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pooliehi spiv01:28
spivHi poolie01:30
pooliehow are you?01:30
spivPretty good, codebrowse now appears to generate OOPSes :)01:33
pooliegreat :)01:33
poolienow we just need to stop it generating oopses :)01:33
poolieso we're half done?01:33
spivAnd tell the OOPS reports infrastructure about them, apparently, but yes :)01:34
spivAt least it gives a slightly less ugly page now, even if the reports aren't visible to devs yet :)01:34
lifelessspiv: are you going to drive this through to conclusion?01:37
lifelessspiv: if not, please be sure to handover clearly so I or someone else can01:37
spivlifeless: I just sent a mail to matsubara01:37
spivlifeless: (who finally replied to my mail to him from weeks ago :/)01:37
james_wrenames + bzr-builddeb are starting to get really hairy01:45
james_wwell, they've always been hairy, I'm just starting to realise :-)01:45
lifelessjames_w: lol, yes.01:45
james_wwhat we have currently is buggy, and worse, unstable01:45
james_wit might permute the file ids in your tree on every merge01:46
james_wwhich is...not ideal?01:46
lifelessjames_w: it shouldn't do that, I don't think.01:47
lifelessjames_w: at least, the patch I put in had some reasoning about that sort of thing around it.01:47
james_wlifeless: it looks through a number of trees (including itself) and if the path has a different id in any tree then it will switch it01:48
james_wso it won't reach a steady state if there are two trees that continue to differ on path2id for a particular path01:49
lifelessit switches? I thought it took the incoming id01:49
lifelessbecause the incoming is 'upstream'01:49
james_wincoming is a list, not a single tree01:49
james_wso I think we may have two things that are currently conflated to unpick01:50
james_wor some earlier assumptions may have to be changed, and it changed to be fewer trees to examine01:50
james_wthere is a "goal tree" that we want to look at01:51
james_wand the old semantics which was "a list of trees that you should re-use ids from for added files"01:51
james_wwhich was added to mainly reduce the conflicts between debian + ubuntu IIRC01:52
james_wfrom something like the parallel import problem01:52
lifelessand upstream vs tarballs02:01
lifelesswe want ids to flow from upstream -> tarball -> debian -> ubuntu02:01
lifelessI think :)02:01
james_wyeah, I think02:01
james_wwe have 3 commands to consider: 1. dh-make 2. import-upstream/merge-upstream 3. import-dsc02:02
james_wdh-make is pretty boring for this, as it just introduces a tarball to a branch, so there is only one source of ids. I just need to check that it will only have a single tree, the upstream tree, and we can ignore it02:03
lifelessjames_w: well02:05
james_wyes, that's a boring case as there is only a single tree02:06
lifelessjames_w: one problem is that dh-make is what folk are pointed at to 'get going', but if their project is in bzr, they should really start from there.02:06
james_wlifeless: dh-make works with existing branches02:06
lifelesscool, my misunderstanding02:06
james_w"if the project is in bzr then start in a branch at the revision corresponding to the release you are packaging"02:07
james_wit just means we can talk about a single command as the starting point02:07
james_wimport-upstream, this has more trees for sure02:08
james_wthere's the existing "pristine tree" and an optional upstream tree02:08
james_wwe don't really care about the packaging tree, except for an instance of the parallel imports problem02:09
james_wif we have an upstream tree then it should be authoritative, otherwise there is just the pristine tree, so there's no issue02:09
james_wthe parallel imports problem is: 1) add a file in the packaging 2) new release contains (just in the tarball) that same path02:10
james_wif we do nothing we get a path conflict, but we can choose to turn that in to a contents conflict if we like02:11
james_wso far so good02:11
james_wimport-dsc is more complicated I think02:11
james_wfirst there are two import_archives done, one for upstream and one for the packaging02:12
james_win command line usage there are few trees02:12
