harrisonkits not that I can't switch its that I can't unlock the window00:01
seidosso you don't have the password?00:02
seidosharrisonk, i'm looking at the syslog file, what are we looking for?00:03
harrisonka crash some where00:06
harrisonkits a friends computer I am trying to fix00:07
seidosharrisonk, have you searched the file for the word "error" yet?00:08
harrisonkI think it has somthing to do with X00:08
harrisonkI might have, Did you?00:08
seidosyeah, i'm doing it now.  i don't know what device "sr0" is00:09
seidosi would think that anything that might have caused the crash would be logged as "error"00:09
harrisonkI just did and there are lots but They might not be realated to the system crashing00:10
harrisonkseidos what browser are you using?00:11
seidosharrisonk, this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=678096 says sr0 is probably just a dirty optical drive, so, nevermind that.00:11
seidosharrisonk, firefox, why?00:11
seidosharrisonk, when did the system crash?00:13
harrisonkit crashes often at unexpected times00:17
harrisonkabout the browser in chrome the word search funtion shows where the found words are on the scroll bar00:18
seidosi don't know, i'm not that good at reading the syslog.  but it doesn't look like it logged anything that is necessarily causing the problem.00:18
seidosharrisonk, i don't use chrome because i can't select my own colors for web pages00:18
seidosharrisonk, maybe try to use the system without attaching removable devices, and using the optical drive?  see if you can recreate the problem?00:19
seidosor just don't use the optical drive, keep the other drives attached00:20
seidossee if it happens that way00:20
harrisonseidos sorry my laptop battery died00:23
=== harrison is now known as harrisonk
harrisonkabout 2/3 of the way throught the log there are errors galore00:24
seidosharrisonk, my laptop battery is truly dead.  it can no longer hold a decent charge.00:24
seidosharrisonk, sr0 i/o errors?00:25
harrisonkmy friend did say that she had problems with the cd drive not reading cds00:27
seidoswell, that could be a hardware problem00:29
seidosif you have an extra optical drive, you can swap it out see if the errors persist00:30
seidosmaybe the optical drive errors are related to the system crash?00:30
harrisonkat around sep 7 12:17:42 there might be the sulution to the problem00:30
harrisonkno the optical drive bearly gets used00:31
seidosi don't know what bonobo-activation-server is.00:34
harrisonkaround there I just picked that time to get to that area00:36
seidosharrisonk, you might be right.  it does appear that bonobo-activation-server is a necessary component for gnome00:36
harrisonkalso my friend said that banging the mouse around helped with the crashes and right before the gpu hangs the mouse is doing something00:37
seidosharrisonk, did your friend upgrade her kernel?  maybe try booting with a different kernel from grub?  i noticed i915 errors also00:37
harrisonkit happened right from the start with 10.04. 9.10 worked perfectly except the usb modem she recived doesn't connect in 9.1000:39
seidosharrisonk, can you do an alt-f1 to got a terminal when the desktop sessions crashes?00:39
harrisonkit goes to a screen with the ubuntu above the 5 dots and flashes betwean that and a screen with black bars00:40
seidosi've had bad luck with 10.04 as well.  i thought it was my hardware though.00:41
seidosharrisonk, is it a desktop? or a laptop?00:41
seidosif you can't get to the login screen, then the error is occurring before xorg.00:42
harrisonkits a desktop00:44
harrisonkshe can login and do things like that its just the desktop crashes from time to time00:44
harrisonkseidos you might be right about the sr0 being some of the problem00:47
seidosharrisonk, i don't know.  i didn't catch those i915 errors.  it would be interesting to see if the system could run in a terminal without crashing.00:48
seidosit sounds like a video driver error.  i don't know about the i915, i'm pretty sure the drivers are included in the kernel.00:49
seidosi have an intel gm960/96500:49
harrisonkin one of the logs she sent me I found that device sr0 had a problem right before the system rebooted but in the log you see it looks diferent00:51
harrisonkthe other log is: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/489758/00:51
harrisonkwhat was that ubuntuforums thread about sr0?00:53
seidosharrisonk, it just said that sr0 is usually an optical drive00:58
