Aviramyes, AndrewMC .00:00
blagRev: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows00:00
vinoktgp1994, 1 sec00:00
tgp1994vinok: Ok, thanks.00:00
UbuntuNoobhi everyone so currently none of my windows have the option ot maximize, minimize, or close them and i cant switch between windows from the taskbar at the bottom of my screen. any fixes?00:01
biggestchopsany one here know why a pc would suddenly start to hang on boot at the GRUB loading screen with a flashing cursor?00:01
bitreaderIs there any website or something where I can learn how to install the latest software with trusted repositories? For instance, I'd like to install the newsest vlc player, but for 10.04, the version that's fetching is 1.0.4. VLC is currently at its 1.1.4 version.00:01
Vonorhi, does anyone know if gnome global menu is still continued or if there is a replacement for it? i see the last change on the codebase for global menu was done in june 201000:01
tgp1994good god.00:01
newknoquick question - I heard that Ubuntu can create file systems within NTFS partitions (http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=83312), but the 10.4 installer doesn't provide that option - or else I don't know how to find it.00:01
UbuntuNoobi also cant resize my windows and the corners are sharp and squareish00:02
agentgasmasktgp1994: when I run it now, I get a file selection window to select the xorg.conf file. if running as normal user, I get the gksudo prompt to enter the password, then it just saves. do you get any diferent behavior?00:02
agentgasmaskHi folks! I'm trying to find my way from scratch about sharing Evolution calendars on a LAN. I would prefer not to use the Internet for security purposes. I would like to be able to have one calendar that displays all private (non-exported), and public (exported). Any pointers on where to start?00:02
tgp1994agentgasmask: Do you mean when saving it from the NVIDA X Control Panel? It will just prompt me for my password before I overwrite the config file.00:02
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:02
Jp82191How do i get a second drive to be avaliable on startup?00:02
Dingozagentgasmask: Sexxi00:03
macoagentgasmask: you'll need two calendars i think, but you can certainly setup a webdav server on the lan for the public calendar00:03
AviramK Thanks anyway AndrewMC , I'll just give up for now.00:03
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:03
jdawg've sucessfully managed to get vinagre remote desktop working between two ubuntu systems..but as soon as i enable GUFW firewall, it won' work....For the exceptions, how do I allow only one IP address on my network to access the remote machine via port 5900?  I tried putting the ip address in the to and from field and port 5900 for allowing incoming connections and that didn't work...Anybody have advice?00:03
agentgasmasktgp1994: yeah, I'm just trying to see if there is any behavior changes that could lead to the problem...00:03
tgp1994agentgasmask: Thank god for that netsplit.00:03
tgp1994agentgasmask: Aww hell no...00:03
frenchydoes anyone use the deluge webui, i thik i have a permission problem00:04
tacomasterok does anyone know why if i have firestarter and have enable ICMP filtering checked and have none of the (Allow the following ICMP packet types_) checked but my computer still replys to pings?00:04
Jp82191How do i get a second internal hard drive to be available at start up?00:04
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:04
agentgasmasktgp1994: hmmm, whell, I'm afraid I'm not much help... I hope there is a guru on here. :) good luck!00:05
tgp1994agentgasmask: Thanks :)00:05
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:05
Scunizijdawg: you have to list it in /etc/fstab00:05
jdawgScunizi, how do i do that?00:05
sergeant_wb rev00:05
Scunizi!fstab | Jp8219100:06
ubottuJp82191: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:06
tgp1994vinok: Anything unusual?00:06
savidHi, I need to install a package that depends on libbluetooth-dev, but I can't install libbluetooth-dev because I get this error:  " libbluetooth-dev: Depends: libbluetooth3 (= 4.60-0ubuntu8) but 4.61-0ubuntu2 is to be installed".    any idea if there's a workaround?00:06
DingozIf otd be of any interrest to you, pleace take a gander into the channel '#'00:06
Jp82191scunizi: wrong person dude00:06
Scunizijdawg: sorry that was ment for Jp8219100:06
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:06
Jp82191ohh lol never mind i got it?00:06
Scunizireally?.. sorry.. it was ment for you jdawg00:06
Jp82191im confused now00:06
DingozI think ill need to spack this evil bastard.00:06
spid3ri m using ubuntu virtuel machin i ask if some 1 coulde go trouth my fire wall00:06
jdawgI'm confused00:07
spid3ri have already a server on ubuntu00:07
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:07
vinoktgp1994, i cant find anything wrong with it.. can u check the permission for this file?00:07
Jp82191same here the fstab is for the hard drive right?00:07
tgp1994vinok: Ya, one second.00:07
agentgasmaskmaco: I just saw your reply. Is the setup of webdav straight-forward? And Do you know of a good guide?00:07
andeeSUsing 10.04 on a Dell laptop and trying to burn a DVD to back-up various files. I've tried both Brasero and Gnomebaker without luck. Both programs seem to "gather" the files, but then stop and eject before burning. How can I figure out what's going wrong?00:07
Padster__hi, i'm back00:07
UbuntuNoobso my windows no longer have the option to close4 or minimize etc and i cant switch windows with the taskbar any help00:07
tgp1994vinok: Owner is root w/ read and write perms, group is root with read only, and the same goes for others.00:08
macoagentgasmask: ive never done it, sorry00:08
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macoagentgasmask: i just know thats the sort of thing you need00:08
poi77Hi! I have a huge number of files I need to sync between two servers with a similar directory structure00:08
jdawgGUFW Question here for configuring on Lucid Lynx...I can use Remote Desktop with GUFW disabled, but once I enable it and set rules for the one incoming IP address on port 5900 it doesn't function...I'm confused here, any ideas?????00:08
poi77Is there a recommended way?00:08
agentgasmaskmaco: oh, ok. I'll look around.00:08
AndrewMC!patience | jdawg00:08
ubottujdawg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com00:08
agentgasmaskIf anyone else has any ideas... I'm all ears. I'll be looking into the webdav thing.00:08
DingozIts been decided. He will live but appreciae life s he lives it.00:09
tgp1994Whoa, ubuntu has a stackexchange site!?00:09
UbuntuNoobi cant change windows either so i cant go to the help forums00:09
kirilloficïîìîãèòå êòî-íèáóäü00:09
kirilloficòðàáë âîò â ÷åì00:10
IdleOne!ru | kirillofic00:10
kirilloficóñòàíîâèë óáàíòó00:10
ubottukirillofic: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:10
tgp1994Can someone get this guy out, please :S00:10
DingozMaybe some day i can show these children about prison life00:10
IdleOnekirillofic: Please stop now00:10
DingozTrust me, they wouldnt like it and cry alot00:10
IdleOne!ot | Dingoz00:10
afinkhey guys I am trying to install a .bin file I know it should just be ./install.bin....I already made it executable.  but I get directory not found.  any ideas?00:10
ubottuDingoz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:10
krabadorhow can i configure apt, to download packages in dimension order or alphabetical?00:10
afinkhey guys I am trying to install a .bin file I know it should just be ./install.bin....I already made it executable.  but I get directory not found.  any ideas?00:10
tgp1994vinok: Any further ideas?00:11
tgp1994I just realised I'm in the unregistered channel00:12
newknotrying again - I heard that Ubuntu can create file systems within NTFS partitions (http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=83312), but the 10.4 installer doesn't provide that option - or else I don't know how to find it.00:12
vinoktgp1994, i cant find anything wrong.... hmm, are you using drivers supplied by ubuntu?00:12
JohnnyLWhy am I getting: Checking for openssl                     : not found  ?00:13
JohnnyLit's clearly in the path00:13
tgp1994vinok: If that's what I get through the Hardware Drivers dialog, then yes.00:13
madohello everyone -> can anyone please help me with "empathy"?00:14
sergeant_mado, maybe00:15
sergeant_PM me00:15
madohello everyone -> can anyone please help me with "empathy"? -> i reinstalled my whole system ... now using ubuntu -> just configured an yahoo-account and it automatically connected me ...00:15
vinoktgp1994, wow, cant seem to solve the problem.. =(00:17
tgp1994vinok: Hmmm... alright, thankyou for trying.00:17
vinoktgp1994, let me do a reboot first i need to confirm something regarding your settings00:17
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:17
krabadorhow can i configure apt, to download packages in dimension order or alphabetical?00:17
tgp1994the hell00:17
Padster__ilovefairuz: are you still there?00:18
theamhow to i set my locale?00:19
DingozVery odd, some moron doesnt enjoy his life. We would love to know who that idiot was because ateast I as your coder for the last 15 years do care.00:20
Dingoztheam: Suck, your mama00:21
IdleOne!locales | theam00:21
ubottutheam: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:21
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:21
glebihan!ot | Dingoz00:21
ubottuDingoz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:21
tacomasterif i type "iptables -I INPUT -p icmp -j DROP" and programs dont work how can i reverse it?00:22
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ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:22
JohnnyLWhy am I getting: Checking for openssl: not found  ?00:22
syslqLjL: two querys is abuse?00:22
IdleOnesyslq: it adds unneeded scroll to the channel.00:23
glebihanJohnnyL, probably because you don't have openssl installed00:23
glebihanJohnnyL, try "sudo apt-get install openssl"00:23
Padster__bb guys00:23
possum_holy hell dd is awesome so powerful.. man I love linux =D00:24
syslqpossum_: what is so powerful about it?00:25
theamubottu what is difference between UTF-8 and LANG1? thank you00:25
IdleOnetheam: please stop typing with extra spaces00:26
vinoktgp1994, sorry no luck still cant find a solution.. can you try to restore the xorg.conf first then do a reboot00:26
glebihan!locale | theam00:26
ubottutheam: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:26
vinoktgp1994, xorg.conf.backup00:26
IdleOnehmm maybe it's my client displaying it wrong00:27
diverteddi downloaded a .tar.gz and want to install it however it doesnt work and there doesnt seem to be a configure file in the folder00:27
Shurakai_hiexpo: excuse me, what do you mean?00:27
glebihanIdleOne, yes there's not extra space, it's just the font00:27
possum_syslq, just a very simple useful and effective tool *shrugs*00:27
IdleOneglebihan: thanks.00:27
possum_i'm just learning all these commands its fun00:27
Shurakai_(your message from 01:10, that is, 1 hour and 17 mins ago)00:28
syslqpossum_: it's good for forensics00:28
sinisterstufthere is a program that is already installed on my pc but I want to download its .deb file and all it's dependencies and their dependencies etc. so that I can give it to a friend, is there a tool or method for doing this automatically so I don't have to find the individual files myself??00:28
diverteddplease i need help with installing from a .tar.gz00:29
bastidrazor!aptoncd | sinisterstuf00:29
ubottusinisterstuf: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline00:29
glebihandivertedd, do you see a "configure" file in the extracted files ?00:29
Padsteris anyone here from before?00:29
=== |px83lx| is now known as |pxlx4ev|
tacomasterif i "iptables -I INPUT -p icmp -j DROP" and it harms a programming from running how do i undo it?00:29
diverteddnope, theres no configure file00:29
sinisterstufthanks, I have APTonCD, that's not really what I'm trying to do though00:30
diverteddi already tried autoconf but i got error msg: no input file00:30
xenoxaosdivertedd: tar -xvzf file.tar.gz then cd file, then ./configure, then make, make install00:30
glebihandivertedd, could you tell me where you downloaded the files from so I can have a look ?00:30
sinisterstufbastidrazor:  hanks, I have APTonCD, that's not really what I'm trying to do though00:30
sinisterstufbastidrazor: I don't have the packes anymore and I'm looking for a way to download them all00:30
diverteddhow can i whisper?00:31
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: then !offline is whaqt you need.00:31
JohnnyLit was libssl-devl00:31
JohnnyLit was libssl-dev00:31
bastidrazor!offline | sinisterstuf00:31
ubottusinisterstuf: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD00:31
possum_so if I just use "dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb" I will be able to boot the other drive like this one?00:32
glebihandivertedd, ok so you should just have to run "sudo make install" from the "bomb-1.26" fodler00:32
syslqpossum_: yuh00:32
possum_awesome ty00:32
syslqpossum_: it's sector based imaging of entire drive, bit by bit00:33
possum_and it can do this while my disk is in use?00:33
syslqpossum_: nope00:33
syslqpossum_: it shouldnt be mounted00:33
possum_ahhh so boot from knoppix00:33
syslqpossum_: mhm00:33
cfgI want to create a shortcut icon on my xfce desktop00:33
diverteddmake: *** [install] Error 100:33
cfghow do i do this00:33
sinisterstufbastidrazor: but I don't think that will work because my friend's pc doesn't know which files it needs because it's repo list is basically empty, it's never ever connected to the internet00:33
Kane_Hartwhat is the apt-get search command could I get a example00:33
diverteddis what i get00:33
syslqKane_Hart: apt-get search "awesome" ?00:34
Kane_Hartreally? strange lol did not work before will try again00:34
Kane_Hartgodcraft@s1:~/server$ sudo apt-get search mumble00:34
Kane_HartE: Invalid operation search00:34
IdleOneKane_Hart: apt-cache search00:34
Kane_Hartapt-cache search00:34
syslqKane_Hart: sorry, misread it00:35
glebihandivertedd, try running "make" before00:35
Kane_Hartyup ty someone on mumble said it hehe :)00:35
diverteddalready did that00:35
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: look at the man page for apt-get.. the --download-only option00:35
divertedddidnt work00:35
glebihandivertedd, what happened ?00:35
th0rcfg: right click on the desktop and choose to create a launcher00:35
syslqKane_Hart: aptitude search ~d"searchstring" <--- searches man pages desc00:35
divertedderror: quicktime.h: No such file or directory00:35
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: i do not know of an automated way that will pull the dependencies so unless someone else knows you will need to pull all dependencies with that option too00:36
diverteddglebihan, error: quicktime.h: No such file or directory00:36
sinisterstufbastidrazor: I've thought about that but if I select the program for download it only downloads that program, but none of its dependencies because they're all already installed00:36
glebihandivertedd, try "sudo apt-get install libquicktime1"00:36
sinisterstufbastidrazor: ok well thanks00:36
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: you're welcome and good luck.00:37
diverteddglebihan, still the same00:37
sinisterstufalso, how do I register for this channel, I follwed the instructions on the site but... nothing happenns00:38
diverteddglebihan, also i get: install: target `/usr/share/control-center/.data' is not a directory00:38
=== affinity is now known as agnt
diverteddglebihan, whatever that means..00:38
diverteddglebihan, thats what i got when i do: sudo make install. when i just do "make", i get different error00:39
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: have you identified yourself to nickserv ?00:39
rookfoodanyone here know a good chat for libimobiledevice?00:39
glebihandivertedd, and what error do you get with "make" ?00:39
sinisterstufbastidrazor: i typed /msg nickserve register mypassword myemail00:40
{n8}sinisterstuf: nickserve -> nickserv00:41
=== robertf_ is now known as robertf
diverteddglebihan, 2 in total: In file included from cmap.c:21: defs.h:44:23: error: quicktime.h: No such file or directory00:41
sinisterstuf{n8}: wow... thanks!00:41
diverteddglebihan, and: In file included from cmap.c:21: defs.h:45: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘*’ token00:42
{n8}sinisterstuf: no prob =)00:42
diverteddglebihan, and also 2 warnings00:42
glebihandivertedd, ok, can I send you a file ? (I tried to build a deb package, not sure it'll work, but it might be worth trying)00:42
diverteddglebihan, sure00:42
jubeihello guys. Just wanted to ask if chrome crashing is an issue general to ubuntu and not just me00:43
sinisterstuf{n8}: subconscious need to correct my spelling I guess...00:43
sinisterstufjubei: my chrome has never crashed as far as i can remember00:43
glebihanjubei, neither did mine00:43
jubeisinisterstuf, ok so it's just me then ;(00:43
sinisterstufjubei: sorry. are you using the stable release?00:44
thepittmanmy chrome has crashed multiple times00:44
thepittmani got rid of it00:44
diverteddglebihan, umm.. send again pls somehow it didnt transfer00:44
sailerboyhey, does anyone know where i can find support for screenlets?00:44
jubeisinisterstuf, yes stable on lucid00:44
sailerboyi cant find an irc channel for them00:44
Padsterif anyone cares, i just needed a /usr/lib/libGL.so that links to my libGL.so.100:44
glebihandivertedd, done00:44
Padsternow it runs :-D00:44
sinisterstufjubei: odd, maybe try the beta then, that's what I'm on...00:44
sinmanhow can i keep from going into the #ubuntu-unregged channel, I had already registered at the link it gave00:44
jribsinman: you aren't identified.  Have your client identify you when you join this network00:45
jubeisinisterstuf, well that's hardly a solution. Users install stuff through ubuntu software center. If that version isn't stable then ...00:45
jubeisinisterstuf, that's unacceptable00:45
{n8}yeah sinman /msg nickserv identify yourpassword00:45
sinmanjrib: yeah i done that00:45
sinisterstufjubei: oh... is that what you did? my bad. I never use the software centre... or rarely00:45
jribsinman: no you didn't.  As I just said, you are not identified00:46
diverteddglebihan, i click accept the file but nothing happens??00:46
glebihandivertedd, http://torrent-search.sourceforge.net/pool/bomb_1.26-2_i386.deb00:46
RanyAlbegALL: How do i know which window manager am I using? Thanks.00:46
jribRanyAlbeg: if you are using ubuntu with effects, you are using compiz.  Why?00:47
sinisterstufjubei: I assume you've tried gnome's epiphany browser? probably not as featureful as chrome but pretty fast and fits in nicely with the rest of the desktop environment00:47
jubeisinisterstuf, no havent. Buuut... I'm kinda addicted to adblock and a few other plugins soo.. hm.. I'm not sure I could do without them00:47
RanyAlbegjrib: I want to write a bash script to open several windows in appropriate desktops, which will be launched by a launcher afterwards.I guess i need to know about my window manager.00:48
{n8}RanyAlbeg: zenity?00:48
diverteddglebihan, sorry.. Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'00:48
soreauRanyAlbeg: See the output of ps ax, since there can only be on wm running at a time like: ps ax|egrep "metacity|compiz|kwin|xfwm"00:49
jribRanyAlbeg: try wmctrl... it shouldn't depend on window manager (well read the man page000:49
diverteddglebihan, is it really just the missing configure file?00:49
sinisterstufjubei: I know what you mean. Firefox then?00:49
dk12548 i was on gde. then i installed kubuntu. i was able to go to ubuntu and kubuntu both for some time but now whenever i run linux kubuntu automatically runs pls help00:49
glebihandivertedd, no it's missing dependencies00:49
dk12548:( also when i use logout. it doesnt turn off the cpu. only display is turned off :(00:50
glebihandivertedd, and I don't get to find which ones00:50
ariqzffs, I followed instructions and spent the last hour downloading w32 codecs that only work with a version of libstdc++ I don't have (5 instead of 6)00:50
ariqzubuntu is lame ;P00:50
diverteddglebihan, how can one find out which dependencies are missing?00:50
jubeisinisterstuf, yea I guess^^ But the thing is that if ubuntu puts something in it's repositories it should be stable00:50
sergeant_ariqz, what do you mean?00:50
glebihandivertedd, that's the problem00:50
sergeant_thats not true00:50
jubeisinisterstuf, because the average user cannot handle all the issues like we do00:50
dk12548anyone can help me pleaseeeeeeeeee00:51
needhelphi. i need help to get flash working on ubuntu. i tried the adobe site but got a message at the end stating something that said flash was virtual ?00:51
sergeant_dk12548, what is the question00:51
th0rdk12548: you need to wine louder00:51
sinisterstufjubei: yepp, i got you. don't know why yours crashes so much, very strange...00:51
sergeant_needhelp, PM me00:51
dk12548wine loader:O what is that00:51
ariqzsergeant_, the instructions were for a previous version of ubuntu I gather so the deb package I downloaded was for a different version of libstdc++00:51
noisewaterphdneedhelp: 32 or 64bit00:51
jribneedhelp, sergeant_: please try to keep support discussion in the channel00:51
dk12548 i was on gde. then i installed kubuntu. i was able to go to ubuntu and kubuntu both for some time but now whenever i run linux kubuntu automatically runs pls help00:51
diverteddglebihan, i read the readme and also the manual from the sourcecode but i couldnt find anything particular00:52
dk12548 :( also when i use logout. it doesnt turn off the cpu. only display is turned off :(00:52
javatexanwhats a good ubuntu mail server that a newbie can configure properly so people dont hack me to death :)00:52
diverteddglebihan, maybe you can find a clue in there?00:52
ariqzthus, I wasted forever downloading the wrong package because ubuntu needs a new crappy version every 6 months00:52
jribjavatexan: read the server guide at help.ubuntu.com... exim is nice...00:52
glebihandivertedd, same thing for me, the odd thing is that the quicktime.h file should be in libquicktime00:52
jribariqz: do you have a support question?00:52
sinisterstufRanyAlbeg: if you have compiz-config settings manager installed you can open it up, go to effects>window decorations and see your window decorator under Command:00:53
dk12548hi, glebihan :)00:53
Paddy_NIwhen using Chromium with the totem plugin where is media cached.. I have already checked /tmp/ and /home/user/.cache/chromium/cache/00:53
ariqzjrib, you could tell me how to install libstdc++5 when it's not listed in the package manager, assuming it doesn't have a million other dependencies of its own00:53
glebihandk12548, hi00:53
needhelpso the first time i tried ubuntu yesterday after years of total windows obedience. so my issue is wanting to get flash to work with firefox. i will wait patiently for a kind hand.00:53
jribariqz: ask the channel that, try to stay on-topic00:54
Paddy_NIneedhelp, Install ubuntu-restricted-extras in the ubuntu software centre00:54
dk12548i was on gde. then i installed kubuntu. i was able to go to ubuntu and kubuntu both for some time but now whenever i run linux kubuntu automatically runs pls help00:54
=== Cleo_ is now known as Cleo
dk12548:( also when i use logout. it doesnt turn off the cpu. only display is turned off :(00:54
Paddy_NI!repeat | dk1254800:55
ubottudk12548: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com00:55
dk12548i wnt both environment00:55
sinisterstufneedhelp: have you installed the firefox flash player plugin?00:55
needhelpPaddy_NI  thank you, i will attempt that recomendation now.00:55
DoctorZayasneed help my comp has been doing something weird sometimes it doesn't read my hard drive then if i turn it off and plug in the drive it will boot00:55
dk12548ya i know its a repeat but i didnt got any responses00:55
Paddy_NIneedhelp, that will solve many of your multimedia troubles00:55
Paddy_NI!patience | dk1254800:55
ubottudk12548: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com00:55
RanyAlbegsinisterstuf: I see that U'm using compiz as wm. Is there a way to use it to open for example: firefox in desktop number 3 ?00:55
ariqzI was on topic and complaining. I explained my situation, and since I don't know the details, the best way to go about it was not clear to me.  I could 1. spend forever downloading the other deb package, or 2. get the dependency for this one, and I don't know which is the best choice because I don't know what sort of dependency hell I'm running into00:55
needhelpi have tried to install flash already sinisterstut00:55
jribariqz: ask a question, INSTEAD of complaining00:56
ariqzmy complaint had a nested question :) And i'm sick of everything going wrong with ubuntu. it's annoying that I constantly have to mess with nonsense00:56
Paddy_NIneedhelp, Honestly just install restricted extras and you'll be fine00:56
jribariqz: anyway I doubt anyone has any clue what your issue is (I certainly don't).  Take 2 minutes to collect your thoughts and ask your question on ONE line, providing relevant logs, commands, etc. in a pastebin00:57
RanyAlbegALL: I see that U'm using compiz as wm. Is there a way to use it in a script to open for example: firefox in desktop number 3 ?00:57
soreauRanyAlbeg: You can use Place Windows in ccsm to have firefox start on any vp and I think you might be able to do it with wmctrl00:57
noisewaterphdariqz: if it's that bad then switch distros. no point in not being happy.00:57
Paddy_NIRanyAlbeg, yes one sec00:57
RanyAlbegthank  you guys.00:57
sinisterstufRanyAlbeg: true what soreau said00:57
sinisterstufi'm out00:58
Paddy_NIRanyAlbeg, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/how-to-make-application-always-open-on.html00:58
RanyAlbegPaddy, thanks!00:58
sinmanjrib: I got it kept adding a e at the end of NickServ00:59
needhelpPaddy_NI I found and installing resticted extras now. ty. hope this works.00:59
jribsinman: yep, you're identified now00:59
sinmannow how can i use snyaptic to see if there's any upgrades for the stuff i have installed on my computer01:00
jribsinman: just use update manager01:00
sinman<jrib: yeah once i corrected that little typo01:00
zetherooit seems to me that the speed of the internet connection is being split up amongst the devices connected to the router ... is this a correct observation!?01:01
vvvvwhen there is not space and i push backspace, ubuntu did a dog sound, or water sound, , where can i change it?01:02
Paddy_NIzetheroo, This is the Ubuntu support channel01:02
EndEngany idea why blank dvds are showing up as 1.4gb in 10.0401:02
diverteddglebihan, so if i found someone with same architecture as my computer and he compiles the code for me, i can run it?01:02
zetherooPaddy_NI: I know ... is there a way to change that in Ubuntu?01:02
glebihandivertedd, well, I may have found the solution01:03
needhelpPaddy_NI  should i now restart firefox now that the restricted package has been installed?01:03
diverteddglebihan, oh01:03
Paddy_NIneedhelp, oh yes certainly01:03
diverteddglebihan, wanna share?01:03
Jp82191Does anyone know why when i boot ubuntu 10.04 it shows something about grub and what i would like to boot when Ubuntu is my only OS?01:03
ThinWhiteDukehow do i view system information in ubuntu 10.0401:03
needhelpok. ty. i will be back to thank you when it works.01:03
glebihandivertedd, (not sure) first run "sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/control-center/.data"01:03
glebihandivertedd, then "make install"01:03
diverteddglebihan, rm: cannot remove directory `/usr/lib/bomb/suck': Permission denied01:04
glebihandivertedd, "sudo make install"01:04
diverteddshould i put the folder in my personal folder again?01:04
diverteddglebihan, oh nice. no error this time01:05
glebihandivertedd, well not sure it works01:05
diverteddglebihan, ummm.. how do i run the program now??01:06
diverteddglebihan, or where did it got compiled to01:06
BiggFREEIs RGB the same as VGA ?01:07
glebihandivertedd, just run "sudo bomb"01:07
sinmanwhat a good program to use to edit sound files, to make a 30 second clip?01:07
Jp82191Does anyone know why when i boot ubuntu 10.04 it shows something about grub and what i would like to boot when Ubuntu is my only OS?01:07
diverteddglebihan, from where01:07
BiggFREEI just bought a VGA monitor.01:07
jrib!grub2 | Jp8219101:07
ubottuJp82191: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:07
BiggFREEIs RGB the same as VGA ?01:07
BiggFREEI just bought a VGA monitor.01:08
glebihandivertedd, anywhere, the executable is in "/usr/bin", which is in the path01:08
jribJp82191: that page should list configuration options including how to hide the menu01:08
diverteddglebihan, from current location i get: bomb: error while loading shared libraries: libpng.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:08
sergeant_BiggFREE, why does it matter?01:08
sergeant_just plug it into the VGA port on your computer01:08
diverteddglebihan, and i ran it with sudo01:08
Jp82191jrib, Thanks also i wanted to know how to auto mount a second hdd at boot01:08
glebihandivertedd, yes01:08
BiggFREEsergeant_: Just asking01:08
diverteddglebihan, well.. cant open the file01:08
sergeant_not really01:08
jrib!fstab > Jp8219101:08
ubottuJp82191, please see my private message01:08
glebihandivertedd, in that case I won't be able to help you, you should try contacting the author01:08
jubeisinman, audacity to edit a short clip01:09
sergeant_RGB just stands for Red Green Blue01:09
diverteddglebihan, :/01:09
idefixxBiggFREE: in which case no, its not even really comparable01:09
glebihandivertedd, sorry01:09
diverteddglebihan, well thanks for your time01:09
sinmanjubei: ok thanxs01:09
glebihandivertedd, you're welcome01:09
BiggFREEsergeant_:  idefixx  iT IS CLEAR NOW TY01:09
sergeant_no prob01:09
jubeisinman, and if you wanna take it up a notch then Ardour, but for simple stuff audacity should be fine. good luck.01:10
BiggFREESorry for CAPS :(01:10
Jp82191how do i format a second drive because i had win7 on there and i want to get rid of it.01:10
sinmanjubei: thanxs, i like to make some new ring tones for my cell01:11
doug__ok i do not see a folder called .icons in my home folder why is this? and how do i get it there?01:11
jribdoug__: press ctrl-h01:11
doug__jrib,  i did, i still do not see it there01:12
jribdoug__: then create it (or tell us what you want to accomplish)01:12
doug__jrib,  i was trying to put curser themes into the folder off of gnomelook.org but the folder is not there for me to extract the folder into it.01:12
jribdoug__: k01:13
doug__jrib,  any ideas? or should i just create the folder but that wont tell gcurser where to look for the themes if i do.01:14
jribdoug__: just create the folder.  I'm assuming you read somewhere they belong there in which case I don't see why you're worried about where gcursor looks01:15
doug__jrib, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-343748.html01:15
hypnosealHello.  I am attempting to use wget -m to copy an entire site.  However I am not able to get anything before index.html.  Any suggestions?01:16
doug__jrib,  for the themes to work it has to go into that folder which gcurser has to beable to see and use.01:16
sinmanhow would you partition a hdd to dual boot or triple boot 2 or 3 different linux distro? you can send me a private message explaining the setup of the partitions01:16
jribdoug__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy#Mouse Cursor Themes01:16
jribdoug__: always prefer official docs to forum posts from 200701:17
sinisterstufhey, I managed to (I think) get a list of all the dependencies using apt-rdepends and saved it in a file, any idea how I can download all those now?01:17
ralliasI have a really somewhat complicated question. Lexmark only offers the drivers for my computer in i386 format, but my laptop runs ubuntu 10.04.1 amd6401:18
sinisterstufbastidrazor: hey, I managed to (I think) get a list of all the dependencies using apt-rdepends and saved it in a file, any idea how I can download all those now?01:18
ralliasis there a way to install the drivers so that linux automatically runs it in some sort of compatibility mode?01:18
Jp82191how do i format a new hdd in ubuntu 10.04?01:18
doug__jrib,  im used to ubuntu feisty this ubuntu is all new to me and has alot of updated stuff i am not used to01:18
dwayneI installed 10.04 (32-bit) on a system w/ 10 GB RAM.  The BIOS sees 10 GB, but 'free -mt' shows total mem as 2003.  Is this because its 32-bit?01:18
sinisterstufJp82191: using the GPartEd tool System>Administration>gparted01:18
ralliasJP82191: synaptic look for gparted, install it, then go to system->admin->gparted01:18
sergeant_dwayne, yeah probably'01:18
dwaynesergeant_, thanks01:19
Paddy_NI!pae | dwayne01:19
ubottudwayne: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info01:19
sinisterstufJp82191: if it isn't installed open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install gparted01:19
Jp82191installing now using terminal01:19
hoosiers_83feel silly for asking this... but i lost the ability to single click and rename files in gnome (2.30.2)  doesn't seem to be any options in mouse settings, don't know where to look01:19
sinisterstufJp82191: cool, shouldn't take long01:20
ralliashoosiers_83: what kind of mouse do you have? 1 button, 2 button, scrolling, trackpad, what?01:20
Jp82191sinisterstuf: ok install and app is running01:20
sinisterstufJp82191: select the hdd you want to format from the dropdown list at the top right01:20
hoosiers_835 button, logitech mx51801:21