james_wjust the ones you are importing on top of02:12
james_wif we ignore parallel imports then upstream is easy, as there is just the single tree02:13
james_wfor the packaging it may be more tricky, as you have the existing packaging tree, plus the pristine tree you just created02:13
james_wmy guess is that in that case you want the pristine tree to be authoritative02:14
james_wit will have little impact generally02:14
james_whowever, if we ignored parallel imports then if a file migrates from packaging to upstream (no bzr involved) then you can get packaging fileids changing02:15
james_wso far, I think we want 0 or 1 target trees, which are authoritative and we look for renames in etc.02:16
james_wand 0 or 1 opportunity trees which we will take fileids from if we are about to generate one and that tree has the path already02:16
james_wI'm suspicious that doing that will cause some problems, but I don't know what they are right now02:16
james_wwhen the importer use import-dsc, it has access to a lot more trees though, everything for Ubuntu and Debian, past and present02:17
james_wso, we could have 0 or more opportunity trees, and just pass them as that, but as I said, there may be pitfalls there02:18
james_whowever, it may be that we want target trees as well02:18
james_wif not now, then maybe further down the road02:19
james_wI have a feeling that my experiment with rename detection in import-dsc fell down due to something related to that same question02:19
james_wso, what could go wrong with taking fileids from another tree, rather than generating them?02:20
james_wwe would have to ensure that the ids weren't duplicates within our tree02:20
james_wobviously it can associate files with different "identities", but that's a risk that is outweighed by the benefits IMO02:21
james_wI can't really see any other issues02:22
james_wif there is a target tree, now or later, then it will override, so that would get you out of some holes02:23
lifelessI put dup catching code in my patch, fwiw02:23
james_wlifeless: well, I spent the morning dealing with a crash due to duplicated ids :-)02:23
james_wcoming from a rather odd place though02:24
james_wif upstream renamed a file, then shipped another file at the old path in the tarball that wasn't in the branch, the code would use the same id for both02:24
james_wwhen may we want target trees in import-dsc?02:26
james_wmaybe when we detect e.g. a merge from debian->ubuntu02:27
lifelessjames_w: hang on, I fixed that exact same bug 3-4 months back02:27
lifelessjames_w: with test.02:27
james_wI can see we may later when it knows about upstream trees and tries to guess how to graft them on02:28
lifelessjames_w: this sounds like a regression02:28
james_wlifeless: I think it was the other way round, where it renamed on top of another file02:28
lifelessoh, perhaps its a variation on the theme.02:28
james_wbug 58806002:29
ubot5`Launchpad bug 588060 in bzr-builddeb "unversioned executability issue, perhaps in builddeb (affected: 2, heat: 7)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58806002:29
james_wah, no, you fixed rename and replace with a versioned file02:30
james_wI just extended it to unversioned02:30
* james_w gets to work implementing the above02:31
spivHmm, yo yo internet for me today.03:17
james_wnight all03:54
poolienight james03:55
jamhey poolie I have a question for you04:32
jamI had a question about async/sync feedback of the spawned process. I have all the connections working and "bzr log bzr+ssh://" is working, but it ends up hanging because Twisted needs to know when the process ends04:47
jamanyway, I'll try to write something up04:47
* jam goes to play the new Metroid04:47
pooliehi jam05:21
pooliejam, can you point me to your code?05:21
vilahi all !07:55
vilapoolie: see late comment on your ui mp08:01
poolievila i'm just trying a side branch towards testing these things from scriptrunners08:01
pooliebit of a distraction but nice if we can do it, from the point of view of testable examples08:01
vilasure thing08:01
vilaI'm feeling more and more inclined to write 'bzr config'...08:02
pooliearguably the 'all the configs we have open' should be semi-global state08:03
