RealOptyegsome, idk should i do cat /proc/cpuinfo ?00:00
Doylejrib: Laptop with external monitor setup, I want to close the lid. Right now I get around it by opening it, pressing power then closing it before post completes.00:00
burlingtonJordan_U: ahhh interesting..   Ok I will do it..   I thought about that, though, and figured that if that were the case, windows would not booth either.. windows and linux are on different partitions on the same drive00:00
BoreumJordan_U: I created the LiveCD after using unetbootin to trial Ubuntu Netbook Edition and install. So I am not quite sure the LiveCD ever worked?00:01
area51pilotduffydack: I am aware of the right click menu, was curious if I could have it handled at the time download is initiated00:01
RealOptyegsome, AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-12500:01
RealOptyall it says00:01
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ITSCOTTERorbit go to screensaver in prefrences00:01
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duffydackarea51pilot, oh, thats browser specific00:02
egsomeRealOpty, Maybe not useful, but with fast Googling I found that it is `AMD64` already, So, I think it can do 64bit somehow, see: http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/64-bit-computing/Pages/64-bit-computing.aspx00:02
area51pilotduffydack: example>>>u start a prepare for a file download, it asks if u want a default program to handle the file after download completes or save the file. This is where I wanted to ad the association00:02
duffydackarea51pilot, in what browser00:02
area51pilotduffydack: thought o, never hurts to ask though00:02
area51pilotDuffydack: Firefox00:02
ldurdenDoes  anyone use Ubuntu Server?00:03
egsomeldurden, Yes.00:03
ldurdenI need to pick between Ubuntu Server vs Redhat Server for a production server at my work. Is there a big enough reason to lean to one or the other?00:04
Jordan_Uburlington: Ubuntu installs grub to the first drive rather than the one the rest of Ubuntu is installed to. I don't really agree with that decision but it's intentional.00:04
ThomasB2kHi, is it possible to have text on the side of icons rather than under them in nautilus?00:04
spid3rpleai  i m new on ubuntu00:04
duffydackarea51pilot, the last time I used it, there was option to save as file or open with, and save it00:04
orbititscotter - thanks been looking for awhile - appreciate it.00:04
Katsukiis there any way to change the kernel you are using from terminal, I have a computer that isnt suuported by the new kernel and it keeps booting into terminal, when I use startx it says no video found00:04
dberryldurden depends on what you need to do with it00:04
hihihi100k, stupid me, the file I downloadedd is actually called alsa-driver-1.0.2300:04
spid3ri was asking if they are vunrability00:04
ldurdenmysql and apache mostly00:04
burlingtonJordan_U:  I dont think that did it.  I have a hitachi and a WD.  I moved the hitatchi to top boot priority...   but now it is not booting at all..  It freezes at "verifying DMI Pool Data"...00:04
rwwldurden: is your team familiar with either already?00:05
dberryfor a production environment?00:05
area51pilotduffydack: OK00:05
ThinWhiteDukedoes ubuntu have internet connection sharing?00:05
spid3rno i thon think00:05
rww!ics | ThinWhiteDuke00:05
ubottuThinWhiteDuke: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:05
RealOptyegsome, i found this00:05
ldurdenRed Hat but the community appears to be larger in Ubuntu and Ubuntu appears to be on the ascending with Linux00:05
Hopsaburlington: Buggy bios i guess. /out for a few..00:05
spid3ris a bot00:06
RealOptyegsome,  does that seem to say that it is a 64bit processor?00:06
jribldurden: I'd probably go with what I was more comfortable with, but on the ubuntu side you get 5 year support on the server for 10.04 which is pretty nice00:06
Katsukiis there any way to change the kernel you are using from terminal, I have a computer that isnt suuported by the new kernel and it keeps booting into terminal, when I use startx it says no video found00:06
egsomeRealOpty, `#  64-bit processor  Yes  `, Yeah00:06
dberryredhat still has a huge community00:06
burlingtonHopsa:  buggy bios?  before I reinstalled everything, all seemed to work..   I used to be able to access grub.00:06
RealOptyegsome, indeed.00:06
RealOptyegsome, ty.00:06
egsomeRealOpty, Hope you enjoy 64bit computing :)00:07
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RealOptyegsome, yeah about that, for some reason ive been using 32bit ubuntu on this machine for years now :\00:07
Jordan_Uburlington: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?00:07
ldurdenFrom an IT maintenance standpoint would I be shooting myself in the foot if I go with Ubuntu over Redhat. Linux is linux to me. I know thats blasphemy in this room but if you get down to it.00:08
burlingtonJordan_U: It will be my first time doing it, but i will give it a shot..  thanks.. brb00:08
dberryldurden linux is linux and i think you would be fine either way00:08
ldurdenthank you00:08
hihihi100stuck in step 400:09
Psychodeliusldurden: i am an ubuntu user, but I agree with you. Linux is linux. however, the problem si the support surrounding it00:09
egsomeRealOpty, It's the time to try 64bit of Ubuntu, I've it on my servers, but for desktop still use 32bit, thinking to move soon. ( Intel Core2Quad 2.4 GHz )00:09
dberryldurden I run an ubuntu desktop and tons of CentOS boxes for the dev/prod environment00:09
ultrazHow to enable verbose boot|startup on 10.04 (I believe it's grub2)?00:09
burlingtonJordan_U: Can i boot from the live disk and do that?   otherwise i can only boot into windows...00:09
dberryit is all the same00:09
Psychodeliusyou have to make your choices around support as well as the OS itself00:10
ldurdenHow do you guys feel about the Ubuntu community? I mean you are it? You see Ubuntu making the impact Red Hat has?00:10
Jordan_Uburlington: Yes.00:10
ultrazldurden: not as technical ... you might find it hard to find help for some more serious problems.00:10
dibblegois there an alternative terminal services client than tsclient?00:10
jribdibblego: what's wrong with tsclient?00:11
dibblegoit doesn't work well with a tiling window manager such as xmonad00:11
Psychodeliusldurden: with ubuntu its mostly community support, and if no one know your issue, then not mch you can do00:11
ldurdenI was thinking about purchasing their support. So I wouldn't rely on the underground00:11
jribdibblego: just put it in it's own window :)00:12
ultrazldurden: I don't think Ubuntu will make an impact as Red Hat in production environment, as a Desktop I believe it's leading.00:12
dibblegojrib, I did that; it still doesn't work well, particularly with taking focus00:12
RealOptyegsome, yeah ive been using 64bit ubuntu on my core2duo that i use as a build machine00:12
hihihi100can anyone please tell me whats wrong with the following command line?  sudo ./alsa-driver-1.0.23.sh -d00:12
jribdibblego: http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/xmonad/2009-February/007394.html ?00:12
ldurdenI'll take the risk with Ubuntu. Someone has to or it won't evolve. It's only going to run apache and mysql00:12
egsomehihihi100, What error you get ?00:13
dibblegojrib, right, there is no way around it00:13
jribdibblego: though that can be annoying, ideally, tsclient would give you the option to just ignore whatever your mod key is, but I don't know00:13
hihihi100command not found00:13
macoldurden: all of wikipedia runs on ubuntu....00:13
Hopsaburlington: Something is making your bios not like your HD for some reason. Cable is seated properly maybe..00:13
ldurdenthats a good tid bit00:13
ldurdenany other major players?00:13
dibblegojrib, is there an alternative to tsclient?00:13
egsomehihihi100, Why you put `-d` there ?00:14
yvaanyone to help with priv/pub keys authentification?00:14
jribyva: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)00:14
hihihi100cause its what apperas in the source I use, i have no idea of programming00:14
burlingtonYeah.  I have plugged and unplugged them   -   i mean everythinginstalls with no problems..  windows runs.. etc..00:14
ultrazldurden: I had great experience with FreeBSD ruining apache + mysql (and few more services).00:14
burlingtonHopsa: yeah.  I have plugged and unplugged them   -   i mean everythinginstalls with no problems..  windows runs.. etc..00:15
macoldurden: kubuntu is on the desktop for some very large educational institutions (i forget which countries and my net is too slow to load kubuntu.org right now)00:15
egsomehihihi100, From where you've got that command ?00:15
jribdibblego: http://superuser.com/questions/84387/tsclient-alternative-for-linux never used these though00:15
Hopsaburlington: But you said that it freezes at verifying DMI pool data. So it doesnt get past the bios.00:15
ldurdenthis company is only familiar with linux, they were pushing red hat but I told them I'd prefer they make it work under Ubuntu. Red Hat is solid but the people behind Ubuntu has impressive innovation00:15
jribdibblego: apt-cache search rdp client   turns up some others00:16
dibblegook ta00:16
yvaI'm trying to login using private and public keys, it not working. I added my public key to .ssh/authorized_keys and activated RSAAuth and PubkeyAuth in sshd_config, anything else I need to do?00:16
jribyva: restart the ssh server00:16
yvajrib> /etc/init.d/ssh reload ?00:16
jribyva: sudo service ssh restart00:16
burlingtonHopsa:  It only froze when I moved the other hard disk to top boot priority..  There is nothing on that one..  So that makes sense...       The disk that I am trying to make work is a Western Digital - It is now set to top boot priority and windows comes up fine..  but no grub..00:16
jribyva: but aren't those options enabled by default on ubuntu?00:17
yvajrib> yep00:17
dberryyva ssh -vvv for max verbosity00:17
jribyva: what are your permissions on authorized_keys?00:17
yvaI haven't change RSAAuth etc00:17
dberryyva, my guess is the perms on your .ssh dir are too open00:18
Hopsaburlington: A problem with one of the cables for the HD that contains the Linux boot.00:18
yvadberry> what should they be?00:18
ldurdenWhat is the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu?00:18
jribldurden: ubuntu has the gnome desktop by default, kubuntu, kde00:18
macoldurden: gnome v. kde00:19
egsomeldurden, Ubuntu has Gnome desktop, But Kubuntu has KDE Instead00:19
ldurdenWhat do you guys prefer?00:19
area51pilotldurden: desktop interface00:19
yvadberry> drwxr-xr-x on ./ssh00:19
jribldurden: it's personal preference00:19
dberryyva 600 I would say but run ssh w/verbose to see the actual error00:19
burlingtonHopsa: I can try replacing the cable...  but.  like i said, windows is on the same drive and it is working fine00:19
egsomeldurden, There're also Xubuntu with Xfce00:19
Hopsaburlington: If its ide the cable can be attached upside down in some cases. This will cause that error youre having.00:19
madfoxldurden I prefer ubuntu do to consistent annoyances and problems with kubuntu00:19
jribyva: don't put 600 on .ssh00:19
yvadberry> not sure what you mean00:19
yvajrib, dberry: ?00:20
area51pilotldurden: same here ... ubuntu is very stable00:20
jribyva: what are your permissions on authorized_keys?00:20
madfoxyva ssh -v00:20
yvajrib> -rw-------00:20
ldurdengreat, thank you.00:20
burlingtonJordan_U: bash: /home/ubuntu/Desktop/boot_info_script*.sh: No such file or directory00:20
dberryyva if you are having a ssh error, try typing ssh -vv <user>@<host>00:20
egsomeldurden, Same, Prefer Ubuntu ( Gnome ).00:20
jribldurden: there's also ubuntu server with no desktop environment by default...00:20
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burlingtonJordan_U: sorry, im an idiot00:21
burlingtonhang on00:21
yvadberry> got a long debug00:21
dberrythe last lines should give you a clue about the reason you are rejected00:22
ThinWhiteDukehow do i enable upnp on ubuntu, sorry if this question sounds dumb00:22
ThinWhiteDukei just did the internet connection sharing to my ubuntu laptop, but my ps3 says upnp unavailable00:22
Hopsaburlington: "It only froze when I moved the other hard disk to top boot priority". As you also said "before I reinstalled everything, all seemed to work". Did you install windows after linux ? This will remove grub from the MBR, but then why did the bios freeze at "Initializing DMI pool data" ? / Doesnt make sence to me.00:22
sshcI'm trying to scan using HP Officejet 6500, but I only see a single line in result00:23
yvadberry> it was looking for an id_dsa??00:23
Hopsayva: "got a long debug" ? /schloong00:24
burlingtonHopsa:   I did install linux after installing windows...   The other hard disk has nothing on it..  nothing..  I can unplug it if you hink its best..  Linux and windows are both on the WD.     the AD is top boot priority.. Windows boots fine..  but no Grub..00:24
jribyva: just pastebin everything00:24
egsomesshc, tell more, How do you scan ? Which drivers you're using ?00:24
sshcegsome: Thanks for your help.  I'm using hplib00:25
grokeni'm trying to debootstrap a karmic system and need a way to do what base-config used to do. is there a replacement for that package or a way to do the same another way now?00:25
yvajrib> it's ok but now it says Permissions 0644 for '/home/yva/.ssh/id_dsa' are too open.00:25
sshcegsome: I'm scanning by clicking on the HP icon at the toolbar at the top00:25
area51pilotburlington:which linux version?00:25
Hopsaburlington: Replace the windows disk with the Ubuntu disk and see what happens, use the windows disks cables.00:25
jribyva: chmod 600 /home/yva/.ssh/id_dsa00:25
dberryyva you do not want it that open, try 60000:25
burlingtonarea51pilot:  10.4 64bit00:25
dberrywhat he said00:25
sshcIt prints well00:25
estragibThinWhiteDuke: are you sure upnp is enabled in your router?00:26
burlingtonHopsa:  Both operating systems are on the same disk.00:26
sshcBut I only see a single verticle line scanning00:26
area51pilotburlington: installed within Windows??00:26
burlingtondifferent partitions.00:26
burlingtonarea51pilot: two partitions..  side-by-side00:26
yvadberry> it now again ask for a password00:26
area51pilotburlington: grub installed to the 1st00:27
Hopsaburlington: Aha, so "The other hard disk has nothing on it" has no meaning in this case. Unplug it for now.00:27
ThinWhiteDukelet me check real quick, estragib00:27
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burlingtonhopsa: right..  ok will do00:27
area51pilotburlington: I agree, unplug the other drive for now00:27
burlingtonabout to run this script that jordan_u is recommending..00:27
burlingtonone moment00:27
ThinWhiteDukeyeah it's enabled00:27
area51pilotburlington:while u troubleshoot00:27
RaptormanHey guys, anyone familiar with xvidcap and a little bit of video editing?00:27
ThinWhiteDukeidk, the ps3 says upnp failed00:27
yvajrib, dberry I don't get why it's asking for id_dsa?00:27
egsomesshc, IT should work, Give `Simple Scan` a try00:27
ThinWhiteDukebut it has a NAT Type 2, which iirc is good00:27
jribyva: after you ran my chmod command you still cannot ssh?00:28
yvajrib> yup00:28
duffydackSimple scan didnt work in lucid, it does in maverick though. yay00:28
jribyva: you need to just pastebin the whole output now00:28
yvait's now now even giving the error msg00:28
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area51pilot10.10beta  :)00:29
dlp211can anyone help me install a network attached kodak esp 7?00:29
madfoxyva typically no error with linux means a complete success of what it was trying to do(maybe not what you wanted it to do though)00:29
sshcegsome: How do I do "Simple Scan"?00:29
yvajrib> http://pastebin.com/b5Gi0JKe00:29
latagoreI can't get suspend and hibernate to work on my netbook, it just gives a black screen when I turn it on again00:30
egsomesshc, run `simple-scan`00:30
Raptormansshc: iscan is another good app00:30
jribyva: why do you have so many private keys?  Are you sure you set up the authorized key correctly?00:31
estragibThinWhiteDuke: ok,i'm way out of my "comfort zone" here, never having done sth like that. this guy seems to have a similar problem. maybe start from there? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101143500:31
Hopsaburlington: What script ? i cant see him mentioning a script anywhere ? / Jordan_U ?00:31
burlingtonhopsa: ok the other HDD is unplugged00:31
burlingtonand grub is working00:31
dberryyva what are the perms on the server side .ssh/authorized_keys ?00:31
Nobody_Interestihello everyone!00:31
Hopsaburlington: good.00:31
burlingtonHopsa:  Wow!  thanks a bunch..  I dont know what this means.. though00:31
burlingtonI can not use the other drive?00:31
yvadberry> -rw-------00:32
Hopsaburlington: So your bios has issues with that unplugged drive that is empty.00:32
area51pilotburligton: jumper settings/00:32
Nobody_Interestican someone help me with a printer question??00:32
area51pilotBIOS setup00:32
egsome!ask " Nobody_Interesti00:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:32
burlingtonhopsa:  so if i partitioned it, you think it would be ok?00:32
egsome!ask | Nobody_Interesti00:32
ubottuNobody_Interesti: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:32
hipstersandwich!printer Nobody_Interesti00:32
ThinWhiteDukethx estragib , i'll check it out00:32
Hopsaburlington: Get IBM DFT and check that unplugged drive. Np00:32
hipstersandwich!printer | Nobody_Interesti00:32
ubottuNobody_Interesti: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:32
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Hopsaburlington: Nope, itll not00:32
burlingtonarea51pilot: thanks a bunch!00:32
RaptormanAnyone have any video editing experience?00:33
Nobody_InterestiI just installed the HPLIP update and it has left a folder on my desktop? Can I delete this?00:33
hipstersandwichRaptorman: I.00:33
yvajrib> I only got an id_rsa key00:33
estragibThinWhiteDuke: this seems good, too: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84814400:33
jribyva: why would it complain about permissions on id_dsa then?00:33
yvajrib> I tried to copy id_rsa to id_dsa00:33
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Do a `ls -l` inside that folder, Then pastebin the result.00:33
jribyva: :/00:34
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Also, How you did updated it ?00:34
hipstersandwichRaptorman: What do you need help with.00:34
yvajrib> it was worth trying00:34
jribyva: not really00:34
RaptormanI'm using xvidcap to make a video capturing desktop movement. It works great. When I use something like Kino to edit it a bit and add some text, it gets real fuzzy... just bad quality. The source video is awesome. Any recommendations?00:34
yvaso any ideas?00:34
jribyva: start over00:34
dberrybegin again yva00:34
hipstersandwichRaptorman: Oh, never used xvidcap... I use Final Cut.00:34
yvaalready did it00:34
dberryyou may have copied over a key, who knows what you have in auth_keys now00:35
jribyva: start over and pastebin everything you do00:35
yvajrib> k00:35
Raptormanhipstersandwich: is that in the repos?00:35
Nobody_InterestiI updated it using the terminal. I downloaded the hplip-3.10.6.run and followed HP's instructions and after the installation it has left a folder called hplip-3.10.600:35
hipstersandwichNobody_Interesti: What is in it?00:35
egsomeNobody_Interesti, do a `ls -l` inside it, and pastebin the result00:35
Nobody_Interestihow do i do a 'ls -l' < What does this mean... (I'm new to Linux!)00:35
Hopsayva: Keys for sshd ?00:35
hipstersandwichNobody_Interesti: Enter that exact text in the terminal with sudo in front of it.00:36
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Open the terminal, and `cd` to that directory, then type `ls -l`, and pastebin the result00:36
ThomasB2kthey need to integrate your google background image with the instant results00:36
jrib!who | Nobody_Interesti00:36
ubottuNobody_Interesti: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:36
Hopsayes | ssh-keygen -t rsa1 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key -N "" && yes | ssh-keygen -t dsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key -N "" && yes | ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key -N ""00:37
axisysi tried to hibernate the laptop earlier.. ever since then network stopped working... both wifi and ethernet.. when i boot from usb w/ same ubuntu lucid .. it works fine.. need help w/ it!00:37
Nobody_Interestithanks ubottu00:37
hipstersandwichaxisys: Did you restart?00:37
axisyshipstersandwich: couple times00:37
hipstersandwichDid you reinstall the driver for your network card?00:38
jribHopsa: umm, he wants to set up public key auth for his user00:38
Nobody_Interestican I paste the results here:00:38
Olytibarwhere should I save photos/ videos/ files which are accessible by all users? In /var/media or /media/files or where?!?00:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:38
egsome!paste | Nobody_Interesti00:39
ubottuNobody_Interesti: please see above00:39
HopsaAh, client.00:39
Nobody_Interesti-rw-r-----  1 home home  285985 2010-07-19 03:20 aclocal.m400:39
Nobody_Interesti-rwxr-----  1 home home    8511 2010-07-19 03:17 align.py00:39
Nobody_Interestidrwxr-----  2 home home    4096 2010-09-08 23:24 base00:39
Nobody_Interesti-rwxr-----  1 home home   32226 2010-07-19 03:17 check.py00:39
Nobody_Interesti-rwxr-----  1 home home    6450 2010-07-19 03:17 clean.py00:39
FloodBot1Nobody_Interesti: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:39
Nobody_Interesti-rwxr-----  1 home home    9168 2010-07-19 03:17 colorcal.py00:39
egsome!paste | Nobody_Interesti00:39
Hopsajrib: Yeah, saw it.00:39
burlingtonhopsa: the victory was shortlived...   I got grub once..  but upon restarting again i get "error: no such device: ad870db9-1d33-46da-8bde-24e7cf62faef."  followed by a grub rescue>00:40
axisyshipstersandwich: no.. not sure how .00:40
Hopsajrib: rsa, dsa or rsa2 pub key ?00:40
sshcegsome: Yes, Simple Scan worked!  Thanks!!00:40
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:40
hipstersandwichaxisys: Do you know what driver you were using?  If not, what card?00:40
egsomesshc, Good, You're welcome00:40
Nobody_Interestiwhat is !pastbin00:40
axisyshipstersandwich: i am running it now with the usb00:41
jribHopsa: ask yva :)  I think he had an rsa2 key before, but he's starting over now00:41
axisyshipstersandwich: so i should be able to find it now00:41
madfox!pastebin | Nobody_Interesti00:41
ubottuNobody_Interesti: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:41
madfox!help | Nobody_Interesti00:41
ubottuNobody_Interesti: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:41
axisyshipstersandwich: intel pro 5100 agn00:41
madfoxNobody_Interesti damn wrong command, ignore that last one00:42
Hopsaburlington: HW issue. See if switching to secondary master or primary slave will work better. Change cable if that doesnt work (Adjust boot order accordingly in the bios.)00:42
hipstersandwichaxisys: Your network card, not the driver.00:42
hipstersandwichI mean CPU. Need network card, not CPU.00:42
kullRemastersys question.  I'm trying to build my own .iso and when using Remastersys it forces me to download a bunch of gnome libs, when in fact I dont use gnome.  I only want the packages that I've installed to be on the .iso file and not a standard Ubuntu desktop with gnome, like it's forcing me to do.  Anyone know to do this?00:42
Hopsajrib :)00:42
axisyshipstersandwich: its built in wifi intel centrino00:42
axisyshipstersandwich: on hp 6130b laptop00:43
hipstersandwichaxisys: Is that the card name or the driver name?00:43
Nobody_Interesti!Pastebin > > > http://pastebin.com/nMjcBEd700:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:43
egsomeNobody_Interesti, I think you can't delete it, it contains the executables00:44
dlp211can anyone help me install a network attached kodak esp 7?00:44
Hopsayva: http://rcsg-gsir.imsb-dsgi.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/documents/internet/node31.html00:44
hipstersandwich!Print | dlp21100:44
OlytibarWhere should I save files for all users (eg Photos)?00:44
ubottudlp211: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:44
Nobody_Interestiegsome, can i move it without any bad effects... eg. hp not woking00:45
Juggalo_Xwould there be any one here who has got sigmatel 9200 audio set up properly on a dell xps m1710 that could lend a hand?00:45
bumbaso many ubuntu lovers00:45
bumbaor are they just bots ?00:45
egsomeNobody_Interesti, I think you've to re-install using the installer you downloaded, but put the installer file inside some suitable directory.00:45
Hopsayva: for DSA use: ssh-keygen -t dsa ...00:45
Olytibarbumba: No, I don’t think they are all bots :P00:45
jribbumba: well considering this is a support channel, not all may love ubuntu at the moment :)00:46
axisyshipstersandwich: http://pastebin.com/vba2Shg800:46
area51pilotbumba:  :)00:46
bumbabut maybe most of them00:46
ThinWhiteDukei'm liking ubuntu a lot00:46
axisyshipstersandwich: that's from lspci00:46
estragibOlytibar: you can set up a shared directory. i use /shared and put a few sub dirs like multimedia, images etc. below00:46
Nobody_Interestiwhat directory is best?00:46
ThinWhiteDukeit takes some troubleshooting here and there but it's worth it00:46
Juggalo_Xi love it, my audio is just too quiet or psycological warfare level00:46
Nobody_Interestiegsome, >00:46
burlingtonhopsa: ok, cable change seems to have worked!  thanks!00:46
bumbastill the same old thing00:46
bumba7.1 sound surround is not supported on ubuntu00:46
hipstersandwichaxisys: Hold on one moment.00:46
egsomeNobody_Interesti, /opt/hplib maybe suitable00:46
area51pilottake care everyone ... until next time ..   :)00:46
Juggalo_Xbumba is 2.100:47
burlingtonarea51pilot: thanks for your help tonignt!00:47
Hopsaburlington: Np! I hope itll last so that its not some glitchy connection somewhere. Have fun!00:47
ThinWhiteDukeJuggalo_X,  that's weird00:47
hipstersandwichaxisys: http://wiki.debian.org/iwlagn00:47
Nobody_Interestiegsome, can i uninstall it.... or do i just install it again? but wouldn't that mean it is installed twice?00:48
ThinWhiteDukehave you tried the pulseaudio volume manager00:48
bumbaokay so these messages are logged00:48
area51pilotburlington; anytime!   :)00:48
Juggalo_XThinWhiteDuke, well i have been messing with alsa, i have it almost perfect but i cannot get the sub mixer to merge with the master. so its either cranked or i have to move it by hand00:48
bumbai dunno if i should ask my questions here you might give my personal info to the hammas or some terror group00:49
Juggalo_Xi'll try pulseaudio00:49
bumbaand all i wanted to do was getting my 7.1 sourround sound to work with ubuntu00:49
jribbumba: ok, let's try to stay on-topic00:49
egsomeNobody_Interesti, try `make uninstall` or `make remove`00:49
ThinWhiteDukeidk how audio works in ubuntu00:49
EclecticIs it possible to install 32bit Firefox on 64bit Ubuntu?00:49
jpdsbumba: So.... don't post any personal info into a public channel?00:49
ThinWhiteDukebut i think i have ESD, pulseaudio and alsa all running00:49
jribEclectic: why?00:49
ThinWhiteDukewith pulseaudio volume manger you can control all of them00:49
Nobody_Interestiegsome, ps... Her's the install help guide from HP00:50
Nobody_Interestiegsome, : http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/install/index.html00:50
bumbathey are spying on me00:50
bumbai have to go now00:50
Eclecticso this kid can use it on Starfall web site00:50
bumbagood bye loggers and identity stealers of irc00:50
Eclecticwhich needs flash00:50
Juggalo_Xand if i turn the sub of, well it sounds like two turtles....00:50
bobaI have my own camera driver and I get the following error: Cannot open '/dev/video0': 11, Resource temporarily unavailable00:50
Juggalo_Xill try pulseaudio00:50
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Nothing about un-installing00:51
madfoxI love how right when he leaves, his IP gets flashed to everyone on IRC o.o00:51
bobaWhile tring to run my application00:51
cjaemaximum capacity of ext4 /home when partitioned /,swap,/home?00:51
rblstadobe flash pugin is always crashing (sad face) in firefox in ubuntu 10.04, how to fix this?00:51
latagoreI can't get suspend or hiberate to work on my netbook, any advice on how to fix it or how to turn off the options?00:52
hipstersandwichrblst: Update it.00:52
Hopsacjae: explain a bit better.00:52
rblsthipstersandwich, update what? the plugin? how?00:52
Nobody_Interestiegsome, no... it's the install guide i followed to install the HPLIP.. I just thought it might have been of interest tot you00:52
jribEclectic: you don't need 32bit firefox for flash00:52
Doylecjae: there are no maximum capacities. The available disk space of the partition available to all directories without limitation00:52
hipstersandwichrblst: Go to adobe's website.00:52
Doylerblst: adobes website or just google "flash test" and go to the adobe result00:53
Eclecticjrib: i read there is no 64 bit support for flash00:53
cjaeHopsa: how much can I fill /home in that senario? and still be able to fsck and such00:53
Nobody_Interestiegsome: see the install guide say it will install from the desktop?? surely everyone will have this folder (those who use this update)00:54
Doylecjae: how big is your hard drive? that's your answer00:54
jribEclectic: nspluginwrapper lets you use 32bit flash. Just visit some site that requires flash (not youtube because they detect you don't have flash)00:54
cjaeDoyle: there must be a directory size limitation too, no?00:54
rblsthipstersandwich, Doyle: what about the flashplugin installer package in the ubuntu repo?00:54
Hopsacjae: You have not shown how big the drive or partition is.00:54
jribEclectic: erm, after you're on that site, you'll get a yellow bar at the top of firefox offering to install missing plugins00:54
hipstersandwichrblst: Try that if you'd like.00:54
Doylecjae: why?00:54
kabI have 2 nics (eth0 and eth5) there are in the same network ( with this ips (eth5 = & eth0= in my lap on different network (192,168.0.12) , when I ping I get response, but not with, how can I fix this?00:54
cjaeHopsa: was hoping for a percent00:54
Hopsacjae: Ill pass.00:55
egsomeNobody_Interesti, No problem, Install in any directory, That's not a problem.00:55
SeanInSeattleHey all.  I'm running Ubuntu Netbook remix on an Asus 1201hab... and the headphones just stopped working.  Any suggestions?00:55
bobaI have my own camera driver and I get the following error: Cannot open '/dev/video0': 11, Resource temporarily unavailable00:55
rblsthipstersandwich, no, i am asking: is there a difference, is the package useless?00:55
cjaeHopsa: well I was wondering if there is limitation like ntfs and 85 % to defrag00:55
estragibcjae: there is no limit on your partition sizes, at least none that you'll be able to reach. go wild.00:56
hipstersandwichboba: Have you restarted, cycled, etc?00:56
estragibcjae: linux already reserves the space it needs by itself00:56
egsomeSeanInSeattle, Sure the headphones are working ?00:56
Hopsaboba: the previous or some other camera driver is still running. Possibly a zombie process or so.00:56
Nobody_Interestiegsome:what do you mean?00:56
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SeanInSeattleegsome:  I don't understand.00:56
=== Freejack is now known as Freejack`
Eclecticjrib: for some reason i have never gotten that yellow bar00:56
Guest21462hey people00:57
Juggalo_Xwell pulseaudio was a bust00:57
Juggalo_Xsame exact issue00:57
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Just install in any directory like /opt/hplib00:57
Juggalo_Xguess ill disable the sub00:57
egsomeNobody_Interesti, and try to uninstall as i mentioned before00:57
hipstersandwichEclectic: That is probably due to regular updates.00:57
bobaI have my own camera driver and I get the following error: Cannot open '/dev/video0': 11, Resource temporarily unavailable00:57
egsomeSeanInSeattle, The Headphones ( Hardware ) Is working ?, Had you test it in another computer ?00:57
SeanInSeattleegsome:  What do you mean "sure the heaphones are working"?00:57
cjaeDoyle: dunno just thought there might be00:57
jribEclectic: if you want me to guess, I'd say you already have some flash plugin installed00:57
Nobody_Interestiegsome: could you give some more details on how to uninstall? thanks00:57
sillypenguinhi, I need to buy a video card for my future ubuntu 10.04 install... any recommendations????00:57
SeanInSeattleegsome:  Yes, we've tried with two different sets.00:57
jribEclectic: what does http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ say?00:57
Hopsacjae: Having a bit of space left is always good, but what you mean by "defrag" on Linux doesnt require free space. A bit of ram.00:58
hipstersandwichboba: I take it you just rebooted.00:58
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Just `cd` to the directory on your Desktop, Then run `make uninstall` or `make remove`, It's just a try.00:58
Doylecjae: this is the year 2010... start thinking like the evil programmers, disk space and ram is unlimited so whats the need for default limitations on home directories00:58
Nobody_Interestiegsome: do i have to stop the HP software?00:58
egsomeSeanInSeattle, Changed any configuration in the `Sound Preferences` ?00:58
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Sure.00:59
Nobody_Interestiegsome: how?00:59
cjaeDoyle: kind of figured that but was just curious00:59
Doylecjae: our world is in an era of massive resources, lazy programmers and 'users' who just don't know.  I get ya, better to know than to be unsure00:59
Eclecticjrib: successfully installed00:59
bobahipstersandwich: Yes I did reboot in order to try to fix the same problem00:59
HopsaNobody_Interesti: Press "Stop" or "Pause" :) /joking00:59
egsomeNobody_Interesti, run `ps -aux | grep hp` and get the process name, then `killall PROCESS`00:59
bobahipstersandwich: But it did not work00:59
SeanInSeattleegsome:  Nope.  I haven't touched them in forever.00:59
jribEclectic: there you go00:59
hipstersandwichboba: Problems on other computers?01:00
rblsthipstersandwich, Doyle: adobe's webpage says i have 10,1,82,76 installed which is the latest version; what then?01:00
bobahipstersandwich: I had this problem several times with this application on computer and also other computers01:00
Eclecticso i should unstall all flash and start over?01:00
jribEclectic: why?01:00
hipstersandwichrblst: Get a new browser?01:00
bobahipstersandwich: I had this problem several times with this application on my computer and also other computers01:00
egsomeSeanInSeattle, No idea, But I feel it's a hardware problem, maybe the socket in your computer.01:00
hipstersandwichboba: Is it just the camera having problems?01:01
bobahipstersandwich: Nope01:01
jribEclectic: if you have flash installed, and your goal is to install flash, why would you uninstall it and start over?01:01
hipstersandwichboba: Did you try it on windows?01:01
bobahipstersandwich: I tried it with a different camera also01:01
SeanInSeattleegsome:  Strange.  We'll try a driver update... and if that doesn't work we might switch over to regular Ubuntu.01:01
Eclecticjrib: because the site says i still need flash installed01:01
bobahipstersandwich: No the driver is only for Linux01:01
hipstersandwichI mean the camera.01:02
jribEclectic: what version does the link I gave you say you have?  What site says you still need flash installed?01:02
egsomeSeanInSeattle, You can also try running Ubuntu Live CD, to see if it working or not.01:02
bobahipstersandwich: I mean the camera is working at the moment01:02
egsomeSeanInSeattle, Or from USB Stick01:02
bobahipstersandwich: I mean the camera is working at the moment on Ubuntu01:02
bobahipstersandwich: But not with my own implemented application01:02
Eclecticjrib:  I'm sorry that is an active X that needs to be installed01:02
hipstersandwichboba: Oh.  Can't help you with your own apps.01:02
SeanInSeattleegsome:  That's a very good idea.  I'll try that out.01:02
tew88On Ubuntu 10.04, experiencing choppy Flash video playback in fullscreen mode. Any suggestions?01:03
Nobody_Interestiegsome: This is one of the 4 processes.. /hp-systray < Do i do > killall /hp-systray ? ?01:03
jribEclectic: ah, well active x is some internet explorer thing01:03
hipstersandwichtew88: Are you using Firefox?01:03
Scunizianyone experience klamav or clamav-gtk slowing the receipt of their email down considerably and what if anything can be done about it outside of actually removing clamav??01:03
bobahipstersandwich: I think as I have searched on the internet this is a common problem01:03
egsomeNobody_Interesti, No, do: `killall hp-systray`01:03
tew88hipstersandwich: Chrome. But I think it's the same across all my browsers.01:03
bobahipstersandwich: for example it happens with cheese also01:03
hipstersandwichScunizi: Using antivirus can slow systems down considerably.01:04
bobahipstersandwich: and is not related to my application01:04
Eclecticmaybe i can find some learning programs and he will not need the web01:04
iluminator101cp -R /etc /dev/sdb1/hp2backup2/etc101:04
iluminator101cp: accessing `/dev/sdb1/hp2backup2/etc1': Not a directory ???01:04
hipstersandwichtew88: Ooh... I know firefox has choppy youtube at times.01:04
jribEclectic: what kind of learning?01:04
Scunizihipstersandwich: understandable but the "whole" system?01:04
jribiluminator101: well is it...01:04
