afinkhey guys I am trying to install a .bin file I know it should just be ./install.bin....I already made it executable.  but I get directory not found.  any ideas?00:10
e_t_afink: try "sh install.bin"00:12
afinkoh yeah...duh.  weird...got Syntax error: "(" unexpected00:14
macosounds like a bug in the .bin but... maybe are you sure it should be sh?00:14
macosh is dash on ubuntu00:14
macotry with bash00:14
afinkmust be a bug00:15
e_t_Does the error specify a line number? If so, you may be able to open the file in your favorite editor and correct it.00:17
afinkno I wish it did00:17
afinkits sugarcrm00:17
afinkits binary so I don't think I can00:18
e_t_You're downloading the Fastrack version?00:19
afinkya needed a test in a hurry00:23
afinkI was trying to get something setup for a meeting tomorrow morning00:23
afinkthanks guys00:24
e_t_grab apache and php from repos and unzip the zip file (top of download page) to /var/www00:24
afinkya...it works better for multiple instances too...I will later time to smoke right now.00:26
OptiplexGX620I did something really dumb... I deleted my current window list at the bottom panel; so when I minimize a windows I can't get it back00:39
OptiplexGX620How do I get the widget or whatever it is back?00:39
e_t_Alt+tab should still show the windows. Also, the taskbar is just a Plasma widget that you should be able to add back to the panel.00:40
OptiplexGX620Yeah, it's a wdget called Task Manager00:41
dk12548i was on gde. then i installed kubuntu. i was able to go to ubuntu and kubuntu both for some time but now whenever i run linux kubuntu automatically runs pls help00:44
dk12548:( also when i use logout. it doesnt turn off the cpu. only display is turned off00:45
illunatic hawkI thank you, sir. i just reinstalled kubuntu heh00:56
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e_t_dk12548: you can install the package "ubuntu-default-settings", which should change the boot splash, login screen, and default window manager.00:59
dk12548ohh kkk e_t_ i am trying and will give you response in a while01:00
dk12548e_t_:  i am not able to install that pls tell me how can i install it01:05
e_t_Do you know how to open a terminal window?01:06
dk12548yes i know that01:06
e_t_OK. Open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-default-settings"01:07
e_t_It will ask for your password.01:07
dk12548E: Couldn't find package ubuntu-default-settings01:08
dk12548it is giving this error01:08
e_t_Hmm. Try "sudo apt-get update".01:09
e_t_It completed without errors?01:09
dk12548its saying to hit some email addresses01:10
e_t_Try the first command again.01:12
dk12548same error e_t_01:12
dk12548unable to find the package.:(01:13
dk12548cant i restore the whole thing back01:13
e_t_What do you mean restore the whole thing?01:14
dk12548i mean when i was on windows and something gone bad then i used to restore my whole computer to previous times01:16
dk12548as if it was in that time.01:16
dk12548its called time machine in mac01:16
e_t_Well, you *can* do that, but there's no need, not for this.01:16
dk12548ohhhhhhhh really, actually my logon screen is not displayed01:17
e_t_We'll try something different. Type "cd /etc/X11"01:17
dk12548ok then01:17
e_t_Now "cat default-display-manager" and tell me what it says.01:18
e_t_OK. That's regular Ubuntu's display manager. When you start the computer, does it come up to a login screen or just to a terminal login?01:21
dk12548niether of them bro. when i start my pc kubuntu comes.01:21
dk12548no logon screen is displayed01:21
dk12548it used to display the logon screen for some days01:22
e_t_Do you have auto-login enabled?01:22
dk12548i dont know that01:22
dk12548please tell me brother01:22
e_t_Let's check. Open System Settings and find the Login Screen option. It will be in the advanced tab if you're using <KDE
EagleScreen_so.. do you want to convert all to Kubuntu?01:26
EagleScreen_what is the problem?01:26
dk12548i opened system settings but there is no login screen option in that01:28
e_t_Did you look for an advanced tab?01:29
dk12548EagleScreen_: i am not able to see the logon screen01:29
EagleScreen_dk12548: what are you trying to do?01:29
EagleScreen_what happens when you close your session?01:30
dk12548it turns off my display, but my cpu is not turned off01:30
dk12548e_t_:  hey it shows an option of login manager01:31
EagleScreen_dk12548: be sure you have got kdm installed01:31
dk12548what is kdm?01:31
EagleScreen_KDE Display Manager01:31
EagleScreen_you are using gdm (the Gnome one) right now01:31
e_t_Login manager might be it.01:31
dk12548i am in kdm01:31
EagleScreen_default.display-manager says /usr/sbin/gdm01:32
EagleScreen_run sudo aptitude install kdm01:32
dk12548ok just a moment EagleScreen_01:32
EagleScreen_if it is already installed, run: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm, and select kdm instead of gdm as default01:33
dk12548k its done EagleScreen_01:33
EagleScreen_dk12548: are you in lucid?01:33
dk12548yes EagleScreen_01:33
EagleScreen_which graphics crad?01:34
dk12548nvdia 8400 gs01:34
dk12548but EagleScreen_ my problem is that i am not able to see the logon screen01:35
EagleScreen_your X seerver may be crashing when you go to KDM01:35
dk12548i used to see it till two days before01:35
EagleScreen_and what did you do?01:36
EagleScreen_what did you chnage?01:36
dk12548i dont remember just installed compiz01:36
EagleScreen_compiz in KDE?01:36
EagleScreen_that is absurd01:36
dk12548no actually i installed it in gde01:36
EagleScreen_in Gnome01:37
EagleScreen_and two days before you saw KDM property?01:37
dk12548but i configed it in kde01:37
dk12548no i didnt know about it till today01:37
EagleScreen_use compiz in KDE is a bad idea01:38
dk12548oh so what can i do now? i have made changes in compiz while i was on kde01:38
dk12548like i checked the cube option etc01:38
EagleScreen_KDE has it own effects01:39
dk12548cant i restore it EagleScreen_01:39
EagleScreen_may be01:39
EagleScreen_dk12548: have you disabled auto-login yet?01:40
dk12548no, i dont know how to do that :( EagleScreen_01:40
Tejyasnthat's the kubuntu room I remember.01:41
dk12548tell me EagleScreen_ how can i disable auto login?01:41
EagleScreen_dk12548: Systemsettings -> Advanced -> Login Screen01:41
dk12548its nothing called login screen here01:42
dk12548there is a login manager01:42
dk12548should i open it?01:42
EagleScreen_ofcourse open what I said01:43
TejyasnSo, Something happened to my box this last update.  The whole system is nothing but garbage apparently.  On Startup, BIOS loads, then I get the briefest flash of the KUBUNTU blues and then am shunted to "ash" which tells me that no init was found, try passing init=bootarg.01:43
EagleScreen_Tejyasn: it may be a kernel update, did you try another old kernel?01:43
dk12548but its not there01:43
TejyasnI cannot get past the "no init found"01:44
EagleScreen_there isnt Login Screen icon?01:44
EagleScreen_dk12548: let me check01:44
e_t_Open the login manager, just to see.01:44
dk12548ok e_t_01:44
dk12548i have opened it01:45
Tejyasn@EagleScreen_ I have tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu Live-CD and neither of them can either run from CD or Install, I keep getting error messages01:45
e_t_Do you see a tab titled Convenience?01:45
dk12548yes e_t_01:45
e_t_Click on that.01:45
dk12548i have done that01:46
EagleScreen_oh you already were on it!01:46
dk12548but enable auto login check box is not ticked01:46
EagleScreen_dk12548: so you are using gdm istead of kdm?01:47
dk12548no i am on kdm right not01:47
TejyasnWhile I believe I can install windows, then re-install Kubuntu, I would like to save as much of the HDD contents as possible, and windows wants to format.01:47
dk12548tell me something, if autologon is not enabled then where is the problem. why i am not able to see the logon screen01:49
EagleScreen_because you ahve autologin enabled in gdm and you are uding gdm istead of kdm01:49
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dk12548so how can i cure it EagleScreen_01:50
illunaticwhy does asound.state reset it's configuration when i reboot?01:51
DaskreechTejyasn: What's the situation?01:52
dk12548any help?01:52
ErtainHello everyone.  I'm wondering how I can set an audio visualizer as my desktop wallpaper.  Has anyone heard of that or knows how to do it?01:53
Tejyasnheya Daskreech.  I did some patching, according to kpac, just some security updates, and now I can't even boot Kubuntu.  I just get an error message of "no init found.  Try passing init=bootarg"01:53
EagleScreen_dk12548: you must change it in the gdm preferences01:54
dk12548and how can i do that even when i cant login in gdm?01:54
DaskreechErtain: if it's an app just run it as the root window01:54
TejyasnI have tried a live CD of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu, and neither of them can either install fresh or run from CD, both options give me the same error about skipping a certain file set (I can reboot the box and transcribe if asked)01:55
dk12548EagleScreen_:  cant i restore my system back to my privios times?01:55
EagleScreen_dk12548: the easiest way is to change your default display manager to KDM01:55
DaskreechTejyasn: can You get to bustbox?01:55
Tejyasnyes, I am there01:55
Tejyasngah this applet doesn't tab01:55
EagleScreen_dk12548: time machine is not available in Ubuntu, sorry01:55
dk12548ohhhhhhhhh and how can i do that EagleScreen_01:55
DaskreechTejyasn: oh first of all You get the grub menu?01:55
dk12548oh no :(01:56
Daskreechcan You get to the grub menu?01:56
MarkSSI often a window or dialog box up against the top edge of the screen and it will automatically sometimes make it take up the full screen.  How do I disable this feature?01:56
Tejyasnone sec, let me start her up so I can follow along.  I'm not fantastically savy with the software side of things01:56
dk12548i am a windows geek. but lower than a noob in linux:((01:57
Tejyasnok, Daskreech, what is the grub?01:57
dk12548grand unified bootloader01:58
dk12548its a kind of boot manager Tejyasn01:58
DaskreechTejyasn: When you are starting up you get a message saying press Esc to see Grub menu01:58
Daskreechvery early in teh boot. Right after POST01:58
Daskreechcan You press Esc at that point?01:58
Tejyasnumm.. no I don't01:58
DaskreechYou should get a list of options01:59
DaskreechWhat do you see after post?01:59
ErtainHow do I do that, Daskreech?  Is it related to the krunner?01:59
dk12548so cant i repair the whole thing?01:59
TejyasnDaskreech, I go from BIOS load to a brief flash of the kubuntu load screen, then STRAIGHT to "No init found."01:59
dk12548i have a dual boot. i dont want to remove the whole c drive of mine02:00
DaskreechErtain: no the background is a "layer" in X. Esentially a program. You can replace it with any program you like02:00
DaskreechTejyasn: press Esc on the brief Kubuntu Load screen02:00
e_t_Daskreech, with GRUB2, it's the shift key, not Esc. (I think)02:00
Daskreeche_t_: thanks02:00
DaskreechTejyasn: or esc02:00
DaskreechI mean shift02:00
ErtainDaskreech: Do you know how I might do that?  Or what the "program" might be?02:00
Tejyasnwhat I see now is....BusyBox v1.13.3 (Ubuntu 1:1.13.3-1ubuntu11) etc02:01
TejyasnDaskreech, that is like trying to time a button press to lightning..02:01
DaskreechErtain: I don't know if you have a "program" You said that you wanted an audio analyzer as your background. If that audio analysis is a program that you hacen run ten yes you can02:01
Tejyasnit is literally THAT fast02:01
EagleScreen_dk12548: open a terminal02:02
dk12548ok. i opened it02:02
ErtainWell, it's more like an audio visualizer.02:02
EagleScreen_run this command: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm02:02
ErtainI'm using kde4, btw.02:02
EagleScreen_choose kdm02:02
DaskreechTejyasn: :0 Ok02:02
EagleScreen_and reboot02:02
DaskreechTejyasn: can You type ls /dev/sd*02:02
Daskreechdo you get a response?02:02
TejyasnI got the GRUB02:03
dk12548ok i have done that02:03
ErtainWhat I need to do is pipe or move that visualization into the wallpaper/background... thingy.02:03
DaskreechTejyasn: ok great :) is there a menu of options?02:03
dk12548ok EagleScreen_ i will come back in a while02:03
dk12548after rebooting02:03
dk12548but one more problem02:03
DaskreechErtain: how are you getting the visulalization?02:03
TejyasnDaskreech, yes there is, I am guessing a recovery mode one?02:03
dk12548i dont get any option of rebooting02:03
ErtainI think in Audacious.  Though that's just a plugin.02:04
dk12548how can i reboot from cli02:04
DaskreechTejyasn: no that takes you to busybox02:04
DaskreechTejyasn: how many options do you have?02:04
ErtainThere has to be something that can output a song in some window. :-/02:04
