* RainCT looks at ~ubuntu-sponsors and can't believe it's empty (ignoring stuff from main)01:24
jdongMem:  49562228k total,  2267556k used, 47294672k free,   301336k buffers01:41
jdongnow THAT'S a computer!01:41
ajmitchneeds more RAM01:42
jdongnot enough slots!01:43
ajmitchMem:         48952      45839       3112          0       6227      3163501:43
ajmitchpity that one will be disappearing01:44
Gjdong: nah, you need an IBM x3950 :)02:17
Gjdong: 32 cores per 'node' (up to 4 nodes), and looks like now 1TB RAM per node02:18
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jdongG: Now that would be awesome; in this case these machines were generously donated by Dell+Intel to MIT CSAIL for a class on performance engineering03:12
Gjdong: nice03:13
Gthe funny thing was logging into an 3950m2 (4 nodes, 96CPUs etc) it still seemed quite sluggish :P03:14
jdongeh more CPU's doesn't necessarily mean faster :)03:16
bilalakhtarnigelb: What about behind the circle?05:56
MTecknologyWhat would it take for nginx to be in main?06:02
MTecknologyI'm very surprised it's not actually..06:05
AzendaleI have a PPA package in a bzr branch that is all ready to have debuild -S run on it so I can send it to my ppa, except that I don't have a .orig.tar.gz since I'm using bzr to keep track of changes. How can I get it into the PPA to build?06:08
MTecknologyAzendale: doesn't it ask you if you want to continue without it?06:09
MTecknologyI always use debuild -S -sa, not sure if that -sa could help any06:09
AzendaleMTecknology: Yes, it asks, but it has errors later. I'll try it again and report back with the error.06:10
lifelessAzendale: bzr export ../<name>.tar.gz06:10
MTecknologylifeless: You should teach me all that you know..06:10
bilalakhtarMTecknology: nginx is too lintian-error filled06:12
bilalakhtar(from what I have seen)06:13
AzendaleI tried the bzr export and I got the error "debian/rules:6: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/autoreconf.mk: No such file or directory" , which is what I was getting before, so maybe it's not the bzr?06:13
bilalakhtarAzendale: Do you have cdbs installed?06:13
Azendalebilalakhtar: Yes, it says it's the newest version06:14
bilalakhtarAzendale: Do you have dh-autoreconf installed?06:14
Azendalebilalakhtar: I didn't..let me try it again now06:15
AzendaleOk, that helped. Now it's complaining about not being able to represent binary changes to various files in .bzr .06:19
MTecknologybilalakhtar: and if all the errors were to go away and the package was clean?06:22
bilalakhtarMTecknology: then file an MIR06:23
MTecknologybilalakhtar: thanks06:23
bilalakhtarMTecknology: bug #54726706:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 547267 in nginx (Ubuntu) "nginx should not install into /var/www/nginx-default (Debian policy)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54726706:26
fabrice_spAzendale, delete them in the clean target06:26
Azendalefabrice_sp: Ok, thanks for the advice.06:28
MTecknologybilalakhtar: thanks :D06:28
persiaMTecknology, Moving a package to main requires another package in main to depend upon it.  While it once meant something, in practice, there is no currently useful semantic distinction between "main" and "universe".06:37
MTecknologypersia: except what I was told by lifeless06:38
persiabilalakhtar, Being incredibly buggy, without an upstream, and in violation of policy has never been a limitation for stuff being in main previously.  Having lintian errors is really completely separate from main/universe06:38
persiaMTecknology, Which distinction would that be?06:39
bilalakhtarpersia: yup06:39
bilalakhtarpersia: well, this is a lintian Error06:39
MTecknologypersia: He said if it were in main there would be consideration for it to be used with LP instead of Apache06:40
persiabilalakhtar, Indeed, it's an error, and it probably ought get fixed.  This just doesn't happen to be related to the main/universe thing in any useful way.06:40
MTecknologyalong with a patch for converting, and benchmarks, and a good reason for it06:40
persiaMTecknology, That's lifeless needing to do research then.  There's heaps of stuff used in LP that aren't in main (or at least have often been historically).06:40
persiaSimply moving something to main shouldn't be part of the consideration.06:41
persiaThat it's buggy makes it not good for LP.06:41
MTecknologyya.. I'm going to work on that06:41
MTecknologyat least I don't need to knwo C for that :P06:42
MTecknologypersia: I've been working on the PPA version of nginx actually - in my companies PPA it's almost entirely lintain clean - but it's also stripped down to nothing. I'm figuring I should be able to help out pretty well here :)06:47
persiaMaking things less buggy is good :)06:47