seidosharrisonk, i have to wash dishes, brb00:58
seidosharrisonk, i'm back01:06
harrisonkthat was quick01:06
harrisonkfor washing dishes01:06
seidosthere weren't that many01:06
harrisonkI found the ubuntuforums page01:07
seidosharrisonk, i don't see how sr0 would cause a desktop crash.  let me clarify, it crashes the whole system?  so is it a freeze or a reset?01:08
harrisonka freeze01:08
harrisonkthe reboot is by the button on the front of the computer01:09
seidosharrisonk, have you considered installing the karmic kernel, to see what that does?01:09
seidosharrisonk, a reset can occur as a result of an error01:09
harrisonkKarmic is already installed01:09
seidosharrisonk, earlier you said 10.04 was installed.  you are using kernel 2.6.32, that's the lucid kernel01:10
seidosharrisonk, 9.10 is karmic koala, 10.04 is lucid lynx?01:11
harrisonksorry I had a mixup there01:11
harrisonkit's 8 PM here and I am not quite awake01:11
seidoswell, actually, using the karmic kernel in 10.04 is probably a bad idea01:11
seidossome software might not work.  it would probably be better just to install 9.10 again.01:12
harrisonkwhat about installing the lucid kernel in karmic?01:12
seidosharrisonk, you would still have problems with certain software packages, i mean, it's your system, you can try whatever you want, really.01:13
seidosharrisonk, i had installed kernel 2.6.30 in jaunty, and couldn't get virtual box to work, but otherwise the system was fine.01:13
harrisonk9.10 won't work unless an at&t usb modem works with it.01:14
seidosthe at&t usb modem works with 10.04?01:14
harrisonknot 9.1001:14
seidosmy thinking is that the problem you are having is caused by a driver issue with the i915 graphics chip in the system01:14
seidosyou could try kernel 2.6.32 in karmic, just to confirm if the problem is with the kernel01:15
seidosif it is, you should create a bug in launchpad.  i could help with you with creating the bug if you'd like.01:15
harrisonkthe expantion is limited to 3 pci slots, so to use a video card it would be a pci one01:15
harrisonkyes please, its just the computer is an hour away01:16
harrisonkwould that be a problem?01:17
* harrisonk is away for a moment01:18
seidosharrisonk, the computer being an hour away, i don't know if it's a problem.  is it a problem for you?01:19
johnny_I'm trying to install vmware server on ubuntu server and I'm Stuck01:21
* harrisonk is back01:21
harrisonklets go with the bug report01:22
seidosharrisonk, all right.  http://launchpad.net/ubuntu.  you can search to see if there is already a bug for your problem.01:24
johnny_Can anyone help with getting vmware for ubuntu installed?01:25
seidosjohnny_, vmware isn't free software is it?01:25
seidosjohnny_, does vmware offer support?01:26
johnny_They provide you with a key for both windows and linux01:26
johnny_yes they charge for it.01:26
johnny_I want to play aroud with it and see how it works01:27
seidosjohnny_, you could try #vmware.  they might be more help.01:27
johnny_o'okay thatnsk01:27
seidosharrisonk, sorry, here's a more specific link01:29
seidosharrisonk, are you suspending the system before it crashes?01:32
harrisonkno you can be working away and poof it crashes01:33
harrisonkseidos still there?01:40
seidosharrisonk, yeah, i'm search launchpad to see if someone else created a bug similar to yours, but i can't find anything.01:41
harrisonkokay did you search for i91501:43
seidosharrisonk, yeah, i searched for "i915 crash" and "10.04 crash" but nothing really seems like a hit01:44
seidosharrisonk, what kind of video chipset do you have on your personal system?01:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 528467 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i855] GPU hung (drm i915 intel) on Lucid Lynx (affects: 74) (dups: 2) (heat: 246)" [High,Confirmed]01:45
harrisonkI honestly don't know.01:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 563455 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashes (affects: 1) (heat: 26)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:48
bobo123If I have a movie-dvd that ubuntu refuses to read, what can I do? (I can see other movie-dvds and play them in vlc)01:48
seidosharrisonk, in this bug, a reinstall of lucid is said to fix the problem.01:48
seidosbobo123, er, i've heard of this problem before.  i think there is a directory that you have to empty or something01:49
bobo123some .hidden directoy in my homedirectory or?01:51
