SpamapSmathiaz: I'm just wondering if we can do a lot of the dashboard stuff you want to do given that there should be a proxy to api.launchpad.net on people.canonical.com soon.00:00
mathiazSpamapS: cool - IIUC I could query LP API directly from javascript with a page hosted on people.canonical.com?00:01
SpamapSmathiaz: exactly00:02
SpamapSmathiaz: public data only tho00:02
mathiazSpamapS: which point on the document we'd have to use? https://help.launchpad.net/API/00:03
mathiazSpamapS: the second one?00:03
mathiazSpamapS: Users who aren't Python programmers, or who are interested in the inner workings of the web service, ?00:03
mathiazSpamapS: and thus https://help.launchpad.net/API/Hacking?00:03
SpamapSmathiaz: yes00:05
SpamapSmathiaz: tho I found some things in that out of date00:06
SpamapSmathiaz: so you'll be able to get access to that from javascript..00:07
mathiazSpamapS: nice :)00:08
mathiazSpamapS: now we just need to rewrite launchpadlib from python to javascript ;)00:09
mathiazSpamapS: or rather - port it00:09
SpamapSmathiaz: should work nicely as a jquery plugin00:10
mathiazSpamapS: :)00:10
SpamapSmathiaz: the real power will come when JSONP is available though00:10
mathiazSpamapS: how about a YUI plugin?00:10
SpamapSthen projects can put their bug list on their front page...00:10
mathiazSpamapS: IIRC YUI is the preferred javascript framework for LP and other sites00:10
SpamapSYUI and jquery are not really mutually exclusive00:11
\shmathiaz, use qooxdoo as frontend js lib and you have launchpad as desktop app inside the browser...json-rpc as backend...and there you go00:12
\shno need for ugly YUI or jquery00:13
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Tim_Rcould anybody help me move squirrelmail to a different link02:44
Tim_Rbecause right now its set at http://mail.nwohiobb.com/squirrelmail/src/login.php and I want mail.nwohiobb.com/rc to replace it02:45
oatHi all: I need some help with irqbalance on 10.04 server. Can anyone suggest me sth, please?02:57
oatSeem to be so quiet.03:00
oatEverybody's gone to bed?03:03
lifelessyou haven't really asked a question03:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #633723 in samba (main) "samba-common-bin package won't install properly through package manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63372303:16
twbCan munin (or something LIKE munin) be told to emit SVG graphs instead of PNG ones?04:03
twbHmm, it uses rrdtool, which allegedly grew support for emitting EPS/PDF/SVG in 1.1 (Apr 2005).04:05
SJrHow do I get a list of all currently installed packages04:22
SJrso that I can reinstall them04:22
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chrismsnzSJr: dpkg -i will list all currently installed packages04:26
chrismsnzSJr: sorry, i meant "dpkg -l"04:27
twbdpkg --get-selections04:27
twb-l is mainly for humans; --get and --set can be used as a pipeline04:28
twbe.g. ssh fs dpkg --get-selections | ssh newfs dpkg --set-selections; ssh newfs -t aptitude install -y04:28
chrismsnz... will show you a list of packages specifically installed (i.e. not as a dependency), right?04:29
chrismsnzprobably what he was after :)04:29
SJroh thanks04:30
SJrthat is way better than I would have expected04:30
twbchrismsnz: try it :P04:31
twbchrismsnz: dpkg --get-selections lists *all* installed packages04:31
SJrwill that work even if some packages aren't the same04:31
twb"auto-installedness" is something that only occurs above dpkg's level of visibility -- historically in aptitude, but also now in apt as at 0.804:31
twb(In /var/lib/apt/extended_states)04:32
twbTo list all manually-requested packages, you would want a query along these lines:04:35
twbaptitude search --disable-columns -F%p '?installed ?not(?automatic)'04:35
sjr_My system just died04:40
sjr_can you repeat those commands :)04:40
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twbGuess what I just found05:19
twbapt-mark showauto05:19
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sjr_it's a shame I'm already in the process of reformating, Mr. TWD05:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #633789 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63378905:46
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t3cki3hey poeple.. i need help with samba on my ubuntu machine05:55
sjr_what do you need to know?05:56
t3cki3is this the right place or do i need to go to the samba room ?? please let me know... thanks in advance05:56
t3cki3i have installed swat, and i have configured it.. i just need to share a folder05:56
t3cki3not too familliar with SWAT for SAMBA05:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #633811 in irqbalance (main) "package irqbalance 0.56-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: failed to read on buffer copy for md5hash: Input/output error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63381107:01
WalterNok. I think I have dovecot and postfix mostly set up, also have reverse DNS for my domain name...07:08
WalterNnow.. how do I actually add an email account?07:08
WalterNwent though https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html07:09
jmarsdenWalterN: If you set it up in the default fashion, every user on your machine *is* an email account.07:09
WalterNand https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dovecot-server.html07:09
WalterNjmarsden: what does that mean?07:11
jmarsdenIf you want more email users, add more Unix users... there is no difference, unless you configured postfix and dovecot for virtual domains etc etc.07:12
jmarsdenHave you tried sending email to walter@yourdomain.com from some other system?  (if you log in to your Ubuntu server as walter)07:13
jmarsdenWalterN: If you want, tell me your domain name and username and I'll send you a test email :)07:14
WalterNserver and tiwake.com... but that failed..07:15
jmarsdentiwake.com has an MX that points to smtp.secureserver.net.07:16
WalterNdo I need to add a subdomain or something called server?07:16
jmarsdenSo email to user@tiwake.com will go there, not to your machine07:16
jmarsdenIf your server is to be the email server for the tiwake.com domain, you need to edit that MX record to tell the Internet to send email for tiwake.com to your server, not to smtp.secureserver.net.07:17
WalterNoh I see, was wondering about that..07:17
WalterNok, changed that... how long do I need to wait?07:19
WalterNlike an hour or whatever like other changes made?07:20
WalterNjmarsden: how did you find out that MX record stuff?07:25
jmarsdenI used dig.07:25
jmarsdendig tiwake.com mx07:25
sjr_How do I scann for disks without rebooting07:28
jmarsdenUm.  Looks like you failed to configure your server to accept email for tiwake.com.  My mailserver log shows:07:28
