IdleOnereceived a threat form Hopsa in pm00:01
IdleOne090910-[19:00:19] <Hopsa> You seem to suck, good bye lame fucker :)00:01
IdleOneI think I am going to be hacked :)00:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (SportsChick appears to be abusive - 6)00:17
IdleOnenow Dingoz is sending similar pm's as Hopsa did00:25
IdleOneI must be a magnet'00:25
seritI tried ubuntu  but for some reason Im barred from there01:34
IdleOneserit: as funkyHat explained before there is a ban on your ip range01:35
seritI cant get my usb drive working01:35
IdleOnehave you used any other nicks before in #ubuntu?01:35
seritwell I came here from google01:37
seritcan you help?01:39
IdleOneserit: try to join #ubuntu now please01:39
seritok but i get this    You are banned from this channel01:40
IdleOneserit: give me a moment please01:40
Flannelserit: He's working on it.01:40
IdleOneFlannel: can you please set an exempt for serit01:41
IdleOneI don't seem to know how01:41
FlannelIdleOne: Sure.01:41
IdleOnethen explain to me how it is done :)01:41
seritok maybe this is a private place01:42
IdleOneserit: just one minute please01:42
Flannelserit: Please try and join #ubuntu01:43
IdleOneserit: are you able to join #ubuntu now?01:45
seritIdleOne: no01:46
IdleOneahh I see01:47
IdleOneyou also need to be registered01:47
IdleOne!register | serit01:47
ubottuserit: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:47
IdleOnechannel is +r01:48
jribhmm, I thought exception let you join unregistered but not sure01:48
IdleOneI am not sure either now but wouldn't hurt to be registered01:49
seritso I sould register my nick first?01:49
Flannel+e overrides +b and +q, but not +r01:49
IdleOneserit: yes01:49
seritok  so how do I do that?01:50
IdleOnefollow the link ubottu gave you up there01:50
jribprobably good time to -r the channel anyway01:50
seritok  sorry which link?01:51
jribfloodbot reads minds I guess?01:51
IdleOneserit: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup01:51
IdleOnejrib: PHP is very powerful01:52
IdleOneI think floodbot's also use telepathy01:52
IdleOnewould have to ask ljl01:52
Seeker`a mixture of telepathy and magic, I believe01:53
IdleOneserit: you should be able to join #ubuntu now01:54
jribthis floodbot5 is a rogue...01:55
IdleOneit's the telepathic/magical version01:55
FlannelIdleOne: I don't know many people that like using empathy for IRC, so I'm not sure the floodbots would either01:56
IdleOneor not01:56
IdleOneFlannel: not empathy, telepathy-tubes01:56
IdleOnethey link the ops minds to the bots database01:56
jriblike internet tubes but better01:57
IdleOnenow all that is left is to upgrade our flux capacitors and we should be set01:57
FlannelIdleOne: telepathy is used by empathy01:58
IdleOneok the exempt worked01:58
jriband refine some plutonium01:58
IdleOneFlannel: yes I know but they forgot to load the "not so sucky" irc module in empathy01:58
IdleOneso Flannel it's +e nick*!*@* ?02:01
FlannelIdleOne: It's +e [regular mask]02:01
IdleOneand +r blocks +e02:02
* IdleOne notes02:02
FlannelIdleOne: Yours wouldn't have worked because you had *!foobar@whatever, but you need to allow the ~ in *!~foobar@* (when people aren't using identd, which is most people)02:03
jribyep, freenode docs say that.  I was just wrong :)02:03
IdleOneso I was missing the ~02:03
IdleOnethanks Flannel02:03
FlannelIdleOne: also, for doing non-floodbot exemptions (that presumably last a while) specifying a single IP can be confusing when their IP changes, that's why I did a nick based one (and I was going to mention to serit to always use this nick, or let us know if it changes)02:05
IdleOneFlannel: well the ban was set very broad by bazhang. I suspect it may be the user who caused the ban in the first place.02:05
IdleOnewill see...02:06
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (sf7w20` appears to be abusive - 6)02:06
jribso much for that02:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu, serit said: ubottu: hey english is fine!04:20
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elkywould it be so terribly wrong to banforward him to #freenode?10:34
elky(yes, i know it would be, but far out)10:34
jussiI dont think we can, with the new banforward flags, right?10:34
jussijpds: easter_egg in #ubuntu-bots-team was after you...10:37
jpdsjussi: I know, he sent an email.10:38
jussijpds: ahh, great10:38
jussijpds: I dont suppose you would have enough room in your irssi config to sit in that channel?10:38
elkyjussi, um, depends... obviously it's not a mandatory thing since fix-your-connection and similar channels exists and all10:41
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1198 users, 13 overflows, 1211 limit))10:41
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1198 users, 17 overflows, 1215 limit))10:42
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1199 users, 16 overflows, 1215 limit))10:42
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1201 users, 15 overflows, 1216 limit))10:42
jussielky: you need to have +F set on the channel to allow anyone to forward there, if not, you need access in both channels iirc10:43
* jussi looks10:43
jussiahh yes10:43
jussi+F (enable forwarding) This mode can be set by any channel operator to allow operators in other channels to set bans to forward clients to their channel, without requiring ops in it (see +b, above).10:43
Mamarokjussi: could metabot be reenabled for #kubuntu, please? this is annoying10:51
jussiMamarok: I will pass your request along to the correct person10:55
