DanaGtetsuo----: say, do you happen to have a high-dpi screen?00:08
DanaGFor example, 15.4" 1920x1200 is high DPI.00:08
penguin42isn't it normal to define fonts by actual size to avoid that?00:09
DanaGIt's a "feature"... it makes your screen bigger.00:09
DanaGOr so Xorg claims.00:09
DanaGIt claims my screen is 20 inches.00:09
ubottuFreedesktop bug 23705 in Server/general "xserver 1.7.0rc0 uses wrong dimensions" [Normal,Reopened]00:09
DanaGheh, "makes your screen bigger".00:09
DanaGAnd with correct DPI, the default font size of 10 is huge.  I use 9 or 8.5... but things tend to complain about non-integer font sizes.00:10
penguin42DanaG: One of the problems is that with multiple displays having a single DPI is almost always wrong00:10
DanaGYeah, but it seems safe to me to err on the side of the higher DPI.00:11
DanaGAs it is right now, I had to add a script to run in Xsession.d: xrandr --dpi 14700:11
DanaGAaaugh, mein eyes!00:14
penguin42I can see the bigger problem might be that what you thought was the right size of a piece of paper isn't any more00:14
DanaGAnd lying about the DPI means that 100% zoom in Gimp has no relationship to reality.00:14
DanaGSame for OpenOffice.00:15
DanaGAnd Inkscape.00:15
penguin42well, I'm not sure 100% zoom in gimp ever did, but yes in OOo and inkscape00:15
DanaGGimp has two options for 100%: physical size, or pixels.00:15
penguin42yeh but what's physical size on a photo?00:15
penguin42does jpg or similar have a size?00:16
DanaGPhysical size on a photo depends on what DPI the photo claims.00:16
DanaGAnd actually, the correct unit for displays is Pixels, not Dots, per inch.00:16
DanaGI always use DPI, anyway.00:16
penguin42yeh that's what I'd have expected00:16
duffydackI recently encountered similar problem wanting to print some 4x6 photos.. I ended up using shotwell.. it did what everything else couldnt..00:16
* penguin42 would like monitor management in general to be better; for example it really shouldn't assume when you hot plug a monitor that it's always on the right00:17
DanaGFun with xrandr: freeform transforms.  Rotate the whole desktop by 30 degrees.00:18
penguin42DanaG: Or your colleagues by 2 or 3 degrees00:18
DanaGxrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1920x1920 (desired size 1663x2000)00:23
penguin421663 ?00:27
tacomasterhello :P is anyone any good at iptables?00:31
penguin42I can do bits; what's the problem?00:31
tacomasterwell i want to "iptables -I INPUT -p icmp -j DROP " but want to know how to undo it if it makes some program not work00:32
BUGabundotacomaster: ufw :P00:33
penguin42iptables -D00:33
BUGabundoor even better : GUFW00:33
penguin42tacomaster: I think iptables -D INPUT -p icmp -j DROP    should00:33
penguin42tacomaster: Having said that, dropping all icmp is bad - icmp is not just ping00:34
tacomastericmp is traceroute and alot of other things00:34
tacomaster3rd protocol in the transport layer :P00:34
penguin42tacomaster: Yeh but my point is it's used by normal thingsl ike mtu discovery I think and that can break normal apps00:35
penguin42tacomaster: Soemthing like --icmp-type echo-request   would be more selective I think00:35
tacomasteri just dont like the though of being able to be ping or tracerouted00:36
penguin42I'd certainly make sure the stuff for mtu discovery can get through, it gives weird problems if that goes wrong00:37
tacomastersorry to bug yall with this i have be running penetration software all day trying to tie down my home network and my pix firewall but i felt like since my laptop leaves my home network that i wanted to do that00:39
penguin42yeh I always like to put a firewall on; but something like ufw does a good job and someone else has thought of a lot fo the corner cases00:40
BUGabundowhat's this day and age sun-java6-jdk package?00:41
BUGabundoits not in Partner00:42
tacomasterlike i have blocked all incomming telnet and ssh so my routers config i dont have to worry about :P00:42
penguin42tacomaster: It's too easy to accidentally install something that listens, so I always prefer having a firewall00:47
tacomasteri do have a firewall one on every computer (software) and a hardware (pix)00:48
Tetsuo55how do i enable the flash plugin in chromium ?00:49
penguin42Tetsuo55: 32 or 64bit?00:49
penguin42apt-get install flashplugin-installer00:50
Tetsuo55can't i use the one that comes with chromium? or was it stripped out for ubuntu?00:51
penguin42oh, I don't know to be honest, I never realised one was included00:52
Tetsuo55when you use chrome to go to flashinstall page, it will tell you to enable the built in one and block the download00:52
yofelnote: chrome != chromium00:55
yofelbut I didn't know either that chrome had a built in one..00:56
DaekdroomChromium is chrome without all the proprietary bullshit00:57
DaekdroomOops. Gotta watch my language.00:57
DaekdroomAnyway, the proprietary stuff should include Flash, why not?00:57
* penguin42 wouldn't be surprised if it's a 64bit ism since Flash for 64bit isn't around00:58
Tetsuo55how can i enable the alternate gnome desktop?00:58
tacomasterwait was someone trying to get flash working on 64bit?01:02
penguin42tacomaster: Tetsuo55 is in chrome and was wondering about chromes inbuilt flash support01:02
tacomasternspluginwrapper is required for 64bit i know that much01:03
penguin42tacomaster: Yeh, although flashplugin-installer does all that for you01:05
tacomasteri had to install nspluginwrapper my self because i installed adobeflash and it didnt come with it01:05
yofelthere was a 64bit flash alpha, but adobe dumped it afaik :(01:12
penguin42indeed, it actually worked as well01:14
Tetsuo55put display to sleep when inactive << does this option only black out the screen or does it actually shut it down completely like windows's display off screensaver?01:14
Tetsuo55something is wrong with battery charing, time to full is increasing instead of decreasing01:19
charlie-tcaTetsuo55: AFAIR, sleep puts the monitor in standby01:21
Tetsuo55charlie-tca: i tested it with 1 min delay and it does indead go into standby01:22
coz_hey guys.. is it safe to assume that when maverick is released there will also be a minimal install cd??01:28
charlie-tcacoz_: Does Ubuntu offer a minimal install cd now?01:30
coz_charlie-tca,  yes it does01:31
charlie-tcaThen I would think it will continue01:31
coz_charlie-tca,  well I wanted to make sure01:31
charlie-tcaI did not know we had one01:31
coz_at this point of course  none show up on any download site01:31
coz_charlie-tca,  oh year I prefer the minimal install01:32
coz_yeah not year01:32
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:32
Tetsuo55crash files are auto attached to bugs that already exist too?01:36
