rsalvetisakoman: hm, I guess I saw this patch some time ago, but didn't give a try00:02
rsalvetiand the patch I saw upstream didn't get into linux-omap00:03
rsalvetiwent directly to linus tree00:03
rsalvetisakoman: but nice to know you were using it already00:03
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sakomanrsalveti: I suppose I should have commented in the patch about how much performance improved :-)00:26
DanaGSpiffy, it's rotated 10 degrees.00:27
DanaGxrandr --output LVDS --transform 0.985,-0.174,0,0.174,0.985,0,0,0,100:27
DanaGWatch out, save your work first, in case it crashes.00:27
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rsalveticooloney: hey03:55
rsalveticooloney: unfortunately the patch didn't fix the mem issue :-(03:55
rsalvetiit seems it could be related with omap specific code, but didn't look it further03:56
cooloneyrsalveti: yeah, i saw that03:59
cooloneyrsalveti: from your comment, 'gcc: Internal error: Segmentation fault (program cc1)'04:01
cooloneydo think is it a gcc issue?04:01
rsalveticooloney: don't think so, the system itself tuned out very unstable after I got this segfault04:02
rsalvetiso probably mem corruption04:03
rsalvetithat's why the segfault04:03
cooloneyrsalveti: do you think Gary's patch helps to fix the memtester issue?04:04
cooloneyrsalveti: i think we need a simple test case to easy reproduce the bug04:04
rsalveticooloney: it seems it helped in someway, as you can now run memtester more than without the patch04:06
rsalvetibut every time I tried to build the kernel and run memtester at the same time, weird things happened04:06
rsalvetimaybe just memtestar but using the whole memory could trigger this issue, but didn't try04:06
cooloneyrsalveti: ok, thanks a lot for helping this04:09
rsalveticooloney: maybe a bisect at cache maintenance lazily patches04:09
rsalvetibut it's a painful job04:09
cooloneyyeah, it's painful.04:09
cooloneyany chance to test upstream 2.6.36-rc3?04:10
rsalvetidon't know how is the current omap 4 upstream support04:11
cooloneyrsalveti: i saw some patches will make upstream work on ES2.0 in linux-omap mail list04:13
rsalveticooloney: yep, saw that too, maybe with those patches you could be able to at least boot it04:14
cooloneyrsalveti: and are you using NFS for building the kernel?04:17
rsalveticooloney: nops, usb hd04:17
cooloneyrsalveti: cool04:30
rsalvetircn-ee: were you able to build and test the sgx modules/libraries from 3_01_00_07?04:48
rsalvetiI saw that your script is still using the 3_01_00_06, but with a kernel patch from 3_01_00_0704:48
rcn-eersalveti, yeap, '07 only changed one source code line.. otherwise it works fine..04:49
rsalvetircn-ee: oh, cool04:49
rsalvetircn-ee: the nice thing about 07 is that we can wget it! :-)04:49
rsalvetigood for scripts04:49
rsalvetithat's why I was thinking why weren't you using it already04:49
rcn-eeyeap very good..  we still need an x86 to extract that... but with no more export license, it should be easy to untar and then create a redistributable *.deb for the repo's?04:50
rsalvetircn-ee: that's what I'm looking for04:51
rsalvetithe kernel patches will be off the tree, so we need to build them as modules04:51
DanaGHmm, how about the TI DSP GST stuff?04:51
rsalvetiand if we're still unable to redistribute it, at least we can create a script that can generate the deb file04:52
rsalvetithen the user can just install them to be able to use sgx with omap 304:52
rsalvetias for omap 4 is a whole different story04:52
rsalvetiDanaG: I think rcn-ee did some work on it, but I still want to see the sgx working first04:53
rcn-eewell, that's still so relatively new too thou... at least ti looks to be pushing that one upstream...04:53
DanaGAnd too bad we only get GL ES, not GLX.04:53
DanaGAnd texture_from_pixmap, most specifically.04:54
rsalvetiwe'll get glx for omap 404:54
rsalvetiat least that's the plan04:54
DanaGSpiffy.  Compiz is the big thing that I use nearly 100% of the time I'm booted into Linux.04:55
rcn-eeit's moving in a good direction, when i first started it was a 2-2 week delay between request and approval of the sgx drivers as they researched you.. now just a wget away..04:55
rsalvetircn-ee: yeah, much much better04:55
DanaGhmm, when I requested it with a calpoly.edu e-mail address, it was approved automatically, or at least really quickly.04:55