doug__thank you jrib didnt know about that.01:21
sinisterstufJp82191: right-click the partition you want to work on and choose Format, pick a format and other options and click ok01:21
ralliasyou can single click to rename? Odd...01:21
bitreaderHi, anyone has some info on how to install the sun java development kit to ubuntu?01:21
sinisterstufJp82191: click apply, then wait for it to finish ;)01:21
hoosiers_83well i mean, single click, the name highlights and i can edit01:21
sinisterstufbitreader: have you tried Netbeans?01:22
dwaynePaddy_NI, thanks!01:22
Jp82191sinisterstuf: but to what drive extension do i pick? i want to be able to use it as a data drive for ubuntu 10.0401:22
yaaarhey guys...i'm having trouble setting my hostname. i edited /etc/hostname to contain the host but not domain, then edited /etc/hosts to have my ip and FQDN, then ran /etc/init.d/hostname restart ...'hostname' returns the host (not FQDN) but 'hostname -f' fails, as does 'domainname' ...anybody know what Im missing?01:22
Jordan_Udwayne: Why did you install 32 bit? For 10 GIG 64 bit really is the way to go.01:22
Paddy_NIdwayne, no probs01:22
Viking667Quick question - what program do I need to install to burn a CD from a set of files?01:22
bitreadersinisterstuf, that's exactly what I'm going to install. Yet, I was recommended to do it with the .sh from the netbeans website instead of the ubuntu packages.01:22
sinisterstufJp82191: you can use ext2 for that01:22
jribyaaar: pastebin /etc/hosts01:22
Jordan_UViking667: Brasero comes with Ubuntu, and you can also do it directly from nautilus (the default file manager in Ubuntu).01:23
Jp82191sinisterstuf: and it would be avaliable right after booting?01:23
jo___Hello everybody, I've installed pure-ftpd an configured a virtual account exactly as in the help docs but I still get a 530 Login authentication failed. I did update the database and so on..01:23
sinisterstufViking667: Brasero is already installed, find it in the apps menu01:23
Viking667ugh. I didn't see a "Burn to CD" entry in my Nautilus.01:23
Viking667ANd no it's not - I'm just installing it now01:23
sinisterstufJp82191: um... sure. you might need to add it to the computer's fstab and add a folder on there that is owned you. if that sounds complicated i can help.01:24
Viking667Right. Thanks01:24
ralliaslexmark only offers x86 drivers, but i need an x86-64 driver. Is there some sort of compatibility mode i can force on it?01:24
yaaarjrib: the only change to the default file is one line at the bottom containing "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX host.domain.com"01:24
sinisterstufViking667: odd, what Ubuntu do you have? Mine is installed by default under Sound & Video or something01:25
Jp82191sinisterstuf: i would appreciate the help since I don't know what i'm doing.01:25
Jordan_UViking667: To burn a data CD from nautilus you drag files to the blank CD icon (which only exists when you have a blank CD in the drive).01:25
sinisterstufbitreader: I don't remember what I did. I probably installed it with synaptic, works fine.01:25
Paddy_NIBrasero is part of a default installation01:26
jo___anyone some experiance with pure-ftp?01:26
dwayneJordan_U, I don't have a good answer for that.  The 64-bit discs I made kept ending up corrupted (even burned at the slowest speed on different machines) and I really wanted to get something on the system, so I used what I had (8.10/32-bit) and upgraded to 10.04.  I'm gonna redo it w/ 64-bit.01:26
Paddy_NIunless you use netbook edition01:26
sinisterstufViking667: interesting, i've never done that01:26
jribyaaar: make sure has the fqdn too01:26
Dr_Willisdwayne:  thats why i tend to make usb installer flash drives these days01:26
ralliasPlease help me...01:27
jribyaaar: that's what the installer did for me anyway01:27
Dr_Willisrallias:  with a printer first thing to do is check the cups.org site to see what it says about the printer01:27
dwayneDr_Willis, I just bought a 4 GB flash drive to try that.   This channel is very helpful, thanks guys!01:27
scott_inowhat was that ubuntu irc redirect about... spammers?01:28
jribscott_ino: yes01:29
ralliasDr_Willis: It doesn't list my printer.01:29
scott_inojrib, must have been pretty bad recently ;)01:29
* jrib nods01:29
=== jasonb_ is now known as jasonb
diverteddhow do i find out my computer architecture?01:31
hoosiers_83guess i wasn't clear.  when i click a file in gnome, and hover over the filename, it would usually allow me to rename the file.  now that function vanished.  just a simple quirk i want to correct01:31
ralliasdrivertedd: what year did you buy the computer?01:31
jribdivertedd: look up your processor on google?01:31
papertreepropheti had a little question about audio, if anyone had a second :D01:32
croivzebatype away...01:32
papertreeprophetI have an Alienware desktop, and i just finally got around to shoving Ubuntu onto the computer (it has vista home premium on it)01:33
scott_inopapertreeprophet, just ask ;)01:33
diverteddcan someone with a amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 3800+ compile a source file for me so i have a deb file?01:34
ralliasdivertedd: what do you need?01:34
papertreeprophetOne little thing i loved about my computer in windows is, when i plug my headphones in on the front audio jacks, it would automatically divert the audio from the speakers to the headphones01:34
papertreeprophetis there a way to do that with ubuntu?01:34
ralliaspapertreeprophet: doesn't it allready?01:34
diverteddrallias, i want to compile a source but i cant get it to work01:34
ralliasdivertedd: what program?01:34
scott_inopapertreeprophet, it should do that, otherwise it's a bug or something else going on01:35
diverteddrallias, bomb 1.26 for viewing fractals01:35
diverteddrallias, http://draves.org/bomb/bomb-1.26.tar.gz01:35
papertreeprophetyea no sound at all through the headphones01:35
ralliasdivertedd: i'll try01:36
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: apt-get them with the --download-only option01:36
diverteddrallias, thx01:36
papertreeprophethmm wouldnt be a bug in the new beta would it? I forgot to say I was running 10.1001:37
scott_inopapertreeprophet, ahhh.. well that could certainly be why01:37
jo___hey, is there anybody here who knows something of pure-ftp?01:37
sinisterstufbastidrazor: cool, i'll give it a try, thanks!01:37
ralliasdivertedd: is the problem one with extraction?01:38
needhelppaddy_ni  your suggestion worked. flash works now. you are my hero. take me as your disciple of linux now!01:38
diverteddrallias, no its one with compiling01:38
diverteddrallias, i already extracted it but when i try to make install, i get errors01:39
Paddy_NIneedhelp, lol01:39
ralliasemail me a copy of the tarball you have. robinstar1574@gmail.com01:39
BiggFREEWhen giving my addy at Ubuntu Forum register. Who will contact me if there is any problem ?01:39
ralliasor wait... madnessofgeeks@hotmail.com01:39
BiggFREEWhen giving my addy at Ubuntu Forum register. Who will contact me if there is any problem ?01:39
diverteddrallias, what do you mean with tarball.. the whole folder i extracted from the .tar.gz?01:39
rwwcongrats, you put your email address into a publicly-logged channel. enjoy your spam.01:39
dk12548how can i install jdk in ubuntu01:40
ralliasno the tar.gz itself01:40
rwwBiggFREE: forum administrators01:40
bastidrazorsinisterstuf: the .deb files are going to be located in /var/cache/apt/archives01:40
ralliasrww: i don't give a rat.01:40
Flannelrww: Go "yes this bug affects me" this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/85364 !01:40
BiggFREEOnly ?01:40
ralliasrww: this email address is one that I want to get tons of spam on01:40
rwwBiggFREE: presumably. I've never been emailed as a result of using ubuntu forums.01:41
croivzebaBiggFREE: you can select who can contact you in the cp on the forums01:41
Blue1rallias: try this:  http://www.subwaygoodwill2010.org/01:41
Paddy_NIBiggFREE, you will also get an email from Jesus01:41
=== derp is now known as lulz
rwwFlannel: done'd01:41
|Sacred|not sure if it went through, or if anyone said anything due to kvirc lagging out, so if I'm repeating what I said I apologize. But on ubuntuforums.org when you go to register, it won't let you put in a username01:41
sinisterstufbastidrazor: yep, got it, thanks! :)01:41
|Sacred|is it just me or something01:41
BiggFREEPaddy_NI: Why Jesus ?01:41
Paddy_NII have no idea01:41
Dwade09what ext /fs is the new ubuntu?01:41
rwwDwade09: Ubuntu 10.04 uses ext4 by default01:42
diverteddrallias, sent.01:42
Dwade09thnk you rww01:42
diverteddrallias, but its the same file from the link i gave you..01:42
BiggFREErww: croivzeba  Paddy_NI  ty01:42
Blue1Dwade09: it defaults to ext401:42
diverteddrallias, got it?01:43
ralliasdivertedd: no i had a hashcheck error01:43
diverteddrallias, umm.. now what?01:44
ralliasi can't extract the file01:44
diverteddrallias, also if you download straight from http://draves.org/bomb/bomb-1.26.tar.gz01:45
thedanglerthis kinda doesn't belong here but im sur eyou guys will know... If i register for a domain on some site but my hosting provider is someone else how do i get email from my hosting provider.. I already change the dns name servers to point to my hosting provider do i have to change the mx too?01:45
madook ... thanks everyone ... i'll be back soon01:45
ralliasdivertedd i still have an extraction01:45
diverteddrallias, i can zip the already extracted folder as .rar if you want01:46
diverteddrallias, maybe you can extract it then?01:46
ralliasmaybe... what about zip format?01:47
ralliasi hate rars01:47
diverteddrallias, yea i made a zip01:47
seekwillthedangler: Your question doesn't make sense...01:47
diverteddrallias, i send that01:47
seekwillthedangler: Your domain name only lists the DNS servers. If you already configured that to your hosting provider, that part of the question is irrelevant01:47
thedanglerright, I was asking if it works the same way01:48
diverteddrallias, this annoying program!!! im trying for hours to run it.. someone else already made a deb for me but it was wrong architecture..01:48
diverteddrallias, ok sent01:48
diverteddrallias, i rly wanna get it to work the description is so cool01:49
needhelpi dont know what to ask next paddy_ni. is there something challenging i should learn related to ubuntu that will keep me busy?01:49
ThinWhiteDukehow do i view system information in ubuntu 10.0401:49
Paddy_NIneedhelp, umm... sure join #Paddy_NI if you want a chat01:50
bastidrazorThinWhiteDuke: for a GUI method you could install gnome-device-manager and view it Application > System Tools > Device Manager01:50
ralliasi am making a .deb now01:50
diverteddrallias, nice thank you!01:50
bastidrazorThinWhiteDuke: or in a terminal: sudo lshw01:50
ThinWhiteDukeok ill try01:51
ralliasdivertedd: and you say your running amd64?01:51
seekwillthedangler: I'm not sure what the question/problem is...01:51
diverteddrallias, yes01:51
diverteddrallias, copied it straight from system monitor01:51
diverteddrallias, i also got 64 bit ubuntu if that has anything to do with it01:52
ralliasdivertedd: they are the same thing, just said differently01:52
ralliasdivertedd: this is really old software...01:53
ralliasdivertedd: do you need this specific fractal maker or does any work?01:53
diverteddrallias, actually its not rly a fractal maker01:53
thedangleri purchase a domain from netfirms and i want to receive the emails on my hosting provider, Do I have to change the MX records to point to the hosting provider?01:53
Kane_HartAnyone know much on why backupscripts using ftp via .sh files and such. When they connect remote ftp and start upload it gets to like 50kb/s then stalls out?01:53
diverteddrallias, http://draves.org/bomb/01:53
diverteddread the description, its awesome-O-01:54
diverteddrallias, It runs on your PC and produces animated organic graphics in response to the keyboard, audio music, or on its own.01:54
needhelpjoin #Patty_NI01:54
BlancmangeG'day! I need urgent help with Ubuntu 8.04, so the geologists can install their seimic device run BOINC here in Christchurch.01:54
needhelpit didnt work!01:54
BlancmangeFor some reason, no application can launch a web page. It all appears in a useless console.01:55
Dwade09ok i got ext2 volume manager i can see and go into my linux folder but everythign is empty01:55
needhelpooops i spelled it wrongs01:55
drunkncrewi'm new to conky, just playing around with it at the moment. I've was told to create a .sh file to have my conky script run at startup. The command for running it in the script is ( exec conky -d -c ~/.conkyrc) Could someone tell me what the ( -d -c ) are doing/calling ? "Sorry if this is a double post I just got disconnected"01:55
jribdrunkncrew: conky documentation should say01:56
diverteddrallias, any luck yet?01:56
ralliasdivertedd: this is really old stuff... directx8? That was like 06. Did ubuntu even exist back then?01:56
Andyman555hey guyz01:56
diverteddrallias, boi.. dont ask me..01:56
* Blancmange wonders if the house next door is going to fall over today.01:56
bastidrazordrunkncrew: you don't need a script just add conky -c /path/to/your.conkyrc to Startup Applications01:57
Dwade09guys how do i make my windows 7 see and give my ubuntu partiton /read/write and show all files?01:57
diverteddrallias, thing is: someone from here already managed to create a deb out of it.. but it didnt work on my pc unfortunately01:58
ralliascan u send me the .deb?01:58
drunkncrewbastidrazor: thanks, that's simpler, done. Any ideas to the -d and -c though? I don't need it anymore thanks to you, but still wondering.01:58
Dwade09i followed this guide, http://www.soluvas.com/read-browse-explore-open-ext2-ext3-ext4-partition-filesystem-from-windows-7/ but every folder on my linux side is empty nothing is showing in them.01:58
ralliasdivertedd: with the .deb file I can modify a small bit to work for your computer.01:58
ralliasi think01:59
serithey guys  guess what   my usb drive is dead01:59
bastidrazordrunkncrew: i think the -d is shorthand for an IF statement .. but unsure.01:59
ralliasserit: grats time to go get a new one01:59
diverteddrallias, http://torrent-search.sourceforge.net/pool/bomb_1.26-2_i386.deb01:59
meeperwhat do people think of amazon's new microinstances?01:59
drunkncrewbastidrazor: thanks for the help man, I appreciate it01:59
IdleOne!ot | meeper02:00
ubottumeeper: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:00
meeper$15/mo for a box seems like a great deal but I wonder about the transfer costs02:00
meeperubottu: oops02:00
bastidrazordrunkncrew: you're welcome.02:00
diverteddrallias, you modify with hexeditor?02:00
ralliasdivertedd: no02:01
diverteddrallias, pls tell me im curious02:01
seritrallias: get a new one???02:01
ralliasserit: well yah02:02
BlancmangeAnother aftershock. At least the computer didn't fall off the desk.02:02
IdleOneserit: be more specific with what you are wanting to accomplish with the usb hd02:03
seritrallias: can you tell me how to fix (extend) it02:03
ralliasserit: try a reformat02:03
diverteddrallias, can you run the deb?02:03
ralliashow do i compress a .deb file?02:03
ralliasdivertedd: not sure02:03
ralliasgive me a second...02:04
seritrallias: you CANT compress a deb file ! ;02:04
diverteddrallias, i have Debi package installer for running the file02:05
diverteddrallias, its a gui tool i think02:05
ralliasdivertedd: please let me focus02:06
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:06
Dr_Willisgdebi can install a .deb in a nice way. :)02:06
Random832so wtf exactly is that guy's problem?02:06
ralliasDr_Willis: not a hand edited one02:06
KillerKristin1I realize this is OT but I was wondering if there is a general chat for people who use Ubuntu (non-support)?02:06
seritso ubuntu spams me!!!02:06
ShrekLappy!ot | KillerKristin102:06
ubottuKillerKristin1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:06
Dr_Willisrallias:  i cant really imagine why you need to hand edit one..02:07
KillerKristin1I said I realize its OT02:07
ShrekLappythats the channel you are looking for02:07
seidosKillerKristin1, /j #ubuntu-offtopic02:07
ralliasDr_Willis: make it look like its x86-64 instead of x8602:07
FlannelKillerKristin1: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the channel for general chat!02:07
Dwade09i followed this guide, http://www.soluvas.com/read-browse-explore-open-ext2-ext3-ext4-partition-filesystem-from-windows-7/ but every folder on my linux side is empty nothing is showing in them.02:07
wickedSAthis here is for colonel panic02:07
KillerKristin1kernel not colonel02:07
Dr_Willisrallias:  i seem to recall a command line option to force the install in the case.02:08
Dr_Willisrallias:  i had to use it once ages ago.. for some perl stuff/script02:08
seritso I cant get my usb drive to work02:08
seritany ideas?02:08
wickedSAmy humor is wasted. anyway02:08
ralliasserit: try reformatting it02:09
Dr_Willisserit:  clarify whats 'not working' about it.. can yopu mount it by hand?02:09
ralliasDr_Willis: can u help me?02:09
wickedSAserit: does dmesg show anything after you plug it in02:09
ralliasDr_Willis: What format do i compress it to?02:09
Dr_Willisrallias:  totally depends on the issue.. and i got 20 min till i go to work.02:09
Dr_Willisrallias:  format to compress what?02:09
ralliasthe debian_versian, control.tar.gz, and data.tar.gz02:10
CaneToadOn Ubuntu, having received a file over bluetooth, WHERE IS IT in the filesystem?02:10
ralliasCaneToad: Probibilly in /tmp somewhere02:10
Dr_WillisCaneToad:  i recall some Bluetooth Incomming directory.. somewhere..02:11
ralliasCaneToad: Or /media02:11
seritrallias: ok but if I reformat is ???02:11
rwwCaneToad: try ~/Downloads or ~/Public02:11
CaneToadhmm it is in ~02:11
ralliasserit: all data is gone02:11
Dr_WillisCaneToad:  yes. it would be in the users home somwehere.. /tmp and /media - would not make sence02:11
CaneToadthanks folks02:11
Dr_WillisCaneToad:  i was thinking the bluetooth applet had a menu for settings to where to save things to02:12
Dr_Willisbut I have no BT on this box. so i cant double check right now02:12
ralliasDr_Willis: How do i re-pack the .deb?02:12
seritrallias: ok but will it be usable in  windows?02:12
ralliasserit: yes. Just select fat or fat32 or ntfs02:13
Dr_Willisrallias:  Never needed to. last time i needed to alter the contents of a .deb  i used 'mc' to browse the contents and add/edit/remove things02:13
seritrallias: ok thanks02:14
ralliasdwhatsurname: sorry i can't help02:15
axisyshow do I find file from older than a yr 2009 ?02:15
ralliasaxisys: what file?02:15
axisysfind /dir -type f -mtime +365 wont really work02:16
seritrallias: so I should just refomat it02:16
axisysrallias: ^02:16
ralliasserit: if there isn't any important data02:16
axisysrallias: so basically i need help with `find' .. to find files that are older than yr 2009 ?02:17
ralliasaxisys: there haven't been more then 365 days this year yet... try find /dir -type f -mtime +200d02:17
arrrghhhhey all.  i'd like to fill my SD card with random music - all the music is in a central location, what's the best way to do it?02:17
Doyleaxisys:  if you know part of the name you can do a 'locate *partname*.*'  if that returns too much you can grep it, or use cat if you know part of the contents of hte file.. could take a while though02:17
ralliasarrrghhh: drag and drop02:17
Vonoraxisys,        -mtime n02:17
Vonor              File's data was last modified n*24 hours ago.  See the  comments02:17
Vonor              for -atime to understand how rounding affects the interpretation02:17
Vonor              of file modification times.02:17
FloodBot1Vonor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:17
axisysrallias: looking for a way to ask in a more specific way02:17
arrrghhhrallias, uhm... that wouldn't work at all.  i have 100+gb of music and an 8gb sd card...02:18
divertedsuppose i hit ctrl alt f2... how do i get away from that screen??02:18
axisysVonor: i know.. but i dont want to count.. if i can avoid it.. i like to ask give me all files older than yr 2009 ..02:18
ralliasarrrghhh: how?02:18
seritrallias: well Its a second drive02:18
sinisterstufdiverted: press ctrl alt F7 to get back to the graphical terminal02:18
arrrghhhrallias, i wouldn't get very _random_ selection of music then would i...02:18
divertedsinisterstuf, thank you!02:18
Doylediverted: ctrl alt F1 to F6 are all tty terminals, F7 is your x session02:18
sinisterstufdiverted: you're welcome02:19
Dr_Willisdiverted:  the f1 -6 keys go to the console 1-6 NORMALLY X is running on '7' but ive seen it also run on 8 or 9 or hither.02:19
axisysDoyle: i know that.. but i think find can be used to ask a question of get me all files older than 200902:19
Doyleaxisys: ah, you said 'a' file02:19
sinisterstufdiverted: there are seven virtual terminals, usually info about what's gone on during boot and so on is in tty1 and the x server is started in tty702:19
divertedand how do i log in there? i never set a password other than my sudo.. but this one wasnt accepted02:20
dsnydersHi all!  I have a bootable floppy image that I want to expand from 1.44M to 2.88M while preserving its bootablility.  How do I do this?02:20
divertedalso i dont remember any particular login name02:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:20
axisysDoyle: my bad..02:21
Doyleaxisys: yea, then it has to be 'find / -mtime +[numofdays]' it's fast too... you can send the output to a text file if you want02:21
seritrallias: thanks for that information02:21
Blue1i am getting some errors trying to install webmin (package dependancy) errors here:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/491342/  what is easiest way to fix this?02:22
divertedcan someone with a lot of patience help me install a program?02:23
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.02:23
dsnydersI tried loop mounting floppy.img and then using gparted on /mnt, but that didn't seem to work.02:23
axisysDoyle: i rather not count the days.. so I can run it any day02:23
Doyleaxisys: google date calculator, it'll count the days between specific dates02:24
divertedthe program comes in tar.gz but i dont know how to run it02:24
Doyleaxisys: if you want something that you can run daily without modification you'll have to write a bash script.02:24
dsnydersdiverted: you need to extract the program from the tar.gz file.  tar -zxf tarname.tar.gz02:25
diverteddsnyders, i already did that. i put it into /usr/local/src02:25
SuperMiguelwhats the best program to test my ssd read/write  speed?02:25
diverteddsnyders, then i tried to run "sudo make install but i dont know how to run the program now"02:26
diverteddsnyders, im not even sure if i actually installed it that way02:26
BlancmangeI'm seriously embarassed at the waste of time I've caused to the geologists (in the middle of an earthquake, evn) because I assumed my Ubuntu 8.04 system could doo advanced stuff like open a web browser from an application.02:26
diverteddsnyders, how can i check if i installed the program correctly?02:26
dk12548how to install jdk in ubuntu?02:26
poseidondk12548: check the wiki02:26
Blue1Blancmange: maybe you should update to 10.04 that is over 2 years old.02:27
dsnydersdiverted: It's been a while.  I usually apt-get install things.  What is the program?02:27
diverteddsnyders, its nothing from official repositories02:27
Blue1anyone know how to fix package dependancy problems?02:28
diverteddsnyders, i got it from that link: http://draves.org/bomb/bomb-1.26.tar.gz02:28
arrrghhhmaybe songbird does it... i was hoping for a command i could pass that would fill my card with random music awesomness...02:28
diverteddsnyders, if i navigate into the extracted folder and type "checkinstall" i only get some basic text02:28
=== oracle_ is now known as oracle
BlancmangeBlue1: I intend to try that, but I prefer to use a tried and tested system. 10.4 was a mess when it first came out and it's only recently been stabilised.02:29
dsnydersdiverted: is there a file called bomb in the folder?02:30
=== f23 is now known as Wolf23
Blue1Blancmange: YMMV applies02:30
diverteddsnyders, wohooo i think i got it!!02:30
Dwade09ok guys i have an issue on my windows partiton and ubuntu partition,  im on ubuntu i can read/write /open files on my ntfs, but on my windows 7 i can not read/write/open files on my ubuntu partition, i have tried several readers and some do work where i can actually see the folders but there is nothing in the folders they are empty anyone got any other ideas? if my ubuntu was ext 3 or ext 2 i could read/write to them but its ext 402:30
BlancmangeI've backed up the machine anyway, so I guess I can afford to try reinstalling OSSs/distros until I  find one that works (and can open web pages from apps).02:31
diverteddsnyders, i got the deb file now and i already installed it!02:31
arrrghhhDwade09, it's best to just share stuff on the NTFS side.... your windows partition.  just create a shortcut on the desktop to your windows desktop or something.02:31
diverteddsnyders, but what next? how do i execute it?02:31
* Blancmange goes for the nuclear option and tries 10.04...02:32
Dwade09arrrghhh,  make a shared folder i keep the data in that the linux and windows can both see and share? with read/write/use?02:32
dsnydersdiverted: not sure.  is there a file called bomb in the folder?02:32
snlemonsHi, folks. Does anyone know the status of EFI support (for my MacBook Pro) with Karmic? The page on MacTel EFI support hasn't been updated in over a year and I couldn't find any other similar resources.02:32
xenoxaosHas anyone had any luck at rebuilding ACPI/DSDT tables for a laptop in Ubuntu?02:32
arrrghhhDwade09, you don't want windows writing to your linux partitions, TRUST ME on that one.02:32
EndEngubuntu 10.04 -- why is it reporting blank dvd -r as 1.4 gb02:33
diverteddsnyders, yes but when i click on it nothing happens02:33
Dwade09arrrghhh,  then how do i do it where they can share the same stuff and both can read/write to it and use it inside that folder?02:33
arrrghhhDwade09, but yes, you can create a shortcut to your windows desktop or something like that on your ubuntu desktop then you have a location both sides can see/access/write.02:33
diverteddsnyders, if i run "sudo bomb" in terminal i get: bomb: error while loading shared libraries: libpng.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:33
Dwade09arrrghhh,  how do i do that?02:34
arrrghhhDwade09, or you can do a bind mount, but that's kinda overkill.02:34
snlemonsDwade09: I usually make a FAT32 partition to store data and such in and keep Win/Lin install space from ever directly touching each other.02:34
arrrghhhDwade09, do you know how to find the windows drive in the 'places' menu?02:34
divertedwhats the next step after i executed a .deb file?02:34
Dwade09snlemons,  i would but space is limited for a fat32 partition.02:34
divertedhow do i run the program?02:34
arrrghhhsnlemons, fat32 is awful.  what if he has a file over 4gb?02:34
Dwade09arrrghhh,  im not in ubuntu i am in windows right now.02:34
arrrghhhDwade09, :D  boot back to ubuntu please!02:35
Dwade09arrrghhh,  ok brb02:35
snlemonsarrrghhh: Well, when they make proper EXT support for Windows or proper NTFS support for Linux, I'll use one of those. But every time I've tried one or the other it's been SUPER buggy.02:35
AegNuddelI am having an issue with startup disk creator02:35
Dr_Willisdiverted:  you install the deb..  then type the name of whatever program/binaries it installed to run them from teh command line02:35
arrrghhhsnlemons, the only issue i had with accessing ntfs on linux was processor overhead...02:36
AegNuddelIt will not detect my dvd writer.  It was at first02:36
AegNuddelbut then I tried to make sure I had the right disk selected and it disappeared02:36
arrrghhhdiverted, what did you install?  sometimes it'll place an icon in your applications menu, but not always...02:36
ilumiany better alternatives to empathy?02:36
snlemonsarrrghhh: I got a lot of read/write errors when I last used it. That scared me off pretty well.02:37
divertedDr_Willis, so the program is called "bomb", i type bomb but i get: bomb: error while loading shared libraries: libpng.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:37
arrrghhhsnlemons, ...when did you last use it?02:37
Dr_Willisdiverted:  looks like some of the support libs it wants are not installed.02:37
serithey so In not in ubuntu?02:37
divertedDr_Willis, how do i find out what libraries i need?02:37
doug__arrrghhh,  ok im in linux now what?02:37
snlemonsarrrghhh: 6 months or a year ago. So maybe things have changed, but I doubt much in that time range.02:37
rezbitDid Ubuntu ship the new driver that hangs several intel graphics chips?02:37
arrrghhhdoug__, ok, do you know how to access your windows hard drive from ubuntu?02:38
AegNuddeloh wait maybe it was detecting my sd card02:38
Dr_Willisdiverted:  I have to wonder why installign the deb did not pull them in.  Could be its a different version in ubuntu and thats the issue02:38
Dr_Willis!info libpng02:38
ubottuPackage libpng does not exist in lucid02:38
divertedDr_Willis, libpng.so.2 is the library i need?02:38
doug__arrrghhh, gah yeah but it should auto mount02:38
Dr_Willisdiverted:  yes. libpng02:38
arrrghhhsnlemons, huh.  i used it probably 8 months ago maybe - heavily.  the processor overhead bugged me.02:38
Dr_Willis!find libpng.so02:38
AegNuddelit was02:38
ubottuFile libpng.so found in compiz-dbg, compiz-plugins, ia32-libs, libpng12-dev, libpng302:38
dsnydersHi all!  How do I resize a floppy image?02:38
divertedDr_Willis, well can i get it manually somehow?02:38
arrrghhhdoug__, you'll have to add an entry in /etc/fstab if you want it to automount... it should mount if you click it from the 'places' menu tho...02:38
Dr_Willisdiverted:  the bot just stated its in the libpng3 package.02:38
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
divertedDr_Willis, how do i install that library?02:39
Vonoraxisys, ping?02:39
Dr_Willisdiverted:  install  the libpng3 package.02:39
doug__arrrghhh,  ok its mounted02:39
rambo2_981manually edited sources.list to move to a more recent debian repo (lenny); major problems. changed sources back to sarge but there is something out of sync. how can i repopulate the database, even if i have to reload all pkgs?02:39
arrrghhhdoug__, but, you should add an fstab entry if you want it to be there on bootup (which i would recommend)02:39
divertedDr_Willis, umm yea im willing to do so.. but how?02:39
kcormierHi all.  How can I get rid of all entries from nautilus when I right click on the desktop?  (I want it to function normally everywhere else, just not on the desktop)02:39
seritwell ok then02:40
divertedDr_Willis, sudo apt-get libpng3 ?02:40
FrozenFire[work]How do I go about disabling a network adapter, such that NetworkManager does not attempt to connect using it on startup?02:40
doug__hmm seems i need a vid driver too02:40
Dr_Willisdiverted:  via the package manager tools you like to use.. are you trying to do some 'advanced' stuff befor learning the fundamentals of the package manager system?02:40
arrrghhhdoug__, ok.  now it's up to you where you want to share.  i'd put a folder on your windows desktop, so navigate to that, and create a new folder called 'Ubuntu share' or whatever.02:40
AegNuddelWhy won't the startup disk creator detect the dvd?02:40
Dr_Willisdiverted:  sudo apt-get install whatever02:40
SkunkwaffleI'm looking for a way to change the 'connector' option in System -> Preferences -> Sound -> Output from command line in Karmic. Anyone know how to do this?02:40
divertedDr_Willis, E: Couldn't find package libping302:41
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  could be a link in /dev/XXXX is wrong. like /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd02:41
Vonoraxisys, a quick and dirty hack...I am sure it is possible to do it WAY more elegant than this, but it does work: for FILE in $(find /home -type f) ; do if [ $(ls -l $FILE | awk '{print $8}') -le 2009 ]; then echo $FILE; fi; done 2>/dev/null02:41
AegNuddelthe folder shows02:41
Dr_Willisdiverted:  spell it properly02:41
divertedDr_Willis, yea just figured02:41
doug__ok arrrghhh made a folder called shared02:41
AegNuddelDr_Willis, how do I check it?  Nautilus is detecting it fine btw02:42
rambo2_981any apt experts? i need to fall back to a prior version from lenny to sarge; how can i force apt to do this?02:42
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  I normally use ISO image files. ive rarely used a optical disk. run the tool from the command line, perhaops it will show an error message. see what /dev/cdrom and /dev/dvd are linked to02:43
dsnydersHi all!  How do I expand a floppy image?02:43
xanguarambo2_981: this is #ubuntu, not #debian02:43
divertedis anyone familiar with libpng.so.2 ?02:43
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  expand it to what?02:43
AegNuddelDr_Willis, what tool do you mean?02:43
git__anyone have issue with their usb mouse in ubuntu 10.04?02:43
divertedi need it for a program but its not included in libpng302:43
rambo2_981xangua, as if ubuntu has no relation to debian whatsoever?02:43
git__usb is still unstable02:43
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  the usb-disk-creator tool or whatever its binary is called02:43
dsnydersDr_Willis: I have a 1.44M boot floppy image and I would like to expand it to 2.88M02:44
AegNuddelI don't know the binary name02:44
greezmunkeygit__: works fine here02:44
Dr_Willisdiverted:  the program may been compiled to use an older version of the Lib. You may need to recompile from source to use the newer. or track down the older lib and install it.02:44
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  using TAB completion - it seems to be usb-creator-gtk02:45
