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barryChipaca: cool, thanks for the update01:15
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jimlovell777I'm testing out 10.10 64-bit and have an issue with UbuntuOne. I have a free account with UbuntuOne and have had it for some time. My online storage space is empty however I keep getting a message saying my space is full and that I need to upgrade. Though I was getting this message my contacts still synced fine.09:35
jimlovell777Ok I just tried again. I open the UbuntuOne dialogue by selecting System->Preferences->Ubuntu One. I click "Already Have An Account", which I do and login. A message comes up and says "...Successful" but when I check my allowed computers via my online dashboard none are listed.09:48
JamesTaitHello jimlovell777. :)10:03
JamesTaitjimlovell777: Thanks for the in-depth information. You're the second person I'm aware of describing these symptoms.10:04
jimlovell777Hello JamesTait. Any ideas on what the problem is? I don't see a way to add my computer online and using the form provided when launching UbuntuOne it doesn't work.10:05
JamesTaitjimlovell777: Unfortunately I don't know any details about the problem, and launchpad is currently down for maintenance, but I'll see what I can find out for you.10:05
jimlovell777JamesTait: Thanks.10:05
duanedesignhello jimlovell77710:07
jimlovell777Are you able to tell me if the "Add this Computer button" exists for you on the site? I can't find it anywhere, and I've been digging.10:08
duanedesignjimlovell777: if you are having trouble finding the add this computer button see  http://bit.ly/caHbOf10:09
jimlovell777Launchpad just let me finally pull this up https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/10902310:09
duanedesignjimlovell777: did i talk you before in here?10:09
jimlovell777duanedesign: It's possible, if so it was a long time ago. I asked about the possibility of encrypting uploads or the ubuntuone folder.10:10
duanedesignjust wondering if you are the second person with this issue10:11
duanedesignjimlovell777: ok, no this was just a couple days ago10:11
JamesTaitduanedesign: seif also had this problem.10:12
jimlovell777duanedesign: The work around mentioned doesn't work for me. All it ends up doing is popping up the message that says I need to upgrade for more storage.10:12
duanedesignJamesTait: yes that is who it was10:13
duanedesignjimlovell777: can you run the command  u1sdtool -s    in a Terminal10:14
jimlovell777Done. Where should i paste the output?10:14
duanedesignjimlovell777: you can paste it at paste.ubuntu.com...or here10:15
jimlovell777duanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/490843/10:15
duanedesignjimlovell777: ok can you run u1sdtool -c10:17
duanedesignjimlovell777: then wait 10 seconds and run  u1sdtool -s10:17
duanedesignoh poo. I forgot launchpad was going down for maintenance this morning10:18
jimlovell777duanedesign: Same output that  pasted before.10:19
JamesTaitduanedesign: Me too. :-/10:19
jimlovell777duanedesign: Any way to shut down everything UbuntuOne related and start fresh without rebooting?10:19
duanedesignjimlovell777: can you open System > Preferences > Password and Encryption10:20
duanedesignsee if you have an 'Ubuntu One token'10:20
jimlovell777I don't now but I did. I deleted it a minute or two before you showed up hoping it would force me to log in again.  I thought maybe second time's a charm.10:22
jimlovell777Now I'm not being prompted for a password. I just get that space full dialog10:23
duanedesignjimlovell777: ok. you dont have a Token, and your computer is not listed on the website.10:23
jimlovell777I'll be right back.10:27
jimlovell777duanedesign: Ok now when it asks for my password it says "required argument "password" (pos2) not found".10:30
duanedesignjimlovell777: this after clicking the 'I already have an account' link at the bottom of the authorization dialog?10:31
jimlovell777duanedesign: Correct. I click already have an account and then I enter my email and pass (correctly) and click Connect. When I hit connect I get that message in red letters.10:32
duanedesignbug 62951710:33
ubot4duanedesign: Bug 629517 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/629517 is private10:34
jimlovell777So basically sit tight? The last comment suggests a fix is due out soon.10:35
duanedesignjimlovell777: they were supposed to upload that fix last night...10:36
duanedesignjimlovell777: let me see if it is up yet10:36
JamesTaitduanedesign: I still can't get to launchpad due to edge redirect - is this in ubuntu-sso-client?10:36
duanedesignJamesTait: the bug suggests it is related to the  sso with the https ping url out10:38
duanedesignbug 62770010:38
ubot4duanedesign: Bug 627700 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/627700 is private10:38
duanedesignJamesTait: so yes :)10:38
JamesTaitduanedesign: I think it's in the nightly PPA, not sure if it's generally available yet though.10:40
duanedesignjimlovell777:  can you try this?10:40
