trinikronolater guys00:14
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drizzlehi all03:39
drizzlei haven't confirmed 633598, but I think it needs to be assigned to Ubuntu Translations03:39
nigelbbug 63359803:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 633598 in language-pack-gnome-es (Ubuntu) "Typo in nautilus autorun message (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63359803:40
invitadoCan anyone read a log?04:59
invitadoI do not know what happen, all of a sudden my monitor resolution is too big05:00
invitadoI was installing a driver (Audio) when the system restarted05:00
invitadoand now i have this resolution issue05:00
drizzle#ubuntu should be able to help you out invitado05:03
drizzlecan someone please mark 633726 as triaged05:03
invitadothey cant05:03
invitadoI think is a bug05:03
persiadrizzle, I won't mark 633726 as triaged.  it's merely confirmed.  Which icons appear (what path)?  Which package provides those? What packages claim the ability to open .deb in the MIME database?  Does this only happen for new installs, or only upgrades, or both?05:22
persiaIt's not required to answer all these questions, but the point of "Triaged" is that there is now enough information that a developer can fix the bug.  Speaking as a developer, I still don't have a clear understanding of the bug from reading it.05:22
persia(also, when setting Triaged, it's good to set some Importance: if you don't have permissions, best to ask when asking folk to set "Triaged")05:23
drizzlethank you persia06:31
persiadrizzle, I didn't do anything :)  Thanks to you for working on bug triage.06:33
persiaJust in case folks didn't get the news: it's now time to take a break from bug triage.  LP will be down for a couple hours.  See #launchpad /topic for updates if you're anxious.08:59
vishthey should name those >  "Forced Typing Breaks!" ;)09:04
* vish suggests in #lp09:04
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mkarnickiHi all11:16
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cronyHi, today is apt-bug-fix-day? Debian and ubuntu still use the same apt codebase or did ubuntu fork apt?13:22
persiacrony, There's two outstanding patches not in Debian (different keyring, ignoring a couple files in sources.list.d), but there are shared maintainers between Ubuntu and Debian, so I'm not sure it's a fork, really.13:30
persiaactually, looking at the changelog, I should say there's a shared maintainer: seems like the same single person has been responsible for all uploads to Debian and Ubuntu for the last 13 months.13:32
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kamusinhey there devildante14:15
devildantehi kamusin :)14:16
kamusinhow are things there? remember the hugday today! :)14:17
devildantekamusin: all is fine, and yes, today's hugday! :)14:18
kamusingood :)14:19
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DrKenobiHi! Next tuesday is the BugSquad Meeting. If you look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting it says it is going to be at 16UTC and also 17UTC. ¿?17:13
pedro_DrKenobi, it's at 1700 utc i'll update that, thanks17:26
DrKenobithank you pedro_17:27
DrKenobipedro_ i think that you also have to update the event at The Fridge/Google Calendar17:28
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* DrKenobi nap17:32
njinpedro_. around ?17:43
pedro_njin, sort of , yes17:44
pedro_njin, no need to ping me twice in a second17:44
kamusinshould  I remove apt link from bug 526796 ?  looks like a sound applet issue for all sides .. (apt triagers I invoke you)18:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 526796 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "No sound applet on the gnome panel (affects: 39) (dups: 3) (heat: 214)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52679618:06
charlie-tcaI think so. I don't see where apt is involved in adding an indicator to the panel18:08
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hggdhhappy new year, all18:22
charlie-tcaThank you, and to you!18:22
* hggdh forgot to wish micahg a good new year :-(18:23
intraderAll, I have reported bug 631130 and added seveal 'Also affects distribution'. Is this proper?19:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 631130 in opensuse (and 3 other projects) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113019:11
intraderAll, moreover I have not seen any other activity on this report, is this normal?19:13
vishintrader: hmm , why were those added to the bug?19:13