DaskreechErtain: likely02:04
illunaticif anyone wants to take a crack at it http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3113610.002:05
TejyasnDaskreech, I have 4 "Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.3x-xx-generic"  and the corresponding four "recovery mode" options, and two for a memory test02:05
EagleScreen_Tejyasn: have you tried all of them?02:06
DaskreechErtain: You can probably ask in #plasma or #kde if you like02:06
TejyasnEagleScreen_, I am afraid to touch anything at this point02:06
DaskreechTejyasn: try the oldest one listed that's not recovery02:07
illunaticTejyasn: don't be afraid. i had to reinstall 4 times yesterday x)02:07
TejyasnDaskreech, I'm blaming you if I catch on fire....02:07
EagleScreen_this is K/Ubuntu guys! it breaks sometimes!02:07
DaskreechEagleScreen_: welcome to having a general purpose OS02:07
illunaticand other times it never works in the first place xD02:07
Tejyasnthis does not look good02:07
ErtainCan do, Daskreech.02:08
Daskreechillunatic: welcome to Linux in that case :)02:08
EagleScreen_thanks Daskreech02:08
MarkSSFor desktop background, what is the difference between scaled and scaled & cropped?  Which is better?02:08
* Ertain joins plasma02:08
dk12548hi EagleScreen_, same problem again02:08
illunaticbusy today?02:08
DaskreechMarkSS: depends on the wallpaper try both choose the one you like better02:08
MarkSS1920x1200 on a 1980x1080 monitor02:09
EagleScreen_dk12548: so dont use any of them02:09
dk12548no logon screen. one more problem. now on loging me in kde it says that my audio devices are not warking properly02:09
dk12548but there is no option of that02:09
EagleScreen_dk12548: a tipicla bug when you dont use kdm02:09
dk12548what kind of bug?02:10
EagleScreen_so now i think you have changed from kdm to gdm? this is strange02:10
MarkSSIs there a such thing as Kubuntu Software Center?02:10
DaskreechTejyasn: what's happening ?02:10
DaskreechMarkSS: strictly speaking no02:10
dk12548no i am still on kdm02:10
EagleScreen_dk12548: kdm and kde are not the same02:10
dk12548ohhhhhhhhh, what is kdm??02:10
TejyasnDaskreech, the one with the Billy Mays speak says "/dev/sda1: unexpected inconsistency; run fsck manually02:11
dk12548k desktop environment?02:11
EagleScreen_KDM = KDE Display Manager; KDE = KDE Desktop Enviroment02:11
Tejyasnthen there is a mountall; fsck / [2769] terminated with status 402:11
EagleScreen_KDM launches KDE, Gnome or any other Desktop Enviroment02:11
DaskreechTejyasn: oh Ok that's better. your file system got corrupted .. somehow02:11
DaskreechOh that's not as good02:12
Tejyasnthat happens on linux?  I thought that is why I ran away from windows?02:12
DaskreechTejyasn: have a live CD ? or USB?02:12
dk12548ohhhhh but isnt there gdm to lauch gde? EagleScreen_02:12
Tejyasnummm.. what about "mountall: Filesystem has errors: /"?02:12
TejyasnI have tried live CD, it's no help...02:12
dk12548i mean how can kdm launch gde?02:13
Tejyasnunless you have a trick...02:13
EagleScreen_dk12548: both: GDM and KDM can launch both: Gnome & KDE02:13
DaskreechTejyasn: what does that mean?02:13
EagleScreen_dk12548: I ma not sure which one are you using right now..02:13
TejyasnDaskreech, I cannot install or run kubuntu from the CD02:13
EagleScreen_dk12548: uninstall gdm or both of them, kdm and gdm02:13
dk12548oh, isnt there any command02:13
dk12548oh ok02:14
TejyasnI get errorsm one's a glib02:14
DaskreechTejyasn: on the CD ?02:14
EagleScreen_dk12548: sudo aptitude remove gdm02:14
EagleScreen_and reboot02:14
Tejyasnlet me call them up and transcribe...02:14
* Daskreech raises eyebrow02:14
dk12548k wait a moment i am doing that02:14
TejyasnDaskreech, want me to try installing or running?02:15
TejyasnI am on the liveCD02:15
DaskreechTejyasn: running02:15
TejyasnRunni ng it is02:15
Daskreechpress F602:15
Tejyasnpressed, I have options02:15
DaskreechYou should get a long list of things at the bottom of the screen02:16
Daskreechthat ends with a  --02:16
DaskreechYou can use the left/right arrows and traverse it02:16
TejyasnVERY long02:16
Daskreechok at the end BEFORE the -- put the word single02:16
Daskreechthen run the live CD02:17
Tejyasnafter splash?02:17
Tejyasnso single -- ?02:17
Tejyasnok... running02:17
* Daskreech waits anxiously02:18
Tejyasnok.. lets try his again, making sure "single" is written in.02:18
DaskreechNo what happened?02:18
elijahHow does KDESudo differ from sudo02:18
elijahDaskreech: Hia02:19
Daskreechelijah: it's tuned for Gui elements which can touch more files than a command line client will02:19
elijahDaskreech: thx02:20
* Tejyasn` grumbles02:21
Tejyasn`it's actually loading..02:21
Tejyasn`@Daskreech I have a desktop!02:22
dk12548ok EagleScreen_ thanks. now i can  seee the login screen but still my second problem persist02:22
Daskreech:-) Dirty CDs are the bane of my now floppy less exsistence02:22
DaskreechTejyasn`: Bleah :)02:22
Daskreechok open a Konsole02:22
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dk12548when i logout. it simply show a black screen02:22
dk12548it doesnt logout me :(02:23
DaskreechTejyasn`: ls /dev/sd*02:23
Tejyasn`Daskreech, there is a shiny penny in it for you of I don't have to re-install my drivers XD02:23
EagleScreen_dk12548: can you read anything in the black screen?02:23
Tejyasn`or my unending graditude and the name of my first child.. <_<02:23
Daskreech!paste | Tejyasn`02:24
ubottuTejyasn`: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:24
dk12548no there is nothing just the cursor keep on blinking EagleScreen_02:24
Tejyasn`umm.. there is only one line "/dev/sda    /dev/sda1   /dev/sda2   /dev/sda5"02:25
EagleScreen_dk12548: and how do you return to the Desktop?02:26
DaskreechTejyasn`: Oh the only thing on this computer is Linux?02:26
dk12548i restared my computer manually02:26
Tejyasn`I am using another computer to talk to y'all02:26
DaskreechI realise02:26
EagleScreen_dk12548: next time try Ctrl + Alt + Del02:26
Daskreechbut that computer doesn't have windows etc ?02:26
DaskreechEagleScreen_: I think that's disabled02:27
dk12548to restant?02:27
DaskreechTejyasn`: Ok try sudo fsck /dev/sda[15]02:27
Tejyasn`can do02:27
Daskreechactually type in [15]02:27
Tejyasn`fsck [space] /dev?02:28
DaskreechTejyasn`: space yes02:28
dk12548EagleScreen_:  strl+alt+del for restart?02:28
EagleScreen_dk12548: yes, Ctrl + Alt + Del02:28
dk12548EagleScreen_:  ok but what about the problem?02:29
dk12548i am not able to logout02:29
EagleScreen_dk12548: I think your X server is crashing when you logout02:29
dk12548oh what is an X server?02:29
EagleScreen_dk12548: not sure if compiz or whatever you installed is the cause02:29
EagleScreen_your X server is the software which allow KDE, Gnome and so to run02:30
dk12548hmmmm ubuntu people should include time machine :(02:30
EagleScreen_yes, they should02:30
dk12548oh ok EagleScreen_02:30
Tejyasn`Daskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491345/02:30
EagleScreen_dk12548: do you plan to use Gnome again?02:30
dk12548so what i should do for that02:31
dk12548yes of course02:31
Daskreechdk12548: Your X server provides you windows and mouse control02:31
dk12548i want both desktops02:31
EagleScreen_dk12548: at least try uninstalling compiz02:31
Tejyasn`that does not look healthy02:31
dk12548ok EagleScreen_02:31
DaskreechTejyasn`: no that's fine02:31
dk12548and how?02:31
Daskreechyou can't fsck swap02:31
Daskreechso it's telling you that02:31
EagleScreen_dk12548: sudo apt-get remove compiz-core02:31
Tejyasn`it's not fscked up?02:32
Tejyasn`sorry.... I saw the pun and had to take it02:32
Daskreechok sudo fsck /dev/sda102:32
illunaticahahaha i fixed my mic02:32
illunaticwasn't plugged in02:32
Daskreechillunatic: whoooot :)02:32
illunatici had to highlight capture in alamixer and press spacebar tho02:32
DaskreechTejyasn`: :-) swap is always fscked up It's supposed to be02:32
illunaticthat was it.02:32
dk12548EagleScreen_: ok i have done it.02:33
dk12548should i try to logout now?02:33
EagleScreen_dk12548: try rebooting02:33
EagleScreen_and logout02:33
elijahHey gang, I am relatively new to Kubuntu and am always getting "The application 'KDE Daemon' has requested to open the wallet 'kdewallet'" when I logon for the first time. This thread is my issue http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1268434.html - I installed wicd like it suggested but it doesn't seem to be replacing network manager with itself and I am still getting the password nag. When installing wicd, it did say I needed to02:34
Tejyasn`Daskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491346/02:35
Tejyasn`I assume yes?02:36
Daskreechlook at the date02:37
Daskreechit thinksthe day is mar 1402:37
Tejyasn`... and it says less than a day?02:38
Tejyasn`so I'll type "n" then02:38
DaskreechTejyasn`: what's it doing now?02:40
Tejyasn`ok... pasting02:40
DaskreechYeah fix that02:41
Tejyasn`Deleted inode 150540 has zero dtime. fix<y>?02:42
Tejyasn`and it fixed three others02:43
* Daskreech brings up having your /home partition away from / at this point02:44
Tejyasn`we'll get to good houskeeping later XD02:44
Tejyasn`ok, long line of fixes, and then "Inode 408290 has a[n] extra size (46933) which is invalid. Fix<y>?"02:46
Tejyasn`that's me fixing the grammar02:46
DaskreechTejyasn`: ha ha submit a patch :002:47
Daskreechyes fix it02:47
Tejyasn`.... I WOULD submit a patch, just for that too...02:47
DaskreechTejyasn`: nothing at all stops you from doing that02:48
Tejyasn`408292 is the same error, fix?02:48
Tejyasn`408295 has imagic flag set. Clear?02:49
Daskreechah,, ummm ... ok sure02:49
Tejyasn`yes or no here....02:49
Tejyasn`should I just fix all extra size errors?02:50
DaskreechI've not heard of the imagic flag before02:51
Tejyasn`well I got another one for ya.  Fixing?02:51
Daskreechbut I've more trust in the fsck fixing code acumen than their grammar02:51
Daskreechyes I'm not sure what it is but I trust they will do the right thing here02:51
Tejyasn`that's a lot of trust02:52
Daskreechthere will be a directory named lost+found with the files that were "fixed" when done so you can go back and second guess them later if you like02:52
Tejyasn`408290 has a bad extended attribute block 188096, Clear?02:53
Tejyasn`oh.. nice...02:53
DaskreechYes you can clear it02:53
=== greyson is now known as kazenin
Tejyasn`wow.. this one is full of win...  408290 i_size is 628684438487780, should be 0, Fix?02:55
* Tejyasn` fixes with a shrug since you can review them later02:56
Tejyasn`Daskreech, what about a compression flag on a filesystem without compression support, clear?02:58
DaskreechTejyasn`: ha ha I know that file02:59
Daskreechclear that02:59
Daskreechyour hard drive got messed up02:59
Tejyasn`looks like it...03:00
Tejyasn`also fixing i_size and i_blocks should be 0 errors..03:00
Tejyasn`and clearing all compression flags, I guess03:00
Tejyasn`ooh.. new one. 408295 has index fl flag but is not a directory,  Clear HTree index?03:01
Daskreechthat would be interesting to play with though :)03:02
Tejyasn`how interesting?03:02
Daskreech I'd keep that and play with it but then that doesn't help you at all03:02
Tejyasn`clear all HTree errors?03:03
* Tejyasn` got another one... <_<03:03
DaskreechIf it's not a directory yes03:03
Tejyasn`they say it's not so...03:03
Tejyasn`and I found illegal blocks too...03:04
Tejyasn`clearing, I assume03:04
DaskreechYou can't do anything with them so yes03:04
Tejyasn`but there are too many illegal blocks, it wants to clear the whole inode...03:04
Daskreechthat might mean file loss but at this point you can go with it03:05
* Tejyasn` winces03:05
Tejyasn`there is nothing I can really do about it, is there?03:05
DaskreechIt's far more likely it's some system file03:05
* Tejyasn` hopes and clears03:06
DaskreechThere is but go with it for now you can rebuild if it's really bad03:06
Tejyasn`what CAN be done, because it just happened again03:06
DaskreechYou can try and move the inodes yourself. You really don't have enough of an idea as to how Linux file systems are organized to make that call03:07
Tejyasn`no I do not..03:07
DaskreechI can assure you that I've only ever had two drastic failures when jsut letting the fsck fix it and both of those the hard drive it self was failing so I can't really blame the file system03:08
DaskreechIt did what it could03:08
Daskreechand I've had to fix dozens of servers and hard drives failing03:08
Tejyasn`... you are failing to inspire me with hope here...03:09
DaskreechIf you really didn't want to agonize over it (I've been where you are) you can pass a -y to fsck03:09
Daskreechand it will fix anything that it thinks is fixable and leave anything that it can't03:09
Daskreechthen you get a glass of water and reboot03:09