duanedesigngedit /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ubuntu_sso/main.py10:40
duanedesignat the top of that you will find:  PING_URL = "http://edge.one.ubuntu.com/oauth/sso-finished-so-get-tokens/"10:41
duanedesignchange it to https10:41
duanedesignso PING_URL = "https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/oauth/sso-finished-so-get-tokens/"10:41
duanedesignthen save it10:41
JamesTait(That'll probably need to be gksudo gedit ...)10:42
duanedesignJamesTait: glad you are here10:42
JamesTaitduanedesign: What, so you can do all the hard work and I can sit and nitpick? :-P10:43
duanedesigngksudo gedit /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ubuntu_sso/main.py10:43
jimlovell777With the window still open I got the same error. I closed it (after making the above change) and now it closes immediately with no message shown10:43
duanedesignjimlovell777: you might need to restart some stuff10:44
duanedesignps aux | grep ubu10:45
duanedesignwill tell you if any ubuntu one processes are running10:45
duanedesignyou can probably kill them all with: u1sdtool -q; killall /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-login10:46
duanedesignthen open ubuntu one from system > preferences > ubuntu one10:47
jimlovell777I can't get ubuntu-sso-login to exit10:47
jimlovell777Ok did all that. Same error.10:48
duanedesignjimlovell777: sorry it is just :   killall ubuntu-sso-login10:49
jimlovell777I killed all of the grep ubu processes and opened Ubuntu One again. It brought up the preferences panel, the out of space warning and the log in screen. I clicked already have an account and got the same red message10:49
duanedesignjimlovell777: ok :/10:50
jimlovell777I double checked and made sure the https edit stayed, it did.10:50
jimlovell777I typed in the wrong password and it said auth failed. correct pass brings error message10:51
jimlovell777Would it help at all if I tried making a new account or is it better to know why an existing account is having trouble?10:54
jimlovell777Whoa, according to https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications I've authorized Ubuntu%20One - laptop 20 times today10:57
jimlovell777So it seems something is getting through, just not on my end.10:57
duanedesignjimlovell777: ok rye is assigned that bug but he is unfortunately off today10:58
duanedesignjimlovell777: so i would say either try the nightly ppa, it looks like something new was added yesterday.10:59
duanedesignjimlovell777: or you can come back tommorow around this time and catch rye.11:00
jimlovell777Do you have a link handy for the proper ppa?11:01
duanedesignhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntuone/+archive/nightlies  you can also add it with the command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuone/nightlies11:01
jimlovell777Do you want to know if it works or if it works it doesn't matter?11:03
duanedesignjimlovell777: no that would be great to know11:03
duanedesigni have to step out for about 30 minutes...brb11:06
jimlovell777duanedesign: Didn't work. I tried updating everything killing all of the ubuntuone services and even a reboot. same problem. Now for the frosting, I've got some weird graphics bug that destroys screen elements as I mouse over them.11:11
jimlovell777I just tried making a new account for the fun of it and it got all the way to the verification code screen. Once I enter the verification code I get the "Required argument password (pos 2) not found error".11:26
jimlovell777I'm willing to root out the issue if I can but I'll need direction. I'll be back later today if my help is needed. Thanks for patenience duanedesign and JamesTait11:32
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duanedesignbug 62770012:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 627700 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "pinging of ubuntuone url is done using http address resulting in 403 FORBIDDEN response (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62770012:24
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mkarnickibeuno: Hi beuno, could you check one issue with Ubuntu One Contacts on Android?14:11
mkarnickibeuno: open Phone app on your Android, type a numer and select 'Save to people' and then 'Create a contact' - Ubuntu One Contacts shows as a default application for that without user consent14:12
beunomkarnicki, argh14:36
beunocan you file a bug for that?14:36
mkarnickisure, will do14:37
mkarnickibeuno: I'll let you know to confirm it.14:37
mkarnickibug 63404114:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 634041 in ubuntuone-android-contacts "Adding new contact defaults to Ubuntu One Contacts app (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63404114:45
mkarnickibeuno: ↑ please confirm14:45
beunomkarnicki, on it, thanks14:45
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torosIs it possible that adding a computer to Ubuntu One with an existing account doesn't work in Maverick?15:18
torosas far as I see, the new interface cannot register the machine on the server side15:19
