smoserveenenen, i'm not sure i understand the question00:21
smoserthey should reboot, do they not ?00:21
veenenenyeah, but after the reboot there's no more console00:22
veeneneni can still ssh in though00:22
veenenenI just wanted to make sure that was intended behaviour00:22
veenenenIt makes sense to me why that would be, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong00:24
smoserhm.. really, no more console.00:25
veenenenwell, I'm not prompted to login00:25
veenenenI guess I still get a console00:25
smoserhm.. i would have thought youd still get console.00:25
smoseri can try to test this tomorrow.00:26
smoseri'd appreciate it if you'd open a bug00:26
smoserideally, just run 'ubuntu-bug cloud-init' from inside the instance00:26
veenenenalso, do you always have to boot from the floppy image when running it on kvm?00:26
veenenennevermind, it just took several minutes for it to show up00:50
smoserhm... that is strange.00:53
smoserthe reason you boot from a floppy is that what you have is a disk image with no partition table00:53
smoserso there is no place to put a boot loader00:53
smoserso the floppy provides that.00:53
veenenenthat's what I figured00:54
smoseri know.00:54
smoserseriously, floppies.00:54
smoserif you'd like you can do the same thing easily enough with a cdrom00:54
smoserthe floppy image that is there actually doubles as a cdrom (other than it is padded to 2880K)00:55
smoseryou will still likely have to "clean" your image before you put it up on ec2, if you're booting into it and doing things.00:55
veenenenI'm booting it as a cdrom already. virt-install doesn't have the option of floppies00:55
smoseroh. i'm glad that worked then.00:55
smoserie, you will wan to un-set the password and such. there are some other things that 'uncloud-init' does, or that 'cloud-init' does that you'd want to to un-do.00:56
veenenenI was just planning on using the standard ec2-bundle-vol command00:56
smoseri dont knwo if that would work or not.00:56
smoseri really apologize for not being able to give as much help here.00:56
veenenenyou've been great00:56
smoseri wish this was better documented or all "just worked" better.00:56
smoserin general, i don't like the "bundle-vol" approach00:57
smoserit tries to "un-boot" an image00:57
smoseri would much prefer modifying a pristine one without booting it.00:57
smoserie, extracting, mounting loopback, and either modifying the contents or chroot'ing in and doing things.00:57
smoserideally via scripts.00:57
smoseri do realize, though,t hat people want to do what you want to do00:58
veenenenI just want to get this all working then I can dig in and figure out better ways of doing everything00:58
smoseri got to run00:58
smosergood luck.00:58
veenenenthanks for all your help00:58
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ttxsmoser: yes, someone should have tested that. I was on vacation that week, so I can't tell you who.07:14
ttxsmoser: that said, the error is probably not a permanent error07:15
ttxand not linked specifically to 10.04.107:15
ttxit's generally because it detects two CLCs or two CCs on the same network07:16
ttxthe second one is detected as #207:16
crazyhello all15:51
crazyi am facing problems in deploying applications to unbuntu cloud15:52
crazysmby help me....15:52
crazyhey i am new t0 irc help me guys......15:54
smosercrazy, well, what is your problem ?16:51
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SpamapShmm.. I wonder if we can get newer ec2 utils into maverick to support m1.micro22:33
erichammondSpamapS: What changes need to be made to support t1.micro?22:43
SpamapSis it t1.micro? Not sure. Maybe I just need to use the right type...22:44
SpamapSI know in the past regions had to be added at the tool level.22:44
SpamapSerichammond: ok, so that solves that. :)22:56
SpamapSClient.UnsupportedOperation: AMIs with an instance-store root device are not supported for the instance type 't1.micro'.22:56
SpamapSso you have to do EBS for micro? :(22:56
SpamapSOh I guess thats because these have more capability.. cool22:59
veenenenalso changes had to be made to the fstab to remove mounting sdb23:16
veenenenbut that may have been fixed since I started one yesterday23:16
erichammondSpamapS: Yes, t1.micro must be EBS boot, 32- or 64-bit.23:28
SpamapSI just got one up and running23:29
erichammondsmoser: I suppose that may create a case for a smaller EBS boot volume size than 15GB.23:29
SpamapSI may leave it for a while... why not? ;)23:29
erichammond$1.50 per month wasn't that big of a deal when you were paying at least $60 per month for an m1.small, but $1.50 per month is a big percentage increase when you start at $8 per month for t1.small, 3yr reserved.23:34
erichammondIt's possible to increase the size of the root EBS volume at run time, but not decrease it.23:34
veeneneneven with the 15 GB size it's still in line with the smallest offering at rackspace23:38

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