jmarsdenSep  8 23:27:29 eclipse5 postfix/smtp[15113]: 5262156823C: to=<walter@tiwake.com>, relay=tiwake.com[]:25, delay=2.5, delays=0.01/0/2.2/0.26, dsn=5.7.1, status=bounced (host tiwake.com[] said: 554 5.7.1 <walter@tiwake.com>: Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command))07:28
WalterNserver is the username... heh07:29
jmarsdenMakes no difference, it didn't say user unknown, it said relaying denied... read the message :)07:29
jmarsden"Relay access denied" ... it does not believe it *is* tiwake.com, so it wanted to relay the email elsewhere...07:30
WalterNpostfix problem?07:31
jmarsdenPostfix configuration problem, yes.07:31
WalterNwhat should myhostname be?07:31
WalterNin postfix/main.cf07:32
jmarsdenYour host name.  somename.tiwake.com, probably.  pastebin me the output of postfix -n somewhere and I'll look through it.07:33
WalterNjmarsden: should line 34 be tiwake.com instead of mail.tiwake.com?07:44
jmarsdenYes, either instead of or in addition to.07:45
WalterNis that the problem though?07:45
jmarsdenProbably.  Fix it and reload postfix, and I'll retest for you.07:45
WalterNok, so I added tiwake.com to that list07:46
jmarsdenand reloaded postfix?07:46
jmarsdenTested, that worked, you should have my test email now.07:47
WalterNnow to find out where it is07:47
jmarsdenType mail or mutt or whatever email program you run on the server!07:48
WalterNhavent yet07:48
jmarsdenIf desperate, try    less $MAIL07:51
WalterNusing the default email account07:55
WalterNemail client, evolution07:55
jmarsdenThere is no such thing as a "default email account".  Evolution?  On a server???  What are you doing running GUI clients on a server?07:55
WalterNcause I can07:56
jmarsdenWastes RAM and lowers system security.  The Ubuntu Server install does not install a GUI.  By design.07:57
WalterNso on the receiving email section in evolution, what do I put in for server?07:59
WalterNjust my domain name?07:59
SpamapSjmarsden: it could raise system security. What if he wants to run an isolated "off network" server?08:02
jmarsdenGiven that he wants it to receive email from the Internet, which I just helped him configure, that seems... unlikely.08:03
SpamapSthe biggest threat to the server is probably the network port, not a GUI. :)08:03
jmarsdenCool, you can help him with Evolution then :)08:03
* SpamapS could if he weren't.. sooo.. tired... yaawwwwn08:03
WalterNmail_location = mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u08:10
WalterNthere is nothing in that file :/08:11
jmarsdenDid you configure dovecot for Maildir inboxes?  less /var/spool/mail/server really shows an empty file?08:12
WalterNnothing in that file08:12
jmarsdenAnd... Did you configure dovecot for Maildir inboxes?08:13
WalterNno, mbox08:13
jmarsdenSeems odd.  Read your server logs.  Your server told mine that it accepted the email from me...08:14
jmarsdenSep  8 23:47:09 eclipse5 postfix/smtp[25576]: 4D01756838D: to=<server@tiwake.com>, relay=tiwake.com[]:25, delay=2.1, delays=0.02/0/1.4/0.7, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 87844C22C8)08:14
WalterNinteresting... there is my email.. says it saved it08:17
jmarsdenOK, so it handed it to deliver.  So where did deliver put it?  Check (and pastebin) your dovecot.conf file.  BTW, I'm not going to stay awake/at the keyboard much longer :)08:22
jmarsdenOK.  What does    less ~server/mbox   show you?08:29
WalterNheh, no such file or directory08:30
jmarsdenOK, any sign of ~server/mail08:31
WalterNthere is a ~server/mail/.imap/inbox/dovecot.index.log08:34
WalterNthats it08:34
WalterNat the bottom of the dovecot config file should be where its saving the file though08:35
WalterNline 128708:36
jmarsdenOK... I'm out of time, I'm afraid.  I agree, but it doesn't seem to be there now.  So either it was put somewhere else, or something (Evolution? some other email client?) already grabbed it and did whatever it wanted to with it.08:37
WalterNTTFN, thanks08:37
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twister004guys please confirm.. samba is used to mount windows dirs in linux env?.. or the other way round?09:38
mamactwister004, with samba you can share data on linux server so windows clients can access to it09:40
mamacyou can also share printers with samba09:43
Gand you can also, as twister004 said, use the Samba client to mount Windows shares....09:48
ruben23guys i have installed linux-source but i ncat find the file of the linux source.09:55
ruben23i do this --> apt-get install linux-source09:55
mamacisn't linux-source kernel sources?09:57
ruben23mamac: but where can i find its file..?09:57
Gruben23: what are you trying to do?09:58
Gi.e. what type of file are you after?09:58
ruben23im installing an asterisk application whihc require kernel source, and during install it says cant find any kernel sources on my system09:59
Gruben23: grab the linux-headers package09:59
ruben23 G: how to do that..? where i get it..?10:01
ruben23http://pastebin.com/9mrKHrQp <----------i got this error10:03
ruben23 G:  what could be the problem10:09
mamacruben23, what is the output of uname -r ?10:13
ruben23i cant fine any files like linux source.10:20
mamacwhat version of linux headers is installed ?10:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #633891 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.6 failed to install/upgrade:" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63389111:21
timmillwoodlooking for a great place to back out office nas & internal dev server to. currently use s3 and s3sync, but seems a bit unreliable and not easy to monitor.11:24
jribtimmillwood: me too :)11:25
timmillwoodjrib: found anything good?11:26
sherrtimmillwood: By "back out" you mean transfer to the "cloud"?11:27
jribtimmillwood: I have not.  Like you I was looking for some trusted recommendations11:27
timmillwoodsherr: by "back out" I mean "backup"11:27
jribtimmillwood: I'm just looking for a place I can use rsnapshot with11:29
sherrThere are many hosting providers around. I've used Fasthosts for a year (RHEL5) without problems. Also look at Linode, Rackspace etc.11:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #633912 in mysql-5.1 (main) "Ubuntu 10.04 ./. MySQL ./. Konfiguring InnoDB-Plugin for MySQL will not work, because of AppArmor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63391211:41
loolHmm for some reason, lucid's apache2 doesn't seem to listen to v6 addresses by default for me11:56
loolI can't figure out why though11:56
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Patrickdkstrange, it works fine here, lucid apache2 on 6 different machines using ipv6 (4 of them are just default installs no configuration just for testing different things)12:03
loolSo I created a lucid virtual machine with vm-builder on lucid12:06
looladded a virtualhost12:06