Tejyasn`hey... I got to pass203:10
DaskreechTejyasn`: :-)03:11
Daskreechhopefully this should be easierr03:11
Tejyasn`the funny thing is, wine had been giving me issues for a while lately, on the updates side..03:12
Tejyasn`so clearing that, ja?03:13
Daskreechha ok03:13
DaskreechII've not seen one that specific in a while :)03:13
Tejyasn`a plasma-desktop.tmp file sounds safe?03:14
Tejyasn`it's in /tmp03:14
* Tejyasn` just clears unless she feels worried, howabouts?03:15
Tejyasn`ok.. what if it's in /.ecryptfs ?03:16
DaskreechTejyasn`: yes03:16
DaskreechTejyasn`: you can reencrypt as long as you have your password03:17
* Daskreech doesn't like encrypted directories03:17
Tejyasn`which I should have...03:17
DaskreechYou have yours encrypted?03:17
Tejyasn`some... <_<03:18
* Tejyasn` is a privacy nut.. even on her own systems03:18
Daskreechokie :)03:19
Daskreechbut then you have to be careful about backups03:19
Tejyasn`ok.. got to pass 3, where we have "unconnected directory inode 408305 (...) I should connect this to the lost+found, ja?03:19
DaskreechYou can lock yourself out of your own stuff pretty easy with proper encryption03:19
Daskreechand being open source there is no secret backdoor back in03:20
Tejyasn`already done that many a time XD03:20
DaskreechTejyasn`: yep03:20
Tejyasn`Block Bitmap differences need to be fixed?03:21
DaskreechTejyasn`: Ha ha I rely on peole like you03:21
Daskreechsure that shouldn't be an issue of anything03:21
Tejyasn`no you don't... I make multiple hardcopies03:21
Daskreechthat's not what I meant :)03:22
Tejyasn`ok... after a few more bitmap fixes, and some wrong counts... I am back to normal... why do I feel like I just defragged?03:23
Tejyasn`and by normal I mean ubuntu@ubuntu:~$03:23
Tejyasn`oh.. you mean on being really good at breaking things?03:24
Tejyasn`ok.. so...03:25
DaskreechTejyasn`: I meant that we need people who are concious of privacy enough to ensure it's a priority03:26
DaskreechI'm wary about it online but not enough on local machines03:26
DaskreechTejyasn`: want to do a fire test?03:27
Tejyasn`when in doubt, encrypt, shred, and EMP03:27
* Tejyasn` gets a lighter?03:27
Tejyasn`or am I trying to boot my poor box on HDD?03:28
Daskreechpress up and run the command again03:28
Tejyasn`oh.. that03:28
Tejyasn`... sudo fsck /dev/sda1?03:29
Tejyasn`if I do that I get a warning about sda1 being mounted... a really big textbased warning03:30
DaskreechTejyasn`: umm03:30
Daskreechtype mount03:30
Daskreechtype mount | grep sda103:30
Tejyasn`I get /dev/sda1 on /media/disk type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodevmuhelper=hal)03:32
Tejyasn`what did I break?03:33
=== ngthu is now known as EthanDuong
DaskreechTejyasn`: Nothing :)03:35
Daskreechtype sudo umount /media/disk03:36
DaskreechTejyasn`: hi again03:37
Tejyasnheya, Daskreech..03:38
Daskreechyou can press up to get back the fsck command and run it again03:38
Tejyasnstupid lags and pings..03:38
Tejyasne2fsck 1.14.11 (march 14th) /dev/sda1 is mounted03:39
Tejyasnshould I not be on the liveCD for this? <_<03:39
Daskreecharen;t you on the live cd?03:40
TejyasnI am..03:40
Daskreechls /media/disk03:40
Daskreechdo you get a list of directories03:41
Daskreechsudo umount /dev/sda103:42
Tejyasnsudo: unmount: command not found03:43
DaskreechTejyasn: look what i wrote03:43
Tejyasnstupid n03:43
Tejyasnfsck that fscker?03:44
DaskreechWorst named command ever03:44
Daskreechto save one keystroke they made it the most obtusely named command03:45
* Tejyasn does her best impersonation of a midget paranormal expert03:45
TejyasnThis /dev/sda1 is clean03:45
Tejyasnand if anyone gets that reference, you are as big a dweeb as I am..03:45
DaskreechTejyasn: are you running from the police?03:46
Tejyasnno.. I am not a small medium at large03:46
* Tejyasn smiles03:46
Tejyasnok.. so now that she reports as clean.... NOW I can try to boot/salvage her?03:47
* Daskreech was going to have fries with that and supersize03:47
DaskreechTejyasn: please do03:47
DaskreechMy mother is almost done talking to me so I can go home :)03:47
Tejyasnhome is always good03:47
Daskreechuses the same letters on a phone pad too03:48
Tejyasnthough I feel that home is where the heart is, and my heart is always over the next horizon,,,03:48
Daskreech~ is where the <3 is03:49
DaskreechI need that on a shirt03:49
Tejyasn~/ sweet ~/ ?03:49
Tejyasnso what was I doing there? defragging and drive-cleaning?03:50
* Daskreech was going to one up that but03:50
DaskreechTejyasn: No fixing inode information for the file system on top of it03:50
DaskreechEssentially something bad happened03:51
DaskreechI can explain if you like03:51
TejyasnI am SO naming my first child after you... if I ever have children..03:51
Tejyasnor a fish... I cna do a fish03:51
DaskreechPlease can you name your fish?03:51
Tejyasnsure.. I'll get another betta and name it "Daskreech, Saviour of my Ass"03:52
DaskreechYay :-)03:52
Tejyasnso what happened there? feel free to drop it in PM if you want03:52
Daskreechno more people can learn here03:53
Tejyasnpeople learning.. it's like teaching the serfs how to read..03:53
Tejyasnwell. actually.. gimme asec as I am gonna try to see you all from the glory of my revived laptop03:54
Daskreechhooked on fonik03:54
DaskreechYou presume a lot :)03:54
Tejyasnyes I do ^_^03:54
nymphaeaceaeok... I'm here.. closing the other one03:55
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: Oh hi it's you :)03:56
* Daskreech waves03:56
nymphaeaceaeyeah.. I usually go by Tej on IRC, but.. I decided to have a second name too.... the humble nymphaeaceae03:56
Daskreechok so in UNIX each actual file is given a unique number called an inode03:56
Daskreechwhen the OS is doing anything it does it on the inode level03:57
nymphaeaceaelike SSC03:57
Taha__Hi everyone03:57
Taha__I'm having a major problem03:57
Daskreechsort of like when you are doing anything the OS sees you as a UID03:57
Daskreechbut you see yourself as say jenny03:57
DaskreechTaha__: hi03:57
Taha__Well, the problem is that fact that when I started up Ubuntu today,03:57
Taha__All I got was a black screen, greeting me with a request of my user's account & password03:58
Taha__So I enter my username & password, and it grants access to the commandline03:58
DaskreechTaha__: and you logged in?03:58
Taha__Yes, successfully03:58
Taha__I try to use the command: startx03:58
Taha__But I get an error03:58
Taha__saying that no screens were found03:58
Taha__and that there is something wrong with fglrx03:58
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: now when you look at files you see a name and a position. that's all irrelevant to the OS03:58
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: in fact you can have multiple files with multiple names all be the same file as long as they point at the same inode03:59
DaskreechTaha__: what's wrong with fglrx?03:59
Taha__Umm, it says something is corrupted I believe03:59
=== greyson is now known as Kazenin
nymphaeaceaeso what I see is a placeholder for what the OS sees.04:00
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: right you see a name all the real info is in the inode which ... you can see if you want.04:01
Daskreechtry ls -i04:01
nymphaeaceaethat sounds scary04:01
DaskreechTaha__: anything more descriptive?04:01
Taha__Umm, I'm trying to find someone with a similar problem04:01
Taha__I've found this threadL04:01
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: It's not as long as you aren't looing at it all the time04:02
Taha__Very similar to my problem04:02
Taha__I'm currently reading it04:02
FloodBotK2Taha__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:02
nymphaeaceaeso those numbers I see next to the entries are the inodes?04:02
Taha__Daskreech: Is there any way I can uninstall fglrx without accessing Ubuntu's gui?04:03
DaskreechTaha__: certainly04:03
Taha__Forgive me for my linux-noobiness, but this is my second time installing Ubuntu04:03
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: Yes04:03
Taha__Is it something like:04:03
Taha__apt-get remove fglrx?04:03
Daskreechhence when fixing it saying inode 40963 has a wrong size04:03
Taha__sudo apt-get remove fglrx?04:03
DaskreechIf you installed it with apt-get then yes04:04
Taha__How do I know what to write after remove?04:04
nymphaeaceaeoh I see... the things I learn from you guys!04:04
Taha__I believe it's called the package name?04:04
Taha__How do I list all packages?04:04
Taha__apt-get list?04:04
Taha__And if I uninstall fglrx, do you think I'll be able to revert to the system drivers?04:04
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: so fsck goes to the inode level then it replays what has happened with the files (there is a note made for all changes to any inode) and compares with what the actual inode says happned04:05
DaskreechTaha__: apt-cache search nvidia04:05
Taha__Actually, I'm using an ati 577004:05
DaskreechTaha__: Yes you will if you uninstall it04:05
Taha__I'll just replace nvidia with ati04:05
DaskreechTaha__: I can see that not working :)04:05
nymphaeaceae.... that is... stupidly smart!  and such a simple command behind it too.. though they should change the command word for it..04:06
Taha__I wish I can dump the logs or something04:06
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: Why?04:06
Daskreechfilesystemcheck is too long04:06
Daskreech fsck is just about right04:06
Taha__brb. going to restart & attempt again04:06
DaskreechTaha__: Yo ucan dump the logs04:06
Taha__Does it automatically dump?04:07
nymphaeaceaebut fsck.... is... too fscking close to other words XD04:07
Taha__Or do I manually do it?04:07
DaskreechI don't know which logs are you looking for?04:07
Taha__Well, the screen logs04:07
Taha__I get an error in white text on the screen04:07
Taha__In command04:07
Taha__Is there any way I can dump that text?04:07
nymphaeaceaebut then again, you tend to only think of fscking when your system is fscked..04:07
Taha__If it's automatic, then I can just fetch it right now from Windows04:07
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: good point04:08
Daskreechnymphaeaceae: who | grep -i blondie | talk; gawk; nice; date; cd ~; wine; talk; grep; touch; unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; gasp; mount; fsck; more; yes; fsck; gasp; umount; make clean; make mrproper; sleep04:08
DaskreechTaha__: try /var/log/system.log04:08
nymphaeaceaeI think I am in love...04:09
illunatictoo bad04:09
Daskreechlove: command not found04:09
illunatichah that's pretty good04:10
nymphaeaceaewell.. I promise to name my next fish after you, Daskreech... *hugs warmly*04:10
* Daskreech hugs nymphaeaceae04:11
Daskreechbettas kinda look like me too04:11
Daskreechlargely flamboyant04:11
nymphaeaceaethanks for the help... and... wel..04:11
Daskreechthe fscking ?04:11
Daskreechwell the fscking lesson04:12
DaskreechI kinda just was there during the fscking04:12
nymphaeaceaeI hope I never have to see you here again, but if I have to be here... I wouldn't have anyone help with fscking other than you04:12
nymphaeaceaeyou take care ^_^04:13
DaskreechYou too04:13
elijahHelp! I tried adjusting the min/max width of the bottom taskbar panel and now plasma-desktop is unresponsive and i have to force close it thouugh task manager. How can I reset whatever I did back to spec? I can access dolphin and all programs through Krunner.04:23
elijahThe right side of the bottom taskbar panel just flickers and I cannot right click it to get to the settings to change it back.04:23
Daskreechelijah: open konsole04:23
elijahA restart did not resolve it04:24
Daskreechmkdir plasmabkp04:24
Daskreechkquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 10 && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/plasmabkp && plasma-desktop04:25
elijahit was already quit04:25
elijahshould i start it again?04:25
Daskreechjust take off the kquitapp and sleep sections04:26
elijahso just mv and after?04:27
elijahi have files in my backup folder now04:29
elijahDaskreech: Nice!04:34
Daskreechelijah: :)04:34
elijahK, it recreated, thanks soo much!04:34
Daskreechelijah: nice eh?04:34
elijahDaskreech: Beats reinstalling Kubuntu! :)04:35
Daskreechdoesn't it? :004:35
DaskreechLinux is incredibly resiliant04:35
Daskreech(though a number of times it doesn't beat a reinstall)04:35
elijahDaskreech: Yeah, I can see that04:36
elijahbtw, I got close with fsuck last night04:37
elijahIt mounted one partition but not the other04:38
elijahmaybe tomorrow I will try again04:38
dan_lcan anybody think of a program that will let you mess with programs that launch on startup?04:50
James147dan_l: what are you trying to do?05:02
dan_ljames147:  get googsystray to run at boot05:03