intradervish, I have tested those distributions in the same machine with the same results for the same apps (various applets, firefox, open office, etc.)19:14
vishintrader: well, not sure why you say  "not seen any other activity on this report".. there has been a triager working on the bug, and has requested info.. kindly attach the logs..19:15
intradervish, I thought that was important information. My problems started only after a 9.04 install picked up updates which messed up the UI19:16
intradervish, I did not notice that - I have the page open to the bug, where do I see that?19:16
vishintrader: info is requested in comment #1..19:17
intradervish, oh, how could I miss that? How do I provide the logs (pastebin?).19:18
vishintrader: quoting from the comment "can you please attach here these files:" .. so its *attaching* those log files :)19:19
intradervish, I see that. Thanks, I will do so!19:20
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intradervish, thanks - I wish that there was some indication at the top of the page of activity below the visible part!19:30
vishintrader: you should have got mail about the reply too19:31
vishintrader: or.. scrolling a page is not a bad idea either.. ;)19:31
intradervish, I will check, I will scroll in the future, but it would be easier. The email went to spam, that is why I did not see it.19:34
vishintrader: odd!,  did gmail filter it or is it some other mail provider... ?19:37
intradervish, the sender was fabio marconi with his email address19:41
intradervish, I am using thunderbird as mail app.19:41
vishintrader: not sure.. why it went to spam though .. thanks anyway. :)19:42
intradervish, my spam rule. Message goes to spam if sender is not in address book.19:43
vishintrader: ah ha... :)19:43
intradervish, there should be a way for contributors to send message on behalf of launchpad, and then I would only have to have launchpad in address book19:44
intradervish, thanks for your help :)19:45
vishintrader: that is how it already works  from is "bugnumber@bugs.launchpad.net"19:46
intradervish, I guess the sender (fabio marconi) does not know this and responded as himself19:47
vishintrader: i doubt it.. :)  the reply is *on* the lp page , the From addy will be as above..19:48
vishintrader: hmm , i think you might have found another bug ;)19:49
vishintrader: figured it out! why that happened!19:52
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vishintrader: if the member has set the email id to "private" , then the mail arrives as i mentioned above.. if not, the member's mail id is sent :(19:52
* charlie-tca thinks that explains why sometimes the email reply doesn't go to launchpad, then. 19:54
charlie-tcathanks vish19:54
vishcharlie-tca: np.. :)19:55
* vish asking why it happens so in #launchpad19:55
intradervish, thanks; wow you are busy!19:56
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intradervish, now that I have uploaded the logs, what happens in your opinion, next?21:33
SpamapShttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/396917  .. is anybody else w/ bug-control access able to see the attachments on that bug report?21:34
ubot2SpamapS: Error: Bug #396917 is private.21:34
vishintrader: waiting..  ;)21:36
charlie-tcaSpamapS: yes. The report is public21:44
intradervish, sorry, what?22:08
vishintrader: waiting is what happens next..22:09
intradervish, I received a comment to bug 631130 requesting I run `apport-collect 631130` on terminal. No such command!22:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 631130 in opensuse (and 3 other projects) "In all apps, slow UI since 10.04 install (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63113022:10
penguin42are there any tips anywhere for users who have stuff that boots OK from the livecd but kernel panic once installed fairly early?22:10
devildantepenguin42: apport-collect from livecd, I guess22:12
devildanteintrader, sorry, my bad, I should have checked that apport-collect is installed on everyone's pc22:13
vishintrader: devildante is your commenter ;)22:13
penguin42devildante: Yeh I walked him through that, unfortunately it refused to upload it, possibly a launchpad screw up, but he repeatedly tried that and kept getting a launchpad timeout just after putting in the subject22:14
penguin42devildante: I've got him to get an lspci and dmesg from the livecd and attach that to the bug together with a screenshot of the panic22:14
penguin42devildante: But is there any info on the way the kernel on the livecd is built - is it different from the normal one?22:15
devildantepenguin42, it shouldn't be22:15