looland wget http://ip6-localhost doens't work, while localhost works12:06
loolI don't have any public ipv6 address in this vm, but I do have ::112:07
loolI wonder if that's the reason12:07
cemchow's vserver support in 10.04 ?12:09
Patrickdkheh, works fine on mine12:10
Patrickdkwget ip6-localhost12:10
Patrickdkdid you check your /etc/hosts file and make sure ip6-localhost was defined correctly?12:11
Patrickdkor did you modify the ip's that apache binds to?12:11
loolPatrickdk: I left the default; yes, it's defined to ::112:19
loolI didn't touch the IP apache2 binds to12:19
loolI did try to once looking into the problem, but I actually didn't manage to pass an IPv6 with Listen [::1]:80, it got rejected12:20
jpdslool: What does "netstat -ltun | grep 80" show?12:20
looljpds: tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN12:21
lool(and some :8080 listeners)12:21
jpdslool: Hmm, no tcp6? :::80 ?12:21
looljpds: Exactly, no tcp6; the :8080 java process has a tcp6 though tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN12:21
looland I can connect to http://ip6-localhost:8080 fine12:22
loolso at least it's not the system, but really just apache212:22
jpdslool: Is your VirtualHost declartion: *:80 ?12:22
looljpds: the virtualhost itself has: <VirtualHost *:80>12:23
loolapache2 has the defaults in ports.conf:12:23
loolNameVirtualHost *:8012:23
loolListen 8012:23
loolthe default virtualhost has <VirtualHost *:80>12:23
loolaha, on the host server, w3m http://ip6-localhost works12:24
loolso either I have a small config difference, or the routing does matter12:24
loolI added a routable ipv6 to the vm with ip addr add 2a01:e35:8a6e:xxxxxxxx/64 dev eth012:26
looland that worked after restarting apache212:26
looljpds, Patrickdk: ^12:27
jpdsAh, native v6 from Free, nice.12:27
loolwell I don't actually propagate it to that vm, just having some route probably changed glibc's or apache2's behavior12:27
JeffP-BRHello All. I'm in trouble installing Ubuntu Server from a pen drive in a machine without cdrom drive. The boot process is ok but the ubuntu installer stay asking for a CD rom drive. How to solve this issue?12:40
pmatulisJeffP-BR: which release?12:50
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JeffP-BRpmatulis, I'm trying 10.10 Server.12:52
pmatulis JeffP-BR: maybe a regression of bug 40356012:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 403560 in debian-installer "[Karmic] Cannot install from USB device" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40356012:56
pmatulisJeffP-BR: maybe ask in #ubuntu-installer12:57
pmatulisor #ubuntu+112:57
JeffP-BRThanks pmatulis I'll look this.13:00
patdk-wklool, heh? you attempted to connect to localhost on that vm, from a different machine? that so isn't going work :)13:08
loolpatdk-wk: No, I attempted to connected to the same vm using IPv613:08
loolin fact, I'm using the vm's own hostname13:08
loole.g. wget http://$host/file13:09
looland that first warns because IPv6 fails, then uses IPv413:09
patdk-wk"aha, on the host server, w3m http://ip6-localhost works13:11
patdk-wk so either I have a small config difference, or the routing does matter"13:11
patdk-wkI guess I totally don't understand what you where saying13:11
loolpatdk-wk: The bug is in a vm13:21
loolpatdk-wk: I don't have the bug outside of the vm, on the host, which also runs apache213:21
patdk-wkwhat kind of vm?13:21
loolpatdk-wk: The reason I don't is because the host has ipv6 connectivity, while the vm has not13:21
patdk-wkwell, by definition, it shouldn't make a difference13:22
patdk-wkbut it doesn't sound like your using a real vm13:22
patdk-wkI know openvm has all kinds of ipv6 issues13:23
patdk-wkI haven't had any issues at all with vmware or xen13:23
loolpatdk-wk: I'm using a kvm13:24
loolI just finished filing LP #633981 on this issue13:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 633981 in apache2 "apache2 doens't listen on ::1 when there is no routable IPv6 address" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63398113:24
patdk-wkhmm, I don't know much about kvm13:25
loolpatdk-wk: I don't think it relates to the type of vm, the problem is in userspace since adding an ipv6 address causes apache2 to listen13:25
looland other software on the same host behaves fine13:25
patdk-wkif that was the case, I would have the same issue on 4 vm's13:25
loolpatdk-wk: Indeed, you don't?13:26
patdk-wknope, never have had an issue13:26
loolpatdk-wk: this is on lucid; w3m http://ip6-localhost doesn't work in the default config13:26
loolpatdk-wk: Do your vm have routable ipv6 addresses?13:27
patdk-wkI guess I could disable them all13:27
patdk-wkbut as I'm using radvd on the network, that isn't so easy13:27
loolpatdk-wk: Well you confirm my experience then, since you do have routable addresses in your vms, it works13:28
loolI don't which is why it doens't work13:28
loolI don't run radvd on the host; the host itself has ipv6, and the vm have link-local ipv6 to the post and node-local ipv6 (::1)13:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #633981 in apache2 (main) "apache2 doens't listen on ::1 when there is no routable IPv6 address" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63398113:31
ssureshotdoes the packaged tomcat6 installation in lucid work out of the box or does it need tweaked like in karmic13:37
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incorrectwhat causes a system to appear in nautilus's network:// list?13:39
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incorrectthere doesn't seem to be a really good solution to share files between win/mac and linux,  i've found webdav to work pretty well, but i don't see a way to do user directories14:05
giovaniincorrect: samba is typically the method used14:06
incorrectgiovani, hence i said 'really good'14:06
giovaniincorrect: webdav is definitely not better than samba14:06
giovanifor file sharing14:06
incorrectsamba has issues, such as i can't easily use user accounts from my ldap server14:06
patdk-wkI have never had issues with samba, works fine14:06
incorrectwell my bench marks would suggest otherwise14:07
giovaniincorrect: really? we do it here quite easily ...14:07
patdk-wkya, you can use ldap directly with samba14:07
patdk-wkor use it via nsswitch14:07
incorrectdo you disable encrypted passwords?14:07
incorrectthen how do you auth users?14:08
incorrectyou must have a split password problem14:08
patdk-wkhmm, I should check, it just worked :)14:08
patdk-wkencrypt passwords = true14:09
giovaniincorrect: I don't know why you think you can't encrypt passwords over the wire and still use LDAP as a backend14:09
incorrectgiovani, because of the way it stores the password,14:09
giovanithe way what stores the password?14:10