yofelTetsuo55: no, but usually you can just file a new one, the retracer will auto-duplicate your bug if it's already reported01:43
mikedep333coz_, I think the desktop cd lets you do a network install like the minimal does01:50
coz_mikedep333,  ahh   that would be nice also :)01:50
coz_mikedep333,  I am downloading it now so i will take a look01:51
mikedep333coz_, look at the options when at the bootloader01:51
mikedep333I think you need to press a button or something for it to come up.01:51
coz_mikedep333,  yep I will...it would be a nice feature01:51
coz_mikedep333,  the actual minimal install cd is less to download therefore fewer chances of corrupted downoad01:52
coz_which seems to be the advantage I see01:52
coz_particularly for those with slower connections01:52
mikedep333coz_, sorry, I just checked and you can't do a minimal/network install with the live disc (10.10 beta)01:58
coz_mikedep333,  ah ok no biggie... :)01:58
coz_mikedep333,  I just want to turn the live cd for now... later try it out01:58
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DanaGSay, why doesn't rhythmbox let me try to play a CD?04:47
PresuntoRJDanaG: good question... do you have an error message for that?04:52
DanaGOr rather, it gives me no visible UI elements to play a CD.04:52
DanaGAnd nothing in plugins for CD reading.04:53
lapionanyone have any experience in making a multi distrob usb stick ?04:55
DanaGargh, unity segfaults after initializing EGL.05:01
DanaGargh, my unity hangs.06:00
DanaGSolid white.06:00
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bullgard4_ 'man kdebugdialog': "No manual entry for kdebugdialog." Where can I find a manual or program description of kdebugdialog?07:03
bullgard4_SwedeMike: Please read the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and act accordingly.07:06
SwedeMikebullgard4_: I have already read it. I didn't tell you to "google it".07:08
SwedeMikebullgard4_: would you say that one should take for granted that someone has TRIED to google it before answering? or is google just off limits as a suggestion and I should never mention it?07:09
SwedeMikebecause then it's meaningless that I try to suggest something I found off of google, as well.07:09
SwedeMikebullgard4_: so please entertain me, did you google for "kdebugdialog" and "I feel lucky" that didn't satisfy you? I'm not jerking you around, I want to know.07:11
bullgard4_SwedeMike: Once for all: I did google for kdebugdialog before I posted here. --  I am not here to entertain you.07:14
SwedeMikebullgard4_: guess figure of speech doesn't work either.07:15
SwedeMikeso http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-runtime/kdebugdialog/kdebugdialog.pdf isn't the kind of "program description" you were looking for?07:16
SwedeMikeso what kind of program description is it you're looking for?07:17
bullgard4_SwedeMike: Thank you very much for providing me this link. This article is a kind of a program description which I was looking for.07:20
bullgard4_SwedeMike: Thank you again.07:20
SwedeMikebullgard4_: oki, still. I'm not jerking you around, I want to understand. When I googled for "kdebugdialog" this was the first hit. What did you google for?07:21
bullgard4_I did google for /usr/lib/kdebugdialog07:23
bullgard4_err! I did google for /usr/bin/kdebugdialog07:24
SwedeMikebullgard4_: thanks.07:24
SwedeMikehm, interesting how google seems to treat / as a whitespace.07:25
SwedeMikebullgard4_: would you have been less offended if I answered your initial question with "When I googled for <kdebugdialog> I found <http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-runtime/kdebugdialog/kdebugdialog.pdf>, is this not what you're looking for?" I've been hit with the "don't tell people to 'google it'" even when I did that.07:27
bullgard4_SwedeMike: Of course I would have been less offended if you told me: ""When I googled for <kdebugdialog> I found <http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdebase-runtime/kdebugdialog/kdebugdialog.pdf>"07:34
SwedeMikebullgard4_: goodie. Then I'll use that next time. Thank you.07:35
SwedeMikegoogling for that just seems so obvious for me, I could imagine someone being offended by that as well.07:35
DanaGargh, stupid Unity.08:20
DanaGIt hangs showing me min,max,close buttons for Desktop, and not much else.08:20
DanaGCan't open the menu, and can't use any of the indicators.08:21
DanaGIt's 100% useless.08:21
Acidphasemaybe someone can give me a hand here08:34
AcidphaseI'm currently in the shell after installing the new ati drivers08:34
Acidphaseand I have no x08:34
AcidphaseI'm in here chatting via sirc08:34
Acidphaseany takers?08:35
Acidphaseit's basically saying it can't find the drivers fglrxdrv.o08:36
Acidphasefglrx_drv.so to be precise08:37
guest123Hi, i've a strange behaviour when i connect to Gnome via VNC.(Ubuntu 10.10, x11vnc or tightvncserver). The gnome-sessions starts, all seems to be working, but i press a key in e.g. gedit or terminal the windows closes.08:38
julian-Can anyone tell me if 10.10 improves power management vs. 10.04? I'm putting a media box together (an Atom + ION one) and am trying to decide if I should use Ubuntu as the base OS for a XBMC install, or whether it'd be better to just buy a Windows 7 license.08:40
DanaGI'd say, if you want to do digital cable, at least, Win7 is literally the only way to go.  No CableCard in Linux.08:49
DanaGDamn CableLabs.08:50
julian-DanaG: No cable or tuner08:54
robin0800samba appears to be broken worked on beta but an update has broken this note there have been no samba updates so its not this?09:27
vega_say what..09:27
vega_ever thought of using these characters: . and , ?09:28
spike__when does ubuntu 10.10 final come out09:44
spike__ok cuz i thought i heard 10/27 and wanted to make sure09:45
spike__is the 10.10 that is out rite now good to use or just stay with 10.04 until th ubuntu 10.10 final comes out09:47
SwedeMikespike__: there is no good answer to that. it might be, it might not. Depnds on a lot of factors.09:48
SwedeMikeonly way to know is to try.09:49
Ian_cornespike__: it's not to be used as a stable OS yet.09:50
Tetsuo55battery management is definately broken, my battery doesnt get a full charge09:53
Gigacorehey guys, I am not able to upgrade to ubuntu 10.10 beta.. I am getting an error "Could not calculate the upgrade"11:10
gnomefreakGigacore: run the command update-manager -d11:10
Gigacoreand it says "And unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade: E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages"11:11
gnomefreakrunning the cammand about it should held back broken packages. most of them are likley from 3rd party repos11:12
gnomefreakyou may also need to reload when update-manager shows up to correct packages11:12