Mamarokjussi: thanks a bunch :)11:10
bazhangdoes ubuntu have a proprietary solution?11:45
jussiwho what?11:47
bazhanghermes in #ubuntu11:47
jpdsbazhang: No?12:18
bazhangjpds, never really found out. he wanted performance results without actually trying UEC12:19
jpdsbazhang: If performance is what he wants, he might as well pipe his data to /dev/null12:20
bazhangjpds, hehe12:20
elkyjpds, seen the mysql/postgres animated video thingie12:24
jpdselky: Oh dear god.12:24
elkyyou've basically just recited a line from it.12:25
bazhanghow prescient!12:25
bazhangelky, he just gave me that link five seconds ago12:25
jpdselky: Linkage?12:25
elkyi dunno i got the link on work's irc and i'm not at work right now12:26
elkybazhang, share?12:26
jpdsFound it.12:26
elkybazhang, no.12:28
elkythere's an even better one12:28
bazhangelky, whoops12:28
elkybazhang, a parody of this one i believe12:28
jpdsCan't find it on Google. :(12:33
elkyand xtranormal is stupid and lacks a searchy thing, or hides it too well12:33
elkyjpds \o/12:35
bazhangelky, hehe12:37
jussioh dear that is incredibly funny12:47
jrib"pipe you're data to /dev/null"12:48
elkyboth of them are essentially the same script, but the mysql/postgres one just takes it further12:49
jribhe convinced me, let's use mongodb for ubottu12:50
jribxtranormal looks like fun12:52
jpdsWe could just make ubottu read data from /dev/urandom for factoids.12:52
* jrib tempts elky to link to the video12:53
elky!mongodb is webscale12:53
ubottuI'll remember that, elky12:53
ubottumongodb is webscale12:53
elky!no mongodb is web scale12:53
ubottuI'll remember that elky12:53
elkyThat's all we need.12:54
ubottumongodb is web scale12:58
jpdsjussi: See link above pls.12:58
jussijpds: I watched the video. I just dont understand why this is being put into ubottu??12:59
jpdsHumour is very important.13:00
elkyaww, weve removed the fun ones now too?13:00
ubottuThe Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.13:00
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.13:00
jussiplease add the humourous factoids as -ot only13:00
bazhanguhh what?13:01
ubottufail-#ubuntu-ops has no aliases - added by jussi01 on 2008-06-09 14:33:56 - last edited by jussi01 on 2008-06-09 14:34:0713:01
jussiand please remember not to reference specific irc users in them13:01
ubottupopey is the UK alternative to elvis.13:01
elkyi can kinda understand the mongodb one, in #u could get confusing13:01
jussi!forget popey13:01
ubottuI'll forget that, jussi13:01
elkyif we let any vanity factoids exist, we a stack of factoids being inhabited by pictures of pseudotrolls made by other pseudotrolls :-/13:03
bazhangthe iron fist of anti-humor13:03
elkyer., we get a13:03
elky!mongodb-#ubuntu-offtopic is web scale.13:04
ubottuI'll remember that, elky13:04
popey!popey-#ubuntu-uk is the UK alternative to elvis.13:04
ubottuI'll remember that, popey13:04
elky!forget mongodb13:04
ubottuI'll forget that, elky13:04
jussibazhang: you are using that factoid wrong13:06
ubottuMostly just statistics and factoids, but yeah.13:06
jussi!fail | bazhang13:06
ubottubazhang: FAILZ!13:06
bazhangso some humor are ok then.13:06
ubottuNo! Its not out yet!13:06
jussibazhang: as we mentioned, just in certain channels13:06
bazhangonly in -ot13:06
elky!no lies is <reply> Mostly just statistics and factoids, but also caek!13:06
ubottuI'll remember that elky13:06
jussipopey: I just mentioned [15:01:23] <jussi> and please remember not to reference specific irc users in them13:07
elkyjussi, even loco channels which have their own rules?13:07
popeya bit of light hearted fun often makes the place more homely13:08
popeyagreed, not pointing out peoples flaws is a good thing13:08
popeythe Seeker` one was a bit rude in the past, but I guess that's gone now13:08
jussipopey: the thing is we are aiming for some sort of consistency here. BUt Ill chat again with the rest of the ircc and we can rethink it.13:09
elkypopey, mostly we put a stop to it because it was celebrating pseudotrolls and being used by other pseudotrolls to go too far to the point of obnoxious13:09
popeyconsistency across core channels jussi ?13:11
popeyor across the whole namespace?13:11
jussipopey: consistency across channels with ubottu or direct clones in them.13:11
popeyok, be good to see these guidelines documented, if they're not already13:11
popey(sorry if they are and I am not aware of it)13:12
jussipopey: we did, although it seems some have been removed, Ill follow up on it13:13
bazhangseems to be made up on the fly13:13
elkywhen did locos lose irc autonomy?13:14
jpdselky: Haha, nice video.13:14
PiciDavsank: Please try to join #ubuntu-offtopic again.15:00
bazhang *!*@*.red.bezeqint.net is the ban15:00
PiciI know.15:01
Davsankok, one sec.15:01
Davsankcool, i'm in, thanks.15:01
PiciI added a +e15:01
Picigotta meeting now15:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (dk12jq3p` appears to be abusive - 6)15:05
bazhanghover, hi15:43
jpdsbazhang: He left.16:04
bazhanghehe thanks jpds16:05
ubottutucemiux called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from var_)19:07
gnomefreakwhy am i being quoted in metabot?21:15
marienzare the floodbots supposed to be quite this chatty in #-unregged?21:39
marienzthat is: it looks like in at least some cases all three floodbots ask you a security question if you join21:42
ikoniathat's something ljl is working on21:45
ikoniamaybe having it live isn't a good idea at this tim21:45
marienzI only noticed because it is making idoru... twitchy21:56
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