ScottKev: Speaking of jockey, how crackful would it be to run jockey-text -a when the live session starts up?  If I do that by hand I get working wifi in the live session on my broadcom based netbook.00:19
superm1ScottK, without a user agreeing to do it, probably not the best thing to do on the live session05:56
CIA-87ubiquity: superm1 * r4307 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/frontend/noninteractive.py): Restore the functionality of the noninteractive frontend.08:53
cjwatsonev: I don't know if you *can* dpkg-divert away a trigger09:12
cjwatsonev: I'm not entirely averse to introducing a way to suppress it via an environment variable09:12
evcan dpkg-divert> ah, I hadn't considered that possibility :)09:13
evcjwatson: in the trigger itself?09:13
evsounds reasonable to me if all else fails09:13
erupterhi all ppl09:49
erupteranybody not afk?09:50
erupteri have a problem, probably you could help, i need the installer to leave alone one of the MBRs in my system09:51
erupterbut it persists on messing up with it09:51
everupter: is this Maverick?09:51
erupterdunno, kubuntu 10.0409:53
erupterif you have time, i would explain more clearly09:53
everupter: oh, there's an advanced button on the summary page, before you click the final install button09:54
evin the dialog that appears is a checkbox to either install or not install the bootloader09:54
evif you uncheck it, the bootloader wont be installed09:54
erupterok but if i don't do that then how can i access the linux install?09:55
eruptermy problems aroused because i have a software raid array (intel ich9) and a spare disc09:55
erupteri set up the bios to use the spare as boot disc (this usually works for windows installations)09:56
erupterbut after installing the distro i ended up with the bootloader on my raid array09:56
erupterand neighter oses booting09:56
evin that dialog you can also pick which disk or partition you want to install the bootloader to09:57
erupterok i'll try then thaks09:58
erupterhope this helps me :p09:58
evsure thing09:58
erupterhave a nice day09:58
evyou too10:13
cjwatsonev: yeah10:18
erupterlooks like it hangs on loading...10:20
erupterit has installed and has started as it should but now it has hang with the kubuntu loading screen...10:20
CIA-87ubiquity: evand * r4308 trunk/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Add back the hostname entry (LP: #628087).10:21
evI still have to do the dmidecode dance, just wanted to get things back to a sane state first.10:23
evoh and fix the KDE hostname bug.10:23
erupterok looks like it's now starting...10:24
persiaev, So, which value from dmidecode are you using?10:28
evpersia: I'm not sure.  Is there a field that is more often set than not? Family?10:29
persiaValues for Family for a couple machines that support dmidecode here are "To Be Filled By O.E.M." and "Other"10:31
evWe could filter those out, or are you making the point that there are lots of bogus values?10:32
persiaI think Chassis/Type is closest, but I have one machine with the value "Lunch Box" there, so I'm not sure it's well standardised.  Also seems an even mix of "Desktop" and "Desktop Case"10:32
evthe idea is to use something somewhat unique10:33
persiaI take it as a given there are lots of bogus values for every dmidecode entry.  That said, having irregular hardware, I'd like to help you find one that is more sensible, and make sure we can support it (e.g. contains spaces)10:33
evso if I install Ubuntu on several devices, I don't end up with the same hostname10:33
evunique but still attractive*10:33
persiaRight.  I think Chassis/Type is probably cleanest, as long as we can support spaces (swich to more hypens, maybe?)10:33
evindeed, spaces would be subbed with hyphens10:34
evI have "Notebook" for Chassis Type though.10:34
persiaI'd recommend limiting to ~15 characters, to avoid matching "To Be Filled By O.E.M."10:34
evfairly generic10:34
ev15 characters> good idea10:34
persiaYeah, but "ev-notebook" vs. "ev-desktop" vs. "ev-lunch-box" allows some differentiation.10:34
evsure, but is there no field that would give us something like ev-thinkpad-x6110:35
evIs version often not set?10:35
evnot set here10:35
evsystem version is10:35
ev(mind you I haven't read through the spec, I'm just going off how dmidecode the binary prints this)10:36
persiaSystem/version is "001", "To Be Filled by O.E.M", "1.0" on the dmidecode capable machines on my desk.10:37
* persia also10:37
persiaSystem/Family looks better here "CFY7-1", "To Be Filled By O.E.M", "Macmini"10:37
evah, system family works10:38
evas that's thinkpad x61 as well10:38
evI'll do a quick survey of Millbank10:38
persiaGood plan.10:38
evto make sure at least the major have it set10:38
persiaNext bit: what about machines that don't have dmidecode?10:38
evwe fall back to username-{desktop,laptop}10:39
evwhere desktop/laptop is determined by laptop-detect10:39
persiaHow do we make that determination?10:39
persiaAh, OK.10:39
persiaHrm.  Seems that relies on either having a battery interface *OR* having dmidecode.10:40
evAnyone know if there's a reliable way to get the used blocks on any supported linux filesystem without actually mounting it?  Something in the superblock perhaps?10:41