seidosbobo123, scratch that.  i don't remember now.  i am checking the forums:  http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=126497801:52
harrisonkseidos what bug?01:52
seidosharrisonk, this bug:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/56345501:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 563455 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashes (affects: 1) (heat: 26)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:54
seidosharrisonk, was going to ask, was your install an upgrade to 10.04 from karmic?  or a clean install?01:55
seidosbobo123, from http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-194469.html:  Looks like you don't have libdvdread3 installed. You can search for it in Synaptic. Install it.01:59
seidosThen run "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css.sh".01:59
harrisonkseidos I submited a bug.02:04
harrisonkI will wait and see what happens and maybe come back here and ask again.02:05
* harrisonk is offline02:05
bobo123seidos: I have libdvdread4 installed though... but no 302:09
seidosbobo123, what error do you get?  i am just going to google it, since i don't watch dvd discs on my laptop.02:12
stlsaintbobo123: what aer you trying to do?02:13
stlsaintbobo123: do you have libdvdcss installed02:14
stlsaintbobo123: your going to need that ^^ to play encrypted movies02:15
bobo123yes I have libdvdread4, libdvdnav4 and libdvdcss2 installed02:15
stlsaintbrb shower time02:16
seidosbobo123, can you take a screen shot of the error and post it on http://imagebin.org?02:16
seidosi just need something specific to search for on google.02:16
bobo123when I play other dvds (and they work fines), when I insert them in to the drive the filemanager opens a window for that disk btw, but not when I insert this disk. I have played it on another computer with windows so it shouldn't be a bad disk. (I havent tried with windows on this computer though)02:17
bobo123ok I make some screenshots02:18
seidosi just want the specific error in totem, if there is one02:18
seidosand what movie02:18
pedro3005bobo123, do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?02:20
bobo123wait while I look.02:23
bobo123http://imagebin.org/113307   small errormessage in swedish that isn't verry important.02:25
bobo123http://imagebin.org/113308  the message window ← this is the interesting one I guess02:25
bobo123http://imagebin.org/113309  the message window but with information level set to 2 instead02:25
bobo123If I check 'no dvd-menus' checkbox I get these instead: http://imagebin.org/113311  and  http://imagebin.org/11331302:27
stlsaintyea, gotta get those ubuntu-restricted-extras02:29
seidosbobo123, a quick way, just type "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras" in terminal02:31
bobo123pedro3005: no I don't have the metapackage ubuntu-restricted-extras installed since I don't want to have java installed. The packages that is non-java that it depends on seems to be gstreamer0.10-pitfdll, gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse, libmp4v2-0. It allso mentions upgrading of 'tzdata'. Perhaps I should install those?02:32
pedro3005bobo123, couldn't hurt02:33
bobo123seidos, pedro3005, now I have installed them but no difference.02:42
seidosbobo123, why not install ubuntu-restricted-extras, see if that fixes the problem, if it does, you can remove the java stuff you don't want?02:42
bobo123seidos: I have installed all ubuntu-restricted-extras that is not java now so it shouldn't mather now...02:45
aveilleuxseidos, bobo123: What seems to be the problem?02:46
bobo123when I try open it in gnome mplayer instead of vlc I get this message "Couldn't open DVD device:  to socket. mplayer: No such file or directory. Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control. libdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.10 for DVD access. libdvdread: Could not open /dev/dvd with libdvdcss. libdvdread: Can't open /dev/dvd for reading. Couldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvd (No medium found). No str02:46
bobo123same text here with linebreaks http://paste.ubuntu.com/490665/02:47
seidosbobo123, what dvd is it?02:48
aveilleuxbobo123: did you run the install-css script?02:48
bobo123seidos: it is some stupid for-kids-video that my sister want to look at that she borrowed from a friend "Pauline på bondgården/op de Borderij" seems to be two-language Swedish/Dutch. It allso says EDITION ATLAS (c)2007 nomet management services (c)2007 ASTER02:53
