17
* ogra would like to see the oopses go away though14:18
ograseems we still probe for uart314:18
rsalvetiogra: yep14:18
rsalvetiwhere is lag?14:18
sakomanogra: I think it goes from 100K hours to 44K hours.  Let me check14:19
ogralag'ing through his vacation until monday i think14:19
rsalvetihm, ok14:19
sakomanogra: https://e2e.ti.com/support/dsp/omap_applications_processors/f/447/p/62063/223487.aspx#22348714:19
ograwell, thats still 5 years ... :)14:20
sakomansure, just wanted to make sure you were making an informed decision14:20
ograthanks ! :)14:20
ograafter 5 years its a good idea to upgrade to omap5 anyway imho ... and TI will earn some money too :)14:21
persiaDepends on the use case.  Given how often you like to accumulate new toys, you might want to try 1200 :)14:22
persia(or maybe that requires active cooling)14:22
ograwell, given that our images are using a netbook UI you surely want to upgrade relatively soonish :)14:23
NCommanderogra: where's the manifest webpage? (I can't find it :-/)14:24
ograNCommander, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/ReleaseManifest davidm should update it though (you had an action item from last meeting)14:24
NCommanderogra: I know, I spoke with davidm and got a followup action item :-)14:26
ogragood :)14:26
ograit needs to be up to date for next milestone so the release team knows what to do14:27
* ogra takes a break14:31
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vstehleogra, mopdenacker: http://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/Circuitco%20Elect/Beagle_Board_Flyer_5-21-10_2.pdf?cshift_ck=null&client_id=5042&cshift_ck=null&client_id=504215:18
sebjanrsalveti: yes?15:18
rsalvetisebjan: the behavior is still weird with the supposed mem fix15:19
sebjanrsalveti: this patch fixes the memtester issue for me, but not the build issues15:19
rsalvetitried to run memtest but got disconnected from ssh and then the system started to behave in a weird way15:20
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rsalvetitrying to test again, but now I got usb ehci resets again15:20
rsalvetithis is another weird bug that doesn't happen all the time15:20
* vstehle can run 2x memtesters just fine since ~1h30...15:21
ogra_cmpcvstehle, ah, thanks15:22
vstehleogra_cmpc: You can use 'devmem' to lock the PLL @ 1GHz if you booted @ 600 MHz :)15:23
vstehleogra_cmpc: But that is not for the faint of heart... :)15:23
ogra_cmpcyeah, i rather use the u-boot parameter15:25
ogra_cmpcso we can boot at full speed ;)15:25
rsalvetisebjan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490990/ the boot with usb ehci resets15:30
ogra_cmpchey, why do you have working asoc ?15:32
rsalvetisebjan: vstehle: got again15:33
rsalvetitried just running memtester, went fine for some seconds15:33
rsalvetithen I stopped, started building the kernel, and run memtester on another shell15:33
sebjanrsalveti: you have this reset issue all the time?15:34
rsalvetiand then http://paste.ubuntu.com/490999/15:34
rsalvetisebjan: nops, most of the time it works fine15:35
rsalvetithen test fail when running memtest again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491000/15:38
rsalvetiso it seems it's better somehow with the patch cooloney found, but still not fixed15:39
sebjanrsalveti: yes, there i still another issue15:41
orbarronndec: ping16:31
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orbarronall... I downloaded the OMAP4 maverick beta release and switch out the MLO , uboot and uImage for panda ES2.0 and I am able to get to the log in screen but I cannot seem to log in :( does anyone know the l/p for this?16:33
rsalvetiorbarron: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/20100909/maverick-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap4.img.gz should work fine for es2.016:34
rsalvetithe latest daily image16:34
rsalvetiguess ogra tested already, I'm still downloading it16:35
* orbarron have that... but can't log in16:35
orbarronogra: ping16:36
rsalvetiorbarron: did you run oem-config?16:36
rsalvetiat your first boot?16:36
