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seidosi think cryptopsy is a problem user in the #ubuntu channel.07:32
Flannelseidos: I'm reading backlog now07:33
seidosFlannel, acknowledged07:33
alabdGood day all ,  why my user is banned without any notice a mistake maybe ?08:14
its-me-againhi all i have a favour to ask. Can i get an unban from the channel. someting went rong.08:22
its-me-againjust want to know if its possable08:23
ikonianot at this time08:27
ikoniaalabd: I'll be with your shortly08:27
ikoniaits-me-again: apologies, that was meant for you "not at this time"08:27
ikoniaalabd: are you awake now as its-me-again does not appear to be at his keyboard08:28
its-me-againi am here lol08:30
its-me-againy am i blocked08:30
ikoniaits-me-again: you know why you are blocked08:30
ikoniait's been explained to you multiple times08:30
its-me-againyes i know y the mixup happened.08:31
its-me-againjust want to know how long i would have to wait that is all08:31
its-me-againmy ubuntu os is neding help i cant find myself08:31
ikoniait wasn't a mix up08:31
ikoniathis is why you are not unbanned as you still think it's acceptible or  amix up08:32
its-me-againi do not think its accectable to break the rules.08:32
ikoniathen why did you persist after multiple warnings including kicks and messages08:32
its-me-againbut if i could not use mint to ask for help with my other computer to help get it going then i dont understand howelse i could get help08:33
its-me-again. i can see y you thought i was breaking the rules so i accecpt that i got things mixed up myself not you guys08:33
ikoniaits-me-again: it's not about what computer you are on, it's about what operating system you are asking for help for08:33
ikoniayou could be on a windows computer asking for help with ubuntu, that's fine08:33
ikoniaits-me-again: there is no "why you thought" - you WHERE breaking the rules, after being told multiple times not to08:33
ikoniaand this is the reason the ban is still in place08:34
ikoniathere was no mixup08:34
its-me-againwell i think i did gget things mixed up08:34
its-me-againi tend to do that.08:34
ikoniano you didn't08:34
its-me-againi hae appoligesed08:34
its-me-againand i do say i am sorry08:35
ikoniayou where sat in a mint channel saying "I'm using mint, I'm having this problem"08:35
ikoniathen you joined the ubuntu channel and removed the word "mint" and just pasted the exact phrase into the channel08:35
ikoniaso you knew exactly what you where doing08:35
its-me-againso oneday when i get the unban i knowthati will be more careful08:35
ikoniathis is after you have been told on multiple occasions not to ask for mint help in #ubuntu08:35
its-me-againuntill that time i just wont use ubuntu much08:35
ikoniaits-me-again: there is no "careful" the fact that you are claiming it was a mixup/accident is why you are still banned08:35
its-me-againok point.08:35
its-me-againi thought i was banned for the last time i used it to get help with ubuntu08:36
its-me-againnowi see08:36
ikoniathat makes no sense08:36
ikoniaI'll explain it one more time, then you need to go and think about it08:36
ikonia1.) you where caught asking for mint help in #ubuntu - you where told not to08:36
ikonia2.) you where caught asking for mint help again in #ubuntu - you where kicked and told not to08:36
ikonia3.) you where caught in the mint channel saying I'm using mint and having $X problem08:37
its-me-againi have thought about it alot08:37
ikonia4.) you then removed the words "I'm using mint" and pasted the same problem in #ubuntu08:37
ikoniayou where banned08:37
ikoniaso a.) you are breaking the rules08:37
ikoniab.) you are telling me lies about it being a mix up - as you removed the words "I'm using mint" in the #ubuntu channel08:37
ikoniac.) you've done this a few times now and been given chances08:37
its-me-againif i dont get an unban soon i will just uninstall ubuntu from my other computer adn install another os. a shame after all the work i did getting ig set up08:38
ikoniathat is why you are still banned08:38
ikoniaits-me-again: you're welcome to remove ubuntu and use another OS08:38
ikoniaits-me-again: please go and take some time to think about what you say and how you present yourself next time you ask for this ban to be removed08:38
