diverteddis it true that i cant compile sourcecode without a configure-file?00:19
diverteddthe sourcecode came from a .tar.gz file00:20
duanedesigndivertedd: does the code come with a Read Me?00:36
duanedesigndivertedd: If no configure file exists at all, you might want to check for the existence of a configure.ac file (although you should, first of all, read the INSTALL and README files very carefully!). If configure.ac exists, chances are that the developer has forgot to create the final configure. To create it yourself, you need the autoconf package.00:40
duanedesignsudo apt-get install autoconf00:40
duanedesignAfter it is installed, you can type :   autoconf00:41
duanedesignand, if you're lucky, a working configure will be created.00:41
duanedesignthis might help. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware00:42
chewableMy ubuntu is stuck on booting. it dumps out on a initramfs shell00:52
chewablehow do I get to recovery mode?00:53
duanedesignchewable: while booting i think it is esc key to get to grub menu01:02
chewableok, I did that and got 3 options. my hard drive and my cd drive listed in this box in the middle of the screen01:09
chewableand the 3rd is the 2nd hard drive01:09
chewableafter selecting boot device on the screen, I get the same result (back to the initramfs shell). I'm reading that this problem is caused by the kernel upgrade?01:12
chewableduanedesign: it seems that typing "exit" and hitting enter resumes the boot -- so I guess this is solved. At least long enough to back up the files and then reinstall fresh to see if I can avoid this boot bug.01:17
chewableI'll go post the result and thanks01:18
Karuptionhow do you see the processes03:40
Karuptionvia commandline03:40
aveilleuxKaruption: You can use the ps command to view all of them, or ps |grep <term> to search for a particular process03:42
Karuptionalso, why doesnt Ubuntu tweak work with the latest 646 bit desktop03:44
aveilleuxKaruption: How do you mean? It works fine for me.03:46
Karuptionits not working like at all03:49
aveilleuxKaruption: That doesn't tell me very much. How did you install it? How did you run it?03:49
Karuptioni updated the packages then installed and it doesnt work along with gdesklets03:49
Karuptionapps -> system tools -> ubuntutweal03:50
aveilleuxKaruption: How did you install it?03:50
aveilleuxKaruption: What process did you use03:50
Karuptionwget http://ubuntu-tweak.googlecode.com/files/ubuntu-tweak_0.2.6-1~ppa1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.2.6-1~ppa1_all.deb03:51
aveilleux0.2.6? That's really old03:52
Karuptionidk it was on a site haha03:52
aveilleuxKaruption: uninstall it (sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-tweak) and follow this guide http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-ubuntu-tweak-0-5-6-beta-in-ubuntu-10-049-10.html03:52
Karuptionis purge better than remove? because thats what i have been using03:53
aveilleuxKaruption: It removes the configuration in /etc as well, so it cleans more thoroughly03:54
Karuptionjust switched over too Ubuntu a few days ago03:55
Karuptionperfect :D thanks03:55
aveilleuxKaruption: No problem03:55
Karuptiongdesklets isnt workign ether03:57
aveilleuxKaruption: The GNOME widgets thing? I'm not too familiar with it, sorry03:59
Karuptionits cool03:59
aveilleuxKaruption: This may solve your problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdesklets/+bug/54484003:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 544840 in gdesklets (Ubuntu) "gdesklets broken since last update (dup-of: 569714)" [Undecided,New]03:59
Karuptionthanks anyways lol03:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 569714 in gdesklets (Ubuntu) "gdesklets cannot start, looking for tiling module (affects: 48) (dups: 3) (heat: 243)" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:59
Karuptionaveilleux: still just trying to learn some linux lol04:00
aveilleuxKaruption: Well hang around, we'll be here for you if you need us04:00
Karuptionyay! haha04:00
Karuptionaveilleux: works now, thanks again04:14
aveilleuxKaruption: No problem04:15
Karuptionsuch a lame channel lol06:40
Karuptionno talking D:06:40