rsalvetior was the login screen the first screen you saw?16:37
orbarronlogin was the firs thing I saw16:37
rsalvetihm, ok, so you got the racing condition between oem-config and X16:37
orbarronfollowed --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall16:37
rsalvetitry to reboot it16:38
rsalvetisometimes I'm also facing this issue16:38
rsalvetihappens when it tries to load but X11 is not ready yet16:38
orbarronsame issue16:39
rsalvetilet me try to boot it16:40
* orbarron took the img from --> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/releases/maverick/beta/16:41
GrueMasterorbarron: That is the beta image.  Use today's daily build from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/20100909/maverick-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap4.img.gz16:43
* orbarron downloading it atm16:43
GrueMasterBeta does not support ES2.x16:43
rsalvetithe image I pointed is the latest daily image16:43
rsalvetiseems you're having problem with it16:43
rsalvetiif you want to test beta image then you need to change mlo and kernel16:44
rsalvetiGrueMaster: were you able to test current daily already?16:44
rsalvetifor omap416:44
* orbarron switched out uImage, MLO, and uboot with ES2.016:44
GrueMasterBooting it now.  It is working through OEM-Config on my 8L board.16:44
rsalvetiGrueMaster: hm, this racing condition doesn't happen all the time16:45
rsalvetiorbarron: try latest image and reboot it a couple of times16:45
* GrueMaster likes that he no longer needs to add parameters for hdmi<>DVI.16:45
orbarrongm prpplague16:45
GrueMasterI have seen it 1:10 boots.16:45
prpplagueorbarron: boarding in a few minutes16:45
GrueMasterIt appears more often on XM.16:46
prpplagueorbarron: you get my picture?16:46
prpplaguenothing like a good breakfast16:46
rsalvetistill need to debug that, probably an easy fix16:46
orbarronprpplague: yeah if that is what you call it :p16:47
prpplagueorbarron: hehe16:47
orbarroncrap... no I am seeing omapdss DISPC error: SYNC_LOST_DIGIT16:47
* prpplague has been asleep 16:47
prpplagueorbarron: is that before or after the GFX error16:48
orbarronsaw this on lucid as well16:48
prpplaguetrying to start the webcam stuff?16:48
orbarronnot yet... just trying to boot16:48
prpplagueok boarding, i'll be back online after i get to miami16:49
prpplagueorbarron: later16:49
orbarronprpplague: laters16:49
vstehleogra_cmpc: I have one good news and one bad news about the daily images for OMAP4. Which one do you want first? ;)16:51
rsalvetiorbarron: went to the oem-config screen fine here17:02
rsalvetiwith latest daily image17:02
* orbarron testing daily image17:03
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orbarronrsalveti: have you seen this error before? --> http://pastebin.com/Dn0thv1D17:11
* orbarron still using beta 17:12
rsalvetiyep, couple of time with different monitors17:12
rsalvetitest with latest daily, should have latest kernel17:12
rsalvetithen if you still faces this issue, we need to debug the display driver17:12
orbarronwill do17:13
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ogra: and about the fixed host name (based on your name) for oem-config?17:25
rsalvetiare we going to stay with this "feature" or should we add a bug for it?17:25
GrueMasterI think there is a bug already filed.17:26
GrueMasterI know we discussed it yesterday.17:27
* rsalveti out for lunch17:29
GrueMasterIt is very aggravating for me.  I currently have 8 potential "ubuntu-laptop" hosts.  Trying to ssh into them based on avahi is no good.17:30
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Nekoyeah it would be really nice if it pulled the mac address of the first ethernet port or whatever it finds17:32
Nekoat least the default can be ubuntu-laptop-last-6-digits or so17:33
Nekointerested parties will just press delete 7 times and go on their merry way :D17:33
ogra_cmpcvstehle, the bad ones17:36
GrueMasterActually, having it default to <username>-<desktop|laptop> is nice for noobs, but it would also be nice to have the ability to change it.17:36