penguin42I wondered whether it was run in some safer config22:15
devildantepenguin42, maybe something wrong with the installer, idk22:15
penguin42devildante: It seems more a kernel screwup22:16
devildanteintrader, can you install the "apport" package?22:16
devildantepenguin42, what's the bug number22:16
penguin42devildante: bug 63445422:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 634454 in linux (Ubuntu) "Attempted to kill init! on IQ770 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63445422:17
penguin42devildante: It's a general protection fault in init22:17
devildantepenguin42, idk, I'm not a kernel expert22:19
* devildante is reminded he should attend the kernel triage summit on -classroom22:20
penguin42devildante: it's either kernel or boot loader - it really would take effort for the installer to cause that22:20
intraderdevildante, what is apport?22:21
trinikronointrader: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport :D22:22
devildanteintrader, it's what lets you report bugs with logs attached, etc (in a nutshell)22:22
trinikronohey guys isnt a hugday ?22:22
devildantepenguin42, tell him to do this: $ uname -a > uname-a.log22:22
devildante$ cat /proc/version_signature > version.log22:22
devildante$ dmesg > dmesg.log22:22
devildante$ sudo lspci -vvnn > lspci-vvnn.log22:22
penguin42devildante: Yeh the dmesg and lspci are attached on there22:22
devildantetrinikrono: yes it's hugday today :)22:22
intradertrinikrono, devildante: I suppose through the package manager?22:23
devildanteintrader, yes22:23
trinikronointrader: read the wikipage22:23
trinikronoit has how to enable it22:23
vishintrader: btw.. Bug #634497  ;)22:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 634497 in malone "Bug Comment mails use commenter's mail id as the "From" addy if user id is public (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63449722:25
vishintrader: so when that gets fixed , you can probably set a rule so that you dont miss lp comments :)22:25
intradertrinikrono, devildante: unfortunately, it shows as installed, but apport-collect is not a command22:26
trinikronoapport needs to be running intrader22:26
trinikronointrader:  is it your bug report?22:27
yofelintrader: apport-collect *is* a command22:27
intradertrinikrono, yes22:28
trinikronotry running this22:28
intraderyofel, sorry, but when I do `apport-collect`, the terminal tells me it is not a command22:28
trinikronosudo service apport start force_start=122:28
trinikronothen apport-collect22:29
trinikronoyou need to put the number of the bug also22:29
trinikronoafter apport-collect intrader22:29
yofeltrinikrono: why does it tell him that it isn't a command then?22:29
yofelintrader: what does 'which apport-collect' give you?22:30
trinikronomaybe he is using the ''22:30
yofelrunning `apport-collect` with the backticks works fine though22:30
intraderyofel, `/usr/bin/apport-collect 631130` does work, it opens a web page (is this comet?)22:31
yofelit should ask for authorisation to access the bug22:31
yofeland if that works something's wrong with your $PATH22:31
yofelwhat does 'echo $PATH' give?22:32
intraderyofel, amazing - working (well it ways 'Almost finshed...')22:33
trinikronookie i am starting on the hugday22:35
trinikronois bug 606126 ready to triaged22:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 606126 in apt (Ubuntu) "apt-cache search should show version (affects: 1) (heat: 74)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60612622:35
trinikronoit is already wishlist22:35
trinikronoi am wondering if the status needs to be changed22:35
yofelintrader: mind to give the output of 'which apport-collect' and 'ls -la /usr/bin/apport-collect'? I'm curious why it failed for you22:35
devildantetrinikrono, it's fine, since it's a feature request. however, it can't be triaged until someone forward the bug to debian (i.e upstream)22:37
trinikronoso once i forward it or find a upstream bug that matches it can be set to triaged? devildante22:38
devildantetrinikrono, yes, follow instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs22:38
intraderyofel, it seems to have collected the information after asking me for permissions - how do I give you the info. Rerun the command?22:40
yofelintrader: no, just give me the output of the commands I told you here in the channel, as it has nothing to do with your bug22:40
intraderyofel, `which apport-collect` replies /usr/bin/apport-collect22:42
yofelthen I don't get why it didn't work o.O22:42
yofelhm, and the DBTS classroom session isn't linked on the wiki page :/22:43
