Pwentgm4883: true. can anyone help me discover why my lcd only ever displays the LCDproc startup/welcome message and never anything else, even though I have changed nothing (except kept up to date)?03:17
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rhpot1991Pwen: sounds like you need to mess with /etc/lcdproc.conf06:47
Pwenrhpot1991: I've checked it and checked it again :/12:23
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somethingintereshi all, I'm running Mythtv on Ubuntu (not mythbuntu) but the resources of #mythtv-users has be exhausted I'm afraid. I have a Compro DVB-T300 card that worked in Ubuntu 10.4 for some time. I built a new PC and it stopped working. I'm now running maverick and wanted to see if it had improved the situation. In fact it had somewhat. After a modprobe my Compro was detected and an initial scan can take place though it fails to fi14:16
somethinginteresnd channels (No Lock). Using 'scan' from command line I am able to do a scan successfully and Me-TV is also able to find channels. Any ideas would be much appreciated14:16
somethinginteresOK I got it to "sort of" with an import of channels.conf  I got from 'scan'16:01
somethinginteresthough the video is super mesed up and audio sounds like a robot, a chunky robot16:01
somethinginteresuploading a pic now..16:03
somethinginteresplease see: http://yfrog.com/nbweirdtvp16:05
somethinginteresinfo from terminal as error was occurring: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/bTgVKnY116:13
somethinginteres well.. it seems to be solved I fiddled with the aerial and adjusted the HD ringbuffer slightly16:39
Gibbyshould i just rebuild my backend?16:51
dmzhowdy...just installing a new frontned w/latest 10.04 release and it's asking for a master backend security key; this is new to me; what is this and how/where do i set it19:46
Gibbyis 0.24 in the auto-builds same as trunk for source?20:20
Gibbyon your backend go to mythbuntu control centre, under mysql20:22
Gibbyis mythmusic broken in auto-build 0.24?21:23
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