vstehleogra_cmpc: On my Dell monitor, I have the "resize" step outputs, then reboot, then monitor goes black.17:36
ogra_cmpcvstehle, DSS2 bug i guess17:37
vstehleogra_cmpc: Maybe...17:37
ogra_cmpcwe dont touch any graphics config at that point17:37
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, it's being worked on17:37
ogra_cmpcvstehle, dont forget the good news !17:38
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: ok.  rsalveti was asking, that's why the thread.17:38
vstehleogra_cmpc: The good news are that your image boots "untouched" :)17:38
vstehleogra_cmpc: No bootloaders changes, no kernel replacement17:38
vstehleogra_cmpc: No bootargs17:38
ogra_cmpcheh, yeah, here too17:38
ogra_cmpcand i dont have display issues with my samsung17:39
vstehleogra_cmpc: I see what you mean :) Reminds me on Prague...17:39
ogra_cmpcwell, i think there is still one DSS2 patch pending17:39
vstehleogra_cmpc: Did you notice the boot partition "disappears" ? I mean that gnome lucid is not able to see it...17:40
vstehleogra_cmpc: But a manual mount will do17:40
ogra_cmpcthats on purpose17:41
ogra_cmpcusers should never touch it at all, all files you need are maintained in /boot17:41
vstehleogra_cmpc: Oh? That's a nice "trick" then, if done on purpose.17:42
ogra_cmpcif you make changes to any file in /boot (i.e. boot.script to change the cmdline) you should use sudo flash-kernel17:42
ogra_cmpcit will update the hidden partition17:42
ogra_cmpcif we wouldnt do that, all users would always have an SD card on their desktop/disk list17:43
vstehleogra_cmpc: I replaced the kernel and still black screen; I start to suspect the boot.scr...17:43
ogra_cmpcwell, take a look at it, all we set there is vram=32M17:43
ogra_cmpcno other params17:44
ogra_cmpc(well, no other video related ones, indeed there are others)17:44
ogra_cmpcjayabharath, not sure anyone told you yet, the daily omap4 image is for ES2, just download and boot away17:46
jayabharathogra_cmpc: very cool.. please point me to it.. orbarron has been trying to use the beta17:47
jayabharathwill give it a try17:47
vstehleogra_cmpc: I forgot to tell you: black screen happens after the logo + dots.17:47
ogra_cmpcjayabharath, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/current/17:48
* orbarron testing it...17:48
ogra_cmpcvstehle, wow, thats weird17:48
jayabharathgot cha17:48
ogra_cmpcorbarron, awesome17:48
ogra_cmpcfor me it works flawless (despite some known bugs) on ES2 6 and 8 layer17:49
vstehleogra_cmpc: That's monitor dependent, then17:50
GrueMastervstehle: Try removing "quiet splash" and adding "console=ttyO2,115200 console=tty0" and see what the output is.17:50
ogra_cmpcvstehle, if you hit ctrl-alt-f1, do you get a console ?17:50
ogra_cmpc(after it turns black)17:50
vstehleogra_cmpc, GrueMaster: I'll reflash my17:51
vstehleogra_cmpc: GrueMaster : ...SD card (I wiped the bootloaders and kernels)17:52
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: ESID seems to work fine btw.  It is working on my DVI monitor with DVI<>HDMI cable just fine.  Will test with hdmi switch box as soon as I can figure out how to get more power to that side of the desk.17:52
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, cool, send beer to robclark and rsalveti for tireless debugging :)17:53
GrueMasterWill buy a round in Dallas.17:54
GrueMaster(if they have decent beer in Texas).17:54
ogra_cmpcin the news it looks more like they only have lots of water in TX17:55
GrueMasterThey have our weekly rainfall in an hour there.  Texas does everything big.17:55
ogra_cmpcheh, yeah17:56
orbarronstop by the State Fair and get some fried beer17:56
GrueMasterI've read about that.  Very intriguing.17:56
orbarronogra_cmpc: panda ES2.0 booted with this image -- thanks18:02
ogra_cmpcorbarron, awesome18:07
GrueMasterrsalveti: Bug 566645 appears to be fixed both in Lucid (latest kernel update) and Maverick.18:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 566645 in linux-ti-omap (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "OTG configuration is broken on omap kernel (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 30)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56664518:17