MTecknologyok.. nappy time - g'night ubuntu brainiacs :)06:48
RhondaAh, right, was RainCT for revu, should've remembered that.07:52
ajmitchRhonda: don't worry, there are a few people who still try & keep revu alive :)07:57
RhondaI never claimed otherwise.07:58
RhondaI just wasn't able to remember who mentioned that he was getting source v3 supported, otherwise I would have bugged him directly for lintian update. :)07:58
ajmitchthat was probably me :P07:59
ajmitchjust took a dpkg backport, grabbed the one from the ~launchpad ppa08:02
Rhondaajmitch? Can you take a look at something that might be a consider in the revu web interface?08:02
Rhondaajmitch: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=8603 - when I click on "(toggle visibility)" below the graph, the feature list doesn't get hidden. :)08:03
RhondaThat's because <ul> can't be embedded inside a <p>08:03
RhondaAnd thus the <ul> doesn't have the id="description" attached to it.08:04
ajmitchamusing bug08:04
ajmitchlet me take a look at it08:04
RhondaI *think* a <span> or <div> around the complete description might make sense.08:04
ajmitch<div>, yeah08:04
RhondaAnd the </p> at the end of the description (after the </ul>) is b0rked anyway. :)08:04
RhondaAlso, I see a <br style="clear: both;"/ after that which is missing its >08:05
* ajmitch waits very very patiently for bzr08:05
* Rhonda . o O ( that's why I prefer git *hides* )08:05
ajmitchgit can't fix a slow internet connection any more than bzr can :)08:06
ajmitchRhonda: toggle works now?08:46
RhondaIf it does for you I wouldn't know why it shouldn't for me. :)  Thanks!08:48
ajmitchwell you never know, especially with the evils of html ;)08:51
ajmitchI'll probably break it again while I put the fix on properly08:52
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nigelbbilalakhtar: pong?12:08
bilalakhtarnigelb: yup, repoly after a loooooooooong ping12:08
bilalakhtarnigelb: Howz behindthecircle?12:08
* nigelb is on vacation12:08
bilalakhtarnigelb: ah, but I was asking, Why haven't there been more interviews?12:09
nigelbbilalakhtar: I just finished updating the list of devs last week12:09
nigelbNow maia and I need to find time to get together and proof the questionss and shortlist and do the interviews!12:09
* lucidfox nodnod12:09
nigelbthis will probably happen some time this week :)12:09
* nigelb hi fives lucidfox :)12:10
bilalakhtarWhat about dholbach?12:10
nigelbHe's in Iran12:10
bilalakhtarI mean, is he blogging for it?12:10
nigelbNo, since he didn't want the time he asked for volunteers, me, lucidfox, and bobbo took over12:11
lucidfoxI actually haven't heard anything from bobbo12:11
nigelbneither have I12:11
nigelbBUt he has volunteered to help, probably busy for now12:11
bilalakhtarlucidfox: You were interviewed the last :) And now YOU can interview!12:12
nigelbbilalakhtar: actually, when she was interviewed, we had already volunteered to help :)12:13
bilalakhtarnigelb: You also wish to become MOTU, right?12:14
nigelbbilalakhtar: I don't have the time for it at present, as is evidenced my packaging work this cycle (nothing!), so perhaps next cycle.12:15
shadeslayeryofel: quick question on SRU, do i file a new bug for SRU? or can i just update that bug with new info?13:44
yofeljust use that bug for the SRU13:44
shadeslayeryofel: i cant seem to be able to nominate it for lucid13:47
yofelyou opened the wrong link, use https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch/+bug/56537613:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 565376 in desktopcouch "bughugger does not work in kubuntu lucid" [Undecided,In progress]13:48
yofelLP is a bit tricky there13:48
shadeslayeroh :D13:49
shadeslayeryofel: whom do i subscribe to the bug report? wiki doesnt say anything13:53
shadeslayerwait.. found it13:53
shadeslayerok everything done... just wait for lp to build package in my ppa now ;)13:53
yofelshadeslayer: subscribe ubuntu-sponsors too, SRUs are now uploaded as soon as possible so the SRU team only needs to ack it13:55
shadeslayeryofel: i think everything is set, do you see any issues?13:57
yofelshadeslayer: checking13:58
yofelshadeslayer: about that debdiff, it has to be for lucid-proposed and not for lucid, and about the version.. I'm not sure but it might have to be 3.1 not 414:01
shadeslayerhmm.. i think your right ..14:02
=== ivoks-afk is now known as ivoks
shadeslayeryofel: done :)14:07
yofelshadeslayer: that should still be desktopcouch (0.6.4-0ubuntu3.1) lucid-proposed; urgency=low14:08
shadeslayerohh.. the release..14:08
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491575/14:10
yofelthat looks right14:10
