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duanedesignmorning nigelb03:37
nigelbmorning duanedesign :)03:37
* nigelb is going on a short vacation tomorrow03:38
nigelbpacking and stuff going on now :)03:38
duanedesignnigelb: oh cool03:39
nigelbBeen stressed out this week due to various stuff, should be a good break :)03:40
duanedesignnigelb: yes. you have to recharge the batteries :)03:40
duanedesigni hope you have a good vacation03:43
duanedesignnigelb: well i better get some rest. I need to get up early and catch some of our european friends early in their day befor they get busy :)03:46
duanedesignhave a good morning03:46
nigelbduanedesign: g'nite :)03:50
dpmgood morning everyone06:54
nigelbmorning dpm :)06:59
dpmhey nigelb, morning -  thanks for triaging that translations bug and assigning it to the right team :)07:00
nigelbdpm: Np :) Somone popped in asking for help and I just helped him out :)07:01
dpmcool :)07:01
nigelbdpm: should the langpack task be changed to nautilus?07:01
dpmnigelb, no, it's fine, as the fix will be included in the langpack. As these types of bugs are a 2 minute fix in Launchpad Translations, sometimes I don't even bother adding a task for the langpack - it's only harder translations bugs (e.g. which require development work to make a string translatable at all) that require a task for the relevant package07:04
nigelbaah, ok :)07:05
nigelbIts fun dealing with translations :)07:05
aragood morning all!07:21
dpmgood morning ara!07:22
arabuenos días dpm07:22
dpmhola hola07:23
nigelbmorning ara :)07:36
aragood morning nigelb!07:37
nigelbmorning kim0 :)08:00
kim0nigelb: morning man :)08:00
kim0morning everyone08:00
dpmhey kim0, good morning08:03
kim0dpm: hey hey .. morning :D08:03
* dpm buries his head into approving openoffice.org templates from the translations imports queue. Be back in a few hours :/09:01
dpmand then I realize LP will be offline for maintenance, bummer!09:02
czajkowskiAloha folks09:03
dpmhey czajkowski09:05
czajkowskidpm: how are translations ;)09:06
dpmczajkowski, freaking openoffice and Launchpad are annoying me right now, otherwise fine :)09:06
czajkowskiLP is being bold of late, not helpful when you're logging bugs and it's slow and slugish09:08
czajkowskitell me, in open office how you get a god damn dictionary to work09:09
vishczajkowski: its down for maintenance now.. :)09:09
vishbut yeah.. lp is usually silly!09:09
czajkowskioh so it's getting a swift kicking good :)09:10
czajkowskinot as silly as the wiki , the wiki and I have lots of words! Usually I rant at it, and it sits there spewing errors at me.09:10
dpmdon't get me wrong, I think Launchpad is awesome09:12
dpm(just not today)09:12
* czajkowski hugs dpm sure ;)09:12
* dpm hugs czajkowski :)09:15
dpmczajkowski, if you see fagan or any of the Irish translators around, can you point them to this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Wanted - I sent a notice on the translators list and they might be interested in getting these translated09:21
czajkowskiI dont think he does much for irish translations tbh09:30
dpmah, right, who do you think would be the best person to talk to for Irish translations?09:31
czajkowskiI honesty have no idea :(09:32
czajkowskiwill go poke folks as fagan really doesnt do anything for the team09:32
czajkowskitis a bone of contention :(09:32
dpmczajkowski, no worries, I was just pointing out in case you knew. If you happen to find out, let me know or tell them someone should subscribe to the translators list09:33
czajkowskiI didn't know about it09:34
czajkowskidpm: got a link to the mail you sent to the translations list by any chance ?09:35
dpmczajkowski, sure, here it is: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-translators/2010-September/003889.html09:36
duanedesignmorning communitininians12:07
czajkowskiduanedesign: ello12:08
dpmhey duanedesign12:16
dpmmorning Pendulum12:33
akgranerwoo hoo - the command line is my friend :-)13:01
* nigelb notes the NTEU presentation is now officially deprecated13:04
nigelbakgraner: ^^13:04
akgranernigelb, but but but  - I am still non-technical in so many ways13:05
nigelbakgraner: everyone is :)13:05
akgranerbrb gotta test a new kernel :-)13:06
nigelbI hope you don't fry your computer :)13:07
akgranernigelb, I hope not either13:16
akgranerthis is my last wireless card I have on me13:16
akgranernigelb, yep trying to save this one - it is my 3rd one since Karmic13:31
akgraneris it weird that I find testing these kernels strangely euphoric?13:35
akgranernm don't answer that - I know the answer already13:36
nigelbakgraner: haha :)13:46
AlanBellakgraner: you have multiple wireless cards about your person and are excited by kernel testing. I think nigelb may have a point about the NTEU thing.13:54
akgranerok you all may have a point there  -14:00
Pendulumakgraner: I agree with the others14:00
akgranerok  - I won't refer to myself as an NTEU just an NDEU14:01