bobo123allso is printed on it PAL and ALL ZONES02:53
bobo123aveilleux: yes02:54
seidosbobo123, did you install w32codecs?  it is supposed to be included in ubuntu-restricted-extras02:55
aveilleuxbobo123: It sounds like the DVD you're trying to play isn't encoded for the US (NTSC is most of North America)02:55
seidosbobo123, i'm assuming you are using a standard 32bit install of ubuntu02:56
bobo123aveilleux: it was libdvdread4/install-css though, not 3... I guess it is just newer? here is the output from when I was running that; http://paste.ubuntu.com/490669/03:00
bobo123seidos: yes it is standard 32bit ubuntu 10.0403:01
aveilleuxbobo123: Wait, you're Swedish? That would have been nice to know haha. Disregard my conclusion.03:01
bobo123seidos: I can't find any package w32codecs in synaptic... perhaps I am missing some repository?03:03
seidosbobo123, try "sudo apt-get install w32codecs" in a terminal03:04
aveilleuxbobo123: You have to install the Medibuntu repository. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu03:05
bobo123seidos: when I do it answers http://paste.ubuntu.com/490672/   that translated to english whould be "Package w32codecs is not available, but another package refers to it. This could mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is available from other sources E: Package w32codecs has no installation candidate"03:07
bobo123aveilleux: yeah I will try Medibuntu repository now03:08
seidosbobo123, if that doesn't work, you can try out this guide for anything we all might have missed:  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Lucid#DVD_Playback_Capability03:18
bobo123now I have installed medibuntu-repository and w32codecs. seems to be a nice pack of divx/quicktime/realvideo/windowsmedia etc codecs03:23
* bobo123 wishes the authentication keys for all these extra repositories was in ubuntu from the start.... (not the repositories but the the keys)03:25
seidosi think i'm going to have to install some food in a minute :)03:25
seidosbobo123, me too, but i think there are copyright problems. :(03:25
bdoggcan someone help me out with rhythmbox plugin?03:27
bdoggthe upnp one?03:27
seidosbdogg, i would, but i don't know what upnp is03:27
bobo123upnp is a somewhat badly named protocol for punching holes in your firewall/homerouter03:28
bdoggthis plugin03:28
seidosoh, *that* upnp.  universal plug 'n play?03:29
bdoggi just want to stream my music to my xbox03:29
bdoggbut i dont know how to configure the plugin to do that03:29
bobo123I can't think of anya other upnp ... are there others?03:29
seidosbobo123, probably not.  i was just surprised to hear it.  i haven't heard it in awhile, and didn't know it related to rhythmbox03:30
bdoggits included with the maverick rhythmbox03:30
seidosbdogg, can't you just use samba to share your files on your network, then tell your xbox to play them from there?03:30
seidosfiles == mp3 files03:31
bdoggwhats samba03:31
bobo123I guess if you want to stream *from* rhythmbox (didn't know it was possible) to a computer *outside* your home network, you would need upnp (or open up the ports manually), but I guess your xbox are at your home? you shouldn't need upnp then.... right?03:31
seidossamba is a file server for sharing files.  i haven't used it in years though, but i think it should work.03:31
bdoggso samba?03:32
bdoggany tips?03:32
seidosbobo123, that's true, it would be on the same LAN03:32
bdoggyes its on the same network03:32
seidosbdogg, you could try sudo apt-get install samba, then google for "ubuntu samba guide"03:32
bdoggwill do03:32
seidosbdogg, good luck, come back and let us know how it goes :)03:32
seidosbrb need to install food into my stomach03:33
bobo123bdogg: (samba = smb = cifs = the normal file&printer sharing in windows etc)03:33
bdoggsudo apt-get install sandwich?03:33
seidossudo apt-get install sandwich && sudo apt-get install tornado03:34
bdogglol why tornado?03:34
bdoggis that some sort of snack or somthing?03:34
seidostornado is like this brand of taquito03:35
bdoggwhats taquito? lol im hispanic... tacos?03:35
bobo123they swirl around in your stomach around round round... or? ;-)03:35
seidoskind of like this:  http://www.elmonterey.com/mexicanrecipes/quickcombos/03:36
seidoswhy am i still sitting here?!03:37
bdogglol go! go eat!03:37
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=== [sleepy] is now known as [styx]
bobo123I hope the sandwich&tornado was good seidos :-)04:19
seidosbobo123, it was good thanks for asking.04:19
