AlanBellyou can never have too many Alans07:04
* jussi gets a vision of an army of AlanBell and popey clones...07:09
dpmgood morning everyone07:22
dpmmorning ara07:27
aramorning dpm, all!07:28
kim0Morning folks08:07
dpmhey, good morning kim0!08:07
kim0dpm: hey morning :)08:08
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kim0czajkowski: Maidin mhaith (hope that's not terribly wrong) ;)10:46
czajkowskino that's right ;)10:47
czajkowskiI just say aloha as it's the timezone friendly greeting and it's just very me :)10:47
kim0enjoy whatever morning variant you wish10:48
czajkowskikim0: are you getting many replies re community and cloud ?10:53
czajkowskisome seem rather dismissive of it ?10:53
kim0czajkowski: I am not .. you're probably reading them already right ?10:53
kim0czajkowski: I replied yesterday trying to pull for more info10:53
kim0but the list is moderated and it takes time for my posts to arrice10:54
czajkowskikim0: you're suscribed to the list?10:54
kim0people seem to be loosing steam .. which kinda sux10:54
kim0yes I am10:54
czajkowskiI guess towards the end of the cycle it gets like this10:54
kim0it's says "post by non developer"10:54
czajkowskipeople don't want to focus on UDS topics just yet10:54
czajkowskicant be only developers post to the developers list ?10:55
kim0I think so10:55
kim0czajkowski: but so far .. as far as I'm concerned .. I didn't really hear any real opinions on what obstacles they think there are or how to improve things10:56
kim0once jono is back .. I guess we'll talk about this a bit10:57
kim0czajkowski: thanks for asking btw :)10:58
czajkowskiit's intersting and I did find one or two comments just dismssive which is not helping to having a healthy conversation10:59
czajkowskiand puts up barriers for others to reply10:59
kim0I'll try to roll this forward some more, and let's see how it goes11:00
czajkowskikim0: just a thought, have you thought of having an online session, pick a date/time and get people say on IRC so you cna have a real time discussion?11:02
czajkowskimost of those developers are online anyway, they'd just need to go to a specfic chanel to discuss cloud issue?11:02
kim0czajkowski: good idea .. just might do that11:05
czajkowskiaye so it would cut down on dealy of email arriving but also somtimes something said in irc can be answered a lot quicker and also generate more discussion11:06
czajkowskikim0: if you tweet/dent stuff and want to get some community thought tag it with #locoteams11:06
czajkowskisnip from a debian mailing list11:09
czajkowskiit is somewhat of a relief to see that the Ubuntu folks11:09
czajkowskiare no better than us Debian people in their communication.11:09
czajkowskiI have a colleague using the software I just packaged under11:09
czajkowskiUbuntu, which is why I had hoped to possibly speed up the11:09
czajkowskitransition process with a sync request. The replies I got11:09
czajkowskiwere rather funny to me, almost offensive, since I find for11:09
czajkowskiany willing individual all information to be rightly available.11:09
czajkowskiIf someone on the list would want to comment, please go ahead.11:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 594524 in ubuntu "Please sync GENtle in Debian sid (main) (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Invalid]11:09
czajkowskibut when you read the bug ther are no offensive comments on it11:12
duanedesigngood morning11:57
duanedesignwb czajkowski :)12:02
nigelbjcastro_: you're right! Hard to stay away from IRC while on vacation ;)12:02
duanedesignhow is your vacation going?12:03
nigelbduanedesign: prety nice :)12:06
nigelbFinished a 360 km drive and resting now12:06
nigelb(NO! I wasn't driving ;) )12:07
duanedesignnigelb: its ok to get on IRC while on vacation. Just keep it social, don't try and do any work. :)12:09
Pendulumnigelb: i agree with duanedesign. you're only allowed to chat with people about fun stuff! no work12:20
nigelbPendulum: haha12:27
* dpm hugs nigelb12:30
sensegood afternoon12:32
doctormoGood morning nigelb, Pendulum and sense12:33
doctormoPendulum: What is work but the execution of fun stuff?12:33
sensehi doctormo12:34
* nigelb hugs dpm too :)12:34
nigelbhola doctormo12:34
doctormoI never seem to get hugs, I must not be doing what ever it is that counts as work around here ;-)12:38
* Pendulum hugs doctormo 12:38
Pendulummaybe you're doing too much of whatever counts as work?12:38
dpmhugs are just for free, they're not for work, doctormo12:40
* dpm hugs doctormo12:40
doctormodpm: thanks :-) I've gotten hugs for art before, though that's really not "work", I don't think I've done any w word for a _long_ time now.12:41
* nigelb hugs dpm : good one!12:42
* doctormo hugs everyone12:47
* kim0 joins the group hugs :)12:47
* nigelb hugs doctormo and kim0 :)12:47
nigelb(and everyone else too!)12:48
Technovikingfinally getting some where on the new forums looks. preview at http://www.mikesplanet.net/forums (select ubuntu at bottom of page)16:47
Technovikingjcastro: ping16:53
paultagjcastro / jcastro_, maco: See ya'll at OLF!16:58
macoim here!16:59
macodear lplib: go faster. i need data for my slides16:59
duanedesignTechnoviking: looking good17:04
Technovikingduanedesign: thanks17:05
Technovikingmaco: is there any kubuntu cof svg for the new Kubuntu style?17:28
AlanBellmaco: what is your talk?17:30
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macoTechnoviking: yes, but i dont know where to find it19:07
macoAlanBell: today for ubucon its ubuntu dev processes, tomorrow it's the linux security myth19:07
Pendulummaco: have fun!19:08
paultagHey all!20:01
paultagmaco: I'm on my way!20:01
paultagI'm on the bus now20:01
paultagLooking at traffic20:01
paultagmaco: when is Ubucon?20:01
paultagI'll be in by about 5:3020:02
czajkowskihas sufficiently kicked paultag ass this evening20:32
czajkowskican continue to watch her rugby20:32
paultagmaco: jcastro, either of you two around?20:45
jcastropaultag: yo20:45
paultagjcastro: I'll be down at OLF in t-minus about 1 hour 30, any plans for tonight?20:46
jcastroI am following the crowd to the party20:46
paultagKiller. Where are ya'll now ?20:46
paultagI'd love to find the crowd -- I'll be coming in late :(20:46
paultagOh, ahha20:47
paultagI see, righto20:47
paultagWell once i'm settled in, I'll pop back online and see what's going on20:47
paultagMan, we should have an #olf channel20:47
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czajkowskihttp://pix.ie/odonohuem/1909819/in/album/387345  our Meerkat has arrived early21:42
macopaultag: ill be at the speaker dinner then the party22:20
macopaultag: #ohiolinux on oftc22:21
paultagmaco: Where are ya'll now? I just checked in22:38
paultagjcastro: I'll throw a ping your way, too22:38

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