ikoniahonesty is the key08:38
its-me-againok i see it now its never been explained to me likethat.08:39
ikoniayes it has08:39
its-me-againi was mixed up untill just now.08:39
ikoniaand to be honest, it shouldn't need to be, as you know what you did08:39
ikoniaits-me-again: I think we are done here, please leave the channel and come back in a few days and think about how you present your case to have the ban removed08:39
its-me-againhow many times do i need to say i am sorry08:40
its-me-againmaby thats the thing08:40
its-me-againi get mixed up08:40
ikoniaI think we are done here - it's been explained to you08:40
ikoniaalabd: are you active now08:41
ikoniaok, not then08:41
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Mamarokis the metabot stil up in #kubuntu? I don't see any questions fed in from that channel10:17
persiaDo many folks use that?  I hung around in what I thought was the right place for a while, but saw few questions and no answers beyond my own.10:20
Mamarokpersia: I do, I might just not be there when you are :)10:26
jussipersia: hanging in the #ubuntu-metabot channel enables you to see which questions in the channels go un answered, then you can answer them in the channel.10:49
knomejussi, hei!10:53
ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Emanon)10:55
jussignomefreak: was that reall y necessary?10:56
knomejussi, can i have access to @bt10:57
gnomefreakjussi:  i am fixing it10:57
jussiknome: no :P10:57
jussiknome: Ill get it for you at some point, but not right now10:57
knomejussi, okay. but why you have to be so rude, daddy? ;'(10:58
gnomefreakits not working10:58
gnomefreakanyone know why /unban c-67-183-42-162.hsd1.wa.comcast.net  isnt working10:59
Tm_Tgnomefreak: because that's not hostmask, but only part of it?10:59
gnomefreakEmanon ~Emanon@c-67-183-42-162.hsd1.wa.comcast.net11:00
Emanoni humbly accept your invitation11:00
gnomefreakthat is the hostmask. script isnt working ether11:01
gnomefreakEmanon: working on it.11:01
Tm_Tgnomefreak: that's Emanons hostmask, but the ban is...11:01
Tm_Tgnomefreak: which channel is this?11:02
gnomefreakTm_T: the ban istm-ot11:02
gnomefreakdamnit -ot Tm_T11:02
Emanondude your like one character off from being ninja turtles11:02
gnomefreakit should work11:02
Tm_Tgnomefreak: *!*@c-67-183-42-162.hsd1.wa.comcast.net  was the banmask11:02
gnomefreakyes i know11:03
gnomefreakbrb let me see something11:03
gnomefreakEmanon: try joining11:04
Emanonstill banned11:04
gnomefreakTm_T: that didnt work either11:04
gnomefreakjoin it and im sorry11:04
Emanonuse the wrong script and banned instead of kicked huh11:05
Emanondont worry bout it its funny11:05
gnomefreakEmanon: yep11:05
Tm_Tgnomefreak: the ban is removed11:05
gnomefreakTm_T: i know :)11:06
Tm_Tgnomefreak: what doesn't work?11:06
gnomefreaki forgot the *!*11:06
gnomefreaknow baack to what i was doing11:07
Tm_Tah (:11:08
Tm_TEmanon: all sorted?11:08
Emanonoh yea forgot to part ops channel11:08
jussiJust a reminder peoples, that quiets can be very effective. Please remember to use them.11:17
persiajussi, Oh, I'm supposed to go answer in the original channel?  I thought that the idea was helping the helpers: meta-support.  I can never keep up with #ubuntu: it scrolls too fast.11:31
jussipersia: yeah, its about missed questions and catching them.11:31
persiaAh.  That makes sense.  I just misunderstood.11:32
jussipersia: :) glad you got it now :)11:32
Mamarokjussi: back to my previous question: could somebody reactivate the meta-bot for #kubuntu, please?13:10
ubottured2kic called the ops in #ubuntu (mr-rich #fix-your-connection)13:16
Piciikonia: ahem.13:24
bazhang+m to #ubuntu13:31
Pici08:16:24 >>>> mode/#ubuntu [+mr-rcfnt] by ikonia13:31
ikoniaI didn't see that13:32
PiciI know.13:32
ikoniasorry about that13:32
PiciIts okay, just wanted to let you know that you did it.13:32
ikoniaclearly, I didn't see it at all13:32
ikoniathank you for resolving13:32
PiciI only noticed because someone in -ot said they couldn't talk in #ubuntu13:33
ikoniagood eyes13:33
ikoniamust have missed it in channel scroll13:33
ikoniathank you for resolving though13:34