poolieperhaps in this context object robert wanted08:03
poolievila, oh, what would it do? just be a command to set state?08:03
vilapoolie: explore the active configs for wt/branch/repo/nothing (revealing the overrides) and set one config var08:04
vilaor *unset* one !08:04
pooliecould be good08:06
pooliewhat are you going to do today?08:06
vilafinish submitting proposal for bug #323111 and then... setup a proper TODO list08:07
ubot5`Launchpad bug 323111 in Bazaar "Cannot delete directory with ignored files (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32311108:07
pooliei mention script runners because even when i intentionally change uncommit's confirmation string, it still passes its tests :/08:07
poolieoh, yay08:07
vilaurgh, how come ?08:08
poolieit seems that aspect is not tested08:09
pooliei would guess because it's a bit too hard to write good tests for user confirmation08:10
pooliespiv, where was that testdoc script?08:10
vilahe he :) :-| :-/08:10
poolievila, so fwiw it fails because scripts run with a TestUIFactory whose stdin is connected to a (probably empty) stringio08:23
* vila shudders... almost all transform tests force the format to be dirstate-with-subtree, I wonder what consequences it has on coverage :-/08:23
pooliewould it be reasonable to arrange for them to pull lines from the script? maybe so08:23
poolieperhaps only for tests that specifically want this?08:24
vilaerr, did you try adding '< y' lines ?08:24
vilaif the script provides no input, that should be an empty stringio, but if it does... it should be respected08:24
vilahmm, ok, I overreacted, half of them only force the format :-/08:25
pooliestill, would be good to separate it out08:26
poolieat least to an abstract "a format with subtrees"08:26
pooliewe could grep for more tests like that08:26
vilayup, or put them under.. per_workingtree08:26
vilaoh wait, there may be some there already so probably they *are* tested indirectly08:27
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poolieactually it's better than i thought08:27
poolieit complains the string is missing a newline08:27
pooliewhich it is08:27
pooliebut it seems easy to make it tolerate that08:27
pooliebut now i really need to go08:27
vilascript error reporting needs some love, iirc I needed a trick to produce correct line numbers for embedded strings08:28
pooliejust getting a diff across the whole script might help08:30
pooliesometimes the one line it complains about is not very obvious08:30
pooliematcher might help08:30
vilamatchers... yeah, I should *really* start using them :-/08:30
poolienot so hard08:32
pooliejust need to change your habit08:32
poolieoh, and we need to convert some existing utilities08:32
vilaoh, I'm fully convinced :)08:33
vilaIt's just that I keep forgetting ;)08:33
bialixvila, poolie: re https://code.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/ui-factory/+merge/3495608:36
bialixwhat qbzr should be aware of?08:36
vilabialix: the new ui.confirm_action() method, that's the point of the mp08:37
bialixmy brain is slightly slow this morning08:37
vilabialix: may be you should read it, or at least the comments08:38
vilabialix: the question is: 'what impact would it have on qbzr if any' to add a new ui method08:38
bialixok, IIUC qbzr should override this method, right?08:39
vilabialix: if you want to decorate it yes, otherwise it will fallback to get_boolean08:39
bialixas I remember we already using our own ui class, so we just need to override that method here08:39
bialixthe good example is quncommit08:40
vilabialix: yeah, I think it's enough, I was worried about a case where you override confirm_action and not get_boolean, but that doesn't make sense I think08:41
bialixit has the custom asker08:41
bialixno, I really feel stupid today, wait a sec08:41
vilamy concern was: are we introducing a new method that suddenly will prompt from the console ?08:42
bialixmy answer based on the link above: no, we have implementation for get_boolean08:43
bialixwe == qbzr08:43
vilabut since the implementation use get_boolean, I think it was silly. Now, if we make confirm_action depends on config variables... there may be other concerns like: always ask when using GUI, respect config var from command line08:43
