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pooliehm i'm still intermittently getting Could not resolve hostname bazaar.launchpad.net: Name or service not known01:51
spmpoolie: what in? bzr? firefox?01:52
pooliesorry, ssh run by bzr01:53
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dpmgood morning launchpad folk!07:38
dpmI'm trying to change the project from a bug, from 'ubuntu-translations' to 'ubuntu', so it gets triaged there. However, Launchpad won't let me do that. It tells me "too many matches" when trying to specify 'ubuntu' in the text box. Any ideas on what I could do?07:38
wgrantdpm: Apart from that, you can't retarget a project task to a distribution.07:39
wgrantSo you'll need to mark the task Invalid, and hit "Also affects distribution..."07:39
lifelessdpm: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/8090207:39
ubot5`Launchpad bug 80902 in Launchpad Bugs "Can't refile bug report from project to distribution, or vice versa (affected: 5, heat: 13)" [Medium,Triaged]07:39
lifelessdpm: 'me too' that bug07:40
dpmthanks lifeless, wgrant07:40
dpmhm, right, but even if I don't try to re-target, if I mark the 'ubuntu-translations' task as invalid and then try to open a new task for 'ubuntu', it tells me "too many matches"07:45
wgrantdpm: You're using "Also affects distribution", not "Also affects project"?07:47
dpmwgrant, that was it, thanks. I didn't know that I could specify a distribution with a blank package, but reading the text there helps :)07:48
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maks_tried to get a LP account09:46
maks_but the token does not get sent over to debian.org09:46
maks_greylisting and anti spam settings are on.09:48
zygarockstar, ping09:49
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lifelessmaks_: hi, any sign of an attempt in the mail logs ?10:18
lifelesswe don't have any blocked outbound addresses AFAIK10:18
maks_lifeless: can't see the maillogs of debian.org, but nothing on my mailserver later10:22
maks_getting my other debian.org mail.10:22
lifelesslosa ping : what do we normally do to debug these things?10:24
mthaddonlifeless: all we can really do is ask a GSA to confirm they can see the email showing up in outgoing mail logs10:26
bilalakhtarLOSA ping: Incoming bug mail is not working!10:46
bilalakhtarIn other words, LP's e-mail  interface is down!10:46
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bilalakhtarCan confirm since a friend on #omg!ubuntu! is also facing it10:48
bilalakhtarAND I sent the mail 3 hours ago, still no comment10:48
bilalakhtarsignature was valid10:48
mthaddonbilalakhtar: investigating10:48
bilalakhtarmthaddon: thanks, I have to go now, sorry10:49
valavanisalexHi there, I'm having a problem with bug #628048.  I'm unable to set the package name in Baltix to "inkscape"10:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 628048 in Baltix "Please merge inkscape (universe) with version 0.48.0-1 from Debian experimental main (affected: 3, heat: 22)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62804810:52
valavanisalexCan anyone see what the problem is?10:52
vishpersia: *if* you have time , could you reply to mpt's comment#8 ? Bug 414401 which we discussed yesterday. thanks :)11:39
ubot5`Launchpad bug 414401 in Launchpad Bugs "Automatically subscribe users to bug mail when they post a comment (affected: 4, heat: 10)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41440111:39
* yofel notes that he likes the 2 button way11:51
yofeljust make sure the 'post comment only' button goes away once you're subscribed to the bug11:52
yofelI mean, replace both buttons with the current 'post comment' button11:53
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bilalakhtarmthaddon: fixed?12:07
mthaddonbilalakhtar: I think it must be just you - we weren't able to find anything wrong, and had a few people send in emails and confirm LP found them fine12:07
mthaddonbilalakhtar: I'm happy to help debug your issue, but I don't think it's LP-wide12:07
bilalakhtarwhoa? It has happened the second time for me! I will just check12:08
bilalakhtarmthaddon: Thanks for telling me, it appears Yahoo! SMTP is down, and hence my friend's problem is the same12:13
valavanisalexDid anyone have time to look at my earlier question about bug #628048 ?  Launchpad won't let me set the Baltix package name to "inkscape".12:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 628048 in Baltix "Please merge inkscape (universe) with version 0.48.0-1 from Debian experimental main (affected: 3, heat: 22)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62804812:19
penguin42I'm getting a 'soorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server' after entering all the info - I'll try again, but someone I was helping yesterday never managed to get it to complete - is there a known problem12:45
penguin42hmm repeatable12:49
penguin42ok, 2 different web browsers - definitely broke12:59
wgrantpenguin42: What are you trying to do?13:03
penguin42wgrant: I have a kernel oops and am trying to report the bug, originally the little icon came up and I went through, edited the summary and added text and it failed there, then I used apport-bug to try again (twice) and it's failing at the same point13:04
penguin42^little panel icon13:04
wgrantpenguin42: How big does it say the report is?13:04
wgrantIt should tell you when it asks you whether you want to upload it.13:04
penguin42wgrant: It's not saying - I assume because it's tiny, there won't be a core in there13:05
wgrantDo any Bugs people have any idea about the above?13:06
penguin424th time it's now actually showing me other matching bugs13:08
penguin42anyway, time for breakfast - but if anyone can hunt what's going on I'd be greatful; you lose the text you entered when it fails, and it's quite annoying and I was helping a guy on +1 last night and told him to report a bug and it was just painful when he hit the same thing repeatedly13:15
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geserwgrant: do you know which dpkg is used for processing uploads? (see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2010-September/012089.html)13:47
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wgrantgeser: As of last night, possibly Lucid's. But I'm not sure.13:50
wgrantbigjools: ^^?13:50