dan_lI can set it in the programs preferences05:03
dan_lbut I think it needs sudo?05:03
James147dan_l: then system settings > advanced > autostart (for kde 4.4)05:04
dan_lI tried it.  Googsystray just crashes on startup05:04
James147dan_l: does it launch manually?05:04
dan_lI just launched it now05:05
dan_lbut on start up05:05
dan_lit just throws an error message05:06
FloodBotK2dan_l: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:06
James147(as a user? (ie not as root?)05:06
dan_lAs a user.  I just run it from cri05:06
dan_lerrr----you know.  the launcher thingamabob keystroke thingy05:06
James147what error does it give?05:06
dan_lYou know, I'm not sure?  It's a massive window.  It won't fit on the single monitor.05:08
dan_lit points to a couple of files and says bad permissions.  It points to the actual googsystray file too05:08
James147hmm, how did you install it?05:11
elijahIs there a way to bind super + my function sleep (f5) key to sleep the computer?05:18
elijahsuper + f5 = sleep05:18
dan_ljames147:  it's not in the installer.  I downloaded and followed the instructions.05:19
dan_lElijah:  try your keystroke launcher and type 'sleep'05:20
James147dan_l: downloaded from where?05:22
dan_ljames147:   sourceforge (http://googsystray.sourceforge.net/)05:22
James147dan_l: not sure why it wont auto launch sorry,05:36
dan_ljames147:  quite all right.  I appreciate it.05:38
dan_lI really think it's a permissions issue05:38
James147dan_l: most likly :) but I am to tired to figure out what it wonts :)... if your just intrested in the gmail part you could try the gmail widget (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/gmail-plasmoid?content=101229)05:40
dan_lI'm totally google addicted.  If kontact would play nice w/ everything but voice, I could deal with it05:43
James147dan_l: what version of kde are you using?05:43
dan_lerrr---the one that comes stock w/ 10.04.  is that 4p4?05:44
James1474.4.2 is the default05:44
dan_lthat's it then.  I just installed this the other day.05:44
James147dan_l: hmm, last I tryed I managed to get contacts working with akonadi...05:45
dan_lIt worked pretty well?05:45
dan_lI had all sorts of problems with mails being read and unread05:45
James147i got a list of contacts up :) didnt really try much else though (dont use the PIM stuff yet)05:45
James147dan_l: :S05:46
tweakedehhello, hello, is there anyway I can change the icons in the system tray?05:46
James147havnt tryed syncing gmail yet,05:46
James147tweakedeh: what kde version?#05:46
dan_ljames147:  maybe I'll try it this weekend and let you know what I find.05:46
tweakedehJames147: im on kde 10.405:47
James147dan_l: note that upgrading to 4.5.1 might help05:47
dan_lthat sounds scary.05:47
James147tweakedeh: heh, i am only on kde 4.5 :) , you mean kubuntu 10.04?05:47
dan_lDid I mention this was the worst linux install I had since gutsy?05:48
tweakedehJames147: lol yes05:48
James147dan_l: really why?05:48
dan_lI remember my gutsy install.  5 days to solve the broadcom wifi problem.  Ironically, just today they open sourced those drivers.05:48
tweakedehJames147: I'm not sure how to tell but I think its 405:48
dan_lErr this one went bad due to partitioning.05:48
dan_lPreviously, it was just "largest continuous free space".  That option is gone.  So I had to manually do the parts which had some bad results05:49
James147tweakedeh: my guess is 4.4 :)  ... hmm, they the mono chrome icons? or the default oxygen ones?05:49
James147dan_l: :S I tend to always to manual partitioning05:50
dan_lJames:  you are bolder than I.  I'm not real computer smart.05:50
tweakedehJames147: default.. but I have PulseAudio Applet in my system tray and it looks like a ? I just want to add my own05:50
* James147 cant remember when they started using the monochrome icons for systray :S05:50
dan_lI mean I'm a strong user.  But that paritioning stuff really pushes my buttons.05:50
James147tweakedeh: ahh... well, most applications get their icons from the icon theme, so you should beable to add it to that to get it to show (although I dont know the naming scheme verywell...)05:52
tweakedehJames147: oh, I see, I'll keep trying, thanks =]05:53
dan_lis there a kde themed databasey program?05:54
James147dan_l: like microsoft access?05:54
dan_lmore like sql community or firebird.05:54
dan_lAccess doesn't do it for me (though I have it running in my vbox)05:55
dan_lI'm running dummy data right now, as it were.05:55
James147dan_l: well, a microsoft alt is in koffice, not sure about the others thoug05:55
tweakedehkoffice work with .docx files?05:56
=== krawek is now known as Guest41739
=== Guest41739 is now known as krwk
dan_ltweakedeh:  I'm not sure on that.  I know it will work with OOO05:57
dan_lbut koffice is actually pretty nice.  Kspread ain't half bad.  And I'm a spreadsheet gangster.05:57
James147tweakedeh: it should do05:58
dan_lI'm like spreadsheet elite05:58
* James147 is anoyed at all spreadsheet programs... they all look horrible on a dark theme :(05:59
tweakedehJames147: well Open Office can read them it's just the format is all messed up. I just thought there might be a easy want to convert it or read it05:59
dan_lJames:  try changing the sheets color to a grey and dumping the gridlines.  You don't need them anyhow.05:59
* dan_l runs grey all the time06:00
* dan_l sometimes does white on blue too06:00
James147dan_l: think i tryed that.... but I hate setting it up every time I want to use it.... (well, at least I seem to since I dont use it often and seem to randomly delete the configs more often :D )06:01
dan_lwith ooo, kspread, or excel?06:01
James147dan_l: but at least koffice is consistent... OOo likes to use the window theme for the back ground (dark) with its own choise of font (black)....06:02
* James147 dosnt use excel on linux... so no theme problems there as windows cannot have proper themes...06:03
James147and I get the color problems with both kspread and oo06:03
tweakedehWindows, you should be on linux full time =\06:03
James147tweakedeh: I use windows for gaming :) otherwise I am on linux06:04
James147tweakedeh: (^^ which means I dont use excel at all really :) )06:04
tweakedehlol, I gave up the games when I start college, way to much homework..06:05
dan_lI run a windoze vbox for my excel habit:)06:05
James147I like to play them occasionally :)06:05
dan_lI left the win7 partition up on this machine so I can play the occasional game.  The wife let's me play exactly 2 games a year.  When work gets less busy, I'll finish splinter cell conviction06:06
tweakedehvbox is horrable for games, I have a startcraft 2 trial I dont know what to do with.06:06
James147tweakedeh: thats mostly because vbox dosnt really do 3d (or at lesat very well)06:07
tweakedehJames147, yea, it also doesn't let me install mac os x to try out =[06:08
dan_lohhh you can't game on vbox at all06:08
dan_lyou'd have a better chance doing it with....uh WINE06:09
James147dan_l: lies... pacman works wondefully :D06:09
tweakedehlmao, WINE doesn't work that well either.06:09
dan_lWell it 'works' it just requires you to be uber.06:09
James147tweakedeh: wine dosnt work too badly, have managed to get portal and left 4 dead[2] working under it quite well06:09
James147(only minor drop in preformance)06:10
tweakedehwow, I haven't tried to do much on it, Just generally didn't work for me.06:10
James147(without doing much but installing it...)06:10
tweakedehMS office 2007 work on WINE?06:10
James147tweakedeh: depends on what your trying to isntall...06:11
James147tweakedeh: I think they got it working..06:11
tweakedehJames147, Nice, then I can kill the vbox06:11
dan_ldepends on what you're trying to do:)06:11
dan_lmost of your addons won't work that well06:12
tweakedehlol, I just want to type and save it, maybe the odd print.06:12
dan_lyou'll have font problems at some point.06:12
dan_lohh yeah you'll be fine.06:12
James147http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=12812   at least excel seems to work resonably06:14
tweakedehall I really need it word, excel should look the same in OOO06:15
James147http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=12811 ..not as highly rated, but works06:16
* James147 tends to prefure latex over word though :D06:16
* dan_l thinks james147 is a masochist after that. 06:18
=== chucho is now known as chucho_
=== chucho_ is now known as chucho
James147dan_l: why so?06:18
tweakedehwo dll overrides?06:18
dan_llatex isn't easy.06:19
James147dan_l: it aint that hard :) just need a reference to look at now and then :)  late-suite on vim makes it much easier :D06:19
dan_lI use a text editor to write often06:20
James147dan_l: and it create much more professional documetns without actually changing the defaukts much06:20
James147(or at all)06:20
dan_lI don't do much formatting even at my best06:22
dan_la good table of contents is all06:22
James147dan_l: \tableofcontents    is all i do to get that :D06:23
James147(well, that and wun pdflatex twice... well vim runs it twice for me altumatically)06:23
sobczykhi, I'm trying to use dolphin to browse windows shares, on windows nide windows pops up asking for username and password but in dolphin I click the computer and empty folder shows up07:23
sobczykwithout any password dialog07:23
sobczykis there a way to enter username and password to being able to see the folders?07:24
tweakedehIs there any way I can remove an app from the applications menu?07:49
=== jan is now known as Guest74027
=== ping__luce is now known as faLUCE
AciDI have one problem that can't seems to be solved by a simple google search : I just can't see thumbnails in dolphin (icon view). I checked the type the thumbnails and set the size of file to 20 mb, that would normally suffice isn't ? still no thumbnails...08:58
zegenieAciD: what file types?09:05
AciDeven images09:05
AciDeven wierder : in icon view, if I have some folders with pictures in them, I just see normal folder icon, but if i hover my mouse over them, I can see the thumbnails on top of the folder icon, in the information pane...09:08
AciDI just found the solution on gg09:21
AciDit seems previews aren't automatically done by dolphin, you must select view>previews to display them09:22
AciDit's auto now, thanks for your help :)09:23
=== Mamarok_ is now known as Mamarok
emasI need som help09:42
emasWhen I open kwrite there are no longer any formatting tools09:42
emasThe whole panel is gone09:42
emasHow do I get it back?09:42
Peace-emas: emas settings krite i guess09:48
emasI found nothing about it there09:49
emasOh, sorrys09:54
emasI mixed up kwrite and kword09:54
emasNo problems then :)09:54
=== anirudh is now known as an1
phoenix_hello everyone10:23
phoenix_i swaped my soundcard to another pci slot and now the sound is not working. in the phonon setting, i see my sound card is disabled10:24
phoenix_i am using creative sb live 24bit ie ca010610:25
phoenix_any help10:25
erupter_hi all10:50
erupter_i'm new to Kubuntu (i've used ubuntu), where is the synaptic package manager?10:51
erupter___hi all ppl, i'm new to kubuntu (i've used ubuntu), where is the synaptic or equivalent graphical package interface?10:54
=== ipunk is now known as Kills
an1erupter___: kpackagekit10:56
erupter___an1 and where is it?10:56
erupter___an1 i tried lunching synaptic for the terminal but it stays in text mode (i believe because i don't have gnome)10:57
an1just search for it. type "package" in search on application launcher. its in launcher->computer10:57
erupter___an1 oh this, i've found it but it does not find all the packages that synaptic finds on ubuntu10:58
an1try downloading synaptic10:58
an1erupter___: alternatively use filters10:59
an1filter it to search only for installed packages11:00
erupter___ugly but working...11:03
an1i know its not that elegant11:06
erupter___do you know the gdk libs?11:07
erupter___f**k... i think i made a big mistake... great...11:07
sabgentonis  the netbook editon wubi compadible?11:32
phoenix_while copying from hard drive to harddrive i am getting only 3 MB/s , the mount.ntfs-3g is using cpu very much.11:36
Peace-that is11:36
Peace-ntfs is slower than ext411:36
phoenix_i know that, but for some files the data transfer rate drops from 27 MB/s to 3 MB/s11:37
jussiMamarok: ^^11:44
Mamarokjussi: thank you very much :)11:48
illunaticyeah one thing great about installing from the 10.04 instead of trying to upgrade from 8.10 is i have the ext4 now12:01
millun/dev/sda7             321G  309G     0 100% /x12:26
niteyehow do i connect to wireless network, ive created and added a wireless network, filled in all the info, but i cant find out how to actually connect to it12:27
Mamarok!list | Brama12:31
ubottuBrama: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »12:31