* DanaG goes off to violate iTunes' EULA by using it to make nuclear missiles.04:56
* DanaG accidentally blows himself up with his own missiles. Oops.04:56
rsalvetibut still didn't check the 07 bin content, huge download04:56
* rsalveti want to check the license 04:56
rcn-eewell this was back when the beagle first came out, internal TI had no idea what i was talking about.. ;)04:56
rsalvetihaha :-)04:56
rcn-eeyeap, 512Mb download: Base libs 18Mb, Demos: 204Mb, lots of extra fluff...04:57
rcn-eenot quite yet, maybe in 6months? ;)05:00
rcn-eecan't seem to find the email, but there is one odd new bug in '06/'07 with Meego's gui..  Other than that I haven't had any reports..05:01
rsalvetircn-ee: hm05:01
DanaGOh yeah, ARM "Eagle" sounds awesome.05:02
rsalvetilet me try to find it05:02
rsalvetiyep :-)05:02
DanaGI just hope they make drivers easy to install (like nvidia, or even better, fglrx).05:02
DanaGNone of this "Make" trying to "make clean" on a hard-coded dir that doesn't exist.05:02
rcn-eeBut with "eagle" you have 4 cores with vfp/neon..  i think 4 neon cores could kick an sgx graphics engine.. ;)05:03
rsalvetihahah :-)05:03
rcn-eehey rsalveti, been kinda wondering in the background, are you guys thinking of bumping maverick+1 to hardfp? Or going to wait to see how debian's min port goes?05:10
rsalvetircn-ee: don't know for sure, we could discuss it on uds-n05:11
rsalvetiit'd be interesting, I believe05:11
rsalvetinow that debian got it, it'd also be easier05:11
rcn-eeyeap, they are still jumping thru a couple hoops, but it'll be interesting to see what it does..  I finally got the dspbridge stuff working, so i'm getting that ready for 10/10. But i'm tempted to jump and try the armhf stuff.05:13
rsalvetiyep, me too :-)05:14
rsalvetihm, the download will take a while, not I'm getting 80k/s05:15
rsalvetigoing to sleep, will check it tomorrow05:15
rsalvetisee ya05:15
DanaGAh, when I tried dsp-link, the makefiles and configs were confusing.05:20
DanaGI never did quite figure out how to set those environment variables.05:21
DanaGEr, paths, rather.05:21
rcn-eeme too... those gave me a headache.. i never got it to work outside angstrom's git tree..05:21
rcn-eethe sgx stuff was a breeze, in comparison.. ;)05:22
DanaGI hope Linaro will make TI fix that.05:22
DanaGI like how fglrx builds debs for you... they should strive to match that.05:23
rcn-eewell the sgx stuff is way easier now, specially with putting the modules in a kernel tree: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6-stable/files/head:/patches/sgx/05:24
rcn-eeits just builds inside a 2.6.33 - 2.6.36-rc1 kernel just fine..05:25
rcn-eei've been playing with ti/nokia's dspbridge thou, it's in staging at this point, and it does seem to work with 2.6.35..  I'm working on packaging all the userspace lib's so you can watch videos..05:26
DanaGCan it do encoding 640x480 h.264?05:26
DanaGTake that rtsp example, and tweak it to use TI's stuff.05:27
rcn-eei think it can.. but to be honest, i've built the dspbridge driver, got it to load the codex dll's but haven't got the video player stuff going yet..05:27
rcn-eeDanaG, here's dspbridge doing encoding on th e N900 while the beagle decodes. .;) http://felipec.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/new-project-gst-dsp-with-beagleboard-demo-image/05:31
DanaGLooks more like he's using N900 as a camera.05:33
rcn-eeyeah, either way i need to play with my self...  i know my touchbook out of the box uses dspbridge and that works great with my xvid videos..05:35
DanaGI think you lost an "it" there.05:35
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hrwnice. both armel-cross-toolchain(-base) packages builds, and both are lintian free09:32
persiaWith which arguments?  -iIEv --pedantic?09:40
hrwwith defaults. will check your09:41
persiaIt's often worth running the longer arguments (against both source.changes and ${arch}.changes) just to see if there are any other hints available.  No reason to "fix" everything, but most bears thinking about.09:43
hrwthx for set09:44
persiaJust take some of them with a grain of salt.  The experimental and pedantic ones especially.09:45
hrwok, one is clean from your set ;)09:46
hrwnow time for next09:46
hrwok, second is cleaned us much as possible09:50
hrwduplicated descriptions has to stay09:50
