MTecknologynewz2000: Anything on the legal stuff? I could really use that info..01:23
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newz2000MTecknology: no, I haven't heard a bit, let me do some follow up03:25
MTecknologymhall119: You around?16:00
mhall119MTecknology: ack16:18
MTecknologymhall119: I was wondering if you have the latest django theme running live somewhere I could see16:19
mhall119not at the moment16:20
MTecknologyI was wondering if you figured out that width bug16:20
mhall119which width bug?16:20
MTecknologybug 63217916:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 632179 in ubuntu-website "light-base-theme has bad background width (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63217916:21
MTecknologyI'm not so sure light-wiki is an appropriate tag but.. idk16:22
mhall119that's on light-base-theme, not light-django-theme.....I'll have to look more into it16:22
MTecknologyCan I see the light-django-theme online anywhere?16:22
mhall119yeah, give me a minute16:22
MTecknologyI just removed a site I need16:24
mhall119MTecknology: http://family.ubuntu-fl.org:8001/16:25
MTecknologymhall119: yay, at least the django theme doesn't have it - it wound up making its way to the drupal theme16:26
mhall119these branches are diverging quite a bit more than I want16:27
MTecknologyoh... I see why too - it's quite a bit different from the base theme16:27
mhall119it shouldn't be all that different from the base theme, and all my css changes have gone into new files16:27
MTecknologyyou and I just said the same thing, huh?16:27
MTecknologyI mean the widths of things16:27
mhall119the header/footer being static width is only done in loco-directory, not light-base-theme16:28
MTecknologylike in newstyle.css line 19116:28
mhall119or light-django-theme for that matter16:28
mhall119newstyle.css is loco-directory only16:28
MTecknologyso the issue is still in the django theme too probably16:29
mhall119default.css and django_extras.css are the only ones from light-django-theme16:29
mhall119and default.css should be identical to the one in light-base-theme16:29
MTecknologymhall119: If you have it up and running anywhere, try to just make the browser smaller than the width of the staqtic width content and then scroll right16:31
mhall119MTecknology: http://family.ubuntu-fl.org:8001/ is the latest code for both loco-directory and light-django-theme16:32
MTecknologymhall119: but that has a static width for the backgrounds16:33
mhall119okay, you want to try a non-static width?16:33
MTecknologyuse firebug, grab header#page-header and change width to 100% - that's what's in light-base-theme16:34
MTecknologyThis sucks..... I deleted the website that means the most to me...16:36
MTecknologyI have the database - but not the website files16:36
mhall119yup, I see it16:36
MTecknologyI wish I updated backup paths back when I was thinking about it... I really boned myself hard16:43
mhall119MTecknology: I hate css17:07
mhall119I've tried every combinations of styles I could think of, and I can't make it 100% with a horizontal scroll without breaking the layout under other circumstances17:09
mhall119maybe newz2000 or someone better at css than I am can help17:10
newz2000what are you trying to do?17:10
mhall119oh, wait, maybe...17:11
mhall119how supported is the min-width attribute?17:11
newz2000not IE17:12
newz2000wow, that looks very pretty17:12
mhall119what does?17:12
newz2000the family.ubuntu-fl theme17:12
mhall119alright, well IE can look like crap for all I care17:13
newz2000what are you trying to achieve?17:13
mhall119newz2000: newz2000 family.ubuntu-fl.org:8001 is loco-directory trunk17:13
mhall119:8002 is summit.ubuntu.com trunk17:13
mhall119newz2000: when the browser's width is less than 980px, it produces a horizontal scroll17:14
newz2000ah, yes, that's the challenge with fixed width17:14
mhall119but the body and #page-header element widths match the browser's width17:14
mhall119so when you scroll right, the header doesn't extend the full 980px17:14
newz2000yeah, I've seen that a "few" times17:15
mhall119but setting min-width: 980px on BODY fixes it for browsers than recognize min-width17:15
MTecknologymhall119: I'm reading the backlog - min-width doesn't work :(17:15
MTecknologyit kinda does - but not completely17:16
mhall119MTecknology: set it on BODY on default.css line 13817:16
newz2000mhall119: what do you want to happen?17:16
mhall119newz2000: for the <body> width to always be at least as wide as the page content17:16
MTecknologymhall119: min-width 100% on body?17:16
mhall119MTecknology: no, min-width: 980px17:16
MTecknologymhall119: that'll only work if you're using 980px for everything else though17:17
MTecknologyI made the drupal one so you can decide the size of the page..17:18
mhall119MTecknology: oh...17:18
mhall119then make the min-width the same as the page width17:18
newz2000that does work17:19
MTecknologythat can work for width in px but what about setting the width of the page to say 90%17:19
newz2000Another option is to not use a combination of fixed/% widths17:20
mhall119MTecknology: in that case, I'm not sure17:20
mhall119% widths will be relative to the browser's width17:20
newz2000% widths are relative to container's width17:20