Nobody_Interestiegsome: hp-systray: no process found01:04
Eclectic3 year old01:04
rblsthipstersandwich, what do you mean? my firefox is the latest available from the standard ubuntu repo01:04
hipstersandwichScunizi: Sometimes.  Like if you scan a whole 250GB drive.01:04
iluminator101jrib i am trying to copy /etc to /dev/sdb1/hp2back2/etc101:05
egsomeNobody_Interesti, Make sure process name is correct, Or it may be already killed.01:05
hipstersandwichrblst: I was unaware.  Try another browser, perhaps.01:05
jribiluminator101: I saw.  What did the error tell you?  Check if the error is lying to you or not.01:05
iluminator101jrib etc1 is a folder01:05
Scunizihipstersandwich: did that earlier and left for 2 hours.. caught 3 in email... not that it would affect me much but perhaps my windows bretherin01:05
jribiluminator101: ls -ld /dev/sdb1/hp2backup2/etc101:05
rblsthipstersandwich, that is a workaround for sure :)01:05
jribiluminator101: wait, why /dev???01:05
iluminator101jrib, its an external harddrive01:06
SeanInSeattleegsome:  Quick question, how to create live usb installation of ubuntu?  Can I just use the startup disk creator?01:06
harlanI have a Dell 600SC and I am trying to get ubuntu working on it. It would not boot the 9.x or the 10.04 install CDs, but I read a thread that said somebody was able to install 8.4.4 and upgrade from that.  Partially true - it loaded and rebooted 8.4.4 just fine, but after upgrading to the latest release the reboot fails, looks like a kernel module problem.01:06
jribiluminator101: you don't access it through /dev.   You mount it somewhere01:06
avi_SeanInSeattle, Yup.01:06
bobahipstersandwich: Could you please suggest what you would do if this was the case with cheese for example?01:06
hipstersandwichrblst: Try chrome, or Minefield, the firefox alpha if you feel adventurous.01:06
Eclecticjrib:  thanks much01:06
SeanInSeattleavi_:  thx, I'll do that.01:06
egsomeSeanInSeattle, Exactly, It's perfect one.01:06
hipstersandwichboba: I haven't a clue.01:06
rblsthipstersandwich, i might try those, thanks01:06
harlanIs there an easy way I can get the kernel/modules from 8.4.4 on the box and use them while I figure out how to get more recent stuff to work?01:06
Nobody_InterestiHP logo is in my taskbar... I think it is still running?01:06
egsomeSeanInSeattle, Also you can use unetbootin01:06
egsomeNobody_Interesti, try `pkill PROCESS`01:07
jribEclectic: there was some tux program that did basic arithmetic I think.  Check out edubuntu, they probably have some good programs installed by default (and those programs will be in the ubuntu repositories because the repositories are the same01:07
hipstersandwichScunizi: Try running antivirus scans at night or when it is not used.01:07
Eclecticjrib:  thanks i'll try that01:07
Scunizihipstersandwich: so basically turn off realtime scanning and run it manual01:08
hipstersandwichScunizi: Yes, this will help.  With speed, that is.01:08
Scunizihipstersandwich: k.. easy enough. I appriciate it.01:08
jribEclectic: http://gcompris.net/wiki/Manual looks pretty good (linked from edubuntu)01:08
Nobody_Interestiegsome: it done something... but the hp-systray is still there?01:08
Nobody_Interestiegsome: 4 of them01:09
doyle_hello roomies01:09
doyle_on ubuntu hoary lol01:09
doyle_only thing that works with my compaq dual monitor setup01:09
kthakoredeavid: /win 201:09
egsomeNobody_Interesti, OK, Just re-install, and it should be gone with a restart, or quick killing of gnome-panel01:09
kthakoreHow do I get alsa to detect my HDMI audio card?01:10
Nobody_Interestiegsome: I'll reinstall then01:10
Nobody_Interestiegsome: Thanks for all you patients and help! Thank you.01:10
seisetepcYour Welcome01:12
iluminator101jrib why not a directory error i am following at all01:12
Nobody_Interestiegsome: before i leave... do you think I can just move the folder from my desktop into the /opt/ ? Would anything happen>01:12
jribiluminator101: doesn't matter, did you see what I told you about mounting?01:12
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berot3jrib: yo just wanted to thank u for esekeyd :) its not a 100% solution yet but pretty damn close :D .  the only downside with esekey is that it only grabs ONE key, so i cant for example type "ctrl+atl+p" to pause amarok... but maybe i can combine it with another program or so, do u know some?01:13
jribberot3: never used it.  Maybe just use some Fn keys in the corner like F8-F12?01:13
doyle_is there a newer version of hoary than 5.04?01:13
iluminator101jrib cp -R /etc/* /media/Expansion drive same error why01:14
seisetepchiii people01:14
jribdoyle_: hoary is 5.04 by definition and it's no longer supported01:14
doyle_its the only ubuntu that works with my laptop man i wish they wouldnt be so time critical on this01:14
jribdoyle_: why doesn't lucid work?01:15
doyle_it wont see my extended monito01:15
doyle_only hoary will01:15
jribdoyle_: that's it?01:15
doyle_i have to explain in depth01:15
ubottuUbuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) was the second release of Ubuntu.  End Of Life: October 31, 2006. See !eol for more details.01:15
doyle_i have to use extended monitor on this laptop as primary because the lcd display is flaky and works when it wants to thats built into this laptop.01:16
Nobody_Interestidoes anyone know what the /opt/ folder is?01:16
doyle_so i have to have 100 percent support for extended monitor01:16
jrib!fhs | Nobody_Interesti01:16
ubottuNobody_Interesti: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier01:16
doyle_ubunto 10, linuxmint, none of them worked01:16
Nobody_Interesti!fhs < ?? What does that mean01:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:17
okrais there a nice guide for getting touchscreen working on 10.04 or 10.10?01:17
jribdoyle_: "none of them worked" is vague.  I'd be really surprised if you absolutely couldn't get it to work01:17
doyle_well be surprises01:17
jribNobody_Interesti: nothing, just tells ubottu to answer your question (see what he said)01:17
doyle_cause its a compaq evo n1015v ati agp320m (u1) video doubles as northbridge01:18
jribdoyle_: what I'm trying to say is you should come here and try to troubleshoot a supported release like lucid01:18
histookra: 10.10 discussion is in #ubuntu+1 ; as for 10.04, the forums has plenty of info on touchscreens01:18
doyle_and hoary was the best one for this laptop01:18
jribdoyle_: are you using proprietary drivers on hoary?01:18
doyle_i just finished installing it01:18
brandon420Doyle_ is it a intel chip?01:18
doyle_im getting both screens on hoary01:18
doyle_amd athlon xp 1600+ 1.4ghz01:19
histo!who | doyle_01:19
ubottudoyle_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:19
jribdoyle_: come back and troubleshoot lucid, that's my advice01:19
histojrib: isn't hoary still supported01:19
doyle_i cant if i cant see the lcd screen01:19
Nobody_Interestihow do i un-install a program I installed through terminal? The folder is left on my desktop & I don'y know if I am allowed to move or delete it?01:19
jribhisto: hoary was ubuntu's second release01:19
histojrib: nvm01:19
histojrib: forgot01:19
doyle_i cant rely on the laptop lcd to stay on so i HAVE to use extended monitor01:19
jribhisto: yeah, two Hs :)01:20
jribdoyle_: you said that01:20
doyle_linux lucid by default has no support for my extended monitor01:20
doyle_i tried fedora 13 and still no go01:20
jribdoyle_: you probably need to set it up01:21
pedestrianentranim having trouble mounting usb devices... I have to reboot to force the system to mount them. Just plugging stuff in doesnt work.... What should i do to force ubuntu to mount stuff without me having to reboot?01:21
doyle_they tried that in linux int 9 mirc but nothing worked01:21
jribdoyle_: again this is too vague01:21
doyle_what info do you want?01:21
doyle_i m telling you from experience in front of my very eyes i tried 4 other versions but im trying to stay away from windows01:22
jribdoyle_: come back and troubleshoot lucid, that's my advice.  Or just use an unsupported release like hoary.  If you don't interact with the outside world with it, I guess it's not a big deal01:22
doyle_jrib how do u expect me to troubleshoot anything with a lcd that wont stay on? u gotta see whats on the screen01:23
axisysiwlist wlan0 list shows about 13 wifi channel including mine.. but the wifi applet on top right corner shows network disabled.. i hit the builtin wifi button on/off couple times.. no go.. any suggestion?01:23
okraevtest shows events when I touch the screen, but xev does not.. hmm.01:23
doyle_i would need that lcd back on this laptop to do that01:24
doyle_im shopping for a replacement screen locally till then its gonna behoary just so i can see anything01:24
jribdoyle_: so what's the issue?01:24
axisysdmesg says iwlagn  RF_KILL bit toggled to enable radio.. but still no wifi01:25
theshadowxdoes anyone know of a way to repair jpeg headers?01:25
doyle_just like the live cd installs. they wont see my extnded screen01:25
jribdoyle_: I mean what's your issue with using hoary until you get the screen?01:25
axisyslooks like i had the wifi applet right click -> enable did the trick01:26
Kor1000hi, are there any way to control my laptop's fan? the problem is that it gets very hot, above 100 c, thanks01:26
wallyJust installed the ubuntu 10.10 beta and I think it wiped out my windows 7 partition.. Is this a known problem? I selected side by side. Anyway to know for sure if its gone?01:26
jrib!10.10 | wally01:26
ubottuwally: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:26
grimnekomorning o/01:26
doyle_mp3 playing01:26
Juggalo_Xfixed my audio01:26
Juggalo_Xthanks for the hand01:26
doyle_i need to listen to my mp3's on my usb stick01:26
doyle_it syas no mp3lame codec installed01:27
jribdoyle_: old-releases.ubuntu.com repositories are still up.  Just realize you're running an unsupported release so you should upgrade as soon as it's feasible01:27
ScuniziI have 3 samba pid's / processes (smbd)... is this normal?01:27
doyle_jrib, how do i get to the repo's?01:28
craigbass1976I'm trying to mount an nfs share; t'aint happening.  exports on share box says /home/craig  and fstab on client box says        /home/craig/remote      nfs     defaults   The ip addresses are correct.  Meh?01:28
jribdoyle_: /etc/apt/sources.list01:28
jribdoyle_: your external doesn't even work while your computer is booting?  Before ubuntu gets to gdm? (when on lucid)01:29
doyle_on lucid linux only lcd does (providing the backlight stays lit)01:29
doyle_no it doesnt work01:30
jribdoyle_: you're saying vague things again01:30
jrib!who | doyle_01:30
ubottudoyle_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:30
doyle_jrib, ok01:31
doyle_jrib,  im not used to this irc thingy01:31
wcshi, how can I do to just send rhythmbox to "system-tray" on maverick?01:32
doyle_jrib, the extendedmonitor doesnt show at all on other versions of ubunutu01:32
dlp211what is postfix and can someone give me an example of how i could use it in a home server setting?01:32
Tweakyhi. http://paste.ubuntu.com/490641/ is my output when i try to run google earth. any ideas anyone?01:32
doyle_my hardware is weird cause graphics is part of the northbridge01:34
bodwickTweaky libatiuki.so.1you use fglrx drivers ?01:34
craigbass1976Gah, I'm a bonehead.  Forgot the sudo apt-get install portmap nfs-common on the client.  No wonder it was a bad fs type...01:34
Tweakybodwick : nope i dont01:34
doyle_jrib,  my laptop is weird cause compaq made ati graphics part of the northbridge01:34
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Guest66529sup peeps01:35
bodwickTweaky libatiuki is in fglrx01:35
wwilkinswow, IRC, this brings back memories01:35
Guest66529yeah.... reminds me of 199201:36
Tweakybodwick: oh. so it needs fglrx to run then?01:36
bodwickTweaky what brand of gfx chip ?01:36
Tweakyamd 6401:36
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Tweakyoh gfx my miistake01:37
bodwickTweaky gfx .. ati, nvidia or intel ?01:37
Tweakybodwick: ATI01:37
bodwickTweaky so you use open drivers ? what is your card?01:37
grayhanehow can I change permissions on a drive plugged into a usb ?01:37
Tweakybodwick: yes i use open drivers. its ATI Radeon 4200 HD01:38
doyle_jrib, is there a way to upgrade this system? maybe ubunto 10 may work like so.01:38
bodwickTweaky installing fglrx would be the simplest way01:38
dto1hi. i'm on Lucid and as of recent updates, pulseaudio seems not to recognize the analog outputs of my M-Audio Delta 1010. they work fine with JACK and i can get work done with that program, but all other apps fail to work, anything pulseaudio will only output to the digital outputs,01:39
Kor1000hi, are there any way to control my laptop's fan? the problem is that it gets very hot, above 100 c, thanks01:39
jribdoyle_: you can try to upgrade but 10 will be far away.  It likely will not work.  Just use the old-releases repository until you get your screen01:39
Tweakybodwick: ok its installing01:39
jrib!upgrade > doyle_01:40
ubottudoyle_, please see my private message01:40
R0b0t1Hello ubuntu, Synaptic is yelling at me. "tiemu: Depends: [...] but can not install" repeated multiple times.01:40
R0b0t1What do?01:40
erossmy audio has stopped working, how can i tell if my onboard audio is shot or not?01:40
Kane_Harthey is Java 64bit easy to install on ubuntu?01:40
Kane_Hartversion 1.601:40
doyle_i keep getting permission denied in terminal01:41
h0zerAnyone else have trouble connecting to wifi when IPv6 is enabled? (via network manager)01:41
Tweakybodwick: bah same thing still01:41
egsomeDoyle, `sudo` before the command should solve that01:41
bodwickTweaky you restarted x?01:41
dto1folks, here is the only set of device profile options i can find for my Delta 1010 now. http://imagebin.ca/view/IvTdXg.html01:42
mastakhello ubuntu 10.04 here, i like to add a line for bsd os that ubuntu didnt find, which file i have to use?01:42
dto1oh wait.01:42
egsomeDoyle, Sorry, wrong person01:42
egsomedoyle_, `sudo` before the command should solve that01:42
dto1but JACK works fine01:43
latagoreSuspend and hibernate don't seem to work for me, what can I do to fix the problem?01:43
erosspulled up amarok hit play, message popup: KDE detected one or more internal sound devices were removed. do ou want kde to permanently forget about these devices? and list of devices: HDA NVidia HDMI (HDMI AUdio Output).. do I need to install a sound card?01:43
th0ronce a release reaches end of life, do they take down the repos, or just stop updating them?01:44
doyle_jrib, im gonna attempt just wiping the drive and install ubuntu 10 see if it works01:45
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FerretWithASporkHi guys, I need a way to disable my laptop's trackpad. I read about and installed gpointing-device-settings but there's not "trackpad" option. It's like it doesn't detect my trackpad but it works anyway. I tried my laptop's built in Fn+F9 but that does nothing (which is also strange because my laptop's Fn button combos for sound level and brightness do work) I'm stuck! Can anyone help me?01:45
erosspulseaudio sound server doesn't seem to work either01:45
bodwickTweaky you restarted xorg ?01:46
Tweakybodwick: yes same error still01:46
bodwickTweaky find /usr/lib/ -type f -name "libatiuki.*"01:46
ponpontes tes01:46
bodwickTweaky just ma a ln to that file01:47
bodwickTweaky what was your error again?01:47
th0rFerretWithASpork: see if synclient is still available01:47
Tweakybodwick: /usr/lib/googleearth/googleearth-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libatiuki.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:48
mac9416How can a query a nameserver to fins what IP a DN points to?01:48
mac9416*How can I01:48
mastakhello in grub2 where is the file to add another entry to my menu?01:48
wallyDoes ubuntu have any software to recover files not overwritten yet, tried to install ubuntu 10.10 amd it wiped out my other partition. I need my pics01:48
bodwickTweaky you have /usr/lib/fglrx/libatiuki.so.1.0 but you need /usr/lib/fglrx/libatiuki.so.101:48
bodwickTweaky just ma a symling to the existing so01:49
egsomewally, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery01:49
Tweakybodwick: how do i do that ><01:49
egsomemac9416, `ping` not enough ?01:49
FerretWithASporkth0r: Is that 'Synaptics TouchPad driver for X.Org server' in the package manager? I already have it installed.01:49
bodwickTweaky ehh .. sudo ln /usr/lib/fglrx/libatiuki.so.1.0 /usr/lib/fglrx/libatiuki.so.1 ?01:50
th0rFerretWithASpork: no, synclient was something available in Hardy that I used to turn my touchpad on and off. But I don't run Lucid so don't know if it is still available.01:50
egsomemastak, `/boot/grub/grub.cfg`01:50
FerretWithASporkI typed it into console and it did come up. I'll see if that works for me01:50
th0rFerretWithASpork: it is01:51
FerretWithASporkth0r: How do I use it to disable it? I tried -l to list current user settings and it said "Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?"01:51
th0rFerretWithASpork: oops....the command is 'synclient touchpadoff=1' (0- to turn it on)01:51
th0rFerretWithASpork: then it isn't a synaptics touchpad, so that won't help01:52
Tweakybodwick: it takes that command but still gives same error lol..01:52
mac9416egsome, here's the thing: person A owns a domain name. Person B (me) owns the hosting. B set up an addon domain with my hosting provider. I want person A to point his domain name to my addon domain. Beofre configuring his domain to use my DN servers, I want to make sure the addon domain is ON my domain servers. That's what I'm trying to accomplish.  :-)01:52
mastakegsome: that file means not to be modified, cuz is regenerate by update-grub, i need where to add a line to boot my BSD partitions01:52
mac9416egsome, I'm messing with dig, but not understanding the output.01:52
FerretWithASporkth0r: Dang, any idea how I can find out what kind of touchpad it is?01:52
th0rFerretWithASpork: lshw?01:53
egsomemastak, If I got you right, you can `dig` the domain, and see which NameServer it has, it should be yours.01:54
egsomemac9416 , If I got you right, you can `dig` the domain, and see which NameServer it has, it should be yours.01:54
blsmithCan I get some help setting up a homeserver with a dynamic DNS using dyndns.org01:55
deathstrokehey guys, what command to view what daemons run on my computer ?01:55
mac9416egsome, well, he hasn't pointed his DN to my servers yet. I want to make sure domain.com is set up on my DN servers first. Don't want any downtime.01:55
latagoreSuspend and hibernate don't seem to work for me, what can I do to fix the problem?01:55
mastakegsome: my issue is grub2 + trying to add a line so my bsd partition can start.01:55
egsomemastak, see: http://ubuntuguide.net/manually-addingremoving-entries-to-grub-2-menu01:56
th0rdeathstroke: ps ax01:56
mastakegsome: there thanks01:56
doyle_i guess hoary didnt come with a image burning tool01:56
deathstroketh0r, thanx01:56
egsomemac9416, Sorry, can't get you, all I know is he should now change his NameServers from his domain control panel, and you should add his domain as `Addon Domain` from your host, then the domain should work.01:57
bodwickTweaky ls -al /usr/lib/fglrx/01:57
bodwickTweaky paste it in pastebin01:57
mac9416egsome, many thanks. It appears `host` can help me with the query as well.01:58
egsomemac9416, Sure.01:58
FloodBot3z123: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:58
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blsmithCan I get some help setting up a homeserver with a dynamic DNS using dyndns.org02:00
mobashercan someone help me i just setup openssh server...but unable to connect02:01
egsomemobasher, What error you get ?02:02
krabador!seen pollycoke02:02
ubottuI have no seen command02:02
mobasheregsome, ssh: connect to host xx.xx.xx.xx port 22 connection refuesed02:03
egsomemobasher, Sure the port is open in firewall ( If you have one ) ?02:03
mobasheregsome, yeap just tested it02:03
blsmithCan I get some help setting up a homeserver with a dynamic DNS using dyndns.org02:04
egsomemobasher, Sure openssh is running ?, use `service SERVICENAME status`02:04
egsomeblsmith, Specify what problem you face ?02:04
IdleOneblsmith: this link should be helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicDNS02:05
latagoreI am unable to restart my computer after suspending or hibernating, what should I do?02:05
egsomelatagore, How do you try to do ?02:05
blsmithIdleOne: I followed that but i still can't see my web server02:05
latagoreegsome: I clicked the suspend button from the power button menu02:06
mobasheregsome, http://pastebin.com/Qjv6HeX402:06
th0rblsmith: how is your server connected to the net...wifi?02:06
FerretWithASporkDoes anyone know how to disable an Alps touchpad? I got tpconfig but when I try to do anything with it I get "Could not open PS/2 Port [/dev/psaux]."02:07
cjaewhy do I getasked for a password on a usb fat32 external hdd?02:07
egsomelatagore, How do you try to restart then ?02:07
blsmithmodem-linksys router-wired to server-02:07
latagoreegsome: I do restart the same way02:07
th0rblsmith: is the router set to forward the proper port(s) to the server?02:07
=== me is now known as Guest24355
egsomelatagore, Indeed, What problem you get when try to restart ?02:07
egsomemobasher, It should be working, try `ssh`02:08
blsmithyes currently its set to 22 for ssh. nothing else.02:08
latagoreegsome: Restart after hibernating/suspending or just when it is on?02:08
DAGr8may I paste log here ?02:08
egsomelatagore, after hibernating02:08
egsome!paste | DAGr802:08
ubottuDAGr8: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:08
th0rblsmith: is sshd running on the server?02:08
latagoreegsome: Power button02:08
mobasheregsome, i guess it ..i was using my main outside ip02:08
blsmithth0r: yes02:09
mobasheregsome, yes it works thanks :)02:09
egsomelatagore, What problem you face ? What error appear ?02:09
DAGr8thatis andlinux02:09
th0rblsmith: what happens when you try 'ssh <domainname>?02:09
DAGr8I should get the login under that02:09
latagoreegsome: No error, a black screen02:09
egsomemobasher, You're welcome, You can use your outside IP, If your Router well-configured02:09
DAGr8I normally do02:09
egsomelatagore, And then ?02:10
latagoreegsome: absolutely nothing02:10
th0rblsmith: keep it here02:10
Benwa3 floodbots ? awesome !!02:10
blsmithth0r: That works for me.  SSH works but connecting the the we server doesn't02:11
egsomeBenwa, Today there were many bots flooding here, so 3 flood bots are enough :)02:11
Dice-Man6 is better02:11
Benwayeah i've seen that, hl powaa today :(02:11
th0rblsmith: you need to forward port 80 for a webserver02:11
blsmithth0r: I knew that, crap i feel stupid02:11
=== Guest24355 is now known as soundNICKb
egsomeDice-Man, No problem, There are about 4 now, I Think.02:12
blsmithth0r: your the best by the way. Can you help me with a printer for the server?02:12
Benwayep, quite boring these floods02:12
th0rblsmith: doubt it...haven't had a printer in years02:12
Dice-Mani gotta jet02:12
Dice-Man'night all02:12
blsmithth0r: you don't print anything?02:12
th0rblsmith: have you attached the printer to the server?02:12
BenwaDice-Man→ nuit ;)02:13
latagoreegsome: so can you help?02:13
egsomeblsmith, What the problem with printer attached to a server ( I've one ) ?02:13
th0rblsmith: nope...I live on a boat...read everything I need onscreen02:13
egsomelatagore, Sorry, I have no idea about that, but you can `sudo shutdown -r 0` to restart/02:13
latagoreegsome: I can restart when it's on, but I can't turn on my computer after suspending it or hibernating it02:14
Benwaegsome→ 0 is the number of seconds ?02:14
blsmithth0r: thats awesome.02:14
latagoreegsome: I have to do hard-reset02:14
egsomeBenwa, Yeah.02:14
Benwaok thanks02:14
egsomelatagore, You can use the command i mentioned above02:15
dreamcan any one tell me some diff tool in linux -ubuntu02:15
dreami need to compare two files02:15
latagoreegsome: That command doesn't work unless the computer is booted02:15
blsmithegsome: I can't get it connected properly02:15
egsomedream, `diff` ?02:15
th0rblsmith: if I remember correctly, you need to install samba to share a printer....but it has been a long time <smile>02:15
egsomeblsmith, What you have done till now ?02:15
egsomelatagore, You need to restart it while it's hibernated ?02:16
dreamegsome, can you pls tell me syntax how we use it02:16
egsomedream, `man diff` is your friend.02:16
dreamok i meant difference02:16
blsmithegsome: just set up the server. havnen't had a chance to mess things up.02:16
dreamk thanks02:16
Benwathe floodbots are flooding a lot ...02:16
* Benwa → [], sorry02:17
latagoreegsome: I need to make it start after hibernating02:17
egsomeblsmith, Install the printer's drivers on the server normally, modify the configuration to let CUPS allow sharing, and you can use the printer from any network connected computer with the server.02:17
egsomelatagore, Clicking the power button ?02:18
Scuniziblsmith: you might be able to access the cups printer server from a different machine with firefox by going to http://<IP address of the server>:63102:18
blsmithegsome: I've never installed from the server only desktop02:18
egsomeblsmith, It's the same, How do you install on Desktop ?02:18
th0rblsmith: but remember to forward port 631 to the server if you are trying that from outside <smile>02:18
latagoreegsome: I pressed the power button after hibernating and it gives me a black screen02:19
blsmithth0r: thanks02:19
egsomelatagore, At that moment, press any key on the keyboard, It should come back to life.02:19
latagoreegsome: Then it gives me a blinking cursor and nothing else happens for over an hour02:20
egsomelatagore, You don't get any `login` screen ?02:20
latagoreegsome: Nothing; I said I had a black screen02:20
nsdanyone know where I can find a list of key modifiers for use with ctrl-alt-num lock?02:21
nsdI found it on the ubuntu forums once, but I can't seem to find it again02:21
egsomelatagore, That's strange, pastebin your xorg log after that happen ?02:21
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=== JackInTheBox_ is now known as [styx]
CentiZenSo what's the deal with the netbook remix?02:23
latagoreegsome: Just a moment, have to go on IRC on the other computer02:24
CentiZenWill I see any real change in batterly life with it on a normal laptop?02:24
egsomelatagore, OK02:24
Tempus_Fugitok I am viewing a webpage with lynx and I what I want to do is get a terminal or lynx to display only the links on the page and save the target of those links into a file .....how would I do that??02:24
nsdCentiZen: I understand it to be the same as ubuntu; it's like kubuntu or xubuntu to ubuntu in that the only difference is what's installed by default, in which case a special desktop for netbooks is preinstalled02:24
egsomeCentiZen, Not too much, But it's more suitable for small screens.02:24
egsomeCentiZen, Personally, I prefer normal Ubuntu even on netbooks02:24
bodwicklatagore: what gfx drivers r u using?02:25
Tempus_Fugithere is the page I am trying to view ... http://www.informit.com/library/library.aspx?b=STY_Java2_24hours02:25
latagorebodwick: ATI, the proprietary one02:25
nsdCentiZen: egsome summed it up nicely; you may get better battery performance if you try running a lighter weight window manager and that sort of thing, though02:25
nsdso no one knows about ctrl-alt-numlock here?02:25
bodwicklatagore try different drivers version02:26
bodwicklatagore you use fglrx from repo or amd's site?02:26
egsomensd, What about `ctrl-alt-numlock` ?02:26
latagorebodwick: I think from repository02:26
nsdegsome: I can't remember which of the number pad keys modify `5' to do what02:26
Tempus_Fugitjrib: you here?02:27
gonzalino25hi is the first time i use ubuntu02:27
gonzalino25somebody help me???02:27
jribTempus_Fugit: now I am02:27
egsome!ask | gonzalino2502:27
ubottugonzalino25: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:27
latagore!ask gonzalino2502:27
bodwicklatagore sp check out some recent version from amd, i used to have problems with hibernation .. due to ati drivers :)02:27
blsmithegsome: where should I install the drivers?02:27
mobasheregsome, u were going to tell me something about my name ?02:28
egsomeblsmith, On the server.02:28
IdleOnensd: you want to be able to turn on/off the mousepad keys?02:28
blsmithany particualar folder.02:28
bodwicklatagore so if your computer doesn't wake up properly play with ati drivers02:28
egsomemobasher, Yeah :), Told you in PM.02:28
latagorebodwick: I can look for them on the internet, but I don't know how to play with them02:28
mobasheregsome, online ? is the meaning of my name in Arabic lmao02:28
latagorebodwick: Proprietary or open-source drivers?02:29
egsomeblsmith, `/opt/printer-driver` should be good, as I think.02:29
bodwicklatagore fglrx02:29
egsomeblsmith, Which driver you're going to install ?02:29
egsomemobasher, Yeah, Exactly :)02:29
nsdnsd: mousepad? ctrl+alt+numlock allows the user to control the mouse with the keypad in the event that they either do not have a mouse or the mouse quits for some reason. From time to time I find myself in need of it, and can't remember which keys modify `5' to act as single/double click or whatever02:29
bodwicklatagore open-source drivers don't allow power scaling etc02:29
nsdwhoops, I meant IdleOne02:30
nsd(see above)02:30
blsmithegsome: Epson Artisan 50 Print Drivers02:30
IdleOnensd: try shift-alt-numlock02:30
mobasheregsome, damn...02:30
IdleOnensd: in windows it is ctrl-alt-numlock02:30
egsomeblsmith, So, Which driver you're going to install ?, provided by the manufacturer or what ?02:30
nsdIdleOne: you're right, I forgot; it is shift, but my question was what keys modify the behavior of the `5' key; e.g., I think + changes it to double click02:31
blsmithegsome: see link above02:31
wallyI cant find a clear answer but ubuntu overwrote my windows 7 partition, but my kids pictures on there. Whats the best way to get them back02:31
IdleOnensd: that I don't know02:31
nsdIdleOne: well, thanks anyway02:31
Benwawally→ testdisk or photorec02:32
egsomeblsmith, This is a debian package, just install it using `dpkg -i` and it should do the rest02:32
blsmithegsome: so sudo dpkg -i "web link"?02:32
wallyBenwa, where do I obtain photorec02:32
egsomeblsmith, No !, first download it, use `wget URL`02:33
Benwawally→ apt-get or synaptic02:33
egsomeblsmith, Then, `sudo dpkg -i FILE_NAME`02:33
blsmithegsome: perfect thanks02:33
blsmithill report back with issues02:33
antoniusanyone know how to get wifi working on Aspire 4315?02:33
egsomeblsmith, OK02:33
Benwawally→ http://www.cgsecurity.org/02:33
egsomeantonius, Try connection using cable, and do a `sudo apt-get update`, then install any drivers found02:34
blsmithegsome: what other services do you have running on your server?02:34
antoniusblsmith, that's what i'm doing now....fingers crossed02:34
blsmithantonius: Good Luck to you.02:35
egsomeblsmith, Apache2, MySQL-Server, OpenSSH, Some services that i coded myself for office needs02:35
wallyBenwa, E: Invalid operation photorec02:35
mobasheregsome, if i wana connect to this box do i have send myself keys ? to the other server when ssh ?02:35
blsmithegsome: Oh. I was looking to do backups of my home pcs, and mac, also print, ssh, web, and torrent.02:36
DAGr8Hi I can mount the iso and installit in vmare workstation right ?02:36
estragibwally, are you using the same system to chat here?02:36
egsomemobasher, That should be done automatically when you try to connect.02:36
Benwawally→ sudo apt-get install testdisk02:36
mobasherDAGr8, you can mount the cd when going thru the settings of the vmware02:36
Benwawally→ photorec is part of testdisk02:36
egsomeblsmith, Nice.02:36
Blue1mobasher: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=25202:36
mobasheregsome, thx :)02:37
wallyestragib, yes02:37
egsomemobasher, You're welcome.02:37
blsmithegsome: also looking into power management stuff while its not in use.02:37
andyisheyo, does anyone know how to fix a screen glitch kinda thingy?02:37
anyoneofushi all02:38
andyisOn every workspace, the edges of the screen show black for about a good 3 inches around the top, left and right sides02:38
Benwaanyoneofus→ hi02:38
estragibwally: if you don't have any other copies of the photos and they are important, stop using that partition now. any disk access will make retrieval more unlikely. it won't be easy as it is.02:38
andyisAnd I can't see applications in that zone02:38
blsmithegsome: I got an error give me a minute to pastebin it.02:38
Benwawally→ yep, don't write on the disk02:38
wallyok thanks02:39
Dr_Willisandyis:  sounds like the resolution of the Display is not the same as the res of the monitor. and the monitor is not 'zooming/scaling' the display to fill tjhe screen.02:39
egsomeblsmith, Have no idea about that, but interested.02:39
Benwawally→ np02:39
andyisThe status bar and stuff will pop up if I mouse over though, for boht the top and bottom02:39
egsomeblsmith, OK.02:39
incognitodoes vino still have a bug that prevents vinagre to connect to it?02:39
andyisThank you02:39
anyoneofusmy laptop is Sony Vaio E Series, after i installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, my audio can't work02:39
etherealiteAnyone here use dropbox?02:39
andyisI'm using 2 displays so that might ffix it...02:39
headkase314etherealite, I use dropbox02:39
anyoneofusi try alsamixer, aplay, gnome-alsamixer, lspci02:40
oatHi all. I have an issue about /proc/interrupts. Can somebody help, please?02:40
etherealiteheadkase314 are there debs somewhere to accomplish the contents of this link automatically: http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/TextBasedLinuxInstall02:40
egsomeblsmith, try `sudo apt-get install lsb`02:40
andyisDr_Willis, Setting the resolution to auto didn't work. Any other suggestions>02:40
blsmithegsome: asking me to run 'apt-get -f install' should I proceed02:41
incognitodoes anyone know what is a good vnc server to be accessed by vinagre?02:41
egsomeblsmith, Most time not fixing problems for me, but give it a try.02:41
=== Cliff_ is now known as GClliffW
headkase314etherealite, I installed it from here -> http://www.dropbox.com/downloading?src=index  Deb's are available from there and use gdebi to open it and it's all easy from there.02:41
Dr_Willisandyis:  fgure out what the native res is for yur monuitor. and set the res to be the same.02:41
blsmithegsome: Didn't fix the install issue, Should I reboot?02:42
mobashervmware is pretty cool man..just tried windows 7 first time it's nice02:42
Dr_Willisandyis:  also check for some 'scale' options in the settings.02:42
andyisMmmk. Any help on that? Its a labtop, so I'm not sure where to start02:42
egsomeblsmith, tried to install `lsb` ?02:42
headkase314etherealite, is there anything preventing you from using a GUI like are you using Ubuntu Server?  Because if you have a GUI the best way is through those download links and gdebi02:43
egsomeblsmith, Reboot doesn't change much in Linux, ( Linux to be root, Windows to reboot ) :)02:43
headkase314etherealite, by best I mean easiest.02:43
etherealiteheadkase314 does that have the nautilus deps? I have a gui, just no nautilus02:43
blsmithegsome: sorry used to windows.02:43
blsmithlet me pastebin02:43
egsomeblsmith, OK.02:43
incognitoheadkase314 what vnc server would you recommend would you remote viewing from computers that have say ubuntu 9.04 and/or 10.0402:43
oatHi all, I need some help with ubuntu server. Can any one suggest me with the interrupt load balancing issue?02:44
headkase314etherealite, it hooks into nautilus but I don't know if it'll just ignore nautilus not being present or not.  You end up with an icon in your system tray at the end.02:44
blsmithegsome: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/W5hLB8E602:44
sharifI have files with ioncube but show blank in browser even when put ioncube folder on it, please help me02:44
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etherealiteheadkase314 I have to system tray, not using gnome02:44
headkase314incognito, sorry I don't know enough about VNC servers to recommend a particular one.02:44
egsomeblsmith, Now run `sudo apt-get -f install`02:44
sharifshould I install ioncube or is there any requirment to show encoded files ?02:44
Dr_Willisincognito:  in theory they all should be compatable.02:44
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Dr_Willis!info ioncube02:44
ubottuPackage ioncube does not exist in lucid02:45
incognitoheadgasket314 thanks anyways.02:45
blsmithegsome: same results: herehttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zQih5xdB02:45
headkase314etherealite, I'm not sure I'll be able to help you then as that version of Dropbox depends on gtk.02:45
blsmithegsome: sorry http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/zQih5xdB  here02:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:45
popkorn_Hi all good evening02:45
egsomeblsmith, run `sudo apt-get -f install` only, with no trailing `lsb`02:46
headkase314etherealite, gdebi may offer to install dependencies but if you don't have GNOME I'd expect that to pull in a fair bit.02:46
Dr_Willissharif:  im not sure anyone even knows what 'ioncube' is.02:46
Benwapopkorn_→ good night for me :-)02:46
incognitoDr_Willis, yeah I know, but I'm wondering if you might be able to recommend on that you have experience with, or is generally known to work well with vinagre.02:46