bialixvila: how well bzt-gtk will behave I don't know08:43
vila& respect config var from command line *otherwise*08:44
bialix"I think it was silly" -- I don't understand08:44
bialixwhich one config var from command-line?08:44
vilaI think *I* was silly, my concern was silly08:44
vilaconfirm_action use a confirmation_id the plan is to map it to a config var08:45
bialixso, your concern about our inability to handle get_boolean was wrong, right? ok08:45
vilaso, for uncommit, the default will still be to ask the user, but *I* will be able to set it from a config file to say: 'hey, I just the command, stop asking will you ?'08:46
vilabialix: yes08:46
vilaso, for uncommit, the default will still be to ask the user, but *I* will be able to set it from a config file to say: 'hey, I just typed the command, stop asking will you ?'08:46
bialixso, your concern about our inability to handle get_boolean was wrong, right? ok, when user can override any config parameter from command-line in the universal way? that would be great08:46
bialixthe last message messed up08:47
bialixsomething wrong with chatzilla08:47
bialixwill we have an universal way to override any config option from command line, like hg?08:48
vilabialix: you mean:<vila> I'm feeling more and more inclined to write 'bzr config'... ?08:49
vila<poolie> vila, oh, what would it do? just be a command to set state?08:49
vila<vila> poolie: explore the active configs for wt/branch/repo/nothing (revealing the overrides) and set one config var08:49
vila<vila> or *unset* one !08:49
bialixvila: no, like this: `bzr uncommit --config "bazaar.conf:uncomiit_dont_ask_me = True"08:50
vilabialix: no like -obzrlib.lock.break=y08:50
bialixhg allows user to provide config settings for *current* coimmand08:50
bialixthe latter is fine too08:51
vilabialix: see bug #<that one, thanks ubottu>08:51
bialixubottu, don't sleep, read vila's mind, please08:51
vilabug #49119608:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 491196 in Bazaar "want a way to set configuration options from the command line (affected: 3, heat: 16)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49119608:52
vilayeah, -O not -o08:52
bialixyeah, rocks08:53
vilabialix: just metoo it will you ? :D08:53
bialixbug 63424009:04
ubot5`Launchpad bug 634240 in Bazaar Explorer "Initializing colocated branch fails. (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63424009:04
bialixsignature of set_reference was changed in 2.2? but news has no mention of it09:04
bialixvila: you merged taht patch from jelmer09:11
bialixit has no news09:11
vilapatches welcome :)09:11
bialixrevno 5050.115.5809:11
bialixin trunk09:12
bialixthe train is already left the station09:12
bialixwho want patches now?09:12
vilaall the people ready to fall in the same trap09:12
vilabialix: I can't find this revno, revid ?09:13
bialixsorrrrrrrrrry, it's revno in 2.2 branch09:14
bialixit was possible to avoid compatibility break here, but anyway, the train is already left09:15
bialixsorry for the rant09:15
vilabialix: right, I reviewed it and rely on bzr-loom to catch compatibility issues so I missed this one :-/09:18
vilabialix: is that a problem for bzr-explorer only or are there other colo related plugins that will suffer from it09:19
bialixI'm not sure yet, I need to check bzr-colo plugin itself09:19
vilabialix: did you find this by running a test suite or manually ?09:19
vilabialix: underlying question: can we automate something to detect such problems in the future ?09:20
bialixuser filed bug report09:20
bialixvila: perhaps09:20
bialixthis specific bug -- yes, it's possible to create at least blackbox test for explorer09:21
vilaOn the positive side, it's more instance satisfying the rule: any bug is a missing test :)09:21
bialixwill do while I will be fixing this particular bug09:21
vilabialix: thanks09:21
bialixvila: tests rock, yes, but gosh, it tends to steal too much time09:22
vilabialix: as do bugs09:22
bialixbzr-colo seems not affected, Neil has 2 code paths for 2.1 and 2.209:23
spivHmm, the per_tree/test_list_files.py tests could use some refactoring (and many more cases)09:26
