AnAntHello, is stable@kernel.org a mailing list ? if yes, where are the archives ?04:11
AnAntogasawara: thanks06:58
amitkapw, several new drivers coming your way :) (Re: broadcom open sources several drivers)08:19
* abogani waves all!08:21
ikepanhcI remember leann had a presentation that we can change the linux-image deb and rebuild the ISO image, anyone knows where we can find how to do it?08:32
apwamitk, yeah thats very good news08:48
apwikepanhc, wasn't that about testing?  maybe a wiki page about it08:48
ikepanhcapw: its about bug 63470208:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 634702 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel 2.6.3519 fails to boot Lenovo S10-3 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63470208:51
ikepanhcapw: looks like a regression, I think I can test for old kernels to make sure how it happen, or any idea?08:52
apwikepanhc, if you made a USB stick with a large persistance filesystem you can install and update kernels on  it right?08:55
apwif you have any system which can boot it08:55
apwikepanhc, did you test -19 or -20 ?08:57
ikepanhcapw: lastest daily-livecd08:57
ikepanhcapw: checking for its ABI now08:57
apwso thats proabally -2008:57
ikepanhcapw: another question: kernel freeze in 4 days, how will we deal with this kind of bugs.. in my viewpoint this shall be a critical bug08:59
apwikepanhc, kernel freeze means no mo features, we can in an emergency add patches.  we start apply SRU policy to changes proposed for maverick at that point09:00
ikepanhcapw: got it09:00
ikepanhcapw: yes, its -20 kernel09:01
apwso you could diw09:02
apwdowngrade the kernel using anoth09:02
apwanother machine booted on it09:02
ikepanhcbut how can we update the initrd?09:03
* apw actually is now unsure, perhaps there is a reason you can;t damn i forget09:04
ikepanhcI find the alpha-3 iso. I will test it first09:06
apwyeah good plan, i can't find the page, but i am sure there is a wiki page from leann as you suggest09:07
ikepanhcI will ask leann...09:07
RAOFWhere is the drm-intel-next mainline build being pulled from now?  Has it been updated to the new Chris Wilson-maintained branch?09:23
apwRAOF, nope, it was removed cause i was told it was dead09:36
apwRAOF, is there now a new one?09:36
RAOFapw: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/ickle/drm-intel.git;a=summary09:37
apwRAOF, so drm-intel-next from there ?09:37
RAOFAlthough the commit that I actually _want_ is in drm-intel-staging (for bug #629711)09:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 629711 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[Maverick] Removing external display on Vostro 3500 corrupts the screen (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62971109:38
apwRAOF, ok i've reinstated the drm-intel-next builds from the new place, first one should be triggered on the hour09:48
RAOFapw: Neato!09:49
apwRAOF, have we bottomed out on i8xx support yet?  there was a bunch of options and i am not sure as to the outcome, did you an Sarvatt come to an agreement on strategy?09:49
RAOFSarvatt's leaning towards unblacklisting KMS and using fbdev on them.09:50
RAOFWell, not so much “leaning towards” as “advocating”.09:50
apwyep, and what about you?09:50
apwi see we have them blacklisted at of now, and we'd need to reverse that before next thursday if we're going to09:51
RAOFI think we should probably go with KMS + fbdev.09:51
RAOFA number of people on the bug have found that vesa just doesn't work for them at all.09:52
apwRAOF, ok so will you start the discussion somewhere that X and kernel can see it ...09:53
RAOFI'll continue the thread on ubuntu-x@09:53
apwor Sarvatt if that is more appropriate09:53
RAOFAnd CC kernel-team.09:53
apwsounds perfect09:53
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pgranerapw, ^^^^14:41
manjois tangerine down for maintanence ? or dead ? 15:02
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ogasawaraikepanhc: bjf probably has the most up to date scripts for generating a custom iso.15:13
ogasawaraikepanhc: but the general documentation I used is at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization15:13
ikepanhcogasawara: thank you, and good morning :)15:14