blsmithegsome: 111 newly installed.  Is this ok to run?02:46
Benwapopkorn_→ :)02:46
sharifIts like zend to decode files that encoded with it02:46
popkorn_sorry, good night to you02:47
etherealiteheadkase314 I've got most of the gnome deps from installig firefox02:47
headkase314etherealite, what is your desktop manager?02:47
egsomeblsmith, pastebin them.02:47
Benwapopkorn_→ np, still awake02:47
Dr_Willisincognito:  i tend to use the tightvncserver packages for a stand alone vnc server and client02:47
dpac_sharif: There are good number of PHP devs in here02:47
popkorn_is 10.10 beta pretty stable?02:47
etherealiteetherealite using a window manager: xmonad. pcman for file management.02:48
tktiddleI have a machine with loads of data but it dosn't connect to my home network very well (the range is too far).  Is there anyway to use its wifi card to allow aother computers in its range to access it like a NAS but not actually have it going through my home router?02:48
egsomeblsmith, Seems OK.02:48
blsmithpopkorn: doesn't the beta imply not stable?02:48
blsmithok. thanks02:48
chungbdhi all, my laptop is Sony Vaio E Series, i can't get audio signal after install Ubuntu 10.04. But when i run "lspci | grep Audio", my bash return : 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05)02:48
headkase314etherealite, I'm not familiar enough with either of those to offer good advice.  Perhaps try to install and you have apt to remove it if that deb doesn't work?02:48
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blsmithpopkorn_: I won't run anything important on it or save anything important to it. But thats just me.02:49
ClappyWell, looks like IRSSI works.02:49
sharifI am confused and looking for help02:49
incognitoDr_Willis Do you know if tightvnc can be accessed by vinagre or will I have to install it on my client machines. I do like tight because it's cross platform.02:49
etherealiteheadkase314 k thanks,02:49
blsmithegsome: What about an FTP server?02:49
popkorn_thanx blsmith02:49
dreamanyone used diff command ? doesit shows the two files or just outputs the difference if any ?02:49
ClappySo if the NVidia beta drivers break my X, you guys'll be seeing me again. ;)02:49
dpac_!ask | sharif02:49
headkase314etherealite, you're welcome, sorry I couldn't be more help.02:49
ubottusharif: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:49
Dr_Willisincognito:  in theory all vnc servers should be compatable aith all vnc clients. they should be backwards compatable.02:49
dreami need something to compare the two files02:49
andyisDr_Willis, No luck :P There's still a black zone around the left monitor....02:50
blsmithpopkorn_. plus if 10.04 is LTS, then I would install that and once 10.10 is out of beta, upgrade to it if you want to.02:50
Dr_Willisincognito:  tightvnc has servers and a viewer.02:50
egsomeblsmith, Don't have one, never liked it :), I use some PHP Scripts to manage all of my uploads/downloads, and SSH is so enough for me.02:50
latagorebodwick: How can you check which driver is installed?02:50
incognitoDr_Willis thanks02:50
Dr_Willisandyis:  and your chipset is what exactly for that video card?02:50
egsomeblsmith, If you need one, just install `pureftpd` for example.02:50
dpac_dream: Use diff02:50
blsmithegsome: geez, how many php scripts do you have running.02:51
chungbdsomeone help me. Please!02:51
dreami tried that dpac_ but i dont see any output02:51
Benwa!ask | chungbd02:51
ubottuchungbd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:51
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:51
dpac_dream: It shows the diffence between 2 files02:51
estragibdream: try meld for a gui app02:51
Benwachungbd→ sorry02:51
chungbdBenwa: hi all, my laptop is Sony Vaio E Series, i can't get audio signal after install Ubuntu 10.04. But when i run "lspci | grep Audio", my bash return : 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 05)02:51
egsomeblsmith, Not too much, most of them for Administration purposes.02:52
dreamok thanks estragib02:52
EricInBNEhey I just got a new monitor, is there a program I can use to test for dead pixels?02:52
blsmithegsome: ok cool. well i'm done with the install. now what?02:52
EricInBNEactually 3 new monitors...02:52
Benwa!audio | chungbd02:52
ubottuchungbd: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:52
chungbdthis is my alsa-info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490666/02:52
blsmithegsome: ran dpkg. give you the pastebin in a little02:53
egsomeblsmith, try to open `http://SERVERIP:631/admin` in your browser.02:53
NeurotrophinAny know of any up-to-date instructions on installing nvidia driver (non-gui method) ??02:53
Benwahow can i get the 'command list' like !audio !ask ...02:53
egsomeblsmith, And you should have port `631` open for that server02:53
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".02:54
andyisDr_Willis, Mobile 4 series chipset, w/ integrated graphics02:54
egsomeblsmith, I'm sorry, but have to go, maybe someone else continue the help with you.02:54
blsmithegsome: youve been a big help02:55
BenwaDr_Willis→ thanks02:55
VintageRitzhello all. I'm new to irc (first time, I've never been able to get connected before), and relatively new to Ubuntu. My tech-support son is at college and unavailable and I'm far to embarrassed to tell him I've been messing with my system anyway :/  Problem is my cd/dvd drive. Something isn't working and I receive a message at boot that says      mount: mounting none on /dev failed..... I've spent the last two days in the support docs look02:56
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h4ck3r_je cherche des films02:57
ScuniziVintageRitz: the last part of your post got chopped.. what exactly isn't working with the cd/dvd rom?  Can't play a commercial movie?02:58
CkhiKuzadIs there a way to install KDE without all the "Oh look, we can put a 'K' in the name of our program, allow it to run in other WMs, albeit incredibly laggy" programs?02:58
VintageRitzmessage at boot mount: mounting none on /dev failed02:58
Benwa!fr | h4ck3r_02:58
ubottuh4ck3r_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.02:58
VintageRitzI've spent 2 days in the support docs looking for info (getting educated), but finding no direction.02:58
ScuniziVintageRitz: and that was it? .. nothing there to suggest that it's the cd/dvd rom .. was there more to it?02:59
VintageRitzI'm trying to burn backup files (ironic, huh) and the drive won't accept anything. just pops the dvd right out03:00
VintageRitzwith a failed error03:00
ScuniziVintageRitz: what program are you trying to use to do that?03:00
CkhiKuzadare we in a netsplit? o.o03:00
blsmithAnyone know how to set up a printerserver over dyndns.org?03:00
ScuniziVintageRitz: arg.. no experience with that program.. but are you basically telling it to burn "data" and then tagging files or directories?03:01
VintageRitzScunizi: right.03:01
headkase314!info gnomebaker03:01
ubottugnomebaker (source: gnomebaker): application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 990 kB, installed size 2980 kB03:01
estragibCkhiKuzad: why don't you ask that question over in #kubuntu?03:01
headkase314!info brasero03:01
ubottubrasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 318 kB, installed size 1048 kB03:01
lulu7VintageRitz: have you tried any other way?03:02
blsmithAnyone know how to set up a printerserver over dyndns.org?03:02
headkase314VintageRitz→ brasero is installed by default in 10.04 and I've always found it useful.03:02
CkhiKuzadgood question estragib. I go over there and never get any help with anything ._.03:02
andyis...heyo? Anyone able to help with my monitor problem?03:02
VintageRitzlulu7: no. I didn't get to try much. Tried playing a commercial DVD and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to spin down the drive and get it back out.03:02
VintageRitzI HATE being the newbie03:02
estragibCkhiKuzad: it may be the way you phrase things, though i generally agree about the K names :/03:03
ScuniziVintageRitz: might be gnomebaker, might be a bad disk.. personally I"d install k3b .. it's pretty much the defacto standard for burning cd's/dvd's .. and the interface is "nicer"03:03
VintageRitzScunizi: k3b?03:03
headkase314!info k3d | VintageRitz03:03
ubottuVintageRitz: k3d (source: k3d): 3D modeling and animation system. In component universe, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 9755 kB, installed size 41352 kB03:03
headkase314!info k3b | VintageRitz03:04
ubottuVintageRitz: k3b (source: k3b): A sophisticated CD/DVD burning application. In component main, is optional. Version 1.91.0~rc2-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 503 kB, installed size 1840 kB03:04
slgma!seen sladen03:04
ubottuI have no seen command03:04
slgmathen why tell me that03:04
VintageRitzokay, irc is definitely different.03:04
ScuniziVintageRitz: yes.. it's actually a kde program but runs fine on gnome (providing you know the difference :)  ).. the software center should have it listed or Synaptic package manager or from terminal you can type ... sudo apt-get install k3b03:04
VintageRitzlulu7: can you ask your question again. I'm just catching on with all the windows popping up. Thanks03:05
ScuniziVintageRitz: use a persons "nick" when responding and your responses won't get lost in the noise.... there are over 1000 people here03:05
VintageRitzScunizi: I'm getting that. Thanks03:06
ScuniziVintageRitz: Hey... I'm over 50 and I can do this stuff too!  :)  <---- smiley face03:06
lulu7VintageRitz: Did it ever play the dvd?03:06
Four2zerohello to all, is there another tool that is like rapache ?03:07
estragibVintageRitz: welcome to the mayhem. don't let it put you off. other places on irc are quiter.03:07
VintageRitzLulu7: no. it started to but then .....  an error message I think and stopped. black screen (better than blue though)03:07
Scunizilulu7: VintageRitz is trying to burn a data cd/dvd03:07
VintageRitzestragib: I used to do AOL chats, so this is ..... similar......kinda03:08
VintageRitzno one shoot me for comparing irc to AOL though03:08
FloodBot2fhudfdhfd: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:08
* Scunizi raises a gun and BANG .. misses VintageRitz03:08
VintageRitzScunizi: yes, I am trying to burn, but I tried playing a dvd to check the drive03:08
VintageRitzScunizi: and the dvd wouldn't play.....and got stuck in the device for the rest of the day.03:09
ScuniziVintageRitz: if it's a commercial dvd you need the right "codecs" to decode it..03:09
VintageRitzScunizi: it was commercial and I have all the updated restricted's.03:09
lulu7VintageRitz: Will it play audio or data CD's?03:09
VintageRitzScunizi: (I duck fast, don't I)03:10
RockMeAmadeusI'm looking for a version control system for my code, where it just creates backups of my files for me, and its really easy to use .. i could learn it in 5 minutes or less03:10
ScuniziVintageRitz: but are they from the medibuntu repositories?  that's the only place to get the libdvdcss(version number)..03:10
Pelodo we have a guide on setting up a network share folder readable from xp ?03:10
Scunizi!samba | Pelo03:10
VintageRitzlulu7: I don't know. I don't know which audio cd I want to lose to it. I had to re-boot to get the last one out.03:10
ubottuPelo: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:10
Pelothanks Scunizi03:10
ScuniziPelo: my pleasure :)03:10
lulu7VintageRitz: can you use "eject" (without quotes) in terminal to eject it?03:11
VintageRitzScunizi: yep, from the mediabuntu reps. just checked them tonight (using the terminal I might add. I was very proud of myself)03:11
VintageRitzlulu7: nope. won't eject03:11
lulu7VintageRitz: Is this on a laptop or desktop?03:11
Pelolaterz folks03:12
ThinWhiteDukehow do i forward ports in ubuntu03:12
VintageRitzlulu7: laptop. dell inspiron 940003:12
ScuniziVintageRitz: Once you catch on this stuff will be easier... and an adventure. I've gotta go so I'll let lulu7 finish up.. good luck.03:12
VintageRitzScunizi: I know and thanks03:12
BentFranklinI am running 10.4.  A package I want to install (moodle) requires php4 but "apt-cache search php" does not list any php4 just php5.  Is php4 no longer supported in 10.4?03:13
Four2zerohello to all, is there a configuration tool for amp ?03:13
ChogyDanBentFranklin: yeah, I think it is gone.  You can also check packages.ubuntu.com03:13
VintageRitzlulu7: I can try an audio disc if you want to wait for me to re-boot :)03:14
neobosany body tell me how to create a file in ubuntu 9.1003:14
neobosi mean thru terminal03:14
kad_heys need help, there's file "rw------- 1 vmail     vmail     870 2010-09-09 05:11 1283998307" , i added myself to "vmail" group and still can't read it why? i don't want to play with permission03:14
ChogyDanneobos: touch file?03:14
lulu7VintageRitz: Not yet03:15
neobosChogyDan: thru terminal03:15
VintageRitzlulu7: okay. standing absolutely still so my system doesn't blow up. #1 would really laugh then.03:15
|Sacred|neobos as he said, touch file (in terminal)03:16
IdleOneneobos: nano my-file.txt03:16
|Sacred|can pico or nano also03:16
=== derp is now known as lol
|Sacred|or vi03:16
BentFranklinChogyDan: Thanks03:16
IdleOneor touch my-file03:17
lulu7VintageRitz: You are using 10.04?03:17
VintageRitzlulu7: yes03:17
neobos|sacred|, i cant do like that03:18
|Sacred|why not03:18
|Sacred|pico filenameyouwant03:18
neobosidleone, give me the full code to create on desktop03:18
|Sacred|ctrl+x, choose yes to save03:18
datadudeHello, all.03:20
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:20
lulu7VintageRitz: I am looking for something with that laptop03:20
datadudeAre support requests allowed in the channel?03:20
noisewaterphdneebos: or learn to use vim03:20
noisewaterphddatadude: ya03:20
noisewaterphdthats what it's for03:20
VintageRitzlulu7: I figured. Thanks. slightly tech-inclined mom's with ADD shouldn't be allowed on Linux laptops maybe :)03:20
datadudeI always prefer to make sure that it's okay so that I don't start spamming people who are here to talk about advanced topics. :D03:21
neoboshow to create a file on desktop throu terminal any body give me the full code03:21
neobosas im new to linux03:21
=== [styx] is now known as JackInTheBox_
IdleOneneobos: touch ~/Desktop/my-file   (will create a file named my-file in ~/Desktop and you will see it on the desktop)03:21
=== JackInTheBox_ is now known as [styx]
IdleOne!manual | neobos03:22
ubottuneobos: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:22
rockhopperneobos, or mkdir ~/Desktop/directory03:22
noisewaterphdneebos: you were already told multiple ways, but if all you need is a file then: touch /path/to/yourfilename.whatever03:22
datadudeSo, I have a 2008 Dell Inspiron 1720 with a Dell 1395 Wireless card. The wireless card worked in Hardy, Intrepid and Jaunty,and it also worked in Linux Mint. I have not been able toget it to work in Lucid, though, so I'm slumming in a Vista partition.03:22
rockhopperoops i thought he asked for a directory03:22
datadudeIs anyone able to tell me what  I have to do to get this working?03:22
zonylHi All.  My work blocks access to gmail and was wondering about a simple proxy solution I can setup on my home webserver.  Anyone have any recommendations on where to start?03:23
rockhopperdatadude, can you do lspci | grep i net and paste bin here03:23
dataduderockhopper: I am in Vista right now, as I can't get online in Lucid. :(03:24
rockhopperzonyl, you can run squid in your home pc and tunnel to your pc from your work pc with ssh03:24
lulu7VintageRitz: How familiar are you with the terminal?03:24
neobosIdleOne, if i want write something in the already created file what is the code03:24
rockhopperdatadude, do that lspci | grep i net and see if the device's being detected03:24
bdoggcan someone help me out with rhythmbox plugin?03:24
IdleOneneobos: sudo nano ~/Desktop/myfile03:24
ThinWhiteDukedoes the command iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 5900 -j ACCEPT correctly open ports?03:25
VintageRitzlulu7: well......hmm......if you tell me what to write, I can copy/past lol.03:25
ThinWhiteDukei tried this in the terminal but i went to a port check site it said the port is closed03:25
VintageRitzlulu7: I stumble my way around mostly03:25
rockhopperdatadude, and do iwconfig to see if you get something like wlan0 or eth103:25
blsmithHelp with print server please. I connected to localhost:631 but nothing is there03:25
lulu7VintageRitz: check your /dev directory for cdrom03:25
bdoggcan someone help me out with rhythmbox plugin?03:25
VintageRitzlulu7: but I'm getting there. mess up enough and you learn lots of commands.03:26
IdleOneneobos: I strongly suggest you go to http://ubuntu-manual.org/ and download the free manual. it has a lot of very useful and helpful info.03:26
rockhopperif you can see your device with lspci command and can't find with iwconfig, try reinstalling the drivers for it!03:26
zonylrockhopper: i have squid, ssh etc, unfortunately, they block everything at L7 to http03:26
noisewaterphddatadude: i can tell you that dell usually puts cheap broadcom's in everything, maybe it needs a driver?03:26
rockhopperzonyl, Isn't the port 22 open at your work place?03:26
VintageRitzlulu7: can you explain a bit more?03:26
neobosIdleOne, thanks see my pm03:26
dataduderockhopper: I tried updating the driver through Vista, and it said it was up to date. Should I just search for a better one?03:26
rockhopperThey must have some port open, just use that port for the sshd in your home pc!!03:27
zonylrockhopper: Nope.  I have nmap the whole shebang with nothing.  Only HTTP rolls through their transparent proxy.03:27
IdleOneneobos: I did not recieve any pm from you03:27
rockhopperzonyl, Is at least port 80 open?03:27
noisewaterphdneobos: there is a book called Unix Power Tools that I believe would be a very nice addition to your bookshelf, check it out03:27
rockhopperdatadude, I'm talking about updating the driver in ubuntu! not in the vista03:27
zonylzonyl: Yes, but I have tried to route 80 to ssh and it would appear they are inspecting the packet at L7 to ensure it is http traffic.03:28
dataduderockhopper: How would I go about doing that?03:28
Blue1zonyl: ssh doesn't use port 80 uses port 2203:28
neobosnoisewaterphd: can i get downloaded03:28
noisewaterphdzonyl: you could tunnel ssh over http, then they won't block03:29
zonylzonyl: it uses the port I specify in as the startup param ;)03:29
transportador1como pongo ares en ubuntu03:29
IdleOne!es | transportador103:29
ubottutransportador1: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:29
rockhopperdatadude, What wifidevice do you use?03:29
noisewaterphdneobos: i'm sure you can get an ebook version.03:29
zonylnoisewaterphd: Yah, I had though about using a dnstunnel as well, but though it would be easier to set up with cgiproxy or some such thing.03:29
datadudeDell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini-Card, according to Vista Device Manager03:30
rockhopperdatadude, did the wifi device work out of the box in the pervious ubuntu?03:30
Blue1!es | transportador103:30
ubottutransportador1: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:30
IdleOnelinux terminal basics03:30
lulu7VintageRitz: from prompt cd /dev03:30
dataduderockhopper: Yes,it worked in both previous versions of Ubuntu and inMint.03:30
rockhopperBlue1, I think we can set ssh to use port 80. It uses port 22 as default03:30
IdleOneneobos: http://www.unixguide.net/linux/linuxshortcuts.shtml03:30
Typhhow do I unlock the keyring on login automatically? It's so annoying to have to type my password every time.03:30
zonylBlue1: I had changed the init.d/ssh to startup on 80 for testing.03:31
VintageRitzlulu7: okay, I'm in /dev03:31
rockhopperdatadude, then It must be supported in the lucid as well!! If not, google for the appropriate drivers and install them!03:31
lulu7VintageRitz: dir -d c* Just like that and see if cdrom shows up03:31
rockhopperdatadude, If you can't find the drivers, you can use ndiswrapper and use windows drivers for it!03:31
ChogyDanTyph: I think you can change your password to a blank one, under Apps > Acces > Passwords03:32
IdleOnevery unsafe03:32
Typhunsafe how03:32
noisewaterphddatadude: if you haven't already, go to System>Admin>Hardware Drivers and see if there is a proprietary broadcom driver avail for your card03:32
Blue1zonyl: i don;t know about your isp, but my isp blocks incoming http:  (port 80)03:33
VintageRitzlulu7: comes back asking for me to specify, I think: cdrom  cdrw  char  console  core  cpu_dma_latency03:33
IdleOneTyph: less security means less safe. IMHO03:33
datadudenoisewaterphd: I have tried that before, but it keeps saying that there's an error.03:33
noisewaterphddatadude: assuming that it is a broadcom03:33
noisewaterphddatadude: what is the error03:33
datadudeLet me reboot into Ubuntu and find out.03:34
neobosldleone, cant send pm to u03:34
datadudeBack in just a few,guys.03:34
TyphIdleOne: I'm not even clear on why it needs manual unlocking, or what the implications of not having a password are03:34
neobosldleOne, u send03:34
IdleOneneobos: it is an I not L03:34
Blue1zonyl: easiest way to geth ssh working forward port 22 to the machine you want to run ssh on, then sudo apt-get install openssh-server03:34
noisewaterphddatadude: that is your answer, or your question rather, get the most detailed debug output you can from that install, and then ask how to solve that problem03:34
datadudeYup, back in like ten.03:34
ChogyDanTyph: I think it means that your passwords will be stored in plain text on your machine03:34
VintageRitzlulu7: if you have the time, what does the "dir" and "-d" mean? I assume it's something to do with directory. List what's in it?03:34
heroiptux error?03:35
VintageRitzlulu7: trying to learn here. Most things are sensible, which is nice. There's just a LOT of it.03:35
Typhfirefox already stores passwords in plain text, and I'm much more concerned about them than anything OS related03:35
tpa1211Just say no to storing passwords03:35
zonylBlue1: I have ssh, squid, asterisk, etc installed on my server at home.  The firewall at work (I believe it is an old ISA box) wont allow anything other than HTTP traffic and they block gmail.03:35
Typhhaha, never. convenience is most important to me.03:36
lulu7VintageRitz: you can type "man <command>"  to get more information about a command.03:36
=== Guest66529 is now known as Ubuntued
Typhas long as I'm being reasonably safe, of course.03:36
Blue1zonyl: ahh so you need a proxy then.03:36
neobosIdleOne, cant find u man ru thr in facebook03:36
lulu7VintageRitz: The -d just says "directories" pretty much instead of directory content which can spam the window03:36
tpa1211geez we're using facebook for man now even?? <g>03:37
IdleOneneobos: I don't use facebook. why do you even meed to find me on facebook?03:37
zonylBlue1: Yes.  I figured the best way would be to setup a reverse proxy on apache, but I am not familiar with all of the tools available in ubuntu to do that.  I havent seen much on google about examples of proxying gmail.03:37
Blue1zonyl: i've not tried tht eithe r- but if you do find the solution let me know:  http://www.pkill-9.com03:37
cjaeis this stuff for real Hi cjae, this is a security check: Which month has only 28 days?03:37
IdleOneneobos: I can be found in this channel and if I am not around there are plenty more people who can help you in here.03:38
VintageRitzlulu7: I've done that but I find "man" less than helpful.03:38
neobosldleOne , k thanks man03:38
Blue1cjae: last time I checked, all months had 28 days03:38
VintageRitzlulu7: but I'll keep trying03:38
cjaeBlue1: lol03:38
elijahDoes anyone know why Kubuntu would always ask me for a password to access my NTFS partitions?03:39
Blue1cjae: with the politicians we have, I don't trust anything anymore03:39
cjaeit comes from ubuntu unregistered03:39
elijahcjae: Did you ever get your Fat32 password prompt figured out?03:39
=== kornben is now known as tr1pl3x
cjaeelijah: no03:40
lulu7VintageRitz: did you see cdrom under /dev ?03:40
Roastedis "symlinks not supported by backend" when copying data from a vista machine to an ubuntu machine a big deal via samba?03:40
=== lol is now known as derp
VintageRitzlulu7: I didn't ask it.  c* returns asking:  "cdrom  cdrw  char  console  core  cpu_dma_latency"03:41
tr1pl3xcan anyone help me on how to startup ubuntu without the gdm.. i really prefer on starting up my ubuntu from textbased mode?03:41
banana_Hello. I am a new ubuntu user and have a question about WINE. is there anyone willing to hold my hand a little?03:41
IdleOnebanana_: ask and ye shall receive (maybe)03:41
tr1pl3xhow can i start ubuntu in textbased mode?03:42
IdleOne!nox | tr1pl3x03:42
ubottutr1pl3x: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:42
neobosis it possible to access a system remotly on windows OS03:42
cromagif i want to mount an ext3 partition, via network on another linux box in the same network - how would i do that ? - only by nfs ?03:42
elijahWhen I resume or startup Kubuntu, it always asks me for a password whne trying to access my NTFS partitions. Is this normal? Can I bypass this?03:43
tr1pl3xtnx ubottu, my second question is i want to start it up w/out interecting wwith the grub boot looder03:43
lulu7VintageRitz: type eject -v03:43
tr1pl3xis there anyway to twik it, so that evertytime i restart it will automatically boot on textbase mode??03:43
VintageRitzlulu7: ejected!!!03:44
=== jason is now known as Guest3195
Guest3195is there a new version of Ubuntu coming03:44
IdleOnetr1pl3x: you would have to edit grub.cfg03:44
lulu7VintageRitz: Did anything come up as it executed?03:44
IzinucsGuest3195: every 6 months03:44
elijahGuest3195: On the 10th of October03:44
IdleOneGuest3195: next release is 10.10 Nov 201003:44
tr1pl3xok tnx for the info: IdleOne--> i will forward for it03:44
tr1pl3xok tnx for the info: IdleOne--> i will look forward for it03:45
Guest3195auto update?03:45
IdleOneerr oct03:45
VintageRitzlulu7: yes, a bunch of stuff. do you want me to post it here?03:45
lulu7VintageRitz: It should say something like eject: '/dev/cdrom' is a link to ....?03:45
IzinucsGuest3195: the version number is actually the relase date in desguise.. year/month  .. ie 10.04 is april of 201003:45
cromagif i want to mount an ext3 partition, via network on another linux box in the same network - how would i do that ? - only by nfs ? - repost03:45
RoastedI'm getting an error when copying data from a vista laptop to an ubuntu desktop... symlinks not supported by backend. Is this a big deal?03:46
IzinucsRoasted: nope..03:47
IzinucsRoasted: sounds like some of what you're copying is shortcuts to something someplace else03:47
VintageRitzlulu7:'/dev/cdrom' is a link to '/dev/sr0'03:47
kad_is there any file configured to each user if they create a file must be in form of ex: 600 other than umask ?03:47
=== [styx] is now known as [sleepy]
lulu7VintageRitz: the OS is reading the drive, will it take an audio CD?03:49
PCChrisAfter resuming from hibernate, my applications are not restored03:49
=== [sleepy] is now known as [styx]
VintageRitzlulu7: I'll get one and find out. just a minute.03:49
Blue1PCChris: i have had problems with suspend/hibernate which is why none of my machines use them03:50
IzinucsPCChris: your swap space might not be large enough..03:50
PCChris@Izinucs:  swap partition is ~9gb while I have 6gb ram03:50
Blue1PCChris: plenty big.03:51
PCChris@Blue1, @Izinucs:  Any suggestions?03:52
IzinucsPCChris: that's huge so no factor there.. hibernate/suspend is a little like voodoo.. every machine does it a different way (by mfgr and sometimes model).. I'd suggest looking in www.ubuntuforums.org and search for your computer model..03:52
Blue1PCChris: yeah disable them.  I've never gotten it to work correctly, windows or linux03:52
=== techhelper1 is now known as rkh_
IzinucsBlue1: PCChris suspend works fine for me on a Dell vostro 1400.. never tried it on my desktop03:52
=== rkh_ is now known as techhelper1
maindtocMy machine just crashed and when I rebooted, nm-applet shows the wireless symbol with a red exclamation point and if I click on it, it says Network Manager is not running - can someone help with this ?03:53
miststlkrI am trying to set up a fakeRAID array [for storage, not to install to] using a jmicro controller chip and I can get it to work, but only until I reboot then I have to go into palimpsest and "start array" each time.   How can I automate thjis?03:53
PCChris@Izinucs:  Would it have anything to do with proprietary ATI drivers?03:53
RoastedI'm getting an error when copying data from a vista laptop to an ubuntu desktop... symlinks not supported by backend. Is this a big deal?03:54
IzinucsPCChris: I wouldn't count it out but really I've no idea03:54
IzinucsRoasted: I already answered that for you.. did you think it wasn't correct?03:55
RoastedIzinucs, my IRC stopped responding, so I had to reconnect. I did not see your answer. I apologize for that.03:55
dougbdoes recordmydesktop recording audio playing on the computer and audio coming from a mic at the same time?03:55
IzinucsRoasted: no problem.. symlinks are like shortcuts.. so no issue.. you're copying some shortcuts to other files03:56
VintageRitzlulu7: ok. music plays just fine.03:56
neobosany one give me a clue to trace ip address......03:56
RoastedIzinucs, ah okay. I'm just trying to back up the raw data of this stuff so I can redo it. This laptop is in *bad* shape. I just got to thinking if I back their stuff up and symlinks is something important, aw no... know what I mean?03:57
Izinucsneobos: how do you mean?03:57
miststlkrneobos: System>Administration>NEtwork Tools> Traceroute03:57
Blue1neobos: whois <ipname>03:57
IzinucsRoasted: yep.. you gonna reinstall that machine?03:57
lulu7VintageRitz: What are you playing the CD in?03:57
RoastedIzinucs, I may, its got a solid 18 minute log in time. No - I'm not kidding. Yes - I timed it.03:58
R0b0t1Hello, I'm having problems with file-roller. When extracting, subfolders are not preserved. How might I check if this is a setting or similar?03:58
neobosblue1;when i don knw the ip what to do03:58
IzinucsRoasted: laptop?03:58
PCChris@Izinucs @Blue1:  Any particular log files I could look at for resume issues?03:58
Blue1neobos: okay maybe you can better explain what you are trying to do or need?03:58
neobosmiststlkr: when i don knw the ip03:58
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
Blue1PCChris: check dmesg03:58
RoastedIzinucs, yes. dual core, 1gb ram.03:59
VintageRitzlulu7: when I told you that '/dev/cdrom is a link to /dev/sr0', I didn't tell you that the remaining message says '/dev/sr0 is not mounted.' don't know if it's important.03:59
miststlkrneobos: finger the domain name i think is what you are looking for03:59
neobosBlue1; i want to knw the ip address of remote system03:59
VintageRitzlulu7: playing in my laptop's cd/dvd drive03:59
Blue1neobos: ping www.usatoday.com04:00
IzinucsRoasted: if you have an actual windows install cd you might consider putting ubuntu on it and run the windows install in a virtual box vm.. works great.. however if it's a recovery cd it won't work..04:00
neobosBlue1; what it is04:00
RoastedIzinucs, if it were mine, it'd be ubuntu. but it's not, and I hate to introduce ubuntu to somebody who uses the computer for facebook...04:00
asymptote-schoolMy machine just crashed and when I rebooted, nm-applet shows the  wireless symbol with a red exclamation point and if I click on it, it  says Network Manager is not running - can someone help with this ?04:00
Blue1neobos: shows the delay time between you and other computer, and also displays the ip address04:00
VintageRitzlulu7: if you mean what program, I apologize for looking foolish.  I'm using RhythmBox.04:00
IzinucsRoasted: have you looked at kubuntu? I use that on my desktop.. slick.. and a widget for facebook :)04:01
Blue1neobos: so try it:  ping www.usatoday.com04:01
lulu7VintageRitz: Stop the playback and enter the eject -v command again (making sure)04:01
=== jacob__ is now known as jacobjwheeler
firstgearonewill most applications run smoothly in ubuntu 64bit?04:01
miststlkrneobos:  If you do the traceroute that i mentioned the first time, and type in, say, "slashdot.org" in the box it will tell you the IP address of every machine you touched along the way, including the target system04:01
neobosBlue1; what do u mean by ping04:01
PCChris@Izinucs:  This is all I found:  [    1.276977] PM: Resume from disk failed.04:02
=== zhang is now known as Guest13047
Blue1neobos: did you try that?  it's self explanatory04:02
popkorn_R0b0t1: try thr -r for recursive switch04:02
VintageRitzlulu7: ejected just fine. same readout in the terminal04:02
cookr35ping yahoo.com04:02
R0b0t1popkorn_: Eh?04:02
IzinucsPCChris: sorry.. I forgot what we were talking about..04:02
RoastedIzinucs, I've been down the kubuntu route. They have some work to do before I use it full time. Yes - even with KDE 4.5. :P04:02
popkorn_R0bot1: try -r for recursive04:03
PCChris@Izinucs:  my hibernated state (assuming it is made) is not resuming04:03
IzinucsRoasted: it is better.. and getting better..04:03
TheVenerableZI'm trying to convert a 3gpp-encoded m4a file file to a wav with mplayer. I went to http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/amr and installed amrnb- as root. When I try to convert the file, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490693/. I'm on 64-bit ubuntu 10.04. Any ideas?04:03
R0b0t1popkorn_: Unknown option -r04:03
Blue1Roasted: the last good release of kde was 3.504:03
neobosmiststlkr: thanks will ry wait give some time dude04:03
Blue1i tried 4.0 and I if I didn't know better, I04:03
neobosBlue1; not yet will try dude04:04
Blue1would have concluded linux is broke04:04
neobos where i need to go for tech suport04:04
lulu7VintageRitz: You were trying to burn a DVD Data disk, Can that drive write to dvd format?04:04
miststlkrbe back in a few04:04
IzinucsPCChris: ah.. don't use the @ with my nick.. doesn't hilight.. sorry that I don't have the answer.. maybe someone else here can take this thread up.. otherwise www.google.com/linux and use your model and ubuntu in the search04:04
=== ToAsTcfh_ is now known as ToAsTcfh
RoastedIzinucs, everybody likes different things, but I find gnome to be stable and predictable, hence why I use it for work, personal systems, etc. If Kde was 1/4 of what gnome was, I'd use it because I actually enjoy KDE quite a lot. But until that time, I don't see myself using it.04:04
Roastednot to stir up some this vs that talk, but that's just why I didn't think about putting kde on this here laptop.04:05
PCChrisIzinucs:  k, thanks04:05
VintageRitzlulu7: LOL, now wouldn't that be just suck for me, but I believe so. At least the outside of the case says DVD rewritable and CD rewritable all over it.04:06
Blue1Roasted: I liked kde.  somethings are way simpler.  I just don;t know how stable it is now.  haven't tried it since the 4.X days.04:06
tpa1211LXDE is the 2nd best to Gnome, IMO04:06
IzinucsRoasted: I've been on gnome for 5 years and just put kde on my work desktop.. no issues except with (and these are biggies) cups not starting on boot and samba doesn't connect to anything.. my gnome laptop has no issues.. but I struggle along :)04:06
VintageRitzlulu7: however, this IS the first time I've tried burning a DVD. Even my boot disc was a CD.04:06
RoastedIzinucs, yeah, it's a good platform, but I had it on my work laptop last month - never again will I make that mistake...04:06
popkorn_R0b0t1: i use for subdirectories04:06
VintageRitzlulu7: I think. It's been a while, but CD's were all we had at the house.04:07
Blue1Roasted: I tried to uninstall kontact, and it took most of KDE along with it.  too bad there isn't a gnome equiv. of kontact04:07
RoastedIzinucs, terrible network connections with servers, random errors, dolphin is a bad joke on april fools day, widgets were unpredictable, and very strange default fonts...04:07
Blue1i really hate the akonadi server04:07
ritleehow does one install a module that isn't on the current system?04:07
lulu7VintageRitz: And you tried Brasero?04:08
Blue1ritlee: sudo apt-get install <packagename>04:08
VintageRitzlulu7: no. I only tried GnomeBaker, then tried to play aforementioned dvd that got stuck.04:08
IzinucsRoasted: I upgraded my ubuntu gnome on my desktop and ended up with a borked system and resolution that was not correct and at this point uncorrectable.. thus kde fresh install.. works.. I still have the gnome partition and data and will fresh intstall that when I have time to see if the rez is correctable that way.. really frustrating...04:08
tpa1211Brasero ROCKS04:08
VintageRitzlulu7: still doesn't explain the weird message at boot though.04:09
ritleeBlue1 this is to install the drivers FOR my wireless, no other means of internet so apt-get isn't an option04:09
lulu7VintageRitz: You can try Brasero or (I have never tried to burn a dvd on here) but I use Nautilus drag and drop like IE in windows. Still loops through brasero I think during burning process04:09
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
lulu7VintageRitz: I think there is something with your fstab glitching at start up with your pci, Maybe even the acpi settings04:10
VintageRitzlulu7: never did drag and drop in Windows either. Heck, I didn't even know you could, lol.04:10
* Izinucs is watching Federere loose the 3rd set :(04:10
