CaerHello everyone, I'm a launchpad newbie and I can't find something like a SVN for Humanity icons, is there just a tarball ?00:18
FlannelCaer: the package is humanity-icon-theme (I believe), so you can install that if you're in Ubuntu, or just download the deb and unzip that00:50
FlannelCaer: You can get the source tarball from LP too, but the other ways tend to be easier in my experience00:51
troy_svish: Greets.03:59
vishtroy_s: heya..08:27
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Caerthanks Flannel09:21
vishtroy_s: got disconnected there.. are you still subscribed to the artwork ML?09:26
thorwilhttp://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/507  scribus to be used by canonical, good to see.10:34
thorwilanyone familiar with PPAs knows how to solve this? http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/260245/10:41
thorwilnevermind, seem that part actually worked, though it doesnt' find scribus-trunk10:47
troy_svish: No.15:01
thorwiltroy_s: i don't think you missed anything there16:12
troy_sthorwil: OH. Lol.16:13
Andre_GondimHi, I need to know the code of that orange of the new ubuntu logo19:45
Andre_Gondimto make some t-shirt19:45
thorwilAndre_Gondim: http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/19:46
Andre_Gondimthorwil, so helpful, thanks ;)19:52
thorwildo i imagine that, or did he implicitly complain that i didn't deliver just the color code?20:22
vishthorwil: you imagine too much ;-)20:31
troy_svish: Why do you ask?22:19

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