greezmunkeydsnyders: don't you have to have a special drive for a 2.88 flop ?02:45
Dr_Willisdsnyders:  easy way would be to make a 2.88 flippy image. and mount the image, and your old disk image, and copy the files over.02:46
dsnydersgreezmunkey: this is going to be used as a PXE boot option.02:46
AegNuddelok that opens it02:46
Dr_Willisbut ive not used floppys or floppy images in years.. so i cant recall the commands to make them02:46
AegNuddelbut how do I find out the links?02:46
mobasherDr_Willis>> lol geezz havnen't seen in ages lol02:46
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  ls -l /dev/cdrom (or dvd, or dvdrw) or whatever its trying to use02:46
dsnydersDr_Willis: copying the files will not preserve the bootablility, will it?  I thought certain files needed to be in certain sectors.02:47
greezmunkeydsnyders: see if this helps: http://syslinux.zytor.com/wiki/index.php/DOS_floppy_images02:47
Dr_Willismobasher:  last floppy i saw was IN a pc.. literally.. it was in the case. with no access..  with a floppy disk in it. must of been in there for years..02:47
dsnydersgreezmunkey: thanks.  I'll take a gander02:47
mobasherDr_Willis>> lmao...i know what you mean i must have one of those in my basement somewhere02:47
greezmunkeydsnyders: don't bother, mostly DOS info!!02:48
AegNuddelDr_Willis, notihng is happening.  Only nautilus seems to detect it02:48
AegNuddelAlso do you know if Ubuntu will boot from an SD Card?02:49
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  with sd cards.. its often the PC/bios that can or can not boot from SD card. My old Netbook could NOT boot from SD.02:49
git__ubuntu boots from usb fine02:49
greezmunkeydsnyders: check this out! http://www.linux-boot.net/Boot/FD/02:49
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  theres also ways to use grub2 and setup a usb device to boot an iso image. :) thats what ive been doing lately02:50
AegNuddelIs there another way to write the ISO to the DVD?02:50
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  clarify what you are doing exactly....02:50
AegNuddelWriting the ISO for Ubuntu to a DVD02:50
divertedwhat does "sudo ln ......." do?02:50
Vonordiverted, execute the ln command as root02:51
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  you are burning a cd iso file.. to a blank DVD.. You would not use the usb-disk-creator tool for that..02:51
divertedVonor, what does the ln command do then?02:51
AegNuddelDr_Willis, it just said create startup disk02:51
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  you normally right click on the iso, and select burn, or use brasero, or k3b or some other burning app to write a image to a optical disk02:51
Vonor       ln - make links between files02:51
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  it means create a USB boot startup disk.02:51
divertedah thanks02:51
bobboauok, so I have a computer sitting infront of me that consists of a mobo, a cpu, a graphics card and a cd drive, I had two tuner cards in it and a hard drive with mythbuntu installed, but for some reason, shortly after this I can no longer boot the damned thing, the live CDs no longer have the recovery option so I have little to go on as to why this is happening.02:51
Vonordiverted, man ln for more information :)02:51
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  not an optical disk02:51
AegNuddelDr_Willis, thanks02:52
VonorAegNuddel, cdrecord file.iso02:52
Dr_WillisI thought just doukle clicking on an iso alwo brought up the disk burner program02:52
AegNuddelIf I drag it to Nautilus, will it write what is in the iso or actually put the iso on the disk as a whole?02:53
dsnydersgreezmunkey: thanks.  I am actually looking to create a  DOS bootable floppy image.02:54
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  USE a 'burner' application.  such as brasero, or k3b. or others.. Right click on the ISO - see if theres a Burn/write to disk option02:54
snlemonsDoes anyone know the status of EFI support (so I don't have to maintain multiple partitions and OSes on my MacBook Pro)? The only page I can find that explicitly discusses it basically said it was only partially supported and that page hasn't been updated in a year.02:54
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:54
AegNuddelstill need to get one from the repository then02:55
Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  brasero is installed by default02:55
papertreeprophetOne more quick question for tonight02:55
AegNuddelsays I have brasero installed02:55
papertreeprophetafter a restart for some reason, the workspace switcher applet on the bottom bar is no longer working02:55
AegNuddelIs that what is showing up then>02:55
Dr_Willis!info Brasero02:55
ubottuPackage Brasero does not exist in lucid02:55
VonorAegNuddel, easiest way: open terminal and type "cdrecord FILE.iso" or "dvdrecord FILE.iso", replace FILE.iso with the actual filename02:55
Dr_Willis!info brasero02:56
ubottubrasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 318 kB, installed size 1048 kB02:56
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Dr_WillisAegNuddel:  i right click on a .iso and it has a 'write to disk' option here..02:57
AegNuddellooking for my file02:57
ariqzI installed w32 codecs and I still can't watch .wmv files02:57
=== y0sh__ is now known as y0sh_
Dr_Willisariqz:  it totally depemndsd on the codec of the wmv file.02:57
Dr_Willisariqz:  theres also some 'malware' wmv codecs. that you dont want. :)02:58
AegNuddelok it's going02:58
AegNuddelwas just confused02:58
ariqzhttp://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/non-free/w/w32codecs/ I got it from there, Dr_Willis02:58
mobasherariqz>> download and install VLC02:58
Dr_Willisariqz:  its more about the codec of the wmv.. not where you got the w32codecs package from02:59
Dr_Willis'its all about the codec' not the extension.02:59
ariqzDr_Willis, the wmvs played fine in 8.0402:59
Dr_Willisariqz:  try some otehr players then perhaps.02:59
ariqzDr_Willis, it is only now that I have 10.04 that nothing works right02:59
mobasherariqz>> you will find it in the synaptic02:59
Wolf23how can i restart firefox?03:00
ariqzI shouldn't have to fucking get VLC to play a wmv. Christ, ubuntu is terrible03:00
incognitoI installed open office base with synaptic, and it won't launch. Anyone have an idea what is the problem?03:00
Dr_Willisariqz:  determine the codec its using perhaps with ffprobe, or run it in vlc from a terminal, and look for info, or check the properties dialogs.03:00
* Dr_Willis sends ariqz the bill03:00
mobasherlmao...what a dumb looser..what's such a big deal about playing wmv..lmao03:01
Dr_Willis'wmv = let it be'  'friends dont let friends use wmv's'03:01
Dr_Willisevery wmv ive seen people wanting to play are either porn, or worse.03:01
spine55Dr_Willis: too funny03:01
mobasheruse another player...he's probablly trying to play a porn vid03:01
Dr_Willismobasher:  i would bet on it.03:02
JabberWalkieDr_Willis, home computers are porn machines after all. So it is not an unreasonable request.03:02
mobasherno wonder he got annoyed..lmao...he couldn't get his winky up lmao03:02
Dr_Willismv foo.wmv foo.avi  :)03:02
incognitoariqz, VLC is the best. It plays everything including that macintosh stuff. You just have to run the medibuntu scripts. Why wouldn't you want VLC? It's the best!03:02
mobasherincognito>> he's gone dude03:02
Dr_Willisincognito:  he wouldent have listend anyway03:02
Dr_WillisOnce you start geting to the 'varity' of videos out there.. you realize that WMP and windows.. have.. issues.. :)03:03
serithey I dont fit03:04
mobasheralways the codecs...i never had problems with VLC so far..it's a good one03:04
JabberWalkiewell, I've never had issues with them03:04
axisysthanks to Vonor .. now have a very simple way to find files older than 200903:04
axisystouch -t 200812312359 file ; find . -type f -not -newer file -ls03:04
incognitoVLC is the best.03:04
Dr_WillisI really dread it at work when people bring me a flash drive  saying they cant play this 'video' they got...03:04
andyBBHi my ssh connection fails, I'm not sure if there's missing somehting in the hosts.deny etc... file http://pastebin.com/FAi96aL903:05
incognitoandyBB, I'm gonna save your file for a template. Thanks03:05
SkunkwaffleI'm looking for a way to change the 'connector' option in System -> Preferences -> Sound -> Output from command line in Karmic. Anyone know how to do this?03:05
tom_guys, my ubuntu (10.4) is completely messed up ... it hangs when it wants ... also, I just run a md5sum twice on the same file, and it returned 2 different sums03:06
mobasherandyBB>> have you tried to connect locally ?03:06
andyBBincognito: huh?03:06
andyBBmobasher: yes, local connecitons are ok03:06
incognitoandyBB lol save me some work03:06
divertedoke.. one more try: i need that libpng.so.2 file. there doesnt seem to be one, so i went into synaptic package manager and downloaded libpng3. then i renamed the file like this: "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libpng.so.3 /usr/lib/libpng.so.2". still my program doesnt work. WHY!!03:07
andyBBincognito: can you please remove the address information03:07
mobasherandyBB>> have you checked the ports ?03:07
Wolf23help! what do i type on terminal to restart firefox?03:07
mobasherandyBB>> i mean router ?03:07
incognitoandyBB of course I'm not interested in that.03:07
serithey can you let me into ubuntu?03:07
andyBBmobasher: yes, ssh is open on the machine - not a port issue03:07
mobasherWolf23>> type "firefox"03:08
andyBBmobasher: It can be connected to on the local network but not over the internet - you can see that it's some ssh config issue03:08
dsnydersgreezmunkey: Okay, here's what I did (because my windows box doesn't have a floppy):   dd if=/dev/fd0 of=floppy.img.  Then I copied floppy.img to my windows box and opened it with a program called winimage.  Winimage has a change format tool.  I changed the format to 2.88, and copied the image back to the linux box.03:08
Wolf23mobasher,  i have all open, and i got a message to restart firefox03:08
andyBBssh just plain wouldn't work if it can't reach that machine - but it gets to the box03:09
incognitoI installed open office base with synaptic, and it won't launch. Anyone have a idea what the problem is?03:09
mobasherWolf23>> you don't need to goto the shell to start up firefox..you can goto APPLICATIONS -> INTERENT -> FIREFOX03:09
seritso       whats gives?03:10
Wolf23mobasher,  i want to restart firefox not to open firefox!!03:10
{n8}mobasher: meh much quicker to type03:10
dsnydersgreezmunkey: now all that's left is to add in the files I needed the extra space for, load it into the tftp folder and try a PXE boot.03:10
mobasherWolf23>> just close firefox and restart what's the big deal...or you want to kill the current process and ?03:10
incognitotom_ how long has your system been up03:11
serityou must drink and pizzza03:11
tom_incognito: not long ...03:11
tom_incognito: sometimes it hangs minutes after reboot ...03:12
mobasherif you want to kill the process of firefox so you can restart " ps -ef | grep firefox " get the PID assosciated with it and kill it using "kill PID"03:12
incognitotom_ did it ever work?03:12
tom_incogito: sometimes it runs for couple of days03:12
Rockjtom_: try a live cd, see if the same happens. if it does, it sounds like hardware issues.03:12
andyBBhi, i'm having an issue sshing to my machine, seems like an ssh config problem http://pastebin.com/3KG3vWmb03:12
serityou must drink beer and pizzza!!03:12
tom_incognito: debian works, windows works, ubuntu doesn't work03:12
incognitotom_ I'm wondering if you have a hardware compatability issue03:13
serithey can you let me into ubuntu?03:13
incognitotom_ so I want to find out if there was any period of time when the system worked.03:13
tom_incognito: not ubuntu 10.4 ... ubuntu 10.4 never worked properly.  Other distros did ...03:13
AndrewMCserit: what do you mean?03:14
incognitotom_did previous versions of ubuntu work/03:14
tom_incognito: it is definitely a kernel/driver issue ... but I just don't know how to increase kernel's verbosity03:14
incognitotom_ well I can't help you there03:14
tom_incognito: yeah, like 8.x or even 7.x ...03:14
seritAndrewMC: can I join ubuuntu03:15
Rockjtom_: try installing an older kernel that is available in the repos maybe? see if that works?03:15
tom_Rockj: that's a good idea ...03:15
xanguaserit: what exactly are you looking for¿03:15
Rockjtom_: my best bet would be for you to file a bug if a older kernel is working and get kernel hackers to help you debug.03:15
incognitotom_ I had a similar problem with 10.0403:15
tom_incognito, Rockj: do you guys also know why does md5sum returns different checksum on my machine when I run it on exactly the same file?03:15
Rockjtom_: tbh, for me that sounds like bad memory/cpu.03:16
tom_Rockj: I did run the memtest86 over night and it didn't find any issues03:16
Rockjtried running memtest86 for 12hours?03:16
incognitotom_ that sounds more like a problem with the processor, or memory like Rockj says03:17
RockjNo weird messages in /var/log/kern.log and dmesg etc?03:17
tom_nope ...03:17
tom_some of the crashes indicate stack crashes03:17
tom_some of the other crashes indicated a fight between amd and nvidia03:17
Rockjyou got stack crashes?03:17
tom_i have ati on board, and nvidia as discrete03:17
tom_Rockj: I did ... i even went to see the code, and it looked fine03:17
tom_Rockj: sorry, may be I am wrong about stack crash ...03:18
RockjYou could have some hardware issues with newer kernels or something. I'd have to say this is kinda out of my league, as my guess would defently be hw-issue03:18
tom_Rockj: i got call traces, I can't recall for sure if i got stack crashes03:18
seritxangua: for laptop help03:18
Rockjbut then again, you said it working with other distroes which again points me back to your hardware might have issues with newest kernels03:19
tom_it is hw issue ...03:19
doug__hey guys awhile ago my video screen the whole thing jut flickered all over and was really tiny lines but very noticable. how do i fix this?03:19
Rockjanyway, try a older kernel, figure out where the "change" and bugs start to happen tom_03:19
tom_Rockj: how do I get the older kernel, do I need to compile it myself, or simply get it from repository?03:19
incognitotom_ did you look at the Release notes?03:20
xanguaserit: then just make your question03:20
Rockjtom_: then I would file abug and mention this. kernel devs then can do fancy bisecting to see what changes has been applied between those versions03:20
tom_incognito: nope03:20
tom_ok, i'll do ...03:20
Rockjtom_: apt-cache search linux-image   , lists a few different versions of kernels available in ubuntu03:20
incognitotom_ you should check that out03:20
tom_I'll actually install the 9.10 and see if it is there ... need it for CUDA anyway03:20
tom_Rockj: thanks ... I'll just use the synapsys manager03:21
doug__also when i install mouse cursers off gnomelook.org and use them, they do not work all the way i still see the little white mouse when i am not in a chat bar or in say a windows or browsing then it is a white little arrow.03:22
seritxangua:want to upgrade hard drive any ideas?#03:22
tom_Rockj: the thing is 2.6.32 is the lowes one 10.4 goes, and this is what i have03:22
xanguaserit: but a new hardrive ¿03:22
chris_osxfor my eeepc should i use 32 bit or 64 bit ubuntu?03:25
arrrghhhchris_osx, unless you have 4+gb of ram, i'd just go with 32-bit.03:25
Rockjtom_: makes things a bit more complicated huh? :-/03:25
incognitotom_ are you familiar with compiling the kernel/03:25
doug__arrrghhh,  thank you so much for all ur help with fstab and the mounting.03:25
arrrghhhdoug__, np.03:25
chris_osxarrrghhh: ok thanks03:25
tom_incognito: yeah, done that many times ... never really debugged though03:25
incognitotom_ I guess you got your work cut out for you.03:26
tom_hehe ...03:26
Rockjtom_: don't really need to "debug", you just want to see when your system starts to be stable. Only problem with going backwards in kernel revisions ....is if ubuntu 10.04 depends on functionality in newer kernels, but I doubt it tbh03:26
tom_alright, i'll do it manyally03:26
UpAllNightBrainHas Gwibber been updated for Twitters OAuth and has it been pushed to 10.04 yet.03:26
seritxawerm: was it something I said?03:26
tom_ok, I'll do it ... see you for now03:27
xanguaUpAllNightBrain:  i believe so, if not http://www.webupd8.org/2010/09/twitters-oauthpocalypse-today-upgrade.html03:27
arrrghhhis there a way i can fill my sd card with random songs from my music folder?03:28
Dejavou42I had a bit of a problem upgrading to 10.04 just now. The upgrade failed at the sl-modem package. As suggested, I ran sudo dpkg --configure -a. What should I do next to finish the upgrade?03:29
mobasherarrrghhh>> i think you need to run a awk command to search random files03:29
mobasherarrrghhh>> once searched you can have them moved in the same command03:29
arrrghhhmobasher, hrm.  i guess i don't know that much about awk.03:30
serithey can I join ubuntu now?03:30
arrrghhhserit, you're here.03:30
divertedwhats an rpm file in connection with libraries?03:30
incognitoI installed open office base on 10.04 with synaptic, and it won't launch. Anyone have and Idea what the problem is?03:30
mobasherarrrghhh>> well i guess it's never too late learn my friend :) i don't know by heart check on the net google it03:30
seritthis is unregged?03:30
IdleOneserit: no03:30
mobasherserit you need to register your nick03:31
arrrghhhmobasher, haha i'll check it out.03:31
Rockjincognito: start it from command line, see if something nifty arrives up in the terminal of debugging messages?03:31
xzwermright now when i boot up my computer and gnome has not loaded yet, the text is streched big, not nice and small like it normaly is03:31
mobasherarrrghhh>> check there is a unix forum it's great help about scripting03:31
seritbut this is ubuntu -unregged?03:31
IdleOneserit: if you want to avoid having to join #ubuntu-unregged and then joining here register your nick. /msg nickserv help register03:32
mobasherarrrghhh>> i think it's www.unix.com03:32
IdleOneserit: this is #ubuntu03:32
UbuntuLilySOmething wrong with my Video Card or Drivers.  I have an nvidia card and recently when I try to boot up suddenly everything turns red and I cant do anything, if I boot from live CD everything is fine.  How do I (From the Live CD) make my primary installation use generic video drivers?03:33
=== kevile is now known as kev
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doug__when i install this mouse curser and go use it, it works half way not all the way , i still have the white arrow sometimes. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Defender+Black?content=12614603:33
incognitoRockj do you know if the command is base database or Database? They all produce command not found03:33
Walzmy_UbuntuLily: don't use the CD, go into the grub menu and use the recovery option - repair Xorg video settings03:33
UbuntuLilyHow do I get to grub menu?03:34
IdleOneUbuntuLily: what version of ubuntu?03:34
Walzmy_UbuntuLily: when you boot up, it'll say "press esc to enter menu"03:34
xzwermwhat kind of commmands are there for fonts in the command line? no gui loaded03:34
mobasherWalzmy_>> type grub03:34
incognitoUbuntuLily what version of Ubuntu are you running03:34
IdleOneUbuntuLily: hold the shift key when booting and that will take you to the grub menu03:34
=== Veovis_AWAY is now known as veovis_muaddib
seidosUbuntuLily, i agree with IdleOne shift key should work03:35
mobasherWalzmy_>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:35
UbuntuLilycool thanx!03:35
Walzmy_Did they change how to get into grub?03:35
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:35
UbuntuLilyDo you know how I troubleshoot thsi video issue?03:35
Walzmy_mobasher: why are you telling me about grub? I"m helping that other guy03:35
xzwermany commands for fonts or even resolution in the console with no gui loaded?03:35
UbuntuLilyit doesn't seem to be an issue once I remove hardware drivers. but than I cannot ame03:36
IdleOneWalzmy_: in version before 9.10 it is ESC03:36
mobasherWalzmy_>> sorry but i thought u need to know the grub :)03:36
daddysmutcan someone points me to a good website comparing fedora and ubuntu ? I would like to install a linux on my desktop after having no linux desktop since 5 years03:37
Rockjincognito: oobase starts open office base03:37
asymptoteis there a logfile for vino-server to see what ip address is logging into my machine?03:38
incognitodaddysmut just do a dual boot and compare them, but Ubuntu is definitely better03:38
daddysmutincognito: will try both yes, what makes you feel ubuntu a better distro ?03:39
teolicyHi. I've made a minor mistake in /etc/fstab (edited one of my _data_, not root, filesystems' entry, and used the whole device (/dev/sdX) rather than the partition (/dev/sdX1)). Now as my server boots, mountall shouts about being unable to mount the filesystem (understandably); but the server is hung, I get no prompt on the console, and I get no ssh. What gives?03:39
seritok lets see then03:39
incognitodaddysmut do a dual boot with three partitions and share the home folder, or run ubuntu base and fedora in a virtual machine or visa versa03:39
andyBB hi, i'm having an issue sshing to my machine, seems like an ssh config problem http://pastebin.com/3KG3vWmb03:39
incognitodaddysmut ubuntu is continually improving it's desktop user friendliness03:40
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incognitodaddysmut fedora is more geared for the long time techie user03:41
AegNuddelMy sister needs to know the command for disk checking...03:41
Kane_Hartdoes this crontab -e file look right?03:41
Kane_Hart0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/godcraft/backup/backup.sh03:41
incognitoRockj thanks03:41
xjkxi have a lot of hidden files in a directory, i'd like to move them all to a single folder, but mv .* folder doesn't seem to be the way03:41
DulakAegNuddel: fsck03:41
daddysmutincognito: good enough !03:41
daddysmutincognito: will try both :) and make my choice but thanks for that initial lead03:41
incognitodaddysmut my pleasure03:42
AegNuddeldulak, thanks03:42
incognitoRockj I get no response at all when I enter oobase, same as clicking the link under applications.03:43
AegNuddelDulak, does she need to put anything after it?03:44
lulu7xjkx: are you sure they are not moving?03:44
incognitoRockj I guess I'll have to go to Micro$hi# to do my db diagrams for now. Maybe I'll try it on my 8.04 server install.03:46
xjkxlulu7: yes03:46
DulakAegNuddel: it will by default check every filesystem03:46
AegNuddelDulak, all it said was fsck 1.41.4(27-Jan-2009)03:46
xjkxlulu7: wait, no, they moved, but gave some error messages03:46
asymptoteis there a logfile for vino-server to see what ip address is logging into my machine?03:46
lulu7xjkx: Mine did the same but still moved the files. I am not sure how to prevent the message but the feature worked03:47
DulakAegNuddel: what version of ubuntu is this?03:47
xjkxlulu7: my fear is that it cause something bad, as . is also used to refer to the previous folder, but i tried with a sample folder and it worked fine, at least as far as i can see, you don't think it messes with files do you ?03:47
Kane_Hart<Kane_Hart> does this crontab -e file look right?03:48
Kane_Hart<Kane_Hart> 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/godcraft/backup/backup.sh03:48
Kurzweil /msg nickserv register Hogsmeade m.barr@mac.com03:48
lulu7xjkx: actually .. is the up command. The single . is "this directory" or "hidden" depending how you apply it03:48
Rockjincognito: for db diagrams you could try dia.03:48
DulakAegNuddel: you can specify the filesystem by giving it to fsck, like: "fsck /dev/sda1"03:48
ricoshello, i have intel4965 card on my thinkpad, but it does not work :( i have WPA.03:49
xjkxlulu7: oh yea, i somehow confused them, thanks, I think it's deadly safe then03:49
DulakAegNuddel: you prolly want to be in recovery mode, and you can see the filesystems to give to fsck with: 'sudo fdisk -l'03:49
ricosshould wpa+wireless not work out of the box?03:50
DulakAegNuddel: don't run fsck on a filesystem that is mounted03:50
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
ricosi only use windows before03:50
teolicyugh! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-release-notes/+bug/510415 <- nasty03:50
lulu7xjkx: I believe to be safe you can even option it out by adding "\" for example: mv \.* instead03:50
AegNuddelDulak, ok trying to help my sister...not on mine03:51
incognitoRockj cool I'll check it out03:51
xjkxlulu7: oh, thanks. by the way, i just remembered that .* also fits ..* that's why i was worried then, but I'll use this "\", anyway, thanks a lot03:52
teolicyI've recently installed a lucid (10.4) server. How can I get to grub's prompt during boot? I get no chance to hit ESC or something like that.03:52
sinmanis there anyone here that runs multiple linux OS's?03:52
evaryontAnyone know how to use the TPM chip with Linux?03:53
noob_Hey, I dowloaded the souce code of the linux kernel, how do I view it? I am not intersted in modifing it I just want to see ti03:53
noob_Is there anybody there?03:55
ilovefairuznoob_: tar xvf03:56
intel352hey guys, does anyone know how i can repair a malfunctioning bash history (or the generic server history, not sure which is screwed)03:57
xjkxsinman: used to03:59
noob_<ilovefairuz> Forgive my ignorance, I'm new to linux but what directory is the souce code in03:59
ilovefairuznoob_: how did you download it?03:59
noob_<ilovefairuz> udo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.3204:00
Dwade09arrrghhh,  im back04:00
Loshkinoob_: if you downloaded it correctly, it's probably in /usr/src/something....04:00
Izinucsintel352: perhaps restart bash with "exec bash"04:00
xjkxnoob_: you can also download it at kernel.org04:00
intel352Izinucs, i've restarted the server even :-\04:01
Izinucsnoob_: what source code.. the linux source? kernel, program ???04:01
ilovefairuzintel352: 'history -c' will clear history and start a fresh one04:01
Izinucsintel352: weird.. no idea04:01
ChogyDannoob_: maybe you can try dpkg -L linux-source-2.6.3204:02
ilovefairuznoob_: dpkg --listfile linux-source-2.6.32 | less04:02
sinmanusing the synaptic to get software, if i put a check mark in the box to download package files only, where do they go04:02
noob_<Izinucs> the kernel04:02
intel352ilovefairuz, any idea what coudl be causing history to fubar in teh first place?04:02
Loshkisinman: usually into /var/cache/apt/archive...04:02
Izinucsnoob_: you could download directly I think from http://packages.ubuntu.com04:02
intel352ilovefairuz, as i'd rather not lose history if i can help it04:02
dsnydersgreezmunkey, Hi.  That procedure for expanding the boot floppy image worked like a charm.04:02
ilovefairuzintel352: .bash_history file corrupted?04:02
ChogyDannoob_: what are you trying to do in general?04:03
sinmanLoshki: thanxs04:03
intel352ilovefairuz, it's readable, but it's recorded same command w/ same timestamp multiple times, and then no more cmd logs04:03
intel352recorded exit a large number of times04:03
noob_<ChogyDan> I just want to see some of linux's source code. I am new to linux and programming04:03
intel352originally it had recorded ls -al (ad nauseum), then exit (ad nauseum), i manually edited to see if removing it fixed anything04:03
intel352it didn't04:04
ChogyDannoob_: hmm, well if that doesn't work out, try a tutorial in python programming.04:04
sinmanis there a alternate install disk iso for ubuntu instead of the live disk iso?04:04
Loshkinoob_: is it not in /usr/src/linux-2.6.32 or some such?04:04
Izinucssinman: yes04:04
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:04
noob_<ChogyDan> I know a small bit of C but that is all04:04
moodyhi everyone, im having a problem installing a software package, done it many times before, but this time, it seems that in php require_once() isn't handling a file path well.  seems that it doesn't handle a // in a path, worked in every other install on other servers before04:05
Izinucssinman: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download04:05
ilovefairuzintel352: 'history -w' will write the history stack from memory to the file overwriting it04:05
moodyanyone got any ideas or suggestions?04:05
xjkxwhats the best option for crypting files with password04:05
intel352ilovefairuz, i've already got history logging live to the file04:06
intel352well, it was at least04:06
intel352no more logging, and scrollback is same04:06
masterBIGwillywhat's the packages for the keyboard shortcuts ?04:06
ilovefairuzintel352: so new commands aren't being written to the history file?04:06
intel352ilovefairuz, correct04:06
carlginteresting security check thing, lol04:06
intel352or scrollback04:06
intel352it's been like this for 2 days or so04:07
intel352and server reboot doesn't correct04:07
intel352i've only made to modifications that would affect bash and/or history04:07
intel3521 colorized the shell, other modified history to log live, and extend # recorded cmds04:08
noob_<ChogyDan> It is proabably a bit premature of me to be looking at the kernel source code on second thoughts, I must really improve my programming. I know c up untill structs, file handling, and the likes04:08
ilovefairuzintel352: echo $HISTCONTORL04:08
ilovefairuz!enter | intel35204:08
ubottuintel352: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:08
moodyhi everyone, im having a problem installing a software package, done it many times before, but this time, it seems that in php require_once() isn't handling a file path well.  seems that it doesn't handle a // in a path, worked in every other install on other servers before04:09
intel352ilovefairuz, ignoredups:ignorespace04:09
ChogyDannoob_: the kernel is fairly advanced by most standards.  Python is a much better general purpose language.  All you c knowledge will be useful in python...  Python is just the place to start with ubuntu programming04:09
ilovefairuzintel352: echo $HISTFILE04:10
sinmanif i do the 64bit ubuntu install will i be able find applications for it like I can with the 32 bit version04:10
intel352ilovefairuz, /root/.bash_history04:10
ilovefairuzmoody: elaborate and in detail04:10
Izinucssinman: yes.. but flash can be a little flakey sometimes..04:10
carlgso im trying to customize my cursor pointer, just to make it from small to large and switch to DMZ Black -- now when I select the cursor theme i want, the cursor doesnt change. although the cursor changes when hovering over window-resize points and while loading -- basically the main pointer has not changed as I had wanted it to... how can i fix this?04:11
sinmanIzinucs: k thought i would give the 64bit ubuntu a try04:11
ilovefairuzintel352: what exactly did you change in the bash files?04:11
Izinucssinman: I run 64 bit kubuntu on the desktop and 32 bit ubuntu on laptop04:11
moodyilovefairuz: so im installing wordpress, on first load, the wp-load.php tries to load files, it defines ABSPATH with a trailing slash, then tries to include files via require_once( ABSPATH . '/wp-includes/...')04:12
Coded1Hello all04:12
hhasseysometimes at random intervals I get this note   " bonobo-activation-server (xxxxxxx-11986): could not associate with desktop session: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-5RSDoAibbB: Connection refused" and suddenly im back at the login screen04:12
hhasseyany thoughts04:12
sinmanIzinucs: nice I'm working on getting a laptop, been working on it for the past 5 years, but want one and put linux on it04:12
moodyon any other server, it never had this problem, but im using a new vps and i get this install error due to the double / in the file path04:13
Izinucssinman: order it with linux :)04:13
moodyit would resolve to path//wp-includes/...04:13
sinmanIzinucs: I'll look into that04:13
ilovefairuzmoody: and the require fails? what's the exact error string? a double slash is not a problem04:13
intel352ilovefairuz, at end of /etc/bash.bashrc, added cmds to chagne HISTTIMEFORMAT, make history live commit cmds, increase history size04:13
IdleOneserit: yes you are in #ubuntu04:13
noob_<ChogyDan> what ides would you recommend I would like one that allows code folding04:14
cschneid_ok, total newb to ubuntu. I've got a lucid install, and am trying to install libxdo-dev, which is listed as in Maverick, universe.04:14
cschneid_What does that mean to me, how can I apt-get this04:14
moodyilovefairuz: yeah the require fails as: /var/www/mypolitician.tk//wp-includes/classes.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/site/wp-load.php on line 4604:14
ilovefairuzintel352: pastebin the file04:14
ChogyDannoob_: code folding?04:14
sinmanhave fun everyone, got some iso's to download04:14
Izinucssinman: use torrents .. they are faster04:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:14
moodyi replaced the second directory with site, that was an edit, forgot to edit both04:15
ilovefairuzmoody: and the file exists? stat /var/www/mypolitician.tk/wp-includes/classes.php04:15
moodyyes, file exists04:15
moodyhmmm or im an idiot and it doesn'04:15
sinmanIzinucs: I'll check torrents out, I know when I use to download torrents in windows they was very slow downloading04:15
noob_<ChogyDan> As in if you write a function that spans several lines you can click on it and the contents of the funciton are hiden. I believe this feature is useful04:15
moodyi thought i copied it correctly04:15
ilovefairuzmoody: type the stat command04:15
moodydoesn't cp -r ./source/*.* . copy all recursively?04:16
Izinucssinman: there's lots of seeds for the ubuntu torrent.. get the torrent from ubuntu.com04:16