FlashDeluxeHi! I have a problem, i cannot send/receive mails but i do not get any errors. The mail server runs on debian, connection via imap and it runs at least since one year without a problem, can somebody help me please?12:35
volkanim volkan12:35
john00145which mail server u r tryin to connect12:36
john00145deluxe - check settings for ur accounts12:40
FlashDeluxethey are correct12:41
john00145wat abt ports12:41
FlashDeluxeare open12:42
FlashDeluxei didn`t change anything12:43
FlashDeluxeand i don`t really know where to search for errors, in /var/log/mail.* there is nothing to find :(12:43
FlashDeluxearrgh i will explain it better: in the logs i see incoming mails12:44
FlashDeluxeand i see that they are passed12:44
FlashDeluxebut the do not reach the client12:44
john00145i think ur ports are blocked by firewall12:45
john00145check firewall is not blocking anyports12:46
FlashDeluxei didn`t change anything in the firewall but i will look it up12:49
john00145i wud suggest try reinstalling latest version of this app12:49
FlashDeluxewhat app do you mean?12:50
FlashDeluxedo you mean a software firewall? i have no software firewall installed on the clients12:53
niteyethe network configuration tool doesnt work at all, i fill in my wireless network settings, and even though i select WPA in the settings it says 'insecure' in the list, furthermore there is no button to actually try connecting to it,12:54
niteyeand how do i run firefox? whenever i run it, it gives me a button 'install', and i click that and it gives an error saying its already installed, i get no further than this13:09
niteyethis is a fresh install even damn kunbuntu lucid is heavily broken :s13:09
=== kiry_jobintervie is now known as kiry
skramer_I just tried out plasma-widget-menubar, but it seems it does not work for me. It only shows File -> Close no matter which app I open. Anybody knows the trick to get it to work with KDE 4.5.1 in Lucid?13:24
Mamarokskramer_: is it a recent widget? Not sure...13:35
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
skramer_Mamarok: http://agateau.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/getting-menus-out-of-application-windows/          I installed it from the Unity PPA13:38
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
* Mamarok reads13:39
Mamarokskramer_: did you install the Qt patch? You should read the blog entry again...13:41
Mamarokit is a proof-of-concept, not really usable as of now13:43
skramer_Mamarok: seems like I don't have the patch, probably because I have Qt 4.7 rc1 but the patch is against Qt 4.7 beta113:47
Mamarokskramer_: nope, then it should be in the RC1 already13:48
Mamarokbut you didn't read that blog entry, it is by no means a usable widget right now13:48
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
skramer_by that time, it was not. but tut they are going to include it in Maverick: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationMenu       so I thought it might be usable already ;-)13:49
BluesKajHi folks14:12
decadehey how do I set grub.cfg to boot windows 7?14:14
GamoderHi, does anybody know how to make KDE use MB instead of MiB14:29
apparle_guys suggest a good dj software.. like virtual dj14:33
wilharthow to i net get tearing in video?14:34
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
wilhartwho do i remove tearing14:34
skramer_Mamarok: I installed the Maverick which has libjson0 as dependency. Made the Menubar widget work as expected, but seems to break Lucid's Kopete / Kontact :-(14:35
skramer_so I'll have to wait for Maverick to have everything working properly14:35
wilharthow can i playback with kde effects and no tearing ?14:38
wilhartit tears when switching to desktop effect14:38
=== schafha is now known as flobian
=== krawek is now known as Guest2316
=== Guest2316 is now known as krwk
=== jsoko is now known as jensoko
jensokoHello...I'm trying to download skype and have failed at it via the repository and the web. I'm trying for the 64-bit version of the most recent beta. Any help is appreciated.15:36
BzowKHello All!15:47
BzowKI've got a quick and easy question about Kubuntu installation.  Is this a good place to ask?15:48
khyron_boa tarde15:56
=== khyron_ is now known as linuxFX
* Synjunitzu screams for help15:59
Synjunitzuhow do I get flash on kubuntu :( /me googles16:00
avihay!info kubuntu-restricted-extras16:01
ubottukubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Kubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 39 (lucid), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB16:01
=== apparle_ is now known as apparle
Synjunitzu!info HELP!16:02
ubottuPackage HELP does not exist in lucid16:02
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash16:02
* Synjunitzu cries16:02
avihay!restricted | Synjunitzu16:02
ubottuSynjunitzu: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:02
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/16:03
jensokois there any place I can download a package for Skype? Repository can't connect16:03
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga16:03
Synjunitzusomeone tell me how to install git pls..16:03
Synjunitzubecause i AM trying :/16:04
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga16:04
avihayjensoko: from the skype website16:04
Synjunitzudownloaded it and I havent a clue what to do16:04
jensokoavihay: I get an error that says "/tmp/S06o7mUO.bin.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. "16:05
avihaySynjunitzu: there's a git-core package in the repositories. you can instal it from a package manager16:05
Synjunitzui tried sudo apt-get git-core16:05
Synjunitzulet me get the message for yu16:05
BluesKajavihay, sudo apt-get install git-core16:06
Synjunitzuyeah that one16:06
SynjunitzuE: Couldn't find package git-core16:06
Synjunitzuwhere am i going wrong16:07
avihaytry to run sudo apt-get update first16:07
Synjunitzuokay cool16:08
avihay!info git-core16:08
* Synjunitzu waits16:08
ubottugit-core (source: git-core): fast, scalable, distributed revision control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (lucid), package size 5490 kB, installed size 11376 kB16:08
avihayBluesKaj: "In component main" means everyone has it with the deafulr repositories.list, right?16:09
BluesKajSynjunitzu, open your package manager and enable the canonical partner repositories, ans also the the "other sioftware sources" reositories, then sudo apt-get update.16:09
BluesKajSynjunitzu, then you'l ahve access to most apps available16:10
Synjunitzuhow do I cancel an update?16:10
Synjunitzualready did16:10
BluesKajclose your package manager Synjunitzu , thenupdate again16:11
Synjunitzuyur talking about KPackageKit right?16:11
BluesKajyup, whatever one you use16:11
Synjunitzujust the defaults right now.. just installed Kubuntu16:12
Synjunitzu1st intro to linux16:12
BluesKajSynjunitzu,did you enable the repositories I posted ?16:14
Synjunitzuwhen I closed the config it immediately started Downloading additional package files.16:15
BluesKajSynjunitzu, ok , now open a terminal/konsole , type: sudo apt-get update16:16
Synjunitzujust waiting for it to finish 1st16:16
BluesKajit's not down loading it's just updating your available sources16:16
Synjunitzuoh? then howcome its got a download speed at the speed of my internet connection showing?16:17
BluesKajit's upgrading your existing applications16:17
jensokoSynjunitzu, welcome to kubuntu--you'll get the hang of it in no time! :) Thx for help gang!16:17
Synjunitzulol tnx16:18
SynjunitzuFile 48 of 63 at 52.4kB/s16:18
BluesKajupgrading the installed apps , bringing them up to date , since the install cd was created16:19
Synjunitzuokay cool16:19
Synjunitzusudo apt-get update16:19
BluesKajlet it finish , then sudo apt-get upgrade16:21
N|ghtWo|fhow can i install opengl libraries ?16:21
sabgentonis  the netbook editon wubi compadible?16:22
BluesKajN|ghtWo|f, they should be installed by default16:24
Synjunitzuhow do I pause the upgrade?16:24
avihayN|ghtWo|f: you men for development / programming16:25
BluesKajsabgenton, is it listed in available OSs on wubi ?16:25
erigaishello everyone, i am looking for help with, -> http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3113614.016:25
N|ghtWo|favihay: trying to compile opencascade. but it say cant find opengl16:25
BluesKajSynjunitzu, just let it run in the background16:25
SynjunitzuI have to pause to allow for extra bandwidth.. :/16:26
Synjunitzunot my internet16:26
sabgentonBluesKaj: the website didn't look conclusive16:26
sabgentondid say kubuntu though16:26
BadegakkWhy dows *ubuntu come with old nvidia drivers? And where can i find easy to install new drivers16:27
=== toby is now known as Guest48501
avihayyou need libgl-dev N|ghtWo|f16:28
BluesKajBadegakk, open system/hardware drivers , choose the recomended driver and install16:29
=== Guest48501 is now known as cookie
sabgentonI don't want ubuntu16:29
sabgentonI want kubuntu netbook edition16:29
sabgentonruning from a wubi install16:30
Synjunitzudoesnt Kubuntu normal edition work for netbooks too? im running it on a netbook16:30
BadegakkBluesKaj, The driver they recomend are pretty old drivers compared what is availble on nvidia.com16:30
BluesKajsabgenton, it's the same , just different desktops , if ubuntu works then kubuntu is designed to do so as well16:30
sabgentoneck got kicked16:30
BluesKajBadegakk, yes and the the proprietary drivers may be unstable on lucid, but that's your choice16:31
erigaishow do you get a list of channels using quassel?16:32
BluesKajsabgenton, it's the same , just different desktops , if ubuntu works then kubuntu is designed to do so as well16:32
BluesKaj!list in the server box , erigais ?16:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:32
sabgentonbut sometimes the netbook edition of ubuntu is diferent16:33
sabgentonlike it used to come as .img not a .iso16:33
erigaisah ok, i was just curious16:33
BluesKajsabgenton, is there a netbook chat?16:33
sabgentonBluesKaj: did that webpage say someware that the ubuntu netbook edition works with wubi?16:33
sabgentondon't think so16:34
sabgentonthe topic of this chanel has netbook in it16:34
BluesKajsabgenton, do some research on the net , maybe the forums might have something16:34
sabgentonjust seeing if anybody new16:35
sabgentonmis as well try it16:35
BluesKajsabgenton, but this isn't a wubi support channel as such16:35
sabgentonbut wubi is offically supported16:36
sabgentonthats a hard call16:36
erigaisis this a support channel? or just general kubuntu users?16:36
BluesKaj /join #wubi16:36
sabgentonok fair call16:36
BluesKajerigais, it's asupport channel16:36
erigaisi've been trying to get internal mic to work and i've been failing16:36
sabgentoner ok you should check if chanels exist befor you post them16:37
erigaisim starting to think, that, internal mics and *ubuntus just dont go together.16:37
BluesKajerigais, did you check alsamixer in the terminal?16:37
erigaisits not even listed in there16:37
erigaisno capture or anything16:37
erigaisi see a micboost and i tried turning it up  but no go16:38
BluesKajdoes alsamixer show your soundcard , erigais ?16:38
sabgentonerigais: internal mics do work (no saying your's will)16:39
erigaisyeah it does16:39
erigaisi got sound working with asla and all, just stuck on this damn mic problem16:39
sabgentonI mean ubuntu does have suport for interal mics16:39
sabgentonmine works16:39
BluesKajnot muted with an M in the box I hope16:39
erigaiskeeping me from using skype16:39
erigaisnah its not muted, i cant even find it in anymixers16:39
erigaiskmix or alsamix16:40
BluesKajerigais, running pulseaudio ?16:40
BluesKajerigais, which soundcard ?16:41
erigaisintel a26916:42
erigaisim using a laptop16:42
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto16:42
BluesKajI have a similar card on my laptop16:42
erigaisi think this was the page i used to get my sound working buy my mic is being lame16:45
erigaisdo usb mics work with kubuntu?16:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
erigaisusing drivers from the realtek site17:01
erigaishope this works17:01
=== jeremy is now known as jolrael
=== pixel__ is now known as JarhK
erigaisif my capture bar in aslamix says ----- does that means it doesnt find anything?17:13
erigaishah cool, i fixed it17:16
avihayerigais: I have an internal mic, using kmix, I can make it to work, it requiters a lot of messing around (Intel sound card) and it has a noise reduction feature that isn't supported by the Linux driver, apparently, that causes it to have a constant DC voltage that makes it's sound quality rather low17:17
erigaisim not sure what i did to fix it, but i got the drivers from the realtek site, and rebooted and it seemed to start working17:18