* vila grumbles: stupid emacs can't be spawned from xchat to open spiv links09:27
* vila get away from copy/pasted test code in disgust :(09:28
vilaspiv: from future import BB:approve :)09:28
spivvila: hah09:29
spivSomething to try forget about over the weekend and tackle on Monday, perhaps :)09:30
spivvila: have a good weekend :)09:30
vilaspiv: you too !09:30
spivAlso, I'm enjoying the new --format=shiny I added to lp:testdoc09:30
vilaspiv: wow, yummy !09:34
vilaspiv: did you try that on the bzr test suite ?09:35
bialixvila: from past import brlib-2.1 :-P09:39
* bialix hides09:39
vilabialix: you're so last century :-p09:39
bialixI'm tired to fix bugs every time some lib updated it's version09:40
bialixand, yes, I'm09:40
jdobrienI am having a problem in maverick with bzr11:24
jdobrienpqm-submit is broken now11:24
jdobrienwhich...I need :)11:24
=== mthaddon changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: poolie | Release Manager: jam | bzr 2.2.0 is officially out | patches welcome: http://webapps.ubuntu.com/employment/canonical_BSE/
GaryvdMjdobrien: What error are you getting11:26
jdobrienException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'close'" in <bound method SmartSSHClientMedium.__del__ of SmartSSHClientMedium(bzr+ssh://None@bazaar.ubunet/)> ignored11:26
jdobrienException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'close'" in <function terminate at 0x17088c0> ignored11:26
jdobriensorry for the paste11:26
GaryvdMjdobrien: Seeing If I can reproduce11:27
lifelessI'm just droppng by after cleaning teeth :P11:28
lifeless2.2.1 fixes this11:28
jdobrienGaryvdM, this is with the latest from bzr11:28
jdobrienGaryvdM, sorry. i mean latest maverick11:28
lifelessit shouldn't be harmful for pqm-submit though, just noisy.11:28
* lifeless waves bai11:28
jdobrienGaryvdM, oh fiddle-dee dee, lifeless is right. it's still working11:29
jdobriennow i have queued my job many times :)11:29
jmlI've got a bunch of checkouts in a directory, and I'd like to quickly get some information about their diff from trunk12:25
jmlessentially, I want to do "bzr di -r submit: $checkout | wc -l" for each of them12:26
jmlis there a plugin for this12:26
spivjml: not that I know of12:51
spivvila: yes, I added --format=shiny to testdoc because I wanted a quick and easy way to get a sense of the tests that were already in a module12:51
jmlspiv, thanks.12:51
jmlI hope vila's bzr-gardener is released someday soon.12:51
spivAlthough I did try it out on bzrlib/tests/test_*.py, and it looked... shiny.  Bit long, though ;)12:51
vilajml: shudder, me too12:51
vilajml: but it's in the front of my mind I swear12:52
vilajml: I even have an emacs opened with an unfinished line of code :-/12:52
vilaspiv: is it visible somehwere ?12:53
spivvila: it's visible in your very own terminal!  testdoc --format=shiny bzrlib/tests/test_*.py12:55
vilaspiv: hehe, the next question would have been: 'or is there a one-liner ?' :-D12:55
spivvila: it's pretty simple tool.12:56
vilaspiv: hmpf, attributes... emacs.raise ENOTIMPLEMENTED13:10
vilaha, works better in terminal.... reminds me of gentoo :-P13:11
vilaspiv: err, some text is barely readable, is that deliberate ?13:12
vilaspiv: things like: From Unicode String Ascii Contents13:12
vila    From Unicode Deprecated13:12
vila    From Unicode String Unicode Contents13:12
vila    From Utf8 String13:12
vila    None13:12
vilaare in so grey so light... it's white :)13:13
vilaspiv: [37;1m13:13
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spivvila: my terminal has a dark background.13:37
spivvila: patches welcome!13:37
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allenapMemoryTree has no revert() method, WorkingTree does. Does anyone know if this is this intentional or a defect? I tried, briefly, to use TestCaseWithMemoryTree in some Tarmac tests, but Tarmac relies quite heavily on revert. I wondered if I should file a bug.16:18
mgzthis... rings a bell16:18
* mgz seaches list archives16:19
mgzabout merge rather than revert, but "MemoryTrees aren't a complete16:21
mgzemulation of a WorkingTree16:21
mgzseems relevent.16:22
mgzfile a bug maybe?16:22