moodyit should ahve been cp -r /path/to/source/* .04:16
ChogyDannoob_: hmmm, I would like that too  :(    that is a function of the IDE, and I have had terrible luck finding an IDE for ubuntu04:16
moodyilovefairuz thanks for the advice, let me try now04:16
intel352ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/491375/  (my additions are at the end, i'm pasting in my history and local rc next)04:16
ilovefairuzmoody: cp -R /path/to/foldername /path/to/newfolder  .. no need for *.*04:17
sinmanIzinucs: i will, can i the torrent for ubuntu studio from there also?04:17
lwizardlHi I need help with getting a touchscreen to work on Ubuntu. on windows it uses a 3M driver04:17
Izinucssinman: nope..04:17
Izinucslwizardl: multi-touch screen ?04:18
intel352ilovefairuz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/491376/ (.bashrc)04:18
ilovefairuzintel352: if you command these commands and test it, does it work fine?04:18
sinmanIzinucs: lol thats what i though I guess i would need to go to their site to get it right04:18
noob_<ChogyDan> A freind of mine recommend geany but I haven't tried it yet04:18
Izinucssinman: yep04:18
ilovefairuzintel352: if you comment **04:18
sinmanIzinucs: k and once again thanxs04:18
moodyilovefairuz: gotcha, i will do that04:18
lwizardlIzinucs, not sure what that means? i know the screen doesn't need a stylus to work. fingers can work as a mouse04:19
ilovefairuz!es | serit04:19
ubottuserit: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:19
intel352ilovefairuz, testing that.  btw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/491377/  << bit of what my history file looks like04:19
Coded1I have 10.04 and a hd3200 how easy is it to get video acceleration going?04:19
seritubottu: hey english is fine!04:20
lwizardlIzinucs, ok nope its not a multi touch04:20
Dr007boy, that security question was difficult04:20
ChogyDannoob_: hmm, looks interesting, thanks for the tip.  I like the little features it has.  The main feature that I would want is to be able to navigate random ubuntu projects, rather than a single file.  I'll have to see how it works.04:21
intel352ilovefairuz, i've commented the additions out, sourced the file, no difference04:21
LanksHi if i run a "find" command is there a way to output the results to the end of an already created text file?04:21
Izinucslwizardl: so one finger at a time.... sorry no idea on how to fix that.. www.ubuntuforums.org might help.. search for your model04:21
dejavou42I'm having a problem with empathy. I can't connect to google talk unless the username is at gmail.com. Does anyone know of a work around?04:21
serithey my back hurts04:22
seritlaterv guys04:22
noob_<ChogyDan> Do you know of any programming ircs, or of any useful online learning material for programming04:22
ilovefairuzintel352: log out and in04:22
MegaJabHello everyone! I'm a Ubuntu / Linux noob trying to make remote desktop from Windows to Ubuntu work... So far, I managed to make it work using vnc... but it works only when my ubuntu session is already started, I cannot start a new session from Windows... Anyone can help me with this? :)04:22
moodydejavou42: i ahve it working for my own domain via google apps standard, let me look at my settings04:22
dejavou42moody: thanks04:23
Coded1Lanks: find blah blah >> filename04:23
ChogyDannoob_: I think there are plenty of python tutorials.04:23
LanksCoded1, cheers04:23
intel352ilovefairuz, bah, that was it. okay, that greatly sucks04:23
ChogyDannoob_: there is even the http://www.pythonchallenge.com/  which will stretch your python skills04:23
intel352must be an incompatibility between centos and ubuntu on those cmds04:24
intel352crap, lost my history tho (tried that history -w, wiped out my previous cmds)04:24
moodydejavou42: okay connect port: 5222 connect server: talk.google.com file transfer proxies proxy.eu.jabber.org04:24
intel352thx tho, you saved it04:24
moodythat seems to make it work for me04:24
intel352k, off to bed, wife is yelling. i owe you a beer ilovefairuz04:24
ilovefairuzintel352: have a good night04:24
surialsudo apt-get install -s install openjdk-6-jdk prints an impressive lists of packages that'll be installed. Most of them related to X. I don't intend to use swing; I'm perfectly allright with passing -Djava.awt.headless=true everytime I fire up java. Any way I can avoid installing half of X?04:25
ilovefairuzsurial: append -headless to package name04:25
surialilovefairuz: No such package :(04:25
surialThere's a headless jre, though.04:26
surialWhich seems a bit pointless.04:26
surialor, well, no, I guess that makes sense too.04:26
dejavou42moody: hmmm, I have all the same settings except the file transfer proxy (can't figure out where that setting is) but when I try to connect from another domain other than gmail.com I get "Disconnected - Authentication Error"04:27
dejavou42moody: however, I'm positive that I typed the username and password correctly04:27
ilovefairuzsurial: looks like only jre has a  headless variant04:27
ilovefairuzsurial: openjdk-6-jre-headless04:27
noob_<ChogyDan> Cheers, the website looks really interesting. If you know any others,link them please.04:28
surialilovefairuz: Yeah. I wouldn't mind being able to compile code on the server. Hmmm...04:28
moodydejavou42: do you have ssl authentication enabled?04:28
dejavou42moody: no, but its working now. The only thing I did was sign up for a gmail account that was associated with the other account.04:29
Coded1Anyone ever got video acceleration working with an ati card?04:29
ChogyDannoob_: I don't know anything specific.  I think I just followed the tutorial on the python website04:29
IzinucsCoded1: it's really card specific.. check ati's site for compatabiliity with X.org versions04:30
moodydejavou42: cool, glad it's working now04:30
dejavou42coded1: try envy04:30
dejavou42moody: but where were you seeing the file transfer proxy?04:30
Coded1Deja ou42. Ty04:30
dejavou42coded1: np04:30
moodydejavou42: seems i got it mixed up, i was using pidgin for my google apps chat04:30
moodybut let me try to set up on empathy04:30
moodyi am running empathy for aim, i'll try to config for google04:31
ilovefairuz!info ecj | surial, you could use that04:31
ubottusurial,: ecj (source: ecj): standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.1-1 (lucid), package size 9 kB, installed size 80 kB04:31
noob_<ChogyDan> There seems to be a lot of resources online . Would you recommend that I learn any other languages.04:31
serithey so is this ubuntu?04:31
ilovefairuz!hi | serit04:32
ubottuserit: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:32
surialilovefairuz: ecj is just a mostly incompatible replacement for javac. There's more to the JDK than javac alone.04:32
serithehe  well I got dumped into unrgged04:32
ChogyDannoob_: you only need to start with one, then learn as needed04:32
ChogyDannoob_: they all share the same basics04:33
ilovefairuzsurial: I know but if what you're looking for is a compiler (as you've stated) it may just do the job04:33
PresuntoRJsurial: you could try enabling the "partner" repository and install sun-java6-jdk04:33
PresuntoRJsurial: although most of the time, openjdk could do the job04:33
surialPresuntoRJ: Was trying to look at that. Trying to figure out how to add non-free to my sources.list04:33
noob_<ChogyDan> Thank you for your help04:34
surialJust tossing non-free at the end of a deb line doesn't seem to work for some reason.04:34
PresuntoRJsurial: I assume you don't have GUI, do you?04:34
surialPresuntoRJ: amazon AWS instance.04:34
ilovefairuz!partner | surial04:34
ubottusurial: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:34
surialI guess I could try to run xvnc, but, I'd never use it.04:34
surialah, I see.04:34
PresuntoRJsurial: non-free is not UBUNTU standard reposiroty destiny... only Debian04:34
surialubottu: Muchos gracias.04:34
moodydejavou42: you have to choose jabber client, not google talk client04:34
surialPresuntoRJ: Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Apologies; my home server is a debian and not an ubuntu box and I got the two tangled up.04:35
PresuntoRJsurial: ubottu is a software, ;)04:35
moodydejavou42: i got it working for my empathy04:35
dejavou42moody: just for file transfers though right?04:35
IzinucsPresuntoRJ: surial ubottu is a bot04:35
ilovefairuz!brain | surial04:35
ubottusurial: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:35
surialPresuntoRJ: It's late :P04:35
moodydejavou42: no, for chatting on my domain via google04:36
PresuntoRJilovefairuz: which means, its a software... :D04:36
dejavou42moody: gotcha, thanks!04:36
moodydejavou42: you got it?04:36
ilovefairuzPresuntoRJ: that's degrading! ubottu is not merely a piece of code! haha04:36
dejavou42moody: I got it working under google talk04:37
moodydejavou42: create a new jabber account, login user@yourdomain.com with your password04:37
PresuntoRJsurial: to your /etc/apt/sources.list , add (or uncomment if its there) the line: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner  (assuming you are using 10.04)04:37
moodydejavou42: advanced > encryption required (TLS/SSL) & ignore ssl certificate errors, server: talk.google.com port: 522204:37
PresuntoRJsurial: than $ sudo apt-get update04:37
surialWell, sun-java6-jdk installs less packages, but is still shooting for x11-common. But that's probably okay; even in headless mode you can e.g. render images and the like, I would need some font dbs for that.04:37
PresuntoRJsurial: some new packages might be available, including sun-java6 ones04:38
dejavou42moody: as a google talk account. I just had to create a gmail address to go along side my regular e-mail address04:38
ilovefairuzsurial: it's swing04:38
moodydejavou42: cool :)04:39
surialWell, yes, I get that. I don't need it though. In fact, -Djava.awt.headless=true is rather extreme, it'll also stop you from using java.awt or javax.swing classes to for example convert a jpg to a png, purely in memory. So in theory there's no need even for x11-common.04:39
PresuntoRJ!partner | surial04:39
ubottusurial: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:39
Four2zerohey all, does ubuntu server edition come with openssh preconfigured already once you installed ubuntu server ?04:40
Coded1Where is my xorg.conf file?04:40
renedoxFour2zero: yes04:40
renedoxCoded1: /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:40
xanguaCoded1: there is no xorg.conf since jaunty/karmic04:41
dejavou42moody: thanks for the help!04:41
Four2zerorenedox, can i tell if its already up and running ?04:41
Coded1I'm following this http://linux-tipps.blogspot.com/2010/06/setting-up-vaapi-hardware-accelerated.html04:41
renedoxFour2zero: yes, check if the process exists04:42
surialis there a search engine for ubuntu packages like debian.org has?04:42
Coded1For video acceleration and apparently it's for 10.0404:42
renedoxFour2zero: ps -A | grep sshd04:42
Fendarilhow do i get ubuntu to detect wireless on my dell laptop04:42
whosjoseFendaril: does the wireless device gets detected?04:42
Four2zerorenedox, nothing comes back04:42
ilovefairuzsurial: it's probably because  there are some graphical tools included with -jdk04:42
whosjosewhats a good dvd burner?04:43
VonorFendaril, it should be detected on it's own, rightclick the networkmanager applet in the panel and see if you can configure it04:43
Fendarilwhosjose: what panel04:43
renedoxFour2zero: hm.. weird, you'll have to install it then04:43
Vonorwhosjose, cdrecord/dvdrecord (commandline)04:43
ilovefairuzFendaril: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network04:43
Four2zerowith apt-get or synaptic04:43
PresuntoRJFendaril: most likely you need a proprietary driver also, try the Hardware Driver applet on the system/admin menu04:43
ilovefairuz!paste | Fendaril04:43
ubottuFendaril: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:43
renedoxFour2zero: file isn't that big so it shouldn't take that long04:43
crohakonAre their any good linux/ubuntu alternatives for cakewalk sonar?04:44
whosjoseVonor: what command lines? I'm not an expert in linux04:44
FendarilI am on my desktop04:44
Vonorwhosjose, nvm then, use brasero :)04:44
Fendarilso i do not know you can get what info you need04:44
PresuntoRJ!best | crohakon04:44
renedoxFour2zero: either is fine, synaptic is just the front end of apt-get04:44
ubottucrohakon: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:44
ilovefairuzwhosjose: brasero ships with ubuntu04:44
Fendarilsudo lashw -C network04:45
whosjosemplex (GStreamer plugin)04:45
whosjosedvdauthor (application).04:45
ilovefairuzFendaril: it's: sudo lshw -C network04:45
whosjosewhere can i get those plugins?04:45
etherealitein my .bashrc how do I keep this line -> if [ $(tty) == "/dev/tty1" ]; then startx fi       #from causing the following error when i log into a new vt -> X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.04:45
ilovefairuz!terminal | Fendaril04:45
ubottuFendaril: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:45
Fendarilwill it help even tho I am not on ubuntu04:45
ilovefairuzFendaril: what are you using?04:46
Fendarililovefairuz: I do everything in terminal. Even irc04:46
Fendarililovefairuz: my laptop cannot get online with ubuntu04:46
Fendarililovefairuz: desktop can since I am wired with that04:46
ilovefairuzFendaril: what variant are you using?04:46
Fendarililovefairuz: laptop uses wireless04:46
Four2zerorenedox i just need the openssh server and not the client correct, client will be on windows704:46
PresuntoRJcrohakon: there are a lot of alternatives, with better results on some aspects and worse in others... you could try them all till you find what you are looking for... I do recall lmms, jokosher and rosegarden out of my head... there are others still04:46
Vonorfor those who have no idea what the command line / terminal / shell is....imagine it like a very very very powerful dos prompt :P04:47
renedoxFour2zero: yes04:47
ilovefairuzFendaril: what distro are you using ?04:47
Fendarililovefairuz: UBUNTU04:47
mobasherVonor>> lol04:47
etherealitein my .bashrc how do I keep this line -> if [ $(tty) == "/dev/tty1" ]; then startx fi       #from causing the following error when i log into a new vt -> X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.04:47
renedoxFour2zero: unless of course, you're planning on using ssh on that computer to access another one04:47
Fendarililovefairuz: I said I am wired with a cable with my desktop04:47
ilovefairuzFendaril: you just asked if it will help even though you're NOT on ubuntu04:47
Fendarililovefairuz: my laptop uses wireless and I cant get online04:47
Fendarililovefairuz: No I did not04:47
ilovefairuzFendaril: "will it help even tho I am not on ubuntu"04:48
Fendarililovefairuz: anyway no way to get info about my laptop when its offline04:48
Four2zerorenedox im running ubuntu-server and would like to access via ssh from windows, for homenetwork.04:48
renedoxFour2zero: in that case, you just need the server04:49
Four2zerok, thanks04:49
etherealiteFour2zero install openssh-server04:49
Four2zeroetherealite, i have, thanks04:49
etherealitein my .bashrc how do I keep this line -> if [ $(tty) == "/dev/tty1" ]; then startx fi       #from causing the following error when i log into a new vt -> X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.04:50
whosjoseI need two plugins, mplex and dvdauthor how can i get them?04:50
Fendarililovefairuz: I heard laptop wireless cards should be detected04:51
mobasherwhosjose>> i think dvd author is in snyptic04:51
whosjosedvdauthor is04:51
whosjosei need now mplex04:51
mobasherwhosjose>> apt-get install mjpegtools04:53
mobasherwhosjose>> it should also be there mjpegtools04:53
whosjosegot it04:53
mobasherwhosjose>> in snaptics04:53
whosjoselet me see if i can burn04:53
picard1400hey guys quick question where are the .desktop files located for hte login profiles04:54
picard1400i have for example: gnome, xfailsafe.. where are thse .desktop files located..  (they are ones that appear afte chosing username before password on the login menu>?04:55
whosjosemplex plugin is still not installed04:55
whosjosemplex (GStreamer plugin) not instilled :(04:55
erdnaseGood morning, I'm here again with a question. :P A few weeks ago, I encrypted some files on windows. And then I accidentally lost my encryption certificates to decrypt it. Is there a way for me to brute force it here in linux?04:57
ilovefairuzwhosjose: gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad04:57
whosjoselets give this another try04:58
CaneToadIs anybody else having regular X lockups in 10.04?  It used to work ok, but something in recentish updates has broken something.04:58
ilovefairuzerdnase: you lost your private key? good luck with that04:58
whosjoseits already installed04:58
erdnaseilovefairuz, Yeah, and I'm like. wth. >_>04:58
erdnaseilovefairuz, I don't think I can brute force a windows encryption, not with todays computers, I think. I hope I can.04:59
surialD'oh. I'm an idiot - did some apt-get work on a remote server without using screen and the connection crapped out. Is that bad?04:59
ilovefairuzerdnase: no you can't, unless you're SETI or the NSA04:59
jellowerdnase: run disk recovery software on your hd for the key, No brute forcing is not an option.05:00
whosjoseilovefairuz: Yea, i can't install it it's already installed05:00
digitalfizcan anyone tell me a program i can use to pipe the soundcard sound to a fake mic so gtkrecordmydesktop can use it to record sound instead of my mic?05:00
PresuntoRJpicard1400: you can try to use locate to find any files, including those... ;) just make sure you have recently run the $ sudo updatedb05:00
ilovefairuzwhosjose: yeah, i'm looking,05:00
PresuntoRJpicard1400: there should be a cron for that05:00
whosjoseilovefairuz: thanks05:00
erdnasejellow, I would've done that too. But sad to say I already formatted the drive for like, more than 3 times. I tried to recover it but nothing happened.05:01
erdnaseI totally forgot that I still have some encrypted files. >_>05:01
jellowerdnase: Does not sound hopeful then , sorry to say05:02
ilovefairuzwhosjose: gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse05:02
erdnasejellow, yeah. I'll just store this file (fortunately its on my external hd), and wait for a few decades, lol.05:03
PresuntoRJ!locate | picard140005:03
ubottupicard1400: locate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb05:03
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IdleOne!nickspam > Wi1d_eat05:06
ubottuWi1d_eat, please see my private message05:06
whosjoseUnsupported type of task operation05:06
ilovefairuzpicard1400: http://standards.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html05:07
whosjoseI'm burning an AVI file why is the type of file isn't support?05:07
Nozyhi all05:07
xsachahey guys ive set up a vnc server on my ubuntu. now when i try to remote in to that computer either with a desktop viewer or a java viewer, i cant press or toggle the 'shift' key.. for eg, i can't press ':' key it will appear as ';'05:08
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ilovefairuzwhosjose: are you making a video CD or just burning the file to it?05:09
ilovefairuz!hi | Nozy05:10
ubottuNozy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:10
whosjoseilovefairuz: video CD05:10
Nozyhi ilovefairuz05:10
ilovefairuzwhosjose: that's all what you get in the error message?05:11
Four2zerorenedox, hahah im not able to sudo or use apt-get when connected via ssh to execute a command ?05:12
ilovefairuzwhosjose: looks vaguely related but try installing icedax05:12
Four2zerosuch as sudo apt-get install proftpd05:12
ilovefairuzwhosjose: it's mentioned in a bug report05:12
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ilovefairuzWi1d_away: fix your IRC client05:13
ilovefairuzwhosjose: yeah: sudo apt-get install icedax05:13
etherealitethe fan is going out of control on my dell latitude d600. Any way to fix this?05:13
whosjosegiving it a try now05:13
xsachawhat channel would i go to for vnc help?05:14
rafteretherealalite: feed the hamster05:14
etherealiterafter huh?05:16
etherealiterafter oooooh05:17
Four2zerodoes anyone know how to execute commands with ssh via putty, im trying to sudo apt-get install package05:17
dsnydersFour2zero, You just type them in05:18
Four2zeroInvalid operation proftpd05:18
rwwyou forgot "install"05:18
rwwT-Co: Try #ubuntu-offtopic05:19
rafteretherealalite:the fan may need cleaning05:19
Four2zerooh wow. how did i over look that piece of info...thanks05:19
T-Corww, You can't see the loose relation?-)05:19
rwwT-Co: It's not an Ubuntu support question, so no ;P\05:19
dsnydersrww, I got the chat registration problem sorted.  I needed to enter my password into the server settings on my client.05:19
etherealiterafter fan doesn't spin in windows xp.05:20
T-CoSpeaking of support questions. Anyone having trouble with USB in 10.04?05:20
ilovefairuz!details | T-Co05:21
ubottuT-Co: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:21
T-CoI'm getting there, don't be so hasty05:21
rafteretherealalite:which fan the cpu or the graphic chipetherealalite:n fa05:21
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T-CoMy mouse does this http://pastebin.com/GVygvPjA05:22
Four2zeroIf i run proftpd from inetd05:22
T-CoAnd when I connect i.e. my DSLR it takes forever to 1) start moving the picture 2) actually move the picture. And the estimates in GUI are nothing near the truth05:22
mobasheranyone tried gentoo ??05:23
rwwmobasher: the Linux distribution?05:24
ilovefairuzT-Co: and the mouse doesn't work?05:24
mobasherrww> yea05:24
rwwmobasher: try #gentoo05:24
T-Coilovefairuz, It stops moving for a second or too (waiting for the USB to reconnect or something)05:24
mobasheri know ...just asking ..cuz i'm installing in virutalbox05:24
mobasher140 packages left to isntall for X lol05:25
ilovefairuzT-Co: what's your DSLR's USB ID in lsusb05:25
gopshello world05:25
digitalfizcan anyone tell me a program i can use to pipe the soundcard sound to a fake mic so gtkrecordmydesktop can use it to record sound instead of my mic?05:25
mobasherhello gops05:25
T-Coilovefairuz, Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04a9:31ea Canon, Inc.05:26
T-CoBus 007 Device 006: ID 046d:c025 Logitech, Inc. MX500 Optical Mouse05:27
gopshai mobsher, i cannot mount my mobile phone in kubuntu05:27
gopsplease help05:27
ilovefairuzT-Co: zero google hits for its ID.. that's something!05:27
mobashergops>> do a lsusb and post it to pastebin05:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:28
xjkxi installed the nvidia software and now my resolution is bigger than it should :S05:28
T-Coilovefairuz, 00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) USB UHCI Controller #105:28
x-izzyhi everyone05:28
mobashergops>>  how did you connect it thru usb right ?05:28
T-Coilovefairuz, 1-6 controllers05:29
ilovefairuzT-Co: i was looking for the Canon's05:29
gopsmobasher>> check it http://pastebin.com/qVuFgim005:29
T-Coilovefairuz, Yeah05:29
x-izzymy computer shows multiple boot menu after i updated any help?05:29
croivzebaxjkx: system -> preference -> monitors05:29
mobashergops>>  you connected thru usb right ?05:30
mobashergops>> what kind of phone is it ?05:30
croivzebax-izzy: you mean multiple boot entries with different kernel numbers?05:30
gopsmobasher>> its samsung GT560305:30
JRummy16 [   <--- is that a command within the sh shell?05:31
xjkxcroivzeba: it asks me for use the nvidia thing and i say yes, then in the options there i see 640x480 and  320x240, both of them are bad, can't i add the normal ones ? :>05:31
mobashergops>> i don't see it in your lsub ..is it Bus 002 Device 006: ID 05c6:1000 Qualcomm, Inc.05:32
morticiI have a strange issue, i can browse the web fine in Ubuntu, but i can't ping any web address, i just get a Destination Port Unreachable05:32
rwwJRummy16: yes05:32
morticiFor instance i can go to www.cnn.com but i can't ping www.cnn.com05:32
x-izzycroivzeba yes05:32
x-izzycroivzeba an older one and a new updated one05:33
mobashermortici>> server block ping requests05:33
gopsmobasher>> check the output of the dmesg http://pastebin.com/UtsM11eD05:33
whosjoseilovefairuz: same problem05:34
ilovefairuzwhosjose: close and re-open brasero05:34
whosjosedone did that05:34
croivzebax-izzy: system -> administration -> synaptic package manger, hit status at the bottom and then installed; type in linux-image and find the older kernel. then select complete removal and they should be gone05:35
ilovefairuzwhosjose: same exactly error?05:35
croivzebaupon reboot05:35
mobashergops>> sometimes the phones are understood as a modem device and due to that they are mounted as modems not storage devices05:35
x-izzycroivzeba thanks05:36
gopsmobasher>> wat can i do now to mount my phone, its happening only in kubuntu , in my debian lenny [same pc] its working fine05:37
gopsping mobasher05:39
message144gops, is it a touchpad or is it a rotary phone?05:40
whosjoseilovefairuz: nothing works, any ideas?05:41
gopsmobasher, its touch phone05:42
andyBB hi, i'm having an issue sshing to my machine, seems like an ssh config problem http://pastebin.com/3KG3vWmb05:42
mobashergops>> Pm me the fdisk -l05:42
kermitnytime i dotn shut down properly, all sorts of settings for variosu apps get lost or corrupted .. like skype, chrome, gnome, pointer settings05:42
Balsaqubuntu 10.04 installed normall an ran well, then the updates came and it crashed and ruined the install. had to delete the partiton?05:43
Balsaqreinstalled..same thing again...05:43
gopsmobasher >> out put of fdisk http://pastebin.com/HCerAzJ105:44
Balsaqis there something abouot putting ubuntu 1004 on its own partition, separate from windows that wrecks the updates?05:45
jellowBalsaq: no05:45
Balsaqi didnt think so05:45
gopsmobasher: fulldetails of the phone http://bit.ly/9Pyvdp05:46
Balsaqlow ram maybe jellow?05:46
Balsaqi have 512 rdram05:46
jellowBalsaq: ubuntu is not light with gnome and compiz , have a look at system monitor05:46
Balsaqit was topped right out05:47
jellowBalsaq: but this should not directly affect updates05:47
soreaujellow: compiz is as light as the effects enabled and how well the graphics driver handles them05:47
Balsaqi dont use compiz05:47
soreaucompiz itself does not use very many resources at all05:47
Balsaqand it happened with the nvidia drivee and the gnome driver05:47
jellowi've always felt a slow down when using compiz05:48
brandoneyI'm trying to setup private DHCP net and public static net on the same ethernet.05:48
soreaujellow: then your graphics driver is lacking my friend ;)05:48
brandoneyuverse route won't accept 2 IPs on same mac,05:48
soreauand / or gpu05:48
jellowsoreau: yes would not suprise me05:48
drewbertHi, I am trying to watch netflix in a windows virtual machine using virtualbox.  The videos won't unpause.  Does anyone know anything about this?05:48
brandoneyhow do I use a different mac for virtual interface eth0:1 ?05:48
Balsaqthe same computer runs 904 perfect?05:48
jellowbrandoney: look at macchanger , sudo macchanger -r eth005:49
jellowwill set a random mac05:49
morticimobasher: its on every site i try to ping05:50
brandoneycool, thanks.  I can aways count on #ubuntul05:50
mobashermortici>> use nmap instead05:50
morticimobasher: issue is that i can't repo any git repo's it can't resolve the address.05:51
whosjoseany other Video DVD burners?05:51
morticimobasher: apt-get runs fine05:51
morticimobasher: something is a miss here, i should still be able to ping addresses05:52
mobashermortici>> did you instal firewall ?05:52
morticinot that i know but i could be wrong05:52
morticimobasher: how do i check what services are running05:53
mobasherps -ef | grep firestarter05:53
mobasherfirestart or there is guarddog05:53
morticimobasher: it is active05:53
mobasheraha..so that's where theproblem is05:53
morticimobasher: you are the man, how do i turn it off or remove it?05:54
mobasherapt-get remove firestarter05:54
kermithow do i enable the scrolling feature of my touchpad?  it was on, until i shut down improperly and lots of things reset their settings.05:54
mobasheror goto synaptic05:54
morticimobasher: hmmmm its not installed05:55
mobashermortici>> what made you think it was active ?05:55
mortici1000      9944  2077  0 23:53 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto firestarter05:56
mobasherso it is up05:56
morticimobasher: its listed in my service list...05:56
mobasherdo a vi on /etc/hosts05:57
rwwmortici: no, a grep command looking for the word "firestarter" is up...05:57
Balsaqjoin #linux05:58
mobasherrww>> i think that's what he was doing ..i think05:58
morticimobasher: if i do service --status-all05:59
morticimobasher: firestarter is listed...05:59
morticimobasher: nothing in /etc/hosts05:59
mneptokmortici: many hosts do not respond to ping, and many ISPs block it.05:59
mobashermortici>> did you do a grep ??05:59
morticimobasher: yeah06:00
mneptokmortici: not to mention most sane firewall configs allow responses to outgoing packets.06:00
morticimobasher: i vaguely remember installing something similar to peer guardian06:00
knollsAnyone know quickly where the option went in the gimp to make every pixel of my graphic black?  I used to know this, if it's irrelevant to the channel I understand.  I'm just flustered.06:00
morticimneptok: thats what i would think too. whats odd is i can go to a website in firefox, but i can't ping it...06:01
mobashermortici>> try doing a ping to www.yahoo.com06:01
mneptokmortici: many hosts do not respond to ping, and many ISPs block it. (x2)06:01
morticiPING any-fp.wa1.b.yahoo.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.06:02
morticiFrom icmp_seq=1 Destination Port Unreachable06:02
theshadowOk I have a IBM R60 with a middle button and the red joy stick I've found what may be a solution by modifying the xorg.conf file but in 10.04 the default installation doesn't have an xorg.conf06:02
theshadowI'm trying to get the scrolling working06:02
mneptokmortici: your ISP or the modem/router they provided you may block ICMP traffic06:02
mobashermortici>> do this..."wget www.yahoo.com "06:03
morticimneptok: thats what I am thinking, let me check a laptop that is running Windows 706:03
morticiindex.html saved06:03
morticiand retrieved06:03
mobasherokay so u should be fine...06:03
mobasheru're not blocked anywhere06:03
mneptokmobasher: as mortici said a browser works, one can expect wget to work.06:03
croivzeba64 bytes from ir1.fp.vip.ac4.yahoo.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=30.4 ms06:04
mneptokmortici: what is the point of pinging a site, anyway. it doesn't tell you much.06:04
mobashermortici>> why don't you nmap it ? instead of pinging it06:05
mneptoknever send ping to do traceroute's job.06:05
theshadowI think I asked that horribly. I'm trying to get the middle button/scroll working on an IBM r60. The solution I found requires a modification to the xorg.conf file but by default 10.04 doesn't produce the file and I can't find where in the GUI and settings to perform the equivilent06:05
morticimneptok: when i try to do a repo init -u git://blahh.com/blahhh/blah.git it fails06:05
mneptokmortici: so use a known working git repo before blaming the network.06:06
morticiwhen i ping from windows 7 it works fine....06:06
morticimneptok: gotcha let me try a valid repo06:06
sacarlsontheshadow:  I think you can manualy create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.  when you install propraitary drivers the installer normaly creates one.06:07
morticimneptok: same issue..:android.git.kernel.org[0:]: errno=Connection refused06:07
morticibut i can go to android.git.kernel.org and download indvidual files.....06:07
kermitthere's a window in the middle of my screen that's always on top and i can't make it go away.. it says "type to search" with a magnifying glass.06:07
theshadowsacarlson: yea when I installed this laptop it didn't need any restricted drivers :P06:07
sacarlsontheshadow: as far as your mouse normaly you can change settings for it in System>preferences>mouse06:09
theshadowsacarlson: yea I found that but none of the settings equate to setting Option "EmulateWheel" "true" Option "EmulateWheelButton" "2" in the xorg06:09
Balsaqhas there been a lot of issues getting 1004 to update?06:10
Balsaqi have read everyting i can find06:10
sacarlsontheshadow: this looks like what you need to create a config file and modify it the way you want it. http://www.osguides.net/operation-systems/217-how-to-create-xorgconf-in-ubuntu-910.html06:11
morticimobasher: moblock might be the issue06:11
morticimobasher: you are the man thank you, i can ping away now :D06:12
mobasheru did it all brother :)06:12
morticimobasher: you gave me the idea :D thank you very much, i completely forgot i installed that software, i remembered peerguardian, then moblock06:13
mobashermortici>> glad i could be of any help :)06:13
morticiyou were!06:13
mobasherthank u ;) enjoy :)06:14
theshadowscarter4: ty06:14
theshadowsacarlson: ty06:14
whosjoseany other Video DVD burners?06:17
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morticimobasher: ahh the joy of a repo syncing :D06:20
Emanonok ubuntu 10.04 gwibber doesnt work for facebook why and how can i fix that if it can be fixed?06:23
Emanonquiet in the channel tonight06:31
Emanondo i have everyone on ignore or something?06:31
VampHello all.06:32
richardcavellHi folks.  I'm running Ubuntu Lucid inside VirtualBox on OS X.  It's running on a virtual hard disk image.  I recently changed the boot hard disk image in order to increase its size.  The old hard disk image was a SATA image.  The new one is IDE.  I didn't do that deliberately - I was just following instructions.  Now when Ubuntu boots, it gives me the message: drive for UUID=xxxx is not ready yet or not... (wraps off end of screen) belo06:32
