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b-rock_greetings:  I was trying to build the ardour 3 midi build on my studio lucid amd64 box and it stops because jack is only 0.118.0 but 0.118.2 or greater is needed.21:41
b-rock_I tried building the jack from source but the build says that jack needs to be packaged differently on debian derived systems.21:42
b-rock_does someone here know how to build jack properly on ubuntu?21:42
holsteinhey b-rock_21:55
holsteinif you need JACK221:55
holsteinthe easiest way is probably via falktx's PPA21:55
holsteinb-rock_: AFAIK its in maverick too21:56
holsteinif you wanted to go ahead and move up to that21:56
* holstein hasnt tried building it21:58
holsteintry #opensourcemusicians as well :)21:58
* holstein BBL21:58
b-rock_ok.  I'll try that.  thanks holstein.21:58
holsteinb-rock_: how did it go?22:23

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