OptiplexGX620Hay, my Xubuntu will not connect to the internet using a PC card LAN adaptor or a wireless one, or a Linksys USB network adaptor01:10
OptiplexGX620I can't connect to my router or the Internet at all...01:15
OptiplexGX620Anyone there? xD01:16
knomeno, ssh! ;)01:19
OptiplexGX620Lol, but I want help:P01:19
knomei'm just kidding. if anyone knows the answer, they'll most probably help.01:22
OptiplexGX620Takinggg wayyy tooooo longggg, but I'm willing to wait a week for an answer01:40
knomeOptiplexGX620, yeah, sometimes it takes time. have you searched the forums already?01:41
OptiplexGX620no, http://forums.ubuntu.com/ ??01:41
knomethat might be helpful, while you're waiting01:43
OptiplexGX620yes, I have a result for 3COM I'm reading...01:44
OptiplexGX620It's called "Old crappy Laptops", LOL01:44
OptiplexGX620Which is what I have, BTW01:45
OptiplexGX620I might be on to sumthin',  ever heard of "ndiswrapper"??01:46
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:46
knomethat link will also talk about ndw01:46
OptiplexGX620Ok, so Xubuntu supports my card I've found so far...01:48
knomeOptiplexGX620, that is definitely good news:)01:49
OptiplexGX620And my WUSB11 adapter...01:50
OptiplexGX620Thx 4 the link ubottu01:50
knomeOptiplexGX620, ubottu is pretty much just a bot used for remembering links so we (humans) don't have to :)01:51
OptiplexGX620No joking? Cuz I took that literally01:53
OptiplexGX620Remember https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo01:53
knomeno, i'm not joking. :)01:53
OptiplexGX620Really helpful01:53
OptiplexGX620Is "network-admin" still on Ubuntu/Xubuntu?02:05
OptiplexGX620The link is really old02:06
OptiplexGX620Ok, help. Xubuntu doesn't detect my floppy disk drive02:35
OptiplexGX620Is there someway I can check if it's there somewhere?02:36
OptiplexGX620I could try to put it on a USB stick02:38
OptiplexGX620Not recognizing the USB stick either! Stupid messed up built-for-Windows-95 Laptop02:40
OptiplexGX620Oh hey it really was built for 95; I just took a guess02:41
OptiplexGX620Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! It says "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"!!!02:42
OptiplexGX620Hey, I'll just throw away this piece of junk; totally useless.03:02
dougbi'm on xubuntu 10.04 and i've installed the compizconfig settings manager.  i turned on compositing in the window manager tweaks but they dont seem to be communicating well03:11
dougbi tried enabling effects in the compizconfig and they aren't working03:12
dougbhow do i enable the show all window effect?03:41
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PudabudigadaHello, I'm wondering if anyone can help, my cpu is constantly at 100% even though i'm only using xchat and firefox20:42
Sysiflash websites makes any processor run 100%20:43
Pres-GasPudabudigada, do you have many tabs open and how many of those tabs are running flash?20:43
Pudabudigada3 tabs, one flash20:43
Pres-GasPudabudigada, are you running 64 bit linux?20:44
Pres-Gas...and what is your flash plugin?20:44
Pres-Gas...can you tell we all suspect flash?   ;)20:44
PudabudigadaAdobe (yes I know!)20:44
Pudabudigada32 bit20:44
charlie-tcaclose any terminal open20:45
PudabudigadaProc: Celeron m 2.4Ghz RAM: ~770MB20:45
Pudabudigadano terminals open20:45
* charlie-tca wanted to be different20:46
Pres-Gascharlie-tca, ahh I forgot about that possible bug...or is that confirmed now20:46
charlie-tcaIt is confirmed20:46
Sysiit's maverick only?20:46
charlie-tcaas far as I know20:46
Sysinot supported here :P20:46
charlie-tcabut bugs move, sometimes20:47
Pres-Gas...darn 6 legged things!20:47
knomenot once they're splatted to the wall20:47
PudabudigadaMay have been flash, the meter is now dancing from 40-100%20:47
Sysiif you're using "system monitor", it can use 30%20:47
Pres-GasPudabudigada, what is the output of "free -m"?20:48
Pres-Gas770 megs of ram these days is slim even with a light distro20:48
PudabudigadaKilled system monitor, now it's at 40-50%20:48
Pudabudigadafree -m gives:20:49
Pudabudigadapudabudigada@pudabudigada-laptop:/$ free -m20:49
Pudabudigada             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached20:49
PudabudigadaMem:           685        504        180          0         35        24520:49
Pudabudigada-/+ buffers/cache:        223        46220:49
PudabudigadaSwap:          528          0        52820:49
Pudabudigadawhich is at odds with what my monitor says20:50
Pudabudigadait says 223 used20:50
knome!pastebin | Pudabudigada20:50
ubottuPudabudigada: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:50
Pres-GasWell, he is not swapping/paging....20:50
PudabudigadaThe odd thing is that with no more flash it works, but it runs youtube fine20:51
PudabudigadaThough i was here: ashens.com20:51
Pudabudigadaby 'works' mean low cpu usage20:52
Pudabudigadaseems flash is the culprit, just youtube pushes the cpu monitor to 95%20:59

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