barrytoros: very possible - it doesn't work for me yet, but an update is promised soon15:19
torosbarry: ohh, I see15:19
torosis it a known bug?15:19
barrytoros: i believe so.  i was chatting with folks yesterday about it15:19
torosokay, that's good15:20
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nessitaguys, I'm getting a conflicting package when updating my maverick system (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/491032/) Shall I avoid updating or can I solve that somehow?16:19
nessitaproposed solution by aptitude is to remove foomatic-db :-/16:19
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karlois there any sharing group in ubuntu one ?18:07
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* rye makes a guest appearance during sick day...19:21
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jimlovell777duanedesign: Are you still around?19:53
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jimlovell777duanedesign: After this morning another set of UbuntuOne nightlies were available for download. I downloaded them and everything works now. When I logged in this time my computer had been "allowed" 5 times (from earlier) but didn't show up until now.20:02
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Chipacabarry: ^ means yours should be working too :)20:08
barryChipaca: cool, let me update and try20:08
barryChipaca: nope, still no luck.  maybe i'm doing something wrong? :(20:14
Chipacabarry: you got an update to ubuntu-sso-client?20:14
barryChipaca: looks like i've got 0.99.6-0ubuntu120:16
Chipacabarry: can you kill ubuntu-sso-login and try again?20:16
Chipaca(i thought the package restarted it on upgrade, but maybe not)20:17
barryChipaca: i actually just rebooted20:17
Chipacabarry: ah20:17
Chipacabarry: what did you try?20:17
barryChipaca: System -> Preferences -> Ubuntu One20:17
barryChipaca: that brings up a widow with "Unknown" and "Disconnected" at the top20:18
barryChipaca: name: unknown; e-mail: unknown; current plan: unknown20:18
barryChipaca: then links for Manage account and Support options20:18
Chipacabarry: and no other window popping up?20:18
barryChipaca: nope20:18
Chipacabarry: can you please remove your ubuntu one tokens from your keyring?20:19
barryChipaca: okay20:19
Chipacabarry: and then, try again :)20:19
barryChipaca: now i get the other window!  shall i try to log in?20:20
Chipacabarry: yep20:20
jimlovell777Chipaca: Not sure what you're helping barry with but since he just mentioned it I figured I'd add my screen says unknown for name, email and plan also.20:20
Chipacajimlovell777: and you can't connect?20:21
jimlovell777Chipaca: I couldn't earlier but I installed the ppa nightlies and can now. And my files successfully synced.20:21
barryChipaca: okay, i've logged in... i think20:22
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Chipacajimlovell777: hmmm... you're on maverick?20:22
barryChipaca: my preferences window however still shows unknowns20:22
jimlovell777Chipaca: Yes.20:22
barryChipaca: and no Ubuntu One under Places20:23
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Chipacabarry: jimlovell777: can you run ubuntuone-preferences from a terminal and see if you see http://paste.ubuntu.com/491093/ ?20:24
barryChipaca: that's exactly what i see20:24
Chipacabarry: ok, so you have your file syncing syncing, but not your couch replicating to u120:25
jimlovell777Chipaca: Same here20:25
Chipacajimlovell777: ditto ^ :)20:25
barryChipaca: so, you know what the problems is then! :)20:25
Chipacabarry: jimlovell777: a fix for that should be available soonish.20:25
Chipacayes. And I believe the package is being built as we speak :)20:26
Chipacabarry: jimlovell777: thanks!20:26
barryawesome, thanks :)  ping me when it's in the archives and i'll be glad to give it a shot20:26
ryenessita, i even know a faster crash - ./test-libsyncdaemon also crashes this way20:26
jimlovell777Chipaca: Welcome. And thank you.20:26
nessitarye: awesome! *not*20:27
ChipacaI should probably fix u1prefs to not crash on this error anyway20:27
* Chipaca goes to look at it20:27
jimlovell777Chipaca: One more thing, in ubuntuone-preferences if I put a check next to files, when I look later it's unchecked again.20:28
Chipacajimlovell777: that's not good20:29
Chipacajimlovell777: can you pastebin ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf ?20:30
jimlovell777Chipaca: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491177/ I just tried checking broadcast message archive and it unchecked later also20:32
Chipacajimlovell777: so, it seems this pairing thing completely confuses u1prefs :(20:33
Chipacajimlovell777: because from the config file, your syncdaemon is enabled20:33
Chipacajimlovell777: in fact, ps -C ubuntuone-syncdaemon probably shows it running, yes?20:34
jimlovell777Chipaca: Yes it's running. My files did sync, just the box doesn't stay checked.20:34
Chipacajimlovell777: right.20:35
Chipacabarry: jimlovell777: just been able to have joshuahoover test with the upcoming desktopcouch, and the issue doesn't go away20:42