Gigacoreoh.. and I don't want to make network-upgrade. I've got image of alternate CD and got it mounted11:13
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:14
gnomefreaksee those links for a nonnet upgrade11:14
gnomefreakit could be the cd is bad for i know11:14
gnomefreakcant recall if you can use teh alt. image11:15
gnomefreakone or the other you cant use11:15
GigacoreI haven't burnt it on to a CD, just mounted it11:15
gnomefreakthan you owuld need to comment out all repos excpt the cd ones at the top and uncomment ths the cd repos11:16
Gigacoreis there any way to ignore held packages?11:16
gnomefreakyes but i reallly wounted but the links about should help you11:16
Gigacoreyea.. going through them. thanks11:17
gnomefreakif i have time to download the cd than i have enough time to wait for the upgrade. if you have the cd. i say back everything up and do a clean intall11:17
gnomefreakGigacore: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades  << best link11:21
larsivido anyone have issues with the fan control? I just upgrade from 10.04 on my Dell Studio XPS12:40
Abhijeetkernel deleted accidently, how can i copy the packages from the damaged system using live cd or fresh innstallation please help me.12:41
void^_chroot & reinstall kernel package12:42
Abhijeeti tried but the dpkg process not ended it installed the linux-source but the linux kernel image , intrmd(not correct about spelling) how can i force to innstall the linux kernel12:45
votanis the Unity Interface on the new UNR slower than the old interface ?13:01
killer999i am getting a 'ubuntu desktop system' update for last 10 days but I cant' install it. The checkbox is not clickable. how to solve this13:17
sevenseekerhowdy, is there a known issue in 10.10 with dhcp timing out and not receiving an answer?  (worked before and works on other comps and this one in windows7)13:43
penguin42sevenseeker: I hang out on here quite a lot and not seen anyone else with that13:49
sevenseekerpenguin42, ok, I will keep playing a bit... my interfaces are up and no dmesg messages regarding them or networking, but just dhcp times out all the time (I upgraded last night)13:51
lukushow are you guys finding maverick?14:03
tarzeauit's just there?14:03
PiciI found it on my laptop14:03
tarzeauit's nice, but some software is very old :(14:03
lukustarzeau, shouldn't the software be newer than lucid?14:04
tarzeauthe installer sucks though, crashed when i wanted xfs instead of ext414:04
tarzeaulukus: it is, but still too old for what i need: gimp-plugin-registry, gphoto2...14:04
tarzeauare heavily outdated14:04
tarzeauso is gnustep*14:04
lukustarzeau, you can always install manually though14:04
yofeltarzeau: did you report that? I think I had that too ages ago and it was thanks to xfsprogs not installed on the live disk back then14:05
tarzeaulukus: manually? you mean make the updated packages and install those? sure that's what i do14:05
tarzeauyofel: of course14:05
lukusis ext4 ready for primetime yet?14:05
tarzeauyofel: oh not the xfs installer thing, where would i report that?14:05
tarzeaui don't want ext4, or ext3, or ext214:06
tarzeauyofel: if you give me the launchpad.net link, i'll report it14:06
lukuslast time i read about ext4, i heard it had problems14:06
tarzeauyofel: i installed around monday or so14:06
Tetsuo55isnt ubuntu software always old14:06
tarzeauTetsuo55: no14:06
Picigphoto2 in maverick matches the debian unstable version.14:06
tarzeauoh but inkscape is old too14:06
Tetsuo55its policy to be ver strict about updates isnt it14:06
tarzeauPici: which is old too - i'm also trying to get it updated there14:06
lukusi guess it's always a compromise14:07
tarzeauPici: actually only there. since ubuntu just syncs it14:07
lukusbetween stable-ness and new-ness14:07
Picitarzeau: So its not really an Ubuntu problem then.14:07
Tetsuo55lukus:  yep14:07
tarzeaulukus: not for me. i NEED the latest. or i can sell my dslr, and get one which is 3 years older14:07
yofeltarzeau: as the installer failed, probably best to report it against ubiquity, and try to do it by calling 'ubuntu-bug ubiquity' from the live disk after reproducing the failure, the folks in #ubuntu-installer might know more14:07
tarzeauPici: of course it is14:07
tarzeauPici: for gimp-plugin-registry and inkscape. it sure is14:07
Picitarzeau: not only then.14:07
Tetsuo55ive had many crashes already since installing yesterday14:07
tarzeauPici: and it's not like hard to upgrade the gphoto stuff14:07
lukussegfaults in which programs Tetsuo55 ?14:08
tarzeaucan you sync sid packages into maverick?14:08
Tetsuo55lukus: help among others, i reported 2 bugs with the automated tool14:09
penguin42tarzeau: It's a bit messy to automate it, but if you grab the .deb's you have a fair chance of installing them14:09
tarzeaupenguin42: i know. but that sucks if you need to do it for like 200 computers14:09
Tetsuo55the others i didnt report, i didnt realise i could use my SF account to log into launchpad14:09
lukusyeah, at least the reporting is straightforward14:09
tarzeaupenguin42: it's better if ubuntu would just pick the versions, so everyone can profit?14:09
penguin42tarzeau: Ah right, erm if you had to do that what you could do is set up a mini little repo with just the newer packages in it14:09
tarzeaupenguin42: i already have that14:10
Tetsuo55so like 10 where not reported, one of my crashes was unique though, none like it where found by the tool14:10
tarzeaupenguin42: but still all this extra effort sucks. as i'm sure there's others doing the same14:10
tarzeaupenguin42: besides that "mini" repo isn't THAT mini anymore...14:10
tarzeaupenguin42: i've been doing that for 5 years now14:10
penguin42tarzeau: Yeh, I guess they have to pick a cut off point for each release; it's an interesting trade off - I've considered switching back to sid but there again I'd get some stuff that's older in sid14:10
Tetsuo55i only use chromium, emphaty, kubuntu and update manager, so all crashes are related either to those or standard loaded services14:11
tarzeaupenguin42: i do use sid, mainly, with some packages hand made14:11
tarzeaupenguin42: the ubuntu wokstations i have are only left at work14:11
penguin42tarzeau: Nod14:11
tarzeaui hope upgrading is more fluent from lucid to maverick14:12
tarzeauand that not much changed for the preseed network boot installer14:12
Tetsuo55does anyone know if works is being done to improve video playback? e.g. making sure that video paints and audio sample sends are done on time to prevent jitter/judder14:12
tarzeauTetsuo55: with which software?14:12
Tetsuo55it doesnt really matter, but im going to assume the default player14:13
tarzeaumplayer just works fine for me14:13