bobo123Now that I'v read some more I guess the unplayable dvd here is probably having some evil™ copy protection like ARccOS or something I guess so we can't see it without using some special (windows) ripping program first :-/04:22
seidosbobo123, only a windows ripping program?  for your kid dvd?04:23
bobo123I don't know. I guess there must be something for linux too.04:33
seidosbobo123, i don't know, there was something about dvd ripping software in ubuntu in that guide i sent you.04:33
bobo123and strange that least interesting things are hardest too see :-D04:33
seidos<whisper>but i closed it</whisper>04:33
seidosbobo123, it's like that with other least interesting things.  like math.  it is hard for me to see math.04:34
bobo123oh math is simple. 1+2*3 and differentials of functions...04:37
seidosit's easy for me up until double and triple integrals.04:38
SharlaI am having problems with my wireless connection04:38
seidoswell, as long as i can remember the axioms and theorems04:38
seidosSharla, what ver of ubuntu?04:38
SharlaNetbook remix04:38
aveilleuxSharla: What kind of problems are you having?04:39
aveilleuxSharla: Also, which version of UNR... 9.10, 10.04, etc04:39
Sharlait won't connect. it acts like it is searching, then says disconnected04:39
aveilleuxSharla: Do you use encryption/security on your wireless network04:39
seidoshmmm, i've had that happen with my wireless chipset04:39
seidosit's an atheros 500104:40
SharlaI just downloaded it a few weeks ago04:40
Sharlai am new to this so i don't know what version04:40
aveilleuxSharla: So you're using 10.04.04:40
Sharlathe network is encrypted, and I don't get an error when I type my passphrase04:41
aveilleuxSharla: Can you open Terminal and run the following command: lspci -v | less04:41
aveilleuxSharla: Then paste the output at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/.04:41
aveilleuxer, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ (without the period)04:41
Sharlaafter the first command, it won't let me type the http://pastebin.ubuntu.com04:45
aveilleuxSharla: Try this. lspci -v | less > wireless.txt04:45
aveilleuxSharla: Then upen your Home directory (Places > Home Folder) and open the text file wireless.txt04:46
aveilleuxThen paste its contents into the box at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/04:46
aveilleuxupen -> open04:46
Sharlathat command didn't do anything04:46
seidosSharla, lspci | grep Ethernet in a terminal?04:47
Sharlai don't think i know enough about programming to even be in here. :(04:47
Sharlai was advised to install ubuntu on my new netbook because it would take less memory than windows but i didn't realize it would be troublesome to set up04:48
Sharlai appreciate the help guys but i have no idea what any of it means.04:48
seidosSharla, we're trying to figure out what wireless chipset you have.04:48
seidosSharla, there's no problem.  we're all just sharing our computer experience :)04:48
aveilleuxSharla: I'm not asking you to program. Do you know how to copy text from the Terminal?04:49
Sharlai know and I appreciate it04:49
Sharlawell I'm chatting on my desktop04:49
Sharlawith my netbook in front of me04:49
seidosSharla, would you like to start with something simpler?04:49
Sharlasure, like what?04:49
seidosSharla, is there a button or a switch to turn off the wireless on your netbook?04:50
Sharlayes, and i did try to make sure it is on04:50
Sharlathe light was flashing earlier when it was trying to connect04:50
aveilleuxSharla: Are you making sure all the symbols are correct? | is a bar, not a lowercase L.04:50
SharlaYes, I typed it that way04:50
Sharlaare they case sensitive?04:50
aveilleuxSharla: Yes, very04:51
aveilleuxSharla: All commands in Linux are lowercase, with a few exceptions04:51
SharlaOK that is how i typed it04:51
Sharlai will try to log in to chat on the netbook since i'm wired in right now.04:51
aveilleuxSharla: Can you get to your Home folder? It's like My Documents in Windows.04:51
Sharlalooking at it now04:53
Sharlait only has one other folder in it, the one withmy username04:53
aveilleuxErm, yes. That's the one I'm talking about.04:53
aveilleuxSharla: See the file wireless.txt in it?04:53
sthd56could anyone help me setup a ubuntu vps?04:55
aveilleuxSharla: Open it, then copy and paste its contents into the pastebin I linked earlier04:55
aveilleuxsthd56: Is this a standard Ubuntu install?04:55