richardcavellthe Ubuntu logo.  But it boots anyway.06:32
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iflemarichardcavell the old swap partition uuid??06:34
richardcavelliflema: Ah, now that could be it.  What I did was I increased the size of the Ubuntu partition and I deleted the old swap partition and made a new one06:34
iflemarichardcavell fstab may still be looking for theold one.....06:35
Emanonsok it never detects my swap partition on boot but it always uses it fine anyways06:35
Emanonit just takes a lil bit to initialize it06:35
Emanonand im running native06:35
richardcavellAll I did was create a partition within gparted of type 'linux-swap' and I labelled it 'Swap'06:35
VampI'll be back.06:36
Emanonyea my swap is on an encrypted lvm so that might be it for me06:36
richardcavellI just looked at /etc/fstab and sure enough it has the old UUID and some text that tells me it's looking for the old swap partition06:37
richardcavellCan I just delete that line in fstab?06:37
Emanonso any ideas why facebook doesnt work in gwibber?06:37
richardcavellShould I put in the new swap partition, or can Ubuntu find it and use it anyway?06:37
iflemarichardcavell the system will go with whats infstab i belive.... ina terminal use thecommand   free    and see if is swap is being used06:38
iShawnWVamp: I was messing around in another channel06:39
richardcavellHmmm no, it's not using any swap at all06:40
richardcavellOkay let me reboot06:40
richardcavellhello tux06:40
incognito_when I install tightvnc, it does not create an xstartup file in the .vnc directory, so that I can tell it what wm to use. does anyone know how to deal with this issue?06:40
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qdbhello. i have made sudo apt-get source Packagename --download-only  and where it is now ? it is not in /var/cache/apt/archives06:41
iflemarichardcavell why not spin a livecd, test sys specs, install, enjoy?? =)06:41
richardcavelliflema: I'm already installed06:42
x-izzyneed a good image editor06:42
icerootx-izzy: gimp06:42
liami installed a program as root via cli but cant access it using my normal user account. What is the directory the program would have installed to?06:42
richardcavelliflema: No I fixed it.  All I had to do was to edit /etc/fstab to update the UUID to the new swap partition06:42
richardcavelleasy peasy06:42
iflemarichardcavell goodone06:42
icerootliam: dpkg -L packagename06:42
bsmith093UUIDs suck why do they even exist again?06:43
EmanonUUID's rock06:43
icerootliam: or "which programname"06:43
Emanonthey allow it to disregard the /dev/sd* designation06:43
bsmith093Emanon: seriously though why?06:43
Emanonand look for a drive based on an address only it will have no matter where it is plugged in06:43
bsmith093but thats so much easier to remember that 4389479380djgjirih7895974306:43
liamiceroot: i didnt install it using package manager. I installed it using a .sh file06:44
Emanonso if i have /boot on a removable drive (which i do) i can plug it in anywhere and it will work06:44
incognito_liam what program did you install06:44
liamincognito_: netbeans06:44
Emanonsince it doesnt look for the normal port designated or time of insertion designated address06:44
Emanonbut the unique identifying number of THAT DEVICE06:44
Emanonalso means you can more easily use a portable filesystem (like a full install on a usb drive)06:45
incognitoliam are you a programmer, are you familiar with linux ubuntu?06:45
goddarddid ubuntu do something to the system menu? I don't have my shut down menu item any more06:46
liamincognito: yes iam but ive never really bothered to read up on what all the directories are for and this includes where programs are installed.06:46
incognitoanyone familiar with tight vnc06:46
goddardits tight06:46
incognitoliam are you familiar with the whereis command?06:47
Emanonliam the executable for most things will install to /usr/bin06:47
liamincognito: no06:47
Emanoncheck /usr/bin/netbeans06:47
Emanoneven .sh's respect that06:47
Emanonand next time dont just make, install06:48
Emanonmake, checkinstall (slashdot says its cool)06:48
incognitoliam type "whereis netbeans" in the command line without the quotes, and it will show you where netbeans is.06:48
Emanonor install netbeans from the repo06:48
Flannelliam: If you installed it with something outside of a package manager, it *should* be installed to /usr/local/bin (with its support files being elsewhere in /usr/local/*) or to /opt/*06:48
liamenanon: /usr/bin hasnt got any dirs06:48
qdbsolved should be in apt conf06:48
Emanonit wouldnt be a directory it would be an executable liam06:49
Emanonthe directory would be in /usr/lib with the rest of the library files06:49
incognitoliam then if you are willing to search with your file manager you might be able to find the program. I've done it that way before, but it can be tedious06:49
surialInstalling either sun-java6-jdk or openjdk-6-jdk will completely hang the server on update-alternatives: using /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/jexec to provide /usr/bin/jexec (jexec) in auto mode. When I attempt to SSH in, it'll get as far as "connection established" and just freeze there. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?06:49
Emanonor just read the script you used and see where it put everything06:49
Besogongood morning guys. How can I connect to Personal File Sharing using Windows? What folder should I connect to?06:49
Flannelliam: if you can just type the program into the terminal and have it run, `which programname` would be the easiest way to find it06:50
liamemanon: I want to go into the dir to run the uninstall file so that I can reinstall it as the user account06:50
Emanonthen check the script you used to install it06:50
Emanonit will list where it puts things06:50
qdbno such file...06:50
liamFlannel: it says its not installed but the installer says it is06:51
liamEmanon: the only file i have found is in /root/Desktop06:51
somethingintereswhat is the easiest, cleanest way to remove packages that the system doesn't need/use? I notice for a lot of 'from source' installs tons of build dependencies are needed things like that I'd imagine take up a ton of space06:51
Emanonwhere is the SCRIPT THAT YOU USED TO INSTALL IT06:51
Emanonnot any of the files it installed06:51
EmanonTHE SCRIPT06:51
qdbi have made sudo apt-get source Packagename --download-only  and where is the downloaded package? it is not in /var/cache/apt/archives06:52
iflemasomethinginteres the computer janitor ( administration menu ) or sudo apt-get autoremove ina terminal06:52
liamEmanon: I know where the script is but what should i search for to find the directory it specifies?06:53
somethinginteresiflema: thanks06:53
Emanonopen the script in gedit06:53
Emanonand it will say where it puts everything as a clear directory06:53
Emanonlike "cp suchandsuch /such/and/such"06:53
quiescensqdb: source downloads to /usr/src06:54
qdbquiescens, thank you06:54
richardcavelliflema: thanks dude.  My Ubuntu installation is now working perfectly.06:54
Emanonoh and on a side note with personal file sharing (System>Preferences>Personal File Sharing) most of it is greyed out what packages do i need to fix that?06:55
richardcavellI'm liking this VirtualBox.  I can install as many free operating systems as I want.  OpenSolaris is going in now06:55
qdbquiescens, i do not find it there , and there are all are directories, but my should be an archive, i think06:55
quiescensqdb: blah, sorry, it downloads to current directory, it extracts to /usr/src if you didn't do --download-only, I just happened to be in /usr/src at the time06:55
qdbthank you06:55
liamthanks all for your help it was at /usr/local/netbeans06:56
Emanonliam it should be in your repo too06:56
Emanonso you dont have to install from script06:56
liamEmanon: it is but it was suggested to install the one for php so I dont have to bother with installing plugins etc.06:57
MrUnagiin mail, i get a squiggly line next to my mailbox, says i need to take it online, when i do, the line pops back up.....any idea whats going on?06:57
Emanonok that makes sense06:57
liamah well thanks anyways06:57
Emanonso any clues on the packages i need so the personal file sharing thing will actually work?06:58
chosenhey guys i just created a lamp server and installed phpmyadmin but im trying to access local host on chrom and its saying permission denied i dont have access06:59
chownmounti am not able to mount my windows partition (fat32) in linux and access as regular user (only root), i tried to chown and chmod and none seemed to work, any suggestions?06:59
chownmount!samba | Emanon06:59
ubottuEmanon: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:59
Emanondid you make sure to use chown recursively?07:00
BesogonEmanon: Perconal file sharing?07:00
chownmountEmanon, yes, as root i get permission denied07:00
BesogonEmanon: If you can't make it works I have the same problem. But07:00
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
EmanonBesogon: System>Preferences>Personal File Sharing07:00
chownmountEmanon: Operation not permitted07:01
Emanonbut i just tried to share a file directly and it installed some packages so im going to restart the session and try again brb07:01
Emanonand ill be back for you chownmount07:01
mobasherEmanon >> http://macpablodesigns.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/enable-personal-file-sharing-in-ubuntu-10-04/07:01
chownmountEmanon: okay, thanks07:01
sacarlsonchownmount: you might need to add your user permisions in System>administration>user groups>advanced>privliges07:01
gasullHi. I compiled the kernel as explained at http://newyork.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=f0230328b82c45adb697b0b17b618d17&t=1341580  And now I get this at bootup: "Kernel panic - not syncing:VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block".  I didn't update GRUB.07:02
chownmountsacarlson: i'll check there, its bothersome root didn't have permission to chown07:02
sacarlsonchownmount: you can't chown on windows file systems it has none.07:02
mobashergasull>> check your boot settings i think you made a wrong reference in the boot up file creation07:03
chownmountsacarlson: how do i mount so regular user has access?07:03
chownmountsacarlson: i checked system -> administra -> users and groups, and the user has permission there07:03
BesogonEmanon: I tell you what I did to make it works. I have installed apache2-bin (with all its depends) and apache-common, then I install libapache2-mod-dnssd And now it works07:03
sacarlsonchownmount: as stated above you need to add the user to the allow mount group07:03
gasullmobasher: how do I check my boot settings? what is the boot up file creation?07:03
Emanonyea i just followed that link Besogon restarting for it now07:04
chownmountsacarlson: is that the FUSE thing in the permissions?07:04
mobashergasull>> check your menu.lst07:04
sacarlsonchownmount: yes07:04
gasullmobasher: how?  I'm running the install Live CD right now.07:05
chownmountsacarlson: thanks, that fixed it (i was looking at the top most option thinking that was it)07:05
mobashereeeee u're in live cd07:06
mobashersorry my bad07:06
mobashergasull>> not sure if you can chroot into the file system to change the boot properties on this 10 ubuntu i'm on old ubuntu anyway :)07:07
CloudyLightingEvening everyone, I was hoping i could get help with setting up an IR Remote with a USB IR sensor07:07
gasullmobasher: I would need to mount my hard drive first, right_07:07
mobashergasull>> for chroot ?07:08
gasullmobasher: I don't think my hard drive is even mounted07:08
mobasherwell you can check in /media07:08
mobasheror do fdisk -l07:09
i_is_broketrying to get my belkin usb wireless going, have got it loaded, but wont see the internet?? what am i missing?07:09
gasullmobasher: /media is empty07:09
gasullmobasher: fdisk -l shows nothing07:09
Emanonwoot personal file sharing works thanks07:09
mobashergasull>> you gurb thing is messed07:10
Emanonk did they solve your problem yet chownmount?07:10
chownmountEmanon: yes, it was simple; system -> admin -> users -> give FUSE access to user07:10
Emanonahh cool07:10
mobashergasull>> not sure about these new installs man...i'm on old school pc running 9.04 :) but your /boot/device.map should show you the list of media devices07:10
mobashergasull>> do a cat on it07:10
gasullmobasher: I guess I should say that my hard drive is encrypted, but as far as I know that doesn't encrypt /boot07:10
cryptopsyhow do i mount my blackberry in linux as a block device?07:11
Emanonyou cant encrypt /boot07:11
Emanonit wouldnt work07:11
chownmountgasull: you can put /boot on a usb flash drive07:11
Emanonthats what i do07:11
mobashergasull>> hmm..not sure how the encyption thing works though haven't had a chance to play with it07:11
cryptopsyEmanon: how do password a partition such that it cannot be mounted07:11
gasullmobasher: "no such file or directory" with cat /boot/device.map07:11
mobashergasull>> check the /boot/grub/device.map07:11
Emanonduring install or after cryptopsy?07:12
gasullchownmount: how do I put the /boot on a usb flash drive?07:12
somethinginteresI'm after recommendations for a great audio player, audio quality being key I'd like it to be as little a resource hog as possible not because it has to be per se but if it were possible in an ideal world that'd be nice. Thanks :)07:12
cryptopsyEmanon: after, i.e someone steals ur usb stick07:12
cryptopsyEmanon: how do you protect it?07:12
Emanontry truecrypy07:12
chownmountgasull: its easiest (and maybe only possible) when a fresh install is done, but during the partition stage of installation07:12
Emanonsorry truecrypt07:12
Emanonthats a fairly nice utility for encryption07:12
gasullmobasher: cat /boot/grub/device.map: "no such file or directory"07:13
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Blackberry%20Sync%20with%20Ubuntu cryptopsy07:13
cryptopsyi dont want to sync it07:13
Emanonif you want to though you can encrypt your whole system disk during the install (with the exception of /boot of course)07:13
cryptopsyjust mount it as block device07:13
mobasherchownmount>> u know about this 10 install thing ?07:13
Emanonthats how i do it07:13
chownmountmobasher: sorry i don't follow, can you be more specific? are you trying to install ubuntu 10.04?07:13
Emanonroot swap all on encrypted lvm with a removable /boot07:14
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTech|Busy
mobasherchownmount>> not me gasull is ..he need some help..cna't find boot or device.map07:14
Emanonand when i was single booting i used to do all that over a 4 disk raid hehe07:15
chownmountgasull: in terminal, under / is boot and to find device.map, in terminal, do a sudo find / -name device.map07:15
Emanonthe alt install disk is awesome07:15
gasullmobasher, chownmount: fdisk /dev/sda and then pressing m should show the partitions in disk, right?07:15
Emanonp shows partitions in fdisk not m07:16
cryptopsybazhang: how to verify this: Verify that libopensync0 is installed on your system.07:16
chownmountgasull: sudo fdisk --list07:16
Emanonor that07:16
Wolf23help ! what extension should play videos on my car by usb?07:16
Emanonone the car supports07:17
etherealiteWhy isn't avahi advertising my ssh server?07:17
chownmountWolf23: it would be in the manual, but usually all support mpeg extension with codec mpeg107:17
gasullchownmount, mobasher: http://pastebin.com/FN7Si1hH07:17
Emanonprobably mp3 Wolf2307:17
gasullchownmount, mobasher: got list of devices07:17
MindVirusHello. My computer connects to the Internet at some places but not at this one.07:17
MindVirusWirelessly, that is.07:17
Wolf23chownmount,  can i convert from flv to mpeg1?07:18
kneauxheyyy...who knows how to address computers behind an ethernet switch07:18
MindVirusMy password is correct.07:18
Wolf23Emanon,  mp3 play videos?07:18
Emanonerr sorry mp407:18
Emanonmistyped thanks for the catch07:18
chownmountWolf23: yes, using avidemux07:19
etherealiteMindVirus Whats does ifconfig display?07:19
Emanonwould be an m4v if you use handbrake for the conversion07:19
chownmountgasull: all looks okay there, what are you specifically trying to do?07:19
Emanonarista is also a nice transcoder07:19
gasullchownmount:  I compiled the kernel as explained at http://newyork.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=f0230328b82c45adb697b0b17b618d17&t=1341580  And now I get this at bootup: "Kernel panic - not syncing:VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block".  I didn't update GRUB.07:19
MindVirusetherealite: Huh. I am connected via IPv6.07:19
mobashergasull>> is this your boot device -> /dev/sda1   *           1          32      248832   83  Linux07:20
etherealiteMindVirus IPv6 what country are you in?07:20
gasullmobasher: yes07:20
MindVirusetherealite: USA. I am stoned and I could be wrong.07:20
mobashergasull>> can you mount it07:20
MindVirusBut I have an "inet6 addr".07:20
etherealiteMindVirus then you don't need ipv607:20
sacarlsonkneaux: address computers?  it should plug and play if you have a dhcp server running on it.07:21
MindVirusetherealite: I know, but I am connected via IPv6.07:21
MindVirusI'd rather use v4.07:21
Emanonmaybe he wants more addresses on his lan07:21
MindVirusBut I don't even know what I did here.07:21
mobashermkdir /media/sda1     then   mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda107:21
Wolf23chownmount,  are u sure mpeg1 videos plays on usb on a pioneer?07:21
etherealiteMindVirus you you dont see inet addr:192.168.x.x ?07:21
chownmountWolf23: i didn't know it was pioneer, but mpeg1 is the oldest (in mpeg extension)07:21
etherealiteWhy isn't avahi advertising my ssh server?07:21
gasullmobasher: here we are07:22
MindVirusetherealite: Negatory.07:22
Emanonwhat is the model of your cars stereo or onboard computer or whatever07:22
Wolf23chownmount,  thanx i will try :)07:22
gasullchownmount: mobasher: http://pastebin.com/cMrnzeh807:22
etherealiteMindVirus  what does sudo iwconfig say?07:22
Wolf23Emanon, but my videos are flv, is there a way to convert them to mp4?07:22
Emanonthink handbrake or arista can do that Wolf2307:23
mobashergasull>> goto grub and check the device.map against menu.lst07:23
MindVirusetherealite: So, I guess I'm not actually connected then.07:23
Wolf23Emanon,  alright thanx07:23
Emanonyea handbrake supports flv transcoding just checked07:24
gary_inNYCi just installed Shotwell and found out it doesn't support gif or png.  How can I quickly convert a bunch of pictures to jpg?07:24
kneauxsacarlson: i forgot i was asking this the last time i was here hehe07:24
etherealiteMindVirus I dunno send me a dpaste of the output of ifconfig07:24
Kane_hartanyone ever had a strange issue with say backup.sh script that backup a folder and zipps it if you do ./backup.sh works great then when you have it in a cron job it does not back it all up right only like 300kb while doing the real ./backup does like 15mb07:24
gasullmobasher> can't find any of those files in /media/myboot/grub07:24
MindVirusetherealite: That would sound great but I'm not connected to the Internet.07:24
MindVirusNo USB drives.07:24
kneauxsacarlson: i'm still trying to figure out how to connect remotely to a server i have on a lan where every machine has the same ip07:24
kneauxi.e. they have local ips but to the internet they're the same07:25
naser67i've installed php5 on /etc07:25
mobashergasull>> what's in the grub ?07:25
MindVirusWait, what the fuck?07:25
Emanonport forwarding kneaux07:25
MindVirusI guess I am connected.07:25
MindVirusBut to "".07:25
naser67if i wanna reinstall ubuntu the php5 folder will deleted?07:25
Emanonmake all connections on a certain port of the router forward to a certain internal ip07:26
gasullmobasher: http://pastebin.com/KeQADRhd07:26
kneauxemanon i'm not sure my switch does that actually07:26
kneauxis that the only way07:26
Emanonits fairly simple thats how i manage my subsonic server from outside my lan07:26
etherealiteMindVirus when you type iwconfig it should say ESSID:"your network name"  ### if it doesn't then your wireless isnt associated07:26
kneauxemanon: are you on a router or a switch07:26
Emanonrouter sorry07:26
MindVirusetherealite: It does. It says 'ESSID:""'.07:26
mobashergasull>> that's wierd...did you isntall grub  like apt-get install grub07:26
MindVirus"Link Quality=10/100".07:27
gasullmobasher: http://pastebin.com/DxxBtY6e07:27
gary_inNYCkneaux try ddns?07:27
etherealiteMindVirus ESSID what? tell me what the essid is.07:27
kneaux(<rant> fscking office max is going to charge me a 15% "restocking" fee if i have to return it due to their total inability to tell me what device i needed </rant>)07:27
Emanondo you log into the switch like a router? or you just plug it in and leave it be?07:27
MindVirusetherealite: "".07:27
sacarlsonkneaux: again they don't have the same ip they are just on the same local ip mask.  to come in remote from outside that local network you will need to add nat forwarding settings you your router.07:27
chosenhey guys i just created a lamp server and installed phpmyadmin but im trying to access local host on chrom and its saying permission denied i dont have access07:27
etherealiteMindVirus your not associated with your wireless ap then07:27
gasullmobasher: can it be because I have my hard drive encrypted with LUKS:07:27
etherealiteMindVirus re associate and see what happens07:28
MindVirusetherealite: I know, and I tried to associate with it.07:28
kneauxemanon: i haven't been able to figure out how to connect to the switch yet, d-link's support is...not07:28
kneauxsacarlson: again, switch, not a router, i'm not sure it's terribly configurable07:28
kneauxgary_innyc: lemme look up ddns07:28
etherealiteMindVirus are you using wep or wpa?07:28
Emanontry in a web browser kneaux everyone likes that address07:28
MindVirusetherealite: WPA.07:28
kneauxemanon: i know, right? everybody but dlink :\07:28
Emanonwhats your switch model?07:29
etherealiteMindVirus and you typed in the right password and all07:29
MindVirus.Oh my goodness! It connected.07:29
mobashergasull>> not sure man..never done it with encyption...check with chownmount see if he can help not too familiar with it07:29
Emanond-link XXXXXXXX07:29
MindVirusI don't know what you did but it worked. Thanks etherealite.07:29
sacarlsonkneaux: some switches are smart like cisco but most people use simple auto detect switches that just detect the mac address of each device that plugs in.07:29
gasullchownmount: what do you suggest now? http://pastebin.com/DxxBtY6e07:29
etherealiteMindVirus your welcome, when your having trouble connecting, just try and reconnect and that will fix %90 of all problems.07:29
etherealiteWhy isn't avahi advertising my ssh server?07:30
MindVirusetherealite: I tried for like an hour earlier. :)07:30
etherealiteMindVirus did you try resetting the router too?07:30
gary_inNYCso is there a quick way to save a bunch of pics from gif to jpg?07:30
MindVirusetherealite: No.07:30
kneauxHey guys. Guess who's connected directly to the wall.07:30
Besogon the wall?07:31
etherealiteMindVirus not to be an ass, but theres another obvious thing you could've tried there07:31
tripelbI have a new hard drive (1T Hitachi on an older Dell)  Linux (9.04,10.04, Fedora11) wont install. XP has installed. (I thought it was the CD drive which wont recognize a blank disk but now windows works.) The 9.04 disk has sucessfully installed before but not on this computer. That 9.04>>9.10 HD works on this Dell.  What could be the problem?07:31
chosenhey guys i just created a lamp server and installed phpmyadmin but im trying to access local host on chrom and its saying permission denied i dont have access07:32
* gasull is seeking help at #grub07:33
* kneaux is thoroughly embarrassed07:33
naser67what kind of file does ubuntu have in /etc?07:33
Emanongary_inNYC: look for batch image converter in synaptic07:34
DarkSectornaser67, the bad kind07:34
Loshkigary_inNYC: the 'convert' program in the ImageMagick suite claims it converts from GIF to JPEG. I've never used it myself...07:34
etherealitechosen whats chrom?07:34
gary_inNYCk thanks07:34
kneauxemanon: okay 192.168.anything.normal still doesn't work, even when i'm actually connected to the device in question07:34
Besogonnaser67: configuration files are stored in the folder07:34
kneauxand the model is...des-110607:34
Emanonk sec kneaux07:35
chosenetherealite, googlechrome07:35
naser67Besogon:how can i get backup from that?07:35
chosenmy browser07:35
naser67i wanna keep my /var/www and /etc folder when i reinstall ubuntu07:36
etherealitechosen dpaste the exact message07:36
naser67Besogon:i wanna keep my /var/www and /etc folder when i reinstall ubuntu07:36
chosenetherealite, http://pastebin.com/VM1HAWmG07:38
Besogonnaser67: I have never used backup (as I only user and reinstall ubuntu every  half a year) but ask about backup of the boot channel. I saw there is a lot of programs for backup07:38
chosenetherealite, fixed it07:39
chosenhad to chown07:39
Besogonnaser67: bot channel*07:39
naser67bot channel*07:39
etherealiteyou still need to enter /phpmyadmin to it though.07:39
naser67boot channel07:39
n1kahi there07:40
Besogonnaser67: or channel bot* (How he is named there in English I don't know)07:40
naser67channel bot*07:40
naser67channel boot*07:40
etherealiteIdleOne what is naser67 trying to do here?07:41
Emanonyea doesnt appear to have management access sorry07:41
Besogonetherealite: tell him about backup of some folders please. I don't know how ask the bot07:42
naser67etherealite: i'v got a problem and i need your advice07:42
etherealitenaser67 what about?07:42
naser67etherealite:is there a way to keep /var and /etc when i reinstall ubuntu07:43
naser67etherealite:sorry for my bad english07:43
Emanonif you have them in separate partitions before you reinstall naser6707:43
Emanonand you define them during install and tell it not to format them07:43
etherealitehe can do it without07:43
etherealitenaser67 yes, but your going to need to use a boot disk and copy the files unto a seperate disk07:44
etherealiteetherealite this is assuming your installing the same exact version of ubuntu07:45
Emanonand on the gif to jpeg thing earlier phatch will do that in large groups aparrently07:45
tripelbPlease help me...I have a new hard drive (1T Hitachi on an older Dell)  Linux (9.04,10.04, Fedora11) wont install. XP has installed. (I thought it was the CD drive which wont recognize a blank disk but now windows works.) The 9.04 disk has sucessfully installed before but not on this computer. That 9.04>>9.10 HD works on this Dell.  What could be the problem?07:45
naser67but i think separate partion is the best way07:45
etherealitenaser67 well its a little late for that isn't it?07:45
Emanontripelb: occasionally dark eldritch gods conspire to foil our installs07:45
etherealitenaser67 unless your already have separate partitions.07:45
naser67etherealite:no it's not07:46
Emanontry it from a usb key yog sothoth doesnt keep up with technology07:46
Besogonnaser67: try '/msg ubottu backup' command07:46
Emanonalso check your install has the right architecture (as in not 64 bit for a 32 bit cpu)07:47
tripelbEmanon: It failed repeatedly. That's why I tried the Fedora disk. Even tho the Ubuntu disk checked out perfect I thought I dunno. I want to run ubuntu. Maybe there's something wrong with the hard drive?07:47
tripelbshould I try Ubuntu in a ;artition?07:47
Emanontripelb: try it on a usb drive if you can thats pretty fast07:47
Emanontripelb: also check your boot order and make sure the cd drive is available (unless your calling the boot menu manually)07:48
=== Supertanker is now known as SuperJoplin
Emanonmight also sacrifice a few annoying neighborhood kids to cthulhu that helps on occasion07:48
tripelbEmanon yes it's the right one. An install from the same liveCD disk (installed on a computer with problem RAM that would freeze up) works just fine on this Dell.  (this has frazzeled my brain, and what if my new HD is bad)07:48
Emanonnah if anything installs its fine07:49
Emanonright but that other computer might have a different cpu arch07:49
tripelbEmanon: the liveCD loads as a liveCD system. But gparted quits. The Fedora just showed an error. It doesnt have a separate gparted.07:50
Emanonoh it loads up on the one but wont install?07:50
Emanonmaybe the starts just arent right i hope someone else can help you cause im at a loss07:50
tripelbEmanon: The HD (with ubuntu from that livecd) works on both computers. That means that they have the same architecture.07:50
gasullIf I'm in the Live CD, how do I chroot into my hard drive?  I have my hard drive's root partition mounted already at /media/myboot07:51
Emanonftagn for now i guess07:51
tripelbEmanon: thanks. Me too. I've been at this on one way or another for many weeks. Then I got tired of it and have been just using windows.07:51
Emanon!hi | spike__07:53
ubottuspike__: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:53
spike__is anyone here07:53
Emanonquite a few of us actually spike__07:53
mooseposseI am but not for very long just checking things out07:53
spike__from ia07:53
UndiFineDjust under 120007:53
spike__anyone from ia07:54
Emanonfrom where?07:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:54
Emanonyea man this isnt a dating channel there was a guy from ohio in the other night but other than that07:54
spike__i know that07:55
mooseposseI have one questin while I am here now that I think of it07:55
spike__i was seeing if there was i never said girls07:55
Transmitter!ot | spike__07:55
ubottuspike__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:55
Emanonk mooseposse hit me07:55
sambarinoi'm trying to install mailman on an ubuntu server but it's not working and i have run out of ideas on how to fix it07:56
mooseposseI am running an IBM X31 laptop dualboot 10.04 and XP I have trouble with going into standby mode on ubuntu all it does is freeze is this a common problem?07:56
cryptopsyanyone here use a blackberry as a block devince in linux?07:56
Emanonstandby has been rather finnicky on linux laptops in my experiance07:57
Emanonbut thats old experience it might be different now07:57
spike__anyone know how to go back to 9.10 i have 10.407:58
moosepossesuse 11.2 works going into standby but i like this better07:58
mooseposseI tried that07:58
TransmitterNot all distros have problems with standby and laptops. Ubuntu does atm07:58
Emanonno i mean spike__ reinstall07:58
TransmitterIn fact, Ubuntu has never played nicely with laptops and standby07:59
mooseposseoh lol07:59
spike__i dont have a disk drive on my computer i have a netbook07:59
Emanonreinstall from usb07:59
Transmittermooseposse reinstalling will do nothing07:59
spike__how do i get in on a usb07:59
Emanonunetbootin is pretty easy07:59
Emanoninstall unetbootin from repository run it08:00
Emanonspecify distribution (ubuntu) version (9.10) and path to usb /dev/sd(something)08:00
Transmitterspike__ Emanon is right - unetbootin is easy to use. I've used it to install Ubuntu on many netbooks08:00
Emanonit will download and install08:00
kneauxi should've known08:00
kneauxcommie ethernet switch pinkos08:00
kneauxwon't do port forwarding to save their soul from hellfire08:01
Emanononto usb for easy installation from usb on reboot08:01
mooseposseIs there a way to fix it, I would use this all the time if it werent for the standby problem since I use this for school (this runs way smoother than windows)08:01
spike__ok is that a website08:01
Emanonim not sure switches have souls08:01
firefox51good morning08:01
Transmittermooseposse nope08:01
kneauxeverything has a soul08:01
Emanonno spike__ unetbootin is a program08:01
mooseposseok thank you08:01
Transmitternothing has a soul08:01
Emanoncheck in synaptic08:01
Four2zerohey all, was able to access the ubuntu server with putty, and now, if try to reconnect it will not give me the prompt to login ?08:01
spike__where do i get it at08:01
Transmittermooseposse I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work. Don't make my mistake ;)08:01
mooseposselol dually noted08:02
Emanonwell religious folk dont argue that we HAVE souls but that we ARE sould and what we have are bodies08:02
Emanoni would add to that and we only have those temporarily08:02
Transmitterreligion is surely OT08:02
moosepossemay i ask one other question08:02
Emanonits ALWAYS ot08:02
kneauxwhich religious folk do you talk to08:02
Emanoni hope so mooseposse08:03
kneauxthey can't be that cool08:03
Transmittermooseposse of course08:03
Four2zerohey all, was able to access the ubuntu server with putty, and now, if try to reconnect it will not give me the prompt to login ?08:03
Transmitter!ot | kneaux08:03
ubottukneaux: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:03
spike__after i have unetbootin installed where does it go at on my computer08:03
kneauxthey started it :\08:03
Emanonapplications menu08:03
Emanonsystem tools submenu08:03
mooseposselol along with standby not working my internal fan dosnt work in ubuntu either is there a way to fix that as well08:03
spike__ok thanks let me go try it08:03
gary_inNYCsweet... mogrified all pictures in a folder in one command :D thx for the tip08:03
Emanonmake sure you know which /dev/ your usb drive is08:03
Transmittermooseposse I haven't had that problem myself. If you keep coming back and asking you may find someone who has08:04
Emanonwith phatch gary_inNYC?08:04
mooseposseok thank you08:04
gary_inNYCEmanon: i used the mogrify command included in imagemagick08:04
kneauxhey does anyone know how to get rid of the empty space that happens when you have a dualhead on two different size screens08:04
Emanonahh cool08:04
Four2zerohey all, was able to access the ubuntu server with putty, and now, if try to reconnect it will not give me the prompt to login ?08:04
