aragood morning all!07:28
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arahey xboss10:16
* ara -> lunch12:51
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UndiFineDOk, I have tried many ISO's my system simply does not boot any 10.10, it shows syslinux and then moves on to my harddisk boot, I tried through USB sticks and CDroms, I have trouble upgarding to 2.6.35 as it would crash at random during boot15:32
UndiFineDthe current working kernel is 2.6.32-24-generic #39-Ubuntu15:33
UndiFineDmy system is an IBM eServer 226, with 3GHZ plain xeon processor which seems to have been demoted to a i68615:34
UndiFineDso while I am running amd64 binaries now I had to try to boot i38615:34
faderUndiFineD: What sort of crash?  Does the system reboot, hang, etc.?15:35
UndiFineDno, it shows syslinux and than moves on to my harddisk grub15:35
faderUndiFineD: Hmm, so this is during boot then?15:43
faderUndiFineD: Is there an error message displayed?15:44
UndiFineDno not visibly15:44
UndiFineDsyslinux, blank screen, and then moves on to my harddisk: grub215:45
faderWhich ISOs have you tried?15:45
UndiFineDall ubuntu and ubuntu alternate version i386 and amd6415:46
UndiFineDeven daily builds15:46
faderHmm, if even the alternates are doing this then it's not a plymouth issue15:48
faderAnd presumably other CDs boot, right? :)15:48
UndiFineDno from stick / cdrom it does not even show me the person + keyboard15:49
UndiFineDbut the ISOs from i386 work in virtualbox15:50
UndiFineDI have my CD of 10.04.1 which works fine15:51
faderI mean have you tried other non-Ubuntu CDs (or older CDs)?15:51
faderOkay, perfect15:51
UndiFineDmy currently working system is fully upgraded from that to maverick but kept kernel
faderAnd when you try 2.6.35 you're unable to boot?15:53
faderYuck, that will make it hard to get a bug report :(15:53
UndiFineDor, it does boot, sometimes all the way to gdm login and halts randomly15:54
faderI would start by booting in 2.6.32 and doing "ubuntu-bug linux" but be sure to explain in the bug that your issue is with 2.6.3515:54
faderAh, if you can get that far you might be able to add some extra detail :)15:54
UndiFineDit halts, not crashes really15:54
faderYou could boot in recovery mode, go to a shell, and do 'apport-collect <bug number>' where <bug number> is the bug you file above15:54
faderThat will add extra data from your current running kernel, in that case 2.6.3515:55
UndiFineDbut how? it does not store anything new in /var/crash15:55
faderubuntu-bug and apport-collect grab more than just crash logs.  If a bug is filed against linux, they collect tons of data on the running kernel15:56
faderIt may not give the developers everything they need but it's a very good start, and saves them from having to ask for the basics15:56
UndiFineDI have most debugging packages installed, as I suspected this much :)15:57
UndiFineDdinner first, reboting after16:07
davmor2morning fader no tail on your nick again I see16:08
faderdavmor2: It's an auspicious day16:09
kevin__Hi folks, I want to help test Maverick Beta - would installation in a virtual machine provide meaningful results?16:42
faderkevin__: Absolutely.  That will certainly provide meaningful testing for applications, the installer, etc.16:45
kevin__ok cool... just grabbing a copy now.16:47
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UndiFineDmmm wonderful meal I made brb16:52
undifinedback on kernel 2.6.3217:16
undifinedhmmm anyone tried to do apport-collect without X ? it is very hard with just cancel button :p17:37
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nagsping cr321:31
nagscr3, quick question on bzr, I know this is not right channel :D21:31
nagscr3, I need to push some code with project name rather my user name, any clues ? I forgot I did things earlier21:32
nagscr3, https://code.launchpad.net/~nagappan/hudson-x11-guitest/head21:32
nagscr3, instead of my name, I need to create hudson-x11-guitest21:32
nagscr3, I did this earlier https://code.launchpad.net/~racetrack/racetrack/1.021:32
cr3nags: do you mean something like bzr push lp:~team/project/branch21:40
nagscr3, correct21:41
cr3nags: does that answer your question?21:43
nagscr3, not sure, I understand it correctly, let me try like this: bzr push lp:~team/hudson-x11-guitest/head ?21:44
cr3nags: where "team" is the real name of the team, right?21:44
nagscr3, ah ! how can I create the team ?21:45
* nags googling21:45
cr3nags: if you want a group of people to maintain that branch, you should indeed create a team.21:46
cr3nags: you can register a team here: https://edge.launchpad.net/people/+newteam21:46
nagscr3, ah ! ok21:47
nagscr3, not sure, how I created racetrack earlier !21:47
nagscr3, anyways thanks for the info21:47

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