sthd56yea, it's already installed I'm just trying to change the port which putty connects on04:55
sthd56i tried editing the sshd_config but i keep getting fatal errors when using that port04:56
SharlaOK I am going to try switching to chat from the netbook04:56
Sharlado you need ALL the info in that wireless text file?04:56
Sharlais that safe?04:56
aveilleuxSharla: nothing in there can bring you any harm. It's just hardware diagnostic information.04:57
SharlaOK that's me, firecracker. Logging out on this screen.04:57
sdrennanCan anyone tell me how to change my time zone?04:57
aveilleuxsdrennan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime04:57
sdrennanThanks let me look there04:57
aveilleuxsthd56: Networking in general isn't my strong point, but here's a good starting point for VPNs https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN04:58
firecrackerok pasted04:58
aveilleuxfirecracker: I need the Pastebin link to look at it....04:58
aveilleuxsthd56: Wait no, you said VPS, not VPN. My mistake.04:59
seidosSarla, we have the same wireless chip :)05:00
sthd56right now im connecting with putty on the default port 22 and I would like to change that05:00
aveilleuxsthd56: http://forums.spry.com/centos-fedora-redhat/98-change-ssh-port.html  This forum post was linked to from a guide I found05:00
sthd56ok i'll take a look thanks05:01
firecrackerseidos: is that a good thing? should i not be having any trouble with it?05:01
sdrennanI don't have the option to adjust time and date. System/Admin/Time and Date is ghosted. It doesn't give me an option to authenticate.05:01
aveilleuxsdrennan: Is this the normal Ubuntu install, or Netbook Remix?05:01
sdrennanNormal on a notebook05:02
aveilleuxsdrennan: Let me get my Ubuntu machine up05:02
seidosfirecracker, we have the same wireless chip.  what works for me when i can't connect to the access point, is i have to turn off wireless on the network icon by right clicking and de-selecting wireless, then i have to turn off the wireless button/switch on the outside of my laptop.  leave it for a few seconds, then turn everything back on, and it works \o/05:02
sthd56that guide seems to be for redhat how do i reload a service in ubuntu?05:03
firecrackerwonder if i can try that without unplugging the wire?05:03
aveilleuxsthd56: sudo service <name> restart05:03
seidosfirecracker, yeah, shouldn't be a problem05:03
sthd56ok thanks05:03
seidosfirecracker, it's a good thing because i know a work around, as for whether you should have problems, that's kind of a political/philosophical/technological question O_o05:03
sdrennanaveilleux I have ran TXSELECT at the prompt but I no speak the Lynux language05:04
firecrackerwell i have three motorcycles, two jeeps and two vintage vehicles. so i am used to workarounds and stuff that breaks. i am just clueless when it comes to electronics05:04
seidosfirecracker, i used to have a ninja 250, but i had to sell it :(05:05
sthd56ok the port was changed thank you so much05:05
aveilleuxsdrennan: txselect? Just run sudo dpkg-reconfigure yzdata05:05
aveilleuxsdrennan: that05:05
aveilleux's so much easier05:05
firecrackermy marauder is about ready to go down the road05:05
* aveilleux fumes at the stupid location of the Mac's Return key05:05
seidosmaurader?  what is it like 1200cc?05:05
firecrackerit is the cursed bike05:06
sdrennanment TZSELECT i'll try  sudo dpkg-reconfigure yzdata05:06
seidosmy clutch lever broke on my ninja 250 when i had it.  i replaced it myself, thankfully they had the part at the shop.05:06
seidosfirecracker, i'm scared to ask, but did it work?05:07
firecrackernot yet05:07
firecrackerit is still trying05:07
aveilleuxsdrennan: but it's a GUI-based system... what do you need help with?05:07
firecrackerit has asked me for my passphrase twice05:07
firecrackerand the little waves are still going05:07
sdrennanCan't change time zone05:07
sdrennan sudo dpkg-reconfigure yzdata says not installed05:08
aveilleuxsdrennan: Did you sudo?05:08
seidosfirecracker, it asked for your pass phrase twice, that's a bad sign.  when i turn off wireless in software, then turn off the hardware switch, after i turn both back on, it works fine.05:08
aveilleuxnot yzdata05:08
sdrennangoing back in05:08
sdrennanwhat does "must be run as root" mean05:09
aveilleuxsdrennan: It means put "sudo" in front of the command, like I said the first time05:10
firecrackerOk i disabled the wireless05:11
firecrackerbut now i can't get it to come back on05:11