Chipacabarry: jimlovell777: it moves forwards a step :-/20:42
joshuahooverbarry, jimlovell777: just filed bug #634396 for the desktopcouch pairing issue that is affecting u1-prefs from working properly20:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 634396 in desktopcouch (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "desktopcouch pairing broken (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63439620:51
jimlovell777joshuahoover: Thanks.20:52
Chipacajoshuahoover: it's also not letting couch pair, which is worser in my book20:52
joshuahooverChipaca: right, but i think the issue people here were seeing was related to u1-prefs...not good either way :(20:52
duffydackI see I`m still getting the "required argument 'pasword' not found" something or other in maverick when setting up U1.  This is a new install, there was a script someone gave me to fix some oath stuff, cant remember21:05
joshuahooverduffydack: can you try deleting your u1 token from your keyring and then open ubuntu one preferences? also, make sure you have all the latest updates, as we just released an important ubuntu-sso-client update21:06
duffydackjoshuahoover, already tried.21:07
joshuahooverduffydack: are you using an existing u1 login?21:07
duffydackexisting on my other lucid yes21:08
duffydackI got the sso update earlier, I just tried again, no keys set, same issue21:08
joshuahooverduffydack: ok, so you have all u1 windows closed, deleted all u1 tokens from the keyring, open u1 preferences, it opens the sso window, you select you already have an account, enter your login info?21:09
joshuahooverduffydack: and you see an error where then?21:09
joshuahooverduffydack: in the sso gui after entering your login info?21:09
duffydackI`ll show you21:10
joshuahooverduffydack: thanks!21:11
duffydacksame thing as happend some weeks ago.. then someone gave me a script to run to fix it.. I reinstalled a new copy of maverick since tho21:11
joshuahooverduffydack: hmmm...ok...that's new to me...let me check something21:16
duffydacklast time I tried, I tried and tried and tried.. and when I rebooted into lucid and looked at the u1 client, I had a LOT of added computers (this maverick install)21:16
Chipacaalecu: ping21:20
Chipacaalecu: take a look at duffydack's screenshots there. Ring a bell?21:21
alecuChipaca, pong21:21
Chipacaalecu: the 2nd one is the interesting one21:21
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alecuChipaca, you mean the legend in red?21:22
joshuahooveralecu: the "Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found"21:23
alecuhmmm... I think that comes from the sso server... but I'll check to make sure.21:23
duanedesignjimlovell777: thanks for the update.21:24
duffydackthe error is something to do with old auth or something.  like I said, I got this script to 'fix' it, albeit in a hackily way21:25
joshuahooverduffydack: from rye?21:25
Chipacathat's probably rye's oauth script, which should no longer be needed21:25
alecuduffydack, those screenshots are from a freshly installed and fully updated maverick?21:26
duffydackas always..21:26
joshuahooveralecu: that is the latest sso client, for sure21:26
duffydackim an update junky21:26
duffydackI forget the persons name who gave me it..  oauth sounds like must have been rye21:27
joshuahooverduffydack: did you run that script on this computer you're now having this problem on?21:27
joshuahooverduffydack: just trying to narrow down the possibilities :)21:27
duffydackmy main system, with lucid and maverick, dual boot21:28
joshuahooverduffydack: that might be a problem, not sure...i don't know what his script did...do you have it?21:28
alecuduffydack, would you mind creating a bug for this, and attaching the following file? ~/.cache/sso/oauth-login.log21:28
duffydackI`d have used it if I did :)21:28
Chipacaduffydack: can you kill ubuntu-sso-login and start it from a terminal with «DEBUG=1 /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-login» ?21:29
duffydackThis is the beta release of maverick, installed fresh after I rejigged my partitions around a little...21:29
duffydack"DEBUG=1 /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-login"  is what I type?21:30
Chipacaduffydack: yep21:32
Chipacaand then, try the login dance again21:32
duffydackok lots of garble21:33
duffydacknope. same old same old21:33
duffydackis it worth noting there are no keys being created.21:34
alecunessita, you may want to check the screenshots pasted above by duffydack21:35
nessitaalecu: ok21:35
Chipacaduffydack: can you pastebin the garble garble?21:35
alecunessita, the second one:  http://imgur.com/WeRph21:35
nessitaduffydack: can you please pastebin the contents of ~/.cache/sso/*.log?21:36
nessitaalecu:   File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ubuntu_sso/keyring.py", line 74, in _create_keyring     gnomekeyring.create_sync(name) TypeError: Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found21:36
nessitayeah, I'll look into it21:37
nessitaduffydack: can you please file a bug? so we can do the tracking there21:37