tarzeauhowever flash player sucks badly indeed, and the default player? that gnome wreck which can't play a thing?14:13
tarzeauomg, anyone uses it?14:13
Tetsuo55ubuntu includes it so i guess they expect that14:13
tarzeauthey also include f-spot and now that other thing14:14
tarzeaui've tried the new thing, and it just locked up when moving the sliders14:14
yofelnot sure, I do get skips in audio when I use some desktop effects in KDE, but even HD videos play usually fine with vdpau in smplayer14:14
Tetsuo55i dont play media on linux at all due to the sub-optimal ability of linux to deal with it14:14
tarzeauso, i'll stick to the gimp14:14
tarzeaui'm using ufs with debian gnu/kfreebsd, that's nice too14:15
Tetsuo55i'm not a typical user though, i work on a video player software as a manager, so i have extra high expectations14:15
tarzeaucan't wait to get a working live-helper for it.14:15
tarzeaubinaries and memory footprint is remarkably smaller compared to linux14:15
tarzeauTetsuo55: and you bundle ubuntu with a product of you?14:16
Tetsuo55on windows the kernel and i/o give video and audio stuff a higher priority than the rest, to ensure timing is accurate-is14:16
Tetsuo55no i don't14:16
Tetsuo55its a windows product14:16
Volkodavis xorg's CPU high usage fixed ? mine has been in 100' for last 3 days14:17
Tetsuo55serious video playback on linux is not yet possible (but i'll switch they second thats fixed)14:17
tarzeaui wish they'd switch to chromium-browser as default, instead of firefox14:17
tarzeauVolkodav: which video driver?14:17
Tetsuo55tarzeau: amen to that14:17
tarzeauTetsuo55: i'm fine with the playback. dunno what hardware/video drivers you use...14:17
Tetsuo55its not as bad now as say 5 years ago14:18
tarzeaui also was happy with mplayer 5 years ago14:18
Tetsuo55but if one is very sensative to things like judder then its a pain to watch any video on linux14:19
tarzeaui never noticed judder14:19
tarzeauneither in audio, nor in video14:19
Tetsuo55keep it that way!14:19
Tetsuo55i curse the man who taught me about judder :(14:19
tarzeauVolkodav: nvidia as in the binary driver, which version? which hardware?14:19
tarzeauVolkodav: or nv or nouveau?14:20
Tetsuo55its very difficult to unlearn seeing judder14:20
Volkodavbinary latest 256.56 I think14:20
yofelVolkodav: mind to see it 260.19.04 from the x-updates ppa helps?14:21
tarzeauVolkodav: you need/want the nvidia driver for 3d stuff like sauerbraten? or multiple monitors?14:21
* yofel notes that nouveau can do 3D too with libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental14:21
VolkodavI have dual head yes14:21
yofelbut it's too unstable for my taste in general14:22
Tetsuo55tarzeau: anyway just saying stuff doesnt help, in time my team will come up with scientifically accurate tests, those tests will be platform independent so we can benchmark linux's video playback abilities in a comparative manner to windows14:22
Volkodavbut no 3d14:22
tarzeauVolkodav: have you tried with nouveau? not sure if it supporst dualhead14:22
Volkodavyofel - I will try that driver 260.xx14:23
Volkodavtarzeau: i do not think it does14:23
Machtincould someone help me to get 5.1 working on my Asus Xonar DX? it's somehow strange - seems to be upmixed when i to the 6-channel speaker-test.14:35
zniavreyofel,  good evening , can you run compiz with nouveau and ligl experimental ? mine make something strange when switching to compiz14:42
yofelzniavre: I'm using KDE, some effects didn't enable but those that did worked fine, it just seemed somehow slow14:44
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shadeslayerhmm...apparently my friend cant seem to install software on his maverick install14:58
shadeslayerhe was behind a proxy in college and removed it after going home14:58
shadeslayerhis internet works fine, but software center says Check your Internet connection14:59
charlie-tcacan he install from the terminal?15:01
charlie-tcarun sudo apt-get update15:02
shadeslayercharlie-tca: hes new to ubuntu, ill have to guide him how to do that... lets see15:02
charlie-tcathen try to install15:02
Volkodavyofel: x-updates package has the same xorg usage 90-10015:10
VolkodavI think it is xorg to blame since I tried different kernels/diff drivers15:11
yofelnvidia works mostly fine here, I get 100% CPU with xorg only when LP pages are being rendered in firefox15:11
yofeland only for 1-3 seconds usually15:11
Volkodavwell mine steady high no matter what I do compiz on or off15:12
shadeslayercharlie-tca: haha.. hes using the terminal for the first time, so he said : I cant type anything when it asks for the password :P15:17
shadeslayerand i went.. hows that possible?? ... and then i realized what he meant15:18
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Tetsuo55oki got a new crash15:29
shadeslayercharlie-tca: apt-get update works15:29
shadeslayerwhat could be next ?15:30
Tetsuo55" mission control-515:30
charlie-tcainstall using sudo apt-get install ???15:30
charlie-tca??? being the application15:30
charlie-tcaThen report a bug using ubuntu-bug software-center15:30
shadeslayercharlie-tca: but how is this possible? it installs fine when on college proxy, direct connection doesnt seem to work :(15:31
shadeslayerand id rather not tell him to use command line.. hes new15:32
shadeslayermaybe its fixed in a update.. hmm15:32
charlie-tcaI don't know. but if the connection is working from the terminal, it must be a bug in software center itself15:32
Tetsuo55when i choose an existing bug, does it still attach my crash dump?15:33
Tetsuo55i selected this one from the gui https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-mission-control-5/+bug/60174615:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 601746 in telepathy-mission-control-5 (Ubuntu) "mission-control-5 crashed with SIGSEGV in g_closure_invoke()" [Medium,New]15:33
charlie-tcait just tags it with "me too", I think15:34
Tetsuo55is that helpfull? i actually want to crashlogs when dealing with a bug15:35
charlie-tcashadeslayer: I wonder if the college had it's own repository for the app he wants to install?15:35
shadeslayercharlie-tca: no.. im pretty sure of that15:36
charlie-tcaTetsuo55: It just lets us know more than one person is affected by the bug15:37
Tetsuo55so what is prefereable, fresh ticket or " affects me too"  in terms of getting it fixed quicker15:37
charlie-tcaTo attach your crashlogs, you could use apport-collect 601746 , and then you have to verify you really want to attach them to that bug, which is not yours. You also have to subscribe to the bug first.15:38
charlie-tcaI like the fresh ticket or duplicate bug, it is more obvious that it is really an issue, rather than that you want to see the bug fixed (thus, affects me)15:40
