cndRAOF, have you had a chance to look at the new xorg-server and synaptics packages?03:04
RAOFI have, and I've committed them to git.  I need to incorporate the changes which have occurred out of git, and get them sponsored.03:05
cndthanks for looking into it03:05
cndthey're very important, so I want to be sure they get into the RC03:06
cndvery important for the multitouch stuff that is :)03:06
cndnot that they'll keep your computer from booting :)03:06
RAOFThinking of multitouch stuff, when are you getting into XDS?03:17
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cndRAOF, I'll be there on Sunday Sept 12th03:19
RAOFNice and early!03:19
cndthere's some pre-xds stuff between some of the multitouch devs03:19
cndRAOF, when do you get in?03:20
RAOFWednesday morning.03:21
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bjsniderSarvatt, you should also update nvidia-settings because the changelog for the blob says new features have been added and whatnot18:29
Sarvatttheres no nvidia settings release to update18:30
Sarvatttrust me i'm refreshing the git repo like a hawk :)18:30
bjsnidernvidia-settings 260 i mean18:30
Sarvattthere's no nvidia-settings 260 release yet18:31
Sarvattjust the precompiled one with the driver18:31
bjsniderthat's where i always get the tarballs18:32
Sarvattokie uploaded18:37
Sarvattthanks, i always do it from git18:37
Sarvattcrazy how many bugs this mesa changelog is closing :)21:05
SarvattRAOF: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/lib/mesa.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ubuntu-maverick21:34
Sarvattuploaded it to ppa:sarvatt/mesa as wel21:36
ScottKSarvatt: You made the config changes so I don't need to mess with .drirc anymore, right?22:01
Sarvattyeah http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/lib/mesa.git;a=commit;h=90006b22f2a0f363f4b87b36a6940ad634f5fcd722:02
ScottKYou might want to issue a call for wider testing.22:30
ScottKThe feedback I got from the release team is mesa updates make them nervous.22:31
Sarvattvery much rightly so at that, we have a long track record of updating mesa *right* before release too so I'm surprised no one has had a nervous breakdown yet :)22:44
Sarvattok I've gotta pass out now to be up for work again in 6 hours, darn virginia power giving me 12 hours notice my power would be down for a full day.. will try to get some more exposure for these mesa packages after going over it with RAOF to see if there's any issues23:04
bjsniderSarvatt, in the nvidia-current changelog, what was the error in the rules file?23:04
Sarvattbjsnider: I needed to fix it up to build on maverick, yours were based on lucid thats pretty different23:04
bjsniderit is?23:04
Sarvattand i left a - from a local patch I use to convert the maverick package to lucid23:04
bjsniderdidn't know that23:04
Sarvattcut and pasted from the patch I use to convert it and forgot to remove the - at the start of one of the lines23:05
Sarvattits just this - http://sarvatt.com/downloads/patches/nvidia-graphics-drivers-lucid-backport.patch23:06
Sarvattwe couldn't get xserver in lucid in time for release and it's made backporting a PITA23:07
bjsniderdoesn't look like those changes would affect any other package23:07
Sarvattany X package23:07
Sarvatttseliot ripped those lines out of xsfbs all of the pkg-xorg stuff uses23:08
bjsniderwell as long as they don't affect any non-x package i'm not worried about it23:08
Sarvattwell just the X drivers I should say23:09
Sarvattargh, osmesa patch needed refreshing, pushed to git23:19
RAOFI need to push my local work up to git more often, damnit.23:27
econdudeawesomeHi all. I've been sent here to beg for help from crashes. penguin42 or kklimonda can fill you in23:34
kklimondaI didn't expect *that*23:34
kklimondaRAOF: if intel driver blacklists a card shouldn't X fall ack to vesa (and fbdev)?23:35
RAOFkklimonda: Yes, it should.23:35
kklimondaI have seen a second person with Xorg.0.log like that: http://pastebin.com/zn8XqvEJ23:35
kklimondaand dmesg: 23:35
penguin42kklimonda: The problem is it's trying to fall back but there is no /dev/fb023:36
RAOFActually, I think the problem might be that the intel driver has claimed the card, then bailed.23:36
econdudeawesomeRAOF: I have the computer here if you want any more info pastebin'ed23:37
econdudeawesomeI'm going to have to catch a bus soon... is there any more info you need from me, or is this beyond my worry now and I should wait for the update to hit the repos?23:40
RAOFI don't think there's any more info I need from you.23:41
econdudeawesomeThanks RAOF23:41
econdudeawesomeI'll be back later then, adieu23:41
econdudeawesomeRAOF -- booting from the older kernel (2.6.35-19 generic) resolved the issue23:45

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