Transmittermooseposse I'm a big *nix supporter myself, but I'll tell you, it isn't going to be all smooth sailing with Ubuntu and your laptop08:05
Emanonoh the place where your mouse goes but nothing useful can kneaux?08:05
moosepossethis is true08:05
kneauxyeah, like your monitor08:05
kneauxalways making me be unnecessarily precise with my pointer motions and such08:05
Emanonno idea my mom has the same thing with her netbook (it has a regular monitor hooked up right now)08:05
moosepossewell I gotta go thank you for your help08:06
moosepossegood night/morning everyone (its 3 am here08:06
kneaux:( ufailtu08:07
Transmitter3pm here. I like symmetry08:07
=== Claudinux_ is now known as Claudinux
Transmitter!ot | Transmitter08:07
ubottuTransmitter, please see my private message08:07
Emanonok so i have full disk encryption  on the go and when i boot up the first time it is always good but once i install my graphics drivers the encryption key screen at boot is 640x480 or so instead of what it should be so its all smooshed, it works fine but what do i edit in grub to change it's resolution and is there a guitastic package for grubconfig (like kgrubeditor was)08:07
moosepossegood afternoon then ha ha from up state new york08:07
Besogondoes someone use wine for printing?08:08
Emanonno it smears all over the paper08:08
BesogonI don't know hot to set it up08:08
kneauxi use blood08:08
spike__which one is it   unetbootin-translations   or just unetbootin08:09
Emanonjust unetbootin08:09
Emanontranslations is just for other languages08:09
kneauxother, weaker languages08:09
Four2zerohello, putty is having a difficult time connect to ubuntus server ?08:10
Emanonthat cant survive in the competitive world of lipflapping08:10
TransmitterFour2zero give me the IP and I'll try08:10
TransmitterI'll even accept a URL08:10
Transmitterbut not an IPV6 address08:10
TransmitterBut quickly - the evil VS2008 is almost installed - then I shall depart08:11
Emanon!hi | Noiano08:12
ubottuNoiano: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:12
TransmitterNoiano ask away, pappy08:12
NoianoI'd like to receive a file via bluetooth but my phone doesn't "see" my pc....08:12
Four2zerothis is a locallan server08:12
Four2zeronot a public server08:13
ServerTech|BusyCan i get help in installing wine08:13
TransmitterFour2zero can you ping the server?08:13
TransmitterNoiano and you are positive bluetooth is running on your PC?08:13
spike__for     select distribution what do i pick08:13
Four2zeroTransmitter, im able to access the ftp via filezilla and remote desktop via vnc08:13
Emanongo into System>Preferences>Bluetooth and check make my computer visable08:14
Emanonspike__: ubuntu08:14
Noianowell, it should be turned on...rfkill lists the pc peripherical08:14
cryptopsybazhang: the blackberry page you gave me didn't work , and ive tried all the other folow ups int he forums08:14
Emanonand then pick the right version08:14
Emanonand make sure you have the right usb drive at the bottom08:14
NoianoEmanon, there is no such checkbox08:14
EmanonNoiano: go into System>Preferences>Bluetooth and check make my computer visable08:14
TransmitterFour2zero well, maybe you have firewalled the port you are trying to access. What are you actually trying to connect to? What service?08:15
Four2zeroTransmitter i changed the port to 212108:15
Emanonwait what versionm are you using Noia08:15
Four2zerothat all08:15
ServerTech|BusyOk, how do i install wine08:15
gary_inNYCServerTech|Busy: you can install Wine from Software Manager, or if you want the latest and greatest beta, check out the wine ppa08:15
ServerTech|BusyI do not need the beta08:15
Blue1ServerTech|Busy: sudo apt-get install wine08:16
NoianoEmanon, what version of what? :)08:16
Emanonthen make me visable should be at the top of the bluetooth config window08:16
Emanonif you have a bluetooth dongle plugged in08:17
NoianoI'll post a screenshoot08:17
Emanonabove "Friendly Name"08:17
NoianoI see "bluethooth" disabled, if I click on turn on blueth nothing happens :(08:17
Spaztic_OneHowdy all. So, I'm trying to set up a menu item, I've got the icon, the name, and the location but when it launches, it isn't running the same way as if I had clicked to open it. The file in question is the BOINC manager, which I have downloaded manually a while back and am in the middle of work units, otherwise I would probably just use the package provided. Main point being, why isn't it...08:18
Emanonnot in your panel08:18
Spaztic_One...running normally from the menu item I created, and how do I fix it?08:18
EmanonNoiano: in System manu preferences submenu bluetooth in there08:18
apoagehi, is there someone who has experience in setup wacom tablet on linux (while twinview is active (mean dual head))08:19
EmanonSpaztic_One: the shortcut you made might not have the same switches on the command as the original check the original with right click properties to see how it calls the target program08:19
NoianoEmanon, look http://yfrog.com/miscreenshotbluetoothprefp08:19
tripelbI'll try again another day.08:19
Emanondo you have a bluetooth transmitter Noiano?08:20
Emanonlike on the computer08:20
NoianoEmanon, it's embedded08:20
Noianoon windows it works08:20
NoianoI swear to god :)08:20
Spaztic_OneEmanon: As far as I can tell it does not have any switches.08:20
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
EmanonSystem>Administration>Hardware Drivers Noiano see if it needs a driver08:21
NoianoEmanon, in there I can only see nvidia drivers ;)08:21
EmanonSpaztic_One: dunno then hope someone can help you08:21
Emanonhmmm maybe the bluetooth module you have is not supported yet08:21
Emanonmight consider googleing your model of computer + ubuntu 10.0408:22
Emanonwith bluetooth in there somewhere08:22
Four2zeroTransmitter, i did run screen after i've disconnected from the server, could that be the issue/08:22
Spaztic_OneEmanon: The switches would be in the name,. correct?08:22
NoianoEmanon, thanks08:22
EmanonSpaztic_One: they would be in the command08:23
Emanonlike wine -s -om -ecommand08:23
Spaztic_OneI am not seeing a command.08:23
spike__does anyone have super ubuntu08:25
guest123Hi, i've a strange behaviour when i connect to Gnome via VNC.(Ubuntu 10.10, x11vnc or tightvncserver). The gnome-sessions starts, all seems to be working, but i press a key in e.g. gedit or terminal the windows closes.08:25
Spaztic_OneEmanon: It is an executable, not a script. Don't know if that changes anything in regards to my question or finding the command.08:25
Four2zerohahah...I used the wrong port...lol08:26
Four2zeroup and running now08:26
kneauxhow do i add a custom menu08:26
Emanonright click on your menu and hit "edit menu"08:26
kneauxdirectly to the panel?08:27
Emanonyea like on your applications menu08:27
Emanonselect edit menus then on the right select add menu08:27
kneauxit puts it in one of the other menus08:27
kneauxi want one far away in the middle of the panel08:27
spike__does anyone use super ubuntu08:27
Emanondrag it out in the edit menu08:27
Slartspike__: probably.. but it isn't supported in this channel08:28
kneauxdoesn't work08:29
Spaztic_OneEmanon: Oh, of the launcher, not the file itself. Yes, the command is the path and then the file in said path. no switches.08:29
spike__what is the best of of the 9.10 ones08:29
Emanonright click select add to panel then pick the drawer i guess08:29
Emanondunno then Spaztic_One08:29
Slartspike__: huh? you mean of kubuntu/ubuntu/xubuntu etc?08:30
Spaztic_OneHmm, strange. Ubuntu seems to have the most random and inexplicable glitches for me haha08:30
Slartspike__: sorry, then I don't understand the question08:31
Acidphasemaybe someone can help me08:32
AcidphaseI just intalled 10.1008:32
Acidphaseand then the ati drivers08:32
Acidphaseand now I have no X08:32
Slart!maverick | Acidphase08:33
ubottuAcidphase: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:33
spike__in unetbootin there differnet one like 9.10 live ,netinstall of hdmedia08:33
Acidphaseok so need to change channels =P08:33
sambarinocan anyone help me with fixing mailman08:35
julian-Can anyone tell me if 10.10 improves power management?08:35
spike__slart u still here08:38
Spaztic_One!maverick | julian-08:39
ubottujulian-: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:39
Spaztic_OneWhich, I might add, was just said. =P08:39
julian-Spaztic_One: Danke08:39
julian-Spaztic_One: I joined after ;)08:39
spike__can someone plz help me08:40
GodfatherofEireQuick question, whats the command for the GNOME archive manager?08:41
Spaztic_Oneah, and gern geschehen08:41
SeitoHi everyone! I would like to use some part of my laptop RAM as a temporary storaget say for cache files. Is it possible and if so then how? Sys: Lucid, x86-64, 2.6.32-24-generic, 4GiB RAM)08:43
tgywaHello, dns client is not working ....on Ubuntu 10.04. Do I need to install any dns client package?08:44
Slartspike__: yup08:44
sacarlsonspike__: help you with what unetbootin?  without knowing what your problem might be it is very hard to help.08:44
Doyleaxisys: you there?08:45
Slartspike__: live is just that you can run it from the cd.. a live cd, like the isos you download from ubuntu.com. Netinstall means it starts the installer and then downloads packages during the install.. ie you need a live internet connection for the install.. I have no idea what hdmedia is08:45
SlartSeito: yes, it's quite easy.. let me see if I can find a howto for you08:46
sacarlsontgywa: dns client?  you might need to make sure that the file /etc/resolv.conf has a dns server that works in it08:46
SeitoThnx, Slart :)08:47
apoageSeito, : well you can try this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=18276408:47
SeitoThanks again. I hope it will help. Good luck!08:47
mtx_inittgywa: every os has a stub resolver on it, you dont need dns software.  Make sure your resolv.conf is properly setup08:49
whosjoseHow can i burn a Video DVD?08:49
apoagehi, is there someone who has experience in setup wacom tablet on linux (while twinview is active (mean dual head))08:49
riyahow to enable sound in karmik08:49
Slartwhosjose: try devede.. nice gui, point'n'click08:49
RedEyessi keep getting the error "Could not update ICEAuthority file"08:49
RedEyesswhat do I do?08:50
RedEyessto fix it08:50
SlartRedEyess: been running gui things with sudo instead of gksudo?08:50
sacarlsonGodfatherofEire: I use File Roller  that is the default that is setup in nautilus when you double click on a compresed file.08:50
RedEyessnot sure08:50
SlartRedEyess: this might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94975008:51
RedEyesstried this08:51
RedEyessdidn't work08:51
DoyleDoes anyone see any problems with this 'find ~ / -mtime $(echo $(date +%s) - $(date +%s -d"Dec 31, 2009 23:59:59") | bc -l | awk '{print $1 / 86400}' | bc -l)'08:52
yakozahi, i wanna download youtubr clip using youtube-dl08:52
SlartRedEyess: then I think you need to pastebin some logfiles, error messages and such.. /var/log/syslog might be a good start08:52
yakozabut i get this warning08:52
yakozaERROR: unable to download video info webpage: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden08:52
DoyleThe awk command spits out a day value with a decimal place... don't know if that's supported or not.08:52
apoagewell need to restart x so good luck and have fun08:53
SlartDoyle: space between ~ and /  `08:53
JohnHeikkilaHey, anyone know how to make standalone programs?08:53
DoyleSlart: yes08:53
JohnHeikkilalike that and with .i386 or .x86_64?08:53
DoyleJohnHeikkila: what kind of program?08:54
GilesHello, I have two mice build into my laptop, a touchpad and a nipple, one of them is faulty and causes the cursor to constantly zoom off the screen08:55
GilesHow can I disable the mouse08:55
whosjoseany IDE like Visual Studios, that allows you to code and compile automatic?08:55
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: I was thinking about a program which would be like a front-end for Flasm08:55
DoyleGiles: Maybe an option in your bios.08:55
whosjoseI've tried eclipse but i can't download the software needed08:55
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: But now that I think about it, it can be an installable one, too08:56
odb|fidelwhosjose: the qt project comes with a small IDE (just one example)08:56
GilesDoyle: maybe, surely I can disable it in xorg.conf?08:56
GilesWhere does xorg.conf live in ubuntu?08:57
Slart!ide | whosjose08:58
ubottuwhosjose: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator08:58
SwedeMikeGiles: /etC/X11, but often it's not needed and doesn't exist.08:58
SwedeMikeGiles: /etc/X11/, sorry for the wrong caps.08:58
DoyleGiles: there's a program called gpointing-device-settings, have a look at it08:58
DoyleGiles: if your nub is listed you should just be able to turn it off08:58
GilesSwedeMike: mine doesn't exist, so how can I tell it what I do and don't want configured?08:59
EMPulsethe checking if I'm human thing is new...08:59
DoyleSlart: thanks! gotcha. The basics slip this late at night09:00
SwedeMikeGiles: well, you need to create one that has the sections and then you just need to add what you want changed from the defaults. you can look into the xorg.conf.failsafe , it should have the defaults.09:01
GilesDoyle: That app is perfect09:01
DoyleGiles: nice09:01
SwedeMikeGiles: http://www.pastebin.ca/1937101 is mine.09:01
GilesSwedeMike: Thanks, but I solved my problem another way09:02
JohnHeikkilaWhich programming language should I use if I want to make a cross-platform program?09:02
DoyleJohnHeikkila: are you a programmer?09:03
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: Not really, but I've just coded a lot09:03
JohnHeikkilaWhy HTML?09:03
GilesDoyle: I wouldn't call HTML a programming language09:03
JohnHeikkilamarkup language09:03
tgywamtx_init, ntpdate[1584]: name server cannot be used, reason: Temporary failure in name resolution09:03
GilesJava, Ruby, Python....etc09:03
DoyleJohnHeikkila: every os in the world can read it. Encorporate backend languages and you can build web-apps09:04
tgywamtx_init, I do think that I have the right config lines in /etc/resolv.conf09:04
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: Yes but if I want to kinda make a front-end for Flasm?09:04
GilesJohnHeikkila: it really depends on your applcation09:04
GilesJohnHeikkila: He is right, but It depends what you want to do09:05
mtx_inittgywa: not sure, maybe ask on the forums09:05
DoyleJohnHeikkila: there's no 'one' language for multi-platform applications... you could learn a few C languages, that's as close as youre going to get09:05
GilesJohnHeikkila: more traditional programming languages that are "cross-platform" are the ones I mentioned09:05
GilesJohnHeikkila: and yes, you can make any application cross-platform in almost any language09:06
JohnHeikkilaGiles: so you're now talking about the app I want to make a front-end for or the one I would make?09:06
DoyleJohnHeikkila: if you're going to write a front end for flasm... it'd be best to write specifically for each OS you want to deploy the app on09:07
JohnHeikkilaSorry, my internet crashed. Giles, did  you say something between this09:07
tgywaMy dns client is not resolving names on Ubuntu 10.04 ... any idea?09:07
tgywa ntpdate[1584]: name server cannot be used, reason: Temporary failure in name resolution09:07
Gilesno I said flasm09:07
tgywaMy dns client is not resolving names on Ubuntu 10.04 ... any idea??09:07
JohnHeikkilaGiles: "Flasm disassembles your entire SWF including all the timelines and events. "09:08
tgywaGetting thise error:  ntpdate[1584]: name server cannot be used, reason: Temporary failure in name resolution09:08
GilesJohnHeikkila: is flasm cross-platform09:08
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Yes09:09
ServerTech|Busywhat does "hg clone <link>" do?09:09
GilesJohnHeikkila: You want to write a GUI front-end?09:09
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Exactly09:09
DoyleJohnHeikkila: I'd have to say Python would suit your needs best09:10
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Flasm is command line only09:10
DoyleJohnHeikkila: it's licensing will be suitable for your situation I think considering your using Flasm09:10
AvionicXhi. i want to use left handed mouse cursor. i'm ok with default cursor as long it points right side. could anyone help me configure it. i can't find much options in admin tools to do it.09:10
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: Okay, good09:10
JohnHeikkilaAvionicX: System-->Preferences-->Mouse09:11
DoyleAvionicX: From the system menu select System > Preferences > Mouse, click Left handed09:11
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: But th09:11
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: But the problem with Python is that I've never used it :(09:11
AvionicXDoyle» yes, the function is there. but the cursor is still left pointing which is kinda of weird to use when left handed mouse. :)09:11
GilesJohnHeikkila:  So you could write it in C++ with QT09:11
GilesJohnHeikkila: C and GTK09:12
GilesJohnHeikkila: Python and PyQT09:12
GilesJohnHeikkila: Java and Swing09:12
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=== your_favorite_ni is now known as hihihi100
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Okay, thank you.09:13
GilesJohnHeikkila: what is flasm writtern in btw09:13
DoyleJohnHeikkila: learn it... You've messed around with programming so you should understand enough to dive in relatively quickly09:13
DoyleAvionicX: Did you logout and login?09:13
AvionicXDoyle» oh, nope. it pointer change automatically?09:14
AvionicXok, let me try relog.09:14
JohnHeikkilaGiles: All I know is "flasm was written by Opaque Industries (http://www.opaque.net/)"09:15
xjkxmy sound doesnt work and calling alsaconf is in vain09:15
xjkxubuntu 1009:16
xjkxlast one, just downloaded09:16
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Flasm was written in C09:16
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
tgywaAny one to help me with: kernel: [ 3342.350118] eth0: no IPv6 routers present09:17
tgywaon ubuntu 10.0409:17
wizzlehi, anyone know how to change my laptop IP?09:17
xjkxwizzle: ifconfig ?09:17
jakeriveris there any way to fix this when i close my laptop lid the mouse cursor will disappear?09:18
Simon-MPFHwizzle, system -> preferences -> network configuration09:18
Simon-MPFHjakeriver, how do you know it's dissapeared if the lid is closed?09:18
wizzleSimon-MPFH, can u give me some tutorial?09:19
AvionicXDoyle» it didn't change anything. the cursor is still left pointing.09:19
Simon-MPFHKinda depends what the context is...   Most laptops pick up an address from DHCP from the router09:19
Doylejakeriver: updat eyour system, it was reported as a bug a few months ago09:19
Simon-MPFHWhy do you need to change it?09:19
jakeriverSimon-MPFH: ;). when i open it again the mouse is gone. i can still move the cursor but i don't see it. then i just need to restart again.09:19
Simon-MPFHjakeriver, Ah, I C.   Is your system fully up to date?  Which Ubuntu are you on?09:20
wizzlexjkx, after type ifconfig in Terminal and what next?09:21
AnanD23how to install all the packages in ubuntu which are installed in BackTrack??09:21
jakeriveri think this is 10.04 and yes it is fully updated. i did some googling and this is an old bug already 2008 noticed.09:21
AnanD23can i do that??09:21
xjkxwizzle: i'm not sure what you want to do, but if you want to change the local ip, you could ifconfig eth0 for example, being eth0 your ethernet card, by ifconfig command you can see the list09:21
xjkxthe list of ethernet cards09:22
DoyleAvionicX: ok, is your system fully up to date?09:22
sambarinocan anyone help me with trying to fix mailman ?09:22
wizzlexjkx, how to know my current ip?09:22
Simon-MPFHjakeriver, recover from sleep has always been a bit of a problem - do you sleep or hibernate on lid close?  try the other and see if that helps09:23
AvionicXDoyle» yes.09:23
DoyleAvionicX: What kind of mouse is it?09:23
xjkxwizzle: like canadacow said, ifconfig with no arguments give you the information, like ip, MAC, ethernet cards09:23
AnanD23where will i get the packages which are installed in backtrack??09:24
wizzlexjkx, so which line is my current ip?09:24
AnanD23to install them in ubuntu???09:24
jakeriverSimon-MPFH: ok, i'll try that. it was now "when lid is closed: blank screen" but i'll try suspending now. thank you.09:24
GilesDoyle: It turns out that its the nipple thats faulty not the touchpad, and gpointer-device-settings will only let me disable the touchpad ;(09:25
Doylewizzle: theone that says inet addr: for the interface your'e using... wlan - wireless for example.09:25
xjkxwizzle: if you don't see a number looking like an ip, maybe it's not even set, you could set it yourself just so you'd know the number. keep in mind that it changes the local ip09:25
AvionicXDoyle» heh, i don't think it is a mouse problem. i notice that ubuntu by default don't have opposite pointing cursors. i'll try add a right pointing cursor and set it. thanks anyway. :)09:25
JohnHeikkilaGiles: When you asked earlier, Flasm is written in C09:25
kneauxfaulty nipples, always the faulty nipples09:26
hihihi100i need help with the following: From now on, when connecting to freenode, you should identify using the command « /msg nickserv identify your_nickname your_chosen_password ».  If you don't want to have to do this, you can set your password as the server password; how this is done depends on your IRC client.09:26
DoyleGiles: ok, did you check the BIOS yet?09:26
hihihi100how do i set my psswrd as the server passwd'09:26
GilesJohnHeikkila: its harder to write cross-platform c programs not impossible09:26
AnanD23 /msg nickserv identify anand ite0800509:26
hihihi100im using xchat09:26
julian-oh the fail09:26
JohnHeikkilaGiles: Yeah, but they've managed09:26
GilesDoyle: I am looking for a solution that I can do without rebooting at this stage.09:27
WillPittengerCould some explain why my titlebar buttons are on the left rather than the right?09:27
wizzleDoyle, ok i see it. how to change it?09:27
DoyleJohnHeikkila: give up on writing one app for multiple platforms, I don't htink you're at that level09:27
GilesJohnHeikkila: it requires alot of conditional compilation09:27
xjkxwizzle: in case you're having troubles understanding where the ip is, you could paste the result of the command in pastebin.com09:28
timClicksis there a shell command that allows the nth line + 5 to be printed out, e.g. lines 200-205?09:28
DoyleGiles: fail... reboot. You're not working on a server are you?09:28
JohnHeikkilaOh well09:28
Doylewizzle: the best way to go about is to read up.. heres a good example.  http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/06/how-to-configure-static-ip-addresses-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/09:29
GilesDoyle: The bios thing might be a solution, can you think of another?09:30
xjkxwizzle: there is also the graphical solution, system -> networking09:30
jo4where would it be "correct" to save script data?09:30
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: What about only for linux?09:30
DoyleDoyle: Spend hours researching, maybe days, then finally find out which process thred is responsible for running the nib and kill it... or you could reboot and fix it in 5 minutes09:30
wizzlethanks you all. Doyle & xjkx09:30
GilesDoyle: yes I want to do it the hard way09:31
kneauxHey I'm having a weird problem fullscreening flash videos on dualhead09:31
Giles"running the nib"?09:31
DoyleJohnHeikkila: Language choice is all up to personal preference. If you know a language already try doing using it, if not, learn Python09:31
AnanD23 where will i get the packages which are installed in backtrack?? to install in ubuntu09:31
DoyleGiles: I can't support the hard way since I'm going to bed. Good luck though09:32
Doylegnight all.09:32
Emanonanyone know how to change the task panel icon for a program?09:32
spike__who in here is using 10.1009:33
spike__ubuntu 10.1009:33
AnanD23spike__, am using tht09:34
JohnHeikkilaDoyle: Okay, thank you.09:34
SwedeMikespike__: #ubuntu+1 is for 10.1009:34
AnanD23spike__, wats the matter09:34
spike__i was seeing how does it run do u have any problems with it09:34
AnanD23spike__, it s not as gud as 9.0409:35
AnanD23spike__, but gui is great09:35
DJonesspike__: Probably better to ask in #ubuntu+1 thats the support channel for it until its released and most people there would be using it and probably able to give you more detail/answers09:35
sacarlsonEmanon: right click on the icon, select properties, click icon,  pick icon image you want.09:35
hihihi100how do i set your password as the server password for your Ubuntu IRC connection?09:36
spike__i had 9.10 then updated to the 10.409:36
Emanoni mean like the icon that shows on its task bar when its open09:36
Emanonnot for the shortcur sacarlson09:36
bazhanghihihi100, ask in #freenode09:36
sacarlsonEmanon: yes on the panel right click it09:36
Emanondoesnt show any entries for properties09:37
sacarlsonEmanon: oh after the application opens?  I guess that depends on the program.09:37
Emanonyea thats why im asking09:37
spike__ok i will go ask them09:38
Emanonim in a test user so i can see if i can change everything to look like windows and see if my dad notices09:38
bazhangAnanD23, lose the caps09:38
EmanonAnanD23: and dont start a flame war09:38
bazhangAnanD23, please take that to #ubuntu-offtopic09:38
AnanD23i din mean that to flame war09:38
bazhangAnanD23, wrong channel09:38
AnanD23ok, sorrY09:39
spike__how do i s\go to #ubuntu+109:40
WillPittengerCould some explain why my titlebar buttons are on the left rather than the right?09:40
bazhangspike__, /join #ubuntu+109:40
spike__oh ok09:40
EmanonWillPittenger: just the new thing you can change em back if you like09:40
sacarlsonEmanon: I think your looking for themes as in System>preference>apperence.  I have heard of setups that mimic windows but I never tried it.09:40
WillPittengerEmanon: How?  I didn't see anything in Appearance for that.09:41
Emanonsec ill find it WillPittenger09:41
spike__im new to this chat thing just got it09:41
bazhang!controls | WillPittenger09:41
ubottuWillPittenger: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side09:41
Emanonoh there you go WillPittenger listen to him ubottu is smart09:42
WillPittengerIt worked.  Why isn't there a option in Appearance for it?09:42
GilesHow can I disable my laptops built in mice, and use an external one instead, the built in ones are faulty09:43
DJonesGiles: Do you mean disable a touchpad?09:44
Gilesyes, and also a nipple which is builtin09:44
DJones!touchpad | Giles There's a section in Ubottu's link about how to disable the touchpad09:45
ubottuGiles There's a section in Ubottu's link about how to disable the touchpad: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad09:45
GilesWillPittenger: Oh its called a trackpoint?09:45
vinokhahaha that's funny "nippple09:45
WillPittengerWell, that was IBMs name for it when they invented it.09:45
sacarlsonEmanon: is this what you were looking for http://www.thevarguy.com/2010/01/05/ubuntu-linux-clone-looks-like-windows-xp/   problem with this one I think it's chinese?09:46
vinokGiles, system> preference > mouse> touchpad tab09:46
erupterhi all, how can i tell the (k)ubuntu installer not to mess up with my preexisting MBR???09:46
vinok!welcome | maruseru09:47
ubottumaruseru: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:47
GilesDJones: okay, this tells me how to disable the touchpad, how can I disable the Trackpoint?09:48
DJonesGiles: I'm not sure about the trackpoint, its not something I've ever looked into09:48
GilesDJones: I am begining to think that its the trackpoint that is faulty not the touchpad09:48
spike__i have a ?09:50
maruserudoes anyone know where firefox saves search engines .xml files on ubuntu 10.04?09:50
spike__can some one help me09:52
eruptermaruseru /usr/share/firefox/searchplugins/09:52
DeanLearnerHi everyone, hopefully someone will have experience with this. I know it's not strictly ubuntu but....09:53
GilesDoes anyone know how to disable my TrackPoint the damn thing is driving me crazy!09:53
DeanLearnerCan I use the same ssl certificate set on two different servers09:54
DeanLearner(with apache)09:54
DJonesGiles: Just a thought, is there an option in the laptops bios to disable the Trackpoint?09:54
DeanLearnerone is accessed by users in a certain office, one is accessed by those on the internet09:54
erupterGiles have you tried bios of your ibm?09:54
GilesDJones: no I just checked09:54
Gileserupter: its a Sony not IBM09:55
vinokGiles, im not sure about the trackpoint or if you can mess with it with xorg.conf.. maybe you can check /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d directory if you have the touchpad settings there09:55
WillPittengerIs there a way to set up a shortcut to always open something with root priledges?09:55
erupterGiles and it has a trackpoint? never heard... anyway it may have an option in the bios09:55
WillPittenger(Or at least attempt it?)09:55
Gilesgiles@masala:/usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d$ ls09:56
Giles05-evdev.conf  10-synaptics.conf  10-vmmouse.conf  10-wacom.conf09:56
sacarlsonDeanLearner: I think you can,  you would need to have a cert that has *.yoursite.com  so that one used comp1.yoursite.com comp2.yoursite.com09:56
Gileserupter: no option in bios09:56
maruseru/usr/share/firefox/searchplugins/   there is no folder named searchplugins, only one named defaults09:56
eruptermaruseru try /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins09:57
eruptermaruseru or /usr/lib64/firefox-x.x.x/searchplugins/09:57
sacarlsonDeanLearner: I guess you wouldn't even need that if they were on different networks as long as the sitename.com was the same the cert would also work.09:58
DeanLearnersacarlson : fantastic, thank you, was just about to follow up and ask that :)09:58
maruseruthanks erupter, its /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins09:59
eruptermaruseru you're welcome09:59
Gilesvinok: I can't see anything in those files relating to my trackpoint09:59
DeanLearnersacarlson: because in the office the dns for something.domain.com points to a local address, where as outside the office, it's our colo server09:59
th0rWillPittenger: right click on the shortcut and choose Properties. Change the shortcut to call 'gksu <command>'09:59
Gilesvinok: gpointer-device-settings calls it a DualPoint Stick10:00
erdnaseExcuse me, anyone of you here successfully ran visual basic using wine?10:00
sacarlsonDeanLearner: yes as long as your local dns server gave the correct lookup for your local mysite.com it should work.10:00
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTech|Busy
vinokGiles, sorry if its not there, i don't know how to do it anymore =(10:02
DeanLearnersacarlson: much appreciated, thanks for your help10:02
sacarlsonDeanLearner: I assume you have something like bind9 dns server that gives the local network the ip's they need.10:02
GilesThis used to be such a simple task, you just remove the device from xorg.conf10:02
DeanLearnersacarlson: Kind of yeah, we are quite small scale, so there's just a DNS entry on the router pointing to the local server10:03
DeanLearner(I guess that could be running bind in the background though)10:03
sacarlsonDeanLearner: well if your clients  ping mysite.com from your local network and get the address of your apache2 server then it will work.10:04
DeanLearnergood good, thanks again10:04
Gilesvinok: for example http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-395197.html10:04
Emanonsee heres my abomination in progress http://imagebin.org/11348010:06
Gilesvinok: but /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't exist on my system10:06
sacarlsonEmanon: looks perfect to me I can't tell.10:07
erupterGiles the xorg.conf is empty from release 9 or so10:07
Emanonlook at the tray10:08
vinokGiles, yeah it should be like that... what happen to xorg.conf? is it empty?10:08
Emanonthe firefox icon is still there10:08
erupterGiles and if you used to remove lines then it's no use...10:08
spike__guess no one cares to help me10:08
erupterGiles but if you had a line citing your device and could set it to "disable" or the likes, then you can still manually populate the xorg.conf10:08
th0rspike__: you never asked a question...or are we supposed to guess?10:08
Emanonnot if you keep asking to ask spike__10:08
Emanon!ask | spike__10:09
ubottuspike__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:09
Gileshurrah:  xinput set-int-prop "DualPoint Stick" "Device Enabled" 8 010:09
vinokerupter, im using 10.4 and its not empty though10:09
GilesThank god for that.10:09
erdnase[bump] Excuse me, anyone of you here successfully ran visual basic using wine?10:09
Emanonanyways switching back to main user and wiping this abomination unto stallman from my machine10:09
eruptervinok i fought with it, i learned that by default from new releases the xorg.conf is empty as xorg autodetects everything10:09
Slart!appdb | erdnase10:10
ubottuerdnase: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help10:10
eruptergiles glad for you :p10:10
vinokGiles, problem solved?10:10
Gilessee above10:10
erdnaseSlart, I was there, no one answe- nvm, someone just did. Thanks.10:10
Slarterdnase: did you check the website? they have long lists of applications and how well they run under wine10:11
spike__ok on unetbootin which one is ubuntu is better the 9.10 live, or 9.10 hdmedia, or 9.10 netinstall10:11
WillPittengerth0r: Doesn't work.10:11
erdnaseSlart, There are? I'll check, thank you.10:11
Slart!best | spike__10:11
ubottuspike__: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:11