incorrectyou need to load on another schema to ldap to store its password14:10
giovaniyou're not being clear or specific14:10
incorrectok let me dig out the info14:11
incorrectyou have to load /etc/ldap/schema/samba.schema14:11
incorrectthis gives you another field in which your smb password is stored14:12
incorrectso if you do passwd it changes another field leaving your smb password split14:12
giovaninot if you're using pam/nsswitch to handle ldap auth14:13
giovaniwhich is the logical method14:13
incorrectand that will change the smbpasswd field too?14:14
giovanino, you don't need a separate field14:14
giovanibecause the system is authing against the regular password field14:14
incorrectok so i shouldn't need that schema14:15
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MagicFabJeffP-BR, still around ?14:37
MagicFabpmatulis, this is what I mentioned earlier: http://identi.ca/notice/4874085714:39
pmatulisMagicFab: thx14:40
eriksson25Hi, need help. Want to know my options. Have a mdadm raid 5 array with 6*1TB disks and added 2*2tb disk. But only gained 1,5TB since the disks are difrent size. What are my options to solve this?14:51
patdk-wkpartition the 2tb disks as two 1tb disks :)14:51
eriksson25I was thinking of that, someone told me it wouldent work.14:52
patdk-wkjoin one partition of each into the raid5, and make a new raid1 with the other 1tb14:52
patdk-wksomeone is fouled14:52
Gyeah that'd work14:52
patdk-wkremove the 1tb disks, and replace with 2tb :)14:52
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patdk-wkjoin all 4 new 1tb partitions to the raid5 (and loose 2 disks basically if one of those 2tb drives fail)14:53
eriksson25Will I have to use lvm to add the two arrays together?14:53
patdk-wkif you want to join them, yep14:53
patdk-wkI personally keep mine seperate14:53
eriksson25What do you meen with loosing both if one disk goes down?14:54
patdk-wkif you split a 2tb drive into two 1tb partitions14:54
patdk-wkthen join both 1tb partitions into the raid514:54
patdk-wkyou loose two raid5 disks, if that 2tb drive fails14:54
eriksson25Would the raid survive it?14:54
patdk-wkif it was raid6, it could14:55
eriksson25Or do I need to change to raid 6 for it to survive it?14:55
eriksson25Can I change it with data in place?14:55
patdk-wkI'm just listing options (not how good they are) :)14:55
patdk-wkI dunno14:55
eriksson25ofc, thax for that =)14:55
patdk-wkI haven't attempted that14:55
patdk-wksomeone said you could with mdadm 3.x14:55
patdk-wkbut not wih 2.6, that is in lucid14:56
patdk-wkbut I dunno how true that is14:56
eriksson25I see14:56
patdk-wkworst case then, get a utility bootable cd, with newer mdadm on it, convert, then use ubuntu again14:56
PiciI guess I'm raid-stupid.14:57
eriksson25a raid 1 with two 1tb partitions I would get 1TB storage right?14:57
eriksson25So total loss on my both 2tb disks is 1tb.14:57
eriksson25If I would get a third 2tb disk. And make that 3*1tb partit on my old array. And another raid 5 array with 3*1TB partitions I would still only loose 1TB. And have two raid 5 arrays right?14:59
patdk-wkhttp://www.sysresccd.org is my fav little utility iso cd15:00
patdk-wkit has 3.1 mdadm, so it should be able to convert no problems15:00
patdk-wkif you want to do that15:00
patdk-wkI personally would just do the 1tb partitions, make a raid1, and use them as seperate disks, and when you upgrade the others, backup the data off the 1tb, expand the raid, then restore the data15:01
eriksson25Well, I am remote administrating a friends server. So Guess its not that good idee =) 400km aside.15:01
Bondihas anybody got openldap to work with samba for windows clients to connect?15:08
gathraiginHi all, just a quick question, I looking to setup an ubuntu server as a kvm host system, the host has a second hdd mounted as the data storage. Is it possible to access that data storage from a single or multiple kvm guests?15:22
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incorrectsamba makes me cry15:46
incorrectits so rubbish15:46
incorrectthere has got to be an alternative network FS that works between different systems15:46
giovanisure, but they're not well-supported15:48
giovaniNFS, AFS/Coda15:48
giovaniall have pretty mediocre windows support15:48
giovaniand are much harder than samba to get working properly15:48
incorrectgiovani, i was right about the split password sync issue15:49
giovaniif you're using direct ldap from samba, sure15:50
giovanibut don't do that15:50
incorrectldap from samba? what do you mean15:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #634085 in vsftpd (main) "package vsftpd 2.2.2-3ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63408515:51
giovaniincorrect: instead of using system auth15:52
giovaniwhich you can have refer to ldap15:52
giovaniwhich is what I recommended15:52
incorrectso my nsswitch looks like passwd: files ldap-samba-bridge ?15:53
incorrectso everything that auths off ldap needs to find some sort of bridge method15:53
giovanidepends on your setup -- probably more like this -- passwd:     compat15:53
giovanipasswd_compat: ldap15:53
giovanishadow:     compat15:53
giovanishadow_compat: ldap15:53
incorrectwell that will break a lot of other stuff that goes direct15:56
giovanibreak what?15:56
hggdhDaviey: the rig is yours for an update (cempedak, mabolo, marula, santol)15:56
incorrectwell i have a number of sites going direct15:57
giovaniI don't know what you mean15:57
giovaniwhy would allowing PAM to use LDAP auth break applications using LDAP directly?15:57
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incorrectwell if they change their password in ldap its going to break the samba auth having a split password15:58
giovani... not if you point samba to use PAM15:58
incorrectso this is a change in smb.conf not nsswitch15:59
giovaniit's both15:59
pmatulisspeaking of PAM, i see that common-session is called upon logout but not shutdown & reboot.  normal?16:03
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incorrectgiovani, i don't see anyone doing anything similar so what you are suggesting16:27
ruben23how to tar and  zip directory on  linux server16:45
eriksson25Hi, I added 2*2tb disks to my mdadm raid 5 array with 6*1tb disks. Now I want to remove them so I can partition them and do it corect. But dont find any information on how to shrink a array and remove disks.17:15
patdk-wkdid you add the whole disk? or just a 2tb partition?17:17
eriksson25Whole disk, stupid as I was. I think atleast. Can check.17:18
patdk-wkheh, /dev/sdf vs /dev/sdf117:18
eriksson25Checking now17:19
eriksson25whole disk, sdk/sdi17:20
patdk-wkya, if it was a partition, would be easy17:20
eriksson25Looks like I did everything wrong =/17:20
patdk-wkwell, the other way to do it17:21
