ChrisWoollardGood night all. I am going to bed.00:29
OmegaOoh, nice, he got in.00:57
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ChrisWoollardping godbyk13:22
godbykChrisWoollard: pong13:23
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flanjenkins, do you want me to reset the Qs database now?19:42
flanSo we can start populating the server for use tomorrow.19:42
jenkinsits fine at the moment thanks flan I am only just testing at the moment. Due to loads of scout stuff. I am having problems building packages on mavrick so am waiting for launchpad to do them19:43
jenkinsyou could switch it to a dummy project I guess19:44
flanNo, uh, I mean I actually have to reset the database.19:44
flanThe whole database.19:44
flanI changed the schema a little.19:44
flanTo fix a systemic error.19:44
flanBack in, like, r16x.19:45
jenkinsopps i will try and finish asap19:45
flanI could reset it and just create two projects.19:45
flanOne public (10-10) and one private (test).19:45
flanBoth under the ump name.19:45
jenkinsthats sounds like a good idea19:47
flanIf I wipe the database now, will you lose anything important?19:47
jenkinsnot as far as i know19:47
flan"Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10"19:51
flanIs that the name of the next edition?19:51
flanOh, wait. I made that editable.19:51
jenkinsas far as I know19:51
flanSo you can just fix it.19:51
flanDo whatever you want in Quickshot test.19:52
flan(ump/test if entering the URL directly in the client)19:52
flanOh, neat.19:53
jenkinsthorwil: when you have a moment can you do a 14X14 icon a 64x64 logo and a 192x192 logo please for the launchpad page19:53
thorwiljenkins: yes, though 14x14 will basically be a pixel-blob19:55
flanIsn't 16x16 more common than 14x14?19:56
jenkinsyea so do i but thats what lauchpad insists on. very strange size19:56
flanAnd 32x32.19:56
jenkinsmattgriffin: you know if anyone has said that they would add it to the mavrick branch?20:02
thorwilvish: heh, wolter is cute: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/official-ubuntu-10-10-countdown-banners-chosen/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28Omg!+Ubuntu!%29#comment-7622392320:10
jenkinshmm quickshot will not build for mavrick20:18
mattgriffinjenkins: haven't heard anything20:18
jenkinsthanks matt I will mail your docs team e-mail to the manual list20:19
mattgriffinjenkins: ah cool. thanks!20:19
jenkinsmattgriffin: are they plain text or in latex?20:20
vishthorwil: gah! i hate you!20:22
vishthorwil: i clicked that link and my system crashed! :(20:22
thorwilvish: lol. blame the system, not me!20:22
vishthorwil: yeah.. i blame the system but hate you ;p20:23
thorwilvish: maybe you should switch to arch linux or fedora!20:24
mattgriffinjenkins: latex20:25
vishthorwil: maybe , but i will still hate you!20:25
jenkinso sweet :)20:25
* vish hides from thorwil's wrath! ;)20:25
vishalrighty.. no more playing with mainline kernels! :/20:26
thorwilvish: i know deep down you love me and would carry my baby, if that was possible, so it's all good20:26
vishthorwil: sorry too busy laughing.. cant think of a rebuttal ;)20:27
thorwilthat was the point. maybe20:27
vishthorwil: back! yeah.. i'll try to carry the baby.. but will still hate you and for it! ;p20:30
thorwilvish: sheesh, the way you act up, if i stumble over link leading to the ultimate understanding of life, the universe and everything else, i will ... think twice to paste it to you20:32
vishthorwil: if you dont paste it.. i will hate you for that too!20:33
* vish = 1 - thorwil =020:34
thorwilvish: if you took any unusual substances today, you should abstain from them in future20:36
vishthorwil: sure will abstain.. but will still hate you! :p20:37
vishthorwil: too bad wolter wasnt here .. ;)20:38
thorwilvish: yeah, too bad. maybe i should step down and invite him to create the next title page?20:40
vishthorwil: hehe! i think wolter would very much like *that*  ;)20:42
thorwil14x14 px .... ridiculous20:44
jenkinsI guessed so20:47
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thorwilugh, how to undo a bzr add?20:58
guestadadadelete the file20:58
thorwilseems bzr remove21:00
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thorwiljenkins: just pushed 3 new PNGs and the source SVG to https://code.launchpad.net/~t-w-/+junk/quickshot_art21:03
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thorwilgood night! :)21:06
* jenkins starts a quickshot bug list there is no icon in the menu22:39
jenkinswell thats fixed but there is something not right with the packing. I will look into it after work it all worked in lucid I don't know why not in mavrick22:42

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