Tetsuo55ill opt for fresh bug then15:40
Tetsuo55winqual also treats every crash as a fresh bug15:40
charlie-tcaa single reporter that does not give enough information and a thousand "affects me" does not give that information15:40
Tetsuo55that was my thingking too15:41
Tetsuo55how can i disable bluetooth? i dont use it so its just wasting battery15:43
Volkodavyofel - it looks like on 2.6.36-020636rc3-generic with NVIDIA Driver Version:260.19.04 and without compiz the xorg CPU usage is back to normal15:44
yofelinteresting setup...15:44
charlie-tcaI'm on xubuntu, it is different. There is something in System -> that lets you disable different apps15:44
Volkodavbut funny part the stock kernel does not load NVIDIA anymore lol15:45
coz_Tetsuo55,  did you check under system/preference/startup applications?15:45
Volkodavfails to load the kernel and errors no screen found15:45
coz_ah oh nvidia issues?  I was just about to install maverick :)15:45
VolkodavI still think it is xorg issue and not nvidia15:45
Tetsuo55coz_:  i see the manager there, but will shutting it down turn off bluetooth?15:45
coz_Tetsuo55,  it should stop it from starting up yes15:46
charlie-tcaIt will stop it when you restart the computer, it won't just shut down15:46
coz_Tetsuo55,  I dont know if sys-rc-conf is still avaialable in maverick repos but you could also use that  ...although last time I tired it it ran during start up itself15:46
Tetsuo55i will see what happens on next reboot15:47
Tetsuo55it did not work15:51
Tetsuo55the icon is gone from the taskbar, but bluetooth is still on15:51
Tetsuo55the old workarounds no longer seem to work, and 10.10 doesnt have the services option15:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  see if  sys-rc-conf is in the repository15:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  then run that in terminal as   sudo sys-rc-conf  and use arrows to scroll and space bar to mark15:58
coz_Tetsuo55,  if you have not used that in the past...I wouldnt go hog wild disabling things :)15:59
Tetsuo55what do the numbers mean??15:59
Tetsuo550-6 and S15:59
coz_Tetsuo55,  i would open another terminal     man  sys-rc-conf  to be sure  i dont remember offhand15:59
Tetsuo55no manual :(16:00
Tetsuo55X is on or off?16:00
coz_Tetsuo55,   hold on let me install and check16:00
coz_Tetsuo55,  ah oh not in lucid repo?  hold on16:02
Tetsuo55im in 10.10, i have no idea where it got it from :P16:02
coz_Tetsuo55,  it helps to spell it correctly :)16:03
coz_Tetsuo55,  ok with that opened  the first  tick box is the one you want to tick or untick and16:04
coz_Tetsuo55,  if it has an X  it is off16:04
coz_Tetsuo55,  remove or place an X  in the first box only16:05
Tetsuo55now i guess i need to reboot16:05
coz_Tetsuo55,  laptop or desktop/16:05
Tetsuo55hardware led for bluetooth is still on16:05
coz_Tetsuo55,  yeah I would reboot to test16:06
Tetsuo55npviewer.bin just crashed, what is it for?16:06
coz_Tetsuo55,  also check if sysv-rc-conf is running in the background after reboot16:06
coz_Tetsuo55, mm not sure offhand16:06
Tetsuo55ill reboot after reporting it16:07
Tetsuo55does this matter? This bug report has been marked private (visible only to its direct subscribers). You may choose to change this.16:09
Tsimscan someone help me change my login screen?16:10
Tetsuo55oh the ticket was more informative, its actually a part of flash16:10
Tsimsthere is no option to add a custom login anymore under System>Admin>Login Screen16:10
Tetsuo55bluetooth is still on, how do i check if that sys-rc thing is running?16:13
charlie-tcaTetsuo55: the bug should be private until it is checked for passwords and other information16:13
Tetsuo55charlie-tca:  ok good16:13
Tetsuo55i installed bluez16:19
Tetsuo55it has a disable bluetooth button and that works16:19
mrphow do i get into recovery mode?16:38
charlie-tcahold shift while starting the system16:38
charlie-tcagrub menu should appear16:39
penguin42*right* after the bios16:39
* charlie-tca got one right today :-)16:40
Machtincould someone help me to get 5.1 working on my Asus Xonar DX? it's somehow strange - seems to be upmixed when i to the 6-channel speaker-test.16:42
prepanyone on and available?16:45
charlie-tca!anyone | prep16:45
ubottuprep: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?16:45
prepI installed Maverick over Lynx, every since, Jack will no longer launch16:46
charlie-tcaanybody know if Maverick will get the fsck back in the recovery menu?16:48
prepI know 10.10 is beta, but quite a few things are broken, thinking of backing up, clean install. I started with Lynx, then Ubuntu studio, then upgraded to Maverick. Thinking there may be a lot of trash between all the upgrades. I'm just tire kicking with this machine for now16:50
charlie-tcaThat is possible, prep16:51
charlie-tcaHave you tried reinstalling Jack?16:51
prepI haven't, duh, that would be a start.16:51
charlie-tcaSometimes things get lost on upgrades16:51
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
charlie-tcaI am not very helpful on sound issues.16:51
prepI also noticed that my Rhythm Box didn't get the cool status/control panel that drops down. So it may all be boogered up16:52
lukushi .. i've installed maverick17:12
lukusbut wifi is deaded17:12
lukuswondering if anyone else here is experiencing problems with the connection manager17:12
penguin42lukus: Someone last night here had a broken upgrade where network manager said it was disconnected even though it was connected, and empathy disliked that17:13
lukuswell - my upgrade seems okay .. but my drivers don't .. I'm not sure what the problem is.  even if I install the driver manually (as I do usually) it doesn't function .. just continually searches17:14
lukusthanks anyways penguin42 .. it's nice to know i'm not the only one with probs17:15
penguin42lukus: What wireless?17:16
lukusa usb wifi dongle .. uses ra2870 driver17:17
penguin42do you get any log errors?17:20
lukuspenguin42, no .. which is strange17:28
lukusi was wondering if the problem was related to the actual manager17:28
tacomasteranyone know how to install virtualbox on ubuntu 10.10 64bit?18:00
jpdstacomaster: Install the virtualbox-ose package?18:02
tacomasterose is the open source right?18:03
jpds100% open-sauce.18:03
tacomasteris there a 64 bit for ose?18:03
kklimondawhat ose doesn't have is usb support18:04
Pici!info virtualbox-ose18:04
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.8-dfsg-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 8834 kB, installed size 31380 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 lpia all)18:04
kklimondaand something else..18:04
kklimondabut only usb support is important imo18:04
