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* apw yawns08:36
aboganiapw: Good morning!08:39
apwgah 11 minutes before launchpad goes, if one needs anything08:48
apwabogani, moin!08:48
AnAntHello, could the kernel patch noted by crimsun on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/414795 be applied in maverick ?08:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 414795 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "PC beep no longer works in Karmic alpha4 (affects: 4) (heat: 30)" [Undecided,Invalid]08:52
akgranerapw ping08:56
apwakgraner, hi08:57
akgranerapw - I tried the kernel you asked me too - no overheating08:57
apwakgraner, exceelent, i'll tell bisect 'good' then and get you another one ...08:58
akgranerokie dokie - I didn't try using wireless as that didn't seem to be an option with the one you gave me08:58
apwakgraner, hrm odd08:59
apwAHH you need the indep headers too, i'll make sure they are in the next oe08:59
apwakgraner, building ...09:00
akgranerokie dokie - I leave for Ohio in like 12 hours - but will test what I can before I leave09:00
apwAnAnt, to get that on the dev teams radar it should be emailed to kernel-team email list requesting its consideration for maverick09:02
AnAntapw: thanks09:03
apwAnAnt, i'd refer you to the FAQ question on 'how can get requesti a patch be included in the ubuntu kernel?" but there doesn't seem to be one!09:05
apwAnAnt, there is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ/DevHowToPatch09:08
AnAntapw: thanks, according to  Kernel/Dev/KernelPatches , I should refer to upstream thread that discussed the patch, but I know nothing about it09:11
apwif you don't know, leave it out, ensure the bug is linked to as dtchen says stuff in there those considering wil lcare about09:12
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AnAntlinked to ?09:14
apwthe email contains the bug number or a web link to the bug09:16
AnAntah, ok09:17
* cooloney just installed daily-live iso of maverick on his inspiron 1012, but found kernel doesn't find the Network Wired controller09:47
ckingcooloney, what wifi chipset do you have?09:48
cooloneyso there is no network on my laptop09:48
AnAntapw: thanks again09:48
cooloneycking: wifi controller is in my lspci list09:48
apwcooloney, no wired controller did you say?  which one is it normally09:49
cooloneybut failed to find the wire network controller in my lspci09:49
cooloneyapw: no wired controller09:49
apwright, but there is one, what one _was_ it before it wasn't there09:49
cooloneyapw: i have to search in the google, hold on09:51
apwcooloney, 1012 is a new mini10 yes09:51
ckingisn't that broadcom wl?09:51
apwcking, can you hear me ?09:51
apwakgraner, ok am pushing a 'bisect2' kernel to the same place, will be there in about 10 mins09:54
akgranerapw - thanks!09:55
apwakgraner, late there isn't it ?09:55
akgranerearly almost 5am09:55
* cking wonders if akgraner ever sleeps09:55
apwakgraner, sorry any time before 6 is late not early09:55
ckingtime is relative ya know09:55
apwakgraner, you getting up at 4 now ?09:56
akgranercking, I do :-) but I won't be here this weekend so I have lots of notes and to do lists to leave for *everyone* :-)09:56
akgranerapw, yep something like that - kids are back in school and Becca had to be at school by 0645 the last 2 weeks for drivers ed09:57
cooloneycking: /winxp/1509:57
apwakgraner, just say no09:57
ckingcooloney, eh?09:57
apwcooloney, that doesn't sound like the name of a controller to me09:57
cooloneysorry, &_&09:58
amitkakgraner: 5am, eeeeeks! I haven't seen that time on my clock ever unless I've stayed up all night09:58
akgranerplus I wanted to be up early to test the kernels from apw before I head to OLF in case something weird happens - since my computer will be with me09:58
* cking thought time between midnight and 6am did not exist09:58
apwakgraner, just make sure you download the offiical good kernel that was the latest good one, and keep it as a .deb on your machine09:59
jjohansenno no its the time between 6am - 8am that doesn't exist09:59
cooloneyapw and cking, lspci http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/490836/09:59
apwjjohansen, you can talk09:59
akgranerapw will do :-)09:59
jjohansenwho me :)09:59
cooloneyapw and cking, dmesg -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/490838/10:00
apwcooloney, its not there, as you said, but that doesn't help10:00