jelmeralennap: revert and merge both use treetransform underneath16:23
allenapmgz: If MemoryTree is not intended as a full emulation of WorkingTree then that's enough. I might file a bug to update the docstring though.16:24
james_wjelmer: revert doesn't does it?16:24
jelmerjames_w: it does, WorkingTree.revert() calls out to bzrlib.transform.revert which uses TreeTransform16:26
allenapjelmer: I don't have any experience with treetransform. I am fairly inexperienced with bzrlib on the whole. Are you suggesting that I could perform a revert on a MemoryTree using treetransform?16:30
bialixGaryvdM: ping16:33
jelmerallenap: Aaron's saying in that email that merge doesn't work for memory tree because there are alternatives (PreviewTree, TransformPreview) for treetransform on memorytree. I merely wanted to clarify that that goes for revert, too.16:33
bialixGaryvdM: what is your mind on bug #614123?16:33
ubot5`Launchpad bug 614123 in QBzr 0.19 "Model tests not testing correctly (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61412316:33
allenapjelmer: Okay, cool :) Thank you.16:34
jelmerallenap: Unless you can use PreviewTree/TransformPreview in the code too, it's probably not possible to use TestCaseWithMemoryTree I guess. Perhaps Aaron has suggestions.16:34
allenapmgz: Thank you too.16:34
allenapjelmer: I'm okay doing without TestCaseWithMemoryTree. The test suite is fairly small for Tarmac and will remain so for a long while I would imagine, so using on-disk trees is fine for now.16:37
jelmerallenap: if you're used to the launchpad testsuite everything is fast and small ;-)16:38
allenapjelmer: Dead right :)16:38
james_wjelmer: huh, I thought it was implemented separately, thanks16:40
jelmerit's quite elegant the way it's done.16:41
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mgzgra, annoying bugs.17:07
mgzerm... jelmer, the email I just sent you probably comes off rather too snarky. what I meant was saying "Don't Do That Then" doesn't seem to be an effective stratgey to dealing with cross platform issues17:11
jelmermgz: It didn't come across as particularly snarky but thanks anyway :-)17:25
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mgzis launchpad ignoring email from jam? I see a couple of messages from him that launchpad still doesn't have.18:11
mgzeg, https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/323111-backup-names/+merge/3510918:11
vilamgz: yeah, he voted but forgot to sign and I reply to the mp...18:13
vilamgz: so launchpad refused his email, but *I* only commented so no sig required18:14
vilaurgh, hopefully the spammers don't read this channel :-}18:15
cody-somervillevila, if not, I'm sure they google for "hopefully the spammers don't read this" ;p18:25
vilacody-somerville: ouch: About 794,000 results (0.22 seconds)18:26
vilacody-somerville: dood luck to them :-D18:26
vilaghadd good luck, pff, bad luck yeah18:26
mgzvila, have we got a bug about the babune random failure on bzrlib.tests.per_transport.TransportTests.test_readv_with_adjust_for_latency(HttpTransport_urllib,HTTPSServer_urllib) ?18:28
vilamgz: spiv filed on upstream18:28
vilamgz: you're talking about the https specific one right ?18:28
mgzlooks like it.18:28
vilawhere we get some attribute missing instead of EBADF ?18:30
vilamgz: there is also the infamous error: Socket is closed in lib/python/paramiko/channel.py", line 787, in sendall_stderr18:33
vilaI don't know if we have a bug filed for that, but ISTR that we catch OSError when we should catch socket.error somewhere...18:34
mgzspiv got that one too though, right? (provided paramiko ever releases a new version)18:34
vilano, spiv patch is about IPV4 IPV618:35
vilathe one I mentioned doesn't make any test fail, just a spurious traceback18:35
vilafrom a private paramiko thread or do you I mix several ones... haaa, I need to finish something else first :)18:36
* mgz stops distracting vila18:36
* vila is sure mgz has better things to do :-P18:37
mgzthat is also true... :P18:37
GaryvdMmgz: How much do you know about building vsproj?18:41
GaryvdMI got an error building tortoisebzr, which I've know idea how to fix :-(18:41