vstehleogra_cmpc, GrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491116/18:21
vstehleScreen is black after "enabling binfmt". I tried reducing the RAM a bit (himem/smp issue) but no change.18:21
vstehleogra_cmpc, GrueMaster: leds are lit, steady.18:22
GrueMasterSounds hung.  Reviewing.18:23
GrueMasterActually. my LED18:23
GrueMasterActually. my LED's are solid as well.18:23
GrueMasterNot an indicator.18:23
GrueMasterWhich HDMI port are you plugged into?18:24
vstehleGrueMaster: Oh. That's in our kernel that some guy connected them to hartbeat + SD activity.18:24
vstehleGrueMaster: HDMI 1080p18:24
GrueMasteryea, we should be adding that soon.18:24
vstehleGrueMaster: I did not believe it at first sight, but I now like the hartbeat.18:25
vstehleGrueMaster: It helps a lot (when you still have crashes from times to times)18:26
ogra_cmpcwe dont have any LED support in the kernel18:26
ogra_cmpcand there is nothing coming after binfmt, its the last thing that gets usually started18:26
ogra_cmpcwhat do you expect ?18:27
ogra_cmpcvstehle, a patch for LED support is pending, rsalveti developd that18:27
orbarronogra_cmpc: just wondering will this also work for blaze?18:28
vstehleogra_cmpc: I don't know. Oh, wait, it just appeared: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [swapper:0]18:28
ogra_cmpcvstehle, note that we dont use serial by default, so there wont be anything else happening (no login)18:28
ogra_cmpcthat sounds like a kernel bug18:28
vstehleogra_cmpc: The usb keyboard has its numlock unresponsive, too18:28
vstehleogra_cmpc: That's a sign18:28
ogra_cmpcthis is on ES2.0 ?18:29
GrueMasterI've seen that intermittently on ES1.18:29
vstehleogra_cmpc: Yes, ES2.018:29
GrueMasterNot on ES2 yet.18:29
vstehleogra_cmpc, GrueMaster: let me try nosmp18:29
ogra_cmpcvstehle, 6 or 8 layer ?18:29
vstehleogra_cmpc: 8 layers18:29
ogra_cmpcworks fine for me18:29
GrueMasterSame here.  Been running for 2.5 hours now.18:30
* ogra_cmpc was runing his since beginning of the week ... reinstalled this morning with the daily image18:30
vstehlenosmp does not help18:31
vstehleWill tomorrow kernel be different? (patches from Seb)18:32
vstehleIn the daily image, I mean18:32
ogra_cmpci dont think there was an upload yet18:33
ogra_cmpcvstehle, rsalveti might have a package with these patches though18:34
ogra_cmpcsince he is testing sebjan's stuff all the time18:34
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ogra_cmpcNCommander, grrr you infected me ! ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬18:56
NCommanderogra_cmpc: well, it was time for something completely different :-)18:58
loolI can get a song out of your head if you like19:11
* rsalveti back19:22
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rsalvetiGrueMaster: cool, thanks for testing it19:24
rsalvetiogra_cmpc: vstehle: the led patch is applied at our kernel already, but it's now missing a u-boot fix19:26
rsalvetithat I created and sent sakoman already, he also sent upstream19:26
rsalvetiI created bug 633271 to request this fix for our u-boot19:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 633271 in u-boot-linaro (Ubuntu) "LEDs not working for Panda with u-boot-linaro-omap4-panda (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63327119:26
rsalvetibut it's now depending on jcrigby19:26
rsalvetionce we get u-boot fixed, the LED will work by default :-)19:27
rsalvetivstehle: sorry, what issues are you currently facing?19:27
rsalvetiCPU#0 stuck for 61s! [swapper:0] is interesting19:27
rsalvetiare you able to reproduce it with our latest daily image?19:28
vstehlersalveti: daily image not quiet booting on my panda es219:28
vstehlersalveti: reproducible it seems19:28
rsalvetivstehle: what kernel are you using?19:28
vstehlersalveti: I tried the image kernel first, and "ours" then: same behavior19:29
vstehlersalveti: I did not try to replace bootloaders19:29
rsalvetivstehle: are you using swap?19:30