erigaisdamn im so happy right now17:20
BluesKajget the mic to work, erigais ?17:21
erigaisyep yep17:21
erigaisty you all for the help17:22
ct529hi guys! is there a way of downloading an entire email box including folders structure using kontact / kmail (or anything else)?17:22
BluesKajI was gone for a few , ..what did you do to fix it so I know whan someone else has that prob, erigais?17:22
erigaisi went to the realtek site and got their linux drivers17:22
BluesKajerigais, that helps :)17:23
erigaisyeah it does, i wish i did that first it was alot easier then doing the alsa drivers17:24
illunaticwho's having mic issues?17:24
erigaisi was, but i fixed it :D17:24
illunaticgood i just went through a whole ordeal with mine17:25
erigaislol yeah, only took me about 3 days XD17:25
BluesKajerigais, i assumed the default drivers would work , but with intel one b=never knows17:25
=== Freejack is now known as Freejack`
erigaisyeah the default ones worked sound and everything, just no internal mic, i didnt have a mic to test my mic jack17:26
illunaticerigais: http://illunatic.greenpirate.org/mic-doesnt-work-on-kubuntu-10-04-inspiron-1501-fix/17:26
illunaticis "module" pretty much a generic term for many different things?17:29
erigaisdamn im so happpy i got this working... now with skype working it might be a real long time before booting into windows17:29
illunaticif you really want to figure out how to get your system working well with kubuntu, just install it over windows xD17:30
erigaisyeah, i bet!17:31
illunatici recommend an externall HDD to save anything important and being prepared to reinstall when things get fubar and you are jsut at a loss17:31
erigaisi might now tho actually17:31
erigaisi dont really have nothing important, i just wont be able to replace my windows 717:31
illunaticyou don't have the registration key?17:31
erigaisi got all the software i normally use working on kubuntu17:32
erigaisnah it came preloaded on my laptop, i can probably recovery partition it back17:32
erigais-if- i wanted it back17:32
illunaticit should still have a key afaik17:32
erigaiswindows 7 really pisses me off tho, i really hate it, which is why i installed kubuntu in the first place17:32
James147erigais: the key should come attached to you computer...17:32
BluesKajerigais, install it as dualboot17:33
erigaisyeah i got it dualboot atm17:33
James147(normally on a sticker)17:33
erigaisah yeah, on a sticker on the bottom17:33
illunaticyeah it usually is on the machine. usually in back for desktops i think17:33
James147or the bottom of laptops17:34
illunaticbut if it makes you feel better, i've never installed windows 7 and i'm doing fine :D17:34
James147(managed to remove his xp one without ripping it off his netbook :D17:34
illunaticsweet mine is still there17:35
James147^^ personally I like win 7 better then xp... (and vista), its allot more stable on my computer... well after I removed all the anoying stuff from it that is :)17:35
illunaticcrap it's a vista key17:35
erigaisgetting everything to work with kubuntu has been really tough, but, to be honest it was also easier then i expected17:35
erigaisespecially compared to the last version of linux i used... slackware ; ;17:35
BluesKajI'm disappointed in kubuntu support for ati onboard graphics , the last LTS 8.10 had great support for them ...beginning to think it might be a better OS fro this older pc17:37
James147BluesKaj: yeah, I am suprised at some of the driver choises they made in lucid...the default nvidia ones dont work with some mobile cards17:38
James147as well ^^17:39
illunatici used a cracked version of xp for a couple years17:39
illunatici actually moved to kubuntu because i wanted something more secure17:39
erigaismy ati drivers were really tough to get working in ubuntu, but for some reason in kubuntu it was really easy, they autodetected and installed no problem17:40
James147I just wanted something that I didnt have to pay stupid amounts to get basic functionality (office, anti virus etc...)17:41
BluesKajJames147, the thing that's bothersome to me is that W7 runs great on this pc17:41
erigaisi was really scared cuz everywhere i was reading people were talkin about how crap ati was for getting to work17:41
James147BluesKaj: yeah, but they dont have the restriction of having to pack only opensource stuff on their installer17:42
BluesKajI upped my RAM to 2G , and that made a significant diff17:42
James147I am tempted to up my netbook to 2gig as well... (all my other comps have that)17:43
illunaticyeah it took too much time to find and configure pirated software for basic day to day stuff17:43
* James147 notes that we should probally more to #kubuntu-offtopic17:43
BluesKajyeah ,ms can write proper drivers17:43
BluesKajand ppl pay for that17:43
Synjunitzuanyone know how I can get multimonitor support?17:45
James147Synjunitzu: for what graphics card/driver?17:45
Synjunitzuum not sure. let me check17:46
Synjunitzulol k ... how do i do dxdiag in kubuntu lol17:46
James147Synjunitzu: :)  run this: "lspci | grep VGA"17:47
Synjunitzu00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)17:48
James147Synjunitzu: hmm, should be able to configure that one through the system settings17:49
Synjunitzui tried.17:49
Synjunitzuit gives me this msg17:49
SynjunitzuThis module is only for configuring systems with a single desktop spread across multiple monitors. You do not appear to have this configuration.17:50
BluesKajrestricted to vga output , Synjunitzu17:50
selorcomo usar netcat17:50
Synjunitzu:/ ive got a monitor attached to my netbook.17:51
James147Synjunitzu: not on that page, on the "size and orientation" page17:51
James147Synjunitzu: that age is for drivers that configure both screens to behave like one big desktop (kde needs to then split oit back up... which is what that dialog is for)17:52
James147that page ^^17:52
Mad_DudHi guys, does anybody know, what happened if i have only "other" option in add network printer window? previously i've had couple printers added there without any problems17:52
Mad_Dudi run kubuntu 10.0417:52
James147(like nvidias twinview mode, the intel ones dont do that as far as I know))17:52
Synjunitzuit keeps reseting kubuntu18:04
Synjunitzuwhenever i make the change18:04
James147Synjunitzu: hmm, try running krandrtray...18:06
James147(isnt sure if that helped or not..)18:06
Mad_DudThis is, how my printing options look like: http://i.imgur.com/DdP1w.png http://i.imgur.com/fmGGO.png18:07
Mad_Duddo you know, what can i do with that? the "smb" printer option is missing ...18:08
Peace-hi channel18:10
=== rackIT is now known as rackIT_AFK
Synjunitzuok so I've done the sudo apt-get upgrade now.18:19
Synjunitzuwhat next?18:19
James147Synjunitzu: its normally best to run: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" << the first command makes sure that you get the latest versions in the repos (as it refreshs the packagelist)18:24
James147Synjunitzu: and for the "what next?" that depends on what you want/need to do :)18:24
Synjunitzurunning that command18:25
James147Synjunitzu: its recomended to install "kubuntu-restricted-extras" if you want multimedia support for restricted formats (like mp3s)18:25
Synjunitzuwell.. I want youtube to begin with18:25
Synjunitzuas well as both my monitors displaying correctly18:25
James147Synjunitzu: ^^ the above should install falsh as well18:25
James147(if not then install "flashplugin-installer"18:26
Synjunitzutnx :)18:26
Synjunitzuwhere can I find a list of all the repositories with contents18:27
James147Synjunitzu: as for the resalutions, if the krandrtray dosnt restore the settings you can create a script to manually run xrandr and place it in System settings > advanced > Autostart (on kde 4.4)18:27
Synjunitzuno0o0 whered yu go!18:28
DaskreechSynjunitzu: What do you mean all the repositories ?18:28
Synjunitzuwell yeah18:28
PiciSynjunitzu: http://packages.ubuntu.com18:28
Synjunitzuthankyu :)18:29
SynjunitzuJames147: My monitor resolution changes although it just suddenly resets kubuntu..18:30
James147Synjunitzu: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-setup-dual-monitors-with-xrandr/2009/06/01  might be useful18:32
Synjunitzuokay ive just done the sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer and youtube still isnt working :/ ie the flash part18:33
Synjunitzuwhats up :/18:33
James147Synjunitzu: did you restart your browser?18:33
James147(or might be better, logout and back in... flash can be finiky about things...)18:34
Mad_Dudguys, please give me a clue, how to solve my printer problems - lack of smb option to add it: http://i.imgur.com/DdP1w.png http://i.imgur.com/fmGGO.png18:34
Mad_Dudit was working couple of weeks ago18:34
Synjunitzuworking now.18:35
James147Mad_Dud: you could try configuing cups directly by going to http://localhost:631/ in your browser18:36
Mad_Dudpage empty18:36
Mad_Dudwhich daemon should be running?18:36
Mad_Dudcupsd ?18:36
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:37
Synjunitzusorry lol18:37
Synjunitzuwont happen again :)18:37
Mad_DudJames147: bingo, cups wasn't running18:38
SynjunitzuJames147: that script wont help me. since whats happening is my kubuntu is change to the correct monitor modes yes but. its reseting itself like a second after its been set.18:40
ubottuwinamp is a windows music player. On Ubuntu you can use audacious as alternative.18:41
James147Synjunitzu: ^^ I like amarok better then winamp :)18:42
James147(kdes default)18:42
Peace-amarok rulez18:42
Peace-but i still prefer vlc18:43
Synjunitzuloading it up18:43
* James147 hates vlc18:43
avihayI recommend qmmp18:43
Peace-James147: lol18:43
avihayI use it with the winamp classic skin18:43
v3nd3tta``back :D18:43
Synjunitzui like winamps simplicity tho18:43
James147Peace-: its always been less stable the kaffeine on my computers18:43
Peace-James147: really vlc less stable than kaffeince?18:43
v3nd3tta``hey James147 BluesKaj :D wtf where is eagles?18:44
James147Peace-: for me it seemed to be :)18:44
James147v3nd3tta``: hey... he seems to be in offtopic :)18:44
v3nd3tta``ah, didn't look so far :D18:45
v3nd3tta``someone spammed me with my name :D18:45
James147Peace-: (then again, i havent tryed it in ages)18:45
v3nd3tta``but not here :P18:45
v3nd3tta``gah i had vlc long time ago but i am happy now with amarok and dragon player18:46
avihaySynjunitzu: if you want, I can dig out where I found my skin18:46
tjingboemhi! i lost all my icons on the taskbar. How can i get them back?18:46
James147v3nd3tta``: I prefure kaffeine for its playlists, I like to que serires when i watch tehm so I dont ahve to get up every episode18:46
* Daskreech likes kaffeine18:46
Peace-James147: i always used vlc18:46
v3nd3tta``idk i used vlc last before i got a backdoor trojan at win xp18:47
v3nd3tta``but it needed long to load anything even with 4gb ram18:47
avihaySynjunitzu:  http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Winamp+Classic+Skin+for+XMMS?content=7872318:47
Peace-really strange18:47
v3nd3tta``but what do you do with a backdoor trojan?18:48
v3nd3tta``format him under linux :D18:48
James147Synjunitzu: I dont see the point in skinning single applications... I then to just modify the theme of them all and keep a uniformed look :)18:48
v3nd3tta``since then i did not use windows any time again (exept school where i even tried to boot from live cd kubuntu 10.04 at the release date)18:48
v3nd3tta``but school computers suck18:49
* James147 notes that we drifted offtopic again :)18:49
* v3nd3tta`` hides18:49
* avihay wonders why kubuntu dumped the feature complete kaffein in favor of a "not so nice" hackjob like dragon player18:53
Daskreechavihay: it was not feature complete18:54
James147avihay: they didnt, kaffeine is still part of kde as far as I know18:54
James147avihay: they just use the simple dragon as the default as thats what most people need18:54
DaskreechJames147: Kubuntu and KDE are different things18:54
James147Daskreech: yeah, miss read... but the point still stands18:55
Daskreechavihay was complaining about kubuntu :)18:55
avihayI think the answer is that kaffein was for kde3, and they wanted to move to kde4 only software, and kaffein for kde4 today is not feature complete18:55
James147avihay: it is more so then dragonplayer... :)18:56
Synjunitzushould I sudo apt-get install firefox or get it from the website?18:56
BluesKajv3nd3tta``, eagles was here this morning , but I had to leave so we din't chat ..he's still listed in offtopic18:56
James147Synjunitzu: through apt-get is usually better18:57
James147Synjunitzu: but using the firefox installer in the menus is best18:57
Daskreechavihay: yes that would be the answer18:57
James147(it also installs support for kde)18:57
