ScottKskaet, robbiew, ttx: FYI, clamav will need update before release.  I'm not going to bring it up in the release meeting itself because it involves an embargoed security issue.  We might make it by final freeze, but it might have to go in a bit later.15:20
ttxScottK: ack15:20
skaetScottK, ack.15:20
robbiewScottK: thanks for the heads up15:21
skaetScottK,  is there a bug number associated with it?15:22
ScottKJust a moment.15:22
ScottKBug #625849 - but I doubt you'll be able to see it.15:23
ubot4ScottK: Bug 625849 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/625849 is private15:23
* ScottK can only see it because he reported it.15:23
skaetThanks.  :)15:24
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charlie-tcaany chance of getting the fsck back in the recovery menu?16:50
cjwatson/usr/share/recovery-mode/options/fsck still seems to be there ...?16:55
cjwatsondropped in karmic, restored in lucid, no changes in maverick16:55
cjwatsonit triggers it on the next reboot, to avoid problems with some services running in single-user mode16:56
charlie-tcabut it doesn't show up if I go to the recovery mode menu16:57
charlie-tcaIt helps to be able to have the user run it manually sometimes16:57
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ScottKskaet: One thing that I don't recall coming up during the meeting is Ubuntu theme updates.  I recall seeing some discussion on the Ayatana ML that an update was prepared and aimed Maverick.18:16
ScottKrobbiew: ^^^18:16
robbiewhmmm...I wasn't aware of it, but that doesn't mean it's not a possibility18:18
ScottKrobbiew: Also discussed in #ayatana ~ 5 or 6 hours ago.18:20
skaetScottK, Thanks for the heads up.18:21
ScottKYou're welcome.18:21
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iulianScottK: Mail sent.18:35
* iulian wonders if he missed something.18:35
* ScottK looks18:39
ScottKiulian: Looks good.  Thanks.18:40

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