lulu7VintageRitz: Do you notice the system hanging at all during boot besides that glitch?04:10
asymptote-schoolMy machine just crashed and when I rebooted, nm-applet shows the  wireless symbol with a red exclamation point and if I click on it, it  says Network Manager is not running - can someone help with this ?04:12
VintageRitzlulu7: um....not really, just there. hangs there for a while though. And, um, yeah, trying to update my graphics is where this whole thing began. Boot was fine until then.04:12
Izinucsasymptote-school: try a right mouse click on the symbol and see if the "enable network" is checked or unchecked04:12
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: it's enabled04:13
lulu7VintageRitz: It hangs and throws an error but still works after login. (strange)04:13
Izinucsasymptote-school: and wireless too?04:13
asymptote-schoolno - wired04:13
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: if I left-click on nm-applet it says "NetworkManager is not running..."04:14
Izinucsasymptote-school: you could open a terminal and start the nm-appelate that way.. see what happens.. personally I have a love/hate relationship with nm-appelate04:14
invitadoplease, you gotta help me04:14
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: I know a lot of people like wicd but I've never had any problems until suddenly my machine crashed just now04:15
invitadoI was installing ALSA. i was just doing copy/paaste from a website04:15
VintageRitzlulu7: says    "mount: mounting none on /dev failed....."   something like that. Hangs there for 10 secs or so, then goes on to the splash (?) screen and comes up fine.04:15
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: I'd really like to know what happened and how my network connection was affected04:15
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: do you know of any way for me to verify that my network card isn't damaged ?04:15
Izinucsasymptote-school: that or simply uninstall nm-appelate and do it manually in the conf files..04:15
invitadowhen the system shut down, and then restarted, and now my wholw monitor sceen loks weird!!04:15
Blue1asymptote-school: I was never able to get wicd to work04:16
invitadoLooks weird04:16
invitadoCan anyone do a diagnosis of my PC?04:16
invitadoon a LOG04:16
invitadoor something?04:16
Izinucsasymptote-school: you could do a ifdown eth0 in terminal and then a ifup eth0 and see what happens.04:16
invitadoi know there is a way to fix this04:16
Blue1!pastebin | invitado04:16
ubottuinvitado: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:16
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: Blue1 well I don't know if that's the way I want to handle this04:16
invitadoI do NOT want to reisntall for the 27th time04:17
asymptote-schoolsomething happened to cause this problem - I'd like to see what happened04:17
invitadoBlue1: do you know where i can finde the evnt log?04:17
VintageRitzlulu7: and I STILL have no openGL for cairo-dock, so I ended up right where I started, but now with an additional something weird going on.04:17
asymptote-schoolIf possible I prefer not to remove an application if it's been working all this time04:17
Blue1invitado: /var/log/messages or just do a dmesg04:17
Izinucsasymptote-school: the other is wifi radar.. but I'm not sure about using it for a wired connection.. I haven't used it in the last year04:17
VintageRitzlulu7: that'll teach me........but probably not.04:17
dvasile1Hi, I'm attempting to run a TFTP and DHCP sever.  When I do "sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart" i get a fail.  I'm on 10.0404:17
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: no I'm familiar with that - no need to install that04:17
Izinucsasymptote-school: perhaps remove and reinstall it04:18
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: is it gnome-network-manager ?04:18
lulu7VintageRitz: Not every install likes every set up out there. Lesson learned the hard way04:18
miststlkrIf I werte to spring for a real RAID controller card, linux shouldn't have any of the issues that I am having with fakeRAID with that setup, correct?04:18
Izinucsasymptote-school: yes04:18
Izinucsasymptote-school: or simply network-manager04:18
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: ok and I use the --purge option right04:19
VintageRitzlulu7: yeah, I'd probably try to roll back, but I'm kind squeamish now about touching anything.04:19
Izinucsasymptote-school: the same name typically can be used to start it from a terminal then you can watch the output04:19
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: yeah I was trying that as well04:19
Izinucsasymptote-school: yes --purge04:19
asymptote-schoolI googled a lot and no matter what I tried, the applet kept saying NetworkManager is not running04:19
asymptote-schooland it was showing up in ps -ae04:19
Izinucsasymptote-school: sudo apt-get remove --purge network-manager04:19
asymptote-schooljust really would like to know what happened04:19
SJrHow can I get a dump of every installed package, in a format condusive to reinstallation?04:20
VintageRitzlulu7: it's only broke this far, don't try to break it more (derivative of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.")04:20
dvasile1Where is the syslog????04:20
lulu7VintageRitz: google.com/linux is a good place to poke around also04:20
SJrlike I'm about to format my system, and I want a dump of packages to reinstall, on a best effort basis.04:20
Blue1dvasile1: /var/log/messages04:20
dvasile1blue1: ty04:20
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: ugh...sine I removed it do you think you could help me get my interfaces working04:20
Blue1dvasile1: err /var/log/syslog sorry about that.04:20
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: this is really embarassing I'm usually helping everyone in the Networking & Wireless sub forum on UF04:21
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: I've just never encountered this before04:21
VintageRitzlulu7: I do have to say that most write-ups and documentation falsely assume a certain amount of knowledge, although the Ubuntu support docs, both official and community are really QUITE good.04:21
Izinucsasymptote-school: :).. I'll switch computers and be there as Scunizi.. my nick spelled backwards.. my desktop is setup as static .. manually04:21
asymptote-schoolIzinucs: ty04:22
=== Blue1 is now known as Blue1away
lulu7VintageRitz: I am not sure about the dock issue04:22
VintageRitzlulu7: one thing I can't find, though, is where to locate different commands for the terminal. For example, which commands need sudo and which don't.04:22
VintageRitzlulu7: dock?04:23
VintageRitzlulu7: oh. gotcha.04:23
grokenwhen base-config asks, "Shall I enable md5 passwords?", what does that mean exactly?04:23
VintageRitzlulu7: no worries. that was just me complaining.04:23
invitadopLEASE, someone check this log, and see whats wrong whit it04:23
dvasile1I'm trying to set up my dhcp3-server for pxe boot.  I used the default config here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer but it doesn't work.  How do I know what IP range to set it to??04:24
Scuniziasymptote-school: ok.. martini in hand and have powered my nose..04:24
asymptote-schoolScunizi: lol i'm going to pm you ok so we have our own window04:24
lulu7VintageRitz: For the most part it will say if you need to be sudo. Usually things on a "system" level require sudo04:24
VintageRitzScunizi: hey, you came back. Missed the chaos?04:24
Scuniziasymptote-school: sure04:24
scott_inodvasile1, are you trying to do some thin client setup?04:25
VintageRitzlulu7: yeah, I'm getting the "permission denied" = "input sudo, moron" correlation :D04:25
VintageRitzlulu7: I do learn.04:25
dvasile1scott_ino: I don't think so...I just want to set up my desktop to remote install an OS on another computer04:25
scott_inodvasile1, ahh i see04:26
lulu7VintageRitz: If it reads the blank DVD disk then Brasero should do it (assuming the option presents itself). I have no idea how k3b is but others like it04:26
scott_inowhere are you getting errors04:26
dvasile1scott_ino: I'm just following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer step by step, everything is good until I restart the dhcp server. it fails, the sys log says the config file is BS04:27
coz_VintageRitz,  I personally find Brasero lacking in the ability to burn an ISO withouth errors04:27
invitadoDid some one read my log?04:27
lulu7VintageRitz: Learning the commands is just through constantly snooping around and living by the terminal04:27
coz_VintageRitz,   in gnome I prefer gnomebaker and in kde I preger  k3b04:27
invitadoSomething is wrong with my Ubuntu04:27
VintageRitzlulu7: I think I'll give that a try then and if it doesn't work, I'm sure I'll be back, now that I know how to get into irc.04:27
scott_inodvasile1, which file dhcp3.conf?04:27
coz_VintageRitz, be aware that if you install k3b you will also pull down a whole host of kde libraries04:28
scott_inoi mean.. dhcpd.conf04:28
dvasile1scott_ino: /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf04:28
VintageRitzcoz: I was trying to use gnomebaker. It won't burn, ejects the disc immediately with errors and denied permissions.04:28
invitadoAll of a sudden, the monitor resolution is BIG, and can't even fix it with nVidia monitor settings04:28
coz_invitado,  what is your ubuntu doing that makes it "something wrong" ?04:28
lulu7VintageRitz: It is late here, turning in soon but I am sure others can assist with it. This system you are using, is it dual-boot with Win7?04:28
tacomasterif i was wanting to learn a programming language that ubuntu uses the most what language would that be?04:28
coz_VintageRitz,  oooo that's just not right04:28
VintageRitzlulu7: yes04:28
coz_tacomaster,   C04:28
dvasile1tacomaster: fortran7704:28
VintageRitzcoz: my thoughts exactly. hard to back up that way.04:29
lulu7VintageRitz: And the files are on which partition?04:29
invitadoco_: I was installing a driver, and a command said to restart, and when i restat i have this monitor resolution BIG, is too BIG to fit the screen04:29
Emanonhey all quick question how do i change the date display format on the system tray calendar manually for instance to yyyy-mm-dd04:29
coz_invitado,  is this nvidia?04:29
invitadoco_: And i cant even fix it with Nvidia monitor settings04:29
VintageRitzlulu7: the files I'm trying to burn. They're on my Linux side. I would get rid of Windows entirely if I could watch Netflix from Linux.04:29
coz_invitado,  ok first open nvidia-settings and tell me which driver is being used04:30
lulu7VintageRitz: That makes 2 of us, that and my work software is windows/mac only04:30
scott_inodvasile1, hmmm sorry, maybe try the LTSP channel as they do a lot of pxe stuff/ dhcpd.conf settings and all tat04:30
Emanonbet ya its 19504:30
dvasile1k thanks04:30
VintageRitzlulu7: I don't remember the last time I did anything over there. if you don't mind sharing, where are you located (just wondering because of the lateness).04:31
lulu7VintageRitz: There is a petition going on to get Netflix to make a compatible player for linux04:31
VintageRitzlulu7: hey, I'll sign.04:31
tpa1211That'll be the day04:31
coz_invitado,  did you check that?04:31
invitadocoz_: 195.36.2404:31
scott_inolulu7, ehh petitions wont work, it'll take good ole fashion ingenuity04:31
Emanonha im goodish04:31
VintageRitzlulu7: love Netflix, but geez. I don't even have MS on my phone anymore.04:31
coz_invitado,   ok now in a terminal copy and paste this command and paste the readout here     lspci | grep -i vga04:31
lulu7VintageRitz: You can also call in and ask about Linux support as they tally the calls towards the petition.04:32
Emanontrue scott_ino someone needs to write a workaround04:32
Emanonperhaps using the wii version via dolphin?04:32
VintageRitzlulu7: I will definitely do that.04:32
scott_inoEmanon, I mean it should be possible, wasn't Mono working on a silverlight port? isn't that what they use ( I don't watch netflix)04:32
lulu7VintageRitz: EST timezone. It has been too long of a day04:32
Emanonyou mean moonlight?04:32
invitadocoz_: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G96 [Quadro FX 580] (rev a1)04:32
Emanonit doesnt work yet but that would be nice04:32
scott_inoEmanon, yes Moonlight but it's made by the Mono people i thought04:33
coz_invitado,  ok  now open  in that terminal  type  sudo nvidia-settings04:33
VintageRitzlulu7: yeah, I'm central, so not quite so long yet.04:33
Emanonsoon as i re-brew my wii i should just dump the netflix disk iso and post it to be used in dolphin that would solve the problem04:33
litropyHi, peeps. When I gksu gdm setup, I get things like "WARNING **: Unable to find users: no seat-id found" and when I click "Unlock", Unlock fades, but no functions activaate for input.04:33
Emanonit might be scott04:33
coz_invitado,  when that opens click the "X Server Display Configuration"04:33
VintageRitzlulu7: head to bed then. thanks for the time and help.04:33
coz_invitado,   there on the right...you should see a graphic of your monitor.....yes?04:34
lulu7VintageRitz: Hope that gets working for you.04:34
invitadoWait, let me change to SUDO BASH04:34
melow01I'm getting into using forums more and more. Is there a way to have a single username that will work for all forums?04:35
VintageRitzlulu7: me too. If not, I'll just make a small pest of myself until I stumble onto an answer.04:35
coz_melow01,  no ..not unless you register on each forum with that name04:35
scott_inomelow01, get a unique username ;)04:36
melow01coz_, bummer.04:36
melow01scott_ino, how's that work?04:36
coz_melow01,  for example .. i would assume that  "melow01" is unique enough for every forum :)04:36
Emanonso at the risk of being annoying any idea on the date change thing?04:36
invitadocoz_: I cant04:36
invitadoi am in another user04:36
coz_invitado,  oh04:36
invitadoI cant do it in my Administrator04:36
melow01coz_, it has been, its just a pain signing up for an account at every single forum04:36
invitadoits too big04:36
coz_invitado, and can you get back to the default user account?04:37
coz_melow01,  yes it is ,,,however ...once done it is likely "forever" :)04:37
coz_invitado,  i am confused04:37
invitadooops sorry for CAPS04:37
melow01coz_, true04:37
coz_invitado,  wait ...when you installed ubuntu you put in your username and password  ....yes?04:38
fivetwentysixHow do I enable ubuntu to accept remote connections?04:38
invitadoI am in another account, as a guest. In this account, everything is alittle bit smaller04:38
casharhello I setup an ldap server and phpldapadmin and everything runs the way is expected but how can I change the server password?04:38
fivetwentysixi've already added bind [server ip]04:38
fivetwentysixin /etc/mysql/my.conf04:38
invitadoIn the account where i am root, everything is too big, and cant acces Xchat, or other stuff04:38
coz_invitado,  ok and when you reboot and log in with the origianl user account....can you get onto the desktop?04:38
noisewaterphdcashar: the password to what server?04:38
invitadocoz_: tell me what to do there04:39
casharnoisewaterphd: ldap server04:39
noisewaterphdcashar: the server itself, the ldap server, the mysql server?04:39
invitadocoz_: Do you want to see a log or something?04:39
coz_invitado,   ok.... open a terminal ...type    sudo nvidia-settings   then click the  "X Server Display Configuration"  section...there you should she a graphic representation of your monitor04:39
scott_inoinvitado, you can't login as root as it randomizes the pw on ubuntu in theory.. so what do you mean by that04:39
dougbdoes anyone know how to capture the output audio and input audio at the same time in ubuntu?04:40
coz_invitado,  then click the "Resoluton" pull down and choose the resolution you want   then click the  "Save to X Configureation File"  then reboot04:40
scott_inodougb, you just warped my brain with that question04:40
casharnoisewaterphd: the ldap server itself04:40
invitadoIt does not work04:40
invitadothere a are only 2 optio04:40
coz_invitado,  also click the "Apply" button before writing to x config  to test if that is what you want04:40
noisewaterphdcashar: I think the ldap admin passwd is in /etc/ldap or something like that04:41
coz_invitado,  what are the 2 options04:41
Emanonfivetwentysix: they dont like ubuntu tweak but it has an option to turn on remote desktop as a single checkbox just to let you know04:41
invitado620x and 320 x04:41
dougbsay i'm talking to someone on skype, i can either record what i'm saying or i can record what they are saying through recordmydesktop and pulseaudio, but i want to record both sides of the conversation04:41
noisewaterphdcashar: but I haven't used ldap in ages, google.com probably knows04:41
invitadoAnd when i choose that, everything getes TOO giant04:41
coz_invitado,  ok  2 things...first open system/administration/hardware drivers04:41
systmso.., is dwm on apt-get04:41
coz_invitado,   see if the  nvidia_current driver is the one installed04:41
casharnoisewaterphd: is giving me a lot of things but that, thanks though04:42
invitadoYou know what? you gave an idea!04:42
coz_systm,  mm   try   sudo apt-get install dwm  to test04:42
coz_systm,  or open synaptic package manager  ...hit "Search"  type in    dwm04:42
invitadoWhy dont i just downloaded from Ubuntu Software Center?04:42
scott_inosystm, do sudo apt-cache search dwm04:42
coz_invitado,  I would check hardware drivers first04:42
invitadothere is no administration04:43
invitadonot even a .administration04:43
invitadoIf i go to my other account, i wont be able to "talk" to you anymore04:44
systmok, i did the minimal install.. with just xorg, whats the keyswitch to open a new xterm04:44
Administrator__this iRC is very hot04:44
invitadoBut ok, i ´ll go and see if i have the current drivers04:44
scott_inoinvitado, account shouldn't matter... sorry im trying to catch up as to your issue so that i may be of assistance04:45
systmbrb going to term04:45
invitadoYes, driver is current04:45
gartralhey guys, im on 10.04.1 and i keep getting [5817:5817:86039833568:ERROR:chrome/browser/process_singleton_linux.cc(304)] Failed to extract pid from path: /home/gareth/.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock04:46
gartralwhen trying to run google-chrome.. this just started happening todaye04:46
invitadoI thought you where talking about those foldres in the system04:46
invitadobut yeah, i have the current driver04:47
evanthebeastquestion: i downloaded the latest version of chromium and it came as a .zip file, i'm not sure what to do after I extracted it04:47
gartraland firefox give Bus Error and quits04:47
invitadoscott_ino: do you know how to read a log?04:47
xanguaevanthebeast: chromium is aviable in lucid repository04:47
ipv5this is really weird. i restarted clamav and it complains that the virus db is timestamped in the future. So I run 'date' and sure enough I'm 7 hours behind current time. So I run ntpdate and then date again to check, and it's fixed. So I restart clamav again, but I get the same message. And now the crazy bit: running date again shows I'm 7 hours off again! I've done this a few times just to...04:47
ipv5...make sure I'm not nuts...but every time I restart clamav it runs my clock back 7 hours...anybody know what's going on?04:47
evanthebeastit's version 5 though, and i have that, the latest version is 704:47
invitadoIf you tell me where it is you could read it and then do a diagnosis04:47
evanthebeastdo i need to update my repository?04:47
systmok.. so what were the choices for installing dwm04:47
xanguagartral: better try chromium, it's open source ;)04:48
evanthebeastchromium is fast as shit btw04:48
gartralxangua: i cant install anything due to Bus Errors04:48
Emanongartral: try srware iron no install needed04:48
R0b0t1Hello. I am trying to build tiemu, as it will not install properly in synaptic. It requires Qt >= 3.0.2, I have installed Qt4, however, the ./configure script still does not complete correctly. What might be wrong?04:48
scott_inoevanthebeast, what do you mean you downloaded a .zip file? you need to install that via apt, synaptic, etc..04:48
Emanonjust extract and run the executable04:48
xanguaevanthebeast: the latest development and unstable version is 7, if you want it just add the 'chromium daily build ppa' under your own risk04:48
gartralEmanon: what?04:49
evanthebeastah ok, I just figured if they were on 7, 5 was a little out of date04:49
scott_inoinvitado, can you refresh me as to "how you originially installed the driver, was it working before etc.."04:49
evanthebeasti'll find the repository on their website i need to add04:49
invitadoWell, its been like this for months, everytime i try to do something i do not know, well, the system mess up04:50
Emanongartral: iron is a security enhanced version of chromium from srware04:50
scott_inoevanthebeast, previously I used their PPA with success04:50
Emanondoesnt send tracking info and such04:50
quietonehow do I get rid of the download icon (don't know how it got there either)? it is next to wireless icon.04:50
dlp211trying to install 10.04 server edition...keep getting ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4...and then it hangs there04:50
Emanonand it comes as a tar.gz if memory serves04:51
Emanonjust extract and run no installation needed04:51
invitadoscott_ino: It is the built in audio, i was downloading this driver, or actually, just copy/paste from a website, installing ALSA and all of a sudden, the system restarted04:51
evanthebeastscott_ino: so it's pretty stable? I would assume there has been a stable release between 5 and 7 and i'll go with that if this is pretty crash-prone04:51
scott_inoinvitado, so which drivers did you have or try to install from the start?04:51
invitadoscott_ino: IAnd when it restarted, the monitor resolution was too BIG, i cant' even fix it in the Nvidia x Server04:51
Emanonand should you choose you can move it into a system directory like /usr/bin or something and link to it as the default browser, thats what i do04:52
gartralemanon well i cant op[en any browsers to get a link.. so could you help me fix whats wrong?04:52
invitadoscott_ino: Some realtek drivers04:52
etherealiteusing aptitude i get the following error "the following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2" I cant run aptitude update. please help.04:52
Emanonat the risk of evangelizing its awesome04:52
invitadoscott_ino: Do you know how to read a log?04:52
quietoneleft click brings up a download window and right click has one option "show downloads".  I want it gone....04:52
Emanonsec let me scrol up to your original post04:52
invitadoscott_ino: If you tell me how, i can show you my system log04:52
dlp211trying to install 10.04 server edition...keep getting ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4...and then it hangs there (post install)04:52
gartralwhen trying to run google-chrome.. this just started happening today04:52
gartralhey guys, im on 10.04.1 and i keep getting [5817:5817:86039833568:ERROR:chrome/browser/process_singleton_linux.cc(304)] Failed to extract pid from path: /home/gareth/.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock04:53
scott_inoevanthebeast, I'd stick with whatever version is in the usual ubuntu repos, not PPA but yes, it was normally ok04:53
invitadothis is so annoying04:53
scott_inoinvitado, i thought this was a graphics issue04:53
invitadonot knowing stuff04:53
scott_inowas it not?04:53
gartraland firefox is throwing a wierd "Bus error" message04:53
invitadoWell, yes, now it is04:53
Emanonoh i just scrolled up hehe04:53
invitadoscott_ino: So, do you know how to fix it?04:53
dlp211is there a server specific chat room?04:54
evanthebeastscott_ino: thanks for the help, I'll probably juts go with the PPA though since I was having trouble running extensions with 5. quick question: what is the best/most popular irc client on linux?04:54
scott_inoevanthebeast, xchat is what I use, there are others04:54
etherealiteusing aptitude i get the following error "the following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2" I cant run aptitude update. please help.04:54
Emanonand can you do a fresh install of chrome (like complete remove in synaptic and reinstall)?04:54
invitadoI guess not04:54
Emanonsorry forgot to address that to gartral04:55
scott_inoinvitado, so your issue is your graphics driver... shouldn't have anything to do with other updates04:55
gartralEmanon: i cant change any packages, apt-get and synaptic are throwing the same cryptic "Bus error" message as firefox04:55
invitadoscott_ino: Yes, graphic04:55
evanthebeastalso where should i go for general reading about how ubuntu/linux is set up? I literally just installed 2 days ago and have been customizing my system pretty much nonstop. I'm fairly computer competent but i would like to learn more04:55
Emanonok well we just went past my mediocre knowledge hope someone else knows how to help you04:55
R0b0t1Hello. I am trying to build tiemu, as it will not install properly in synaptic. It requires Qt >= 3.0.2, I have installed Qt4, however, the ./configure script still does not complete correctly. What might be wrong?04:56
scott_inoinvitado, can you go system/administration/hardware drivers and tell me what you have in there regarding your nvidia drivers04:57
scott_inoevanthebeast, lots of reading on various google sites04:57
Emanonevanthebeast: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual04:57
evanthebeastthats what i've been doing, learning a lot by just trying to figure out whatever problems i have with configuring stuff04:57
scott_inoevanthebeast, and tinkering is a good way to learn obviously. Lots has changed in linux throughou the years in order to make things easier for most end users. But... I'd learn the various components first how it's organized etc...04:58
evanthebeastthanks for the link emanon04:58
evanthebeastany more specific sites to recommend?04:58
Emanonnp my google fu is moderate hehe04:59
Emanonuh let me check04:59
cromagis it possible to mount an EXT4 partition  on a linuxbox on a local network without NFS ?04:59
invitadoscott_ino: I only have 2 choices 640x480 and 320x24004:59
cromagjust by mount ip:folder mountpoint ?04:59
scott_inoinvitado, that's not the right area: System/administration/hardware drivers04:59
jkazanacromag: sshfs05:00
Emanonevanthebeast: http://www.linuxnewbieguide.org/ for non-ubuntu specific05:00
invitadoscott_ino: Well, i have the current one05:01
invitadoscott_ino: The recommended05:01
popkorn_G'nite all Thanks05:01
evanthebeastvery much appreciate it guys, seeya later05:02
cromagjkazana: thanks, i left important stuff out, is it possible with a ubuntu out of the box installation ?05:02
scott_inoinvitado, which is what05:02
cromagrephreased question05:02
invitadoscott_ino: It does not said05:02
invitadoscott_ino: It just says that it has the current one05:02
scott_inoit should at least say what version give a number etc...05:03
R0b0t1I have a program that requires KDE. How might I install KDE but not all the programs that go with it?05:03
Emanoninstall the program and let it handle its own dependencies?05:04
scott_inoinvitado, they may have changed it... i don't have nvidia anymore so give me one sec05:04
scott_inoR0b0t1, should be fine it will just get the libraries for you05:04
R0b0t1scott_ino: Would you know what they are called?05:05
R0b0t1I keep seeing these ones called "kdebase" and etc, but those include the programs.05:05
scott_inoR0b0t1, what app are you instaling05:05
freddy_dudeis there a good alarm software for linux05:05
freddy_dudejust loud and annoying05:05
R0b0t1Can't be f'ed to mess with the configure script... the windowing system to use is not in the configure help.05:05
R0b0t1And the package won't install to dependency problems.05:06
invitadoscott_ino: can you read spanish?05:06
scott_inoR0b0t1, is there a reason why you can't install it via synaptic?05:06
scott_inoinvitado, no sorry05:06
R0b0t1scott_ino: Yeah, it says something like "needs package X but won't install"05:06
invitadoscott_ino: Well, you dont have to, have a look at the pic05:06
R0b0t1So I go >.> and just try to go build it.05:06
scott_inoinvitado, k one sec05:06
Emanontry enabling the extra repositories in the source manager then updating in synaptic05:07
scott_inoR0b0t1, what is the full error05:07
Emanonthen try the install again05:07
scott_inoinvitado, ok I see... what graphics card do you have05:07
invitadoNvidia Quadro FX 58005:08
scott_inoinvitado, perhaps there's an issue with that drive and your card and i'll check and see05:08
R0b0t1scott_ino: That _is_ the full error. It pops up in a dialog box. "Package tiemu cannot be installed: \n Requires package X but won't install ... [repeat 5]"05:08
amstanubottu: #help05:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:08
Emanonfreddy_dude: i think there is a time management program with an alarm in evolution (the mail/calandar app?05:08
amstanwhat software is ubottu using again?05:08
scott_inoinvitado, did you just start having this problem?05:08
R0b0t1scott_ino: You want which packaged specifically?05:08
R0b0t1Honestly I think it'd be easier to just find out what the configure script's switch is or install KDE, but *shrug*05:09
scott_inoR0b0t1, what the error said when trying to install via synaptic or from apt-get05:09
invitadoscott_ino: You see scott, the thing is, everything was workin fine, except when i copy pasted everythig from that webpage, i think it was some kind of badware05:09
invitadoI was installing ALSA, from Gusty05:09
invitadoGusty version05:09
invitadoMaybe it dowgraded?05:10
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:10
invitadoi have 10.0405:10
scott_inoinvitado, are you using ubuntu 10.04 if so why would you install also from gusty05:10
R0b0t1scott_ino: I used the GUI version. "tiemu: \n Depends: libticables3 but it is not going to be installed \n Depends libticalcs4 but it is not going to be installed \n Depends libtifiles0 but it is not going to be installed."05:10
scott_inoR0b0t1, k give me one sec05:10
scott_inoworking lots of stuff here05:10
R0b0t1Nah it's k05:11
invitadoWell, here is the weird part. In 8.04, my eth0 works fine, in 10.04 etho does not detect my internet cable. and have no sound either05:11
invitadothat was before the power surge problem05:11
Emanonoh btw apt-get doesnt work over tor network any ideas why?05:11
scott_inoinvitado, I just don't see how even changing alsa would affect your graphics05:12
invitadoI mean.... after the problem, 10.04 did not detected my cable, nor my built in sound.05:12
ITSCOTTERhow do you register you name for xchat05:12
=== rdw200169_ is now known as rdw200169
jkazanacromag: [i just crashed/rebooted] re: sshfs just do a aptitude install sshfs   to install05:12
invitadoscott_ino: Well, it is a bug05:12
R0b0t1scott_ino: Meh, installed the packages and it worked.05:12
invitadoscott_ino: Second time05:12
scott_inoR0b0t1, yeah i mean if you did kde-base etc... or forced the rest of the packages coolness05:13
invitadoscott_ino: BUT, i do not want to re install for the 27th time... i know there i s gotta be a fix05:13
invitadoi just know05:13
scott_inoinvitado, have you tried removing the driver from hardware drivers, which would then use the open source NV driver05:14
scott_inoat least the your scren wouldn't be big05:14
scott_inoand you coul diagnose from there05:14
* scott_ino must go now, bye all05:16
frobisherITSCOOTER   http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup05:16
invitadoI cant even change the driver05:16
invitadoThe apply button does not shows, i cant even resize it05:17
invitadoI hope they fix this kind of bugs in 10.1005:17
=== root is now known as Guest17086
invitadoThey are really annoying05:17
invitadoI am going to sleep05:18
ITSCOTTERfrobisher: and i type the command in xchat?05:18
invitadomaybe i'll re install tomorrow05:18
frobisherITSCOOTER  google05:18
invitadoThanks for everything05:19
invitadogood night05:19
invitadoI SAID, GOOD-NIGHT!05:19
glmgood night05:19
Administrator__invitado : what's time now?05:19
dan86i got a question about terminal05:20
dan86there's a command i run a lot out of a certain folder05:20
dan86i have to type ./ in front of it anytime05:20
glmbeijing time05:20
dan86is there a way to make ubuntu know to look in that folder05:20
Administrator__glm, where are you from?05:20
dan86instead of having to type "./" everytime05:21
frobisherITSCOOTER it will give you instructions,and an e-mail.Then you type it in to x-chat05:21
|Sacred|if you're looking to run a script alot/easily05:21
|Sacred|put it in /bin folder05:21
neobos~ name of this symbl05:21
|Sacred|then you can just type scriptname05:21
|Sacred|in terminal*05:21
Administrator__wo xi huan05:21
jkazanadan86: yes. put the folder in your PATH env variable. check out .bashrc in your homr dir05:21
dan86jkazana can you help me out a little further. my apologies first week using ubuntu05:22
dan86i want to add....05:22
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=== Guest13563 is now known as Clappy
dan86so i don't have to type ./adb05:23
SpaceGhostC2CWhat is this partial upgrade I'm seeing?05:23
|Sacred|just put adb in /bin directory05:23
SpaceGhostC2C|Sacred|: that's not right.05:23
|Sacred|then you can just use adb in terminal05:23
|Sacred|how so05:23
SpaceGhostC2C|Sacred|: it's /usr/local/bin/05:23
|Sacred|weird, I put mine in /bin05:23
SpaceGhostC2C|Sacred|: you're doing it wrong.05:23
ClappySo, anyone here had any luck getting Mafia 2 running at a decent speed in WINE?05:23
SpaceGhostC2C|Sacred|: because they can get removed. If you put them in the other folder they're not ever removed.05:24
dan86SpaceGhostC2C for my application would it be better to add a path05:24
dan86or copy the file into /usr/local/bin05:24
SpaceGhostC2Cdan86: what's the logic?05:24
|Sacred|ahh ok, good to know...never had an issue05:24
SpaceGhostC2C|Sacred|: It's just future proofing.05:24
dan86i don't want to have to type "./adb" rather simply adb05:24
jkazanadan86: it's prob easier for you to just do what someone else said and put it in /usr/local/bin05:24
SpaceGhostC2Cdan86: try using a symlink.05:24
dan86SpaceGhostC2C first week on ubuntu =/05:24
dan86no comprende symlink05:24
dan86but i'm willing to learn =)05:25
neoboshow to trace an ip address05:25
Loshkidan86: It's done that way delibertately, so you don't inadvertently execute the wrong executable. That said, there is a way....05:25
SpaceGhostC2Cdan86: sudo ln -s ~/Downloads/android-sdk-linux_86/tools/adb /usr/local/bin05:25
Loshki!cn | Administrator__05:25
ubottuAdministrator__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:25
SpaceGhostC2Cdan86: a symlink is like a shortcut of sorts. If you don't mind learning from man pages try man ln, or info ln05:25
dan86thanks SpaceGhostC2C to google instant search i go!05:26
macodan86: i have a blog post on it05:26
SpaceGhostC2Cdan86: maco does!05:26
LicuadoraI JUST CAN'T GIVE UP!!05:26
macodan86: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/2009/11/links.html05:26
Loshkimaco: where can I find your blog?05:27
Licuadoracome on guys, i know you know how!!05:27
dan86thank you maco05:27
Badger32dhey - for adb with no ./ try export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/android-sdk/tools05:27
SpaceGhostC2CBadger32d: I'd op for the symlink usually.05:27
samuel2010Does anyone know if there is any software that i can add subtitles to a video but not as a file ??05:28
Licuadorais there a way to RESET Ubuntu?05:28
SpaceGhostC2Cmaco: Do you know anything about any new updates? I got a silly "Needs to partial upgrade" thing. :(05:28
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: in what sense?05:28
macoSpaceGhostC2C: im not on lucid, but usually that means something is half-built and if you wait til tomorrow itll be done05:28
SpaceGhostC2Cmaco: Oh, okay. Thanks. I was wondering.05:29
samuel2010Anyone know anything about video editing?05:29
LicuadoraSpaceGhostC2C: Well, my monitor resolution got too BIG, when i restarted it was like that, i cant even change it in the "nvidia x server settings"!05:29
LicuadoraI have the current driver05:29
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: too big as in the resolution was too low? 600x800 or too high like 1280x1024?05:30
LicuadoraIt was when i was doing some copy/paste from a website, tryin to install ALSA, (Gusty version) even though i have 10.0405:30
Loshkisamuel2010: have a look at avidemux first. If that won't do it for you, you'll need to check out transcode, mencoder or ffmpeg. These last 3 are pigs...05:30
avi_Anyone have a lucid/maverick-style mono icon for xchat?05:30
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: Try making a backup of your xorg configureation like this: sudo mv /etc/Xorg/xorg.conf /etc/Xorg/xorg.backup05:31
samuel2010Loshki,    will they put subtitles on the video file?  so that i dont need to open the subtiles file?  if u know what i mean?05:31
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: why were you trying to use ALSA? Does Pulse not work?05:31
LicuadoraSpaceGhostC2C: tOO BIg like everything is too big, i do not know about resolutions, i have only 2 options in the settings, 620x480 and 320x28005:31
macoLicuadora: yikes!05:32
maco!resolution | Licuadora05:32
ubottuLicuadora: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:32