tacomasterkklimonda: do i have to iso files on my computer for virtualbox-ose to beable to get them or does it have shared folder support?18:07
=== sidnei is now known as sidnei-lunch
kklimondatacomaster: it does have shared folder support I've never used it18:08
tacomasterkklimonda: sick it was able to find my old virtualbox os's and play them on the ose18:09
tacomasterits kinda sad the only reason i  use virtualbox is because i couldnt get my .wma and .wmv from cbt nuggets to work but i dont think thats a win64codecs problems because the internet is filled with just cbt nuggets not playing18:13
charlie-tcaupdate-manager crashed when updating my fresh install from today's image.18:24
charlie-tcaApport won't report it because some packages are out of date :-(18:24
charlie-tcaCan't update because update-manager crashes instead; a very nice loop18:25
incandenzacharlie-tca: do you happen to have a USB hard drive or flash card reader installed?18:25
incandenzaI had a hang due to some problem with the usb_storage module when upgrading grub-pc18:25
charlie-tcano usb drive; no card reader18:26
charlie-tcajust two hard drives18:26
charlie-tcamanual updating works18:26
mvo_charlie-tca: what was the error?18:26
charlie-tcaupdate-manager closed unexpectedly18:27
mvo_charlie-tca: anything on ther temrinal window if you run it from there?18:27
mvo_charlie-tca: a error message? or a apport log?18:27
charlie-tcaIt is updating in terminal. Let me look at the crash report18:27
charlie-tcaUpdateManager.py, line 637, in on_botton_install_clicked18:28
mvo_charlie-tca: could you pastebin the full thing?18:29
charlie-tcaYou want the whole report or just the traceback?18:29
gorthaughi, i'm trying to load the ubuntu 10.10 iso in a usb drive with UNetbootin but in the boot it say me "No init found." and let me in a shell... what can i do?18:31
charlie-tcamvo_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/49170318:32
charlie-tcaI don't see anything besides the traceback that tells much18:32
mvo_charlie-tca: thanks, does clicking on "reload" help?18:32
charlie-tcadidn't try18:33
charlie-tcaran dist-upgrade in terminal18:33
charlie-tcaI can run another install and try it if you want?18:33
duffydackgorthaug, http://psychoticspoon.blogspot.com/2009/01/booting-multiple-livecds-from-single.html  try this method. much more convenient18:33
charlie-tcamvo_: should I do another install and try "reload"?18:35
penguin42ooh, there is a fix committed against the no way to set computer name in the installer18:38
charlie-tcaThat's good18:38
Oriaxhey guys18:40
Oriaxgot a question regarding maverick18:40
charlie-tcaOriax: just ask the question, all on one line.18:41
mvo_charlie-tca: yeah, give it another go18:43
mvo_charlie-tca: I know how to fix it, but I really have no idea how it managed to get into the situation18:43
charlie-tcaI can always manually copy/paste the report, if need be18:44
charlie-tcagoing to be a few minutes, this is a hardware install18:44
OriaxI'm using Lucid - I'm pretty new to linux - on a 4-5 year old laptop... It seems that I got some strange issues with MESA and I've been told that upgrading to Maverick (with mesa 7.8) might fix that. Given my skills and that maverick is still in beta, would it be "safe" for me to try it?18:45
penguin42Oriax: Possibly not18:46
OriaxI don't know how newbie-friendly an OS still in beta would be18:46
penguin42Oriax: You can't really undo the upgrade and some people are still hitting black screens and it just not working18:46
Oriaxah, I see18:46
penguin42Oriax: It's something you might like to try in a VM or a non-critical machine, but I wouldn't do it to an important machine unless youre reasonably confident you could unbreak it18:47
yofelOriax: you should *really* first try a live disk before even thinking about installing/uprading. You should be able to test if maverick helps in your case with the live disk fine anyway18:47
penguin42Oriax: Out of interest what graphics card do you use and what are the issues you have?18:47
Oriaxati radeon 200M18:47
Oriaxthe issues I noticed came when trying to play hedgewars, the guys over at #hedgewars helped me out a bit, but it seems like my mesa version is way too old (like 1.5 Oo) and doesn't work as required18:49
penguin42Oriax: There are still some Mesa issues with the Radeon drivers in Maverick  on my HD4350 - I'm using one of the development trees that are ahead of the beta and it's happyish18:50
penguin42bah, I'm in the middle of an upgrade - when it's done I might try hedgewars18:50
Oriaxit's pretty fun, but won't work for me :D18:51
Oriaxok, so you say you got issues with a "normal" card, so my ancient one will most probably have issues as well18:52
penguin42not necessarily, it might be something that just broke on the newer ones18:53
penguin42still, they're hoping to get the fixes I'm using into Maverick18:53
Oriaxthere is no longer a support for the my drivers, so I'm not betting on that :D18:54
penguin42yeh I know what you mean, I've got an old 9600 in a machine18:54
OriaxI guess I'm going to #ubuntu then and hoping for them to have some spare time to help me out then :D18:54
penguin42Oriax: Hang on a sec18:55
penguin42Oriax: OK, so I have hedgewars running and I can't understand it at all.....18:58
Oriaxdo you know the "worms" series?18:59
Oriaxokay, so you are this hedgehog19:00
Oriaxor a team of such cute creatures19:00
* penguin42 guessed - what are the keys ?19:00
Oriaxand kill your enemies with weapons :D19:00
i_is_brokeanyone else having kernel issues trying to get there wireless working with belkin usb adapter?19:00
Oriaxif I remember well arrows and mouse buttons19:01
Oriaxenter for jumping and backslash for special jump19:01
penguin42Oriax: I can move the guy back and forward but can't seem to aim19:03
Oriaxyou aim with up and down19:03
Oriaxexcept for when you use a weapon which doesn't require aiming19:04
Oriaxlike punching someone19:04
penguin42Oriax: Anyway, not understanding what it should look like, it looks ok19:05
nemopenguin42: c for screenshot19:05
nemoif you want to send him one19:05
nemosaves to ~/.hedgewars/Screenshots I think19:05
* nemo checks19:05
Oriaxoh hi nemo :D19:05
duffydackwormux is another version.. not played tbh19:05
nemoHedgewars was featured game for Ubuntu 10.04 :)19:06
nemoin the welcome to ubuntu19:06
Oriaxoh yeah, I remember that19:06
coz_hey guys...any issues with upgrading?19:06
nemoduffydack: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/features in "games"19:06
nemonot the prettiest screesnhot they could have used :)19:07
penguin42ok, that's the first time I've seen a .tga in about 15 years19:07
nemopenguin42: is png in .1419:07
duffydackthats a dreadful picture19:07
nemoduffydack: yeah, what can you do :-/19:08