rsalveticause swap is still not used by our image, I believe19:30
vstehlersalveti: nope. I did not boot yet, so no change19:30
vstehlersalveti: Oh you mean, with our kernel?19:30
vstehlersalveti: Or you mean, in general?19:31
vstehlersalveti: I do use swap on OMAP4 for dev, and it works19:31
rsalvetivstehle: swap is disabled at userspace at our images19:31
rsalvetiso this could be the reason why only you is able to reproduce it19:31
vstehlersalveti: ? I just gunziped the daily image, booted, saw the resize, rebooted and finally got a black screen19:32
vstehlersalveti: (I made the story very short :)19:32
greger6greger live19:32
rsalvetivstehle: ok, but without doing anything at the default image, are you getting BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [swapper:0]?19:34
vstehlersalveti: Exactly.19:34
rsalvetihm, weird19:34
vstehlersalveti: Exactly. ;)19:34
rsalvetinobody saw this error before at panda19:36
vstehlersalveti: ...and I did not see this yesterday either19:38
vstehlersalveti: But yesterday, I had to change kernel and bootloaders19:38
vstehlersalveti: so, a bit different conditions19:38
rsalvetivstehle: hm, ok19:38
rsalvetivstehle: currently we're using an update x-loader, upstream u-boot and sebjan_'s kernel tree19:38
rsalvetivstehle: our x-loader: http://gitorious.org/pandaboard/x-loader/commits/omap4_panda_L24.919:39
vstehlersalveti: Out for dinner; back in an hour. *miam*19:46
* rsalveti looks for coffee19:47
greger6greger live19:49
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jcrigbyrsalveti, yes there will be a new u-boot next week20:39
rsalvetijcrigby: cool, thanks for the note20:39
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sakomanrsalveti: we're one step closer to mainline now, we've moved from u-boot-ti to u-boot-arm on denx:23:22
rsalvetisakoman: great! :-)23:23
sakomanneed to finish the expansion board series and get that submitted too.23:23
rsalvetisakoman: cool, do you have some patches for that already?23:24
sakomanthen will look at igep and see how much work it will take to get their stuff in shape for upstream23:24
sakomanrsalveti: not that I am happy with.  they introduce too much delay in the boot.23:24
rsalvetihm, true23:24
sakomanI am debugging trying to figure out what the real issue is23:24
sakomanreading the eeprom is taking several seconds!23:25
sakomaneither the udelay function is broken, or the hard coded delays in the i2c driver are too long, or both23:25
sakomanin my exp tree I just arbitrarily slashed the delays23:26
sakomanbut for upstream I need to figure out the real source of the problem23:26
sakomanthat's on the agenda for tomorrow23:26
rsalvetigot it23:27
rsalvetiGrueMaster: ogra: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/iozone-test-omap-mmc-improvement/summary.txt23:45
rsalvetiwith a new patch that improves mmc performance for omap323:46
rsalvetithat's included at our omap4 already23:46
rsalvetisending to the kernel team atm23:46
sakomanrsalveti: what is the mmc patch?23:51
rsalvetisakoman: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=rsalveti/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commitdiff;h=844a485189d98b980c822ac718bd89d2a48ed66e;hp=4e90adae43f52db35c99bcaccb2e2a912b8299d523:51
rsalvetiupstream already, but for 2.6.36-rc123:52
sakomanah, ok.  yeah I've used that for quite some time23:52
sakomanit does indeed make a *huge* difference23:52
sakomanespecially during installs23:52
sakomanI was hoping you found something beyond that :-)23:53
rsalvetisakoman: haha, np, just digging interesting patches to include at our release :-)23:53
sakomanrsalveti: I was using a slightly different version of it: http://www.sakoman.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=linux-omap-2.6.git;a=blobdiff;f=drivers/mmc/host/omap_hsmmc.c;h=8c97c22fe66fd0804ba23bb11d7aa0b2c33c3bd6;hp=83f0affadcae638fcbc0abc8cc0e892c23e16142;hb=84c241a90bbdc001ab69d2cdc58fc32afca5a0c9;hpb=e378ed678988af9af1d658e1e8dc0cf4080821b423:56
sakomanBut the same idea23:57

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