nUboon2AgeBroadcom swims upstream, tackles Linux WiFi woes with new open drivers  http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/09/broadcom-announces-official-open-source-drivers-for-linux.ars08:25
augustkdoes anyone know how to start ubuntu 10.04 without gui (temporarily)?09:53
aaa__hello after I used GParted and done some moving around of partitions now XP won't boot on my multiboot pc, it shows \ntldr problem ,  how to fix it?10:21
aaa__anyone please10:23
duanedesigngood morning11:57
Silver_Fox_How are you duanedesign  ?12:02
duanedesigngood good12:02
Abhijeetkernel deleted accidently, how can i copy the packages from the damaged system using live cd or fresh innstallation please help me.12:30
Silver_Fox_Hello. As stated yesterday, try chroot.12:31
Silver_Fox_Did that not work for you?12:31
Silver_Fox_Was nobody in #ubuntu+1 able to help you ?12:32
Abhijeetsorry it didn't worked im planning the fresh innstallation , but before that i want to copy the packages which i had innstalled in it.12:33
JDE_Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu on a (currently dead) Windows laptop, but will only be able to install to it's hard drive via another PC. Any ideas on how to do this?12:35
geirhaIt can't boot a CD or USB?12:39
Abhijeeti was entered in the #ubuntu+1 but it was flooded , no one helped me.I have decided to install it freshly.But i want to get back the softwares which i had installed in the system, becuase i worked very hard for installing google earth , picasa 3.8, vuze and many more softwares.12:39
ubot2Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:39
JDE_The dead laptop says that it can't install from the CD (the usual download method), and won't boot into Windows to try Wubi or anything. Typical PC. lol12:40
JDE_Just to actually answer the question, no, it won't boot from the CD12:42
Silver_Fox_<Abhijeet> please help me to get back the packages from the damages system.12:43
geirhaJDE_: Then how did windows get installed?12:44
JDE_Windows was on the laptop before from ages ago, but got corrupted and won't boot. That's why I want to change to Linux12:46
philinuxAbhijeet: In the chroot you can just install the missing kernel.12:47
geirhaJDE_: I've never heard of a laptop that has a CD drive that can't boot from CD, so that's a bit baffling. Do you know if it can boot PXE?12:47
JDE_Geirha: At the moment, I have a clean, empty hard drive on my desk, but no way of knowing how to install to it without affecting the setup of another PC12:47
philinuxAbhijeet: or just run update-grub if it has not been purged.12:48
geirhaJDE_: Oh, and you want to install ubuntu on that, then put it in the laptop?12:48
geirhaJDE_: Ah, well then you just need to connect it to a computer where you can boot the CD and install Ubuntu on that drive.12:49
geirhaJDE_: However, on the last step of the installer12:49
geirhaThere's an Advanced button. You need to click that to get the options on where to install the boot loader.12:49
JDE_Oh, OK.12:50
geirhaMake sure you change that to install the bootloader to the same harddrive12:50
Abhijeetno i have tried many  times , therefore i have decided to install ubuntu freshly. please help me about how i can copy  the packages in the fresh installation , the required libraries or as a whole packages including the required packages12:50
geirhaThe default is to install the bootloader on the "main" disk, regardless of which disk you install Ubuntu on12:50
JDE_OK, that sounds easier than I was expecting!12:50
Abhijeetsorry read it as 'required packages including the libraries'12:50
JDE_Geirha: Thanks for the help, I was just expecting a little more fuss after using Windows for so long!12:52
philinuxAbhijeet: Just one link from google "ubuntu backup installed packages" . https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Backup/Restore%20installed%20packages12:55
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Silver_Fox_Back later.14:54
Talib_may I ask some Ubuntu help here?15:06
Talib_k. I consider myself a windows power user trying to learn linux with Ubuntu and have 3 questions...15:13
Talib_1) I have read that /usr/sbin is like program files, my question is why no sub directories in there. It seems a bit disorganized?15:13