apwcooloney, this is a dell mini 10v new version yes ?10:01
apwif so then its likely its an rtl813910:01
cooloney05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)10:02
cooloneyapw: i guess this is my missing wired ethernet controller10:02
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apwoh, a differnet one than normal ... hrm10:03
cooloneyapw: let me boot into lucid live-cd and check the lspci10:03
apwakgraner, push complete10:10
akgranerapw awesome same place as before?10:13
apwakgraner, yeah, bisec210:13
akgranerlooking now  - downloading now :-)10:14
akgranerdo I need both header files10:14
apwthe second one may help wireless work as you have bcmwl10:15
akgranerso the one that says all? or just the i386?10:15
apwi'd get an install all three bisect2 .debs10:16
akgranerroger that10:16
akgranereverything is downloading now10:16
akgranergive me just a few and I'll reboot and see what happens 10:17
apwakgraner, no rush as and when you get a chance10:17
akgranerapw if I don't do it now - when the sun comes up  - something shiny will go by and you'll have to remind me :-)10:17
cooloneyapw and cking, so weird. in lucid live cd, wired ethernet still missed10:23
ckingcooloney, were you running lucid on this before you installed maverick?10:26
cooloneycking: yes, ethernet works fine before10:26
ckingmost curious10:26
cooloneyafter i installed maverick today, it's missing10:26
ckingcooloney, I suggest unplugging the power, taking out the battery, completely powering it off and retry10:27
apwcooloney, cnd has one of those machines, might want to ask him if his net is ok10:27
ckingcooloney, are you booting with the ethernet cable already connected or not?10:28
slacker_nlfor those who want/need to know: the generic kernel in -proposed on lucid works for me :)10:29
akgranerapw, this one will be listed as 32-23 as well correct?10:32
akgranerI installed it and selected it but still no wireless - will boot back into the new kernel and try connecting wired this time brb10:33
apwakgraner, yeah same name10:34
cooloneycking: let me try your method10:37
cooloneyapw: cnd has a final product, mine is an engineering sample10:37
ckingbound to work then ;-)10:37
ckinggot the latest BIOS on it?10:38
cooloneycking: i think so, if it still fails, i will check the BIOS 10:38
apwand chceek its not disabled in the bios all of a suddent10:40
cooloneycking and apw, nice, i got my wired controller back after uninstalling the battery10:46
apwon maverick ?10:46
cooloneyreboot again with external power supply10:46
cooloneyapw: yeah, maverick10:46
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akgranerapw, my machine is about 61 degrees Celsius with the new kernel - with 22 it hovers around 48 but 61 is better than 9011:17
apwhrm, not convinced that means its good or not11:18
apwakgraner, ^^11:18
akgranerhad to boot back into 22 to get back online though  - so now I am back to 48 11:18
apwcould you run while :; do :; done in a terminal window and see what it does11:18
apwi suspect that one may be bad11:18
akgranerapw okie dokie brb11:21
akgranerapw, I ran that command at got into the 70's before I stopped it11:32
apwakgraner, so that sounds like a bad kernel to me then11:33
akgraneryep I believe you are correct11:33
akgranerI rebooted back into 22 for now11:33
apwyep, told the bisect its bad11:33
* apw builds akgraner another kernel11:34
akgranerapw, thanks!11:34
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apwakgraner, ok uploading a third kernel now ... about 10 mins to run12:29
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ilmarimjg59: bah, the acpi battery units fix doesn't apply to the maverick kernel due to it updating the battery info asynchronously :(12:35
mjg59ilmari: Shouldn't be a difficult backport12:38
akgranerapw okie dokie12:51
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apwilmari, the async patch was pretty small, so i'd be supprised if its hard to apply12:59
apwwhats the fix for13:00
ilmariapw: changing battery capacity units13:00
apwilmari, got a pointer to the patch ?13:00
ilmariapw: it adds an argument to the acpi_battery_update function, which is what is being called asynchronously13:01
apwahh a pain indeed13:01
ilmarieasiest would probably be to create another async function that calls it with that argument13:01
apwilmari, patchworks seems to be dead13:01
apwInternal Server Error13:02
ilmaris/argument/argument set/13:02