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jpds< lep-work> jpds, that's just silly .... you should always set a root password on a server14:52
persiaIt's critical to enable remote exploits.  Whatever would we do without full support for botnets?14:54
jpdspersia: We would have nothing to fill the oceanic fibre cables with.15:37
persiaThat would be sad.  traffic drives capacity.  Capacity makes me happy.15:49
jpdspersia: http://weathermap.es.net/15:51
jpdsNow that is impressive.15:51
persiaToo bad it's geographically limited, although I'm happy to see more full-function bunkers than ARPA deployed.15:54
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jpdsLorez: Someone on the internets hates you, sorry.16:48
PiciWell, if they use ! ops then it shows up in red here, much easier for me to catch it.16:49
alabdGood day all ,  why my user is banned without any notice a mistake maybe ?18:01
jpdsNot necessarily.18:05
jpdsikonia: ↑18:05
alabdWould an OP check reason it is mistake probably18:12
jpdsIt isn't as far as I can see.18:12
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1391 users, 14 overflows, 1405 limit))18:40
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1394 users, 12 overflows, 1406 limit))18:40
madrid_hi  I need console parameters for  file linux-install.sh18:56
ikoniamadrid_: sorry - you are currently banned from #ubuntu18:57
madrid_for install18:57
madrid_ikonia you are a dictator18:57
madrid_not more cesure please18:57
jpdsikonia: Please dictate the following text: "The rain in Spain, stays mainly on the plain".18:58
madrid_I need console parameters for install linux-install.sh18:58
madrid_ikonia you arent very sensible18:59
IdleOnemadrid_: aka gos Did we not discuss this just the other day. This is not a support channel. Do you want to discuss why you are banned in #ubuntu?19:00
madrid_ikonia is a troll19:01
IdleOnemadrid_: Please part this channel now.19:01
jpdsmadrid_: Takes one to know one.19:01
macojpds: need some rubber & glue?19:01
IdleOne!ops | madrid_19:02
ubottumadrid_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!19:02
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (madrid_)19:02
IdleOneUser needs to be removed19:02
IdleOnehe has been told on several occasions this is not a support channel19:02
PiciMight be a good idea to turn that forward into a ban19:03
IdleOnedoes not want to resolve his ban in #ubuntu and now has become insulting and calling ikonia a troll19:03
ikoniaI left the forward in place to catch him trying his other nics19:06
IdleOneikonia: he doesn't come in here with other nicks19:06
IdleOneonly with god and madrid19:07
IdleOneanyway I removed the forward and made it a simple ban but if you want me to set it back.19:08
ikoniano problem19:09
alabdikonia, Hi did you check ?19:32
ikoniaalabd: hi19:33
ikoniaapologies for missing you earlier19:33
ikoniaalabd: your ban is not a mistake, it is due to your constant use of #ubuntu for random questions19:34
alabdcan nt get what you mean , would you explain more19:36
ikoniaalabd: do you know what the topic of the #ubuntu channel is19:36
FusionXi was banned from #ubuntu due to my bnc's server problem (join/quit spam) while i was away. CAN THE OPS PLZ UNBAN ME?19:36
ikoniaalabd: please wait one moment19:36
ikoniaFusionX: I'll look now19:36
jribFusionX: all set19:36
ikoniajrib: thanks19:37
FusionXthanks alot!!19:37
jribikonia: pong (got it)19:37
ikoniaalabd: we can continue19:38
ikoniaalabd: do you know and understand what the topic of the #ubuntu channel is ?19:38
alabdikonia,  would answer without asking ? what is reason oof my user ban ? it is strange for me19:39
ikoniaalabd: do you know/understand what the topic for the #ubuntu channel is ?19:39
alabdyou have said > <ikonia> alabd: your ban is not a mistake, it is due to your constant use of #ubuntu for random questions19:40
alabdwould you show me my  constant use of #ubuntu for random questions19:40
ikoniaalabd: if you respond to the question I'm asking, we'll walk through it together19:40
alabdyes but you know am here to ask another question not answering your questions19:41
ikoniaalabd: ok, so you know the topic of the channel is for ubuntu support discussion only, correct ?19:41
ikoniathat is your understanding also19:41