alecunessita, oh, I see.21:39
duffydackbug url?21:39
duffydackI`m not much of a bug poster21:39
alecuduffydack, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+filebug21:41
alecunessita, it seems we have never tested with a non-existing keyring21:41
duffydackany particular subject name you`d like.21:42
nessitaduffydack: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+filebug21:43
nessitaduffydack: "Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found" is a good name21:43
nessitaalecu: non existingt keyring? how that would be?21:43
alecuduffydack, do you use English as the Ubuntu language?21:43
alecunessita, somehow it seems that the "login" keyring does not exist in that installation21:44
joshuahooveralecu: do you mean a user without an ubuntu login?21:44
joshuahooveralecu: i noticed the new installer defaults to "no password"...not sure if that makes a difference here or not21:45
alecujoshuahoover, hmmm.... sounds likely21:45
nessitaduffydack: could you please share a screenshot of what seashorse shows (please expand the entries)?21:45
* joshuahoover thinks "no password" as the default is going to cause LOTS of problems21:45
alecujoshuahoover, I've never tested it like that.21:45
joshuahooveralecu: me either because it's been so problematic, but when i installed beta the other day i noticed the default is now for no password...let me try setting that up and testing that21:46
alecujoshuahoover, great21:46
joshuahooveralecu: now, my computer may melt down with all these vms but that's a different issue ;)21:46
duffydacknessita, its only got my gm-notify key, and empathy accounts.21:47
duffydackit DID have 2 desktop couch keys, I removed them to try fix it21:47
alecunessita, looks like the second parameter to create_sync should be None, so it prompts the user to set a password for that new keyring21:47
nessitaduffydack: what's the name of the outter entry?21:47
duffydackI tried setting it up before, today..21:47
nessitaduffydack: mine is "Passwords: login"21:47
nessitaalecu: wow!21:48
duffydackPasswords: default21:48
nessitaalecu: : so there is a keyring but not a login one21:48
nessitaduffydack: thanks21:48
nessitaalecu: I can work on this tomorrow...21:48
duffydackdoes network manager use that also21:48
alecunessita, yes, facundo had a similar problem, because he uses autologin as well.21:49
alecunessita, great.21:49
duffydackbecause, I dont use it. I use interfaces file.. so maybe thats why there is no 'login' being made..21:49
nessitaduffydack: I wouldn't know21:49
duffydackI dunno..21:49
duffydackI use autologin also..21:49
nessitaduffydack: have that bug report?21:49
alecunessita, the only change should be adding a None parameter to 'gnomekeyring.create_sync("login")'21:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 634465 in ubuntu-sso-client "Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]21:50
nessitaduffydack: awesome, thanks21:50
alecuduffydack, thanks a lot for your help!21:50
duffydackits helping myself :)21:50
duanedesignjoshuahoover: http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/ubuntuone-scripts/ubuntuone-old-auth.py  <--don't know if you still need it :)21:56
duffydackis it just a matter of visiting the webpage and adding the computer that way?21:56
duffydackto make it work..21:57
joshuahooverduanedesign: ah, thanks!21:57
joshuahooverduffydack: no, that won't work21:57
joshuahooverduffydack: out of curiosity, do you connect the maverick computer to a wifi network? i'm curious how the keyring password stuff is handled there for you22:11
duffydackwifi yes...22:12
duffydackas I said, I dont use NM so there is no key for wifi.. I use /etc/network/interfaces22:12
joshuahooverduffydack: oh, sorry, i missed that part22:13
joshuahooverduffydack: i'm setting up a vm with no login to test with22:13
duffydackits a pain waiting for NM to wake up after login to connect.  its connected before I get to login with the interfaces file.22:13
joshuahooverduffydack: understand :)22:16
duffydackis it fixed yet22:27
duffydacklol, kidding.22:27
duffydackooh..its now High importance.. good..22:31
joshuahooverduffydack: you still around?23:45
joshuahooverduffydack: when you get to the sso gui, do you get a prompt for your keyring password?23:46
duffydackI dont have one23:46
joshuahooverduffydack: so you set the password to blank when you installed?23:46
joshuahoovernot recommended23:46
duffydackmaybe not..  not important to me23:47
joshuahooverwe should still handle that, but it's not recommended (stores all keyring passwords in clear text)23:47
joshuahooverbut good to know that you don't have that password...i can probably reproduce the problem then23:47
duffydackIm too lazy to enter a password for everything all the time.  I use autologin sure, and no pass for keyring, but I use bios password :)23:50
duffydackIts old habit from bitd using NM for my wifi.. it annoyed the hell out of me having to put in a pass to get wifi, before I ditched it23:51
duffydackit was also a 'fix' at the time too..23:51

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