sdrennanI'm not used to this language but it says its where i want it. Will I have to restart to change the time on the clock?05:12
aveilleuxsdrennan: Logging out and logging back in should do it.05:13
sdrennanThanks a million. let me see what happens.05:13
firecrackerleaving briefly to restart machine05:16
firecrackernot letting me turnt he wireless back on05:16
seidosfirecracker, well, rebooting should definitely get it working again, but the trick is to get it working without rebooting :/05:16
aveilleuxhello dirgan05:23
firecrackerno luck05:26
dirganhello everybody05:26
firecrackerabout ready to pitch this thing out the door05:26
seidosfirecracker, restarting didn't get it connect to your wireless network?05:27
firecrackerand now i'm getting the "i told you so" speech05:28
firecrackerbut i already erased windows from my machine05:28
firecrackerand i just want to use my computer05:28
seidoswell, you made the morally correct choice.05:28
seidosunless you're really a fan of the bill and melinda gates foundation O_o05:29
aveilleuxfirecracker: Just making sure, did you make sure to flip the switch back on and re-enable the wireless by right-clicking the icon?05:29
seidosfirecracker, i'm trying to think of the next step.05:29
aveilleuxfirecracker: You can't do this if the machine is plugged in, I don't think05:29
firecrackeroh i thought i could???05:30
firecrackerYes i did both of those steps05:30
seidosfirecracker, i could've been wrong.  i haven't actually tried it on my laptop.05:30
firecrackerOk going to unplug and try it05:30
seidosfirecracker, i assumed the ubuntu magic would let you connect to the wireless network.05:30
firecrackerif only05:31
seidoslet me try it here at home, and see what happens05:31
firecrackerapparently it was the router itself.05:36
firecrackerrebooted that, and voila.05:36
firecracker*#&@$^(@*(@!*!@#*&@#*&!(@(*!^#@W$^*(@#!( hardware.05:36
firecrackersorry for the dumb questions, and thanks everyone for your help.05:38
dirganmay i Ask why geforce 8400 gs won' work for 10.04 version?05:39
seidoswell, that was an interesting experiment05:42
seidosit looks like connecting to wired while i was already connected to wireless disconnected me from irc?05:42
seidosi had two ip's though according to ifconfig05:42
aveilleuxdirgan: The 8400 GS is supported through the nvidia-glx driver05:42
dirganno its not mate..05:43
dirgancompiz won't work tough05:43
aveilleuxdirgan: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/nvidia-glx-185/185.18.36-0ubuntu905:43
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Puck`hello Silver_Fox_09:57
Silver_Fox_Hello Puck` . How are you?09:57
Puck`Silver_Fox_: oh, all happy happy happy!09:58
Puck`I got my new Android phone yesterday09:59
Puck`so i have a new toy (:09:59
Puck`i got the iphone like Samsung Galaxy S10:00
Silver_Fox_I was just looking at that on google news10:01
Silver_Fox_Oh wait, I was looking at the Galaxy Tab10:01
Silver_Fox_My mistake.10:01
Silver_Fox_Hello smeag0l  =] It has been sometime10:14
Silver_Fox_How are you?10:14
smeag0lhello Silver_Fox_ i am doing excelent 24 days :)10:15
Silver_Fox_That is fantastic to hear smeag0l !10:15
Silver_Fox_Well done10:15
smeag0lthank you Silver_Fox_10:15
smeag0lhow are you Silver_Fox_ ?10:16
Silver_Fox_I too am feeling good =]  Thank you10:17
smeag0lglad to hear =}10:17
Silver_Fox_Its pedro3005 !10:19
pedro3005hello Silver_Fox_10:20
smeag0lheh hi pedro3005 how are you ?10:20
Silver_Fox_Hello pedro3005  =]10:20
pedro3005hi smeag0l , I'm doing well10:20
pedro3005and you people?10:20
smeag0lglad to hear pedro3005 =] excelent thank you10:20
seidossmeag0l, the precious was food today10:21
smeag0lno i got in my neckless around my neck :-)10:21
smeag0lwhat ever you just don t put it on the ring want s to be found10:22
Silver_Fox_I wear a ring,  am I in danger?10:24
smeag0lhahahahaha lol10:24
smeag0lno because i got the one ring to rule em all and in darkness bind em together10:24
Silver_Fox_My precious....10:25
smeag0lyou i am really not gollum i am frodo underhill :)10:25
Silver_Fox_I wants it10:25
smeag0lit came to us why shouldn t we want it10:25
Silver_Fox_Anyone seen google today? That page refresh is annoying10:27
smeag0lno i haven t10:28
pedro3005Silver_Fox_, yes, I saw tha10:28
pedro3005google instant, they call it10:28
Silver_Fox_Yep,  I call it annoying. It is now disabled10:28
* smeag0l is looking forward to 02:30 pm music teaching :-)10:30
pedro3005smeag0l, you're teaching?10:30
Silver_Fox_You play an instrument ?10:30