alabdso ?19:42
IdleOne!idle > FusionX19:42
ubottuFusionX, please see my private message19:42
ikoniaalabd: how is " Good day all , is using mms and mmsh against copyright law ?19:42
ikoniaanything to do with ubuntu ?19:43
alabdyou know we have some repositories in ubuntu for property /copyrighted ... ackages and i-humble wanted know using mms is against any copyright law in ubuntu or nor19:46
alabdmaybe my question was not clear19:46
alabdshould you ban me without any notice ?19:46
ikoniaalabd: if your using ubuntu or not has nothing to do with copyright law,19:46
mneptokalabd: you have been banned in the past for the exact same behavior.19:46
ikoniaalabd: you have been given many warnings about the questions (and banned before) you ask in #ubuntu, you where told when you where unbanned you needed to stop19:46
mneptokalabd: you don;t get warnings any more.19:46
alabdmneptok, first hi , you me the ban for some month before ? it seems you are making mistake19:47
ikoniawhile this question is a minor issue, it's the fact that you can't seem to grasp that the channel is for Ubuntu related discussion, not copyright law, or citations, or anything like that19:47
alabdikonia,  should not you notice me before ban ?19:47
mneptokalabd: you don't get warnings any more.19:47
alabddespite my question was not unrelated to ubuntu channel19:48
ikoniaalabd: it was19:48
alabdmneptok, doon't tell lie it is not true work to help another op leave us alone19:48
alabdikonia, 2 question19:48
ikoniacopyright law is not set by ubuntu, nor does it have anything to do with ubuntu19:48
mneptokalabd: yes, it is. you have a legal question that you should ask a lawyer. you do not have a support question related to the proper functioning of Ubuntu software.19:48
alabd1 -  should not you notice me before ban ? (yes have noticed me soome month ago for another thing , it is not related to this issue ) 2 - why just you always ban me , is it normal thing  ?19:49
mneptok12:47 <+mneptok> alabd: you don't get warnings any more.19:50
ikoniaalabd: 1.) no - you've had many warnings 2.) any users who are an issue get banned, not just you19:50
alabdwhy one time another op don't ban me in ubuntu channel if my behavior is bad19:50
mneptokdo i need to say that for a FOURTH time?19:50
alabdmneptok, would you let me talk ikonia ?19:50
mneptokalabd: i am.19:50
mneptokalabd: but you are being your usual combative, unrepetent, argumentative and unruly self.19:51
mneptokalabd: and thus i am going to try to help you waste as little of ikonia's time as possible.19:52
mneptokalabd: do you understand that legal questions are not on-topic for #ubuntu? answer "yes" or "no" or i will ban you from this channel.19:52
ikoniaI'm actually going to leave now as I need to leave where I am, however I hope that reasoning has been explained now19:53
alabdikonia,  if i-humble remember true you are the only person that have banned me in #ubuntu 3 times in last year , times 1 and 2 are for months ago , why don't notice me that my question is offtopic yesterday ? because of some months ago warnings ?19:54
alabdif i-humble remember true you are the only person that have banned me in #ubuntu19:54
alabdthis is good point19:54
ikoniaalabd: I wasn't in the channel at the time19:54
ikoniaalabd: if I had been awake in the channel at the time I would have delt with it then19:55
alabdwho banned me ?19:55
ikoniaI did19:55
mneptokalabd: who banned you is not important.19:55
mneptokalabd: do you understand that legal questions are not on-topic for #ubuntu? answer "yes" or "no" or i will ban you from this channel.19:55
ikoniawhoa, easy there19:55
ikoniathere is a language issue, so lets cut a little slack19:55
alabdmneptok, that is not problem , maybe you are right and it is not on-topic question for #ubuntu  my prblem is anoother thing19:56
alabdwithout any notice19:56
ikoniaalabd: operators are not required to give you notice19:56
mneptokalabd: your problem is that you refuse to abide by channel policy, and then blame eberyone but yourself when there are consequences.19:56
alabd:) mneptok , would you tell what is #ubuntu channel for ? support? hwta kind support ?19:58
ikoniaalabd: it is for ubuntu operating system and application support19:59
