somethingintereshi all, I'm having the weirdest issue happen on a new mythtv install. Everytime I go to watch TV with the NVida closed source drivers enabled my user account gets logged out.. if I use the stock ubuntu FOSS drivers, it doesn't happen. Any idea at all?02:58
dewmanif two channels share the same mplex id but only one channel gets picked up in a scan, should I try to re-scan the frequency that they both share?03:07
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dewmananother day, another shot at trying to get one channel to get found in the scanner. =)14:55
henkpoleyI'm seeing an issue where a 'remote frontend' which Wake-on-LAN's the backend then disappears as soon as the backend is up.15:12
henkpoleyIs there a known issue around that ?15:12
henkpoleyalso, is there a separate mythbuntu bugtracker, as since launchpad just directs you to the main mythtv Trac15:14
henkpoleyoh wait, it doesn't15:14
henkpoleyAh I'm seeing some hints to get mythtv with debug symbols, and automated backtrace (apport) working15:17
Gibbyhenkpoley: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Debugging#Debugging_with_Ubuntu_packages15:33
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Debugging - MythTV15:33
henkpoleyThese ICE errors are not crashes, so no backtrace15:37
henkpoleyStill, the usually fix of deleting .ICEAuthority does not work, because it's not there..15:38
henkpoleyWell, now there was one.. so I removed it and now rebooting15:41
henkpoleyStill odd since mythfrontend.real does start the second run15:41
henkpoleyas in, during the same session (no reboot, nor logout)15:41
henkpoleyTried again. Still and "ICE default IO error doing an exit(), pid = ..something.., errno = 32"16:05
GibbyThat maybe an ubuntu issue16:12
henkpoleyWell yeah, it has been since at least 8.0416:13
henkpoleyAnd I'm not very sure, but maybe I've seen it before that on Gentoo (that's kind of fuzzy, more than 3 years ago)16:13
henkpoleyBut then it happened with the DVD burning thingy16:13
henkpoley..of mythtv16:13
Gibbyhmm i saw it in ubuntu 9.04/10 i think, don't remember the fix for it tho16:16
henkpoleyThe bugs and threads around it are kind "is this fixed yet" and filled with scripts to move the .ICEauthority file away and then back again after mythtv16:17
henkpoleyBut somehow it only affects me when the frontend needs to wake up the backend.16:18
henkpoleyHmm, lets test with a 'warm' frontend machine, which then starts the backend.16:19
henkpoleyAh, same thing..16:20
henkpoleyAlso: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/51472716:21
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #514727 in Mythbuntu: “ICEauthority issues after remote frontend wakes up database server”16:21
Gibbyhenkpoley: what if the backend is already awake?17:04
Gibbytgm4883: Ping17:19
tgm4883Gibby, pong17:19
tgm4883also, we usually prefer having the question/comment in the ping17:20
Gibbytgm4883: Ok, I am down to the mythzoneminder issue only again.....17:20
tgm4883that way when we read backlog it makes more sense, plus you don't forget what you pinged me about17:20
Gibbyn/p understand17:20
tgm4883ok, so the issue with mzm17:21
tgm4883whats the current issue?17:22
Gibbywell it works, just the colors are off which the patch is supposed to fix17:22
Gibbyi can't tell if the debs i make added the patch17:22
tgm4883and superm1 didn't say we could add it to the build?17:23
rhpot1991unless you want to annoy tgm4883 , then you give him a contentless ping and go find some lunch17:23
tgm4883!stab rhpot199117:23
* Zinn stabs rhpot1991 with a rusty spork.17:23
* rhpot1991 deserved that17:23
Gibbywhere do i find a list of what Zinn can do?17:24
ZinnHi Gibby, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.17:24
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].17:24
tgm4883Gibby, any errors in the build log?17:24
tgm4883you should see it apply in there17:24
Gibbyhmmmmmmm not that i know of17:24
Gibbyi didn't save the build log17:24
tgm4883always a good idea to save the build log17:25
Gibbyhmmm ok17:25