mpoiriertgardner: did you do anything with the gumstix you got in Prague ?15:14
ikepanhcogasawara: that's what I need15:14
tgardnermpoirier, not yet. its still on my desk at home.15:14
tgardnermanjo, tangerine was up last I checked earlier this AM15:15
mpoiriertgarnder: if you'd send it to me I could fix the display for maverick and send it back to me when I'm done.15:15
tgardnermpoirier, can do. email your shipping instructions and I'll get it sent on Monday15:15
ogasawaraapw: you get my notes for the release meeting?15:16
mpoiriertgardner: ok.  It should take long,  I suspect it is the same problem we had with beagle.15:16
apwogasawara, yeah got them thanks15:18
apwanyone got a 32 bit install but installed on a 64bit capable processor ?15:21
apw(and who is prepared to test a kernel for me)15:21
apwakgraner, how did that last kernel go for you?15:21
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bjfikepanhc: any way I can help you?15:25
jjohansenapw: I have 32 bit OS install in a vm on a 64bit capable proc15:25
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apwthat might do it15:25
apwbjf, did you find the lucid lbm update ?15:25
apwjjohansen, i'll let you know when its built15:25
bjfapw, yes, where did you find it?15:25
manjotgardner, its up now 15:26
apw(this is a 64 bit kernel packaged for 32 bit install)15:26
bjfapw: we looked around a bit for it15:26
ikepanhcbjf: its bug 63470215:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 634702 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel 2.6.35-19 fails to boot Lenovo S10-3 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63470215:26
apwbjf, i bumped into smb in a social context and mentioned it to him and he happened to be at home so he pushed it15:26
bjfapw, heh15:26
ikepanhcbjf: I have confirmed that daily LiveCD halt just as the description, but maverick alpha 3 LiveCD booting successfully though the mouse can not move..15:27
ikepanhcbjf: I plan to use alpha 3 CD image as base, and replace the linux-image for testing booting LiveCD...15:28
bjfikepanhc: ok, that should be doable15:29
ikepanhcbjf: try to find out if there is any commit related15:29
bjfikepanhc: the scripts are in the kteam-tools git tree under "daily-test-isos"15:30
ikepanhcbjf: ack - cloning15:32
JFomanjo, feel up to talking about Firewire stack bug triage tomorrow?15:34
* ogasawara bails for appt, back in a bit15:36
manjoJFo, tomorrow?15:38
JFoI can't find my notes on who was going to do the talk 15:42
JFoon USB Firewire etc.15:42
JFoso I thought I would ask15:42
JFojust a brief talk on what is useful for triage of those types of bugs15:42
penguin42I've just put a patch for the lshw oops/hang on bug 61400815:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 614008 in lshw (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "lshw causes laptop to freeze up (affects: 24) (dups: 9) (heat: 135)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61400815:42
JFomanjo, if you can't it isn't a big deal15:44
manjoJFo, let me see, its quiet late notice for me, I made some plans for the Sat15:50
JFono problem15:56
JFolike I said, it isn't a big deal15:57
apwjfo do we have a cal entry for the summit tommorrow16:02
* apw pokes JFo harder16:06
JFonot in the kernel team calendar16:06
JFobut it is on the Fridge calendar16:06
apwi recon copy it into the kernel team cal, then i can sub self and get reminders16:06
apwjfo are we having a chin wag today about whats happening16:07
JFoyeah, doing that now16:08
JFoapw, we can if you like16:08
apwfeeling unprepared16:08
* ikepanhc needs to go to bed...16:31
ikepanhcwill keep trying maverick on s10-3 tomorrow..16:31
apwjjohansen, that kernel is: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/generic64-maverick/16:37
apwthis is a 32bit packaged 64bit kernel16:37
jjohansenokay, I'll give it a sping16:38
apwso it should install and work on a 32bit userspace ... in theory16:38
apwof course its hard to tell if i've done it right, a dmesg from the boot would be useful16:38
jjohansenapw: booted, where would you like me to put the dmesg16:45
apwpastbin perhaps16:46
apwor chin or zinc16:46
jjohansenapw: pastebin.ubuntu.com/49165016:48