mneptokalabd: #ubuntu is for support questions relating to the proper use and functionality of software contained in Ubuntu.19:59
mneptokalabd: legal question have nothing to do with the proper use and functionality of the software. just like "if i deliberately hit someone with my car will i get in trouble?" has no bearing on whether the car works or not.19:59
alabdwhat does proper use mean then ?20:01
mneptokconfig files. application settings. dependencies. etc.20:01
ikoniaalabd: how to use it, and technical issues around it's use20:02
alabdthis is your translation but how could i-humble get this from proper use ? i-humble could get it contains legal use also ...20:02
ikoniaalabd: then you are just trying to be difficult20:03
ikoniaubuntu does not make the law for your area/country, not does it support it20:03
mneptokalabd: i give up. you seemingly like being deliberately dense. good luck.20:04
ikoniaso with that, I'm going to leave you to ponder if you really need access to #ubuntu to ask such things20:04
mneptokalabd: and, for the record, you are anything but "humble." you're about the most self-righteous user i have encountered.20:04
IdleOnealabd: you are correct in saying that you could interpret our proper use policy differently but your interpretation is incorrect and ikonia and mneptok are trying to explain what the proper use of #ubuntu is.20:05
ikoniaIdleOne: the topic's been explained to him many times (hence the bans/kicks/wannings)20:05
alabdIdleOne, yes you are right20:05
IdleOnealabd: So we are in agreement. You will not ask off topic questions in #ubuntu any more20:06
IdleOneif you do, you will be banned without warning.20:06
alabdIdleOne,  sure20:06
alabdif i-humble know some issue is offtoppic soo i-humble will not ask20:07
IdleOnegood, now I will leave it up to ikonia as to when he will remove the ban.20:07
ikoniaIdleOne: alabd I won't be removing the ban any time soon as I'm tired of having this same discussion (and subsiquent argument)20:07
alabdthanks i-humble say it was better before banning ikonia come and say alabd >  you could interpret our proper use policy differently but your interpretation is incorrect20:08
IdleOneikonia: agreed20:08
ikoniaalabd: you KNOW the policy - you've had it explained to you many times20:08
alabdikonia,  don't tell lie20:08
alabdit is  not useful20:08
ikoniaok, I'll leave it there then if you think I'm telling you lies20:08
alabdwe have not talked about this issue anytime20:08
ikonianight all20:08
alabdIdleOne, i-humble say it was better before banning ikonia come and say alabd >  you could interpret our proper use policy differently but your interpretation is incorrect20:09
jpdsRepeative sort of fellow20:09
alabdbut i-humble don't know why should he be the only person that ban me in ubuntu channel20:09
IdleOnealabd: This discussion is over now. ikonia has chosen to leave the ban in place. Perhaps you can return in 5 days and the ops team can revisit this issue.20:09
alabdand make me trouble in other channels20:09
IdleOnePlease part the channel now.20:09
mneptokalabd: please abide by this channel's no-idle policy and /part20:11
IdleOneIt is difficult enough to deal with these types of users without having to dodge jabbing/stabbing comments from other ops.20:17
IdleOnealabd: Has it been 5 days?20:17
alabdmneptok, was talking to IdleOne20:17
alabdIdleOne, but i-humble don't know why should he be the only person that ban me in ubuntu channel and make me trouble in other channels?20:17
ikoniaright - enough20:18
IdleOnealabd: We are not discussing this any longer.20:18
IdleOnePlease leave this channel now.20:18
ikoniaalabd: you are banned in 10 other channels, that is nothing to do with me as I am not an operator in those channels, that is your OWN doing20:18
alabdikonia, another lie20:18
ikoniaalabd: if you persist in calling me a liar I will progress this futher20:19
IdleOnemneptok: can you set a 5 day ban?20:19
alabdit is not strange that some ops listen to another op instead of me20:19
alabdanyway god is here and can see20:19
ikoniaalabd: if your claims have anything to do with your ban in #ubuntu, present them, if not drop them, if you wish to progress those claims elsewhere please do so20:19