pgranerapw, you narrowing down akgraner's problem?13:02
ilmarithe patch link fails, but the mbox link works13:02
apwpgraner, slowly but shurly, she is testing a third bisect point13:02
ilmarihm, it seems to be intermittent13:03
ilmariapw: try again13:03
pgranerapw, how many patches are you down to now?13:03
apwpgraner, still loads13:03
pgranerapw, yikes13:04
apw80 or so i'd guess, but we started at about 400 so we're getting there13:04
apwpoke her to report her testing on this one :)13:05
pgranerapw, she's testing it now13:05
pgranerapw, I have to keep telling her the dpkg incantation to install the bits... 13:05
* pgraner feels like a scratched cd13:06
akgranerthe up arrow key is a beautiful thing 13:06
* pgraner is trying to be hip and updated... so I used that instead of a broken record13:06
apwpgraner, heh should be a 'looped mp3' surley13:10
* apw cannot see any patches in the good->bad range that make any sense as the cause ... lets hope the bad is right13:11
pgranerapw, yea, its got to be something obscure13:12
* ilmari will have a go at porting the acpi battery patch later (but not today)13:12
apwilmari, may be easier to pop the async patch, apply it and fix that one as it goes on13:13
akgranerapw, installed and ran a script based on the command you gave me earlier - it got up to 74 degrees in less than 5 mins13:15
apwakgraner, and if you run it now on the -22 known good one ?13:16
akgranerlet me find out brb13:17
akgranerapw, with the script it is hitting 75 with the script running on -2213:24
apwso ... its likely this and the previous 'bad' was actually a good13:24
apwto confirm that you could go to your latest kernel which is deffo bad and doing the same test13:24
apwakgraner, ^^13:25
akgraneryep - I think it's -2513:25
akgranerwill do that now13:25
apwthanks, if we are 'bad'ing when we should be 'good'ing we'll be here forever13:26
akgranerapw with the latest kernel - I hit the 70's with the script in less than 10 seconds13:29
apwok ... so thats the test then 70 in seconds == bad, 70 in 5 mins == good13:29
apwso i've reversed the previous bad to a good, and will get you a new kernel shortly13:30
akgranerso do I start timing with 22 and go forward when I get the new kernel?13:30
apwwell we know -22 is 5 mins, and we know that the previous time we said 5 mins was bad, so i've redone the bisect changing that to a good result13:31
apwthe next kernel just need to know if its 5 mins or 10s to 7013:31
apwthe former == good, latter == bad13:31
akgranerroger that13:32
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cndcooloney, I've had a few odd issues with ethernet in maverick13:34
cndthe driver would die I think13:35
cndoops in /var/log/messages13:35
cndbut I don't usually use ethernet, so I don't know how often it occurs13:35
ckingcnd, I've seen the ethernet disappear on early prototype machines like cooloney did. complete power off seemed to help for some unknown reason13:36
apwakgraner, ok bisect4 is on its way up14:11
apwlet me know how she fairs for you14:11
apwakgraner, its up and ready14:16
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akgranerapw ok will do14:41
akgranerI have to step out for an hour or so but will let you know as soon as I get back14:41
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* apw pops out for a late lunch15:17
apwahh scratch that15:18
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diwicbjf, so long story short, after a small discussion with JFo, we decided to put us both up for holding the triage session this Saturday, but if you wan't me to hold it, I can do that15:28
bjfdiwic, i had no plans for doing it and was hoping to do other things. how much time is involved15:29
diwicbjf, the actual session for sound is one hour15:31
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diwicJFo, do I have to prepare some Lernid stuff, and if so, how do I do that?15:32
diwicI've never used Lernid15:32
diwicbjf, so if I were to hold the session, and I assume I am :-) , you got an email of what I'm going to talk about15:37
bjfdiwic, i've got nothing, i have pretty much just ignored the summit completely15:48
diwicbjf, okay. I'll hold it. Let's see if anyone shows up. Do you think what's in that email is a good outline of what people would like to hear on a triage session?15:49
JFodiwic, no15:52
JFolernid is just a tool that folks can use to watch the class15:52