WillPittengerI tried two different programs.10:11
th0rWillPittenger: you using kde or gnome?10:11
=== OmegaPhil1 is now known as OmegaPhil
WillPittengergnome, I think.10:12
th0rWillPittenger: open a terminal and type 'gksu gedit' and see if it prompts for a password10:12
spike__yeah best10:12
WillPittengerth0r: It did.10:13
th0rWillPittenger: then the same thing should work for a launcher....just add 'gksu ' in front of the command for the launcher10:13
WillPittengerI tried the standard file manager and dolphin.  Didn't work for either.10:14
anAngelHello. How can i revert the root back to its default state because i changed its password and now its a fully active account10:14
WillPittengerNeither program even opened.10:14
th0rWillPittenger: does the launcher work at all? sounds like the shortcut might be bad10:15
th0rWillPittenger: I can't be too specific about either of those programs as I use xfce and don't have them on my system10:15
WillPittengerI took gksu off the file browser item and it worked.10:16
WillPittengernautilus --no-desktop --browser10:16
SlartanAngel: I think there is a switch for passwd that removes the password entirely.. you'll have to check the man page10:17
th0rWillPittenger: then adding gksu in front of that should open the file manager as root...I would think. Don't think there is anything 'special' about nautilus10:17
th0rWillPittenger: try it in a terminal and see if the command line works10:18
ikoniaSlart: passwd -d10:18
WillPittengerI just readded gksu and it doesn't work anymore10:18
WillPittengerth0r: I got a help page for gksu.10:19
Slartikonia: ah.. that sounds like the one.. thanks. anAngel, did you see what ikonia said three lines up?10:19
th0rWillPittenger: try gksudo instead of gksu10:19
Slartth0r: just fyi, "gksu nautilus" works just fine here on 64bit 10.0410:20
Slartth0r: from a gnome terminal, that is10:20
anAngelSlart: yeap thanks i was reading the man pages anyway10:20
th0rSlart: yeah...I thought it should work <smile>10:20
anAngelikonia: thanks10:20
WillPittengerth0r: It would really help if there was a property for that in the launcher property window.10:20
WillPittengerIn the command line, same problem.10:21
apoagehave problem with "Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tablet is working but have no idea how to enable Option "Twinview" "horizontal"  Option "TVresolution" "1280x1024,1920x1080" it was working until i reinstaled gimp10:21
WillPittengersudo works.10:21
th0rWillPittenger: try gksu 'nautilus --<whatever>'   Maybe the single quotes would help10:22
th0rWillPittenger: su would work but you would have to run it in a terminal.10:22
WillPittengerThat did it.10:22
WillPittengerBut then it said it couldn't find /home/will%u.10:23
glebihanWillPittenger, what's the exact command you typed ?10:24
WillPittengergksu "nautilus --no-desktop --browser "10:24
apoageplease help me somebody10:25
WillPittengerI don't know where the underscore came from.10:25
glebihanWillPittenger, try forcing it to go to a specified path, ie gksu "nautilus --no-desktop --browser /"10:25
WillPittengersudo seems to work.10:25
MaximLevitskyI really need a help on how to make live USB work10:26
MaximLevitskyI don't need much explanations, but really there is a low level problem with the ubuntu image that prevents its booting10:27
MaximLevitskyI just get literally 'Boot error'10:27
MaximLevitskyI tried that on two computers and I do know that both work with USB sticks10:28
apoageMaximLevitsky, : what system do you runing (means in what system do you wan to create live usb)10:28
MaximLevitskyapoage: Ubuntu 10.0410:28
MaximLevitskyapoage: and I have seen the same problem on 9.0410:28
anAngelSlart: thanks again i found the solution but the root default state is locked password - ¨passwd -l root¨ can revert the root to its default state like when ubuntu is installed so logon, su and similar things don't work10:28
MaximLevitskyapoage: I also tried to use alternative usb disc creater10:29
SlartanAngel: ah.. didn't know that.. good hunting =)10:29
MaximLevitskydon't remember its name though10:29
MaximLevitskydoesn't help at all10:29
MaximLevitskyits something with the image, and I really need the stick now10:29
apoageMaximLevitsky, i sounds like you dont have set boot mark on usb image partion or something like it10:30
* MaximLevitsky checks10:30
jongoliaHey is there anybody who can help?10:30
MaximLevitskyapoage: nope, all set10:31
MaximLevitskyapoage: also I get same error message on 2 computers10:31
jongoliaInstallation troubles: can't get to the installation welcome screen, everything's a graphical corruption.10:31
jongoliaNOMODESET doesn't work.10:31
MaximLevitskyjongolia: nvidia card?10:31
jongoliamanufacture: ASUS K40IN, Nvidia GEforce G102M10:31
MaximLevitskyjongolia: try to google around about how to disable nouveau10:32
jongoliaaight, one moment.10:32
apoageMaximLevitsky: hmm and is boot sequence in bios set to include boot from usb??10:32
MaximLevitskyapoage: yep, I even select it manually10:33
MaximLevitskyapoage: boot fails after bios passes control10:33
=== denny_ is now known as denny
MaximLevitskyapoage: assuming that live usb isn't broken for everyone, my only assumption is that partition sizes somehow choke the loader10:34
castdoesn't allowing the main user to execute any command as root, open up more security issues than just having the root account enabled? i don't see what security disabling it buys you10:34
MaximLevitskycast: sure10:35
castdoes sshd disable root login in the stock package?10:35
jongolia@BoltClock Hello.10:36
BoltClockjongolia: hi10:36
apoageMaximLevitsky: thinking ...10:36
DavsankHi. can anyone tell where on earth is the 64bit i386 architecture version for Ubuntu, because i can onlt find amd64 and i'm not using AMD...10:37
bazhangDavsank, they're the same10:38
erUSUL!amd64 | Davsank10:38
ubottuDavsank: AMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/3jkole and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.10:38
DavsankerUSUL how about Intel then?10:38
erUSULDavsank: AMD designed the architecture so they choose the name10:38
bazhangDavsank, same10:39
DavsankerUSUL So how caome i see packages built for i 386?10:39
erUSULDavsank: intel processors implement the amd64 architecture. ( they call it EMT64 )10:39
erUSULDavsank: that's for 32 bits10:39
casterUSUL: EM64T, but now they call it Intel 64, and it is slightly different to AMD6410:40
DavsankerUSUL: is there an EMT64 version then? or is i 386 considered to be 32 bit?10:40
erUSULcast: intel64 is itanium and has nothing to do with pc's10:40
apoageMaximLevitsky: ehm wile you have coppyed system(live iso or something) on usb  try to reinstall mbr on usb by "install-mbr /dev/your_usb_device"10:40
erUSULDavsank: the amd64 version is compatible with *both* intel and amd cpu's10:40
casterUSUL: no. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_64#Intel_6410:40
erUSULDavsank: i can say it louder but i can not say it clearer10:41
MaximLevitskyapoage: I used ubuntu's disk creator10:41
Loth`use the amd64 version10:42
castit's important to note that Intel 64 and AMD64 are *not* identical, though as far as most users go it doesn't matter10:42
cramheadhey there is ppc ubuntu supported here?10:43
Loth`it will work10:43
erUSUL!ppc | cramhead10:43
ubottucramhead: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ10:43
cramheadwell im trying to install it on a powerbook g4 but it hangs when trying to pass the 3rd screen (selecting keyboard layout)10:43
ttiiccwhen do you guys think gnome3 will be shipped with a stable version of ubuntu?10:44
glebihanttiicc, I would say not before 11.10 or 12.04, but that's just a guess10:44
BoltClockttiicc: soon enough10:45
ttiiccwhich's the big differences between debian and ubuntu10:45
bazhangttiicc, lets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic10:46
ttiiccI have been working in debian and I would like to try out ubuntu, what will be the biggest differences?10:46
gnomefreakpl ease continue this topic in #ubuntu-offtopic10:46
gnomefreakbazhang: :)10:46
bazhangttiicc, thats outside the scope of this channel, thanks10:46
apoageMaximLevitsky, ok its correct way but try rewrite that mbr to usb its may help10:46
MaximLevitskyapoage: nope, install-mbr doesn't help10:46
kmfn #glug.za10:47
cramheadany clues why the installer hangs when trying to insall on a powerbook g4? At the select keyboard layout bit10:47
Alborzhow can i add a new partition to my 300GB hdd ?10:50
apoageMaximLevitsky: one more try just try to setup in bios usb as first bootable device .. but have no idea why it is refusing to boot10:51
MaximLevitskyapoage: BIOS does boot it10:51
sacarlsonAlborz: look at gparted10:51
MaximLevitskyapoage: the code in the bootloader in the stick fails10:51
AlborzI tried and created two partitions but it says they are both mounted on same place10:52
Alborzsomeone plz clarify this mount thing10:52
erUSULAlborz: it is alredy mounted. check the output of « cat /proc/mounts »10:53
apoageMaximLevitsky, ehh wel you firs sad it have error after boot while boot loader fails i thing it is caused by some incompatybylity/bug or something try another disk image10:54
MaximLevitskyapoage: that could be10:54
MaximLevitskyapoage: meanwhile I found this http://www.rigadicomando.org/node/5810:54
Killsmy movie player sometimes mutes the sound when Im playing mkv files what to do?10:55
Alborz sacarlson thanks10:55
glebihanKills, which movie player is it ?10:56
Killsthe default10:57
apoageMaximLevitsky, yes this is the hard way .. but sometimes it helps10:57
glebihanKills, I would suggest using another one such as VLC or mplayer10:57
AlborzKills, use vlc 1.1.410:57
Killsmplayer doesn't work at all10:57
Killsit only palys sound -.-10:58
apoageMaximLevitsky, try the last step qemu /dev/sdb10:58
Davsankbuh.. what's the point of a ping/pong bot if it doesn't show the round trip time///10:58
MaximLevitskyapoage: I did, and it works,,,,10:58
Killsi hope vlc is better on ubuntu than on windows10:58
airtonixDavsank, timestamps ?10:58
bazhangDavsank, please stay on topic   /msg ubottu factoid10:58
pie_timeis there a way to copy your ubuntu installation from one partition to another and then install windows on the partition that ubuntu used to be installed on?10:58
airtonix!clone > pie_time10:59
ubottupie_time, please see my private message10:59
pie_timeairtonix, thanks! how about the second half of my question?10:59
airtonixpie_time, after you install windows and have re imaged the second drive/partition you need to re-initilalise grub10:59
airtonix!grub > pie_time11:00
ubottupie_time, please see my private message11:00
apoageMaximLevitsky, and in real boot ?11:00
bazhangairtonix, grub211:00
pie_timei dont think i can handle all that11:00
MaximLevitskyapoage: Single text bessage11:00
pie_timethanks though11:00
MaximLevitskyapoage: "Boot error"11:00
Blue1pie_time: http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=31411:00
bazhangMaximLevitsky, bad usb 'burn'11:01
bazhangMaximLevitsky, try unetbootin11:01
MaximLevitskyapoage: Don't think so, and I tried it11:01
MaximLevitskyapoage: Same thing11:01
sintanyone here working with mdadm raid5 software raid?11:02
jatt can you recommend a good external usb drive to use with ubuntu11:02
castjatt: any one should be fine11:02
sinti've created a raid with 4 disks and wonder why only 4 disks are used and one disk is called spare11:03
d3vili have in a folder some apps (from backtrack) and i want to add this apps to menu.11:03
d3vildoes any know how can i add it ??11:03
bazhangd3vil, `backtrack not supported here11:03
d3vilok ..11:03
apoageMaximLevitsky, hmm try anothe image have no idea where is an error if it is caused by hardware or by boot image or usb key it self ...11:03
sintoh, i mean 3 disks are used and 1 spare11:03
bazhangd3vil, try #backtrack-linux11:03
apoageMaximLevitsky, *another11:04
d3vilbut i want to add entries to menu from a folder!11:04
MaximLevitskyapoage: I did once11:04
bazhangd3vil, using backtrack?11:04
MaximLevitskyapoage: I think 8.10 would work just fine11:04
MaximLevitskyapoage: I did that a month ago or so11:04
d3viland ubntu..11:05
bazhangd3vil, then get help in their channel11:05
apoageMaximLevitsky, i did same thing with 10.4 month ago but had no error (mean fatal error)11:05
Gigacorehey guys, I am not able to upgrade to ubuntu 10.10 beta.. I am getting an error "Could not calculate the upgrade"11:09
andrewfreeso basicly im doing vnc to a headless server from my mac laptop, and I cant type on it because they keyboard is tottaly not right11:09
bazhangGigacore, #ubuntu+1 for that11:09
ikoniaGigacore: 10.10 discussion in #ubuntu+1 please11:09
AutonomiserGigacore: Clean install.11:09
andrewfreelike when I type a space a 7 comes out and other weird shit11:10
apoageMaximLevitsky, that http://www.rigadicomando.org/node/58 shuld work great ... (only you shuld use /media/ instead /mnt/ but it das not mater while it is forced to mnt)11:11
MaximLevitskyapoage: yes, I have no problems doing these instructions11:12
lelaciao a tutti11:16
lelaho un un problema11:17
maco!it | lela11:17
ubottulela: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:17
apoageMaximLevitsky, so you have right created image on usb and still failed to boot still sounds like hardware or live image problem im out of ideas11:18
MaximLevitskyapoage: Thanks for your help though11:18
MaximLevitskyapoage: I think its is something to do with geometry11:18
jongoliablacklisting nouveau and removing 'quiet splash' still doesn't solve the problem at install screen, any ideas?11:20
Bo|SuSince using mozilla namoroka in lucid, i cannot interact with videos on youtube (volume, play...etc.).  I was up to date on all updates and reinstalled flash as well. For the heck of it, I tried chrome and have the same problem. I do not know what started it.11:22
jribBo|Su: does the issue persist if you disable compiz?11:23
Bo|Suyes, i stopped using that long ago to speed my boot11:23
MaximLevitskyapoage: fdisk told me about inconsistency between, but DRAT, manual partition table didn't help11:24
apoageMaximLevitsky: geometry shuld not cause things like this in case of usb drive (only with active media lide dvd cd or harddrive it shuld mater but while you using usb it cause only speed of i/o until it is not set to some astronomical numbers) emm sory i cant help with it11:24
mamoothHi there11:24
jribBo|Su: well there used to be https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/444757 .  I guess you can test the workaround before we try other things11:25
Bo|Suwill do. tnk11:25
apoageMaximLevitsky, em try to remove all partions on flash a create new with default block size11:26
jribBo|Su: of course I linked you to a dupe (see the last comment)11:26
MaximLevitskyapoage: I already did. I smell a bug in bootloader that doesn't like something.11:27
Bo|Sunp. noticed it quick ;)11:29
apoageMaximLevitsky: boot loader bugs are a bit out of my knowledge :D .. only thing witch stills is byt alchemy with that usb in fdisk but it look like it das not helps11:30
ha55anhi, I have just installed 10.04.1 on an HP z400 workstation, the installation went fine. the problem is that ubuntu does not boot now. No way to even get to grub. the waird thing is that i hear the ubuntu notification sound and then the screen goes into powersave mode. any ideas?11:31
Davsankha55an, the computer shuts down? or it stops recognizing the screen?11:32
apoagecan anybody help me have problem with "Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tablet is working but have no idea how to enable Option "Twinview" "horizontal"  Option "TVresolution" "1280x1024,1920x1080" it was working until i reinstaled gimp11:32
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:32
jribha55an: spacebar, ctrl-alt-f1 all do nothing?11:32
ha55anDavsank: it does not shoutdown, if i do the raising elephants tricks, it reboots. so i know it must be running. but the screen shuts down. if i do CTRL ALT and F4 for example to get to the shell, the keyboard stops responding, and nothing happens on the screen11:34
ha55anjrib: the keyboard stops responding if i do that11:37
jribHermes: do what?  Press space bar even?11:37
HermesDoes Ubuntu any solution for Cloud Computing?11:37
UbuXubuok back see runs fast on a gig11:37
HermesDoes Ubuntu any solution for Cloud Computing?11:38
HermesDoes Ubuntu have any solution for Cloud Computing?11:38
bazhang!repeat | Hermes11:38
ubottuHermes: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com11:38
BoltClockbazhang: he was correcting a typo11:39
mouseAnyone happen to know how to put a character limit on pidgin messenger?11:39
BoltClockmouse: character limit in the message display or the input box?11:39
mouseFor the input box.11:39
Hermesany one is familiar with clustering?11:39
sometuxHermes: be specific, what's your problem?11:41
Bo|Suit would appear as though adobe is currently not supporting x86 linux flash 10. The work arounds for mozilla failed a make a difference after purging all previous flash installed files along with mozilla. I do not believe this bug report has been closed (though opened in jaunty). Any suggestions?11:42
=== bsod1_ is now known as bsod1
HermesI have a program which is written in python. I want to cluster it. any one can help me?11:42
=== bsod1 is now known as bsod1_
bazhangHermes, cluster a program?11:42
jribBo|Su: why do you make the statement that you believe "adobe is currently not support x86 linux flash 10"?11:42
sometuxHermes: network clustring?11:43
sometuxHermes: searched google?11:43
jribBo|Su: right.  Use nspluginwrapper (ubuntu does this for you automatically)11:43
MrUnagican anyone help me troubleshoots 550 5.1.1 errors when trying to receive mail11:44
HermesYes, but I am not sure about which technology is better?11:44
jribBo|Su: in the future, say x86-64 :)11:44
HermesI want to know that Ubuntu has any proprietary solution or not?11:44
Bo|SuI figured that would be the case. tnk   (rodger that!)11:44
bazhangHermes, cloud computing and clustering a program? there some relation to Ubuntu with this?11:44
apoagecan anybody help me have problem with "Wacom Graphire4 4x5" tablet is working but have no idea how to enable Option "Twinview" "horizontal"  Option "TVresolution" "1280x1024,1920x1080"11:45
HermesI want to user Ubuntu for my platform.11:45
HermesI want to use Ubuntu for my platform.11:45
undertugaHermes: check Ubuntu with Eucalyptus (Ubuntu cloud)!11:46
undertugaHermes: ya can make your own for development porpuses!11:46
sometuxHermes: network clustering isn't so complicated, there should be open source one there11:46
rob_pMrUnagi: The SMTP status code suggests user unknown.  Is the user that the smtp server is handling mail for, valid?11:47
MrUnagithats what i cant seem to figure out, i can send mail from that user just fine, receiving doesnt work11:47
MrUnagidoes that not indicate that the user isvalid?11:48
Hermesany one has experience with Eucalyptus?11:49
rob_pMrUnagi: No.  Your smtp server will relay mail for anyone, as long as they are local.11:49
glebihanMrUnagi: what protocol are you using to retrieve mails ?11:49
rob_pMrUnagi: ...even made-up users.11:49
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC Hermes11:50
peydjВсем прива!!11:50
bazhang!ru | peydj11:50
ubottupeydj: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:50
ProfessorBaconwhat the11:51
undertugaHermes: get your own copy of Ubuntu server, then check out this url: http://fnords.wordpress.com/2009/10/04/run-your-own-uec-part-1/11:52
undertugaHermes: you can start from there!11:52
rob_pMrUnagi: I'm assuming you are running postfix and you want it to deliver mail to a local user's mail spool.  Am I correct in that assumption?11:53
Hermeswhat about performance of Eucalyptus?11:54
erupter___anybody familiar with PlayerStage ?11:55
undertugaHermes: depends on the machines that you use as nodes! but Eucalyptus is way wicked!11:55
rob_pMrUnagi: Are you still with us?11:56
glebihanrob_p: no he's left11:56
rob_pglebihan: Yeah, I noticed that just after pressing enter!  :-)11:56
Hermes<undertuga> what about a Pentium III?11:57
olliewith alien arena?11:59
ollieHelp with alien arena?11:59
lukuswhere should i go to talk about merkat?11:59
Hermesundertuga: what about a Pentium III?11:59
bazhang#ubuntu+1 lukus11:59
StaRetjiFolks, I have problem with casper-rw, it's seems that fs is damaged. How can I scan and fix it?12:00
olliewhen i play alien arena i can use my mouse to select game options and change setting but when i enter a match my mouse does not work. Any help?12:00
undertugaHermes: ya can use even 2.8.6's as nodes, lol! depends how much performance you need on it! it depends on many nodes you use, and in the end, on the stability of the source code running!12:01
HiddenHeroDHsomeone can help me with these errors in make? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/491529/12:02
MrUnagirob_p: this time i know for sure that the user exists12:02
MrUnagisame error12:02
jribHiddenHeroDH: what are you compiling?12:04
HiddenHeroDHjrib: fortran source code12:04
jribHiddenHeroDH: that you wrote?12:05
olliewhen i play alien arena i can use my mouse to select game options and change setting but when i enter a match my mouse does not work. Any help?12:05
HiddenHeroDHjrib: when i try to do make, it show me these errors, i have tried to install mpi libraries but doesn't work12:06
jribHiddenHeroDH: and my question?12:06
LinuxReignthat happens only on Alien Arena?12:06
rob_pMrUnagi: I'm assuming you are running postfix and you want it to deliver mail to a local user's mail spool.  Am I correct in that assumption?12:07
ollieIts happens 75% of the time12:07
HiddenHeroDHjrib: i'm installing a software. I haven't write these fortran code12:07
LinuxReigntry this on a terminal, export SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=112:07
olliei typed in SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=1 but nothing happens12:08
LinuxReignyes, I just read that on the Forums12:09
LinuxReignlet me double check12:09
ollieok thanks12:09
LinuxReignollie, check this link please http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155374912:10
LinuxReignthe command should be written within the game i think12:11
LinuxReignon a console12:11
mouseAnyone happen to know how to put a character limit on the input box for pidgin messenger?12:12
ollieOk thanks got it working thanks12:13
nyc-h0stcan anyone tell me why int 10.04 iptables NAT table doesnt work, gives me iptables v1.4.4: can't initialize iptables table `NAT': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)12:14
=== Zain is now known as ExtremeDevilz
glebihanmouse: you mean limit the length of the messages you're sending with pidgin ?12:17
jribHiddenHeroDH: the less vague you are, the easier we can help you.12:17
mouseglebihan, Yes sir.12:17
nyc-h0stcome on, noone is doing nat with 10.04?12:18
glebihanmouse: I don't think there's a way to do that12:18
ko0lAidhi ubuntu12:18
mouseglebihan, Not even a character counter?12:19
glebihanmouse: you may look if a plugin exists, but I doubt it12:19
AijseI d loaded the latest moonlight at http://www.go-mono.com/moonlight installed restared f-fox and still pages with silverlight don't work. Is this the comon experience? or am I doin it wrong?12:19
glebihanmouse: is there a particular reason you need this ?12:19
mouseglebihan, I've been looking but I can't find one in the repositories.  There's one for windows though.12:19
LinuxReignthe plugin for pidgin will not be on the repos, you need to look for it within the pidgin software12:20
glebihanmouse: I think this should work, thought I haven't tested it : http://dossy.org/2007/10/character-counting-plugin-for-pidgin/12:20
mouseglebihan, Some people on yahoo have messengers on their phones and the yahoo messenger for phones only accepts so many characters.  139 if I remember right.  Anything past that gets cut off.  It's a real problem.12:20
mouseglebihan, Yeah that's for windows.12:20
volatile_rinchi all. does anyone know how to remove a package that throws error on deinstallation?12:21
glebihanmouse: there's also a deb package : http://static.panoptic.com/pidgin/pidgin-convcharcount-plugin_2.3.1-1_i386.deb12:21
glebihanmouse: tested it, seems to work12:23
meeranot shure, think have something wrong installed12:23
mouseglebihan, I'm always kinda cautious of installers from the web instead through the repositories.12:24
ExtremeDevilzcan anyone recommand me a linux12:24
ExtremeDevilzbased on12:24
ExtremeDevilzmoo: os: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - Service Pack 2 (5.1.2600) up: 5mins 25secs cpu: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz (x86) at 1729MHz gfx: Intel Corporation Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset 128MB res: 1024x768 32bit 60Hz ram: 293/502.4MB (58.22%) [||||||----] hdd: C:\ 34.66GB/55.88GB net: Intel[R] PRO_Wireless 2200BG Network Connection - Packet Scheduler12:24
ExtremeDevilzMiniport - 54MB/s 0B In 0B Out12:24
meerasorry dont know whats wron look in book12:24
FloodBot2ExtremeDevilz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:24
glebihanmouse: I understand but that kind of things, you'll rarely find packages in the repos12:24
mouseglebihan, That sucks.12:25
joshhi everyone12:25
LinuxReignhiya josh12:25
glebihanmouse: well that kind of packages are often built by individuals, and the process to get a package into official repositories is not simple12:26
mamoothI'm trying to launch firefox from within a php page, for the purpose of printing to pdf. For instance, here a simple script which do that : http://pastie.org/1149825 . The problem is : When this script is launched from the command line, all is fine. But when I reach it through a LAMP server, nothing append, the command seems to abort immediately.12:26
icerootmamooth: dont do that, print directyl with php, dont call x-apps with php12:27
thiagossHello, yesterday I decided to take a look on js and went to install gjs. The problem is that the installation (with apt-get) fails with 'broken package', seems to be related to the xulrunner version. Do any of you know if there's a current bug about this? I've searched around and this seems to have happened and got fixed some times already.12:27
glebihanmouse: plus, I don't say that you shouldn't be cautious, but I never encountered a package which caused damage to my system12:27
=== themill_ is now known as themill
mamoothiceroot, what are the limitations of calling X apps with php?12:28
HiddenHeroDHjrib: have you read my paste?12:28
jribHiddenHeroDH: yes.12:28
HiddenHeroDHjrib: so you don't know how to solve the problem12:28
icerootmamooth: security, ugly, php can do it directly, ugly and very ugly12:28
jribHiddenHeroDH: I cannot help you if you don't answer my questions, no12:29
mouseglebihan, How would you know if it's harmful before it's too late anyways?12:29
HiddenHeroDHjrib: i answered you :)12:29
jribHiddenHeroDH: k12:29
glebihanmouse: you can always have a look at the files in the package, or even at the source code before installing it12:29
mamoothiceroot, regring our requirements for generating pdf, firefox give actually the bests results. I can take care of security issues. What I need to know is: Is this technically possible?12:30
HiddenHeroDHjrib: i'm following a tutorial to install a software, but make command show me errors in the paste12:31
jribHiddenHeroDH: look, I can't help you if you don't answer my question.  If you don't want to tell me what you are compiling for whatever reason, ask the channel for help12:31
icerootmamooth: sure it is12:31
OneMillionDollarwhy ubuntu 8.04 wont auto upgrade itself to the latest 10 version ?12:32
mouseglebihan, I suppose.  Thanks for the help.12:32
jribOneMillionDollar: it offers the upgrade and you have to tell it you want it12:32
HiddenHeroDHjrib: i'm compiling a configuration for a software called NEMO, the configuration is called ORCA2_LIM12:32
glebihanmouse: you're welcome12:32
mamoothiceroot, do you have a idea of what cause the process to abort when I reach the script through apache?12:33
ebrima1thank mouse12:33
philinuxOneMillionDollar: Backup first then open a terminal and use update-manager -d12:33
OneMillionDollari mean why can't the auto update feature update it12:33
icerootmamooth: the error-log should tell you12:33
bazhangphilinux, that's not the correct command12:33
jribHiddenHeroDH: you read its documentation and made sure you had the required dependencies.  Do you have a link for this project?12:34
van7huWhat is difference between building a packet and install a packet12:34
jribvan7hu: you mean "package"?12:34
bazhang!compile > van7hu12:34
ubottuvan7hu, please see my private message12:34
HiddenHeroDHjrib: yes but you must log in to see the documentation12:34
StaRetjiFolks, need help with casper-rw on usb stick. I have some read/write errors and I would like to scan usb for errors, but it warns be that it is dangerous as system is mounted. Any help would be highly appreciated ;)12:34
Dr_Willisvan7hu:  its a 'package' if you mean .deb  building == compiling, installing = putting it in the system12:34
philinuxbazhang:  my bad not enough coffe12:34
bazhang!software > van7hu12:34
glebihanvan7hu: building means compiling it, when you install it's already compiled, and you just put the files in the right places12:35
Dr_WillisStaRetji:  you could use dd_rescue to dd the whole thing to a file and then fsck/recover from that.12:35
jribHiddenHeroDH: honestly the errors look like bugs.  Did you try contacting the project (forums, mailing list, their own irc channel, whatever?)12:36
philinuxOneMillionDollar: Sorry should be this. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades#Upgrade%20from%208.04%20LTS%20to%2010.04%20LTS12:36
StaRetjiDr_Willis: I have dd image backed up, should i run fsck/recover?12:36
van7hubot is good ;-)12:36
StaRetjiI've disconnected usb stick, and pluged to another system, can you help me from there?12:37
adoki need to replace this string config.php with this one, config.php?display=modules&type=tool&extdisplay=upload but i cant because sed is messing with all the &&& marks12:37
adokhow can i fix this?12:37
meeratried to install x-chat and  irc freenodenet, problem causes pic, looks different in book, not shure if I forgot something, seems to funtion if write something in here12:37
HiddenHeroDHjrib: do you think that these are errors in fortran programming?12:37
mamoothiceroot, this is the problem, I have absolutely no feedback of what is happening, either in the log files or with return of the exec() function12:37
mouseglebihan, Thanks again for the help.  It works so perfectly.12:37
jribHiddenHeroDH: well they say you need to pass the -fwhateveryourpastebinsays switch to (I guess) gfortran12:37
glebihanmouse: you're welcome :)12:37
mamoothiceroot, here's a debug script that isolate the problem: http://pastie.org/114982512:38
mamoothif I run it in the shell, all went fine.12:38
cptblodi just installed ubuntu 10.4.1 but i cannot install nvidia drivers properly, all i end up with is a resolution of 640x480, but the driver seems to work, what do i do?12:38
stk322so...why Ubuntu Linux?12:38
HiddenHeroDHjrib: is it an error on gfortran option?12:38
icerootmamooth: but you are not running it as the www-data user which apache is12:38
icerootmamooth: so i guess apache cant open the display12:38
stk322I hear reasons all the time for "why not windows"12:39
glebihanmouse: by the way, if you really fear packages to damage your system, you could install a test system on a virtual machine and install packages there before installinh them on your main system12:39
icerootmamooth: and DONT run apache as another user!12:39
FloodBot2MASTER: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:39
bazhangMASTER, ?12:39
LinuxReigni need to backup my CoD 4 disc, anyone knows something on GNU/Linux similar to Alcohol able to do that?12:39
mamoothiceroot, I use apache2-mpm-itk12:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto12:40
bazhangLinuxReign, k9copy12:40
jribHiddenHeroDH: it looks like that switch needs to be passed, your best bet is contacting upstream support12:40
volatile_rincLinuxReign, just dd it12:40
mouseglebihan, Yeah I used to do that until I found out not everything works the same since it uses virtual hardware.12:40
mamoothso the process is assigned to the desired user at the fork time12:40
LinuxReignI will try dd, lets see how it goes and thx12:40
glebihanmouse: yes there are issues, but in most cases, it'll allow you to check if the package does what it pretends to12:41
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cptblodi just installed ubuntu 10.4.1 but i cannot install nvidia drivers properly, all i end up with is a resolution of 640x480, but the driver seems to work, what do i do?12:47
verywisemani am running ubuntu 9.04 in my hp mini 210-1000, and wireless is working , but i want to know which is package that provide wireless driver?12:47
mamoothiceroot, the problem come specifically from firefox. For example, I can run others X apps using the same display12:49
Ubuntu-IRChello I need to ban one members12:49
Ubuntu-IRCin my IRC server started by bash comand ubuntu12:49
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, what?12:49
Ubuntu-IRCit's the name12:49
Ubuntu-IRCsomething like that12:49
mamoothis the fact that /usr/bin/firefox link to sh script could be the cause of the problem?12:50
Ubuntu-IRCI don't know the Oper comand12:50
Ubuntu-IRCcan you tell me, Please ?12:50
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, try in #freenode12:50
dpac_Ubuntu-IRC: Why don't you first google? :)12:50
owd95when i minimize a window without compiz a uggly line shows, can i change so the line don't shows? heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp12:50