evpersia: battery interface?  The path is try dmidecode, if that fails or doesn't exist, try running laptop-detect (which we've always run to determine the hostname).10:41
persiaRight.  laptop-detect checks for batteries, and runs dmidecode.10:42
evah, so then your argument is to not try laptop-detect at all and simply go straight to ubuntu-desktop?10:43
persiaNo.  I've no argument at all.10:43
persiaI have an unsolved issue of what to do with devices with unused battery interfaces (e.g. the ARM boards folks are using)10:43
persiaNot supporting them cleanly is *not* a regression, but now that I understand the path, there's a chance of possibly supporting them in the future.10:43
persiaMight also affect small home-built whatevers.  Or some NAS boxes that have built-in batteries as internal semi-UPS, etc.10:44
cjwatsonFWIW on my Dell Latitude D830, System/Family is blank, System/Manufacturer is "Dell Inc.", System/Product Name is "Latitude D830", Chassis/Type is "Portable"10:45
cjwatsonI imagine you'll want fallbacks or something10:46
persiaSystem/Product Name looks good here: "CF-Y7AW1AXS", "Macmini3,1", "To Be Filled By O.E.M." (the last would be too long, and fall back to "desktop")10:47
evgood call10:47
persiaBase Board/Product Name also has full support here "MacF22C86C8", "CFY7-1", "MCP7A-ION"10:47
persiaThat's not very informative.10:48
cjwatsonand on my server, "i440BX-W83977 (BH6 V1.1)"10:48
persiaDo servers get the same logic applied?10:48
evEither of you have any thoughts on the filesystem question, or is that a lost cause?10:49
cjwatsonwhich also has blank System/Product Name and System/Manufacturer, no System/Family at all, and Chassis/Type "Desktop", so that's probably a bit of a loss10:49
sorenev: Why the "without mounting it" requirement?10:49
cjwatsonwell, it was originally a desktop :-)10:49
evI'm not too concerned about servers ;)10:49
persiaAh :)10:49
* persia thinks most server folk set hostname via DNS in advance anyway10:49
cjwatsonyou want to avoid mounting filesystems so that you don't replay journals10:49
cjwatsonif possible10:49
evsoren: don't we have issues with replaying journals on hibernated systems?10:49
evah, beat me to it10:49
cjwatsonlibparted might be able to tell you?10:50
evfor what it's worth, this is for the resize widget in the partitioner, saying "Files, X GB used" instead of "Unknown operating system"10:50
sorenJust use blockdev to set it to read-only?10:50
cjwatsonev: I thought partman already had an interface for that10:50
evI thought the d-i team tried that and it failed spectacularly10:50
evblockdev --setro, that is10:50
cjwatsond-i should use blockdev, there were just some tedious things to deal with10:51
sorenev: Exactly.10:51
cjwatsonbut anyway, I don't think you need to go down that route10:51
cjwatsonthis is what the resize range stuff in partman is for10:51
cjwatsonand I thought that ubiquity already interpreted that10:51
evah, I thought it just shelled out to resize2fs for that10:51
evor are you saying, use the lower bound as the size used10:52
everr upper bound10:52
cjwatsonthat's what I'm saying, yes10:52
everrr partition size - upper bound10:52
evcoffee, need cofee10:52
evthanks everyone10:52
cjwatsonthe value you get as the minimum resizable size of the filesystem is as near as damnit the size used10:52
cjwatsonI mean, it does shell out to tune2fs in the case of ext[234], but that's the information you want anyway10:53
cjwatsonand best to avoid ext2-specific code in ubiquity IMO10:53
ograev, please dont forget that dmidecode only works on systems with a BIOS11:09
evogra: indeed, that's why we have the fallback11:09
ograand thanks so much for adding the hostname feature back :)11:10
evsure thing.  I still want to ultimately get rid of it, but clearly we're not ready yet11:13
evsabdfl wants this as part of the solution: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/63418711:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 634187 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Detect hostname collisions using avahi (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged]11:14
persiaogra, If you have any bright ideas on how to make laptop-detect more robust to do more than just check for batteries or Chassis/Type=="Notebook"|"Portable" or to try to differentiate phone/handheld/netbook/laptop/desktop or just differentiate dev boards, it may be interesting.11:14
ograwe could have a BOF at UDS ;)11:15
ograi dont have bright ideas beyond either a database or parsing additional info from i.e. /proc/cpuinfo (on arm for example)11:15
persiaev, Do you think you'd have time at UDS to participate in such a thing, or would you not care, as long as we can produce useful strings?11:16
evI'm most concerned about having useful strings, but if you think it would be helpful for me to be there, put me as required and I'll make the time.l11:17
persiaUp to you :)  If we have such a spec, I'll definitely at least subscribe you (and let you select whether you are required)11:18
ograwell, on arm the useful strings live in the hardware line of /proc/cpuinfo usually (thats also where all other tools look)11:22
ograi guess its up to the arm team to develop and supply such a pĆ¼atch once the function is there :)11:23
persiaThe same kind of thing ought work for powerpc as well, although there may be better sources of information.11:24