patdk-wkis figure out exactly how much space the raid is using on the drive17:22
patdk-wkmake a partition (unformatted)17:22
patdk-wkthen do a reverse direction dd to move it17:22
eriksson25The two 2TB disks shuldent be used at all right now, but not 100% sure17:23
SpamapSeriksson25: if you added the completely to the raid5 .. then the stripes and everything were rearranged to use the two new disks..17:29
SpamapSeriksson25: shrinking is usually a lot harder than growing. :)17:29
eriksson25I know =/17:29
SpamapSeriksson25: if you can tolerate downtime, you're probably better off with a full backup/restore17:30
patdk-wkmy wife thinks I shrink way too easily17:30
* SpamapS <barump bump CHING>17:30
eriksson25The problem is it feels stupid to waste like 2.5TB17:30
SpamapSeriksson25: its not. disk is cheap. :)17:31
eriksson25Well, sure, but not that cheap.17:31
eriksson25Wasting GB is no problem, and a few hundred GB sure. Bur....17:31
SpamapSwhat are 1TB vs. 2TB these days? $80 vs. $150?17:32
eriksson25Some thing like that.17:32
eriksson25Well, I will tell him to add every thing. And then next time its time to buy disk. He will have to buy disks so that he can move everything from md0 do the new md1.17:33
eriksson25Think thats the easiest way.17:34
zulhggdh: is there a machine on the uec testrig i can use?17:35
hggdhzul: I thought you were using sapodilla/soncoya...17:36
eriksson25Say buy 4 new 2*2tb. Creating a array, move everything there. Desolve the md0 and move the 2 2tb disks to the md1. And then recreate the md0 array with only 1tb disks.17:36
zulhggdh: oh...i forgot about the other machine :)17:36
hggdhzul: no probs, enjoy17:37
robbiewkirkland: http://cloudusb.net/17:42
b0gatyrHi everyone, I have created a subversion repo that I  need apache to have read access to it, how can I do this in ubuntu?17:53
RoyKb0gatyr: that's quite well documented in the svnbook...17:55
RoyKb0gatyr: you might want to create an apache virtualhost for it, but that's not very different from what's explained in the svnbook17:55
RoyKalso, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion17:56
b0gatyrI created a virtualhost for websvn, but websvn is complaining about not having enough rights to access my repo17:57
RoyKcan the www-user read (or write) those files?17:57
RoyKls -ld /path/to/repo17:57
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b0gatyri have drwxr-x---17:59
RoyKbut what user/group owns the file?17:59
b0gatyrand its own by a user called "rancid"17:59
RoyKdo you want apache to be able to read and write from that?18:00
b0gatyrand rancid as well18:00
RoyKchown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/repo18:00
RoyKwell, user rancid should use apache to connect to the repo18:01
RoyKyou really don't want to mix direct access and http access18:01
resnoa friend and i intend to setup a honey pot server for us to play with. how can i best set it up, so we can monitor everything going on with it?18:01
b0gatyrRoyK: the thing is that rancid is a user that was created when I installed "rancid apt-get install rancid"18:01
b0gatyrand rancid is the owner of this directory, and when rancid runs it runs as rancid18:02
b0gatyrdunno if that makes any sense18:02
RoyKwhat does rancid do?18:03
RoyKcisco config manager something?18:03
b0gatyrit logs into each of my cisco routers copies configs and stores them in subversion for me to view with websvn (apache)18:03
b0gatyrand compare revisions etc ..18:03
b0gatyrand apache needs access to the repo which owned by rancid18:04
WalterNdoes somebody have a dovecot.conf they want to pastebin?18:04
RoyKthen check out the svn tree, have rancid store the new revisions, svn ci, done18:04
WalterNsomething screwy is going on, donno what18:04
RoyKb0gatyr: as I said, mixing direct access and http access is a bad idea18:04
b0gatyrRoyK: not sure if I follow, what should I do then?18:05
RoyKb0gatyr: I guess you have a script doing this today?18:05
b0gatyrno just followed a guide18:06
RoyKjust change how rancid accesses the svn repo18:06
b0gatyrsorry, but how do I do that?18:07
RoyK1: make the svn repo available through apache18:07
RoyKcd /path/to/workdir18:07
RoyKsvn co http://whatever18:07
RoyKfrom there, run rancid18:08
b0gatyri'll try doing that. Thank you18:09
resnoshould i just use an intrusion detection system?18:10
b0gatyrRoyK: one last thing, if I do "chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/repo" you think rancid will have any problem running ?18:11
RoyKresno: snort will probably work well18:11
RoyKb0gatyr: if it tries to access the repo directly, yes, if it tries to use http access, no18:11
b0gatyrCan I make the directory readable by both rancid and www-data?18:12
RoyK[18:58]  <RoyK> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:12
* incorrect bangs his head against the wall18:19
incorrecti hate samba soo much18:20
incorrectmaybe not samba's fault i hate it either18:20
RoyKincorrect: something incorrect in the config? :)18:20
incorrectRoyK, no what is getting my goat, is following, if i want to auth samba against pam i have to remove the encrypted passwords, so that is a no go18:21
incorrectgoing to all the grief of migrating my current ldap setup is a huge pita18:22
RoyKincorrect: that's by design - encrypted passwords means it's encrypted on the client side, sent encrypted to the server, and then the server cannot check that against its locally encrypted password, since that's using another algorithm18:22
incorrect... i know what the problem is18:23
RoyKwell, the problem's not samba's18:23
incorrectlike i said its not samba's fault i hate it18:23
RoyKincorrect: you could setup a DC somewhere, either a samba NT4-like DC or a windoze DC and use that18:23
incorrectand how would that help having split user/passwd's?18:24
RoyKthen you can leave the authentication to the DC18:24
incorrectand migrate all my nodes over to a DC?18:24
incorrectno thanks18:24
incorrectbuy windows18:24
incorrectno thanks18:24
RoyKwell, you can setup samba as a DC as well18:25
incorrectsee about to my thoughts on that :D18:26
RoyKhow many samba servers?18:26
incorrectwell just one, its the number of users18:26
incorrectand having them with two different passwords18:26
RoyKwell, use ldap18:26
RoyKwe still have to support NT4 in our network18:27
incorrect... and how do you get round the original problem even in ldap you have to store two passwords18:27
RoyKnow _that_ is a pain18:27
RoyKincorrect: no need for two passwords if using ldap - linux can authenticate with ldap instead of native /etc/passwd etc18:27
incorrectRoyK, yes i have that18:28
incorrectand to get the MD4 smb password to the {SHA} ?18:28
patdk-wkyou have the passwords stored in ldap encrypted though18:28
patdk-wkthat won't work18:28
patdk-wkif you use encryption on the wire, you have to store plaintext passwords18:29