JFodiwic, even if it seems no one is watching, the show should still be done since we keep a log of the class so that people can look later15:52
diwicJFo, okay, I'll just spare the work needed to create slides then15:53
JFoyeah, unless you already have something, I'd just chat about sound15:53
diwicJFo, I have an outline of what I want to talk about, hopefully bjf is reviewing it right now.15:53
bjfdiwic: that's a pretty good list, if you threw that together in 10 minutes i've very impressed15:55
bjfdiwic: looks really good to mi15:55
diwicbjf, no, that was not in 10 minutes. I did that a few weeks ago or something when I thought about sound troubleshooting in general (w r t wiki pages and ubuntu-bug audio)  15:56
bjfdiwic: regardless it's a very good list15:56
diwicbjf, great. Then I have something to talk about, at least :-)15:57
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ogasawaratgardner: just saw your email about broadcom in staging-next16:45
ogasawaratgardner: think that's something we want to get into Maverick?16:45
tgardnerogasawara, If we do I think it'll come back via compat-wireless16:49
JFowho is dealing with mvl issues now? bug 63416117:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 634161 in linux-mvl-dove (Ubuntu) "Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0ce003be (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63416117:01
bjfJFo: ericm17:01
JFolooks to be the same issue as seen on omap17:02
JFothanks bjf17:02
algspdneed help with i91517:13
JFoalgspd, describe the problem and someone may be able to help17:21
JFowe can't answer as to whether we can help until we know that17:21
algspdOk, If I try to boot on LVMS kernel freezes while booting, if I boot on VGA everything is ok and X starts, and if I boot without kms on LVMS and using vesa driver it boots on LVMS17:22
algspdthe problem is that i want to boot with kms on laptop screen (LVMS)17:23
JFoalgspd, have you filed a bug on this?17:24
algspdno, i think's not a bug but a missconfiguration or a hardware particularity17:25
JFoI understand, but it is best if we have a bug for this sort of thing so that we can fix the issue for all users of i915 that may be affected.17:26
JFothat and so we can have a central place for environment information to look at17:27
JFowhile digging into the problem17:27
algspdok where to post the bug?17:27
JFodo you have a Launchpad account?17:27
JFoon https://launchpad.net/ ?17:28
JFoif so it is a simple thing to file the bug using 'ubuntu-bug linux' from the terminal window17:28
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bjfogasawara: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-linux mvl-dove17:34
bjfogasawara: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/bradf/ubuntu-lucid mvl-dove17:34
algspdIf I try to boot on LVMS kernel freezes while booting, if I boot on VGA everything is ok and X starts, and if I boot without kms on LVMS and using vesa driver it boots on LVMS. The problem is that i want to boot with kms on laptop screen (LVMS).  I switch interface with "video=LVDS-1:d" as kernel param.17:39
algspdcan anyone help?17:39
ogasawarabjf: looks good to me17:43
bjfogasawara: thanks17:43
JFoguess my instructions weren't clear enough17:57
* cking reboots18:00
manjoogasawara, in case we have driver issues with WD HDDs you think you can make room for fixes after 16th ?18:07
ogasawaramanjo: just replying to your email18:07
ogasawaramanjo: but in short, there's not going to be a large window for any changes beyond kernel freeze18:08
* manjo can't bribe leann with beer anymore 18:09
pgranerogasawara, http://lwn.net/Articles/404248/18:12
pgranerogasawara, something we can pkg up for maverick?18:12
bjfpgraner: heh, rtg already mentioned it on the mailing list18:13
pgranerbjf, ah, I'm behind on mailing lists today... on the phone all AM18:13
ckingapw, commit a321cedb12904114e2ba5041a3673ca24deb09c9 seems to be the offending patch - on Lucid TjMax was 85, but now with this patch my model 0xf cpu is defaulting to TjMax as 10018:13
ogasawarapgraner: heh, I asked tgardner about it and if we did get it for Maverick, he suspects it'll come via compat-wireless18:13
ogasawara[08:45:39] <ogasawara> tgardner: just saw your email about broadcom in staging-next18:14
ogasawara[08:45:58] <ogasawara> tgardner: think that's something we want to get into Maverick?18:14
ogasawara[08:49:41] <tgardner> ogasawara, If we do I think it'll come back via compat-wireless18:14