smeag0li am being tought ! guitar and maybe i will learn to play drums10:30
pedro3005that's nice, I play guitar and drums10:31
pedro3005how long have you been playing?10:31
smeag0lcool pedro3005 :)10:31
smeag0lsince 200710:31
pedro3005also, drums is harder than it looks, don't be fooled. I've heard people saying they think drums should be easy10:31
smeag0lno drums i just started 3 weeks ago10:32
Silver_Fox_I have a guitar. I suck at it though ;)10:32
smeag0li know pedro3005 but yo know The world is full of facinating problems waiting to be solved10:33
Silver_Fox_Much better on Piano though10:33
pedro3005I think drums can be very fun to play in a band, but a guitar is more fun to play alone10:33
Puck`and girls love the guitarist more10:33
smeag0lyes a giutar is a very nice instrument to play alone10:33
pedro3005smeag0l, you play acoustic or electric?10:34
pedro3005smeag0l, there's a very nice Bach piece to play on the acoustic, called Bourrée10:34
smeag0lgot 4 guitars10:34
smeag0lokay i didnt know that10:34
pedro3005http://www.scribd.com/doc/6207525/Bourree-in-E-minor-BWV-996-for-Guitar-sheet-music-and-TAB- :)10:34
smeag0lthank you Silver_Fox_ :)10:35
pedro3005I've been trying to learn it10:35
pedro3005it's so beautiful, Bach was damn good10:36
smeag0li personally Love Vivaldi The Four Seasons10:36
smeag0ldont really know Bach10:37
Silver_Fox_oh my10:37
Silver_Fox_Bcah is brilliant!10:38
Silver_Fox_So's Bach ;)10:38
smeag0lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V92OBNsQgxU Wagner - RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES - Furtwangler10:39
smeag0lhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhaFINynWqY&feature=related Stairway to Heaven on classical guitar10:54
smeag0lgtg cyal11:00
belkynsHow much need HDD space for ubuntu 10.04?13:07
belkynssorry for my english13:07
Mohan_chmlbelkyns: 15 Gb will be (more than) enough. and if you have low RAM size allocate swap area13:09
Abhijeetkernel accidently deleted in ubuntu 10.10 grub menu  not showing the kernel how can i recover my files17:01
Silver_Fox_Try using a live cd / usb17:02
Abhijeetcan i install the kernel using the grub menu17:03
Silver_Fox_None of the older kernals are listed?17:03
Silver_Fox_Just to be clear17:03
Abhijeetno only memory diagnostic menu is displayed17:04
Abhijeetpleae hlp me17:06
hobgoblinAbhijeet: did you actually delete the kernel?17:12
hobgoblinor just from grub ?17:12
Abhijeeti don't know but when i restarted there was nothing in the grub menu , there was only the memory diagnostic tools and the windows xp menu .17:14
hobgoblinmmm - could be a bug in 10.10 as it's not released to production and has only just gone beta - #ubuntu+1 might be a useful port of call17:15
Abhijeetbut ive been using it from one month17:16
hobgoblinor a trawl of the maverick forum even - http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=38517:16
hobgoblinwell I have to say if you can't deal with this then maybe you should be using a released version and not a development one17:17
hobgoblinAbhijeet: maybe try a chroot from a livecd and then install the kernels from there17:17
Abhijeetplease gime details of the 'chroot'17:18
ubot2A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot17:18
Abhijeethow linux kernel can be installed using chroot17:21
hobgoblinAbhijeet: I've never used it I'm afraid - but I think that once you have the chroot environment you should be able to use apt-get or aptitude to install the kernel, assuming that you have installed aptitude as it appears to not be a default anymore17:25
Abhijeetplease give me proper sequence, as im knew to  ubuntu17:27
hobgoblinAbhijeet: I don't know - and again I wonder at the wisdom in using a dev version - try the dev channel - #ubuntu+117:28
hobgoblinthat is the maverick channel at the moment17:28
hobgoblinwhatever you do I think you need to boot with the livecd for it - you might - if the kernel files are actually installed be able to boot from a grub command line - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Using%20CLI%20to%20Boot17:30
hobgoblinapart from that I am unable to help you17:30
Silver_Fox_Hello pedro3005  :)17:33
pedro3005hi Silver_Fox_17:33
philinuxAbhijeet: Try following this guide. http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html17:35
boywonderhi,ive been in ubuntu and had some bad help18:44
boywonderbut thats forgot about, my cdrom wont mount itself any help?18:45
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