qman__I'd do the reverse, though18:29
incorrectwell i am not going to leave them unencrypted18:29
patdk-wkif you store encrypted on the server, you have to pass plaintext over the wire18:29
qman__md4 is not secure18:29
patdk-wkthere is no real insecurity in storing the passwords on your server in plaintext18:29
patdk-wkunless you don't trust your server18:29
patdk-wkand since the server needs the plaintext to check it18:30
patdk-wkit's still going have plaintext at some point18:30
qman__store the passwords secure, transmit plaintext, and secure the network they're transmitted over18:30
incorrecti don't trust people visiting the server18:30
RoyKqman__: and exactly how do you do that? making a switch work as a hub merely requires an arp spoof attack18:30
patdk-wkqman, heh, I wish I could get pop users to do that :)18:30
incorrectso when a user does getent shadow :)18:31
patdk-wkroyk, easy solution, ipsec policys on all machines :)18:31
incorrectthat should be funny18:31
qman__well, if you have rogue attackers plugging in, you've got bigger problems18:31
RoyKpatdk-wk: heh18:31
qman__and md4 is not going to solve that18:31
incorrectmd4 is what smb uses to encrypt iirc18:31
incorrectmaybe they use something else now18:32
patdk-wkit's what microsoft uses, pre-vista?18:32
patdk-wkor is that what is new?18:32
qman__LM, NTLM, NTLM2, all easily reversed18:32
patdk-wkah, so current is md418:32
qman__you'd need to use kereberos or something else18:32
RoyKkerberos is fairly safe18:33
RoyKdoesn't vista etc use kerberos?18:33
qman__yeah, when plugged into a domain18:33
qman__but if they're on an XP/2003 or older non-domain network, they accept NTLM218:33
RoyKthere's works in progress to make samba play AD DC18:33
incorrectwhy waste time, why not create a new network file system18:34
qman__because there are only about a billion of those already18:35
qman__and windows uses SMB18:35
qman__the whole point is being compatible with windows18:35
patdk-wkheh? why not just use sftp?18:35
RoyKincorrect: SMB2 is a new one18:35
RoyKincorrect: and it's quite a bit better, especially on WAN links18:35
qman__higher data rates18:35
incorrectif it gets round this problem i will be happy18:36
patdk-wkit won't18:36
RoyKSMB/CIFS is _very_ chattery, which is _not_ a good idea on slow links18:36
patdk-wkyou can't encrypt the password with a one way hash over the wire and on the server both, at the same time18:36
RoyKpatdk-wk: you can, if they use the same hash18:37
patdk-wkunless you do it the microsft way, without a salt :)18:37
patdk-wkthen it's just a password, plaintext again, basically18:37
RoyKpatdk-wk: I don't get it - what does ssh do then?18:38
patdk-wkssh do when?18:38
RoyKpatdk-wk: what is so insecure about the M$ way of transmitting passwords?18:39
RoyKfor instance LM218:39
patdk-wkthe password never changes18:39
patdk-wkI can replay it18:40
RoyKyou sure?18:40
patdk-wkwho cares if the password you type is different18:40
RoyKI thought it used a challenge handshake18:40
RoyKas in 'hey, encrypt your password with 19286749128349769346518:41
patdk-wkmaybe for ntlm218:41
patdk-wkI don't know ntlm2 :)18:41
RoyKntlm1 is quite ancient18:41
RoyKit's been 10+ years since M$ stopped using that18:41
patdk-wkbut that gets to the same point though18:42
patdk-wkif you encrypt password with random number18:42
RoyKnot really18:42
patdk-wkyou must know the plaintext password on the server18:42
RoyKyou just need to encrypt the _hash_ with a random number18:42
patdk-wkthen how can you check it?18:43
patdk-wkso your encrypting the hash with a random number18:43
patdk-wkand storing the hash18:43
RoyKhave the hash stored at the server, ask the client to encrypt the hash18:43
patdk-wkso still, I only needed to know the hash18:43
zortoni'm having trouble with my qlogic fibre channel HBA.  the qla2xxx driver seems to cme up and loop is up but I don't see the scsi layer picking up on an luns18:43
patdk-wkstill easy to replay, just need the hash18:43
incorrectmy theory is that its easy to install a client on windows and get it to work than it is to work around this design flaw in smb18:43
qman__SMB2 is usually about 20% faster18:43
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incorrecti would love to create a drbd back ended samba box that auth'd off ldap18:43
incorrectthat would rock18:43
qman__I was at an event where the NSA demonstrated a box they brought there called brutus, which was able to decrypt NTLM2 hashes off the wire in real-time18:43
incorrectright now the best i can do is a webdav system with haproxy in tcp lb mode18:43
qman__while not everyone has that kind of power, it is still easy to do such a thing in a matter of hours or days18:43
incorrectright well samba will just have to be its own little island of user account18:43
incorrectwow i am lagged18:43
patdk-wkso storing the plaintext vs hash on the server is no different18:43
RoyKpatdk-wk: so how does ssh solve this problem?18:43
patdk-wkI never said ssh solved it18:44
patdk-wkhe asked for alternate filesharing methods, sftp18:44
patdk-wkpassword can be encrypted with salt on server18:44
patdk-wkssh logs in via pam18:45
jpdsYou have salt on your servers?18:45
patdk-wkjpds, it keeps the humidity down :)18:46
jpdsI suppose it makes the chips taste better.18:46
zortonmake sure it's iodized salt that way you get all the minerals you need18:46
qman__ssh just works around it by never transmitting over an insecure link18:46
qman__it establishes a safe chennel with PKI18:47
qman__the problem with NTLM2 is that there is no infrastructure, so there's no way around the problem18:47
qman__domains, which have an infrastructure, use kerberos instead18:47
RoyKqman__: IIRC with CIFS, all authentication is encrypted the same way as with ssh18:48
qman__can't be, there's no keys18:48
qman__if they do, it's with a much weaker system18:49
incorrectCIFS is just an 'official' subset of the smb api18:49
incorrectof CIFS's encrypted the connection then i would have no issue sending a plaintext password18:49
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Tim_Rcan somebody tell me how to remove symbolic link18:54
Tim_Rthanks patdk-wk18:57
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Tim_Rnow I have a other question how do I get this link domain.com/squirrelmail/src/login.php back to domain.com18:58
mfilipehi! I want add an user config in my apache2, so do I add in conf.d/ or httpd.conf?19:01
jcastrozul: quick link to your daily server PPAs pls?19:02
zuljcastro: hold on19:09
mfilipehi! I want add an user config in my apache2, so do I add in conf.d/ or httpd.conf?19:12
qman__mfilipe, httpd.conf is only included for historical reasons, custom configs should be in logically separated files in conf.d/19:13