PiciIf it is not an Ubuntu channel then we have nothing to do with it.20:20
alabdPici,  it is20:20
PiciWhich one?20:20
alabdi-humbel have a serious question20:20
alabdwhy should i-humble be banned only by ikonia methink in ubuntu channel20:21
alabdand he make me trouble also in another channels ?20:21
alabdshould noot some check his behavior ?20:21
alabdthe last ban pici20:21
alabdthere is a statement "proper use" in topic of20:22
alabdubuntu channel20:22
alabdit is not clear what proper use is20:22
Picialabd: You have already spoken to our operators about the ban placed two days ago in #ubuntu.  Is there something *else* that you are asking about now?20:23
alabdi-humble came to channel about maybe long time maybe some months and asked a question that did not think it is off-topic (because of maybe it is not clearly off topic) and again he banned me20:24
ikoniaalabd: you came to the channel 6 hours before I banned you20:24
ikonianot "some months"20:24
alabdyes that day after some months20:24
alabdor that week for some month20:25
IdleOnelegal use of an application can not be discussed in #ubuntu because we are not international copyright lawyers and it does not have any technical merit.20:25
ikoniayou asked a question, left the channel, shortly after (the same day) I placed a ban forward here20:25
alabdIdleOne,  yes you are right but you know ubuntu is a GNU/linux distro20:26
alabdand GNU/Linux is a free distro20:26
jribalabd: what are you hoping to accomplish right now in this channel at the moment?20:26
alabdi-humble should be sure all it's part are free20:26
mneptok'round and 'round we go20:26
IdleOnealabd: You are getting to be an annoyance now. You have been answered and the decision about your ban has been made. it is final.20:26
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:26
alabdsee i-humble can not talk with 5 person the same time20:27
ikonia[08:16] <alabd> Good day all , is using mms and mmsh against copyright law ?20:27
mneptokalabd: then being banned from a channel with 1300+ users will not be an issue for you.20:27
ikonia8:16 08/09/201020:27
ikoniaban placed 9:00 08/09/201020:27
ikonianot even an hour after20:27
alabdyes so ?20:28
ikoniayou just said it was "months"20:28
alabdno i-humble mean , was not in channel for month20:28
mneptokikonia: months go by. he /joins. asks offtopic question. gets banned.20:28
mneptokalabd: your previous behavior means you do not get second and third chances.20:29
mneptokalabd: it does not matter how many months go by.20:29
ikoniaI suggest we let Pici see this through as with the language barrier it can be confusing20:29
alabdyes it does not really20:29
mneptokexactly. glad that's clear. your ban will not be removed at this time. please /part the channel.20:30
Piciikonia: I'm actually in the middle of something here. :/20:30
Piciat work that is.20:30
ikoniaPici: no problem20:30
ikoniaapologies for naming you20:30
ikoniaI'm out20:31
mneptokalabd: please leave this channel before i am forced to ban you from here, as well.20:31
IdleOneI would like for alabd to return in 5 days so that he has time to think about his behavior in #ubuntu in the past and also his behavior in here today.20:31
alabdmy problem is that such issue that is off-topic and really is not clear , someone came and ask it after some months not logged in channel , maybe it was better to not ban him by ikonia the person that he only bans me in ubuntu20:31
alabdanyway i-humble told this to ops that are honest enough to judge and am g=leaving channel20:32
mneptokalabd: i will not ask you to /part again. you will be leaving this channel in the next 2 minutes. whether you do that ourself or it is done for you is your own decision.20:33
alabdPici,  thanks20:33
IdleOne*deep breath*20:35
ubottuilovefairuz called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:17
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !no, ubottu is <reply> Hi! I'm $chan's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots23:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !no, ubotu is <reply> Hi! I'm $chan's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots23:08

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