vyomjust checking08:06
the_hydrais there a chance to lead kinda short random lecturing session here?10:26
the_hydrai tried to read the wiki about it, but I still have doubts10:26
persiathe_hydra, Yes.  Best if it's scheduled, but if there's nothing on the schedule, sometimes folks use this for impromptu sessions.10:28
the_hydrapersia, thanks.... btw, I am not really avid Ubuntu users...in fact I use Fedora daily... can I still be considered?10:29
persiaconsidered for?10:35
the_hydrapersia, leading a presentation session...10:39
persiaI believe the requirements are having a session prepared on a sensible topic.10:41
persiaI'd recommend proposing your session to ubuntu-classroom@lists.ubuntu.com with the requested time & date, and a summary of the topic on which you want to present.10:41
the_hydrapersia, thanks...and sorry I ask too much...10:51
persiaNo.  thanks for being interested in running sessions.  There's lots more that could be taught that isn't :)10:52
the_hydrapersia, yup :)10:57
the_hydrapersia, mail sent...let's see what cjohnston, pleia2 and nhandler think about it12:07
justdoitI can't connect wireless network,  my system ubuntu10.04   wirleless card : 802 .11bg    product: AR5001 wireless netwrok adapter, card drive: ath5k14:58
QtNinjajustdoit, #ubuntu15:00
QtNinjajustdoit, install hwinfo (sudo apt-get install hwinfo) and open a terminal and type hwinfo --network15:01
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