macoLicuadora: you need a higher resolution. something with 4 digits on each side of the x05:32
neobosany body help me to trace ip address05:32
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: remove the driver or increase resolution size.05:32
SpaceGhostC2Cneobos: what do you want to accomplish?05:33
Loshkisamuel2010: yes, you are talking about hard-coded subtitles, i.e. subs that are burnt into the video instead of being kept in a separate file. People avoid hard-coded subtitles because they can't be turned off.05:33
samuel2010Loshki,   i know  but i want them on the video.  i want them hard-coded ones.05:34
Loshkisamuel2010: do you plan to burn the result to a dvd so that it plays on a dvd player?05:34
samuel2010Loshki,  no .  its a karaoke file.05:35
Licuadoramaco: I did what you said, and it didnt worked05:35
samuel2010Loshki,  a karaoke song hehe05:35
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: did you try mine?05:35
LicuadoraThe system restarted05:35
samuel2010Loshki,  so it needs to be on the video  otherwise its pointless.05:35
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: scroll up and try it, then restart and see if it helps.05:35
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: try to set the resolution after rebooting too.05:35
collimicI am looking for someone to help me with a problem in iptables. I am running ubuntu 8.1 with iptables. I am tring to block an ip address inside my network from reaching the outside world. Ubuntu 8.10 is what I am using as my router. the modem plugges into eth0 and the rest of my network plugs into eht1 or eth4 depending on what it is but I need to block an ip address from reaching the outside world at all.05:36
Loshkisamuel2010: so what format will the finak karaoke be in? What are you going to play it on?05:36
collimicI have tried iptables -A INPUT -s IP-ADDRESS -j DROP with no results as well as iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source 00:0F:EA:91:04:08 -j DROP with no luck with either.05:36
Loshkisamuel2010: finak -> final05:36
samuel2010Loshki,   on youtube and youku     final format is gonna be AVI05:36
LicuadoraSpaceGhostC2C: I cant increase resolution, since i only have to options, and they are too small, or too big05:36
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: you already backed up your xorg and rebooted to have a new one generated and then tried to set the resolution?05:37
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: is this on some other machine, because I didn't notice you disconnect or go /away :(05:37
LicuadoraNo I have not backed up anything, but, Why back up something it is messed up?05:37
LicuadoraSpaceGhostC2C: let me downgrade the driver and see whats gonna happen05:38
=== disturbe1mime is now known as disturbedmime
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: it's all up to you. Let me know if you'd like help with any of my approaches. I hope it works out well. :)05:39
Badger32dalright, weird problem here with man pages...05:39
SpaceGhostC2CBadger32d: like?05:39
Badger32dwhen I run man women - I get a segmentation fault....05:39
SpaceGhostC2Cah ha.05:39
samuel2010Loshki,   any ideas?05:41
Loshkisamuel2010: I'm running avidemux now for you to see if it will work. Do you already have some video, or do you just have music (mp3?) and lyrics (text?)05:42
jkazanasamuel2010: sounds like something that should be done in a video editor software (F**al C*t P*r) and render the titles right in. I know it's not using linux but i don't edit movies in Ubuntu05:42
SpaceGhostC2CBadger32d: Along the same lines, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that man make cookie works, although unexpectedly. :)05:42
samuel2010i have the video and i have the lyrics  they are already set out in gnome subtitle editor.  Loshki05:43
SpaceGhostC2Cjkazana: you don't need to obfuscate Final Cut Pro.05:43
samuel2010jkazana,  i dont have windows.     im 100% ubuntu05:43
samuel2010jkazana,   Gloat~ haha05:43
wilmerMy 10.04 UNR boots to a CLI.  startx and sudo service gdm start does not help.  How do I make the OS use failsafe Vesa driver?05:43
SpaceGhostC2Csamuel2010: what are you trying?05:43
gcdWithout windows, how does one get cool air into the house? ;)05:43
Badger32dahh, so it does spaceghost, so it does05:43
SpaceGhostC2Cwilmer: in your xorg.conf.05:43
SpaceGhostC2CBadger32d: It gave me hope for mankind. *rimshot*05:44
wilmerSpaceGhostC2C, I dont have one in /etc/X1105:44
spaceghost_hey that's my name05:44
SpaceGhostC2Cgcd: by opening the doors.05:44
wilmerSpaceGhostC2C, can I make the changes in the .failsafe version?05:44
samuel2010SpaceGhostC2C,   trying to hard-code (burn) lyrics onto a video for a karaoke song.   but so far they will only go on as subtitles. but i want them to be apart of the actual video itself.  what software does this?05:44
SpaceGhostC2Cspaceghost_: mine too!05:44
collimicso I guess I did not ask the right question ir am not in the right room tonight. Have to just love IRC.05:45
SpaceGhostC2Csamuel2010: either video software or maybe a cli tool?05:45
LicuadoraThis is ridiculos05:45
LicuadoraIt did int worked!!05:45
SpaceGhostC2Cubottu: tell collimic about patience05:45
ubottucollimic, please see my private message05:45
LicuadoraCAN someone here read a log?!05:45
samuel2010SpaceGhostC2C,   but what software  there is so much available i dont know what ones do what!!! hahaha  i never did this before.05:45
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: pastebin. And try to be nicer, we're all volunteers.05:45
jkazanasamuel2010: Final Cut Pro is Mac OS.05:46
SpaceGhostC2Cjkazana: no, really?....05:46
LicuadoraIs there an expert volenteer here?05:46
samuel2010jkazana,  i dont use mac os on my macbook   like i said its 100% ubuntu.05:46
SpaceGhostC2CLicuadora: not really, no.05:46
samuel2010jkazana, and i have no intention using mac or windows.05:46
seidosSpaceGhostC2C, +105:46
SpaceGhostC2Cseidos: for?05:46
IzinucsLicuadora: we're all experts in one way or antoher05:46
SpaceGhostC2CIzinucs: Nice philosophical tidbit for the evening.05:47
seidosSpaceGhostC2C, "not really, no"05:47
collimicNo problem I just have a bad habit of getting into the wrong room and this IRC has just never been for me but this is where all the great help hangs out. Just wish I new more and could help more.05:47
Emanonanyone know how to make evolution stay up in the communications drop down in the system tray like pidgin gwibbler and empathy do?05:47
seidoscollimic, you and me both05:47
=== The_Thing is now known as Allstate
Badger32dOMG, I NEED UR HELPS NAO! mah kittehz have chewed up my ethernets! what do I doo!?05:47
IzinucsSpaceGhostC2C: I knew someone would appriciate it :)05:47
=== RudyValencia is now known as StateFarm
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
IdleOneBadger32d: drop the caps and get new internets05:47
SpaceGhostC2CBadger32d: you need to hide all your cheeseburgers!05:47
samuel2010Badger32d,   get wifi ?05:48
neobosSpaceGhostc2c; trying to learn remote system connection05:48
=== StateFarm is now known as RudyV
=== RudyV is now known as RudyValencia
EmanonBadger32d: they have a howto at icanhascheesburger05:48
=== Allstate is now known as The_Thing
SpaceGhostC2Cneobos: and den?05:48
IzinucsBadger32d: switch to interwebs05:48
SpaceGhostC2Csamuel2010: how does that even make sense?05:48
Badger32doh, all this time I've been using a series of tubes. must be old school or something05:48
Emanonyea the new interwebz 2.0 works better05:48
samuel2010SpaceGhostC2C,   how does what even make sense?05:49
neobosSpaceGhost;and then what i said i want to learn  remote system05:49
patogenDoes anybody know if the 'Mobile Mouse 4000' from microsoft will work in linux?05:49
SpaceGhostC2Ccollimic: that's easy all you have to do is learn more.05:49
SpaceGhostC2Csamuel2010: how does that even make sense?05:49
SpaceGhostC2Cpatogen: plug it in and try?05:49
Emanoni would imagine so patogen05:49
popkorn_in document viewer, can i bookmark?05:49
samuel2010SpaceGhostC2C,   again,  how does what even make sense????? i dont know what ur talking about05:49
patogenSpaceGhostC2C: I haven't bought it yet, I don't want to buy if it doesn't work05:49
Emanonif it has extra buttons it might be a lil hit or miss as to whether they work05:50
Blue1awaypatogen: search here:  http://appdb.winehq.org/05:50
popkorn_ubuntu 10.0405:50
SpaceGhostC2Cpatogen: google the product name with the word Ubuntu on the end.05:50
patogenEmanon: I would figure it should work, but I'm not sure05:50
Emanoni know my dinovo edge keyboard has a few of the special keys that dont work05:50
patogenSpaceGhostC2C: Have tried that, failed to work05:50
Emanonlike the hotkeys05:50
Emanonbut all the main stuff works05:50
Emanonthats generally been my experience with periphreals05:50
SpaceGhostC2Cpatogen: then maybe it's just not tested. If you can return it if it doesnt' work or sell it, then get it. Your choice.05:50
Emanonthe regular stuff almost always works but the added functions are hit or miss05:50
samuel2010everything i have ever  plugged into ubuntu works. i never had any problems with anything.05:51
Emanonjust my exp but logitech stuff seems to be a lil better about not openly opposing systems they dont openly support05:51
Blue1awaycirque works well, just they don't build quality merchandise05:51
LicuadorBadger32d: Ok it didnt worked....05:52
=== Blue1away is now known as Blue1
Emanonwell im not thrilled how 10.04 handles bluetooth keyboards (i have to sync it occasionally with a wireless mouse) but otherwise i have been pretty lucky with periphreal devices too05:52
Loshkisamuel2010: are you still there?05:52
samuel2010Loshki,   yeah05:52
samuel2010Loshki,  im here05:52
Loshkisamuel2010: I just opened a video file in avidemux and added hard-coded subs to it. Wanna try it yourself?05:53
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: I'm not into wireless keyboards. Mice are different, but if you're willing to try them, go for it.05:53
Emanonbtw i recommend ubuntu to all my customers who dont have hardware or software that explicitly excludes using ubuntu yet hehe05:53
Emanonyea my keyboard is bluetooth05:54
samuel2010Loshki,  hehe  do i need to re do the subtitles again  or can i just use the subtitle file do u know???05:54
Emanonand when i switch over to the live disk for porn i have to resync it05:54
Loshkisamuel2010: what format is the subtitle file in (srt format is the easiest)05:54
samuel2010emanon  ~ please.... this is a family room!!05:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:55
=== rdw200169_ is now known as rdw200169
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: for porn? Do you need to say that? It's sort of unnecessary.05:55
samuel2010Loshki,  yeah   srt    but they are in hebrew~~   u think R-L will be ok?  should be right? hehe05:55
SpaceGhostC2CIdleOne: what offtopicness was there? I missed it? I'm jealous.05:55
Emanonok "when i switch os's for various reasons i have to resync the keyboard for ubuntu"05:55
FalseLobsterCan someone help me?  I need to modify a file in a .deb package05:55
IdleOnespaceghost_: for starters your conversation with Emanon05:55
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: hm,file a bug report if you'd like.05:55
IdleOneSpaceGhostC2C: ^^05:55
SpaceGhostC2CIdleOne: it's about ubuntu bro.05:56
ridinSpaceGhostC2C: i hope that's not taken for 'ubuntu is freedom'05:56
SpaceGhostC2CIdleOne: like directly.05:56
SpaceGhostC2Cridin: I don't even know what you're talking about, sorry.05:56
FalseLobsterI can only open this file as read only05:56
FalseLobstereven after changing permissions05:56
Emanonu try opening it as root?05:57
SpaceGhostC2CFalseLobster: which file and what are the permissions on it? Have you tried editing as root?05:57
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: try taking the extra two keystrokes to spell 'you' please.05:57
fivetwentysixCan anyone take a look at my problem? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3673878/my-rails-3-site-wont-start-on-ubuntu-apache2-passenger05:57
samuel2010Loshki, how did u add them on?05:57
Loshkisamuel2010: interesting, I've never even seen an R-to-L subtitle file before. I have no idea if it'll work, but we can try it...05:57
ridinSpaceGhostC2C: Emanon, inappropriate images, 'ubuntu is freedom', it's a bad joke05:57
samuel2010Loshki,   ok.   where did u go to add the subs?05:57
Emanoni wouldnt even spell your names right if not for autocomplete05:57
wilmer I need to make the OS use failsafe Vesa driver.  Can I do this in xorg.conf.failsafe or do I need to generate/create/copy xorg.conf.  If so how? I do not have one by default.05:58
Loshkisamuel2010: start avidemux and open the video file...05:58
t3cki3hey poeple.. i need help with samba on my ubuntu machine. is this the right place or do i need to go to the samba room ?? please let me know... thanks in advance05:58
samuel2010Loshki,  ok05:58
Emanonwhat help t3cki305:58
pryordahey guys quick question05:58
pryordai just implemented raid on my controller05:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:58
pryordaraid 105:58
Loshkisamuel2010: now configure the video section. Choose the first choice i.e. mpeg4-asp (lavc) then hit 'filters'05:59
pryordaand both hdds are showing up05:59
pryordais there some other device im looking for under dmesg05:59
Emanontry forming the raid with the partition manager instead of the built in bios tool05:59
t3cki3@Emanon: M using SWAT to share samba on my ubuntu, so i have to set it up, but can't seem to figure it out05:59
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: maybe if you asked your question then we'd have enough information to tell you, otherwise try the actual channel.05:59
Emanonand the first raid device should be md005:59
chrowehow do I boot into single user mode on a Lucid VirtualBox machine?05:59
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: what is SWAT and M?06:00
pryordathats using sw raid06:00
pryordaand i really didnt want to do sw06:00
Emanonsamba web adminstration tool06:00
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: oh hm.06:00
t3cki3@SpaceGhostC2C:  m = i'm ..hehe06:00
samuel2010Loshki,   ok .06:01
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: oh. You'd do yourself a favor to spend the extra two keystrokes to finish the word in English. :)06:01
t3cki3SWAT = Samba web administration tool06:01
samuel2010Loshki,   sorry took a while to find what u said haha06:01
samuel2010Loshki,   then vob subs?06:01
t3cki3@SpaceGhostC2C:  my bad... can any one help... ??? or guide me to the correct direction... appreciate it06:02
Loshkisamuel2010: no, bottom entry: Subtitler (add srt/sub subtitles to the picture) then hit configure06:02
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: I don't know the tool you're referring to, I'm sorry.06:02
Emanoni know of it but dont have much exp with it06:02
Loshkisamuel2010: sorry, I'm slow tonight too...06:02
t3cki3@SpaceGhostC2C:  what about samba in general...06:03
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: yeah. But then again, I don't think I've seen your question about samba, just about the administration tool.06:03
t3cki3@Emanon: thanks for the help.. appreciate it...06:03
samuel2010Loshki,   ok06:03
SpaceGhostC2Ct3cki3: you know, if you highlight us you don't need the @, right?06:04
Loshkisamuel2010: oops:  Subtitler (add srt/sub subtitles to the picture) then SELECT SUBTITLER IN LEFT HAND PANEL *THEN* hit configure06:04
samuel2010Loshki,  i hit configure  put the file in the language and so on06:04
Emanonthough i do know you can do like forced sharing using the normal network folder if you know username and pw for the target box06:04
pryordaEmanon: is there a chance it would be sg106:04
t3cki3@SpaceGhostC2C:  i'm trying to setup samba on ubuntu 10.04 with multiple users and multi folders06:04
samuel2010Loshki,   yep done06:04
pryordayou know what06:04
pryordatime to tias06:04
Loshkisamuel2010: did you set the encoding for hebrew etc...06:04
samuel2010Loshki,  yeah06:05
FalseLobsterSo running nautilus as root doesn't automatically open files with root permissions... ?06:05
Loshkisamuel2010: ok, go back to main panel, choose save, and save to a suitable filename e.g. test1.avi06:05
SpaceGhostC2CFalseLobster: are you going to say what you're trying to accomplish so we can help you, or are you just curious?06:05
FalseLobsterI already did06:06
Emanonno pryorda raids are almost always md(something)06:06
pryordaeven hardware?06:06
Emanonunless your using the bios in which case it could be anything since that presents it as a hardware drive06:06
Emanonso i guess it could be06:06
FalseLobsterI'm trying to modify a file in an archive06:06
FalseLobsterit's .deb06:06
pryordasg1 was unable to open so i dont think it was it06:06
Emanonid say check the size to make sure first06:06
t3cki3 i'm trying to setup samba on ubuntu 10.04 with multiple users and multi folders06:06
FalseLobsterI just need to change 2 characters in the source of one file06:06
pryordaEmanon: its not showing size06:07
Emanonu mean sdg1 i assume06:07
FalseLobsterBut it only opens as read only06:07
t3cki3need to set up samba with group level permissions06:07
t3cki3need to set up samba with group level permissions on ubuntu 10.0406:07
pie_timecan google calendar be synced with thunder bird or evolution?06:07
pryordasg1 but fdisk cant open it06:08
Emanonpie_time: i just did that ill show you how06:08
pie_timeEmanon, ok06:08
Emanonor ehow will show you anyway06:08
ir1844_what is a good email client beside evolution06:08
Emanonthunderbird is pretty nice06:08
Loshkisamuel2010: now play test1.avi using a player e.g. mplayer and see if it has subtitles hard-coded06:09
Emanoni prefer evolution just because its integrated06:09
samuel2010Loshki,   im still saving  hehe my computer is sooo slow!06:09
Emanonbut thunderbird would be it if it integrated with gnome properly06:09
samuel201090% done06:09
samuel2010loshki   nope  no subs06:09
ir1844_the only problem i have is that when i use evolution and i sent emails out it does not go out06:09
ir1844_it stays in another folder06:10
Emanonwhat is your mail provider? (gmail aol msn)06:10
ir1844_i set it up with gmail06:10
Emanonu get the smtp server right its smtp.googlemail.com06:10
Loshkisamuel2010: no subs?06:10
samuel2010Loshki,  nope06:10
samuel2010and the vd is REALLY juttery06:10
samuel2010i dont know what i did06:10
samuel2010its ok   ill play about with it06:11
samuel2010ill see if i can get it to work06:11
Emanonmake sure u pick ssl have evolution check for the right login type and remember your password if you want it to do so06:11
samuel2010should  be someting to do with the coding ~~06:11
Loshkisamuel2010: best of luck. There are other programs, but none with a good gui....06:11
collimic29what to do when iptables -A INPUT -s IP-ADDRESS -j DROP does not work.06:11
pryordaanyone here know anything about hardware riad06:12
mccIs there a simple way to list the files in a directory (say using ls or find) that are NOT open?06:12
mcclike a reverse lsof or something06:12
Emanongoogle instant is pretty cool (i know that was offtopic just had to tell someone)06:13
samuel2010Loshki,   thanks for ur help dude! now that i know this software can do it ill get it done06:15
FalseLobsterSo why can't I open this as read only?06:15
Loshkisamuel2010: best of luck...06:15
mike9055can i remove pulse-audio and install alsa with out breaking anything?06:18
Emanonmike9055: you're already using alsa its just being accessed through pulse06:19
Emanonas would oss if you were using that06:19
mike9055Ardour doesnt seem to think so, it wont run06:19
Emanonoh sucky dude sorry06:19
FalseLobsterOkay, seriously06:20
EmanonFalseLobster: if it doesnt work when opened as root idk what to tell ya bud06:20
FalseLobsterDo I really need to pull the old "Insult linux, get awesome tech support card" ?06:20
FalseLobsterEmanon: Alright, well treat me like I'm clueless06:21
Emanonthat only works in fanboi support channels dude06:21
FalseLobsterHow do I open file-roller as root?06:21
Emanonok alt f206:21
Emanonthat will open a run dialogue06:21
pryordaEmanon: i can not for the life of me find this damn controleler or raid array06:21
Emanonthen type gksu <command here> and hit enter06:21
Emanonit will ask for ur password then open the stated program as root06:22
* pryorda looks at chipset brb in a bit06:22
t3cki3thkx for all the help guys... sorry for the troubl06:22
FalseLobsterI'm on a live cd06:22
FalseLobsterdoes that make a difference?06:22
FalseLobstercause its still read only06:22
Emanongksu file-roller06:22
FalseLobsterIt's still read only06:23
* FalseLobster sighs06:23
FalseLobsterits been a long day06:23
real1adamhey Ubuntu community, I'm trying to get my AirPort Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 wireless card working on my iMac with Ubuntu. word on the street is that there are no Linux drivers or equivalents for Broadcom cards. is this true? am I SOL?06:23
FalseLobsterI have to write a shitty Linux shell by friday06:23
FalseLobsterand I can't even install linux06:23
Emanontry gksu nautilus FalseLobster06:23
Emanonthen just navigate to the file manually in your now root file browser06:23
macoreal1adam: not true06:23
macoreal1adam: there are TWO broadcom drivers06:24
FalseLobsterThat opens nautilus as root but it doesn't open archive manager as root06:24
macoreal1adam: there's a foss one (b43) for which you need to grab the firmware from the windows driver (hardware driver manager will automate this if you have wired connection) and the STA driver which broadcom wrote and is closed source to cover everything that's not covered by the foss one06:24
Emanonyea real1adam plug it in go to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers06:24
EmanonFalseLobster:  now go to wherever the archive is in the root file manager06:25
invurseis anyone familiar with openvpn?06:25
Emanonif you try to open it in file roller from a root nautilus it should force file roller to be root too06:25
FalseLobsterEmanon: yea yea.  That opens nautilus as root, but opening hte archive doesn't open it in root06:25
FalseLobsterit's still read only06:25
Emanonidk then but it just wants to f you06:25
real1adammaco, Emanon: thank you so much, I'll be sure to do that :)06:26
GerritjanHi all06:26
Emanonnp real1adam06:26
systmok, so I just upgraded to 10.10, only thing installed other then stock is irssi, Xorg, and dwm.  For some reason, X will no longer start, any suggestions from succesful upgraders06:27
=== Guest74755 is now known as viki
Emanonu said you gave root read write permissions on the file FalseLobster?06:27
Emanon!maverick systm06:27
Emanonahh that doesnt work?06:27
invurseany vpn gurus in the room tonite?06:27
FalseLobsterEmanon: yes06:27
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:27
systmthanks Emanon06:28
Emanonthere you go sytm go to #ubuntu+106:28
Emanonthen idk FalseLobster sorry i couldnt help06:28
Emanonmaybe try a less polite live disk like backtrack that doesnt respect file permissions very much06:28
Emanonand BT4 is debian based so it should be cool with .debs06:29
invursedoes anyone know of a good irc channel for vpn support?06:29
Emanon#vpn maybe?06:29
Emanonor #openvpn06:30
Emanontry channels with names that sound like what you want06:30
invursei tried openvpn earlier, but kept having problems getting in, very strange, but will try again.06:30
real1adaminvurse: I got in just fine just now06:31
Tim_Looking for help trying to get an install of 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 installed.06:32
Tim_I was running 32-bit, but it only booted about half the time, so I tried re-installing with 64-bit.06:32
Meta-007and i am looking to get a tools in ubuntu which will convert EXE file to JPEG06:33
EmanonTim_ if you use the desktop it should be the same as installing 32 bit06:34
Emanonthe desktop install disk i mean06:34
Tim_But it keeps locking up at 3.755576 usb 2-1.1.1 configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice.06:34
LoshkiMeta-007: that's a very odd thing to do. Why do you think you need to do that?06:34
FalseLobsterDoes anyone know how to create a .rpm file ?06:34
Tim_Yeah, I'm running the desktop install disk.06:34
Tim_It's a relatively new laptop, and has a USB 3.0 port that I'm suspecting is causing problems.06:34
Meta-007Loshki, I do not know why but some friend doing this06:35
Emanondoes it have any 2.0's?06:35
Emanonoh are u installing from usb stick?06:35
SpaceGhostC2CI have a web that's 2.006:35
Meta-007Loshki, I need to know what tools they are using to do this in Ubuntu06:35
EmanonMeta-007: are you talking about things like the dangerkitteh toolset?06:36
Tim_Emanon: Yeah, USB 2.0 x2 and USB 3.0 x1. No I'm installing from a CD. I'm just suspecting the USB3 port.06:36
Emanonit might be the disk if you have a usb stick try installing from that (use unetbootin) its way faster06:36
Meta-007Emanon, Dangerktteh?06:36
Emanonand easier on the stash of rw's06:36
gasullHi. How can I add a param initrd=/boot/DSDT.amlto grub?  Thanks.06:37
LoshkiMeta-007: sorry, I don't even know what it would mean to convert an EXE to a JPEG, unless you were trying to get some browser to execute it by mistake. Are there browsers that stupid?06:37
Emanontroll toolkit from /b/06:37
SpaceGhostC2CWhat are we even talking about?06:37
Emanonwell that or hes trying to get msn to allow him to send an exe to a friend06:37
linuxnoobhey, i have a question about aircrack but that channel appears to be dead, anyone have experience with it?06:37
Tim_True. Though I don't htink the install medium is the problem, 32-bit booted inconsistently, so I'm thinking it's a hardware conflict, but the install doesn't chuck any wobblies so to speak.06:37
SpaceGhostC2CEmanon: have whoever you're talking to pack it up in a tarball.06:38
Emanonif you try to send an exe over msn the reciever (if they are on windows) will be forced to scan it06:38
Emanoneven in an archive sometimes06:38
Emanonbut it doesnt usuall scan jpegs if memory serves06:38
Emanoneither that or hes just a blackhat in training oh well06:38
SpaceGhostC2CIs this related to Ubuntu at all?06:39
Emanonidk there may be some other reason to do it06:39
invursevpn anyone?06:40
Tim_So if a fresh install hangs, my only option is to re-install?06:40
lurch2who here considers themselves the ubuntu expert?06:40
Meta-007Loshki, I am using Ubuntu and WINdows . My friend also using Ubuntu . They are sending me JPEG . But if i open the jpeg file then it execute as a software06:40
Emanoni think so Tim_06:40
wertwertgfhjrerim connected to the internet via eth0. is there a way to enable wlan0 to act as an access point and bridge it to eth0, so that other clients can use the access point (wlan0) to connect to the internet? ubuntu 9.10, network-manager, nm-applet06:41
Meta-007Loshki, I was asked them that how they are doing this but they said there are tools in Ubuntu06:41
Emanonmight try metasploit they might have stuff like that06:41
ipv5just installed roundcube on ubuntu 10.04 an uncommented the aliases, but now going to the URL gets me "Can't connect to database" ...I can get to the db manually using the credentials in /etc/dbconfig-common/roundcube.conf ...anybody know what I'm messing up?06:42
Tim_is there anyway to set an OS in grub2 as default without booting into Ubuntu?06:42
_BEASTmeta what06:42
Emanonmetasploit the penetration analasys toolkit06:43
_BEASTthe all in one that rapid 7 owns ?06:43
Meta-007Emanon, You also user of Metasploit?06:43
Emanoni use Backtrack occasionally06:43
_BEASTwhat is backtrack ?06:44
invurseany vpn gurus?06:44
Emanonpenetration testing distro _BEAST06:44
Emanonlets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic06:44
Meta-007_BEAST, kicu na06:44
_BEASToh with backends right ?06:44
_BEASTI would rather get excellent with ncat06:45
=== ghost is now known as Guest2421
Tim_Can anyone help me with a grub2 question?06:46
WinstonSmith!anyone | tim06:47
ubottutim: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:47
NAJIhello, I have a problem with ubuntu, everything works just fine, excep that the hard disk get sometimes busy, just if you are installing or converting a video, I check the System manager where everything is normal, Firefox consumes 60 MB, Skype consumes 32 MB, and so, but that hard disk gets busy without sense f for a pretty long time and that's is frustrating, please help!!06:48
ipv5WinstonSmith: to be fair, he asked his real question previously and got no responses.06:49
invurseopenvpn shows tunnel up in ubuntu client and on zentyal server, but cant ping server or lan, or access samba, any suggestions?06:49
NAJII installed ubuntu on a IBM thinkpad T42, 1GB Ram, 60 hdd, 1.5 ghz pentium!!06:49
WinstonSmithipv5, yes you are right did not see that06:49
ipv5still of course...patience is a virtue on irc ;-)06:50
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, do you have indexing service enabled? desktop-search etc06:50
NAJIwell, how would I find out??06:51
NAJInever heard of it!!06:51
invurseopenvpn cant ping end of tunnel, client says tunnel is up. all config on zentyal server looks ok, any suggestions?06:52
=== rdw200169_ is now known as rdw200169
christophoroshello guys06:53
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer: how would i find out those service are enabled??06:53
systmwhats the kill key combo for X?06:53
christophorosi have "logitech Z Cinema " speakers and i hear the music too low cant set the volume from the remote control its usb devise06:54
NAJIhello, I have a problem with ubuntu, everything works just fine, excep that the hard disk get sometimes busy, just if you are installing or converting a video, I check the System manager where everything is normal, Firefox consumes 60 MB, Skype consumes 32 MB, and so, but that hard disk gets busy without sense f for a pretty long time and that's is frustrating, please help!!06:54
=== Max is now known as Guest59613
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, perhaps you have too less ram06:55
robert__Anyone in here familliar with fixing wireless networking issues in Ubuntu? Just installed for the first time the other day and I can't get my network adapter to work06:55
NAJI1 GB of ram!!06:55
invurseopenvpn shows tunnel up in ubuntu client and on zentyal server, but cant ping server or lan, or access samba, any suggestions?06:55
NAJIand only 400 mb is used06:55
NAJIswap is not used!!06:55
LogicFanhi, i'm running ubuntu 10.04 and I'm not using the new chat/set-up mail/broadcast indicator applet thing.  How do I prevent this applet from starting at login?06:55
Guest59613Urgent help needed! My younger brother clicked suspend and now the computer doesn't boot properly anymore. How do I unsuspend it?06:56
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, can't terminal tell the problem??06:56
LogicFanGuest59613, did you already try a hard reboot?06:57
LogicFane.g. pressing or holding the power button06:57
invurseopenvpn cant ping end of tunnel, client says tunnel is up. all config on zentyal server looks ok, any suggestions?06:57
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, you could try top and see if you have ram left06:57
gasullPlease, does anybody know how can I add a param initrd=/boot/DSDT.amlto grub?06:58
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, i check the system monitor, no more than 400 mb is used!! swap is not used,!!!06:58
NAJIthat hd is mad06:59
Guest59613yes, several times. when I try starting it, it powers on the computer (e.g. light on, fan running etc.) but never displays more then a blank black screen. it doesn't even seem to get to the bootloader.06:59
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, does ubuntu need defragmention as in MS-windows??07:00
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, check with "cat /etc/fstab" what file system you have. if its ext4 defragmentation should work automatically07:01
invurseopenvpn shows tunnel up in ubuntu client and on zentyal server, but cant ping server or lan, or access samba, any suggestions?07:02
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, it is ext4!!!07:04
reggior have I?07:05
NAJIwhat command tells what the hard drive is doing???07:05
NAJIsorry, but i am new!!07:05
rlankfohow can i copy a directory to dirX dirY dirZ etc07:06
rlankfowith one command?07:06
NAJIit is just busy!! my computer is too slow!! please help07:06
ipv5just installed roundcube on ubuntu 10.04 an uncommented the aliases, but now going to the URL gets me "Can't connect to database" ...I can get to the db manually using the credentials in /etc/dbconfig-common/roundcube.conf ...anybody know what I'm messing up?07:07
duffmanhi, question, I have a small problem, whenever my computer comes back from being asleep my mouse and speakers won't work until a reboot, is there a way via command line to restart them?07:07
reggirlankfo, you want to copy one source to three targets at the same time?07:07
rlankfoyes, three or more07:07
NAJIand ram is half used!!07:07
reggigood question07:07
duffmancp dir dir[x,y,x] ?07:08
reggii'm not sure rlankfo, i do know how to 'cp' one file to one only07:08
KE1HAyep, that's whatt I'd say for i in X; do mv07:08
cryptopsyanyone here able to mount their blackberry in ubuntu linux?07:08
rlankfoduffman: the directories will have arbitrary names like hello_world foo_bar etc07:08
KE1HAFlannel:  or cp rather sri, not mv.07:08
duffmanoh sorry then, not sure, kinda came in with a question of my own07:08
rlankfoKE1HA: yeah probably the easiest way07:09
rlankfothought maybe it is possible with xargs07:09
duffmananyone have any idea on how to restart my laptop mouse so it works?07:09
NAJIhow can i find out that my computer is defragmenting the hard drive, please??07:09
duffmanI have the built in mouse, and a usb mouse, the usb mouse will still work when the computer wakes up, just not the built in one07:10
pibarnasI get an error on my logicals partitions using cfdisk, but gparted doesnt show any. should I matter?07:10
jcathanyone has experience with ubuntu on nvidia ION platform? I got poor hard disk performance with ubuntu 9.10 on ION, it seems that the SATA disk only get 12MB/s throughput when copying files07:11
=== oracle_ is now known as oracle
miststlkrlooking for a torrent client for GNOME that supports RSS broadcasting similar to KTorrent.  Any suggestions?07:12
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, is the problem still there when you just boot without opening any extra programs? if so try "top" when the hard drive is active. perhaps that way you can identify the culprit07:12
adamvancouverLooking for a good irc client07:12
offsense01adamvancouver: try Smuxi07:12
Guest2421im using xchat, it seems decent although i am a noob at irc07:12
cryptopsyanyoen knows?07:13
Meta-007in ubuntu 9.04 default installed apache2?07:13
cryptopsyplease help me i'm very lathe on this amtter07:13
duffmananybody know how to fix my mouse?07:13
Meta-007cryptopsy, cracker lol07:13
adamvancouverWill try smuxi07:14
spinningcompassduffman: With really, really small tweezers and a really, really small knife.07:14
duffmanthanks spinningcompass07:15
cryptopsy!ops Meta-007 racist07:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:15
duffmani was looking more for a way to reset it via command line07:15
Meta-007cryptopsy, heheh your nick name cryptopsy07:15
cryptopsyi'm not a cracker, nigger07:15
_mrn_ver_i am having dell laptop07:16
cryptopsyi'm sick of people stereotyping07:16
_mrn_ver_i have win7 and i many times installed ubuntu 10.04.but the problem is whenever i log into ubuntu it works fine but any time i log into windows and after that restart my system it shows "no operating system found"07:16
reggii'm sick of people.07:16
_mrn_ver_why is it so?07:16
glebihanmiststlkr, I don't know any, but you could simply use KGet, I personally use KGet under Gnome, it doesn't have too many dependencies07:16
seidosduffman, you could try searching for "reset mouse command line ubuntu" in google?07:16
=== fivetwentysix_ is now known as fivetwentysix
cryptopsyduffman: what's wrong with your mouse, my brother?07:17
duffmanwell whenever the computer wakes up from sleep mode the mouse on board the laptop stops working07:17
seidos!lang | cryptopsy07:17
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, I couldn't read that data!!07:17
reggiduffman, it's a bug in ubuntu.07:17
wertwertgfhjrerduffman, for the sound you could try "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart", but for the mouse problem i cant help07:17
seidos!language | cryptopsy07:17
ubottucryptopsy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:17
_mrn_ver_each time it shows this message i reinstall ubuntu and it works fine but for ubuntu only .the problem repeats when i restaert after logging in from windows07:18
NAJIwhich falue should check??07:18
seidosreggi, is it in launchpad?07:18
cryptopsyseidos: stop supporting racism, you biggot07:18
duffmanreggi: is there a fix?07:18
seidoscryptopsy, stop using racial slurs07:18
=== MashTomato is now known as MashPotato
reggiduffman, just convert to a Microsoft compatible operating system. lol07:18
cryptopsyseidos: i'm not the only one using racial slurs, bigot scum.07:18
spinningcompassThis is a case of bigot-endian vs little-endian, I think.07:18