nemoat least they posted it19:08
duffydackits the smallest things they seem to miss completely.. sad19:08
penguin42Oriax: http://imagebin.org/11354019:08
nemoduffydack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1Y_Pw_TtFo  - our 0.9.13 trailer - Armagon is doing the singing19:08
duffydackyeah, some things dont have a screenshot at all..19:08
penguin42Oriax: Whenever I aim, and then how am I supposed to fire? I hit space and it just blows a hole below me?19:09
nemopenguin42: hold down spacebar19:09
Oriaxyou were using the bazooka19:09
duffydackheld longer = more power19:09
lanoxxhi, is it possible to install gtk+3.0 in maverick? or do i have to build it by my self?19:09
nemopenguin42: if you right click, you get a weapon menu w/ instructions on how to use each weapon19:09
nemo(wehn you hover over the weapon)19:09
Oriaxnemo should know ;)19:10
penguin42ah got it!19:10
nemoduffydack: BTW, I tried Pitivi after the recommendation in "features" - I just couldn't figure out how to use it at all, so went back to avidemux219:10
duffydackthats another program they ship that I dont use because a severe lack of functionality...19:11
coz_any nvidia issues with upgrade?19:15
charlie-tcaonly when it doesn't work19:15
coz_charlie-tca,   cute :)19:16
charlie-tcabut true19:16
coz_charlie-tca,  :)19:16
coz_charlie-tca,  current state?19:16
* charlie-tca could not resist that one. Sorry, coz_ 19:16
charlie-tcaWorking for most people19:16
coz_mm  ok  if not I can always reinstall lucid19:17
charlie-tcaplymouth splash screen won't work with hardware driver for nvidia19:17
charlie-tcaYou get the ugly text screen instead19:17
coz_upgrading now...although I hate upgrades19:17
coz_ok I will let this run through and come back to complain when its finished :)19:18
charlie-tcamvo_: fresh install completed; update-manager on desktop19:38
mvo_charlie-tca: so u-m is doing fine now?19:40
charlie-tcano, just staring at it first19:40
charlie-tca33 updates selected19:40
charlie-tca"install updates19:40
charlie-tcamvo_: yes, it is running this time19:41
charlie-tcaweird. Same install procedure, too. Can not reproduce19:41
SaryHello Y'all , seems like i got a kernel problem .. the error says : Your system encountered a serious kernel problem.Your system might become unstable now and might need to be restarted.19:48
Saryi have the choice to report .. but19:48
gnomefreakSary: did you try to reboot?19:48
gnomefreakSary: report first19:48
SaryI get this , As part of the bug reporting process, you'll be asked a series of questions to help provide a more descriptive bug report.  Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  Afterwards, a browser will be opened to finish filing this as a bug in the Launchpad bug tracking system.19:49
Sarygnomefreak, no i haven't for days now19:49
gnomefreaksince brezzy dev cycle i have only had ~3-4 kernel panics19:49
SaryAlright , will do19:49
gnomefreakSary: file the bug than reboot19:49
charlie-tcaThe questions are designed to be easy for beginners19:50
SaryOkay , but i really don' now what to chose for answer19:50
charlie-tcaWhat was the question?19:51
Sarydah , got a gnome problem to ..19:51
gnomefreaki think too easy since most of the time the users postes the error than tells them what to do like with dpkg errors it says run sudo dpkg --configure -a in ther error19:51
gnomefreakdefine problerm19:51
gnomefreaki personally think rebooting will fix all above issues19:52
charlie-tcame too19:52
gnomefreakbut always best to file bug report incase info gets lost19:52
charlie-tcashould still be a crash file19:53
charlie-tcaSary: might be better to reboot and see if it fixes the issue19:54
SaryAlright guys , file a bug firs or !19:55
gnomefreakim concerned that if he tries to reboot and kernel panics his system will be messed up without even getting a bug filed19:55
charlie-tcaYou think?19:56
gnomefreakif it goes away its easy enough to close the bug19:56
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: i dont have aol the info needed to make taht desision19:56
charlie-tcaSary: follow gnomefreak advice. File it. You can ask the questions here if needed19:56
SaryAlright , i have to logout to see the bug again , and don't worry i got my files backed up19:58
gnomefreakSary: the files it attached is what is needed19:59
gnomefreakother wise reboot would have been first choice19:59
lucas-argis nvidia bug goin to make it to 10.10?20:00
lucas-argthis laggyness is killing me20:01
gnomefreaklucas-arg: the bigest nvidia is fixed but there are still some and always will be bugs on it so you need to be less gerneal in the bug you mean20:09
bjsnideri think he means the problem with the antialiased text20:10
lucas-arggnomefreak: well... my system using compiz and nvidia current in a nvidia 320m is laggy... i have to use just plain gnome not even gnome compositing20:10
lucas-argnot just text20:10
lucas-argvideos etc20:10
lucas-argits annoying20:11
bjsniderdid you update nvidia-current witht he new 260 beta driver?20:11
lucas-argim just an user, dont know how to fix it...20:11
lucas-argbjsnider: nope20:11
lucas-argbjsnider: its not in the repos20:12
bjsnidernot sure if it's been uploaded or not20:12
bjsniderit is in the x-updates ppa though20:12
lucas-argbjsnider: ill add those ppas then20:12
lucas-argill see and tell u guys how it went20:12
=== sidnei-lunch is now known as sidnei
bjsniderlucas-arg, is bug 629910 what you're seeing?20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629910 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia 256.53 xorg-server 1.9.0 performance regression with antialiased text" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62991020:16
lucas-argI dont know... but its laggy everything20:18
lucas-argcompiz runs horrible20:18
lucas-argand performance its terrible20:18
lucas-argi had to turn off compiz and gnome compositing20:18
bjsnidersometimes people are helped by blanking out their saved nvidia-settings rc file20:18
bjsniderthat would erase any customizations though20:19
lucas-argim upgrading to 260 after reboot ill see what happens20:19
lucas-argi dont have any customization20:19
lucas-argback with 260 drivers...20:25
lucas-argstill the problem20:28
lucas-argdidnt fix anything20:28
bjsnidermay not be an nvidia issue then. i don't think there are any open bugs about it20:28
lucas-argmaybe compiz?20:29
Saryi logged out , but still the kernel error didn't pop out .. there is updates that i see20:30
SaryRebooted , no kernel panic .. yet got another error20:51
SaryWhile trying to install updates .. i got : Error authenticating some packages20:52
gnomefreakSary: that is becuase you have 3rd party repos20:52
gnomefreakyou are missing the keys for them20:53
Sarywhat to do20:53