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alkisgHi, I'd like to try packaging an edu app (http://www.chemcollective.org/applets/vlab.php), can someone point me to a simple package that contains java .jar files to use as a template?18:57
alkisg(maybe debhelper 7, not cdbs...)18:57
RhondaThe package contains .jar files? You would need to generate them from source code, not just use the existing .jar files.19:00
* hrw|gone will lurk during weekend here to check what is discussed here. in next 2 weeks I plan to start procedure of becoming ubuntu developer. currently there are no packages in archive which I maintain, but there are two which I maintained in past, also submitted lot of improvements to few core components (gcc/eglibc/binutils/linux) and 3 my packages are on a way to maverick (got FFe for them today).19:04
kklimondahrw|gone: evening, feel free to lurk around :)19:11
hrw|gonekklimonda: I have a feeling that we met in person years ago19:11
hrw|gonehave to go now19:11
kklimondanah, impossible19:12
=== ivoks is now known as ivoks-afk
alkisgHmmm weird, I can't find the sources for that java edu app, so I guess I'll have to make a binary deb for local use... thanks Rhonda :)19:20
Rhondanp :)19:24
ari-tczewRhonda: what is wrong with copyright file?19:32
RhondaI did write that, didn't I?19:34
RhondaYou don't want to claim that debian/* is copyright by David Sansome and is licensed under GPL-3, do you? :)19:35
RhondaAnd shouldn't the license text be mentioned at least once?19:36
RhondaThere is not a single license text in there?19:37
ari-tczewRhonda: I wouldn't be responsible to copyright file, because David is an author of this one.19:38
ari-tczewdavidsansome: ping19:41
* davidsansome waves19:41
Rhondadavidsansome: You wrote the debian/* files, too?19:42
davidsansomeI wrote the original ones, ari-tczew has tweaked them a bit19:42
RhondaAnyway, the copyright files are still missing the license text, at least once for each recurring license.19:42
RhondaThen that copyright information is missing. It's not totally wrong to not specifically mention Files: debian/* - but it's extremely uncommon, thus my comment in REVU about it.19:43
davidsansomeah ok, I assumed the common licenses didn't need the full text copied and pasted in19:44
RhondaNot the full.19:44
ari-tczewdavidsansome: the files are there: https://code.launchpad.net/~ari-tczew/clementine/REVU19:44
RhondaBut GPL insists on a specific part to be copied nevertheless, and BSD isn't that "common" anyway because people seldomly are that specific university.19:45
RhondaAnd I'm not too sure what the last decisions with respect to Public Domain is19:46
davidsansomeright, I'll fix those two issues upstream, then ari-tczew if you want to merge my changes into your bzr repo?19:46
ari-tczewdavidsansome: of course I'll update branch ASAP. btw. you can request a merge to my branch referring to debian/copyright and not only. :)19:47
ari-tczewfrom this branch I'm creating a package for REVU. i19:47
Rhondaari-tczew: See the "xsol" example in the svn link you have in the first line of the copyright file - it has the required GPL excerpt.19:49
ari-tczewRhonda: are you reffering to: http://paste.ubuntu.com/491744/ ?19:52
Rhondaari-tczew: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ and scroll to "Examples in pseudo-RFC-822 format", both the Simple and the Complex mention both debian/* but also for GPL-2+ the license text.19:59
ari-tczewdavidsansome: ^ go ahead mate :)20:00
davidsansomeworking on it :)20:00
davidsansomeRhonda: how's this: http://code.google.com/p/clementine-player/source/browse/trunk/debian/copyright ?  I've added text to each one, and a debian/* section20:02
Rhondadavidsansome: You need to add the text only once for each license, no need to repeat it. :)20:03
davidsansomeok :)  do I need to put "See above" or anything, or can I assume people are smart enough to figure it out? :)20:03
RhondaSo one GPL-3, one GPL-2+, one BSD, …20:04
RhondaNo need for see above or anything from what I understood.20:04
RhondaThe License: GPL-3 line is meant to be enough reference for the linkage.20:05
RhondaNo clue how the dep5 wants to have the "License: Qt Commercial or LGPL-2.1 or GPL-3" part expanded - you need to ask someone who has more insight into that, I'm not that big fan of that format20:07
ari-tczewRhonda: could you check whether current version is correct? @google code20:08
Rhondaari-tczew: Looks more appropriate, but like said, I'm neither an expert on dep5 nor too fond of it.20:15
ari-tczewRhonda, davidsansome: ok, I'm merging into bzr20:16
davidsansomecool thanks20:16
ari-tczewScottK: what do you think, is it benefit to merge kolabd from debian unstable?21:20
ari-tczewRhonda: around?21:57

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