aragood morning all!07:21
Psychodeliushi all11:01
arahey Psychodelius11:15
Psychodeliushey ara11:16
Psychodeliushow do you do?11:16
PsychodeliusI am from Australia11:16
PsychodeliusI am just wondering....11:17
Psychodeliushow do i say i want to do something for the testing team?11:17
PsychodeliusI am new, sorry11:17
Psychodeliusbut like I know yo all have a lot of things you want people to do, so how do i say, "I want this one"?11:18
Psychodeliusor how do people pick what to do?11:18
arapeople just choose what activities they like to perform11:18
arawhat would you like to do?11:18
PsychodeliusI don't know. I haven't tried any of the testing activities, with Ubuntu, bt I'd like to try my hands in one .11:19
PsychodeliusWhat do you recommend?11:19
Psychodeliusto start with....11:19
araPsychodelius, the Desktop Testing Program could be a good place to start11:20
Psychodeliussorry, just got distracted by the news with Federer game yesterday.11:21
Psychodeliusbut thank you, I am just looking at the page now11:21
davmor2morning all11:24
Psychodeliusthis is night here in australia11:25
Psychodeliuswhere you from davmor2?11:26
PsychodeliusAha, no wonder about the time diff11:26
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wordsofglassHey Y'all, wondering if AMD64 netbook editions are under consideration. I've got an ultraportable with a core 2 su7300 and was thinking about trying the netbook remix instead of the full-fledged desktop version.19:18
faderwordsofglass: As far as I know there are no plans to build a 64-bit netbook image.  However you can install the netbook packages on a 64-bit desktop install, as they're build for that architecture19:19
faderI.e. no official image but you can get the same effect :)19:19
wordsofglassmmk, i'll go with that19:19
faderwordsofglass: FYI, I believe you can just install the "ubuntu-netbook" package and it will automagically set up all the netbook packages19:20
faderThrough the wonders of metapackages :)19:21
wordsofglassthat's really helpful actually19:21
faderGreat, glad to help :)19:22
wordsofglassnow, to see if i can boot from an xD card19:22
faderwordsofglass: Good luck!19:25
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