GaryvdMBut I restared my vm, as I'll only be able to pastebin error in about 5 min18:42
mgznot much unfortunately, I'm not up to date on the tooling changes18:42
GaryvdMHe - I'm sure you know more than me :-)18:43
mgzpaste it when you've got it and I'll see if I can help18:43
GaryvdMOk thanks18:44
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mgz12448KB    31KB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream <- what the hell bzr, this is a one rev change on top of the very latest bzr.dev18:57
mgzpushing that shouldn't require more than 10MB download18:58
beunomaybe it's packing18:58
mgzI'd really rather it didn't.18:59
GaryvdMbeuno: Packing on a pull should not result in extra data being downloaded.19:00
GaryvdMIt dose though on push to a dumb transport.19:00
GaryvdMmgz: bzr+ssh or http?19:00
mgzlp: so should be the former, right?19:01
GaryvdMOnly if launchpad-login is set19:01
mgzit wouldn't let me push to lp:~gz without.19:01
mgzdammit! it's that same bug I hit before19:02
mgzwhat was the workaround...19:02
mgz(interrupted the first push because it was going sloooow/hung, and trying again does "fetch up to rev {None}")19:03
mgz..delete branch via webinterface then push again19:04
GaryvdMmgz: Oh - this is a push, not a pull19:04
GaryvdMmgz: did it say it was stacking?19:05
mgzyeah, but this bug makes it re-download the entire repo. I'd just forgotten I'd done the exact same thing before.19:05
mgz...in April.19:06
GaryvdMvcbuild.exe : error VCBLD0004: Project 'c:\bzr_inst_build\bzr-windows-installers\build-win32\tortoisebzr\bzr-2.2\shellext\tbzrshellext.vcproj' does not contain a configuration called 'Release|x64'.19:09
GaryvdMmgz: ^ and ideas?19:09
mgzokay, that sounds pretty straightforward19:10
mgzpresumably the vsproj file really doesn't contain an x64 release config19:10
* GaryvdM checks19:11
mgzso, either the switch /p:Configuration="Release";Platform="x64" needs changing19:11
mgzor the project file needs to grow an x64 section19:11
GaryvdMIt dose have the x64 platform in the .vcproj19:14
GaryvdMI think the problem my be that I only have 32bit windows :-(19:14
GaryvdMI think it tries to build 32bit and 64bit versions of the shellext19:15
GaryvdMLet me try figure out how to disable the 64 bit version build.19:16
beunonew bzr error for me:19:52
beunobeuno@beuno-laptop:~/canonical/ubunet/trunk/sourcecode/funambol_cared$ bzr up19:52
beunobzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('unversioned parent', 'new-8005'), ('versioning no contents', 'new-8004'), ('versioning no contents', 'new-8008')]19:52
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vilabeuno: ouch, sry I was afk (dinner and cooking, yes in that order), did you manage to sort it out ?21:46
beunovila, hi!21:47
vilabeuno: 1) malformed transform is only raised for *bugs*21:47
beunoI poked it at until it went away21:47
beunoreverted, updated, yelled21:47
beunonot sure how I can report this, if it was a bug21:47
vilait would be nice if you had a recipe to reproduce21:47
vilabeuno: it probably involve setting the same branches/checkout at some revisions... Did you had uncommitted changes ?21:48
vilabeuno: what kind of wt was it ? branch, checkout, light/heavy, bound branch ?21:49
vilabeuno: may be just attaching a good chunk of your .bzr.log could be a good start and shouldn't require too much time21:50
vilabeuno: poking at that we may have direct answers or more precise questions21:50
vilavila: I try to summarize my thoughts quickly because I won't be long ;)21:51
fullermdIf you have to summarize your thoughts to yourself, I think you WON'T be long   :p21:55
beunovila, I can do that21:58
beunothe branch is ~1gb21:58
beunofrom a private project21:58
beunoI'll file a bug with logs21:59
beunoand we can take it from there21:59
vilabeuno: wfm22:08
vilafullermd: My thoughts are currently focused on my cooking (which I'm not sure you will be offered to taste now (which you will, I'm sure, deeply regret :-P) and let me assure you it smells already very good) and that, trust me, just can't be summarized, no matter how long you thought about it :-D Now go check the parenthesis, summary ! Ha !22:12
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