v3nd3tta``yeah i already saw him there BluesKaj :D welcome back to idling18:57
avihaytrue, but kaffein moved from being my default player in kubuntu with kde3 to something I don't run anymore because it just doesn't work18:57
Synjunitzui c18:58
Daskreechavihay: install kaffiene It's almost back to KDE3 days except without DVB suppor18:58
BluesKajgotta go for now ...bbl18:58
Daskreecht should get it next release which might flip Kubuntu back to discuss kaffiene vs Dragon again18:58
Daskreechbye BluesKaj18:58
avihayOMG, kaffein really doesn't work for me (never uninstalled it) (thought it wasn't working due to my compositing manager)19:00
avihayaudio is fine, window expands to the size of the video, no video19:00
Synjunitzuhow do yu get info on a program through sudo apt-get ?19:00
James147avihay: there is a bug in the current verion in lucid, you need to stiwch tabs to get video19:01
TorchSynjunitzu: no sudo. apt-get show <package>19:01
avihayno drag and drop support!!!19:01
James147avihay: there isnt? (remembers there was)19:01
TorchSynjunitzu: you can sudo, of course. but root privs are not required for that.19:01
avihayswitch tabs how? is switching to full screen enough?19:02
James147avihay: no, need to change to one of the tabs with a video in (playlist or tv)... its been fixed in svn19:02
avihayok, I see the tabs19:02
SynjunitzuSo James147, what do yu think I should do about my monitors?19:07
avihayno support for built in subtitles in mkv or ogm, can't select audio or video tracks... stuff that were a given in kaffein kde3, so, no, it has a long way to go, but still dragon player doesn't get to kaffein's knees19:07
Synjunitzuit changes. but it just resets kubuntu back to default after.19:07
James147Synjunitzu: configure xorg and use xrandr19:09
James147(which the link i sent before shows you how to)19:10
Synjunitzu:/ okay whats the link again sorry?19:10
KittyBootsDoes ubuntu require swap?19:10
James147Synjunitzu: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-setup-dual-monitors-with-xrandr/2009/06/0119:11
Synjunitzuthanx James147 :)19:11
James147KittyBoots: that depends on your computer and what you want to do19:11
TorchKittyBoots: linux does not require swap per se.19:11
KittyBootsWhat is the appropriate terminal command to display system memory?19:12
TorchKittyBoots: free19:12
James147or "free -m" to make it easier to read :)19:13
KittyBootsHow much memory and swap is optimum for ubuntu 10.04?19:13
James147KittyBoots: depends on your computer19:13
Daskreechavihay: Dragon player was never intended to19:14
James147KittyBoots: ^^ I would recomend 1 gig or more ram, but thats not the minimum requirement19:14
James147KittyBoots: it should be able to run with 512, or even 256 (although its not recomended to use it on 256, you would get horrible preformance)19:15
DaskreechKittyBoots: Depends on what you are doing with it19:15
KittyBootsWhat is the command to display my prossessor stats?19:16
Daskreech256 is a low minimum but I wouldn't call that "using" it19:16
James147^^ but yes, it entirly depends on what you want to do with it :)19:16
avihaycpu usage or cpu capabilitys?19:16
SynjunitzuI run kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf and im definitely not getting what theyre talking about19:16
DaskreechKittyBoots: sudo lshw -c CPU19:16
=== fx is now known as Guest48470
KittyBootsDaskreech; I am building a media editing machine and trying to do my best to ensure that it is as optimum as I can make it.19:17
KittyBootsI am trying ArtistX19:18
DaskreechKittyBoots: ah well then assuming you will do video at some point as much RAM as you can throw at it19:18
KittyBootsDaskreech; for now I am just working with what I've got and that's 875mb.19:18
Daskreechthat's more than I has19:19
avihaywith swap it should be more then fine19:19
KittyBootsavihay; how much swap would be optimum?19:20
Badegakki have manged to fix the sudo issue, i have one question. Is it posible to watch video from a share using the network from the tab in dolphin. I can browse folders and copy and move files but i cant watch them, neither in vlc or dragon player. Do i realy have to use client like smb4k?19:20
avihay"they say" somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 of your ram size19:20
Hoschihi could anyone give me a link to a description to configure wine for starcraft 219:21
Synjunitzuis kubuntu resetting; a normal thing after setting up different monitors?19:21
James147KittyBoots: how much ram do you have? (sorry droped out fir abit :) )19:21
BadegakkI use 2 x the ram size for my swap, never had any issue19:21
Pici!appdb | Hoschi19:21
ubottuHoschi: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help19:21
James147Badegakk: 2x ram isnt always needed, espically for larger ammounts (when swap isent needed at all unless you want to hybernate)19:22
Hoschithank you19:22
KittyBootsJames147; 875mb19:22
James147KittyBoots: then 1 gig of swap should be enough :)19:23
KittyBootsJames147; cool thanks!19:23
DaskreechKittyBoots: The rule of thumb is about 2X your RAM till you hit 1GB of ram then 1-1.5 GB should be fine19:23
Synjunitzu2 monitors19:24
KittyBootsWhat is the optimum placement of the swap, before or after root partition?19:26
BadegakkJames147, true, it almost never in use my swap partion. But harddrive space is not an issue on mu setup19:26
James147KittyBoots: you wont notice much difference19:26
DaskreechKittyBoots: I don't think you need to tune it that much19:26
KittyBootsSure, does it ever make a difference?19:27
James147KittyBoots: note also that you can create swap files instead of partitions, doing so allows you to easaly resize your swap space without repartitioning19:27
DaskreechIt does but you are talking milliseconds of difference19:27
avihaytheoretically before, but then you have to allocate a tiny partition for the boot-loader19:27
KittyBootsAnd are there any commands to display disk stats?19:27
Daskreechunless you are contstantly swapping and have time cruicial processes waiting on it then you'll never see a difference19:27
DaskreechKittyBoots: Lots of commands for disk stats19:28
James147Daskreech: and if you do, then getting more ram is the better option :)19:28
KittyBootsJames147; That's interesting, how do I do that?19:28
James147basically use dd to create a file of the size you want, then formate that file as swap :)19:28
DaskreechJames147: maybe19:29
Badegakkanyone who manage to make smb4k work under kubunt 10.04 or 10.10?19:29
James147there are many guides online as to how to do it19:29
James147Badegakk: Think I tryed it once, and it worked as expected...19:29
KittyBootsJames147; Sure, what is dd?19:29
DaskreechKittyBoots: diskduplicator19:30
Daskreechit copies something bit for bit somewhere else19:30
BadegakkJames147, do mount your shares in fstab or do you use another client to watch video files from a share?19:30
KittyBootsI'll have to check on this.19:30
James147KittyBoots: a command for copying data at the disk level19:30
KittyBootsThanks a lot for the help.19:31
James147KittyBoots: but since linux uses files to represent devices, dd (and mkfs.swap, or any other disk util) also work on files :D19:31
BluesKajBadegakk, just use networking in dolphin using "add network folder" which lists several oprions dependeing on the pcs to which you want to connect19:31
James147KittyBoots: this might be of intrest: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq19:32
James147KittyBoots: spicifically, for creating a swap file: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How%20do%20I%20add%20more%20swap?19:34
BadegakkBluesKaj, is micrsoft windows network drive for windows shares?19:36
BluesKajBadegakk, yes19:37
BluesKajBadegakk, of course the share will need a user and password19:37
KittyBootsJames147; this is great, much more orderly and flexible than manipulating partitions.19:38
BadegakkBluesKaj, i can see all my content, copy and move, but not watch19:39
BadegakkBluesKaj, i dont think dolphin supports watching large video files19:40
James147Badegakk: dolphin dosnt support watching videos :) thats dragon players job19:41
James147Badegakk: and you can watch videos over smb shares19:41
James147(well, i can do it... no clue how I configued it to though)19:41
BadegakkJames147, not trough dolphin, if mount the share trough fstab or smb4k i can19:42
Synjunitzuok i know what the problem is now. when I try set my netbooks display resolution to 1024*900 it resets. anyone know how to get past this?19:42
James147Badegakk: yes through dolhpin (that how I do it, no mounting or anything)19:42
Synjunitzurunning it on 640*480 now19:42
James147Badegakk: (it supports it, but I dont know how to configure it to work)19:43
James147Synjunitzu: configure xorg... (dont personally know how to do it manually, but there shold be lots of guides on google)19:43
Synjunitzuhow can i configure xorg theres nothing in it.19:44
hawkISynjunitzu: distro?19:44
Badegakkhmm. wierd19:44
James147Synjunitzu: by default 10.04 dosnt have an xorg.conf file, but if you create one it will use it19:44
=== Guest48470 is now known as linuxfx
Synjunitzuwell :/ wondering how to create one now19:47
* Synjunitzu googles19:47
James147Synjunitzu: its just a file, so "kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf" (and saving) will create an empty one... dont know how to write one though, but there are lots of guides for configuing xorg19:48
Synjunitzuyeah thats what I mean19:48
Synjunitzuthe writing of it19:49
James147Synjunitzu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1437980#219:50
James147might be helpful :)19:50
Synjunitzutnx James14719:50
BluesKajSynjunitzu, this also works on 10.04 , I used it myself , http://ubuntulinux.co.in/blog/ubuntu/ubuntu-9-10/xorg-conf-file-create-on-ubuntu-9-10/19:50
James147Synjunitzu: comment #8 on that page might work19:51
James147^^ the one I linked that is19:52
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
Synjunitzutnx BluesKaj19:52
James147(which says much the same thing as BluesKaj link, but BluesKaj's explains the steps beter :)19:53
Synjunitzuhmm reading19:54
Synjunitzuanyone know hot to make the task bar float?20:03
James147Synjunitzu: float?20:03
Synjunitzulike how windows can float20:04
Synjunitzuand widget20:04
EagleScreen_you mean put it as a widget on the Desktop20:05
James147Synjunitzu: ... not sure how that would work...? (what is if you want it to be visable when applications are covering it?, if not then just rightclick the desktop > add widgets > find "Task Manager" > drag to where you want it)20:05
Synjunitzuthe whole task bar20:05
James147Synjunitzu: note that everything on the panel (and desktop) is a widget and can be added this way and placed anywher you like :)20:05
Synjunitzuokay cool20:06
James147Synjunitzu: oo, and there is a dash board you can place things on as well20:06
Synjunitzuim just trying to figure out a work around20:06
James147Synjunitzu: workaround for what?20:06
Synjunitzuscreen problem20:06
James147Synjunitzu: the links we sent didnt help?20:07
Synjunitzuwell theyre not the problem20:07
zongo_hey guys, would need help if possible with my wireless !! the issue is cant get internet connection. I can connect to my AP with no error message at all.20:07
zongo_but I have no internet connection whatshover20:08
James147Synjunitzu: then what exactly is the problem?20:08
Synjunitzuthe problem is my Kubuntu keeps reseting everytime I apply the resolution of 1024*60020:08
James147Synjunitzu: yes, so setting xorg (which sets the resalution before kde is even started) should help20:08
Synjunitzulol didnt know that20:09
Synjunitzugoogling for an example xorg config now20:09
James147Synjunitzu: those links we sent show how to set one up20:09
zongo_sorry, need to rectify that, iwconfig gives me Access Point: Not-associated20:09
zongo_so that means I cannot associate with my AP for an unknow reason20:10
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:10
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.20:14
Synjunitzuum problemo20:14
Synjunitzubecause of my messup up resolution I cant access the... the "start" widget..20:14
Synjunitzuto get access to krand something?20:15
Synjunitzuawesome. run utility20:16
James147Synjunitzu: alt+f2  to get krunner up and run what you want from that20:16
Synjunitzuyeah found it in right click20:16
* James147 uses krunner as a menu replacment on his netbook AND desktop20:17
DarthFrogJames147: Nice. :-)20:20
DarthFrogI also supplement krunner with a yakuake sesson.20:21
=== hans_ is now known as hax
James147DarthFrog: o yeah, run yakuake as well :) which I use mostly to replace konsole (although not always)20:22
James147(at least for running tasks quickly)20:22
DarthFrogYakuake is pretty much a more agile Konsole.20:23