Pendulumakgraner: don't worry, I'll hold the NTEU badge high since you no longer count :P14:01
Pendulumwhat's the D?14:01
akgranerPendulum, just you wait you will passing the torch soon enough14:01
Pendulumakgraner: I've been saying "some day I'll be technical" for long than you've been using Linux. I'm not positive it'll happen at this point :P14:02
akgranereveryone is technical :-)  even the self identifying non-technical people like me :-) you will always know and care share some skill you know with someone who doesn't and someone will always be able to show you how to do something you didn't know how to do14:04
* AlanBell is waiting for akgraner to say "nooo! I am still not a developer it is only Python" or something like that soonish15:01
PendulumAlanBell: bah. knowing how to code doesn't make you a developer15:02
Pendulum(or technical)15:02
czajkowskihttp://everytimezone.com/ BRilliant!!!15:06
nhandlerAwesome czajkowski !15:08
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nhandlerczajkowski: It says it even works offline on an ipad15:10
czajkowskitis rather nifty alright15:10
czajkowskiI'd like a text box to add my location r search but its nice15:11
jcastroI just found out the best productive technique this morning16:12
jcastroshut off IM/IRC/twitter, etc. for 2 hours. Then I shut off both my outside monitors and just left one on.16:13
jcastroI got so much crap done16:13
czajkowskijcastro: is that your subtle way of saying we distract you16:14
jcastrono, of course not16:16
jcastroI mean, "every once in a while it's good to concentrate"16:16
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 16:18
akgranergreg-g ping18:19
jcastrohey JFo18:20
jcastrogot time for a quick mumble?18:20
JFosure, leme kick it up18:21
akgranerand or jcastro - So I have orange bags, purple tissue paper, posters, printing fliers, CD's conference pack, orange and purple hair clips and a faux purple (ubuntu inspired) fur hand made scarf for the ubucon/booth - can you, greg-g or paultag grab some grape jolly ranchers and some orange hard candies??18:22
jcastrook, I will do my best18:22
jcastroI am leaving here tomorrow at like 5:30am18:22
jcastroI will be there by like 8:3018:22
jcastroso you can put me to work18:22
akgraneryep I am leaving NC at 6pm driving that way18:23
akgranershould arrive 5 or 6am18:23
akgranerThanks!  see you all there  - I am getting off the computer now and finishing packing....18:24
JFouh huh18:26
JFoI know about you and your "I'll be there at..." akgraner18:26
jcastroit's all yours jfo18:28
JFojcastro, check the answer18:32
akgranerJFo, my intent is always pure and good - it's the execution that lacks grace and precision from time to time - but the plan always comes together!18:32
JFouh huh, uh huh18:32
jcastropotentially? :)18:33
jcastroawesome, thanks18:33
JFowell, I want to leave some room in the case that it doesn't for one reason or another18:33
jcastroI edited your thing to highlight the package name18:34
JFojcastro, http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/?18:57
JFolooks odd to me18:57
jcastrowhat's odd?18:58
JFothere are no group tracks18:59
JFolike Kernel normally is18:59
jcastrodon't look at me, it's the new UDS structure18:59
JFogonna make it harder for me to figure out what I need to attend18:59
JFoplus there are some incorrect words in there18:59
JFoWe will be confirmation more tracks and the track leaders soon.19:00
jcastrothe session grid and stuff will be there19:00
jcastroit will just be themes instead of tracks19:00
jcastrodunno man, my job was to type the words in there. :)19:01
cjohnstonjcastro: do yall need any local help for uds?19:23
cjohnstonjcastro: you know how to get ahold of me19:31
jcastronod, thanks19:32
cjohnstonwhats the date to hear back on sponsorship19:32
jcastronot sure yet19:33
cjohnstondoctormo: gc is barfing at me19:33
cjohnstonInvalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~chrisjohnston/%2Bbranch/trunk":No such project: %252Bbranch19:34
Technovikinganyone know the hex of the orange in the new Ubuntu style?20:30
AlanBelldd4814 from memory20:40
czajkowski went for dinner with a guy who was made redundant from his job, now he wants to promote Ubuntu.  He's been playing with Unity and tolda mailed Mark with ideas on what he thinks should be done, mark asked for mock ups, and so mock ups were drawn up http://twitpic.com/2mtpt723:10
AlanBellthat is one heck of an over dinner napkin doodle!23:13
doctormoAlanBell: fonts and everything23:13
czajkowskihe's an architect23:15
czajkowskiby trade23:15
czajkowskihe'd been doodling that today23:15
czajkowskiwhich reminds me AlanBell I need to email you and introduce you to him and other Alan23:15
czajkowskican you pm me the other alans mail addy23:16
doctormoAlan Popes cz?23:22
czajkowskithere are more alans in another channel23:23
czajkowskigets rather confusing23:23

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