miststlkrglebihan - I just realized that even ktorrent only takes 200mb under GNOME... I'm trying to keep a smallish footprint, but I think that is easily spared, especially if I can then ditch trasmission and reclaim part of that07:18
duffmanreggi: I would prefer not to... theres no way to restart the mouse, I just have to live with this?07:19
seidosreggi, that isn't a fix.07:19
reggiduffman, but seriously, when did this mouse pad problem start happening?07:19
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, try to look for the one with the highest cpu usage when the hard drive goes crazy07:19
duffmanits been months actually.07:19
_mrn_ver_reggi, can u please help me? :( :(07:19
reggiduffman, has the mouse pad ever worked properly?07:19
duffmanI pretty much always have a usb mouse plugged in so it hasn't been super bothering07:19
duffmanyeah it used to work fine.07:20
duffmanit most likley happened with the 10.04 upgrade. but i'm not 100% on that07:20
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, Xorg is the highest: 4.5%!07:20
reggiduffman, what brand is your laptop?07:20
miststlkrglebihan - I d appreciate your answer though.  Thanks for taking the time.07:20
duffmanits a gateway mx644507:20
wolfalfaguys, I just installed maverick on a win7 machine. grub shows up after the windows bootloader, and it doesn't have ubuntu in the list. In grub I get the following: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: /host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk is not a block device.07:20
wolfalfaAny thoughts?07:20
glebihanmiststlkr, you're welcome07:20
=== debreems is now known as raptor
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, but!!! RAM is fully used!!07:20
reggilemme check it out duffman gimme 1 min07:21
seidosduffman, i don't use 10.04.  doesn't work on my laptop07:21
maco!10.10 | wolfalfa07:21
ubottuwolfalfa: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:21
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, the system monitor always says that is it only half used!!07:21
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, how can i find out that hard drive is being defragmented??07:21
cryptopsyNAJI: ubuntu isn't actually using all the ram you think it is07:22
reggiduffman, would you have a read of this: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2006/12/10/tweaking-your-synaptics-touchpad-laptops-ubuntu-6061-610/07:22
cryptopsyNAJI: its caching your hard-drive for faste access times07:22
duffmaneverything else works fine, just if I let it fall asleep when it wakes up and I log back in no mouse or sound.07:22
cryptopsytype 'free' to see cache07:22
duffmanthanks reggi ill look at it right now07:22
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, well, does it have to work two hours to cash??07:22
reggi_mrn_ver_, what's up?07:23
=== raptor is now known as Raptor
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, dont know, you could look for the the virtual memory of each program in "top"07:23
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, the hard drive is crazy for an hour now!!!07:23
_mrn_ver_reggi,  i installed windows 7 one side and ubuntu other side of hard disk07:23
=== Raptor is now known as debreems
_mrn_ver_but when i log into ubuntu ,everything works fine07:23
cryptopsyomg why can't i use mjy blackberry with ubunut its supposed to work out of the box07:24
glebihanNAJI, sorry I didn't see the beginning of the conversation, what's the problem exactly ?07:24
macowertwertgfhjrer: eh virtual is how much it thinks it has. itll overlap with what others think they have too, though.... a few programs can believe they have access to the same chunk of mem since its unlikely that all will try to grab it all at once07:24
wertwertgfhjrerNAJI, perhaps cryptopsy can help ya out07:24
_mrn_ver_but whenever i log in windows and after my work i restart the system it shows"no operating system found"07:24
NAJIwertwertgfhjrer, Xorg: 72727 and gnome-terminal 88000??07:24
macowertwertgfhjrer: i usually use the resident column, but its still not perfect07:24
cryptopsyanyone here mounting their blackberry as block device in linux?07:24
_mrn_ver_then i reinstall ubuntu again and it works fine07:24
cryptopsyNAJI: fix my blackberry and i'll help you07:24
_mrn_ver_so what to do:?07:24
reggi_mrn_ver_, can you tell me which operating system was installed in your hard disk first, windows or ubuntu?07:25
_mrn_ver_windows 707:25
reggi_mrn_ver_ hmm07:25
reggi_mrn_ver_, let me think for a sec07:25
_mrn_ver_take ur time07:26
reggi_mrn_ver_, would you have a look at this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot07:26
NAJIglebihan: i installed ubuntu in an ibm thinpad t42 with 1GB of ram, and 60 gb, the memory is half used, the cpu is merly used, but the hard drive is going crazy, it keeps working as if you are converting a big video file, i suspect that it is derfagmenting, how would i know??07:26
_mrn_ver_ok,goin to..07:26
duffmanreggi: do you think the root of this problem could be the fact that my xorg.conf is about 10 lines of code all generic07:27
glebihanNAJI, just an idea, do you use ubuntu one ?07:27
NAJIcryptopsy,  i have never owned a black berry07:27
NAJIglebihan: yes07:27
glebihanNAJI, this could be it07:27
glebihanNAJI, I stopped using it because of excessive disk usage07:27
NAJIglebihan: and how would know??07:27
NAJIhow to stop07:28
cryptopsyNAJI: please?07:28
cryptopsytrade me google skills for my debugging skills07:28
glebihanNAJI, try killing "ubuntuone-syncdaemon"07:28
NAJIand how to kill??07:28
=== Guest2421 is now known as help
NAJII am newwwwww!07:28
glebihanNAJI, killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon07:29
=== help is now known as Guest73525
duffmanreggi:  i pm'ed you the .conf so not to flood the channel, even though its only a few lines07:29
=== drizzt_ is now known as hghj
NAJIcryptopsy, I really wish I could help every human in earth with all their problem!! but!! can't help you!07:29
glebihan!paste | duffman07:30
ubottuduffman: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:30
duffmanthanks glebihan, http://paste.ubuntu.com/490756/07:31
randerzanderI'm having a couple of problems with an old Toshiba Tecra 8200 laptop.. It can ssh out to other machines on my network, and I can remote desktop to it over VNC, but no one can ssh into it.07:31
randerzanderI can ping it, but can't successfully ssh in07:32
glebihanranderzander, do you have a SSH server installed ?07:33
randerzanderyes. openssh-server07:33
mtx_initcan the machine ssh to localhost07:33
glebihanranderzander, ok do you use a firewall or are you behind a router ?07:34
=== Guest73525 is now known as Alistar_Bot
randerzanderNo, it gets Read From Socket Fail: Connection Reset By Peer07:34
NAJIglebihan: it won't be killed!! a GUN please!!07:34
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
randerzanderssh to localhost fails07:34
glebihanNAJI, well find the PID of the process07:35
glebihanNAJI, then run "kill -9 pid", replace pid by the previous value07:35
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
sampoPlease help: I need to disable my laptop's point plate. I do not know what right term, but I meant that plate, witch is used to mouse07:36
sampoThere is no possibility disable it from bios.07:36
glebihanranderzander, is the SSH daemon running ?07:36
randerzanderHmm.. on doing sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart, it is telling me it could not load host_key, host_rsa_key, or host_dsa_key07:37
NAJIglebihan: you saved meee!!!07:37
nUboon2Agecryptopsy: i don't know if this is in the ballpark but check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9428312&postcount=707:37
NAJIthank youuuu!!07:37
=== Alistar_Bot is now known as sculptured
randerzanderps -e | grep ssh shows sshd and ssh-agent are running07:37
glebihanNAJI, you're welcome, glad I could help07:38
NAJIit really got fast now!!07:38
NAJInow i can't run compiz again!!!!07:38
NAJI i mean I can, of course i can!!07:38
_mrn_ver_reggi, : i more thing when i restart after using windows it shows " no module name found. aborted .press any key to exit"07:38
_mrn_ver_and when i  press the key it shows for atheros pcie ethernet controller v2..0.2.307:39
glebihanranderzander, and you still can't ssh localhost ?07:39
reggi_mrn_ver_, you mean when you restart to ubuntu?07:39
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
_mrn_ver_"check cable connection"07:39
_mrn_ver_nope i am describing the problem what it actually showsw07:40
randerzanderglebihan, sure can't.07:40
laiemanHi. What application/command do you recommend to sync, using scp, a remote directory including files. Whenever the structure changes on the remote server, it's being changed automaticlly on the machine that syncs.07:40
_mrn_ver_when i switch from windos to  another one07:40
_mrn_ver_i mean when i restart system after using windows it shows this. but  using ubuntu this does not occur07:41
NAJIAnyone with Wiimote experience??07:41
_mrn_ver_now  am i clear?07:41
reggiso _mrn_ver_ when you're rebooting into ubuntu you get the "check cable connection" error?07:41
NAJIi installed wmgui and it detected my wiimote!!07:41
NAJIbut I cannot use to control my computer!!07:42
_mrn_ver_when i try to reboot to  any os after using windows  it shows all the info i typed above.07:42
NAJIplease! help07:42
sampoPlease help: I need to disable my laptop's point plate. I do not know what right term, but I meant that plate, witch is used to mouse. There is no way to disable it from bios07:42
iter_laieman: use rsync07:42
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Flannelsampo: You're talking about a touchpad, and instructions on configuring touchpads can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad  If you need help understanding something on that page, don't hesitate to ask!07:43
_mrn_ver_reggi,  u got me?07:44
sampoFlannel: Thanks.07:44
FlannelNAJI: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CWiiD will get you set up07:44
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=== blag_ is now known as blag
reggi_mrn_ver_, are you sure that the computer is booting from hard disk? that error usually comes when you're booting from network.07:45
_mrn_ver_yes, i am using hard disk07:45
NAJIplease, help me with wiimote, I want to control my computer with a wiimote, the mean purpose for now is to control openoffice impress presentation, i install Cwiid and Wiican, wmgui has detected my wiimote, please guidings!!07:45
glebihanranderzander, could you pastebin your "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" file ?07:46
_mrn_ver_reggi, wait, it also shows pxe-m0f : exitinig intel pxe rom07:46
_mrn_ver_and "operating system not found"07:46
wertwertgfhjrersampo, you mean th touchpad? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad07:46
reggiit sounds like your computer is trying to boot from network _mrn_ver_07:46
sampowertwertgfhjrer: Yes, I got help. If I do not access I will ask again but thanks for help anyway =)07:47
reggi_mrn_ver_, you should go to your bios and disable network boot07:47
_mrn_ver_ok ,i am goin07:47
sampowertwertgfhjrer: I do something wrong? In that page what you linked says "The easiest way to disable the Touchpad for X.Org system-wide, is to uninstall the package xserver-xorg-input-synaptics.". I remove that pakkage, but touchpad still works. Do I need to restart?07:48
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wertwertgfhjrersampo, try reboot07:50
netbkneutrinoMy track pad on 10.04 has been buggy. It double clicks on it's own.07:50
whosjosewhere does all the programs get installed at if i use the ubuntu software center?07:51
ikoniawhosjose: all over the place (that's how the unix file system is laid out) mostly "/usr/bin for the main binaries07:51
_mrn_ver_reggi,  i have tried to boot from hard disk again it is showing same .but when i   select network to boot( to disable it) it(bios) shows nothig07:52
barisubuntuI celebrate everyone Ramadan Bairam all islam people :)07:52
riverwind_polkit-1 is a rootkit.  It is a keylogger built into the OS.07:53
randerzanderglebihan, it seems to be blank07:53
ikoniabarisubuntu: this topic if for ubuntu support discussion only, it would be helpful if you could keep to that topic only please.07:53
undifinedbarisubuntu, enjoy the sugarfestival07:53
ikoniaundifined: please read what I just typed to barisubuntu07:54
glebihanranderzander, that may be an issue...07:54
riverwind_Yeah, the Xtians want to burn a koran.  I am a Wiccan.07:54
undifinedikonia, it was all I intended to say about it07:54
_mrn_ver_reggi,  u there?07:54
randerzanderglebihan, in my prior experience apt-get installing openssh-server creates a default config that works.. why wouldn't it have done so this time?07:55
glebihanranderzander, http://paste.ubuntu.com/490765/ here is mine, try copying it and restarting the daemon07:55
_mrn_ver_u got it.forgive me if i am sticky07:55
barisubuntui only celebrated my muslim people's bairam07:55
barisubuntuu r christian u got a some bairams..07:55
glebihanranderzander, I don't know, it should have installed one07:55
netbkneutrinoHelp? Track pad has been buggy on 10.04. it double clicks by its self. any answers?07:56
reggiit worked _mrn_ver_ ?07:56
_mrn_ver_nope ,that is the problem.it is not working07:56
glebihanranderzander, you can also try a complete removal of openssh-server (including configuration files) and then a reinstallation07:58
reggi_mrn_ver_, does it still boot to windows properly?07:59
_mrn_ver_it is showing the error   same as above "no os found and connection problem"07:59
reggi_mrn_ver_, this problem sounds like your hard disk is not being detected by the boot loader08:00
reggi_mrn_ver_, as a result the computer looks for other devices to boot from like cdrom, usb or network.08:00
_mrn_ver_yape it is showing  other options08:01
randerzanderglebihan, the config files are stored in /etc/ssh/ ?08:01
glebihanranderzander, yes08:01
_mrn_ver_but after booting from external drive how to fix this problem?08:01
reggi_mrn_ver_, one sec lemme see08:02
randerzanderhow can I get sudo privileges in nautilus? it wont let me delete /etc/ssh08:02
ikoniaranderzander: don't do that !08:02
ikoniaranderzander: that will destroy all your ssh client and server configs08:02
randerzanderikonia, they seem to have been messed up during apt-get installation.. why shouldn't I just re-install them?08:03
glebihanranderzander, don't do this that way08:03
glebihanranderzander, use synaptic to make the complete removal08:03
reggiranderzander, run sudo nautilus08:04
reggi in a command line08:04
ikoniaranderzander: define messaged up08:04
ikoniareggi: no08:04
ikoniareggi: the graphical command is gksudo08:04
netbkneutrinoHelp! Sticky mouse pad. it double clicks and opens another window or tab that i am not trying to open.08:05
reggiikonia, thanks, i'e learned something nu!08:05
randerzanderok, I used synaptic to completely remove openssh-server.. is it not ok to "apt-get install" it again?08:07
glebihanranderzander, yes it is08:07
systmwhats the default key to show dwm08:07
ikoniaranderzander: wait - what's wrong with the configs08:08
glebihanikonia, his sshd_config file was empty08:08
ikoniaglebihan: that can't happen from an install, as the md5 check would fail08:09
dandreI have my laptop with an opened session. I have access to it using ssh. Is there any way to remotely configure et remote desktop access to my already opned session?08:09
ikoniasomeone has emptied it then08:09
randerzanderok, it worked that time.. I can't understand how it was empty the first time.08:09
ikoniadandre: no08:09
dandreThe remote vncserver answers but I cab't authenticate08:10
glebihanikonia, that's why I suggested he made a complete reinstallation08:10
laiemaniter: Thanks.08:12
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whosjosermdir: failed to remove `eclipse': Directory not empty ** is it possible to remove all files forcefully?08:14
randerzanderrm -rf target08:14
glebihanwhosjose, "rm -rf eclipse", but be careful with it08:15
randerzanderonce your directory is gone, it's gone ;)08:15
glebihanwhosjose, there's no confirmation at all08:15
filipekuniversal truth :-)08:15
whosjosenot a problem08:15
etherealiteIs unison the name of the game for synchronizing directories?08:18
netbkneutrinomy mouse pad is sticky on 10.04. it's annoying08:22
guichinaubuntu_cn 在哪呢08:22
systmcan anyone recommend a good media player?08:26
T-Cosystm, VLC08:26
systmT-Co: more along the lines of a music library program?08:27
T-Cosystm, amaroK for KDE and rythmbox for GNOME I think are the defaults...08:28
systmT-Co: what about dwm :p08:28
T-Cosystm, I use Spotify, so I don't have much experience with music players. Back in the day when I did, it was still XMMS that ruled the world08:30
T-Codwm - dynamic window manager ?08:31
T-CoDon't know any dwm08:31
systmT-Co: anything about audacious?08:35
wertwertgfhjrerim connected to the internet via eth0. is there a way to enable wlan0 to act as an access point and bridge it to eth0, so that other clients can use the access point (wlan0) to connect to the internet? ubuntu 9.10, network-manager, nm-applet08:43
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gschweppwertwertgfhjrer: i think you have to do something like Create Wireless network08:46
gschweppwertwertgfhjrer: and then in any way (that i dont know atm) share the eth0 connection08:47
hsrHow to enable 'Speak Document' feature in Okular?08:52
cybichi everybody - i have some kind of a strange behaver in 10.04 on my notebook...The battery indocator alway writes the notify-messages and doesn't care about config changes in gconf-config08:53
cybicwhat could it be? :(08:53
cybici get such interesting messages like: low battery (18 percent) etc. ...and i can't shut them off is there any other kind of config file for the notify messages of the powermanager?08:54
Loshki!ics | wertwertgfhjrer see if theres anything here08:56
ubottuwertwertgfhjrer see if theres anything here: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:56
cybichmmmm... this notify messages are turning me crazy :( there must be some kind of a config file08:58
mvkwhen i startup my laptop, it hangs on the blue loading screen, but spins... when i press escape, i see it hangs on 'Checking battery state'..08:58
mvkwhen i cltr+alt+f1 .. spawn a shell, and startx..08:58
mvki simply get my desktop, why doesnt it 'boot trough'?08:58
lorenzosuAnyone know if there is some panel (I.e. an icon to stick around the notification area) to change resolution for nvidia graphic cards?09:00
hsrHow to enable 'Speak Document' feature in Okular?09:00
d1mitrisany good mail notifier that works with gawab ?09:03
dmex!cn | kongsong09:05
ubottukongsong: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:05
hsr!|all:How to enable 'Speak Document' feature in Okular?09:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:05
hsrsrry, wrong command09:06
hsrHow to enable 'Speak Document' feature in Okular?09:06
hsrdmex: How to enable 'Speak Document' feature in Okular?09:06
dmexksr: they are only enabled if you have ktts09:08
hsrdmex: How to use ktts?09:08
dmexksr: no idea, I haven't ever needed TTS.09:09
hsrdmex: Could you tell properly its "tts" or "ktts" ? (reference back as hsr and not ksr) :)09:10
gypsymauroI've a pdf file with some pages, I want to select one page and save it into a new file, what can I use?09:12
hsrgypsymauro: pdfedit09:12
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dmexhsr: you could try Ubuntu Text Reader - http://xzcallaway.synthasite.com/09:13
Sloth_DemonI need a little help with networking in Ubuntu 9.04. <n00b alert>09:14
WillPittengerI am trying to copy files from where I downloaded it (on a Windows host folder) to a folder in /usr.  I don't know how to get root priveleges using the file browser.  So I went to the command line and entered 'sudo cp -v -r "/mnt/Docs/My Downloaded Files/Mozilla/Firefox/Firefox 4.0 beta 5 for Linux/*" .'  But that results an error I don't understand.  "Cannot stat folder: Protocol error". ...09:14
WillPittenger...Could someone help?09:14
gypsymaurohsr: tanx :)09:14
dmexhsr: also try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2820538&postcount=609:14
MiteshShahhow to install conky09:15
WillPittengerNever mind.  I sudo'ed dolphin.09:16
dmexMiteshShah: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=636570209:16
jasonwryanMiteshShah: apt-get install conky-std09:16
MiteshShahdmex, jasonwryan Thanks09:17
Sloth_DemonThe network applet(or whatever it's called) on the panel in the top is displaying "No network devices found" in the menu. My board is Intel DH55TC with core-i5. I have used ubuntu a few months ago with a ancient mercury motherboard and had no problem like this(everything was in order by default). What do I need to fix this?09:17
Sloth_DemonBTW, I'm using Jaunty Jacklope.09:17
dmexSloth_Demon: lshw -class network09:18
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zirodayHi, I can't get notify-send to work unless I prepend the command with sudo, any way to fix this?09:19
Sloth_Demondmex:Is that all?(sorry for being rude but I have to reboot into ubuntu to try this which has no connection)09:19
Sloth_DemonWill try and come back. Thanks anyways.09:21
dmexSloth_Demon: Its for listing any network interfaces09:21
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Anomie2Is it possible to copy/paste files (duplicate) files over SSH? Tried googling it but all I get it a bunch of results for copy/pasting text. e,g; I want the contents of var/www/dir1/wp2 to be duplicated to var/www/dir109:24
Sloth_DemonSo, here's what I got : http://i53.tinypic.com/11c60q0.png09:28
netbkneutrinohelp. my track pad is sticky. double clicks when i only tap it once. any fixes09:28
Sloth_DemonNow what do I do next?09:28
xdunlapxHi guys. I'm wondering how to install java. There is no sun-java6-plugin available.09:31
undifinedSloth_Demon, the command you ran needs to sudo09:31
erUSUL!java | xdunlapx09:31
ubottuxdunlapx: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.09:31
xdunlapxthank you09:32
erUSULxdunlapx: you need to eable the partners repository for sun's java.09:32
Sloth_Demonundifined: sorry but I have no idea of what you just said.09:32
undifinedSloth_Demon, your <command>, again sudo <command>09:33
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:34
xdunlapxerUSUL, thank you yes. that worked :)09:35
jlebrechi think ubuntu should be able to organise files in terms or projects, and you'd be able to attach notes to them.09:36
odb|fideljlebrech: ubuntu?09:37
Anomie2Is it possible to copy/paste files (duplicate) files over SSH? Tried googling it but all I get it a bunch of results for copy/pasting text. e,g; I want the contents of var/www/dir1/wp2 to be duplicated to var/www/dir109:37
odb|fidelarent you looking for some kind of specifc app?09:37
erUSULAnomie2: rsync; sftp; scp09:37
fivetwentysixWhats the command to see how much ram i have left?09:38
erUSULfivetwentysix: free -m   ?09:38
fivetwentysix7mb free09:38
Anomie2erUSUL: I'm connected over sftp as well but cant see that option in FileZilla ?09:38
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:40
jlebrechobd|fidel gnome/kde whatever. think it would be nice in ubuntu09:41
bluecheesedoes anyone know why flush-9:xx max out cpu?09:45
odb|fideljlebrech: from my point of view you are way to imprecise09:45
nolonxhello, I want to install ubuntu 10.04 on my imac, but I don't want to install grub on the MBR. Unfortunately the installer won't accept the root partition as a valid install location. Is it possible to do so?09:46
erUSULAnomie2: does not have a mput or mirror option ?09:46
odb|fidelit's about having a function in an application - not about having a function in a distri or desktop environment09:46
erUSULAnomie2: if it is in the same machibe and you have ssh access why not a symple "cp" on the shell ?09:47
erUSULAnomie2: i thought it was on two machines09:47
methusscp file username@machine:`pwd`09:48
Anomie2euUSUL: so -  cp path/to/file path/to/new/location09:49
dwadhello everyone09:51
jlebrechodb|fidel sorry i know. it's meant to be a very vague concept, a project would just be a folder with a file explaining which editor to be use and how to test ie. a url. and a keystore file.09:51
Cube``hey did a new version of ubuntu just come out?09:52
Cube``its telling me about a "Distribution Upgrade"09:53
Cube``or did i just screw up my dependencies?09:53
gschweppCube``: what distribution do you run?09:53
JohnnyLwhere can I get the 64 bit Intel ISO ersion of Ubuntu for the desktop?09:53
Cube``ubuntu 10.4 gschwepp09:53
ShinydanWhen I shut my Lynx box down, all it does is reboot, to the login screen, in a different screen resolution and in a different place on the monitor. I've had to fiddle with the physical monitor settings to make it usable. What's going on?09:53
gschweppCube``: next will be 10.10 so yet there is no update09:53
Cube``hmm ye09:54
gschwepp!ubuntu+1 Cube``09:54
gschwepp!#ubuntu+1 Cube``09:54
jpdsJohnnyL: http://au.releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.1/ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso09:55
JohnnyLjpds: uh hello ? thats amd09:56
JohnnyLis 10.10 only beta?09:56
Cube``JohnnyL: yeah09:56
JohnnyLCube`` thanks09:56
jpdsJohnnyL: Same thing for Intel processors.09:57
kayoma1Hi all09:57
jpdsJohnnyL: AMD created the standard, so it's called AMD64.09:57
netbkneutrinoHelp! Track pad has been buggy on 10.04. It double clicks by its self. any answers?09:57
JohnnyLjpds: i tried the amd windows installer but I got a graphic garbled screen at  boot up.09:57
kayoma1How to install iron-linux?09:57
jpdsJohnnyL: Then look at http://au.releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.1/ and pick which one you think is right for you.09:58
kayoma1i have iron-linux.tar.gz in my home dir, how to install this?09:58
JohnnyLok, so tehre is not Intel-64 bit version. gotcha09:59
kayoma1tar xvf iron-linux.tar.gz?09:59
jpdsJohnnyL: Because Intel64 == AMD64.09:59
JohnnyLjpds: well it doesn't work on my intel.09:59
JohnnyLperhaps because of my Nvidia?10:01
jpdsJohnnyL: Yep, that's most likely.10:02
jpdsJohnnyL: http://www.netsplit.com/2010/03/30/all-about-kernel-mode-setting/10:02
netbkneutrinoHow do I save my work space and resume tomorrow. I want to resume tomorrow with all the same folders, browser tabs, and programs opened exactly how they are open right now.10:03
tracy69good morning10:03
JohnnyLwell, i'm trying the intel x86 version, bet that'll work.10:04
ShinydanWhen I shut my Lynx box down, all it does is reboot, to the login screen, in a different screen resolution and in a different place on the monitor. I've had to fiddle with the physical monitor settings to make it usable. Help?10:04
jpdsJohnnyL: garbled screen == graphics card issue.10:04
jpdsJohnnyL: The install CD tells you right at the very beginning that it can't run on your processor if it can't.10:04
dr0idwith */15 * * * * make my cronjob run every 15mins?10:06
dr0idwith */15 * * * * make my cronjob run every 15mins?10:06
wertwertgfhjrerShinydan, try "sudo init 0" for shutdown10:06
jpdsdr0id: Yes.10:06
jpdsdr0id: Yes.10:06
Shinydanwert: That does work but it doesn't solve the overall problem.10:07
omkar:how to run php?10:07
wertwertgfhjrerShinydan, well it doesnt reboot then, does it10:07
w0_hi, I'm trying to play warcraft 3 on my ubuntu box via wine.  how do I mount the disc? ubuntu didn't mount it automatically10:08
Shinydanno. but I'd quite like the shutdown button to work properly.10:08
seyfignome-help is either trashing or hogging system resources, like in an infinite loop (karmic). I don't know what's wrong with this product but it's always been like this, unusable, yet constantly shipped for years. What to do? I need to read some docs.10:08
wertwertgfhjrerShinydan, as i have no buttons i cant help10:09
Dilaincan XChat traffic be routed through tor?10:09
CaveManYo guyz wassap???10:09
gschweppShinydan: seems that your shutdown button is going to the wrong runlevel so ... tell him do ini 0 ;)10:09
CaveManyesterday i asked of this very nice and tiny and cheap system ( http://www.informatique.nl/127987/asrock-nettop-ion-330-pro-barebone-zwart.html ) is supported by ubuntu and it is supported, found this topic: http://forum.ubuntu-nl.org/hardware-en-drivers/asrock-nettop-ion-330/10:10
tracy69CaveMan,  why are you cave man ?10:11
CaveMancause i am also that rude sometimes on critical  moments :P10:11
CaveManin generally i am a gentleman, but deep inside i am a caveman10:12
tracy69rude ? what does it has to do with cave?10:12
tracy69do you live in a cave?10:12
CaveManit looks like a cave10:12
tracy69im sorry10:12
SpaceGhostC2CI do.10:12
CaveManit is a mix between a cave and the house they used in fightclub :P10:12
doudouHi, i found fluxbuntu project that seems interesting, but how to know if it is not obsolete?10:13
SpaceGhostC2CCaveMan: good movie. But is this on topic?10:13
CaveManok sorry, they asked..10:13
tracy69u should move to europe try legally if you can people over here have normaal homes10:13
Leroyfightclub is always on topic10:13
Tryptychstop talking about fightclub! your breaking the rules.10:13
w0_why doesn't ubuntu recognize my dvd? I can'10:13
Leroylol Tryptych10:13
w0_t get it to mount10:13
wertwertgfhjrerw0_, sudo mount /dev/dvd10:14
squarrelbacking-up ubuntu > using TAR > in restoration process, why we have to re-create directories like /sys /lost+found /proc etc. - dont they already exist?10:14
CaveMani have to go people... bye all10:15
w0_wert: well the drive spun up, but it says 'mount: can't find /dev/dvd/ in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab'10:15
tracy69<CaveMan> bye10:16
Dilainw0: try using the absolute pathname10:16
Yud_Zrocanyone else having problems with the updater10:18
_L30_How do i uninstall the usplash screen?10:19
_L30_the purple ubuntu loading screen10:19
Dilainopen your dev folder and make sure you targeting the right file, might be dvd0 or something other than just dvd10:19
tracy69<_L30_> do you want to change it ?10:19
tracy69<_L30_> use plymouth10:19
_L30_no i totally want to remove that10:20
_L30_and get the text startup10:20
w0_w00p 42010:20
_L30_then the login screen10:20
_L30_as usual GUI10:20
wikiikhi, how can i check the core usage using the terminal?10:21
tracy69_L30_,  there is way to remove i mean not see spalsh u can use startup manager10:21
_L30_sudo rm plymouth-theme.*10:22
_L30_i tried this10:22
rww_L30_: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?10:22
_L30_have to verify it works10:22
_L30_haa yes working :)10:23
_L30_removed all the plymouth files10:23
tracy69_L30_,  there is also theme in grub if you removed plymouth you still will see splash10:24
tracy69use startup mgr10:24
_L30_tracy69: so how to get rid of it?10:24
tracy69use startup mgr10:25
_L30_tracy69: that would just disable it - i want to remove it totally10:25
KrisDouglasHello, quick question. Why is it, when I install Wine 1.3 on ubuntu, the command "wine --version" shows I am running wine-1.2-rc6-44-gcd72aef? thanks10:25
Dilainhe souldn't see grub at all if he's not duel booting10:25
tracy69go to grub and remove the pic u see10:25
KrisDouglasAnd it does not show as 1.2 installed in APT.10:25
_L30_tracy69: how do i do that?10:25
tracy69_L30_,  i dont know u need to find grub folder to block the splash or remove the pic u see the same as u can do in plymoyth or burg10:27
_L30_tracy69: where do i find the it?10:27
_L30_thanks worked out :)10:31
tracy69_L30_,  good :)10:32
theoshey!! i was trying to open some video files in totam and vlc but they show an error message like this --> "No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format "wmas". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this." any thing i can do about this?10:33
tinuxhi everyone10:33
erUSUL!codecs | theos10:33
ubottutheos: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:33
tinuxhow is it possible that . and .. have such big size10:34
tinuxany idea10:34
theosok thanks erUSUL i just check it10:34
erUSULtinux: . is current folder. and .. is parent folder10:34
tinuxyes, I know this. but when I check the size of the folder alone it shows 146 M10:36
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erUSULtinux: which matchs the value for . and ..  so i say is correct10:37
tinuxyep, got it. It was .Trash10:38
NitzchONotHello guys! Is there a solution about my Nautilus shows dublicate Drives ? Shows them each mounted drive 2 times, 1 entry works and the other one doesnt. Got any ideas ? :)10:38
MindGrenadeHi all,. Just wondering if anyone can help me with what partitions to make for dual boot windows/ubuntu???10:38
zemanelis it possible to convert a 64bit ubuntu installation to 32bits?10:38
NitzchONotThats for the drives mounted via /etc/fstab by the way (HDDs with NTFS partition)10:39
NitzchONotzemanel, i think thats not possibe ;/10:39
MindGrenadewhats best partitions to use for dual boot with shared partion??? do i make them all NTFS?10:40
tracy69zemanel,  i dont think so too10:40
w0_thanks guyz.  viva ubuntu!!10:40
tracy69MindGrenade,  are you talking about sharing files between ubuntu and windows? if so u will be able easy access win files from ubuntu10:41
tracy69no matter ntfs or fat10:41
MindGrenadei was reading a forum post but was a couple years old... it said to make them all NTFS10:42
MindGrenadeso  can load  the share partition thru both OS10:42
tracy69MindGrenade,  u dont need any extra partition just boot ubuntu go to places computer and your windows files10:42
filipekMindGrenade, what do you exactly mean by "shared partition" like installing Ubuntu on NTFS too?10:43
MindGrenadeim gonna have seperate partion for windows/ubuntu/share drive so if i need to format or change os on a drive it doesnt effect the share drive... *share drive is where ill save all my files so i can open with either os10:43
Vroomfondlefilipek: in the olden days people used to make a third partition, so they'd have one for Windows, one for Linux and the thrid one was a space to put files to be shared between the two10:43
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MindGrenadeso if windows dies (which it does) ill just format and re-install and it wont clear my shared files partition10:44
MindGrenadeso do i make all 3 partition NTFS?10:44
Tonde[FI]Could someone help with usb printer problem? (Epson Stylus DX7400)10:45
VroomfondleI woudln't put Ubuntu on NTFS.10:45
filipekVroomfondle, ok thanks - I didn't know that :-) I came to Ubuntu apparently after that point in time :-)10:45
VroomfondleHave an Ext4 one for Ubuntu10:45
MindGrenadeand what about windows? and Shared Data Patitions?? NTFS? are they all compatible to sharing files?10:46
tracy69MindGrenade,  if your windows die u and u will install it again windows will rewrite grub it mean u wont be able access ubuntu and u will have to make grub work again10:46
Yud_Zrocapt-get issure/error:   E: Read error - read (5: Input/output error)10:46
Tonde[FI]Does anyone know why 10.04 does not find usb printer? Usb-port/cable/printer aint broken.10:47
JohnnyLwhat's the default password for root?10:48
MindGrenadeso will i have conflict if i use ext4 for ubuntu and NTFS for Windows & shared Partition? and will they all read ?10:49
MindGrenadewill ext4 read NTFS drive correctly?10:50
m4v!root | JohnnyL10:50
ubottuJohnnyL: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:50
JohnnyLthere is no root password.10:50
teagehow do i uninstall vmware? i look in synaptic and its not there.10:51
tracy69teage did you install it from synaptic ? or you got it from vmware web?10:54
Tonde[Jkl]Does anyone have any idea why 10.04 does not find usb-printer? Usb-port/cable/printer are ok.10:57
sniperjo_is anyone aware of Ubuntu being less efficient at running html5 video, (ogv) in firefox or any other program ?10:58
Emanonreally, gnomefreak could i get banned by a less gayly named op please that's embarrassing10:58
gnomefreakEmanon: please join #ubuntu-ops10:59
Emanonseriously i didnt think i was op material10:59
Emanonthanks dude10:59
tracy69Emanon,  join ubuntu-offtopic10:59
Emanoni cant he kickbanned me10:59
rwwtracy69: probably best to stay out of it ;)10:59
tracy69yeah rww10:59
JohnnyLhow do I mount a xp partition?11:00
icerootJohnnyL: mount /dev/sdX /where/you/want/it11:01
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE11:01
steve_can anyone give me some help with samba11:01
Emanoni usually just click on them in nautilus JohnnyL11:01
[drnathanfuriouswow, really strange behavior with the 'time' command... can anyone confirm11:03
[drnathanfuriousin the man page it says you can do11:03
[drnathanfurious time -f "%E real,%U user,%S sys" ls -Fs11:03
[drnathanfuriousto format output11:03
[drnathanfuriousbut it looks like time doesn't accept *any* options for me11:03
[drnathanfurious-f: command not found11:04
[drnathanfuriouscan anyone confirm?11:04
Emanonanyone know how to change the panel clock/calandar to military date (thats yyyy-mm-dd)11:04
manasahi im new to ubuntu11:05
rww[drnathanfurious: Does it work if you replace "time" with "/usr/bin/time"?11:05
[drnathanfuriousoh wow, that does it11:05
JohnnyLice799, Vroomfondle,Emanon. thanks11:05
[drnathanfuriousmust have been aliased somewhere11:05
Emanon!welcome | manasa11:05
ubottumanasa: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:05
rww[drnathanfurious: nah, there's a bash builtin called time11:05