persiadescription-synopsis-is-duplicated or description-contains-duplicated-word?09:51
hrwduplicate-short-description duplicate-long-description09:52
hrwand it cant be changed cause this is how this package works - generates packages from gcc-4.4 and gcc-4.509:52
persiaWhere's the control file?09:56
hrwpersia: http://github.com/hrw/linaro-armel-cross-toolchain/blob/armel-cross-toolchain/debian/control09:57
persiahrw, Just inject the versions into the descriptions.  Helps folks choose better for package managers that don't show the package names.10:00
persia(yes, these exist.  no, I don't know why)10:00
hrwpersia: that would require changes to gcc-4.4/4.5 and I want to avoid it10:01
persiaHrm?  Why?10:02
hrwpersia: debian/control of armel-cross-toolchain is regenerated during build10:02
persiaAt source build time, or at binary build time?10:02
hrwfrom packages10:02
persiaUgh.  One isn't supposed to do that, by policy, but I understand why you do.10:03
hrwbut I have to test ver without it10:03
persiaOne is supposed to do it at source build time, if one must.10:03
persiaAnyway.  File a bug against the other packages.  If they have the same description, that's bad in a much wider context.10:03
persiaAnd once that is fixed, it fixes your issue automatically :)10:03
hrwmaybe after maverick10:05
* persia prefers to file bugs early and often, and pay them no attention until later, rather than trying to keep a TODO list of bugs to file10:06
hrwthe thing is that I do not see those duplicate descriptions as bugs10:09
persiaHow can a user using a tool that doesn't show the package names distinguish the packages if they have the same description?10:11
persiaIs it not a bug that someone might install the wrong version of GCC because the tools didn't give them enough information?10:11
hrwI would say that such tools are buggy10:14
ogra_acSoftware center is buggy ?10:15
persiaIt's the direction of the future.10:15
persiaUser-oriented design themes, etc.10:15
hrwogra_ac: maybe hard to believe but I never used it10:16
ogra_acWell, it doesn't expose package names at all10:16
persiaOh, easy to believe :)  Still, it's the recommended default package manager for Ubuntu Netbook and Ubuntu Desktop, so we ought cater to it's design.10:16
hrwheh.. pdebuild is most used command during last 2 days10:17
vstehleogra_: Hi. Is it necessary to "start PC card services" on Panda ?11:46
ograits a default in the installer and would require hacks to avoid the call, it will immediately return anyway if there is no HW11:46
vstehleogra_: ok, so no issue then.11:47
ograright, the UI isnt really reflecting whats happening there11:47
vstehleogra_: By the way, I don't know if you saw a bug I just entered to "recap" this story about my black screen after boot...11:47
ograi.e. it shows the last message until a new one comes up11:47
* vstehle feels ashamed11:47
vstehleogra_: Cable issue :(11:47
ograyup saw it, i still have no idea11:47
ograi have that all the time, dont be ashamed11:48
vstehleogra_: But maybe you don't post it in front of thousands of launchpad "watchers" :)11:48
ogradont worry, i filed ebarassing bugs too in my life :)11:49
ograbetter to file one to much than to release with bugs :)11:49
vstehleogra_: I am giving a second try at "system test", now that I have network11:50
ogragreat !11:50
vstehleOh, Ubuntu One crashes...11:50
ograyeah, thats filed already11:51
ograBug 62801311:53
ubot2ogra: Bug 628013 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/628013 is private11:53
ograBug 62801311:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 628013 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "[maverick armel omap4] ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with ValueError in <module>() (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62801311:55
ograbetter :)11:55
vstehleogra_: Audio seems to be broken. I have kernel messages about asoc: no valid backend12:06
vstehleogra_: sebjan noticed you pass mem=256@0xA... instead of mem=256M@0xA...12:33
vstehleogra_: We end-up with 460MB total :(12:34
rsalvetihaha, I always remove the M from the mem argument when changing it13:39
ogravstehle, i copy/pasted from ndec's mail !13:41
vstehleogra: I am filing a bug on LP for this. Shall I stop?13:42
ograyeah, i'm fixing it right now13:42
vstehleogra: on 'flash-kernel'13:42
vstehleogra: no bug then.13:42
ograwould have been jasper-initramfs btw13:42