mhall119which for <body> is the window, correct?17:20
newz2000So you'd want one 90% width container and 100% widths inside17:20
MTecknologylemme change the drupal theme to a %17:20
newz2000MTecknology: your search box is causing a prob in Chrome17:22
mhall119yeah, it's wrapping on small widths17:22
MTecknologynewz2000: the whole think kinda breaks :(17:22
newz2000yeah, this is why I have tended towards fixed width lately17:23
newz2000Another option is to do a media query and choose a layout based on the width of the browser window17:23
MTecknologyI tend to lean that way too.. I just want to make it work nice and pretty for everyone and % was a common request17:24
newz2000With a media query you can create a narrow layout and a 980px layout. That way it works in mobiles and desktops.17:24
MTecknologywhat about resizing browser windows?17:25
newz2000I think it applies there too, but I'm not confident17:25
newz2000I've actually only done this once. :-)17:25
MTecknologyheh... cool17:26
MTecknologyif it's less than 800px; then enforce 800px min width17:26
MTecknologystill going to be a bitch with the % width.. part of the issue is whining if there's horizontal scroll17:27
MTecknologyI'm half considering saying % width isn't an option.....17:28
MTecknologyI hate to be a dick to anyone that wants that but at this point I'm pretty frustrated :(17:28
MTecknologyDid I make him upset? :(17:29
* newz2000 just did something and accidentally closed irc17:29
MTecknologynewz2000: oh, I thought you were mad at me and left in anger :(17:30
newz2000I'm not even sure what keys I pushed17:30
* newz2000 meant to alt+tab17:30
MTecknologysometimes I alt+tab - and openbox dies17:30
newz2000so, ftr, I say forget the % width unless you're really passionate about it17:31
MTecknologyI have been in the past.. and it worked perfect..17:32
MTecknologythis new theme is.... not nice to me :P17:32
newz2000if you were going to accommodate a different width window I'd say look into mobile friendly width17:32
newz2000I mean that 320px is more important than 840px17:33
MTecknologyis that the de facto for itty bitty windows?17:34
* newz2000 double checks his numbers17:34
newz2000yes, 320x48017:35
MTecknologyalrighty - I'll sit on it in my head for a while and see if I build up the motivation to attack it17:37
MTecknologyotherwise we can sit with static widths..17:37
newz2000yes, I think you're safe with static widths17:37
* newz2000 won't criticize you at least17:37
MTecknologyI'm sure there has to be a way to deal with it in a way that's not an ugly horrible hack17:40
newz2000yes, there is: don't use a mix of % and px17:41
MTecknologythere's that too17:41
mhall119use tables for layout17:43
* mhall119 ducks17:43
MTecknologylol... that's been an option that's been looking prettier and prettier17:43
MTecknologyhonestly..... I think... at this point.... it might be a good option17:43
* MTecknology hides17:43
mhall119MTecknology: http://giveupandusetables.com/17:43
MTecknologymhall119: exactly that17:44
pleia2mhall119: haha, nice17:45
mhall119okay, I'm off to lunch and the book store17:45
mhall119pleia2: are you coming to UDS?  I thought no, but Michelle said you were17:45
pleia2mhall119: nope, I have too much going on this fall17:46
mhall119darn, had my hopes up and everything17:46
pleia2sorry :)17:47
MTecknologyI want to go someday :(17:47
mhall119deadline to apply for sponsorship was 2 days ago...17:47
mhall119if you wanted to go, should have filled it out by ten17:47
MTecknologyI wouldn't have time17:47
mhall119okay, my stomach is yelling at me, be back later17:48
MTecknologyhopefully I can find the time at some point in my life :P17:48
MTecknologyso.. I finally restored this website except for every single image in it17:48
MTecknologyMy finacee is going to be maaaaaaaaaad17:51
MTecknologyand sad :(17:51
mhall119MTecknology: got anything in browser cache?18:57
mhall119or maybe http://www.archive.org/web/web.php ?18:57
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MTecknologymhall119: hm?20:38
MTecknologynah, there's nothing. :(20:38
mhall119oh well20:39
MTecknologythanks though20:39
MTecknologyit's close enough to be accepotable20:39
MTecknologymhall119: btw - http://wedding.profarius.com20:39
mhall119wow, I'm glad blogs weren't popular when I was getting married20:40
MTecknologyI do websites - so it was fun to do :_20:41
mhall119I did websites when I was getting married, still wouldn't have wanted to blog it20:43
MTecknologyI enjoyed making it :P   Kim's enjoyed tossing things on there20:44
MTecknologymhall119: If I don't figure this out by tonight.. things are moving to a table layout for the background..20:45
MTecknologyIt'll be a 3x4 grid and it's going to take magic for me to change my mind :P20:45
mhall119I'm amazed that we're on CSS3, and still they can't make it do what tables do20:45
MTecknologypart of it is probably some ugly code on my part20:46
mhall119yeah, but ugly table code still worked20:46
MTecknologyI'm not using tables now20:46
MTecknologyNowhere actually20:46
MTecknologyI mean I think I have some ugly css20:47
mhall119I meant that even back in the day when I was writing ugly table code, it still worked20:49