ograyes, ppc has nvram to read from iirc11:24
ograon arm cpuinfo is the only common thing among all boards11:25
persiaAt least on my powerpc machines, cat /proc/cpuinfo is likely to have more human-readable information on the device that the output of nvsetenv.11:26
persiaAnyway, let's save this discussion until *after* release :)11:26
CIA-87ubiquity: evand * r4309 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/plugins/ubi-partman.py):11:46
CIA-87ubiquity: * Use a block device icon for cases where we cannot detect the11:46
CIA-87ubiquity:  operating system on a partition.11:46
CIA-87ubiquity: * Set the amount of used space on a partition that we presume contains11:46
CIA-87ubiquity:  no operating system (LP: #626299).11:46
ScottKsuperm1: You're probably right (re restricted drivers in live session).  Something to consider for the next UDS for design.12:11
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4310 trunk/ (debian/changelog gui/gtk/stepUserInfo.ui):14:16
CIA-41ubiquity: Make requiring a password to log in the default again, matching the14:16
CIA-41ubiquity: behavior in the previous version of Ubuntu.14:16
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4311 trunk/debian/ (changelog ubiquity.templates): Use the correct string for the resize partition option.14:19
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4312 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):15:33
CIA-41ubiquity: Set the size of the disk on the automatic partitioning page15:33
CIA-41ubiquity: (LP: #626299).15:33
superm1ev, re dpkg-diverting the trigger, its a live filesystem - you can probably just rm it can't you?16:01
evwell, I wanted to undo the change afterwards16:01
superm1it's not like you are making that change in /target though16:01
superm1but if you want to undo it, just mv it to trigger.old to run jockey, and move it back?16:01
evsure, though I'm going to try Colin's suggestion of adding a flag to man-db16:02
evjust as soon as I finish with building a big table of common locations for the product name in DMI16:02
evsuperm1: I don't suppose you know where they occur on all of your systems?16:02
superm1 /sys/class/dmi/id/product_name16:03
evis it always system product name?16:03
superm1it should always be that directory, first half is line of business (eg vostro, inspiron, etc) and second half is model number16:03
evI'm assuming you mean file16:04
evbut noted16:04
superm1yeah i mean that file16:05
superm1re persia's recommendation to only cover up to 15 characters long names, i'm not sure that would continue to work.  if you go an look at something like Latitude E6410XFR, that would be too long16:05
superm1so probably better to just filter out those bad ones like To Be Filled by O.E.M16:06
evindeed, will do16:06
superm1ScottK, well as you saw that for the newer generation of broadcom cards they've been open sourced, hopefully it becomes less of something that needs to be worried about over time16:17
ScottKsuperm1: True.16:17
ScottKOTOH, all the hard work is done now, it's a shame not to take advantage of it.16:17
evI had a chat with the kernel team about this.  The new driver doesn't work with 42XX and non-SSB adapters as I understand it, equally it will be a post-release thing, so we couldn't take advantage of it in the installer anyway.16:33
CIA-41debian-installer: cjwatson * r1358 ubuntu/ (build/config/armel/dove.cfg debian/changelog): Move dove to 2.6.32-410 kernels.17:01
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4313 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):17:35
CIA-41ubiquity: Use dmidecode to get a more unique suffix for the hostname17:35
CIA-41ubiquity: (LP: #628087).17:35
CIA-41debian-installer: cjwatson * r1359 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20100211ubuntu2517:53
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4314 trunk/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/plugins/ubi-usersetup.py):17:54
CIA-41ubiquity: Also generate a sample hostname when generating a sample username17:54
CIA-41ubiquity: (LP: #634279).17:54
evcjwatson: given bug #635040, what are your thoughts on not raising that exception anymore?18:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 635040 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashed during install - no bootloader (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63504018:00
evthe "oh bother, no bootloader" one, that is.18:00
cjwatsonI guess we could demote it to a log message, yes.  But why's it happening here?  armel/dove is supposed to be handled by the flash_kernel component.18:05
cjwatsonwe're hitting an else that suggests that archdetect is producing the wrong output?18:06
evindeed, followed up in the bug18:08
CIA-41ubiquity: evand * r4315 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):18:45
CIA-41ubiquity: Only set the next button to 'Install Now' when not on the first18:45
CIA-41ubiquity: partitioning page.18:45
persiaev, Thought on data source validation: checkbox runs dmidecode: it may be that there's thousands of values stored in the checkbox DB in LP (helps find bad values to filter, strong candidates, etc.)23:18

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