Gibbylet me try to rebuild with todays source17:25
dewmanthere is two channels that share the same (mplexID?) (transport?) NatgeoHD and A&EHD natgeo comes in fine but its the A&EHD that is causing the issue.... I was wondering if I should give scte65scan a whirl...17:55
dewmanI can see the channels in the HDHR util, but in myth during a scan A&EHd never gets tuned...17:56
Gibbytgm4883: build logs http://pastebin.com/syV5MwZS17:58
Gibbydoesn't look like it applied the patch18:00
tgm4883Gibby, actually, I think if you build the package directly you need to apply the patch first. I don't think it gets autoapplied18:00
tgm4883superm1, ^18:00
Gibbyhow do you apply the patch? i thought you just put it in debian/patches18:01
tgm4883yea, I think that is just if you are building source packages though. IDK18:02
tgm4883like I said, I got lazy and let LP do it18:02
tgm4883i haven't built packages like that for years18:02
Gibbyyep, hmm looks like the zmlive-colors.patch is not right18:02
Gibbyi just downloaded it and used it, looks like it downloaded it in html18:02
tgm4883I know if you build the source package that you see the file get applied18:03
tgm4883Gibby, whats the upsream bug link?18:03
Zinn[svn.mythtv.org]        #8182 (Incorrect colors in zmliveplayer)      – MythTV18:04
Gibbythink i found my problem18:04
henkpoleySwitching to gnome seems to have solved my ICE problem when my frontend wake-on-lan's the backend18:08
henkpoleymuch like launchpad bug 51472718:08
ZinnBug 514727 in mythbuntu "ICEauthority issues after remote frontend wakes up database server" [Medium, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/51472718:08
Gibbyhmm still didn't apply the patch18:23
Gibbytgm4883: ^18:23
tgm4883Gibby, Is the patch OK/18:24
Gibbyyep, it is right now this is what zmlive-colors.patch looks like in debian/patches18:24
tgm4883if you build a source package does it apply?18:27
Gibbyi am building a source package18:28
Gibbyjust "debuild the -kMYKEY"18:28
tgm4883Gibby, this is in mythplugins right?18:28
Gibbywhat does you zmlive-colors.patch look like?18:29
tgm4883did you put the patch into the series file?18:32
Gibbyseries file? now i just saved it in the source/debian/patches18:33
tgm4883you need to add it to the series file18:37
tgm4883look at how the other patches are added there18:38
tgm4883basically it allows you to easily turn on and off the patch18:38
superm1tgm4883, Gibby, make sure that you mention it in debian/patches/series if you want it applied at build (and that it's in debian/patches)18:40
superm1that or manually apply it without a patch system when you build18:40
superm1oh tgm4883 said that18:40
superm1nvm, i'm bad at reading the whole bt18:40
tgm4883I finally got around to that probably being the issue18:40
Gibbyahh the series file errr so easy18:41
Gibbysuperm1,tgm4883: http://pastebin.com/vbUVyd3x18:48
Gibbyi added the patch to the series file and i get that error now when trying to build18:48
superm1Gibby, my guess is that the patch isn't in the right format18:51
superm1is that the right directory?18:52
superm1mythzoneminder/zmliveplayer.cpp that is18:52
Gibbyunder the source?18:52
superm1yeah if you are at the top of the tree18:52
superm1is that exactly where the file is18:52
superm1or is it something like mythzoneminder/mythzoneminder/zmliveplayer.cpp18:52
tgm4883Gibby, superm1, I had to alter the patch to http://pastebin.com/24xmn0cw18:54
tgm4883in order to get it to apply18:54
tgm4883but that was a few builds ago18:55
superm1that shows a different path too18:55
superm1the paths need to be matching like what tgm4883 just posted18:55
Gibbylol, that is what i just tried18:57
Gibbylooks like it is building now18:58
Gibbywooohooo, patch is working19:13
Gibbyi am trying to follow http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Running_MythTV_Dual_Headed i want to launch the front end on my second screen on my desktop can't figure it out19:32
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Running MythTV Dual Headed - MythTV19:32
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