* persia doesn't understand all the fuss about making special PPAs: we have an archive for a reason: we should use it if we have "official" stuff.03:51
ScottLit's because it's immediate, you can update or backport almost immediately, but mainly i expect because applications can be hosted that can't be put into the official archives04:17
ScottLcrimsun_, TheMuso:  can either one of you give a quick explanation which direction you think audio permissions might be headed in future releases ?04:32
ScottLthe catalyst for this question comes from this mail:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2010-September/002549.html04:32
TheMusoScottL: Getting as much to use consolekit/rtkit as possible.05:17
* persia has concerns about the legality of distributing anything that can't be put into the official archives.05:24
persiaFor the immediacy, at least I wouldn't want to support anything that didn't have at least some control on updates: the processes in Ubuntu are designed to avoid support pain, not make it hard to support.05:25
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quadrisprohi all09:15
quadrispropersia, no response from martin09:16
quadrisproI've tried to ping him yesterday, maybe he was busy09:16
persiaI think he has sporadic access.  Maybe email?09:17
quadrisprodamn, launchpad has gone down09:24
persiaFor about 3 hours09:25
quadrisproah! didn't know that, ok09:27
quadrisproI've uploaded a fixed version of jackbeat09:27
quadrisproit failed to build on {amd64,i386}09:28
quadrispropersia, have you read my email about simple-scan in u-devel-discuss?09:30
* persia does so now09:40
quadrisproI know, I've sent it to the wrong ML...09:41
persiaWhy the wrong ML?09:48
persiaOh, yeah.  That belonged on ubuntu-devel@  robert_ancell should not have done that.09:48
quadrispromaybe u-devel was the right ML09:48
persiaAnd he just dropped off IRC 10 minutes back, so hard to twit about it right now.09:48
persiaBut yeah, continue with your merge: overwrite his work.09:49
persiaHe deserves no credit for that.09:50
quadrisproyes, but I'd like to get a bit of collaboration from that kind of upstream...09:50
persiahe's often about, and spends a lot of time in #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-desktop.09:51
persiacatch him for a chat.09:51
quadrisproI will try (one more time)09:52
persiaI wish you the best of luck.  Let me know how it goes either way.09:53
persiaMy timezone matches his better, so maybe I can help if things aren't going smoothly.09:53
quadrisproof course I will09:53
falktxabogani: i want to talk to you18:21
falktxabogani: about how realtime/lowlatency can affect a laptop's battery18:22
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falktxabogani: ping me some other day, ok?18:56
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