Talib_2) I install build-essentials via apt-get, where are the files installed?15:14
Talib_3)dang, forgot what question 3 was15:14
boywonderhi,can i use gparted to partition a usb drive17:24
Verminatorboywonder, yes, I have done it in the last few weeks to a 250GB external USB drive17:29
blackshellis there a alternative for man command?19:04
Verminatorblackshell, I dont think so off the top of my head, but I have to ask, why?19:13
Verminatorblackshell, you could try apropos or whatis19:15
blackshellcan info be used for that purpose?19:16
Justin511Can anyone help me?22:48
Justin511How do I set up MythTV? It's really confusing22:48
Mohan_chmlJustin511: http://parker1.co.uk/mythtv_ubuntu.php22:49
Justin511Thanks, I will try that out22:50
Mohan_chmlJustin511: you saw the community pages about MythTv??22:50
Mohan_chmlif noe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_mythtvsetup22:50
Justin511I will try that22:51
Justin511My head is spinning though this is really confusing22:51
Mohan_chmlrelax and search..! that will give you a solution soon :)22:51
Justin511Thanks :)22:51
Mohan_chmlyour welcome (:22:52
Justin511I have no clue what frontend or backend are22:52
Justin511I have a TV Tuner with a Motorola box connected to my PC22:53
Justin511TV tuner is inside22:53
Justin511worked perfect with Windows22:53
Justin511Can u do remote assistance or something? :P22:55
Mohan_chmllol gimme a min22:55
Mohan_chmlI have never used 'em. I ll get articles that might help you22:56
Justin511I have read over 9000 articles22:56
Mohan_chmlhm,, I ll take a chance ;)22:56
Justin511Lol k22:56
Mohan_chmlJustin511: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/Install/Troubleshooting22:58
Mohan_chmlhave a look at that22:58
Justin511I shall try it out, thanks22:58
Mohan_chmland tell me whether you are having a problem in running mythtv-setup22:58
Mohan_chmlin terminal22:59
Mohan_chmlping my name when you come back22:59
Justin511How do I ping ur name22:59
Justin511I have run this before22:59
Justin511It does not work22:59
geirhaJustin511: By putting his nick at the start of a message23:00
geirha(Like I just did with you ;))23:00
Mohan_chmlheya geirha :)23:00
geirhaHowdy :)23:01
Mohan_chmlgoing fine geirha. Its 3:34 AM here xD23:01
Mohan_chmlso, its morning (:23:01
Justin511Forget it!!! I don't even WANT TO WATCH TV23:01
Justin511FOGET IT23:02
Mohan_chmlJustin511: whats the output of mythtv-setup running in terminal?23:02
Mohan_chmlJustin511: ...?23:02
Justin511mythtv-backend stop/waiting23:02
Justin511mythtv-backend start/running, process 2909223:02
Mohan_chmlyou didn't get any visuals as in the page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_mythtvsetup??23:03
Justin511NOt liek that main thing23:03
Justin511I got some page asking my language23:03
Justin511I clicked english it saaid No UPnP23:04
Justin511I click OK23:04
Justin511Database Config 1/2 pops up23:04
Justin511Myth could not connect to the database please verify settings23:04
Justin511what are my settings?23:04
Mohan_chmlare you logged in as root user or you used sudo mythtv-setup?23:05
Justin511i typed mythtv-setup23:05
Justin511im the only user so..i guess so23:05
Mohan_chmlIt needs you as the root user I guess!23:05
Mohan_chmltype sudo su in terminal, hit enter and follow with mythtv-setup23:06
Mohan_chmlJustin511: utry that23:06
Justin511Ah okay thanks its restarting23:08
Mohan_chmlkay! :)23:08
Justin511Me again23:12
Justin511It still doesn't work23:12
Mohan_chmlJustin511: any errors?23:22
Justin511Same problem23:24
Mohan_chmlyou tried it again as a root user?? I mean as in sudo su??23:24
Tempus_Fugithello all23:25
Justin511Be back, thanks anyway Mohan23:25
Mohan_chmlJustin511: its showing up the same error?23:25
Justin511Yes Mohan23:25
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: hello23:25
Tempus_Fugithey Mohan_chml how are ya23:25
Mohan_chmlJustin511: okies. Come back and we can discuss(If I didn't sleep :D)23:25
Justin511Ok :)23:25
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: I am doing good. Ty and How about ya?23:26