[drnathanfuriousreally... yeah I checked all over my .bashrc for something, even did `which time`11:06
[drnathanfuriousthat threw me for a loop11:06
rwwyup. see "help time" for more info11:06
t325Hi, could someone please translate these FreeBSD rc.conf lines into Ubuntu /etc/network/interfaces language?11:06
steve_i cannot connect to any windows shares can someone help11:06
t325ifconfig_em0="inet mypublicIP netmask broadcast mypublicIP"11:07
t325static_routes="net1 net2"11:07
t325route_net1="-net myGW/32 mypublicIP"11:07
t325route_net2="default myGW"11:07
FloodBot4t325: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:07
magnetron!details | steve_11:07
ubottusteve_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:07
sipiort325: "man interfaces" will give you the complete documentation for setting up the /etc/network/interfaces file.11:08
t325ok, I'll check it, thanks11:08
steve_I am running ubuntu 10.04, when i open the network folder i can see "Windows Network" but when i open that there are no computers inside.11:09
Emanonu on the same workgroup steve_?11:09
steve_no the Windows workgroup is "Workgroup" and my Samba workgroup is SAMBA11:10
magnetronsteve_: you need to be in the same workgroup11:10
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:11
t325sipior: hmm it's quite vague, I can't find the equivalent for the route_net1 and route_net2 lines11:11
asmalikcan anyone tell me about some good book on g++11:11
steve_ok i have changed that using the Samba GUI11:11
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=== changedu is now known as manasa
jribasmalik: #gcc probably can11:11
sipiort325: since you've only spent approximately two minutes perusing the thing, perhaps a little more reading is in order, no?11:12
steve_there are still 0 items in my Windows Network folder11:12
t325sipior: might be ;) - but since I'm here, it's that I've already read quite a lot of this stuff...11:13
t325this would be a genial thing: network configuration file converter for all *nix flavours11:14
timmillwoodWhat's the best way to backup my ubuntu server to an external service?11:15
sipiort325: could be a fun student project. i don't dispute that a certain consistency would be welcome between the various unix flavours.11:16
sipiortimmillwood: which external service were you planning on using?11:16
timmillwoodsipior: the best. ;)11:16
timmillwoodsipior: currently using s3 and s3sync although doesn't seem 100% reliable, and hard to monitor.11:17
sipiortimmillwood: depending on your storage needs, something like ubuntu one or dropbox might do. i can highly recommend the latter, but have not yet tried the former.11:17
asmalikHi. I want a book on g++.11:18
asmalikCan anyone help me ?11:18
timmillwoodsipior: we have over 100gb of stuff to backup from an internal NAS, currently uploading the s3 via in house server.11:18
jribasmalik: did you see what I told you?11:18
=== 31NABEH4G is now known as manasa
asmaliki was offline11:19
jribasmalik: #gcc probably can11:19
steve_i am trying to check if Samba is running properly but the command sudo /etc/init.d/samba status tells me command not found11:21
JohnnyLI am using vmware with ubuntu under xp. Having trouble recognzing the xp parition. I tried sudo fdisk -l to no avail.11:21
jribsteve_: smbd if I recall correctly11:21
jribJohnnyL: well you can't get at the host partition like that.  Try the vmware channel for tips on how to share files between host and guest11:22
steve_smbd is running process 70611:23
sipiortimmillwood: you might try something like rackspace's managed backups. the folks in #ubuntu-server will probably have better recommendations for you in that regard.11:23
steve_still nothing shown in my windows network folder11:23
timmillwoodsipior: thanks11:23
steve_it was working at home, but now i am at work i cannot see anything11:24
JohnnyLjrdnyquist ok thanks.11:24
steve_if i ping the computer i want to connect to i get a reply11:24
imlazahi everone!11:26
t325sipior: http://guides.ovh.com/BridgeClient could be an interesting starting point for such a tool; at least it solved my problem.11:26
denhi all!11:27
magnetronsteve_: try "pyneighborhood"11:27
imlazai have a startup-script to starts the programs automatically after 30 seconds. #!/bin/bash sleep 30 && conky -c ~/conkyrc & but i dont know how to add the other applications to start with conky . can someone help me (what to write next of this code) ?11:29
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steve_i have checked the windows machine and i can see my ubuntu machine and the shares11:30
adalalhi, is there a way to setup ubuntu where all interactive administrative or a specific user (support user)'s activities are logged and emailed?11:31
JoundillI need help setting up my microphone, I just upgraded versions and now it's not working. It's crackly at the moment, and I can only just hear myself.11:31
steve_ok installed pyneighborhood it can see the windows machine i want to connect with, when i scan the machine it tells me failed11:33
Karen_mKnow how the buttons for the windows are on the left side, how can I make them more like windows and put them top right?11:33
JoundillKaren_m, press Alt+F2, then type gconf-editor11:33
JoundillKaren_m after that navigate through Apps>Metacity11:34
raymondBonjour tout le monde11:34
Joundilland under general settings there should be an option that looks like close,maximize,minimize:11:34
Joundillchange it to ":minimize,maximize,close"11:34
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:35
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side11:35
Karen_mJoundill, wow that is amazing11:35
Karen_mthank you!11:35
Karen_minstantly fixed, merci11:35
JoundillNo problem :D11:35
rizzuhHi guys, how do I convert all the files in a directory and subdirs from DOS line endings to Unix? find . | fromdos -d -o doesn't do it11:36
xorwhyHello. Is there a way to implement tab completion system-wide, corresponding to a dictionary file?11:36
xorwhyPreferably effecting all type-able areas except terminal.11:36
steve_can anyone tell me the difference between samba and samba411:38
magnetronrizzuh: seems like you need xargs or a bash for loop for the kind of thing you are doing11:39
rwwsteve_: "samba" installs samba 3, "samba4" installs samba 4. There's a separate package for the latter because it isn't yet stable.11:39
rizzuhmagnetron: well I'm not that great at bash scripting xD11:39
magnetronrizzuh: i just google the stuff i want to do and steal their code :D11:40
rizzuhmagnetron: google is kinda inconclusive on this one11:40
steve_this samba stuff is doing my head in lol11:40
raymondsomeone know how to use vmware open client on Ubuntu?11:40
magnetronsteve_: you you know that you need to reload the samba config before you start using it?11:41
steve_sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart11:42
steve_is that correct11:42
steve_as when i use that command i get the reply command not found11:42
JoundillDoes anyone know how to fix a crackly microphone?11:42
JohnnyLhow does one change directories to root in ubuntu?11:42
eitama_Hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu 10.04 64 on my laptop, and am having a hard time with it. I extracted the iso to USB Flash Drive, I can boot from it, choose the start from usb or install options, but both display corrupted visual on my monitor.11:43
JohnnyLI have a ssh public keygen i want to get from there.11:43
JohnnyLeitama_: thats what I got too.11:43
JohnnyLeitama_: i feel it's because I own an intel, not an amd.11:43
eitama_JohnnyL: purple and gray stripes all over the screen?11:43
JohnnyLeitama_ x86 works though.11:43
JohnnyLeitama_: yup11:44
JohnnyLeitama_: nvdia drivers?11:44
eitama_but i have windows 7 64 running perfect11:44
magnetronrizzuh: you can use xargs then11:44
JohnnyLi'll bet thats why.11:44
raymondnot sure11:44
eitama_on my windows atleast11:44
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:44
JohnnyLso how can I change directories to /root ?11:44
xbmcNoobhi all, im running xbmc and it has a stand alone version that runs only xbmc i.e no desktop or anything just the app. This is done through selecting xbmc sesion on the login screen, now im wondering how to add other apps to also run such as mythserver and open ssh so i can control the box remotely11:44
eitama_Ahhh, this is frustrating. Why won't I get to use 64...11:45
eitama_Thanks for the info11:45
FloodBot4eitama_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:45
eitama_i'll go poke google some more. Cheers11:45
raymondeitma_: could you explain bravely your problem ?11:46
xbmcNoobin relation to my last post I think i can just edit a file that opens processes how do I find the process names of Open SSH, mythbackend and frontend and mythweb11:46
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magnetronxbmcNoob: select a GNOME session at login, run synaptic and install the packages you need using synaptic. "ssh" etc.11:48
rizzuhthanks magnetron11:48
vizlimI'm sorry, but why after update ubuntu do 10.10 . The Enter in OS me 2 bout need enter login and password ?11:48
xbmcNoobmagentron, i want to use the xbmc session because its a htpc but I need just the other services and they are installed11:49
magnetronvizlim: 10.10 is not released yet, they are working on a beta though. please go to #ubuntu+1 for discussion11:49
magnetronxbmcNoob: well i thought you were asking how to install them11:49
jtccUsing 10.04, I accidentally removed the "Turn off system" button from the panel. When I click "add to panel", I don't see it in the list of icons.. anyone have any idea? right now i have no way of turning off the machine except using the terminal.11:49
rob_pxbmcNoob: The openssh server is started/stopped with an init file located in /etc/init.d/ directory.  You might find init scripts for the other things you mentioned as well.11:49
xbmcNoobmagnetron, thanks heaps anywauy11:50
xbmcNoobrob_p, thanks ill give that ago11:50
vizlimThanks magnetron11:50
rob_pxbmcNoob: If you installed openssh-server package, it should already be configured to start on boot.11:50
xbmcNoobrob_p, yes but not in xbmc session, however, your suggestion seems to be bang on11:51
magnetronjtcc: it's called something similar to "user switcher"11:51
rob_pxbmcNoob: If you haven't yet installed it, a simple, "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" will get installed and running.11:51
xbmcNoobrob_p, how would i start ssh via terminal, just so i get an idea of how to edit the script right11:52
xbmcNoobrob_p, saves a lot of trial and error =)11:52
rob_pxbmcNoob: You would type, "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start"11:52
estragibjtcc: it's "Indictator Applet Session"11:53
SuBmUnDofree' jtcc, "Log Out..." "Shut Down..."11:53
zealiodim having issues with a weird flickry monitor after installing ubuntu, portion of the TV used is very small and the login window is just bouncing left to right... where do I start putting this right?11:53
xbmcNoobrob_p, if that works you just finished my HTPC. Thankyou very much... extreme happy face =) ++++11:53
rob_pxbmcNoob: welcome11:53
jtccestragib: thx!11:54
estragibjtcc: welcome11:55
xbmcNoobrob_p, would "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start" & start it as a backround process11:55
xbmcNoobrob_p, or leave out &11:56
kevrdon't worry11:57
kevrssh is a script that starts other binaries11:57
kevryou don't need &*11:57
xbmcNoobkevr, ok but for things like mythweb and mythtv backend11:58
kevrif they provided an init.d script..11:58
xbmcNoobkevr, its for multiple things you see11:58
kevrit shouldn't.11:58
xbmcNoobkevr, ok so kevr init.d is like equivlent of windows services?11:58
kevri suppose.11:59
kevrnot really.11:59
xbmcNoobhmm thx11:59
kevrlet me explain11:59
kevrcat /etc/init.d/ssh11:59
kevritll show you the contents11:59
kevrits simple a script.11:59
FloodBot4kevr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
kevrof bash shell11:59
kevrsorry bot.11:59
xbmcNoobno such file or dir12:00
kevranyway, that script just executes a binary and runs it in the background, a binary that usually forks itself to the background as a process.12:00
kevri believe it's /etc/init.d/sshd, if you have it installed.12:00
kevrwas going off what you typed :P12:00
magnetronwatching a show about australian aboriginal life, they are eating some mangrove worms. i hear it's a tasty snack12:01
wertwertgfhjrerhow do i grep more than one thing, e.g. top|grep 2 things12:01
xbmcNoobok that made enough sence any way.12:01
kevrjust do another pipe, wert12:01
xbmcNoobkevr,  thanks heaps12:01
kevrwert, actually, i want to find out now - lol12:01
wertwertgfhjrerkevr, isnt working12:05
kevrgrep -e oneword -e twoword12:05
wertwertgfhjrerone sec12:06
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brorjonas"No hyphenations patterns were loaded"... in kile, what do I do?12:08
wertwertgfhjrerkevr, worked thx12:08
Karen_msigh, aptitude install samba -- fails.12:10
=== thegrundo is now known as grundo[afk]
ariqzI'm having trouble with empathy. It won't let me connect to anything. it tells me network error. I have a feeling it's related to the same reason I can't use firefox without taking it offline mode because ubuntu doesn't really support dialup12:12
=== grundo[afk] is now known as thegrundo
ariqzit was working earlier, and you can see for yourself that I have an internet connection12:13
ariqzso why doesn't it let me connect to yahoo or icq or anything12:13
steve_i am running Ubuntu 10.04 and i am having some issues with windows networks. I could not see any windows computers on my ubuntu machine but i have re-installed SAMBA and i can now see the windows machines on my network but i cannot log into the shares, when i enter the user name and password they are rejected can someone help. Thanks12:13
ariqzyeah, now it says there is no network connection12:14
ariqzwhat is this lame crap? ;P12:14
oraclelame crap is linux12:15
ariqzok so how do I make empathy see that I have a network connection?12:15
ariqzI already tried restarting empathy12:16
red2kicariqz: Try Pidgin for that. Gnome have yet to perfect Empathy. It's still relatively new.12:18
tracy69someone say something so quiet here today12:21
glebihansomething :)12:22
stapelI want to count the number of lines form the output of clamscan, but I want to update it as it happens so that I can update a progress bar. How can I do this?12:25
glebihanstapel, use "nl"12:26
glebihanstapel, something like "clamscan | nl"12:26
zealiodI've just run the command sudo ddcprobe to get info on my monitor - what do I do with this now to get my xorg.conf working with my monitor?12:26
red2kicglebihan: I learned about nl today. :)  stapel, you can use "wc -l" instead of nl if you just want a number.12:27
stapelglebihan: thanx, I did not know about nl12:28
=== zero is now known as Guest62841
stapelglebihan: yes I was thinking about using wc -l12:28
=== Guest62841 is now known as zero_
glebihanstapel, it would work too, depends on how you want to use the data12:28
mfz2008>"kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) " after update 8.04 to 10 in my virtual mashine12:29
mfz2008>"kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) " after update 8.04 to 10 in my virtual mashine12:29
thomaseHi guys - I have to set default umask for an Apache 2.2 with DAV enabled to files uploaded per webdav get group readable permissions. As far as I know umask-handling changed in 10.04 and is configured in /etc/pam.d/common-session and by setting approriate GECOS fields, right?12:29
DallasG[w]I have two audio out ports on my PC, one in the front, one in the back. Is it possible to set up my Ubuntu install to use the front jack if it has something plugged in, and otherwise use my back jack?12:29
DallasG[w]Disregard. Human error. Thanks ;-)12:30
stapelglebihan: the problem is I need to update a progress bar (whiptail --gauge) as the clamscan produces the output. 'clamscan | nl' will finish clamscan first and then pipe it to nl. I need the update line for line.12:30
JuJuBeeI am getting an error when I try to apt-get update a workstation about a proxy at  What is this?12:33
ikoniaJuJuBee: what's the exact error12:33
stapelCan I use lsof somehow to monitor the output from a process in a bash script?12:34
ikoniastapel: not really no12:34
glebihanstapel, I think you'll have to write a little script to do what you want to12:35
chulli created a new user account for my husband, on ubuntu 10.04 but now he wants to download packages from Ubuntu Software Center and it's showing our son's login and mine but not his?12:35
thomasenoone around that knows how to set umask for apache in 10.04 ?12:35
JuJuBeeikonia : same as http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1364185.html12:35
stapelglebihan: I am trying to write a script but I am not sure how to achieve what I need to12:35
sipiorstapel: what exactly do you want to do?12:36
glebihanstapel, hold on, I'm giving it a try, I'll pastebin you a script when I'm done12:36
ikoniaJuJuBee: what repo's are you getting the error on12:37
stapelglebihan: I need to do something like this (pseudo code): while (clamscan_process) {echo $line_number} | whiptail --gauge12:37
zyjwho are you ?12:37
JuJuBeeikonia hang on, posting the exact errors...12:38
stapelglebihan: thanx12:38
sipiorzyj: interesting way to begin a conversation.12:38
glebihanstapel, do you have any parameters to pass to clamscan ?12:38
JuJuBeeikonia http://pastebin.com/mufYmLNZ12:39
stapelsipior: I want to count the number of lines from the output of clamscan, but I want to update it as it happens so that I can update a progress bar.12:39
chulli created a new user account for my husband, on ubuntu 10.04 but now he wants to download packages from Ubuntu Software Center and it's showing our son's login and mine but not his?12:40
stapelglebihan: just the name of the folder, I can add the rest myself (-ir --remove=yes)12:40
steve_can anyone give me some help with SAMBA12:41
odb|fidelchull: could it be that your husbands account has no privileges to use apt?12:42
steve_i have Ubuntu 10.04, and when i try to connect to a windows share it asks me for the login, domain and password so i provide the details but i get denied12:42
chullodb|fidel, hmm how can i give him those?12:42
odb|fidelchull: or in other words: use sudo12:42
glebihanstapel, here is a little python script that should handle what you need : http://paste.ubuntu.com/490912/12:43
duffydackchull, did you create the account and allocate it a home folder...12:43
glebihanstapel, you have to pass it the folder as argument12:43
LjLchull: "sudo adduser yourhusbandsname admin" should do it. how did you create the account?12:43
chullodb|fidel, i think i did. i followed directions.12:43
bodwicksteve_ ubuntu and windows are in the same workgroup?12:43
stapelglebihan: yes I know :)12:43
odb|fidelchull: the question is: how was the account created & is that account privileged to use sudo12:43
JuJuBeeikonia never mind, seems it was my proxy.  Weird that it gave me an extermal IP12:43
duffydackoh, I thought she meant not showing the name on logging into gnome.12:43
sipiorstapel: the output is being saved to a file? easiest perhaps to background the clamscan program, and run a while loop using "wc -l" or "nl" to count the lines, and a "sleep" directive to follow. you can test for an exit condition on the clamscan process to terminate the while loop.12:44
stapelglebihan: sorry, you meant to your script :)12:44
glebihanstapel, yes12:44
sdschulzeHm, I'm a little bit unhappy with the way Lucid handles the sound card volume.  When I take a look at alsamixer, I see that it controls quite a number of levers in a confusing way.  Can I somehow tell it which lever to control?12:45
odb|fidelchull: you should find: user settings in menu - administration12:45
odb|fidelchull: there again should be a button advanced user settings or similar12:45
odb|fidelcompare the checkboxes of your account with those of your husband12:45
odb|fidelif you arent used to terminal12:46
chullok thanks let me try to read this.. it's so tiniy12:46
odb|fidelthere is a checkbox called: administer the system12:46
steve_yes bodwick and i can access my ubuntu shares on the windows computer12:46
odb|fidelwhich should do the trick12:46
murbI have an root on LVM over dmcrypt / md how can i force initramfs to open the dmcrypt?12:47
chullodb|fidel, where is menu, administration in 10.04?12:47
murbi have a correct /etc/crypttab12:47
odb|fidelsystem -> administration12:47
odb|fidelsystem -> administration -> user & groups -> select account - press advanced settings12:48
glebihanstapel, will this fill your needs ?12:48
stapelglebihan: I am not sure how I am suppose to use it.12:48
glebihanstapel, save it as a python file (.py), and run "python filename.py /path/to/folder"12:49
bodwicksteve_ tried mounting that share using terminal or krusader ?12:49
stapelglebihan: I did that, but how is that different form just running 'clamscan -ir --remmove=yes /folder' in a bash script12:50
steve_nope, i am new to this how would i go about doing that12:50
glebihanstapel, don't you get the line numbers ?12:50
JeffP-BR_Hello All. I'm in trouble installing Ubuntu Server from a pen drive in a machine without cdrom drive. The boot process is ok but the ubuntu installer stay asking for a CD rom drive. How to solve this issue?12:50
chullodb|fidel, it gives an error when i try to login as me, i think our son set himself as primary, on this drive. it was supposed to be a different box, originally. how can we get him out and us in? we need to use the drive.12:51
tracy69mfz2008,  speak American12:51
chulland his trackball isn't picking up text to copy. it won't highligiht12:52
odb|fidelchull: so you are telling me your son is the only user/account with admin privileges?12:52
odb|fidelchull: if so - force him to upgrade your account as well12:52
chullodb|fidel, possibly12:52
stapelglebihan: yes, but I can achieve that with 'clamscan -ir --remmove=yes /folder | nl'12:52
glebihanstapel, yes but there it should update as it runs12:52
odb|fidelor force him to login & then do what i mentioned above12:53
chullodb|fidel, the dear boy moved to texas and got married, i left him a voicemail yesterday, executives.. lol12:53
teolicyHi. I've just now setup an Ubuntu Server 10.4.1. During setup, the server asked me which interface is primary; I didn't know and couldn't connect it to a network at a time, so I opted to skip that screen.12:54
odb|fidelchull: well as it sound you arent a techi - but a user without administraive rights which is willing to get those ... bad conflict ;)12:54
chullodb|fidel, i'm his mother, does that count? and we paid for the drive too!12:54
odb|fidelchull: and how does that helps any further?12:54
teolicyHow do I choose the 'primary' interface now? Why is the primary interface special? Would editing /etc/network/interfaces and just specifying my interfaces be identical to using that guided configuration tool?12:54
tracy69chull,  whos mother are you ?12:55
odb|fidelits about having no sudo rights & no person around with sudo rights but asking how to get sudo rights - which takes at least some fiddling12:55
chullodb|fidel, somehow glaring at it does not make it look nicely.12:55
ikoniaodb|fidel: just add the user to the "admin" group, then they have sudo rights12:55
teolicy(the answer to that last question is 'no', I edited /etc/network/interfaces and tried both '/etc/init.d/networking restart' and a reboot, my interfaces aren't configured)12:55
chulltracy69, if i told you, everyone would know.12:55
odb|fidelikonia: read12:56
stapelglebihan: ok, I see, but I am still not sure how to use it. How can I paste a script to pastebin for you to see?12:56
tracy69ok my son is over here too12:56
sdschulzeteolicy: "not configured" in what way?12:56
odb|fidelikonia: she doenst have sudo rights-  so she cants just use the ui to upgrade her or her husbands account12:56
glebihan!paste | stapel12:56
ubottustapel: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:56
sdschulzeteolicy: ifconfig, netstat -rn?12:56
bahaa2008i want to convert flv to mp412:56
ikoniaodb|fidel: I see, yes, she can't upgrade, and that's to be expected12:56
teolicyifconfig: interfaces down with no IP address.12:56
stapelglebihan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490915/12:56
odb|fidelikonia: at least if i followed her correct12:56
sdschulzebahaa2008: So use ffmpeg.12:56
teolicysdschulze, ^^^12:57
odb|fidelikonia: the only user with admin privs (afaik) is away12:57
ikoniaodb|fidel: nothing we can do than12:57
sdschulzeteolicy: anything suspicious in dmesg?12:57
bahaa2008sdschulze, the issue is about the arguments to use :)12:57
duffydackany way to get channel list from sidebar to tabs at bottom in xchat-gnome.12:57
odb|fidelikonia: at least for a non-tech - i fully agree12:57
sdschulzebahaa2008: ffmpeg -i orig.flv new.mp412:57
sdschulzebahaa2008: You may also want to set up the bitrate.12:58
bahaa2008sdschulze, http://pastebin.com/0uJfunih12:58
stapelglebihan: I need to replace 'echo $i' with something that outputs the linenumber from clamscan12:58
teolicyNope. Furthermore, if I manually set them up with ifconfig, route add, etc, everything is happy. I'm just not familiar with Ubuntu Server's userspace system for network configuration, the hardware and kernel layers seem fine.12:58
bahaa2008sdschulze, Unsupported codec for output stream #0.112:58
teolicysdschulze, ^^^ (sorry, forgot again :)12:58
bahaa2008sdschulze, details http://pastebin.com/DCrV9Meg12:59
glebihanstapel, ok this is slightly more complicated than I thought13:00
sdschulzebahaa2008: faac installed?13:00
teolicysdschulze, ah, found one thing: forgot to add my interface to the 'auto' line.13:01
teolicysdschulze, however, during setup I was asked which is the 'primary' interface; how would Ubuntu treat it differently if it's 'primary'?13:01
=== bryan is now known as Guest96850
sdschulzeteolicy: no idea about Ubuntu server13:01
glebihanstapel, I don't have much time right now, so maybe I could get back to you later by mail, or you can find somebody else that might help you faster13:01
sdschulze10.04 pisses me a bit.13:02
bahaa2008sdschulze, same issue13:02
sdschulzebahaa2008: The problem seems to be audio.13:02
bahaa2008what's wrong with it ?13:03
stapelglebihan: thanx for your help anyway. I do appreciate it.13:03
sdschulzebahaa2008: Maybe "-acodec aac" helps.13:03
JohnHeikkilaWhat's the problem13:03
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: his? ffmpeg13:04
glebihanstapel, you're welcome, as I said if you want I can think a bit more about it and come back to you later if you PM me an email address13:04
sdschulzemine? gnome-volume-control13:04
stapelglebihan: How do I send you a pm with my email?13:04
duffydack-acodec libfaac13:04
=== qwerty is now known as Guest19319
bahaa2008sdschulze, Unknown encoder 'aac'13:04
sdschulzeduffydack: thanks13:04
JohnHeikkilaso your AAC isn't working13:04
duffydackmight need ffmpeg with the libs from medibuntu tho13:05
JohnHeikkilalet me think13:05
=== kryptyk_ is now known as kryptyk
duffydackpersonally, its better to compile your own. aint hard either13:05
sdschulzebahaa2008: Do as duffydack suggested.13:05
JohnHeikkiladuffydack: Do you have libx26413:05
duffydackJohnHeikkila, yes.13:05
zeroone1What do I need to send mails with an webformular (php) to my email-address(es) ?(website runs on my own virtual server)13:06
bahaa2008sdschulze, compile ffmpeg !!!13:06
duffydackJohnHeikkila,  but I use x264, the compiled version.13:06
duffydackhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=786095  < copy and paste, ftw13:06
sdschulzebahaa2008: no, use -acoded libfaac13:06
owd95when i minimize a windows without compiz a uggly line shows, can i remove it?13:07
sdschulzezeroone1: Ask a PHP guru.13:07
JohnHeikkilasdschulze, were you having trouble with gnome-volume-control?13:07
bahaa2008duffydack, sdschulze Unknown encoder 'libfaac'13:07
bahaa2008 ffmpeg -i input.flv -acodec libfaac output.mp413:08
duffydackbahaa2008, ffmpeg -formats13:08
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: Yes -- is there any way to configure gnome-volume-control which actual ALSA lever to use?13:08
JohnHeikkilasdschulze, I don't know for I don't fight with ASLA that much..hmm13:09
duffydacklibavcodec-extra-52 installed?13:09
ashwanimy synaptic manager is not working properly so what should i do for that13:09
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: My sound card auto-mutes the front speaker (laptop), but when I change the volume in GNOME, it screws it up.13:09
bahaa2008duffydack, http://pastebin.com/hr4sPBLJ13:09
duffydackDude, just compile a newer version.13:09
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: It's not an ALSA problem, obviously.13:09
ashwaniit means that is not opening13:09
JohnHeikkilasdschulze, Obviously :/13:10
duffydack8 threaded encoding to x264 is a LOT faster13:10
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: I just want to tell gnome-volume-control: use the Master lever for volume control, nothing else.13:10
duffydackbahaa2008, doesnt look like you have the encoder for it13:10
ashwaniwhat is the reason behind non working of synaptic manager13:11
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: You checked the Hardware part?13:11
bahaa2008duffydack, how to get it13:11
ashwaniguys help me out please13:11
JohnHeikkilaashwani: Doesn't it start?13:11
duffydackbahaa2008,  medibuntu repo ?13:11
ashwaniits quite urgent13:11
bahaa2008duffydack, the package name ?13:11
ashwaniyeah it is not responding13:11
JohnHeikkilaBut it's started?13:11
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: what hardware part?13:12
alcyquick one folks, my dad just tried to upgrade to 10.04 LTS (I stay away from home) from 9.10, and the update manager has prompted to ask whether grub should be left as is, or should the package maintainer's version be installed. Just wanted to ask from you folks, if its safe to go either way ? I usually took care of his system, but never did a dist upgrade :P13:12
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: I watched it screwing it up by opening alsamixer.13:12
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Click the Audio sign in the notification area, then click preferences13:12
duffydackbahaa2008, have you enabled medibuntu repo13:12
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Sorry, I can't help :)13:12
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: It's always been trivial in Debian, BTW.13:12
FloodBot4JohnHeikkila: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:12
ikoniaalcy: either is fine13:12
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: There is no "preferences".13:13
alcyikonia, cool..I was just worried about the uuid specific stuff - device naming et al.13:13
ikoniaalcy: don't worry, either is fine13:13
JohnHeikkilaashwani: open terminal with CTRL+ALT+T, then run "gdb synaptic", then type "run"13:13
alcyikonia, cool...thanks.13:14
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: That is..very weard O.o13:14
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: I think it was one of the "improvements" to the latest Ubuntu versions that screwed it up.13:14
JohnHeikkilawhich ubuntu version u using, sdschulze13:14
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Me too but I got no problems with speakers13:14
JohnHeikkilaHave you tried Jack13:14
JohnHeikkilainstead of Alsa13:14
sdschulzeI have a fairly up-to-date Debian squeeze systems that has no such "improvements" included.  It works fine.13:15
sdschulzeand it's trivial to set up such stuff there13:15
red2kic!ops | mr-rich #fix-your-connection13:16
ubottumr-rich #fix-your-connection: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!13:16
PiciSorry about that folks.13:23
CrankygeekGood Morning everyone13:24
duffydacklol.. it was pretty quiet in here13:24
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: OK, I semi-fixed it.13:24
sdschulzeby using gconf-editor13:24
sdschulzeBut it still messes it up when volume decreases.13:24
filipekhello everyone - does the gwibber work for you guys?13:25
filipekit seems it does not update itself (gwibber is updated 5 mins ago)13:25
sdschulzeEven Windows shows the individual sound card channels -- why doesn't Ubuntu?!?13:25
bahaa2008sdschulze, duffydack thanks guys for your help13:26
bahaa2008it's done13:26
bahaa2008special thanks to duffydack13:26
JohnHeikkiladid the channel down or something13:27
ranjanhi all13:27
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: Yes, and worst, it removed the hardware-induced mute.13:27
ranjanis there anybody who has successfully implemented asterisk PBX13:27
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: It arbitrarily modifies channels whose purpose it doesn't understand -- that's what I don't like at all.13:29
htorquehello, is there way to retrieve the output of a virtual terminal i'm currently logged in? the info i needed has scrolled off-screen and i can't scroll back.13:29
sdschulzehtorque: Erm, bad luck then, if you haven't logged it anywhere.13:29
ranjanhtorque, use the shift+page up keys13:29
abhinav_singhi am having mysql in my machine i wanna know how to update it13:30
htorqueranjan, that's what i've tried, but it didn't work13:30
sdschulzehtorque: what kind of terminal program13:30
ranjanhtorque, what was the program executed?13:31
htorquesdschulze, getty i guess? it's the standard tty*13:31
htorquesdschulze, i'm using a framebuffer if that's relevant for the shift-pgup thingy13:32
JohnHeikkilaabhinav_singh: You tried apt-get update?13:35
incorrecthello, what causes a machine to appear in nautilus's 'network://' list ?13:38
wielkiszuhi. anyone compiled vim 7.3.3 on ubuntu 10.04 with gtk2 ?13:38
JohnHeikkilawhy don't you install vim from the repos?13:39
ikoniawielkiszu: just use the packaged versions, they are all dependant on each other13:39
wielkiszui need ruby 1.9.2 support13:39
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ikoniaE please stop that13:39
tracy69c please stop it13:40
ikoniatracy69: he's been told13:40
billyhi folks - looking at personal wiki packages - wixi & zim wiki look good - anyone have experience with either or suggestions?13:40
=== E is now known as Guest7835
tracy69no ikonia u have told to E13:40
ikoniatracy69: it's the ssame person13:40
wielkiszuand i'f i remember, 7.2 is in repos still13:40
=== Guest7835 is now known as Z
bazhang!nickspam > Z13:41
ubottuZ, please see my private message13:41
=== Z is now known as New_To_irSsi
adacAm I the only one that experience slow updates/upgrades mean slow download speed13:44
filipekadac, currently not my case13:45
tracy69u can try select best server13:45
filipek1MB/s on 10MBit connection13:45
avi_Hey everyone! So I love Plymouth, but sadly it doesn't like proprietary drivers. So I'd really just like to get rid of it all together. How can I disable it, and just get the standard wall of text style boot?13:45
adactracy69, how to do that?13:45
tracy69filipek,  10mb/s13:45
Kai___Hey hey there, Can someone lend a hand? I'm trying to get Flash Player installed on Firefox, I used sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree and it installed correctly, but it still won't load youtube :(13:45
JohnHeikkilaavi_:apt-get remove plymouth?13:45
tracy69adac software sources13:45
diftowI'm having same issue with Flash13:46
JohnHeikkilaKai___: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer13:46
avi_JohnHeikkila, Wouldn't that give me all sorts of errors?13:46
avi_!details | diftow13:46
ubottudiftow: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:46
tracy69diftow,  everyone has13:46
PiciJohnHeikkila: Please don't suggest that, plymouth is required for the boot process.13:46
JohnHeikkilaavi_: I don't know, just gave the simple thing13:46
Kai___JohnHeikkila, Also installed already; according to the package manager13:46
avi_Yeah :/13:46
JohnHeikkilapici: Okay, sorry, not very familiar with plymouth13:46
Kai___Terminal reports already installed as well13:46
yann2hello! It seems the latest XUL update killed my thunderbird - am I the only one with the problem?13:47
JohnHeikkilaKai___: That's weard.13:47
steve_does anyone know why i would not be able to mount a windows share in gnome but be able to do so via terminal this is sending me insane13:48
Kai___I installed flash BEFORE I did the system upgrade, originally installed was Ubuntu 9.*.* and it has sense been upgraded to 10.*.*13:48
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: If it was possible to locate the code that does the volume settings, it would be not so hard to fix it.13:48
JohnHeikkilaKai___: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/flash13:48
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: But I guess it is :(13:48
Kai___Ah, fair deal.. I am using x82_64 :P13:49
avi_Does anyone think that changing taking the 'splash' out of 'quiet splash' in nano /etc/defaults/grub would fix the problem?13:49
=== obscurant1st_ is now known as obscurant1st
avi_Actually, I just found the answer http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1505769 Thanks all though.13:50
JohnHeikkilaKai___: Me too13:50
iflemaavi_: remove splash and quiet and add text13:50
avi_iflema, Yup, that's the solution in the thread. Thanks!13:50
BlackBeasthello, i need help13:51
tracy69BlackBeast,  what sort of help do you need?13:52
BlackBeastI have a problem with ubuntu13:52