gnomefreakSary: it gives you a Y/n?20:53
Saryit shows me a list of packages20:54
gnomefreakSary: ok and if you click install/upgrade/update whatever it says depends on what you are using?20:54
SaryThe update manger20:54
Sarythe software sources is missing from the menu !20:55
gnomefreakSary: from System>admin?20:56
gnomefreakSary: go to system>pref>main menu and use that to add it :) i dont run update-manager but there might bea  menu item to bring you to wher eyou want.20:57
gnomefreakSary: synaptic has a way to get to it20:57
gnomefreakhaving the key isnt causeing your big issue and even without the key you can upgrade packages20:58
SaryAlright , got it back20:58
* gnomefreak wonders why you are using 3rd party repos on a devel system if you were not familiar with apt-dpkg20:59
Saryon Ubuntu Software tab , i have the first 4 boxes checked20:59
Sarygnomefreak, i didn't chose to :)21:00
gnomefreakSary: please do the updates it wants you to do21:00
SaryAre these boxes right to be checked21:00
gnomefreakfirst 4 means nothing to me since im not sure what ones they are?21:01
SaryOkay. that what am trying to21:01
gnomefreakSary: close all that out21:01
gnomefreakSary: open a terminal please21:01
gnomefreakSary: in the terminal run suao apt-get update21:02
gnomefreaksudo even21:02
gnomefreakwhen its done let me know21:02
SaryWell , take a look .. http://paste.ubuntu.com/491787/21:04
gnomefreakSary: sudo apt-get update21:04
Saryit's on ..21:05
gnomefreakSary: when it is done please pastebinit before you get the next command21:06
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: are you going to be a around?21:06
gnomefreaki have to keep getting up every minute or 321:06
gnomefreakSary: you may want to learn apt/dpkg before testing a system that is very likely to break21:07
Saryupdates done.21:08
gnomefreakSary: pastebin everything you have after apt-get update21:12
gnomefreakSary: run sudo apt-get upgrade    before doing the upgrades please pastebin everything it gives21:14
gnomefreakSary: ok type n than enter21:16
gnomefreakSary: once you are back to your prompt type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and pastebin the output21:17
gnomefreakSary: ok type n again please21:18
MocTrying to install 10.10 beta 64bit, but after grub Install option, I get a black screen21:19
gnomefreakSary: when back to your prompt run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. when it asks Y/n choose Y21:19
gnomefreakhasnt 64bit installer been giving problems21:20
gnomefreakMoc: try the alternate installer21:20
* gnomefreak goes to do dinner and maybe get some tv in tonight as well :)21:21
Mocbah, will put 10.0421:25
MocHa, trying it another way21:30
MocI think I had to select legacy boot option21:31
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
Tetsuo55what does this ticket tag mean? need-amd64-retrace21:38
MocHow long should the boot install process take ?21:38
MocI give up, 10.04 here I come21:41
yofelTetsuo55: questions about bugs should be asked in #ubuntu-bugs generally, but anyway: that means that the retracer should retrace the core dump on the bug and create a stacktrace, and that the crash happened on an amd64 system21:41
Tetsuo55can i help with that would be my next question21:43
yofelwell, either use apport-retrace (not installed by default) to try to retrace the .crash file in /var/crash, or try to run the application in gdb and crash it again, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash21:45
Tetsuo55ok i will start reading, the crash is very easy to reproduce for me21:46
duffydackanyone elses empathy only display notification when you actually open the message someone sent..22:00
Patrickdkdunno, can't stand empathy22:06
jimlovell777I need to downgrade a package (libwxgtk) but can't find the specific version I need (where to download, I know the version number). A recent update broke kicad (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kicad/+bug/627487) and I want to confirm the workaround and I happen to need to use kicad at the moment.22:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 627487 in kicad (Ubuntu) "KiCad won't start" [Undecided,New]22:22
Ddordahey guys, is it a known bug that the keyboard language changes all the time?22:26
jimlovell777Ok... how about just a list of hashes to verify a download?22:30
lucas-arg1im back with 260 nvidia drivers, compiz and compositing works ok now... but recordmydesktop doesnt...22:44
Tetsuo55how often do updates appear on the update manager?22:51
Tetsuo55once an hour? or some other interval, or is it completely random?22:51
duffydackwhatever you set it to22:52
duffydackdaily, 2 days, weekly22:52
Moccrappy nomodeset22:52
Tetsuo55i meant to ask, how often do updates get pushed onto the update service itself22:53
Tetsuo55in contrast to the interval with which my clients check for any available ones that have been pushed22:54
yofelI think the publisher interval is 15 minutes, so that's how often updates can appear on the main server if any new packages were built, but on the mirrors it depends when they're synced and that is different22:54
duffydackin something like this, lots and often.22:54
charlie-tcamany times a day22:55
Tetsuo55i manually check once an hour22:55
Tetsuo55so if the cycle is 15 minutes then thats not a total waste of time hehe22:56
charlie-tcaThey are slowing down. I only show 52 updated packages today22:56
lucas-arg1cant use recordmydesktop on nvidia 320m and 260 drivers...22:57
Lynourehmm, a stuck plasmoid and my amarok fails to start23:10
Lynoureare these things anyone has solutions for?23:10
Lynourewhen I try starting amarok again, from the command line, it claims Amarok is already running... if I kill it, and start from commandline...23:11
=== ord is now known as qwm
Lynourehttp://pastebin.com/494z45H3 in that case, still now amarok window. and then soon after a notice that it has probably crashed23:14
Lynourehttp://pastebin.com/5uF6CFuE is that notice23:14
Volkodavi can't figure this xorg CPU craziness23:15
Tetsuo55the battery time calculation is a bit bugged i think23:18
Tetsuo55its expectations go up or down an hour for no apperant reason23:19
coz_ok updated to maverick..so far everything...including  nvidia and compiz 0.9.0 are doing well23:36
Tetsuo55anyone else seeing many deformed fonts/works on this page? http://design.canonical.com/23:42
Tetsuo55hmm F5 and all is well23:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 612432 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "UEFI boot needs Experimental branch of Grub" [Undecided,New]23:56
bjsnideris that still experimental?23:59
bjsnidergrub development moves slowly23:59

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