qman__either will work, though19:13
qman__it should be noted that site configuration is separate, in sites-available/19:16
qman__and sites are enabled with a2ensite19:16
mfilipeqman__: ok, thanks! :)19:16
cemcI have an ubuntu 10.04 with squid installed. the internet is an adsl which may or may not be available at boot. squid won't start because of 'dns tests failed'. there is an option for it ( -D ), but I don't know exactly where to add it19:27
cemc(I don't want to edit the init.d/ scripts if there's a better way)19:28
jribcemc: pretty sure there's no better way but reading the init.d script should make it obvious if there is or not19:28
SpamapScemc: /etc/default/squid may be of help19:30
cemcnot really help, but after lookin in /etc/init/squid.conf, I figured it out19:32
cemcthere really should be a comment in /etc/default/squid19:32
cemcthanks jrib and SpamapS19:33
jribcemc: ah yeah, squid probably has some configuration file.  If -D can be achieved that way, that's probably better (as SpamapS suggested)19:34
cemcit actually has, but you have to look in the upstart squid conf file to know what to put in the default/squid conf file ;)19:35
FusionXi was banned from #ubuntu due to my bnc's server problem (join/quit spam) while i was away. CAN THE OPS PLZ UNBAN ME?19:35
jribcemc: ah, cool19:35
jribFusionX: #ubuntu-ops19:35
FusionXok thanks19:36
simplexi1:), i saw that join/quit spam..19:45
simplexi1little suprised that you still use same nick19:45
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simplexioFusionX: on same ime ther.mention about those floodbots19:47
FusionXoh no that wasn't a flood bot19:48
FusionXits a bnc's server problem19:48
FusionXi was away while it happened19:48
FusionXi'll have to ask manually on all the 15 channels for the unban19:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #634338 in squid (main) "/etc/default/squid option missing in Lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63433819:51
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uvirtbotNew bug: #634359 in php5 (main) "php-pear should depend on php5-dev" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63435920:16
WalterNI cant figure out whats wrong with dovecot/postfix20:21
WalterNit will receive an email fine20:22
WalterNno errors20:22
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WalterNbut it does not saving it to the mbox file20:22
WalterNhttp://pastebin.com/XJUkz61k is the configuration file20:22
WalterNwhat do the permissions need to be for the mbox file?20:27
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WalterNany ideas?20:41
zoopsterWalterN: you are saying there is nothing in /var/spool/mail/server? it appears %u=server20:44
WalterNnothing in that file20:44
WalterNvar/spool/mail just points to var/mail though20:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #634388 in openssh (main) ""/etc/init.d/ssh stop" doesn't stop sshd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63438820:46
zoopsterI must maildir and ownership of maildir is mail:mail20:47
hggdhDaviey: still there?20:48
WalterNso the owner should be mail:mail?20:49
WalterNright now I have it set to server:mail20:50
WalterNcould it be saving the mail somewhere else?20:50
WalterNor is that the default location?20:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #634406 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-client-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysql', which is also in package mysql-client-core-5.1 0:5.1.41-3ubuntu12.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63440621:06
* RoyK just got a call from a friend trying to install xubuntu on an old pII with 128 megs of RAM.....21:06
Davieyhggdh, sort of21:18
hggdhDaviey: the upgrade seems to have failed... everything is correctly upgraded (and I stopped all euca* services before upgrading)21:19
Davieyhggdh, I expected it to fail TBH21:19
hggdhany specific reason?21:19
Davieyhggdh, I think the db schema needs a bump21:19
Davieyone moment21:19
Davieyhggdh, What topology is this?21:20
hggdhtopo3, CLC+Walrus, CC+SC, NC21:20
hggdhI see a series of 16:19:53 DEBUG [AbstractClusterMessageDispatcher:New I/O client worker #2-31] com.eucalyptus.ws.EucalyptusRemoteFault: Action:ProblemAction Code:soapenv:Sender Id:RelatesTo Error: Data element of the OM Node is NULL21:21
hggdhthis is a new error message for me21:21
Davieyyeah.. indication of db schema issue21:21
Davieyi scaratched my head for ages on that one! :)21:21
hggdhnot good...21:21
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Davieyhggdh, What machine is showing that?21:22
hggdhthe CLC21:22
nxvlkirkland: hi! I have an issue with byobu on maverick, i just ssh'd into my machine, but one program has my machine's screen size and it doesn't fit my current terminal, in the past i used to detach and byobu -dr and worked, but now i detach and lose ssh connection21:25
nxvlkirkland: is there any workaround?21:26
b0gatyrcan anyone point me in the right direction, trying to host two sites in apache2, but i would like the following http://ip/website1 and http://ip/website2 how can this be achieved?21:27
tomsdale_I just want to add a public key to my authorized_keys file but the format seems to be differen: It starts with ---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----  then has a Comment line and no declaration as to whether it's dsa or rsa. Will it work?21:31
tomsdale_b0gatyr: if they are just in an directory in the webroot you probably can use aliases in your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/... files.21:33
tomsdale_b0gatyr: Alias /website1 /var/www/website1     I wouldn't do this on a production server but I had it like this on my dev server.21:34
b0gatyrtomsdale_: yes they are both inside /var/www/website1 /var/www/website221:34
tomsdale_so yeah, basically this should work. Just put the alias under the DocumentRoot line and restart apache221:35
b0gatyrwhy is this not recommended for production?21:36
b0gatyrjust curious21:36
tomsdale_well, I won't consider it 'clean' :-) . I used this syntax on my development server. If you use things like url rewriting you can get into trouble if you work in a subdirectory.21:37
tomsdale_you might have different requirements and it might be just fine for you.21:38
b0gatyrok, thank you.21:39
monokromeHow can I change the default interface to send outbound data over when I have interface aliases setup for networking on multiple IPs over the same interface?22:05
monokromeIE, I have eth0 eth0:187, eth0:188, etc.22:06
monokromeand I want eth0 to be the default for outbound data22:06
Patrickdkhmm, you only have one interface :)22:07
Patrickdkyou need to stop using ifconfig, and start using ip :)22:08
monokromeand 5 interface aliases22:08