vishhmm , can anyone change the channel topic here?14:06
vishjust noticed that the topic was changed back-n-forth but the people who changed it wernt in the access list14:07
deryckvish, yes, I believe anyone can change it here.14:11
vishhmm, odd choice.. probably should be restricted to lp devs alone.. :)14:12
vishi guess its more of setting up the irc priv for the lp team..14:16
tron_cannot seem to put my question in launchpad!14:26
tron_Repeated tries today - keeps saying a problem connecting to Launchpad server.14:27
leoquanttron__no probs here14:30
leoquanthmm gone14:30
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maks_so who is the admin repsonsable that launchpad sends properly mail15:59
maks_why does it come that debian.org side sees no reject from your side16:00
maks_but that the initial mail setup does not work16:00
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pvelkovskiis launchpad server down? I can't send a bug report!16:57
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pvelkovskiI get this message in my web browser "Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server.". And it says that I should report it here16:59
penguin42pvelkovski: Yeh I've been getting that a lot - did it do that just after you had entered the body of the report?17:05
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pvelkovskipenguin42 I'm getting error after trying to submit the whole report17:28
penguin42yeh, it's most annoying - something is broken17:29
pvelkovskior maybe the server is overloaded by too many bug reports, I hope that's not the case :)17:30
penguin42pvelkovski: It seems a bit more unusual, it's not failing anywhere except that17:31
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ftais anyone still working on the LP API? none of the bugs i filled or subscribed to in May (when i started using that API) received any love :(17:38
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bigjoolsfta: which part of the API?  each development team is responsible for different parts.17:48
ftabigjools, details on builds (both dists and ppas)17:49
ftaremember my dashboards?17:49
bigjoolsfta: ah yes17:49
bigjoolssorry, we've not really had time to look at those17:50
bigjoolscan you remind me of the bug numbers and I'll see if I can fit them in (but no promises)17:51
ftai depend on this app to be able to properly maintain all those chromium builds in a timely manner17:51
ftathe main bugs i need are at the bottom of that page17:52
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deryckpvelkovski or penguin42, does the web page show an OPPS number anywhere?17:58
penguin42deryck: What's an OPPS number?17:59
deryckpenguin42, well, the error should say something like OPPS-XXXX somewhere on the page, which helps us debug the issue.17:59
penguin42deryck: No, it definitely didn't have a reference number on the page - I've got the URL and I can give me your IP if you want to do some log trawling18:00
penguin42oh actually, I probably haven't got the URL any more18:00
deryckpenguin42, were you trying to report a bug?18:01
penguin42deryck: Yes, I'd got a kernel oops, and the panel icon filed it, I filled in the summary and the description and it was after that it gave the error; I then tried again with the apport-bug command (twice) and it repeatedly got the same errors; it did work about the 4th time18:02
penguin42deryck: and someone I was helping last night had the same problem18:02
deryckah, ok.  probably a timeout then.18:03
penguin42deryck: the thing is it was repeatable, but most other launchpad operations were working OK18:03
penguin42e.g. commenting on bugs etc18:04
deryckright.  filing bugs can sometimes timeout when other stuff doesn't because of the subscriber notifications we do during the request18:04
penguin42deryck: It could really do with being more robust, especially because it loses all the data at that point - it's very hard when you're thanking someone and asking them to file a bug and it repeatedly fails on them18:06
penguin42deryck: It would be preferable if it created the bug and stored your data, gave you the bug number and then did any higher expensive things18:06
deryckpenguin42, actually two things would fix it -- don't timeout and don't loose the form data due to AJAX.  We have bugs on both of these and are working on the first heavily.18:07
penguin42deryck: OK, great18:08
penguin42deryck: It's just worth keeping an eye on it, it just seems to have got worse in the last few days18:12
deryckpenguin42, we just had a release wednesday.  So it could be something in the release has made timeouts worse for a certain set of packages, when filing bugs.18:13
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penguin42deryck: Well mine was on linux, and I've got a feeling the guy I was helping last night was also on linux, so it might be worth checking; and the thing is for Linux the amount of data isn't huge - it's not like it's got a core file18:14
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maxbjelmer: Do you think it would be wise to temporarily suspend all other KDE imports until the kdesdk and kdepim ones manage to clear? (so they don't keep getting killed by sqlite lock contention)18:55
jelmermaxb, seems reasonable18:55
maxbIt's a shame there's no quicker way to short-circuit "discovering revprop revisions"18:56
jelmermaxb, if you do so, please inform the folks in #project-neon18:56
maxburgh, code imports are read-only in the API18:57
maxbthat could be tiresome18:57
jelmermaxb, there's no way to iterate over them using the API, too18:58
jelmermaxb: I was interested in writing a script to automatically analyze the imports logs18:59
maxbyeah, but I could have cheated and iterated branches of projects named kde%18:59
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njinHello, i'm trying to upload a video of a bug (mp4, 6.4 MB), but when i click on Post comment Seamonkey send request to Launchpad.net, but nothing happens.20:11
njinCan you halp me, thans20:12
njinSorry, done .20:14
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alkisgIs there any way to download a .deb that has been deleted from a ppa? Is there an archive somewhere?23:08
wgrantjpds: Well, they're available until around a week afterwards, I believe.23:28
jpdswgrant: week, 5 days, ...23:29
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