Tempus_Fugithonestly I am getting frustrated cuz I dont know where to start ....I am older than I should be starting out in this sort of thing but my intentions are to get very good with programming/security/encryption atm I am starting by trying to learn bash inside and out and its very frustrating trying to figure out where to start23:27
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: you are using ubuntu for how much days?23:28
Tempus_FugitI have downloaded more pdf files than I can count and sorting thru them all is a pain23:28
Tempus_Fugitummmm have had it on my computer for about a year or so only actively using it for about 2 months23:29
Tempus_FugitI have a dual boot vista/ubuntu 10.0423:29
Tempus_FugitI dont use windows anymore23:30
Mohan_chmlnice. You worked in terminal? to open a drive, to play a music and to write a document? if you had not, then do learn about terminal codes :)23:30
Tempus_Fugitthats what I am working on23:31
Tempus_Fugitthings like umm i dunno ... ls -a | grep *".pdf"23:31
Tempus_Fugitso many things to get to know and how to use I wish I had started way younger23:32
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: Its not late yet ;)23:34
Tempus_FugitI think what I need is a classroom style format23:35
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: you need people to guide you and give you assignments in learning?23:35
Tempus_Fugityes I do23:35
Mohan_chmlokay can you follow our beginners team?23:36
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Structure23:37
Mohan_chmlwe have mentors and you can get a great guidance from our team ;)23:37
Tempus_Fugitok cool23:38
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: you have to create a launchpad account and a wiki page to describe yourself to the worls23:38
Mohan_chmlworld* :/ typo :/23:38
Tempus_Fugithmm ok23:39
Tempus_FugitI will do here in a sec23:39
Tempus_Fugitbrb phone cal23:39
Tempus_Fugitok I am back23:44
Mohan_chmlgood. so, create a launchpad account, write a wiki page in wiki.ubuntu.com, read about beginners team and enroll your name in seeking mentors list and please try to remain here, learn and help others23:46
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: ^23:46
Tempus_Fugityeah I am reading those pages now23:46
Justin511Mohan_chml im back23:47
Tempus_FugitI have to know something in order to help someone else but If I possess the knowledge I have no problems helping someone else23:47
Mohan_chmlMohan_chan ?? Whos that Justin511 ? :P23:48
Tempus_FugitI actually enjoy teaching others23:48
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: you can learn If and only If you see the problems and this channels is a good place to learn a lot and I bet you will know it soon23:48
Mohan_chmljacob: uso..!23:48
Mohan_chmlaww sorry wrong ping :/23:49
* Mohan_chml is sleeping I think 23:49
Mohan_chmlJustin511: so..!23:49
Mohan_chmlohai uRock23:49
Justin511Where I was 5 hours ago :( lol23:49
Tempus_Fugityes well I have been out of work for a bit so not sure how long I can keep my internet on but this sounds like a good opportunity23:50
Mohan_chmlJustin511: heh. Okay so what is the response after setting your language?23:50
Justin511One sec23:51
Justin511Let me see23:51
* Mohan_chml also looks23:51
Justin511No UPnP23:52
Justin511Mohan_chml: u see?23:53
Mohan_chmlJustin511: gimme some min too :D23:54
Justin511K lol23:54
Tempus_Fugithey is UTC the same as GMT??23:55
Mohan_chmlJustin511: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=611899&highlight=mythtv+backend+will23:56
Mohan_chmlJustin511: actually I passed through http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138060123:56
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: yep!23:57
Justin511I will check that out, ty23:57
* Mohan_chml feels a bit sleepy as the clock shows 4:3023:57
Justin511o wow lol23:57
Justin5117 pm for me :)23:57
Tempus_Fugit Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 23:00:00 UTC .....was trying to see what time this is for me ???23:58
Tempus_Fugitthats like 5 pm for me23:58
Mohan_chmlTempus_Fugit: if you have any problem with finding your time, then open terminal and type date -u23:59

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