ogranot flash-kernel13:43
vstehleogra: Meanwhile, I reported a bunch of crashes13:43
vstehleogra: dpkg -S /boot/boot.script did not return anything so I guessed :)13:43
vstehleogra: I cannot launch a gnome-terminal !13:44
ograyeah boot.script is generated on first boot13:47
ograwell, i can launch a gnome-terminal13:48
ograby just clicking on the icon13:48
ogra... fix uploaded13:48
ograi'll do an image rebuild as soon as its in the archive13:48
vstehleogra: Did you update your packages? (I did)13:48
ograno, i run yesterdays image atm13:49
vstehleogra: I have several apps crashing in strcmp13:49
ograno upgrades13:49
ograi dont see any uploads that could cause gnome-terminal to crash13:56
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ogra_pandabut let me try an upgrade13:58
vstehleogra_panda: The "series" of bugs I reported are linked to 63485513:59
vstehleogra_panda: I have some stress test running now; hopefully until next monday :)14:00
ogra_pandabug 63485514:00
ubot2ogra_panda: Bug 634855 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/634855 is private14:00
ograi cant see it as long as its private14:00
ograor at least as long as you dont subscribe ubuntu-armel14:00
vstehleogra: I made it public14:01
vstehlebug 63485514:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 634855 in eog (Ubuntu) "eog crashed with SIGSEGV in strcmp() (affects: 1) (dups: 5) (heat: 38)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63485514:02
ograif you use a real password in the system, better subscribe ubuntu-armel in the future14:03
ograthe coredump can have such things in it14:03
vstehleogra: My password was 'vincent' but *hush*, don't tell anybody ;)14:03
ograjust a warning :)14:04
vstehleogra: But ok, I'll remember. Thanks:14:04
* ogra_panda twiddles thumbs waiting for the dist upgrade to finish14:08
ogra_pandavstehle, no probs running eog after upgrade14:25
* ogra_panda reboots to be sure14:26
vstehleogra: I passed the mem=256M manually, by the way14:26
ograah, i still use the default cmdline from yesterdays image14:26
ogra(for 1G)14:26
vstehleogra: Also, for what it's worth I asked for encrypted home :)14:27
ograargh !14:27
ograthat wont work14:27
vstehleogra: it does work :)14:27
ograi wonder how14:27
vstehleogra: it was working in Prague already14:27
ograsince we have one partition only14:27
vstehleogra: it's ecryptfs now14:28
vstehleogra: no need for a partition14:28
ogra_omap4works all fine here14:29
ogra_omap4ogra@ogra-desktop:~$ cat /proc/cmdline14:29
ogra_omap4quiet splash ro elevator=noop vram=32M mem=460M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000 root=UUID=478d7aa0-e17f-409a-84fb-82e4cde4c1c3 fixrtc14:29
ogra_omap4let me change that and see14:30
vstehleogra: I have memtester + xaos + glschool running fine now14:32
vstehleogra: I'll add kernel compile shortly14:32
rsalvetivstehle: with mem=256M you system should work fine14:33
rsalvetibut with 512M you can't build the kernel, weeeird behaviors :-)14:33
ogra_omap4works all fine even with the changed cmdline14:34
vstehlersalveti: I run with mem=256M currently14:34
ogra_omap4no crashes or anything14:34
ogra_omap4ogra@ogra-desktop:~$ cat /proc/cmdline14:34
ogra_omap4quiet splash ro elevator=noop vram=32M mem=460M@0x80000000 mem=256M@0xA0000000 root=UUID=478d7aa0-e17f-409a-84fb-82e4cde4c1c3 fixrtc14:34
rsalveticool, with this args the system should be stable14:34
ogra_omap4ogra@ogra-desktop:~$ free|grep Mem14:34
ogra_omap4Mem:        681760     325936     355824          0       9352     12092814:34
ogra_omap4700M minus vram14:35
vstehleogra: We are aligned14:35
ogra_omap4then i dont get why you get these crashes14:35
ogra_omap4unless the encryption plays a role here14:35
vstehleogra: ...or we still have some instabilities, but less frequent. Let's wait a week-end.14:36
ograwell, yours really looks serious, like a libc breakage14:36
* ogra takes a break before the call14:37
ograndec, ^^15:17
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ograndec, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport/DeveloperHowTo15:44
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haveahennessywho's driving the airtunes poison?18:57
rsalvetisakoman: patches applied for v2010.09-rc120:20
rsalvetisakoman: thanks for following it upstream20:22
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