jjohansenapw: and its on real hardware16:49
apwjjohansen, oh and what does uname -a say16:50
tgardnerbjf, can you remember the URL for customizing live CDs  on the Ubuntu wiki?16:50
bjftgardner: just a sec...16:51
tgardneris that it?16:51
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bjftgardner: yes, that's it16:51
apwjjohansen, well its definatly a 64 bit kernel, so thats good16:52
jjohansenapw:  Linux jj-desktop 2.6.35-20-generic64 #29generic64v201009101521 SMP Fri Sep 10 14:23:16 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:52
tgardnerbjf, thanks16:52
apwjjohansen, i am supprised to see x86_64 in there from a 32 bit userspace16:52
jjohansenhrmm, me too16:52
apwi thought it was supposed to round it down to i686 for 32 bit userspace16:52
jjohansenits a maverick-desktop i386 install16:53
apwwell that seems good, other than the x86_64 appearing in uname16:56
apwperhaps it was another call that lies, i wish i could find the code16:57
apwjjohansen, i think its a bug, they changed the code which did that to do it in a common way17:00
apwand it looks like it is not working17:00
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* apw wonders if _b_j_f is feeling ok, he seems to be coming apart17:21
apwjjohansen, this i've foudn the bug, confirming now17:26
apwogasawara, release meeting all quiet17:40
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bjfpgraner, did jane get a new laptop?18:31
cnd_apw, ogasawara, have you seen suspend/resume issues on intel hardware lately?18:32
cnd_in maverick?18:32
cnd_my mini won't resume properly18:33
apwcnd_, nope18:33
ogasawaracnd: I haven't myself, which maverick kernel?18:35
cnd_let me see if I have some logs18:36
apwcnd_, do see if its new by backing up a kernel18:36
cnd_apw, I will if/when I get a chance18:36
cnd_I'm crazy busy right now :(18:36
ogasawaracnd: my mini is at home but I can test when I get back (although I swear I'd tested before I uploaded)18:37
cnd_it seems to suspend18:38
cnd_on resume I think the HD light blinks a bit18:38
cnd_but the screen doesn't come up and I can't seem to do anything18:38
cnd_unfortunately my mini is my only "work" computer (i.e. non-victim) and I'm at a conference18:38
bjfcnd_, but the "fast boot" is soo fast, why bother suspending?18:40
cnd_heh :)18:40
apwcnd_, try switching VT to 0 and back18:40
apwto save the pitiful battery no doubt18:41
cnd_apw, hmm, I can't even switch to a VT18:41
cnd_I'm in unity18:41
apwyou lose :)18:41
cnd_I dunno if that makes a difference18:41
cnd_oh wait, I wasn't holding down Fn18:41
cnd_let me try that18:41
cnd_apw, ok VT switching worked18:41
apwcnd_, wibble, well you have a work around at least18:42
apwcnd, let us know if its reproducible18:45
cnd_well, it is reproducible18:48
apwyep it is, or you will?18:48
cnd_every time I suspend18:48
apwso yeah when you can try the prev kernel18:49
apwit may be userspace yet18:49
vanhoofapw: trying it out on a x20119:01
vanhoof-19 works, upgrading to -2019:02
vanhoofapw: all is well on -20 on this x201 (arrandale based)19:06
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apwvanhoof, with suspend ?19:41
apwand if so, did you only update the kernel, are there any userspace updated pending>19:41
vanhoofapw: yeah just kernel19:44
vanhoofi'll update everything19:44
apwvanhoof, you are a solider indeed19:53
vanhoofapw: sick of working on spreadsheets today :)19:54
apwvanhoof, that i can imaging19:58
* vanhoof wonders if his laptop will explode19:58
vanhoofapw: full updated, all is well20:13
vanhoofapw: suspend/resume 5 times no probs20:14
* jjohansen heading in to portland knitting circle20:25
cnd_apw, ogasawara: do you know what the maverick backport kernel for lucid is called?20:31
apwcnd_, lts-backports-maverick in the kernel-ppa ppa i think20:34
cnd_apw, I thought the backport would be available in ubuntu proper?20:34
apwcnd_, it _will_ be once we have an official kernel to release20:35
IceCookhi, I want to know some stuff aboute the net device in the linux kernel, first. are there existing any device files for the physic interface? and where can i found device files for the tun/tap or bridge interface?21:01
IceCooksomeone here?21:15

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