* yofel goes looking for it22:43
intraderyofel, replies apport-bug.22:43
intraderyofel, trinikono, vish: thanks, the report from apport-collect was reported.22:44
yofelhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training/Logs/2010-07-22 If anyone's interested, very educating read on the Debian BTS22:44
intraderyofel, trinikono, vish: thanks, a lot of stuff has been added to the report.22:46
trinikronoyofel: thats a eyeful22:47
intraderyofel, yes and eyeful - all absconded surreptitiously by a bot? :)22:48
yofelwell, Rhonda isn't a bot, but it was logged by a bot :P22:49
intraderyofel, trinikono, vish: what could a hacker do wit all that info?22:49
devildanteintrader, someone can delve into the info and determine the cause of the problem22:51
devildanteintrader, do you still experience this bug with the nouveau driver? (i.e without the proprietary driver installed)22:54
OlognHmm...I had a segfault which apport reported 3 weeks ago, at which time my system had all packages up to date (within a few hours anyhow).  Apport retracing just marked my crash report as unable to process, because my packages like passwd from then are not the latest upgrade now - not that xpdf crashing on every PDF opened has much to do with the passwd package...22:59
charlie-tcaThat is one of the problems of not reporting the crash as soon as possible23:01
OlognIt's not really a problem with that bug as xpdf was patched anyhow, I wonder how many other apport retraces were done today like that... Loading apport retracing's bug page gives a timeout so I guess I won't know https://bugs.launchpad.net/~apport23:01
OlognThe crash was reported as soon as possible23:01
OlognIt was reported three weeks ago23:01
charlie-tcawhat is the bug number?23:02
OlognMy packages were up to date then23:02
yofelcharlie-tca: that's the retracer running too late actually23:02
charlie-tcabug 61898223:02
ubot2charlie-tca: Bug 618982 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/618982 is private23:02
charlie-tcaI see. It is hard to tell how many it happens to, I think.23:03
charlie-tcaI don't it happens very often with the stable releases, but with the development releases, packages can change daily, and sometimes more often23:04
OlognXpdf was patched so it's not a problem in this particular case. But with similar parameters the retracer can be invalidating good bug reports...I wonder if this is connected to the downtime and upgrade last night of launchpad...since it lay untouched for three weeks before that...anyhow...23:05
yofelright, but it happens to me too that a bug is retraced like a week or a month after I reported it, which is useless in most cases as usually someone else reports the same bug after me, makes it public even with coredump attached and the bug get's worked on23:06
cjaein kde 4.5 when I get a highlighted message, the sound crashes kmix or the sound on vlc at least23:09
cjaein kde 4.5 when I get a highlighted message in quassel, the sound crashes kmix or the sound on vlc at least23:09
* yofel doesn't have sound notifications on and goes searching where to enable them again..23:10
devildante"Launchpad encountered an error during the following operation: generating the diff for a merge proposal.  The source branch has no revisions." what is this I don't even23:14
SpamapScharlie-tca: I was having trouble even seeing the files.. launchpad would just 404 the attachments.23:16
yofelcjae: can't seem to get quassel to output sound, at least pressing the notifications test button does nothing, sound works fine in smplayer and vlc though23:16
SpamapScharlie-tca: but eventually some of them showed up23:16
yofeldevildante: did your message get cut off? it ends with ' I don't even' here, or is that just me?23:16
charlie-tcaSpamapS: that is a problem much of the time. sometimes the left-click every 20-30 seconds will force it to show up23:17
charlie-tcasometimes, nothing works23:17
devildanteyofel, http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/what-is-this-i-dont-even23:17
SpamapSmaybe just something to do with older reports?23:17
yofeldevildante: and what merge and branches?23:17
charlie-tcahitting reload doesn't seem to work either23:17
charlie-tcaIt does it here on new and old reports.23:17
devildanteyofel, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ilidrissi.amine/software-center/no-crash-when-searching/+merge/3504323:18
yofeldevildante: didn't know that one yet ^^23:18
devildanteheh :)23:19
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