MTecknologyoh, ya20:49
MTecknologyit's less fragile20:49
mhall119it's easier to understand why it's doing what it's doing20:49
MTecknologyI think for the light-{base,django}-theme the fixed width could work best. I just know how many people have prodded me in the past. Back then it was easy though..20:51
newz2000since looking at your stuff earlier I have been browsing with my window narrower than usual. Wow, the web is screwed up like that. :-)20:54
MTecknologynewz2000: :P indeed20:55
MTecknologynewz2000: sucksabit?20:55
newz2000a bit20:56
MTecknologyoooh! with tables I only need to asign widths for the top row too... :)20:56
newz2000don't do that20:56
newz2000a good simple fixed width layout is not hard with css20:57
MTecknologyright... but dynamic not so much20:57
newz2000if in doubt, use a css framework then20:58
newz2000yui is fine20:58
newz2000there's a fluid version of 96020:58
newz2000The one I used on old old Ubuntu (with gold header) was skidoo220:58
MTecknologyso instead of converting this theme yet again, drop it and switch to something like 960?20:59
MTecknologybtw - I already wrote the table :P21:00
MTecknologytook me almost two minutes21:01
newz2000do you want fixed width or fluid?21:03
MTecknology960 isn't bad but it's definitely overkill21:05
newz2000in two min you can also write a fluid page template21:07
newz2000assuming you want fluid main column with a fixed width nav column on the side21:07
newz2000you just nest one div inside the other, set the outer one to something like width:90%;min-width:550px;max-width:960px;margin: 0 auto;21:08
newz2000the inner div: float: left; width: 220px;21:08
MTecknologyI mean the whole inner content being based on either fixed or fluid - then the inside of that is the content with two collapsible sidebars21:08
newz2000MTecknology: how much of your theme did you write from scratch?21:08
MTecknology~80% of it21:08
newz2000is it some of that 80% that is not working right, or is it the other 20%?21:09
MTecknologyit's only putting a fluid width on the page that's not working21:09
MTecknologyif that starts working then I'll be satisfied21:09
newz2000MTecknology: are we still looking at http://staging.profarius.com/ as an example?21:10
MTecknologyYou can check out the source for it bzr branch lp:ubuntu-drupal-theme21:11
newz2000I'll just view in the browser, I work better that way21:11
newz2000What is the problem?21:11
newz2000(we're trying to fix?)21:11
MTecknologyh on - lemme drop that damned search block21:12
MTecknologyalrighty, right now the menu doesn't line up with the rest of the page with the % width21:13
MTecknologywith the static width I run into needing to put a static width on body but that won't work for %21:14
newz2000MTecknology: check this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e117tg9a21:14
newz2000There's a couple probs there21:14
newz20003 actually21:14
newz2000one is the top (orange) nav is piled up on the logo21:15
newz2000the other is the gray nav is too narrow to fit the search21:15
newz2000and lastly, the page content is cramped but I still have these pretty dotted background borders running down the side21:15
newz2000is there more that's wrong?21:16
MTecknologythe menu and content divs don't line up21:16
newz2000MTecknology: what do you mean?21:17
MTecknologythe left most line in the menu is the left most of that div - it should line up with the white background right below it21:18
newz2000MTecknology: are you referring to the orange menu?21:18
newz2000"page 1"21:19
newz2000I see from #sidebar-left that there is 10px of white space21:19
newz2000if I add 10px left margin to ul.nice-menu then it lines up21:20
newz2000not worrying about the search box, it looks like the min-width is 740px21:21
newz2000for div.container21:21
newz2000so width:80%;min-width:740px21:22
MTecknologyunless you add more stuff to the menu21:22
newz2000it's a tricky prob21:24
MTecknologyand you know why....21:24
MTecknologyBack before the community theme everything could be contained inside of one container div21:24
MTecknologynow that doesn't work because there's three different backgrounds that span the whole width21:25
newz2000so make one container and make those other 3 100%21:25
newz2000oops, I'm looking at the wrong theme21:25
newz2000nah, you'd still need at least 2 containers21:26
MTecknology<div style="margin: 0 auto;">Junk</div>21:27
MTecknologyI think maybe I need to take a break and rewrire my brain a bit - I've been working on the same theme for so long the change in design is just breaking my mind21:28
newz2000that happens21:28
MTecknologyI want to mimic how I've been doing it.. but that's not really possible anymore.21:28
MTecknologyI have a meeting pretty quick  here.21:29
* newz2000 has to write a shell script to do date math21:29
MTecknologynewz2000: thanks for taking the time to help me. I think I need to get home, get a drink, watch the black screen on my tv (no cable or movies), and mellow, then come back and do something amazing21:29
* newz2000 will cheat and use python21:30
newz2000have a nice end to your day MTecknology. I will be in Europe next week, so screwy hours21:30
MTecknologyyou too21:30

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