* James147 has also configured text files to open in konsole using vim, and to attach to an existing session if there is one :D20:24
DarthFrogNow that's a nice touch.20:24
James147DarthFrog: it uses konsole-part so is basically konsole :)20:24
Synjunitzuhmpf.. ok im not gona do this now..20:25
DarthFrogBut in a more ergonomic exoskeleton. :-)20:25
Synjunitzuits just gona frustrate me20:25
James147^^ also the vim window opens at the same position and size :) in the place I most like ot edit things20:25
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines20:25
Synjunitzucould anyone suggest a different irc application for me? I want to be able to make windows like in mirc20:26
James147Synjunitzu: have you tried konversation?20:26
Synjunitzudidnt even know about it20:26
Synjunitzulooking now20:26
DarthFrogKonversation is an excellent IRC client.  I'm using it now.20:26
* James147 only uses quassel... has everything he really needs and is setup how he likes it :)20:27
James147!info konversation20:27
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.3-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2352 kB, installed size 10568 kB20:27
Synjunitzui think my widget thing just crashed20:30
Synjunitzui click add widgets and nothing comes up20:30
James147Synjunitzu: ... hmm20:30
James147Synjunitzu: its part of plasma, would have thorught if it crashed it would bring down the desktop20:31
Synjunitzuit isnt showing up20:31
James147Synjunitzu: lock and unlock the widgets (just a random guess)20:32
Synjunitzunope not working20:32
James147Synjunitzu: if not restart plasma-desktop  (kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 2 && plasma-desktop)20:32
Synjunitzulocked and unlocked. clicked add widgets still nothing20:33
Synjunitzuill remember that one20:33
James147(note that the sleep 2 just delays the starting, its not needed but I have found that without it plasma-desktop dosnt always come back up20:34
James147(if it dosnt just alt+f2 and run "plasma-desktop"20:34
KittyBootsJames147; the install automatically configured a swap partition for me.20:41
James147KittyBoots: it will do unless you select manual partitioning :)20:42
James147!info konversation20:46
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.3-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2352 kB, installed size 10568 kB20:46
Synjunitzuhow do i get it?20:46
v3nd3tta``first try to search it about kpackagekit20:47
James147Synjunitzu: "sudo aptitude insstall konversation" or through kpackagekit (or apt-get instead of aptitude)20:47
Synjunitzuhmm okay20:48
v3nd3tta``it's a good irc client, but what you're now using Synjunitzu ?20:48
v3nd3tta``why do you want to change?20:48
Synjunitzubecause I like seperating my chats into seperate windows20:49
Synjunitzuso im looking for that feature20:49
markithi, how can I have the choice of the sytem locales to use? dpkg-reconfigure locales does not ask me (while in debian does), kubunut 10.0420:51
KittyBootsWhat is the keyring used by the network manager applet?20:54
KittyBootsIt keeps asking me for a password but not accepting it.20:55
James147KittyBoots: kwallet stores passwords,20:56
KittyBootsJames147; it is not cooperating with me.20:56
KittyBootsI have to deny it.20:57
KittyBootsHow do I configure it?20:57
James147KittyBoots: kwallet? or knetworkmanger?20:58
KittyBootsHow do I dissasociate the two?20:58
James147KittyBoots: knetwrokmanager stores its passwords in kwallet (so it will ask for a network key first, then ask you to create a wallet)20:59
KittyBootsDo I have to create a wallet?20:59
James147KittyBoots: no21:00
James147KittyBoots: the first time a program trys to access one, it will prompt you to create it (a dialog with two password fields will appear and a strength indicator)21:00
James147KittyBoots: my guess is knetworkmanager is having problems with the network key?21:01
KittyBootsI don't know, somethings not working properly.  This seems to be . . . acting strangely.21:01
KittyBootsMaybe, I'll try changing things.21:01
James147KittyBoots: knetworkmanager has a few kinks still... what encryption are you using?21:02
KittyBootsThe ssid is hidden and the encryption is wpa & wpa2 personal 36 character.21:03
James147KittyBoots: hmm, hidden ssid, dont know how well knetworkmanager handels them...21:03
James147KittyBoots: do you have a wired connection at all?21:04
KittyBootsJames147; No.  I am on 2 computers.  This is my main unit and the other is the one I am installing on.21:05
=== synju is now known as Synjunitzu
KittyBootsJames147; but if I do have a router that is not being used.  If I could do internet connection sharing with this machine and use the router to share the connection than I would.  But I have never done that before and that was not on my list of things to do today.21:07
James147KittyBoots: would it be possible to temporly connect the new computer instead to install a few things? (the other option is to configure the internet connection via command line, which i dont know how to do with wireless:) )21:10
KittyBootsJames147; I am too far from the router to connect.21:11
James147KittyBoots: I suggest you try to install "wicd" it handles wireless better then networkmanager does atm... (easiet to do with a wired connection if at all possible... but there are allot of guides on howto configure teh wireless via command line if thats not possible)21:15
KittyBootsJames147; sure thanks.21:15
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zongo_Could anyone point toward a complete guide for sound in Kubuntu ?21:49
zongo_I have googled but could not find anything that explains me how sound works Kubuntu21:52
zongo_in particular for specific app that are not part of KDE21:52
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:52
zongo_I have no issue with sound21:55
zongo_I just needed a good guide (not a sysadmin one) but a guide that would explain the way sound is handled in Kubuntu21:56
DoctorPepperhi guys !!!21:59
DoctorPeppercan anyone help me , i am using kde with  bespin  but having  a problem  with dragon and kaffeine  not show the video image .22:01
Synjunitzuhow do I restart plasma again? lost the command22:02
DoctorPepperSynjunitzu: kquitapp plasma-desktop  && plasma-desktop22:04
James147DoctorPepper: what version of kde? and does it behave the same when using oxygen?22:07
Freddy2is there any good solution to the dolphin lag problem in 4.5.x? i did read something about libdbus, and also found an alternative packaging ppa, but i'm not sure if this is the right solution22:07
James147Freddy2: Think that problem is caused by the info panel (and/or tooltips) try closeing that (I have had not problems with dolphin lagging, but I havent had the info panel open in along time)22:08
arzucan speak Turkish anyone here?22:10
ScuniziFor the last month CUPS does not start on boot... I have to manually start the demon.  How do I fix that?22:10
Freddy2i did close this panel, but the problem it's still there.. and tooltips? can you disable them? where?22:10
DoctorPepperJames147:  kde 4.4, and it behaves the same way on oxygen22:11
DoctorPepperJames147: any idea ???22:14
James147DoctorPepper: try chaging tabs in kaffeine22:17
DoctorPeppersame problem22:17
James147DoctorPepper: different bug then I am thinking of then :)22:17
James147DoctorPepper: do you have the codecs installed?22:18
James147(kubuntu-restricted-extras  should ocntain everything you need)22:18
DoctorPepperall codecs installed22:18
Pavel_10can anyone help me with making a pen drive boot?22:26
Pavel_10When I restart, f12, and select "removable devices", there's a pause and then it boots into kubuntu as usual22:27
Pavel_10I'm trying to boot into ubuntu netbook22:27
James147Pavel_10: I would use usb-creator-kde or unetbootin to create them22:30
Pavel_10james147, 've been using the USB startup creator ("usb" option from CL)22:32
James147Pavel_10: hmm, that should make the drive bootable22:34
Pavel_10james147, do you know if there's a way to check the install for errors?22:34
James147Pavel_10: I take bit F12 is the key to select the device to boot from?22:34
Pavel_10james147 yes22:34
James147Pavel_10: well, i would do a md5 on the .iso to make sure tahts not cruppt,22:35
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:35
Pavel_10how do I do that22:35
James147Pavel_10: if it passes, try rerunning usb-creator and creating the disk again22:35
James147Pavel_10: read the links ubottu gave22:36
James147Pavel_10: You might want to note that not all bios's support booting from usb devices, although I dont know how to check this (most if not all modern ones do)22:37
Pavel_10i'm just trying ubuntu10.422:38
James147Pavel_10: note also that you can install ubuntu inside kubuntu (and chose which one you want to load at the login screen) but installing ubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop  (or ubuntu-netbook...)22:40
Pavel_10I'm actually just trying to test my ubuntu-flash drive  so I can use that drive to test out a pc22:41
Pavel_10james147, i ran the md5sum and checked the number on the hash page, and everything seems to check out22:43
James147Pavel_10: then try reinstalling it to the flash stick and trying again... if it still dosnt work I am not sure what you can do (I would test it on a nother comp if you have one, it could be that this computer cannot boot from usb)22:44
Freddy2James147: hmm by closing the panel and relaunching dolphin the problem doesn't seem to be there anymore :) thx22:50
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sithlord48hello all , can anyone help me get the colors back for svn filename (i.e local updated file names had green text)23:25
daskreecHsithlord48: Where?23:42
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madohello everyone23:44
madoexcuse me everyone but can you help me with this? -> i thought it would be nice to e.g. 1) search for all e.g. PNG-files on some of my hard-disk's folders and 2) put them all in one folder ... is there a way to do this with some commands so that i don't have to click through every folder on my hard disk?23:45
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daskreecHmado: I'll assume that they are named .png ?23:49
madohello daskreecH23:50
daskreecHmado: Hello23:50
madowhat do you mean with that? ... png-files are ".png" ... yes23:50
daskreecHmado: Then you can used the find command and do what you want with it23:50
daskreecHmado: Look up find and exec{} to get an example23:50
madook ... lemme check that ... you mean looking them up in the manpages don't you?23:51
daskreecHIn short you can look up all files in a particular directory that end with .png and then do any action on them for example moving them to this directory23:51
daskreecHmado: Faster to ask the internet it's a well known and documented problem23:52
daskreecHYou can read the manpage after to see what else you would like to do23:52
djusticemado: kfind? you can drag'n'drop the results to a dir in dolphin..23:52
daskreecHfind is a very throrough and complex command that often has simple uses23:52
daskreecHdjustice: Or that :)23:52
daskreecH!info kfind23:52
ubottukfind (source: kdebase): file search utility for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 121 kB, installed size 656 kB23:52
madowell djustice and daskreecH ... i'm new to linux and all this :) ... i didn't know it could be that easy :)23:53
daskreecHdjustice: best would be nepomuk which would auto add any png file to a virtual directory23:53
daskreecHmado: It may not always be easy but for the most part it's possible23:53
daskreecHYou have maybe 3-5 options to do what you are asking23:54
daskreecHthe find method from the command line is the most documented23:54
djusticeeh, its always easy. it's just a keyboard/mouse. it might be easier if we just knew a little more about how to achieve what we want..23:54
daskreecHkfind is probably the easiest23:54
madowell daskreecH ... djustice ... i'm looking for an easy way ... plus when moving those files ... i don't want any file with the same name to get overwritten23:54
daskreecHnepomuk would be the best but that's neither documented or easy :)23:54
djusticemado: it asks. with a 'suggest new name' option.23:54
madoit's just ... i have quite a few different files ... not only PNGs ...23:54
daskreecHmado: kfind might be a nice way to start23:54
djusticedaskreecH: heh, in 2014 maybe.23:55
daskreecHdjustice: for easy? or for documented and easy?23:55
daskreecHI think that Nepomuk will be easy for 201323:55
daskreecHmight take another year for good end user documentation though23:55
sithlord48any idea why svn files no longer have colored file names in dolphin?23:57

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