BlackBeasttracy, well let me explain13:52
tracy69BlackBeast, just ask13:52
JohnHeikkilaBlackBeast: So, what's wrong with your ubuntu?13:52
BlackBeasttracy69: i have windows in my pc, with a Linux OS call Canaima, yesterday i was trying a cd live of ubuntu13:53
tracy69BlackBeast,  and?13:53
BlackBeastso, i try to delete that liu, and install ubuntu, but, in some point, when i reboot13:53
BlackBeastit just say..13:54
BlackBeastwelcome to grb13:54
BlackBeastunknown system13:54
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:54
BlackBeastad some restore13:55
JohnHeikkilathat is weard indeed, it shouldn't say unknown system13:55
janikhi there13:55
JohnHeikkilajanik: Hello13:56
diftowIs this X Window System really old? :P13:56
BlackBeastand when i reboot, i oly can with the cd live.13:56
BlackBeastno, it's vista13:56
awkhi, I have an issue... I have a usb -> com adapter. if I plug it in and do a dmesg I see nothing... any pointers?13:56
ongolaBoyBlackBeast: during the installation, did you choose to 'install GRUB' ?13:56
JohnHeikkilaongolaBoy: He doesn't have Ubuntu installed, but "Canaima"13:57
diftowhttp://fsv.sourceforge.net/ - How would I get this to run in Ubuntu? It is open source for Linux, but old Linux systems I believe.13:57
tracy69BlackBeast,  u had two OSes already installed win and some linux right?13:57
BlackBeastit's say:13:57
ongolaBoyJohnHeikkila: I thought he tried to install ubuntu from his live cd13:57
BlackBeastunkown filesystem13:57
BlackBeastentering rescue mode13:57
JohnHeikkilaongolaBoy: Ohh13:57
janikMigrated from pure Debian SID to Kubuntu, can only say: It's amazing. Kudos for the distro. just wanted to know: why there are sometimes packages marked with "opensuse" in the version line, are they derived from opensuse or made with their builder? why ubuntu does not make own pkgs?13:58
FendarilDoes anyone know how to check my GCC version13:58
tracy69gcc --version13:59
awkor dpkg -l | grep gcc13:59
BlackBeasttracy69: no, i only have windows vista, and that canaima13:59
awkhmm. so nobody know how to setup a usb if it doesnt  automatically get picked up14:02
awkdmesg shows nothing14:02
=== emc_ is now known as emc
Picijanik: Can you give an example of one of the packages that you see that on?14:02
JohnHeikkilaawk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB14:03
janikPici: yeah, mysql-admin14:03
awkJohnHeikkila, this is a USB -> Com RS-232... If i plug it in I get nothing on dmesg14:04
awkI need this as laptops dont have com ports anymore.14:04
awkit works on windows with its driver.. I really dont want to use vmware just for 1 device14:04
JohnHeikkilagotcha awk http://blog.mypapit.net/2008/05/how-to-use-usb-serial-port-converter-in-ubuntu.html14:05
JohnHeikkilaoh no, that won14:05
iflemaawk plug it in and in a terminal      tail /var/log/messages14:05
Picijanik: Thats actually a sync from debian.  Its version 5.0r14+openSUSE-2.1 in Debian Testing as well.14:06
awkiflema,  I get nothing... however I know USB is working.. as I use other devices14:06
JohnHeikkilawhat about lsusb14:06
Picijanik: The changelog for the mysql-gui-tools source package lists why.14:06
awkjust shows my hub controllers14:07
JohnHeikkilaawk: Copy to pastebin and link here14:07
JohnHeikkilano "---- ----"14:07
iflemaawk no /dev/ttyUSB0 ?14:07
JohnHeikkilaawk: Try sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x4348 product=0x552314:07
JohnHeikkilait's hopeless, but might work14:07
sometux_Did anyone face a problem of GPU lockups when playing Penumbra PB: chipset =Intel Mobile 4, driver=i91514:08
ja660khey guys, i need libcv1 to install panda3d game engine, but the apt-get cant find it? what do ?14:08
JohnHeikkilaja660k: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libcv114:09
awkanyway, thanks14:09
ja660k"this webpage is not available"14:09
JohnHeikkilaja660k: What?!14:10
JohnHeikkilaCan't be O.o14:10
vakhi all14:10
JohnHeikkilaGoogle "libcv1"14:10
JohnHeikkilavak:  Hello!14:10
ja660koh now it works14:11
vakAre there any shell commands to print a message and return a failure error code?14:11
sometux_Do anyone have a solutin for a problem of GPU lockups when playing Penumbra BP: chipset =Intel Mobile 4, driver=i915?14:11
ja660kthanks :)14:11
vaktest -f non_existing_file || echo "Fatal error: file does not exist! Exiting!!"  <== here I'd like to generate an error that will cause a "make" utility to exit.14:11
magguhallo, was muss man bei sendmail noch konfigurieren damit die mail versand wird (mittels php-funtion mail() an meine im php-script hinterlegte mailadresse)14:11
JohnHeikkilamaggu: join #ubuntu-de14:12
tracy69magu konnen sie english sprechen ?14:12
sometux_Do anyone have a solution for a problem of GPU lockups while playing Penumbra BP: chipset =Intel Mobile 4, driver=i915?14:12
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: OK, I can set up GNOME to disable the front speaker, too.  This temporarily solves the problem, though it's not the nicest solution.  I very much prefer the Debian way where it doesn't touch your levers if you don't tell it to do so...14:12
JohnHeikkilaja660k: No problem ;)14:13
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings!14:13
sometux_Do anyone have a solution for a problem of GPU lockups while playing Penumbra BP: chipset =Intel Mobile 4, driver=i915?14:14
bedahrquick question: Is it true that the package qt-multimedia is not included in 10.10 because it has been merged with another package. If yes, as a packager: If an app depends on qt-multimedia what package should it depend on for the same package to work on both 10.04 and 10.10?14:15
JohnHeikkilasometux_: If nobody knows here, you could make an Ubuntu forum topic about it14:15
tracy69<sometux_> so you have got intel gpu?14:15
hihihi100who can help me to upgrade ALSA?14:15
shredder12does anyone know how to install Xen on Lucid? the help doc seems out dated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen14:15
hihihi100im stuck with this: http://monespaceperso.org/blog-en/2010/05/02/upgrade-alsa-1-0-23-on-ubuntu-lucid-lynx-10-04/14:15
maggusry, hello, what have i to configure in sendmail, that sending mails work (with the php-funktion mail() on the mail-address in the php-script)14:15
sometux_tracy69, yes Intel Mobile 414:15
tracy69<hihihi100> check up #alsa14:15
Picibedahr: Thats probably a better question for #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-packaging14:16
bedahrPici: ok thanks14:16
hihihi100tracy69 is that what i have to write in the terminal?14:16
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: I always thought I was a human being...14:16
hihihi100please write the whole command line, as im a noob14:16
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: :)14:16
JohnHeikkilahihihi100: write here on the irc /join #alsa14:17
JohnHeikkilahihihi100: Join the #alsa irc channel for alsa support14:17
hihihi100# alsa14:17
sometux_tracy69,  I have finished more than the half of the game without a problem14:17
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: But I'm kinda disappointed by 10.04.  The sound thing is really something I would not do this way.  Don't try to be worse than Windows.14:17
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Perhaps it's better to go back to Hardy.14:18
JohnHeikkilahihihi100: Write : "/join #alsa"14:18
sdschulzeThough Debian would be the better option for me.14:18
sometux_tracy69, so do you know about the problem?14:18
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Perhaps you should get Debian ;)14:18
sometux_tracy69, I have to quit please answer14:19
tracy69Someone67,  my advice14:19
tracy69buy better graphic card14:19
tracy69maybe ati or nvidia14:19
sdschulzeJohnHeikkila: Probably.  Though there are things I [used to] like about Ubuntu, and there is also the "donÃ't hange a running system" barrier.14:19
JohnHeikkilasdschulze:  :)14:20
sometux_tracy69, How I didn't think of that :}14:20
JohnHeikkilaget Nvidia14:20
tracy69Someone67,  intel gpu isnt designed for gaming14:21
JohnHeikkilaMore for..office use14:21
janikPici: thx14:21
sdschulzeIt's just 10.04 tries to do things te Windows way -- only worse and in an exaggerated manner.14:22
sdschulzetracy69: I'd try ATI.  It's slightly more free software-friendly.14:22
econdudeawesomeX has died on my comp. Rest in peace.14:23
JohnHeikkilasdschulze: Ubuntu 11 - The free Windows14:24
sdschulzeIf 10.10 gets even worse, I'll definitely switch to Debian.14:24
JohnHeikkilanever. let's go to #ubuntu-offtopic14:24
bazhang!ot | JohnHeikkila sdschulze14:24
ubottuJohnHeikkila sdschulze: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:24
econdudeawesomeAnyone know how to fix a gnarly screwed up Xserver?14:24
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: Try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:25
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: done. I'll give it a go. Probably be back soon.14:26
tw0fac7can i ask for general noob help here or is this delegated to more complex support14:27
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Picitw0fac7: Just ask.14:29
tracy69tw0fac7,  im noob too14:30
tracy69so just ask14:30
econdudeawesomeNo such luck on fixing blasted Xserver. there error says "no kernel modesetting driver detected. Also errors opening /dev/fb014:30
tw0fac7so, what does 'file' do14:31
tw0fac7it doesnt give me any info i understand14:31
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=== kthomas_vh is now known as kthomas
Picitw0fac7: It attempts to figure out what file type your target file is.14:33
magaioDoes anyone have a good duplex document scanner working well?14:33
magaioWith an automatic document feeder?14:33
tw0fac7vmlinuz: symbolic link to `boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-19-generic'14:33
tw0fac7dont get it14:33
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: You here?14:34
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: yes14:34
thebishopanyone know how to make a bootable windows7 usb stick from ubuntu?  i think the only part i'm missing is the bootsector14:34
JohnHeikkiladid it work?14:34
Picitw0fac7: Its a symlink (like a shortcut) to boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-19-generic14:34
tw0fac7ah a shortcut14:34
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: No such luck on fixing blasted Xserver. there error says "no kernel modesetting driver detected. Also errors opening /dev/fb014:34
RanyAlbegHello, is there a way to check a computer name by a given IP number? Thanks.14:34
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: these were the errors I was getting before14:34
JohnHeikkilaare you in a console mode14:35
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: yes14:35
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: run startx14:35
rob_pRanyAlbeg: The 'host' command, perhaps.14:35
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: that's what threw the errors14:35
rob_pRanyAlbeg: ...as in, "host <ip addr>"14:35
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eriksson25Anyone that can help me. Want to add disks to mdadm raid 5, but the disks are bigger then original disks. So I loose alot of space.14:36
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: Are you on a laptop?14:36
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: no, desktop14:36
JohnHeikkilaDo you know your system specs?14:36
econdudeawesomeold old old desktop :-)14:36
eriksson25I have 6*1TB and added 2*2TB but only gained 1,5TB space14:36
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: Lol14:37
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: some, is there a way to look them up quickly?14:37
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: Do you know which graphics driver you are using?14:37
sniperjo_is anyone aware of Firefox on linux being less efficient at playing ogv files14:37
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: haven't the foggiest--how would I check?14:37
SeaOrificeis it possible to instal ?l ns-2 (network simulator) using apt-get14:37
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: sudo apt-get install hardinfo && hardinfo14:38
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JohnHeikkilaSeaOrifice: If you can do apt-get install ns-214:38
lookecondudeawesome: do an lspci in the terminal14:38
lookecondudeawesome: that will give you the hardware in your computer, after which you can down the driver  you need with apt-get14:39
Picieriksson25: Thats how raid 5 works.  You're limited to the smallest drive sizes.14:39
SeaOrificeJohnHeikkila: thats probably not the package name ubuntu uses14:39
eriksson25Will it work to devide up the 2tb disks in 2*1TB partitions and add both partitions so I get 10*1tb14:39
SeaOrificeso is there a way by which i can search14:39
sniperjo_is anyone aware of Firefox on linux being less efficient at playing ogv files14:40
lookSeaOrifice: do an lspci in the terminal <-----14:40
lookSeaOrifice: find the your graphics card, or pastebin it.14:40
Picieriksson25: RAID is independent of parition sizes.  If you add those 2 2tb drives to your existing array you will be limited by the smallest drive size in the array.14:40
wizzlehow to see my own password? because i forget it.14:41
steve_can somebody help me with an error14:41
JohnHeikkilasteve_: Go on14:41
SeaOrificelook : are u sure u refererring me ?14:41
JohnHeikkilakibibyte: Hello14:41
SeaOrificei just asked for ns-214:41
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila, look: my problem is that I am running in console mode. Anyway I can make the printout go line by line?14:41
SeaOrificehow is graphics card related to that14:41
hmorelhi thank god some one i need help14:41
kibibytei have ubuntu serer, and i have n grub promt, it just starts immediatly14:41
thesuliban1980Hi I have a installed, half configured package, which I can't configure with dpkg -i configure -a. it hungs. I neither can purge the package. How can I force apt/dpkg to remove forget the half configured packages>?14:41
hmoreli am new14:41
kibibytehow to get grub promt14:41
lookSeaOrifice: i have no idea anymore i just spaced who i was helping......14:42
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: You could do "(command) > filename.txt" then "nano filename.txt"14:42
steve_i am using ubuntu 10.04, and using SMB4k when i click on workgroup it gives me the following error Failed to open /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb14:42
thesuliban1980btw: hello everyone!14:42
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hmorelcan some one please help me,,,, i am desperate and don't want to go back to windows....14:43
lookso who is have problems with there graphics card driver?14:43
kibibytehmorel, what the problem14:43
JohnHeikkilalook: econdudeawesome14:43
JohnHeikkilaI guess14:43
=== Putr|Away is now known as Putr
JohnHeikkilasteve_: Check if the file exists with "ls /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb"14:43
hmorelthank you, i have a dell D400 everything is fine but when i close the lid the laptop freezes14:44
JohnHeikkilahmorel:  Because it goes or tries to go into suspend mode14:44
steve_did not return any errors14:44
JohnHeikkilasteve_: So it exists?14:44
JohnHeikkilaCan you find the file?14:45
JohnHeikkilasteve_: I mean can you find the file with file manager (/nautilus)14:45
steve_yep just found the file14:45
hmorelbut i changed the options on the power management and it still does it14:45
JohnHeikkilasteve_: Why on earth can't the samba thing find it then O.o14:46
coz_hmorel,   what is still happening?14:46
steve_thats what im asking lol14:46
JohnHeikkilacoz_: He's PC suspends when he closes the lid14:46
korbcan you guys help me on a tape device ?14:46
korb04:02.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 08)14:46
korb04:02.1 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 08)14:46
JohnHeikkilasteve_: weard14:46
coz_JohnHeikkila, oh!!14:46
korbbut can seem to have it working14:46
JohnHeikkilakorb: What's the problem?14:46
hmorelmy laptop freezes when i close the lid and i am forced to hard turn of14:46
korbno /dev/stX14:46
korbno /dev/tape14:46
coz_hmorel,  sorry I know very little about laptops   I never use them14:46
steve_it says unable to open secrets database14:47
lep-workso...is there anythign special in ubuntu that would keep me from: rm -f /bin/bash14:47
lep-workas root?14:47
JohnHeikkilalep-work: There shouldn't be14:47
lep-workit's giving me operation not permitted14:47
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: apparently my openGL is unknown...14:47
JohnHeikkilaecondudeawesome: O.o14:47
kibibytehmorel, what version of ubuntu you have14:47
econdudeawesomeJohnHeikkila: what info do you need?14:47
korbon /proc/scsi/scsi doesnt shows the tape14:47
lookecondudeawesome: are you on 10.04?14:47
korbusing 10.04 here14:47
coz_lep-work,  mm why do you want to remove bash?14:47
JohnHeikkilalook: He's on console mode, btw14:48
hmorelbecuase 10.4 doesn't work14:48
lookJohnHeikkila: yes i got that14:48
korbJohnHeikkila help pls!14:48
wizzlehow to know my own password?14:48
lep-workcoz_, trying to do a dist upgrade on it and the bash package keeps failing to install saying it can't remove /bin/bash ... I tried to remove it manually as root14:48
econdudeawesomelook: no, I am on 10.10 (started with Lubuntu 10.04, got a similar error, upgraded to 10.10 dev, fixed it until yesterday with an update, tried ubuntu 10.10, now nothing)14:48
lep-workand it's still saying not permitted14:48
kibibytehmorel, whoy 10.04 wont work?14:48
JohnHeikkilakorb: I'm sorry, but I don't know about sambas14:48
korbnot samba14:48
korbtape device14:48
lookecondudeawesome: hmm14:48
handjobHi. Is ther any application that can help user in creation of *.desktop files?14:49
coz_lep-work,   try   gksudo nautilus    maneuver to bin and rename    "bash"  to   " bash.old"14:49
inc0hi, I have problem, I have wifi on wpa2 aes encoding. I'm giving password to networkmanager in gnome, and it doesnt connect14:49
Piciecondudeawesome: 10.10 support is in #ubuntu+1  This may be a known issue that they can help you with.14:49
JohnHeikkilakorb: Ohh, sorry. Don't know about that either14:49
csgeekmy Network Manager applet is missing.. it claims to be running.. but I can't find it.  Running Ubuntu Lucid, 10.0414:49
hmorelwhen isntalling it freezes upon booting,14:49
inc0looks like password is invalid...while it is valid.14:49
JohnHeikkilacsgeek: run "sudo service network-manager start"14:49
lookecondudeawesome: i would recomend that you reinstall with 9.10 and wait till they fix all the driver errors...but do you get grub on start up?14:49
lep-workcoz_, lol there is no x11 on this box...it's a server and I am uid 0 root14:49
coz_lep-work,   oh!!!14:49
lep-workcoz_, it won't let me rename it ... move it ... chmod it ... or delete it14:49
ghoulsbladehi all, is there a way to execute a script automatically when usb stick is plugged in  ?14:49
JohnHeikkilalep-work: Then you shouldn't do "sudo"14:50
econdudeawesomelook: I probably can, I can't remember the shortcut key to bring up the menu14:50
korbcan someone help me on tape device ubuntu 10.04 ?14:50
JohnHeikkilaor should, idk14:50
hmoreli found a thread here but i don't know what to do. please seee  (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1439937)14:50
lookecondudeawesome: if you get grub hold shift during start up and when you get the menu press the 'e' key14:50
korbcan someone help me on tape device ubuntu 10.04 ?14:50
csgeekJohnHeikkila: already running14:50
econdudeawesomelook: that should bring up a console?14:50
coz_lep-work,  mmm   ok  try sudo passwd root   create a root password.... then   su   and login  or    "root"  then log in14:50
econdudeawesomelook I'll give it a shot, brb14:50
censorhi all14:50
lep-workcoz_, http://pastebin.com/GNws37JB14:50
tracy69censor,  hi14:50
jpds!noroot | coz_, fwiw14:50
ubottucoz_, fwiw: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.14:50
lep-workstrangest thing I have ever seen14:51
censori just installed 10.10 desktop amd64, but i can't install openssh-server ?!14:51
lookecondudeawesome: press the e key on your grub install edit at the end of the install line of code at the end to have 'nomodeset'14:51
Picicensor : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Maverick/10.10 support/discussion.14:51
censorpici thanks14:51
lep-workjpds, that's just silly .... you should always set a root password on a server14:51
coz_lep-work,   you can also try    sudo -i  instead of creating a root password14:51
scribawfNeed recommendation for app that will generate slide show & burn Pic(JPG) to DVD to play on conventional DVD player14:51
csgeeknvm.. restart worked.. odd14:51
lep-workcoz_, it has a root password set ... I'm logged in through ssh directly as root14:51
jpdslep-work: Err, no.14:51
coz_lep-work,   yikes14:52
JohnHeikkilacsgeek: jsut a glitch/bug?14:52
coz_lep-work,   i see that14:52
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hmorelplease don't leave me,, i like ubuntu i don't want windows anymore....14:53
JohnHeikkilahmorel: You could reinstall Ubuntu14:53
lep-workI'm about to dump the fs to a file ... mount it on another system...delete /bin/bash and then restore it back over this box on the lvm volume14:53
hmorelno not again i have done it 5 times already14:53
bigfishyi am having problem saving data to my friends wd my world book drive, i have some software he asked me to give him and gave me a his hdd.  Do i require him to change the permission on the drive so i can write to it, or is there a command i can enter into the terminal to allow me to have write access on this external hdd?14:54
lep-workbigfishy, mount |grep media ... find the mount point for the wd hdd ... then ... sudo chmod 777 /media/blah14:54
bodwickhomorel the hibernation doesn't work?14:55
hmorelyes it works14:55
hmorelplease look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143993714:55
JohnHeikkilabodwick: But it freezes14:55
freakynlhi, anyone got vmware server 2.0.2 working on 8.04 32 bit? It seems to start (vmware server that is) but the webinterface for management dies within a minute after starting the services. netstat then still shows the ports are open, but no responses come from it (the 8333 that is, the 8222 keeps redirecting to 8333)14:55
Duke_Harrishey guys, short question: I created a symlink for /home/Desktop/ , but now I don't have any icons on my Desktop although there are  Files in the Target directory. Why is this?14:56
bodwickhmorel freezes on wake-up ?14:56
econdudeawesomelook: no such luck in using repair packages14:56
iurihow do i checkout only one file on git repository?14:56
freakynlDuke_Harris: perhaps because it's /home/username/Desktop14:56
hmorelno when i close the lid14:56
lookecondudeawesome: you left before i was done explaining14:56
econdudeawesomelook: my apologies14:56
Duke_Harrisfreakynl, sorry, i meant ~/Desktop14:56
lookecondudeawesome: press the e key on your grub install edit at the end of the install line of code at the end to have 'nomodeset'14:56
dlublinkSo, is there an easy way to get back the text boot with Tux ? Without recompiling the kernel or changing config files that will be overwritten at the next boot ?14:57
lookecondudeawesome: just choose your regular boot not the rescue14:57
econdudeawesomecan I edit a config file in /etc to do that instead, so I don't have to restart?14:57
freakynlDuke_Harris: i never tried it... only thing I can think of is that the permissions on the target folder are not ok14:57
lep-workcoz_, lol I figured it out ... someone chattr'd that file +i ... it's working now14:57
lookecondudeawesome: no...14:57
econdudeawesome(and lose current connect)14:57
Duke_HarrisWhen I click Desktop in nautilus or in the locationtab in the panel i get the right folder14:57
econdudeawesomelook: Hah, what I meant was so I don't have to restart immediately and lose my support conenction14:58
dandreis there any way to specify the mount point for gvfs-mount?14:58
econdudeawesomelook: so I just add a line at the end that says "nomodeset"?14:58
zmyhello everyone!14:59
JohnHeikkilazmy: Hey14:59
bodwickhmorel install available closed drivers and if you already use nvidia or fglrx try some other version form vendor's site14:59
lookecondudeawesome: you should be able to boot just fine after that. but if that does not work then you might have to just reinstall...14:59
babu__evince is not working...wat to do15:00
babu__evince is not working...wat to do15:00
JohnHeikkilababu__: A bit more details please15:00
Duke_Harrisfreakynl, could this hav anything to do with localization (because I'm using a German Ubuntu) ?15:00
warcrycould someone tell me how to use alsamixer in ubuntu, please?15:00
bodwickbabu_ xpdf, acroread .. but what's the problem with evince ?15:00
lookbabu__: if you explain what happened or any errors you get we can help you much better15:00
babu__none of the document is opening wit evince15:01
hmorelsorry i am so upset that i posted the wrong thread can someone here please go here and tell me what i need to do,   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58280215:01
hmorelor at least how to do it15:01
lookbabu__: left click and choose open with15:02
lookbabu__: you can then choose the program you want that file to be opened with15:02
lookbabu__: have fun15:02
freakynlDuke_Harris: no clue sorry... i only use english :)15:02
Duke_Harrisfreakynl, thanks anyway15:02
bodwickhmorel sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:03
babu__i tried......but document is not opening15:03
hmorelwhat does that mean?15:03
JohnHeikkilababu__: So You cannot open a document?15:03
capitoneciao a tutti15:04
JohnHeikkilababu__: What kind of document?15:04
bodwickhmorel paste it in a terminal15:04
bodwickhmorel the post says to edit xorg.conf .. to det i810 gfx driver15:04
freakynlDuke_Harris: if you store a file on the desktop, does it show up somewhere?15:05
JohnHeikkilababu__: Evince is for viewing PDF, slideshows, etc15:05
hmorelokay so where do i find the terminal15:05
bodwickhmorel  as said in that psot try to add Option "ForceEnablePipeA" "true" to device section15:05
freakynlhmorel: ctrl+alt+f1 has a very big one15:06
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bodwickhmorel accesories -> terminal ?15:06
detbodwick, im not a verb, buddy15:07
babu__reply me15:07
JohnHeikkilababu__: What115:07
Duke_Harrisfreakynl, when i create a file on the desktop it shows up in the directory. But not vice versa15:07
babu__i'm not able to view pdf docs wit evince...........r u clear...i'm shouting for this problem for so15:08
freakynlDuke_Harris: hmm odd, maybe it doesn't like the permissions on the target directory. If you log off and back on now, does it still show the file you created on the desktop?15:09
JohnHeikkilababu__: Do you have to open them with evince? Can't you use any other programs?15:09
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babu__i want evince only..other is not as good as evince15:10
Duke_Harrisfreakynl, I got the tipp in #gnome to use ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs instead of a symlink, gonna try that15:10
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freakynlDuke_Harris: yea that might be better... although symlinks exist for a reason :D15:10
Gofhello,  i am trying to install icc on ubuntu 9.10 64bit.  and the installer complains about some missing 32bit libraries (namely glibc, libgcc and libstdc++5)    how can i install those?15:12
JohnHeikkilaGof: You can't, You would need Ubuntu 9.10 32 bit15:12
GofJohnHeikkila: i only have a 64bit version of ICC15:13
estragibDuke_Harris: if all else fails, you can use mount --bind to mount a dir there15:13
erdnaseGood day. I installed wine and all. And on my windows, I installed visual basic on ProgramFiles. But when I browse my C:/Program Files here in my ubuntu, I can't see my installed Visual Studio, only Internet explorer. >_>15:13
hmorelokay so i opened the terminal and added (sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf) then a blank screen came up.. what am i to do next15:14
xanderdnase: wine doesn't use your windows c: drive, it uses its own one15:14
bodwickerdnase install visual studio on ubuntu ?15:14
JohnHeikkilaerdnase: Wine's C:/ is a virtual one, not the real one15:14
g0hi, in gparted, where exactly on the disk the left most partition written?15:14
Duke_Harrisestragib, thanks, gonna try that too15:14
erdnasebodwick, oh, i can install it on ubuntu.. i didn't know, thanks.15:14
g0how do I get a partition to be written on the outer edge of the hard disk?15:14
erdnaseJohnHeikkila, Oooh, thanks man. Thank you too xand.15:15
erdnaseSo that means I can completely ditch windows. Thanks again.15:15
g0i know that this increases speed of access.15:15
warcryhow can i use alsamixer on ubuntu?15:16
xandwarcry: just run it?15:16
warcryxand, it does not work15:16
xandwhy not?15:17
warcry"cannot open mixer"15:17
warcryit says that since ubuntu karmic15:17
doobehI've got a corrupted partition-- ubuntu thinks it's FAT16 but it should be NTFS, are there any drive tools that I can use to read the partition as a different filesystem? (so it mounts as ntfs, readonly is just fine)15:18
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warcrydoobeh, simply mount15:18
bodwickerdnase http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=89215:18
elektrg0: don't think there is an easy way to know where on the disk a block is located15:18
warcrybut you have to specify the filesystem15:18
yggdrasilhow do i switch from chrome being my default browser to firefox?15:18
warcry-t ntfs-3g15:18
doobehwarcry: ahh, okay-- I'll give that a go, thanks :)15:19
warcryxand, do u know something about the mixer problem?15:19
JohnHeikkilayggdrasil: Open firefox, click Edit-->Preferences/ settings15:19
hmoreli need someone to work with me?15:19
rene_leyvaHola a todos, buenos días en México y Latino América, buenas tardes en Europa y resto del mundo, jejejeje15:20
JohnHeikkilayggdrasil: Then..15:20
yggdrasilJohnHeikkila: yes ?15:20
g0elektr: i have an empty 500gig disk now, which is the best order of partitions to get max performance? can there be such a thing as best order of partitons? :P15:20
Pici!es | rene_leyva15:20
ubotturene_leyva: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:20
warcryrene_leyva, hola, pero este irc es en inglés15:20
JohnHeikkilayggdrasil: click the last tab15:20
JohnHeikkilayggdrasil: Additional settings or something15:20
elektrg0: could be different from drive to drive15:20
yggdrasilahh got it15:20
JohnHeikkilayggdrasil: Then you should see a "System defaults" or something15:20
yggdrasildidnt see it had tabs15:20
rene_leyvaok, si es lo que estoy viendo, aúnque le entiendo al inglés pero aunque fuese el primer irc quise saludar15:21
yggdrasilthats been pissine mge off for a few weeks15:21
yggdrasilchrome is ok , but i like to have all my tabs open in the same browser15:21
hmorelhow do  i add a source code15:22
warcryno one knows about alsamixer cannot open mixer problem...15:22
lookyggdrasil: Chromium is nice to15:22
JohnHeikkilalook: I agree.15:22
yggdrasilit is15:22
yggdrasilbut ill stick with ff.15:22
GNu_Joe<yggdrasil> Wow I use to run you as my first Linux back in 199815:23
warcryso, i will rm all ubuntu becase i can not rise the volume15:23
JohnHeikkilawarcry: What?!15:23
warcryJohnHeikkila, i can't rise the sound volume15:24
=== Goonhost is now known as JimBoogie
warcryJohnHeikkila, because alsamixer simply does not work15:24
kallethhey, i restarted my ubuntu box and x is now failing to start, and in addition it's not showing any output on the monitor whatsoever15:24
warcryneither amixer15:24
JohnHeikkilawarcry: I.i15:24
JohnHeikkilawarcry: What about gnome-volume-control15:24
kallethit says fatal server error, no screens found15:24
warcryalso it does not work15:25
warcrygnome-volume-control controls pulseaudio15:25
warcrypulseaudio works great, the problem is in alsa15:25
JohnHeikkilaso I have pulseaudio :/15:25
JohnHeikkilawarcry: Why don't you use pulseaudio?15:25
warcry(pulseaudio works over alsa)15:25
warcryI use pulseaudio!15:25
wscpchello,I from china.15:25
Loneclockhello, I am from china.15:26
wscpci'm sorry.thank you!15:26
warcryJohnHeikkila, using pulseaudio you don't stop using alsa. the only different is that mixing is managed by pulseaudio, and not by alsa directly15:26
wscpcWhat nationality are you?15:26
wscpcAre you American?15:27
RoastedDoes anybody here have an ATI video card? If so, do you have ANY video tearing? I'm beginning to wonder if I should get rid of my Nvidia card since I cannot avoid video tearing no matter what I do.15:27
=== Putr is now known as Putr|Away
giffyDoes anyone know how I can enable 'full screen' youtube on Lucid?  I tried to put "OverrideGPUValidation = 1" in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg, but that still brings up videos that are not exactly full screen.15:27
tracy69Roasted, i have15:27
JohnHeikkilawarcry: Oh, right15:27
SmallR2002Roasted: how old is the card?15:27
tracy69and i dont have any problems with ati card15:27
RoastedSmallR2002, about a year and a half.15:27
SmallR2002Roasted: i've had no end of issues with ati15:27
Roastedtracy69, you have an ATI and no video tearing? Likewise you too SmallR2002 ??15:27
warcryi had serious problems with an ati cards15:28
tracy69Roasted, i have ati hd485015:28
warcryit is a matter of luck o.o15:28
JohnHeikkila!om | wscpc15:28
RoastedI know ATI used to suck hardcore, but I heard they have made things exponentially better than before.15:28
* look hated 10.04 so much because of the graphics card problems15:28
JohnHeikkila!offtopic | wscpc15:28
ubottuwscpc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:28
SmallR2002i have ati, but i've always had issues with drivers till the last few releases15:28
boywonderhi,can anyone please give me a pointer onto how to run ubuntu from a usb stick( as an installed os)?15:28
warcry10.04 did not worked with my other ati radeon 3200hd15:28
SmallR2002boywonder: look into unetbootin15:29
JohnHeikkilaboywonder: Have you installed Ubuntu on an USB stick yet=15:29
warcry(with fglrx, i say)15:29
RoastedMy nvidia works great - EXCEPT video tearing... sucks when watching movies... and makes me wonder if I need to throw XP or osmething on my HTPC if Ubuntu can't handle it due to tearing.15:29
BiG-MHello, well i am new to ubuntu, so i want to know about if i could make hdd partitions like window and like i m used to install windows on C drive every time this shitt got corrupted or something like that, thanks alot!15:29
SmallR2002Roasted: from experience latest build of catalyst is the only way to handle ati15:29
qqqYes i have.15:29
warcrywhat is video tearing!15:29
boywondersmall im not talking about runnning uder try?15:29
=== Putr|Away is now known as Putr
SmallR2002Roasted: what are you using for video playing?15:29
Roastedwarcry, during action scenes if you notice a ripple going through the screen horizontally, that's video tearing.15:29
RoastedSmallR2002, mostly VLC - but I've tried everything.15:29
SmallR2002Roasted: with vdpau you shouldn't have issues15:29
warcryah, i notice it also15:29
boywonderopps sorrry for not hitting tab there SmallR200215:29
warcryi use nvidia with a VGA monitor15:30
Roastedwarcry, sorry to hear that - but I'm in the same boat. I use a nvidia with two dvi monitors, both tear.15:30
SmallR2002Roasted: my dad runs a three year old nvidia card using vdpau and gets perfect 1080p output15:30
warcrybut only when using it heavily15:30
Juggalo_Xanyone know how to get the displays mirrored on a laptop on docking station and an external monitor with the nvidia drivers. this is driving me insane15:30
RoastedSmallR2002, never heard of vdpau... what is this??15:30
Juggalo_Xthere is no mirror option15:30
boywonderJohnHeikkila,  i just did15:30
kallethhey, does anyone know where ubuntu/gnome puts its xorg.conf so i can try and fix my x not starting problem?15:30
SmallR2002Roasted: look at xbmc's docs on it15:31
SmallR2002boywonder: look into debootstrap then15:31
warcryvsync does not fix video tearing?15:31
RoastedSmallR2002, ahhhhhhh xbmc. xbmc is what I was going to use for my HTPC too...15:31
Roastedwarcry, for me? No. :(15:31
SmallR2002boywonder: be careful with grub though15:31
JohnHeikkilakalleth: /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:31
SmallR2002Roasted: xbmc is very nice15:31
RoastedThe only thing that helps video tearing is if I launch gnome shell, which the only reason that helps is because its refresh rate or something is half of the regular gnome session.15:31
kallethJohnHeikkila: that file doesn't exist :(15:31
kallethits gone15:31
boywonderyer ive been experiencing the newb grub disease!15:31
kallethi rebooted today and my X wouldn't start at all, and i'm getting no output on my screen15:31
RoastedSmallR2002, I LOVE XBMC. Ill use it whether Im on XP or Ubuntu. I just want to use Ubuntu for myHTPC if possible.15:32
JohnHeikkilakalleth: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:32
RoastedSmallR2002, is this thing built into xbmc?15:32
SmallR2002Roasted: look into their docs for getting nvidia/vdpau working15:32
JohnHeikkilaHold SHIFT at your PC's startup,, then select the recovery mode and go to the root console15:33
RoastedSmallR2002, does this not work with ati?15:33
SmallR2002Roasted: vdpau is a video handling api for graphics cards15:33