ogasawarapgraner: ^^18:14
pgranerogasawara, ack18:15
JFopgraner, have you seen this? http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/18:57
pgranerJFo, yep why?19:12
JFojust wondered19:19
pgranerogasawara, ping19:32
ogasawarapgraner: pong19:32
pgranerogasawara, where do you stash the kernel release mgr notes?19:32
pgranerogasawara, wiki search is failing me19:32
ogasawarapgraner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Handbook/ReleaseManagement19:33
pgranerogasawara, thank you19:33
JFoI always forget the Handbook bit19:33
pgranerogasawara, we prolly need to add a section about how to get things in the release notes19:35
ogasawarapgraner: ack19:36
pgranerogasawara, by adding a release note task and subscribing ubuntu-release-notes and adding some rough example text19:36
ogasawarapgraner: I'll get a blurb crafted and added19:36
pgranerogasawara, coolio not sure where it should go in there, thx19:37
* ogasawara lunch19:44
ckis there any way that I can help out the ubuntu kernel team in terms of development work? I was clicking around the websites and I am pretty confused by the ways in which we can help out in development work.19:51
apwck we are alwats 19:55
apwalways keen for help.  we do most of the devleopment side on the mailing list19:55
ckhey apw thanks for the reply..19:56
jjohansenck: it pretty wide open, choose something you are interested in, and start sending patches, and discussing19:56
ckoh so its pretty much free and easy? which means I do not need to get into any offical team or such?19:56
jjohansenck, no official team needed, but it is good to subscribe to the mailing list19:57
jjohansenotherwise all your mails will have to be moderated19:57
ckok thanks jjohansen, I shall do that tomorrow19:59
ckyou said something about "choose something you are interested in", does that mean I should be surfing around Launchpad?19:59
jjohansenck: well you can if you are interested in bugs20:00
apwyeah remember a distro kernel is mostly an integration and publishing exercise, the meat of the work is bug related20:00
jjohansenck: basically, just find bits and pieces you are interested in, maybe you want a specific patch from upstream in, maybe you like hacking audio20:00
jjohansenso, you target those areas, perhaps work with upstream, or just bring missing bits to our attention20:01
jjohansenas apw said most of the distro kernel work is integration and bug work, but you don't have to do that20:02
jjohansenif you are doing this on your time, have fun with it, pick things that interest you20:02
jjohansenor things you want to learn about20:02
jjohansenthere will never be a shortage of items looking for attention20:03
ckthats true.. we can never have a perfect OS20:03
ckalright seems like I should sign up for the mailing list and hang around this channel more often20:03
ckthanks jjohansen and apw!20:04
* jjohansen steps away for a bit20:35
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pgranerogasawara,  tagging for release notes already described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RCBugTargetting21:12
ogasawarapgraner: I'll just have the Release Manager notes auto include the release notes section of RCBugTargetting21:36
pgranerogasawara, rock on21:36
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krieblyHi there, I was wondering if I need to be concerned about "CVE-2010-2960 keyctl_session_to_parent NULL deref system crash" with Ubuntu 10.4/Lucid's linux-image-2.6.32-24-server (amd64)23:17
ubot2kriebly: The keyctl_session_to_parent function in security/keys/keyctl.c in the Linux kernel and earlier expects that a certain parent session keyring exists, which allows local users to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and system crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a KEYCTL_SESSION_TO_PARENT argument to the keyctl function. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-2960)23:17
krieblyI didn't find any discussion in the list archive or irc logs :)23:18
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keeskriebly: it has not been fixed it; it is planned for the next security update23:19
krieblythanks kees. Do you know when that update is coming out?23:19
keeskriebly: I haven't talked to smb about it, but probably last next week.23:21
krieblyokay. late next week. Thanks for the info!23:22
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