Patrickdkip addr show22:08
monokromewell that doesn't do what I'm asking22:08
monokromeI have 2 interfaces, but that's beside the point22:09
Patrickdkya, it can in an odd way22:09
monokromeoutbound data is being registered as coming from an alias22:09
Patrickdkbut what you looking for currently is probably: ip route show22:09
monokromeinstead of just eth022:09
Patrickdkand change the src address on those routes22:09
monokromescope global secondary eth0:19122:09
monokromethe one that all outbound data is going on is secondary22:09
Patrickdksecondary means nothing (except that it is an alias)22:10
monokromeso I SSH'd onto a server on the dedicated server's local network, and it looks like I configured it right because the SSH connection was on the "primary" address22:23
monokromeso I think RackSpace's router is just messing things up.22:24
Patrickdkit won't matter what ip you connect to22:24
Patrickdkthe only difference is what ip is used by default for outgoing connections from that server22:25
monokromeyea that's what I'm talking about.22:25
monokromeWe have one IP that is allowed to communicate with our building from that server, but it's trying to communicate from a disallowed one.22:25
Patrickdklogin to the problem server22:25
monokromeI am logged in22:26
monokromeI am SSH'd in, and if I access a remote website - I get the wrong IP.22:26
monokromeHowever, if I ssh to a sibling server it connects from the proper IP22:26
monokromeHence, the gateway is translating to bad IP22:26
Patrickdkrun this: wget -qO - http://cfaj.freeshell.org/ipaddr.cgi22:28
monokromethat will get the bad IP22:28
Patrickdkthat is your servers issue22:28
Patrickdkyou need to change the default ip :)22:28
Patrickdkor have whatever is using the bad ip, bind to the correct one22:29
monokromeYou aren't listening.22:29
monokromeI just told you that22:29
monokromebut if I connect to a _sibling server)22:29
monokromethen it uses the good IP22:29
monokromeso the router at rackspace is translating the address22:29
Patrickdkheh? sibling server?22:29
PatrickdkI doubt it's translating ip's22:29
monokromeYes. A server accessible on the same private network.22:30
Patrickdkthat is so against all internet routing stuff, unless you have a private ip block22:30
Patrickdkwhat are your ip's for that server?22:30
monokromeIf local connections report Ubuntu is outgoing on the right address, but anything past the firewall is outgoing on the wrong address then NAT is translating the IP poorly.22:31
Patrickdkactually, none of that matters :)22:31
Patrickdkas you can have completely different ip selected for local vs nonlocal ip's22:32
Patrickdkor even for just one place on the internet, vs another22:32
Patrickdkin ipv6, it's actually required22:32
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qman__if it was the router messing things up, you'd see a lot of broken TCP conversations with tcpdump22:52
qman__it's far more likely that the server is not requesting from the correct address22:53
monokromePatrickdk: I added another interface alias, and now it's using that one.23:03
monokromeroute shows this23:10
monokromeI don't know why it adds 5 identical routes to eth0. One for each interface alias?23:11
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pittstainsdoes anyone know if a list exists to identify the purpose of existing user groups?23:26
pittstainsfor instance, a fresh install gives you adm, admin, staff, etc23:26
pittstainsi'm looking for an equivalent of the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy, but for system groups :-D23:27
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Tim_Rcan anybody tell me how I can protect a directory on my server23:35
giovaniTim_R: you're going to have to be more detailed than that -- "protect" from whom?23:36
Tim_Rgiovani I want to protect from outside world23:37
Tim_Rprotect a directory from the outside world23:37
giovaniTim_R: I don't know what that means -- does the outside world include those with accounts on your server?23:37
Tim_Rlike /var/www/directory23:37
giovanido you have a web server serving the files in /var/www?23:38
Tim_Ryes I do giovani23:38
giovaniok, and you don't want the webserver to serve the files in /var/www/directory?23:38
Tim_Rnot to the outside23:38
giovaniI don't know what the "outside" is23:38
giovanithat's far too broad23:38
Tim_Rlike people like you23:39
Tim_Ri want be only access internal or by ip address23:39
giovaniyou can do that with an ".htaccess" file23:39
giovaniyou can limit the IPs that can access that directory23:40
Tim_Rwhere do I put that at23:40
giovaniyou put it in the directory itself23:40
giovaniyou can google for the syntax to do what you want23:40
Tim_Rwhen I tried the .htaccess it dont work23:40
giovanithen you probably didn't do it properly23:40
giovanior your web server is not reading the .htaccess file -- did you look in the apache/webserver logs?23:40
Tim_Rno I didnt23:41
giovaniwell time to do that23:41
vraahttp://home.golden.net/htaccess.html  -- "Restricting by IP Address"23:41
Tim_Rso I place the .htaccess into that directory I want to protect correct23:43
Tim_Rthen what after that23:43
giovani... then nothing23:43
Tim_RI tried to restart apache it dont do anything23:43
giovaniif it's written properly, and everything is configured properly, then it works23:43
giovaniyou don't need to restart apache23:43
giovaniI told you to look in the logs23:43
Tim_Ri dont see anything in the logs23:47
giovanithen it probably is written incorrectly23:47
giovanipaste the contents of .htaccess in a pastebin23:47
cicciopromptsalve a tutti23:49
cicciopromptposso porre un quesito?23:49
giovaniTim_R: what are the permissions of the .htaccess file?23:50
cicciopromptqualcuno sa come rilevare un periodo di inattività del pc per farlo spegnere dopo un certo periodo di inattività?23:50
Tim_Rgiovani 064423:50
giovaniand when you try and access this page, no authentication request comes up?  Try forcing a refresh -- sometimes it caches -- shift-f523:50
Tim_Rthat is correct giovani23:50
giovanithere must be something in the logs23:51
giovanior you have .htaccess files disabled in the apache config23:51
Tim_Rhow can i enable it then giovani23:51
giovaniI don't remember -- read the apache docs23:51
giovanibut they're enabled by default23:51
giovaniI'm betting there's something in the logs23:51
cicciopromptho impostato da bio lo standby del pc dopo mezz'ora di inattività ma non funziona23:51
giovaniciccioprompt: this is an english channel23:52
giovaniciccioprompt: there are channels available for other languages23:52
cicciopromptok thanks23:52
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Tim_Rdo I have to put something into the sites-available/default23:53
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