Ubuntu-IRCdpac_ I've search but find nothing12:51
dpac_Ubuntu-IRC: http://everything2.com/title/IRC+Ban+syntax12:51
Ubuntu-IRCdpac_ need to ban12:52
Ubuntu-IRCby server not channel12:52
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, that has nothing to do with Ubuntu12:52
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, /join #freenode12:52
=== ServerTech|Busy is now known as ServerTech
Ubuntu-IRC<bazhang> already done12:53
Ubuntu-IRCbut no one reply12:53
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTech|Busy
cptblodi just installed ubuntu 10.4.1 but i cannot install nvidia drivers properly, all i end up with is a resolution of 640x480, but the driver seems to work, what do i do?12:53
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, you're not there.12:53
EMPulseis anyone familiar with the science programs12:56
AlchimistaEMPulse: wich science programs?12:57
EMPulseMolecule Viewer12:57
glebihan!details | EMPulse12:57
ubottuEMPulse: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:57
EMPulsealchimista: Molecule Viewer and Oregano12:57
AlchimistaEMPulse: with those no :s12:57
EMPulseAlchimista: Alot of the science programs are designed pretty damn badly12:58
EMPulseAlchimimsta: gEDA Schmatic editor is absolutely horrible12:58
AlchimistaEMPulse: well, you can help the devs..12:58
Ubuntu-IRC(13:59) [Notice] OperServ : OperServ commands:12:59
Ubuntu-IRC(13:59) [Notice] OperServ : GLOBAL Send a message to all users12:59
Ubuntu-IRC(13:59) [Notice] OperServ : STATS Show status of Services and network12:59
Ubuntu-IRC(13:59) [Notice] OperServ : OPER Modify the Services operator list12:59
Ubuntu-IRC(13:59) [Notice] OperServ : ADMIN Modify the Services admin list12:59
FloodBot2Ubuntu-IRC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:59
EMPulseAlchimista, yeah good idea. I'm going to see if Molecule Viewer has a dev website12:59
bazhangUbuntu-IRC, wrong channel.  join #freenode12:59
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Guest36432nick renfox13:01
realburbhi I want to run a file/vdr-server on 10.04 the drivers for my tv card are in >=2.6.34 can I use this one http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_amd64.deb instead of the original kernel? Or is there a more stable one for lucid?13:01
glebihan!language | Ubuntu-IRC13:02
ubottuUbuntu-IRC: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:02
volkanDo you speak Turkish?13:05
volkanhelp me ?13:05
DJones!tr | volkan13:05
ubottuvolkan: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:05
aaaoooaaahi guys have a question about nvidias xserver settings panel: WHen I change the settings and restart the changes arent saved, what should I do to make sure changes stay permanent and are applied? ubuntu karmic13:08
ko0lAidaaa000aaaa: yes13:08
ko0lAidclick the apply to xfile button13:09
LinuxReignaaaoooaaa, open a terminal type, sudo nvidia-settings, make tha changes and click on Save to X Config file, then restart, your changes will be saved13:09
cptblodi just installed ubuntu 10.4.1 but i cannot install nvidia drivers properly, all i end up with is a resolution of 640x480, but the driver seems to work, what do i do?13:09
aaaoooaaaLinuxReign: there is no "save to x config file" only "save current configuration" which opens up a "save to" dialog13:10
LinuxReigncptblod, how are installing the nvidia drivers?13:10
LinuxReignaaaoooaaa, yes, thats the one, sorry, can't remember the exact text13:10
cptblodi've tried sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and also the package from nvidia.com13:10
aaaoooaaaLinuxReign: what file should I save it to and where?13:10
cptblodtried the beta from nvidia.com too13:11
MaximLevitskyFolks do you know how to boot a live disk and tell it to use failsafe X mode?13:11
MaximLevitskyIs there an boot option?13:11
philinuxMaximLevitsky: press any key as soon as graphics appears13:11
=== hamid is now known as Guest64795
LinuxReignaaaooooaaaa, once the perform the changes and click to save the file will be generated automatically13:11
LinuxReignaaaoooaaa, you will never see it13:12
Dr_Willis cptblod  you have checked the forums? also you may want to state what your exact video chipset is - to see if anyone else n the hcannel has used that chipset.13:12
LinuxReignbut it will be there13:12
cptblodDr_Willis: no, im checking here as i want help directly :) it's an nvidia 9400gt card13:12
Dr_Williscptblod:  its also possible its how its detecting your monitor thats the issue. not the video card. Are you using VGA/DVI? what sort of connection?13:13
aaaoooaaaLinuxReign: when i click on "save current config" I get a "save to" dialog with a default filename ".nvidia-settings-rc" @ /root13:13
MaximLevitskyphilinux: and then?13:13
cptblodDr_Willis: im using VGA->DVI atm13:14
LinuxReignaaaooooaaa, that should do it13:14
Dr_Williscptblod:  Try it without an adaptor if you can figure out how.13:14
LinuxReignbrb, changing location13:15
Dr_Williscptblod:  ive see all sorts of odd quirks with those adaptors13:15
philinuxMaximLevitsky: The usual menu options appear.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146947513:15
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=== Guest4126 is now known as ypeng
philinuxMaximLevitsky: It just one issue affecting lucid13:15
MaximLevitskyphilinux: I talked with one user now, and we ended up booting into rescure mode and editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:17
=== ypeng is now known as yangpeng
cptblodi will try VGA native now Dr_Willis13:17
philinuxMaximLevitsky: Failsafe mode is one of the menu option along with Check cd for defects ect.13:18
cptblodsame res Dr_Willis13:18
cptblodonly 640x480 and 320x24013:18
Dr_Williscptblod:  can you run the 'nvidia-settings' tool ?13:18
MaximLevitskyphilinux:where ?13:19
MaximLevitskyphilinux: I use 10.413:19
undecimwhat's name of the binary for  the DUA?13:20
undecim(disk usage analyzer)13:20
cptblodDr_Willis: yes13:21
philinuxMaximLevitsky: unless you hit any key when the first graphic shows up all you get is install or try ubuntu. They decided to make the install non interactive. :/13:21
BesogonI have 2 eth cards. but I can't turn on broadcast between them13:21
BesogonIs there some secret I don't know13:22
MaximLevitskyphilinux: I did hit a key13:22
philinuxMaximLevitsky: And what menu appeared13:22
undecimBesogon: You mean to share the connection between the two?13:22
undecim!ics | Besogon13:22
ubottuBesogon: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php13:22
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MaximLevitskyfew things, checks for defects for example13:23
philinuxMaximLevitsky: Is safe graphics not an option then.13:23
=== luist_ is now known as luist
Wren01I need to know the program that allows you to use wifi drivers on linux13:28
glebihanMaximLevitsky: try adding the "single" option to boot13:28
undecimWren01: You talkign about ndiswrapper?13:28
icerootWren01: ndiswrapper if you mean "allows to use windows ndrivers on linux"13:28
undecimWren01: It's the one that lets you run some broadcom drivers on linux13:28
Wren01yeah that's it13:28
undecimWren01: Though since broadcom released linux drivers, i don't think there is any use for it now13:29
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:29
icerootundecim: there are other chipsets too which needs ndiswrapper13:30
undecimiceroot: Oh, I see13:30
undecimiceroot: I thought the one bcm released worked for all chipsets13:30
icerootundecim: i mean other chipsets then broadcom13:30
undecimiceroot: oh XD13:31
dr4gI'm trying to install ffmpeg library so that i can compile the ffmpeg-php5 package.13:34
dr4gsee here:13:34
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTech|Busy
dr4gAssuming php5-ffmpeg is the php extension, where would it be installed to ?13:34
popeydr4g: why not just apt-get install php5-ffmpeg13:34
dr4gpopey, i done that, as you can see from pastebin13:35
popeydr4g: what are you trying to compile then?13:35
dr4gpopey, its ok it done it itslf i just had to reboot httpd13:35
longhenaciao list13:36
DJones!it | longhena13:36
ubottulonghena: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:36
dr4gpopey, i'm not sure where it install the php5 extension though. - there is no .ini file in.. /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/13:36
dr4gso i'm not sure how it's including it13:36
dr4gpopey, don't worry i'm happy it's working.13:37
Wren01i have a netgear 311v3 wifi card13:37
Wren01and need drivers for ubuntu13:37
popeydr4g: dpkg -L php5-ffmpeg, that will tell you where it put it13:38
=== giuseppe is now known as Guest70141
glebihandr4g: don't you have a line in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini with something like "extension=ffmpeg.so" ?13:39
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:39
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:40
sevenseekeris there a known issue in 10.10 with dhcp (specifically timing out and not receiving an addy)?13:41
glebihan!maverick | sevenseeker13:41
ubottusevenseeker: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:41
ChogyDanWren01: http://www.computer-essence.com/Projects/wifi-1.html13:41
X_odoes ubuntu 10.04 has grafic mode?13:41
gryllida~How do I get a list of currently installed perl modules?13:42
undecimWhat's the package name for the disk usage analyzer?13:42
jo__Hellow everyone, I have a problem with pure-ftpd. I created a virtual user, I can log in but I can't ls in the folder. Experiance enyone?13:42
popeyundecim: baobab13:43
undecimpopey: ty13:43
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:46
ShredMasteri want utorrent for unbutu13:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »13:47
farciarz84does the built-in remontedesktop support access via web?13:48
jo__ShredMaster: you should use Transmission13:48
undecimShredMaster: The old version should be in the repos. The newer version doesn't have a graphical component, but the Windows version of the newest uTorrent works quite well in wine13:48
sniperjo_does anyone know a method of a browser to cache something like a .mov13:48
ChogyDanShredMaster: there is also deluge!  :)13:48
undecimShredMaster: I would recommend installing Wine via the instructions available at http://winehq.org/ and then installing the Windows version of uTorrent13:49
jo__sniperjo_: I always look in my /tmp directory13:49
jo__sniperjo_: not shure do13:49
ShredMasterok everyone13:49
sniperjo_jo__:  im looking to force my browser to cache .mov s13:49
jo__sniperjo_:there are some firefox extentions who can do that13:50
undecimsniperjo_: I'm not sure, but I think it has to do with file size. Look around in about:config for something to do with max filesize for cache and turn it up13:50
undecimsniperjo_: Or there may be an extension for it13:51
glebihangryllida: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/how-to-list-all-installed-perl-modules-216603/ (first result on google...)13:51
stercorI edited /var/spool/cron/crontabs/ted and inserted the single command: ``   *  *   *   *   *    echo crontab''  It didn't work.  What am I missing?13:54
jribstercor: don't edit it directly, use crontab13:55
stercorjrib: I did.13:55
jrib!cron > stercor13:55
ubottustercor, please see my private message13:55
stercorcrontab -u ted -e13:55
jribstercor: ok.  Then where do you expect it to echo?13:55
gp5sthey! i'm getting an error about my .Xauthority (/usr/bin/X11/xauth:  error in locking authority file /nfs/home/jkeener/.Xauthority) it is the "correct" permissions (600 owned by me) and is blank13:56
sniperjo_undecim:  basically i want to view websites from a live page but play videos from my local hard drive13:57
jribstercor: do you understand?13:58
ubfirstI have a question abotu the first time of installing of ubuntu13:58
undecimsniperjo_: Did you look at about:config for anything about max filesize for cache?13:58
ChogyDangp5st: mine is owned by root13:58
gp5stChogyDan, i'll give that a try (multiple forums said different things)13:58
Bayles how get user detail with command line like directory etc13:59
sniperjo_undecim: yeah, its set to 51200 at the moment13:59
gp5stBayles, what user details?13:59
ChogyDangp5st: -rw------- 1 root root 0 2009-10-29 12:43 .Xauthority13:59
Bayleslike its directory13:59
ubfirstI can not find my network printer, mozilla is not loading web sites, installation of ubuntu was from the alternate cd13:59
gp5stBayles, ?13:59
gp5stChogyDan, 600 root:root size 014:00
undecimDoes anyone know why this conditional in conky would be giving a result in Arch that is opposite what I get in Ubuntu? I'm guessing it's a bug in this conky version: ${if_existing /sys/class/net/eth0/operstate up}14:00
gp5stBayles, you mean who owns it? ls -l and ls -la (the a whill show . and hidden files)14:00
undecimsniperjo_: Do you know what size the video is?14:00
glebihanBayles: look at "finger"14:00
undecimsniperjo_: Also, can you install an extension to see what headers the site is returning with the video? It may send a "no cache" header.14:01
sniperjo_undecim: 42.5mb14:01
jribundecim: well do the contents of /sys/class/net/eth0/operstate differ?  What does $if_existing do?14:01
gp5stChogyDan, i had an issue with tmp not being writable earlier and had to start mysql by hand.  It's a symptom of a larger problem i'm waiting for hardware to fix, is there anything i might have to start by hand?14:01
jribundecim: or "if_existing" i guess14:01
gp5stor any reason it wouldn't be able to get a proper lock on a file?14:01
undecimjrib: if_existing checks for the existence of a file, and also checks the contents of the file for the first parameter given to if_existing14:02
Baylesi want know where is www-data user directory14:02
jribundecim: k, so what are the contents on each system?14:02
undecimjrib: In this case, it should be true if eth0 is up (which it's not) and false when it's down14:02
jribBayles: why?14:02
undecimjrib: Contents of the files are identical14:02
gp5stBayles, it may not have one.  look at /etc/passwd14:02
ChogyDangp5st: maybe you need to delete it?  I really have no idea.  I would think that lock files get deleted after use..14:02
undecimjrib: .conkyrs is copied directly from the other system backup (which is up-to-date)14:03
jribundecim: ubuntu version or arch version isn't doing what you expect?14:03
gp5stChogyDan, there isn't anything in tmp besides some files the webserver makes, and i have rm'd the .Xauthority file. thanks for the help, though14:03
undecimjrib: Arch. (i know this is an Ubuntu channel, lol)14:03
undecimjrib: I also have a similar conditional for wlan0, which is currently up, but it's returning false, which it shouldn't be...14:03
jribundecim: #archlinux can probably help better.  Maybe they use different permissions somewhere?  Don't know14:04
glebihanBayles: "finger www-data"14:04
PiciBayles: getent passwd www-data14:04
undecimjrib: Yeah, I was omw there14:04
Baylesokay thenks14:05
jribundecim: you haven't asked in the last 3 hours though :)14:05
undecimjrib: Can someone give me their conky version?14:05
Baylesi got that14:05
jribundecim: what do you mean?14:05
undecimjrib: Tell me what version you have.14:06
jrib!info conky | undecim14:06
ubottuundecim: conky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.0-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 31 kB, installed size 68 kB14:06
undecimjrib: odd... it's the same version.14:06
jribundecim: you can check for debian/ubuntu specific patches in the source deb, but I doubt this is why14:07
nicoulajBaodai: ping14:07
nicoulajBaodai: hohé14:08
gp5sthow can i test if i can even lock files?14:08
FloodBot2Baodai_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:08
jribBaodai_: stop14:08
Baodai_Sorry ... friend of mine was on the keyboard14:08
nicoulajBaodai has nothing to do with me14:08
nicoulajBan him pelase14:08
bazhangnicoulaj, take it elsewhere14:09
Baylesi want to register rar for user www-data (with my key) so i can use it remotly with php14:10
ChogyDangp5st: have you looked at .ICEauthority?14:11
glebihanBayles: what do you mean by "register rar" ?14:12
gp5stChogyDan, it exists, 600 root:root 177 bytes14:12
gp5stthink i should remove it?14:12
Baylesits shareware now, so i want to register it14:12
BluesKajHi folks14:12
firefox59does anyone know on what channel i could get some help flashing my bios ?14:13
ChogyDangp5st: back it up I think.  It shouldnt be owned by root14:13
gp5stChogyDan, oh14:13
Picifirefox59: ##hardware would be the best place to start14:13
ChogyDangp5st: back it up = safe delete  :)14:13
Baylesi have key, i just register rar for admin and root, by pasting key file in home directories, but i cant figure out it for www-data14:13
glebihanBayles: I don't understand, you mean the rar archiving tool ?14:14
jribBayles: can't you just use the rar in the repositories?14:14
jrib!who | Bayles14:14
ubottuBayles: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:14
glebihanBayles: it's no shareware, it's in the repos14:14
=== firefox59 is now known as firefox51
ha55anhello, i installed ubuntu 10.04.1 AMD64 on an HP z400 workstation, but it does not boot after the instalaltion. i have tried ubuntu 8.04 32 bit and it works fine. any ideas?14:14
Baylesglebihan, yes its archiving tool14:15
glebihanha55an: what happens ? when does the boot stop ?14:15
Baylesjrib, i wan to use latest version :]14:15
jribBayles: why, what does it do differently?14:15
gp5stBayles, i made .Xauthourty 600, .ICEauthority 600 and removed some .Xauthority-c and -l files and it works14:15
gp5sterr ChogyDan i mean: i made .Xauthourty 600, .ICEauthority 600 and removed some .Xauthority-c and -l files and it works14:16
Baylesgp5st, what ??14:16
undecimjrib: Well, the distro is the only variable... It seems to be a bug in the Arch version though14:17
Baylesjrib,  i dont know what it do diffrently, but just like to use latest one :D14:17
gp5stwrong person Bayles sorry14:17
Baylesgp5st,  its okay14:17
jribBayles: that's silly :/14:17
Baylesjrib, may be, but it works fine without registering14:18
jribBayles: k14:18
glebihanBayles: if you want the latest version, checkout the bazaar branch from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/rar/lucid/files, and install it manually, you won't need any registration14:20
jonas_doesnt bazaar suck14:21
fidelixMy gtk buttons are somehow inverted, how can i change that? (I realize that is the default behavior of ubuntu 10.04)14:21
Baylesglebihan, ok thanks14:22
glebihanBayles: you're welcome14:22
jrib!controls | fidelix14:22
ubottufidelix: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side14:22
jonas_anybody got a problem with python freesing and not letting you close it14:22
fidelixjrib, thats not it.14:23
jribfidelix: what do you mean then?14:23
fidelixI said GTK buttons, no metacity.14:23
glebihanfidelix: what do you mean by inverted then ?14:24
gp5stjonas_, what do you mean? can you kill it?14:24
jribfidelix: those are the only button changes I know of though14:24
fidelixThe order is simply different than the obvious normal.14:24
jribfidelix: order of *what*14:24
fidelixFor example...14:24
fidelixIn Opera, when the Save file dialog appears, the order is: Help, Cancel, Save, Open.14:25
glebihanfidelix: you won't find configuration for this, it depends on each application14:25
fidelixNo, it does not.14:25
fidelixIn previous ubuntu versions, it was a different order14:25
fidelixIts not just in Opera, in a lot of places the buttons are reverted14:26
glebihanfidelix: well it may be a new policy, but there's no general configuration for that14:26
fidelixhmm... ok.14:26
jribfidelix: try messing with gtk-alternative-button-order in your ~/.gtkrc-2.014:26
fidelixjrib, there is only .gtkrc-2.0-kde414:27
jribfidelix: create it14:27
fidelixK. I'll try14:27
basso1200+ is quite alot14:28
bazhang!cn | administrator__14:29
ubottuadministrator__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk14:29
ClaudioAndresjoin /ubuntu-es14:30
glebihanClaudinux: type "/join #ubuntu-es"14:30
glebihanClaudioAndres: : type "/join #ubuntu-es"14:30
glebihanClaudinux: sorry wrong person14:30
Claudinuxglebihan, np :)14:31
ClaudioAndresthanks glebihan14:31
undecimWoohoo, Broadcom just _Open Sourced_ their drivers14:32
glebihanClaudinux: you're welcome14:32
glebihanClaudioAndres: : you're welcome14:32
glebihanClaudinux: again... :)14:32
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nyc-h0st can anyone tell me why int 10.04 iptables NAT table doesnt work, gives me iptables v1.4.4: can't initialize iptables table `NAT': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)14:32
nyc-h0sti've enabled ip forwarding14:32
bazhangundecim, dont spam here14:32
Claudinuxglebihan, :)14:32
bert_nick Bert-14:38
=== bert_ is now known as Bert-
lishanis anyone there14:38
Bert-Hi here14:38
AndrewMC!hi | lishan14:38
ubottulishan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:38
jcrawfordanyone here good with /etc/network/interfaces?  I was following a tutorial on how to add my N900 usb network connection and it said to add this to the /etc/network/interfaces http://pastebin.com/pEpS9J1w14:38
Bert-I have something strange with a nec versa E6300 : I'm unable to change keyboard layout.14:39
jcrawfordthe issue though is when I add that and restart the network manager my connection to auto eth0 vanishes from network connections14:39
Bert-I choose the good layout (according to the keymap, applied system-wide, butsome keys qre still wrong14:39
jcrawfordwhen I remove the n900 entry it comes back.  My auto eth0 was setup using the GUI and is set to have a static IP.  Is there anyway I can have my cake and eat it too?14:39
bonez2046where does my sound go? I'll have sound and come back later, after a few or several hours and find the sound doesn't work.. but if I reboot, it all comes back.. why does the sound drop?14:40
Bert-seems ubuntu doesn't apply the change at all :(14:40
Bert-no one has an idea please ?14:41
bonez2046sorry Bert14:41
glebihanBert-: could you paste a screenshot of your keyboard configuration dialog ?14:42
mbeierljcrawford: that's expected.  NetworkManager does not manage "static" interfaces14:42
glebihanBert-: "Layout" tab14:42
Bert-Glebelg, sure. Where should I post it ?14:42
glebihan!paste | Bert-14:43
ubottuBert-: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:43
mbeierljcrawford: if I understand your situation correctly, that is.  If you change the interface to be static you are taking over "ownership" of it and network manager lets it go14:43
jcrawfordmbeierl, you are not understanding one moment i will explain more in a sec14:43
=== Drew is now known as Drew571
bonez2046glebihan: any ideas on my sound conundrum?14:44
DAGr8hi all I am on vmware, how do I copy folder to my windows via samba ? if so how do I know my samba is workin fine ?14:45
glebihanbonez2046: sorry, no, what's your sound card model ?14:45
jcrawfordI have my wired connection set with a static IP.  I used the network manager GUI to set all of this14:45
jcrawfordI also want to have a USB network connection for my N900 so that when I connect it I can ssh to it, mount it etc. which is what that N900 entry in the interfaces file is for14:46
Bert-grrr the printscr key doesn't work :(14:46
jcrawfordhowever when I add the N900 entry and restart network manager my ethernet connection vanishes and I have no internet connection14:46
bonez2046glebihan: 80:01.0 Audio device: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT1708/A [Azalia HDAC] (VIA High Definition Audio Controller) (rev 10)14:46
jcrawfordI need to have both interfaces running at the same time14:47
haschdoes ubuntu have any problems with nvidia?14:47
jcrawfordnot hide the eth0 and show the n900 and vice versa14:47
Bert-hasch, I think no14:47
robotti^I have WinTV-NOVA-T PCI. And I cannot use that card14:47
glebihanBert-: you'll find the "Take screenshot" tool in Applications->Accessories14:47
jcrawfordmbeierl, does that make sense?14:47
robotti^how I can blacklist module?14:47
bonez2046glebihan: it's on mobo.. it works well when it works, but over time it drops and requires a reboot to get working again. I'd just like to figure out why so I can revive sound without the reboot14:47
Bert-I always used nvidia on my linux computers14:47
jcrawfordthere is no entry in my interfaces file for my eth0 connection, somehow Ubuntu is handling that14:48
robotti^IMPORTANT NOTICE: In 2.6.27 and possibly other kernel versions, the Alsa snd-aw2 driver will blindly grab all saa7146 devices preventing them from working. Blacklist the snd-aw2 driver to prevent this happening.14:48
linuxadmin1DAGr8 the command was meant to be tried on your linux terminal, this way you get to verify your settings before leaving your linux station14:48
bonez2046jcrawford: this is in your /etc/network/interfaces? there MUST be an entry there..14:48
robotti^will somebody know how to blacklist modules? :)14:48
jcrawfordbonez2046, the only entry in /etc/network/interfaces is the one I ADDED for the N90014:49
jcrawfordmy eth0 connection is not in that file14:49
bonez2046jcrawford: how do you like your n900?14:49
AndrewMC!blacklist > robotti^14:49
ubotturobotti^, please see my private message14:49
jcrawfordto setup the eth0 connection I used System -> Preferences -> Network Connections and set my static ip there etc.14:49
glebihanbonez2046: try "alsactl init"14:50
bonez2046glebihan: is that info useful for my sound issue?14:50
jcrawfordbonez2046, i like it so long as I can get this networking to work properly lol14:50
jcrawfordit's odd to me that if i add the N900 configuration and restart i lose my ethernet connection :(14:50
Jenna==>> Holaa <<==14:50
xttocsHello. I was wondering how to set up the ufw firewall to allow tls ftp connections for vsftpd. I have it partially working, but when my client tries to connect I get a invalid port error.14:50
Jenna==>> Felicidades <<==14:51
bazhang!es | Jenna14:51
ubottuJenna: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:51
Bert-glebihan, http://imagebin.org/11350814:51
jcrawfordanyone have any idea how i could keep my ethernet connection while also having my n900 connection?14:51
bonez2046glebihan: no change but here's the output from 'alsactl init' > Unknown hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC883" "HDA:10ec0883,14627253,00100002" "0x1462" "0x7253"14:51
bonez2046Hardware is initialized using a guess method14:51
Jenna==>> Ok, sorry <<==14:51
bonez2046jcrawford: your n900 is wireless, right?14:52
jcrawfordbonez2046, i setup USB networking following this tutorial http://wiki.maemo.org/N900_USB_networking14:53
jcrawfordsee section 2.214:53
jcrawfordand section 1.114:53
maruseruhi, how can i display embebed artworks in rhythmbox?14:53
haschi got a nvida from the M series hope ubuntu doesnt have any problems with it14:53
=== uRock is now known as running_rabbit07
glebihanBert-: which version of Ubuntu are you running ?14:54
bonez2046jcrawford: I use the command line for interacting with /etc/network/interfaces ..14:54
Bert-Glebelg, 10.04.1 (-'bits)14:54
glebihanbonez2046: hold on, looking for a solution14:54
Bert-glebihan, 10.04.1 64bits14:55
GrimmVarghey guys, anyone on a macbook pro 5.1/5.2 here?14:55
mbeierljcrawford: sorry I misunderstood.14:56
boywonderhi,ive got a usb live disk but how do i have it persistant?14:57
bazhang!usb | boywonder14:57
ubottuboywonder: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:57
glebihanBert-: ok, didn't find what dialog you showed me, but it's not the right one, please paste the "Keyboard preferences" one (the one from which the opened the one you've already shown me)14:57
bazhangboywonder, last link14:57
Davsankwhat's the off-topic channel?14:57
bazhangDavsank, #ubuntu-offtopic14:58
DAGr8http://pastebin.com/cakuqgAw what does that tells you ?14:58
Davsankit sayd i'm banned O_O14:59
=== devunt_ is now known as devunt
glebihanbonez2046: try installing "linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic" and rebooting14:59
gryllidaAre any movie players for Ubuntu dockable at the top, like this? http://lh4.ggpht.com/_JwaDcvsde7o/TIZKJF9R8pI/AAAAAAAAAaQ/gxw9EuOWv7A/WinampDockedToolbar.jpg14:59
DAGr8banned in an offtopic chanel thats pretty harsh14:59
Davsanki was never there to get banned in the first place O_O14:59
DAGr8any1 can help with my network problem ?14:59
Bert-glebihan, http://imagebin.org/11351015:00
bazhangDavsank, join #ubuntu-ops15:00
PiciDavsank: Try again.15:00
glebihanBert-: what layout would you like to have ?15:00
glebihanand that's not what you have ?15:01
Bert-If  I add a layout, the keyboard mapping from USA is the correct one. So I choose it15:01
Bert-but it is not applied15:01
webbgroupGreetings everybody.15:01
Bert-I don't have  backslash and pipe keys ( \ and |)15:02
webbgrouphas anybody hooked up Ubuntu to Active Directory before?15:02
glebihanBert-: that's odd, as it's the only one enabled...15:02
Bert-I agree15:02
=== Out`Of`Control is now known as Viper
Bert-instead of | and \ I have < and > ...15:02
webbgroupGuest45699: were you using hardy?15:02
Bert-strange thing : with alt, I can't have | but that is not what I want :)15:03
webbgroupFor the life of me, I can't get 'getent groups' working on Hardy.15:03
webbgroupI found the line that is causing the issue inside of the ldap.conf file15:03
Bert-I'll try to reboot ...15:03
Guest45699i agree15:03
bazhangGuest45699, what?15:03
jcrawfordbonez2046, yes so was I for the n900 configuration15:04
Guest45699what is you location ?15:04
jcrawfordwhat I am saying is that when I add the n900 config and restart the network manager my eth0 connection vanishes, ubuntu can no longer see the internet15:04
FlogggHey guys, I am trying to merge 2 unallocated space labels (using GParted) in a live cd. Is that possible?15:04
codeprimewhat's the "~" at end of file name?15:04
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bazhang!ot | Guest4569915:05
ubottuGuest45699: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:05
jcrawfordI need both connections to be running because the n900 is ip and my ethernet is a 172.* internal IP on different networks15:05
jcrawfordhowever when I start the N900 interface I lose my eth0 interface how can I have both running is my question15:05
dk12jq3p`!ops NO HOMELAND WITHOUT YOU FUHRER LOREZ! ALL HAIL THE AUTISTIC LORD OF FREENODE!! dk12jq3p` codeprime E8newallm Floggg PratterFak focke nothingspecial estragib abhinav_singh captaingr lsp dajhorn Italian_Plumber gianni zulax Mikelevel engled GG__ spartan117 sjefen6 bubben logan_wolf devunt geoffb bangfoo geraudk2000 Davsank julian__ boywonder akssps011 quake_guy tehowe bfiller miOw dl0c FloodBot2 Frozenball sayanriju maruseru webbgroup static^ sepehr dew15:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:05
bazhangGuest45699, that has nothing to do with ubuntu support.  #ubuntu-offtopic for chat15:05
Frozenball... :|15:05
dajhornFloggg: Not if they are disjoint.  Delete and recreate.15:05
The_Thinglol@ ubottu15:05
codeprimedoes the ~ at end of file mean anything?15:05
FlogggI deleted my ext3 file system becuae it was 3.8 GB, I now have 2 unallocated "labels" on Gparted: 3.8 GB and 5GB, how can I merge them? So I will have a ext3 8.8GB15:06
dajhorncodeprime: It usually means a backup file.15:06
Guest45699using kismet15:06
glebihan!who | all15:06
ubottuall: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:06
codeprimeis it in the file name?15:06
codeprimeor is it just an indicator?15:06
Bert-reboot didn't helped :(15:06
Frozenballis this the real life15:06
Frozenballis this just fantasy15:07
dajhorncodeprime: Some programs add the ~ by convention, but it is an old way of doing things.15:07
bazhangFrozenball, ?15:07
Bert-glebihan, for info, even in console it is not working15:07
jcrawforddoes anyone understand what I am asking?15:08
uberub1Hi. I am trying to install nvidia driver following this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia ... _but_ "apt-get install nvidia-current" says "E: Couldn't find package nvidia-current", why?15:08
jribuberub1: what ubuntu version?15:08
glebihanBert-: try "setxkbmap us"15:08
uberub1jrib: 10.04 lts15:09
dajhornuberub1: You must enable the "restricted" section in the software sources panel.15:09
Bert-uberub1, tried with the graphical too proprietary drivers ?15:09
Flogggdajhorn: can I give you a screenshot?15:09
uberub1dajhorn: where I can find that panel?15:09
glebihan!screenshot | Floggg15:09
ubottuFloggg: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.15:09
Flogggdajhorn: http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/1569/snapshot1b.png15:10
Bert-glebihan, tried. No change :(15:10
ServerTech|Busywhat is the make command with 2 cores?15:10
dajhornuberub1: System -> Administration -> Software Sources15:10
ServerTech|BusyCan i know how i can use "make" with 2 processor cores?15:11
glebihanBert-: are you sure the keyboard model is correct ?15:11
uberub1dajhorn: thanks. now I have 5 tabs, what should I do?15:11
Flogggdajhorn: as you can see, there are actually 3 unallocated, I can make only one more Extended or Logical, but either with 5GiB or 3.54 GiB. How can I merge these two?15:11
Bert-glebihan, ?? the geneic 105 keys ... ?15:11
korisnikuseri had 17" monitor and installed ubuntu. after changing monitor to 19" ubuntu is not in full screen. how to fix?15:11
dajhornServerTech|Busy: Add -j3 or a similar parameter.15:11
glebihanBert-: yes15:11
uberub1dajhorn: (5 tabs in software sources, what should I do now?)15:12
webbgroupkorisnikuser: go to your preferences for your monitor.15:12
Bert-I cant find anything related to my nec laptop in this section15:12
ServerTech|Busyhmm dajhorn Like i want to do the make command with 2 cores15:12
Floggguberub1: what are you trying to do? :-) maybe I can help15:12
webbgroupkorisnikuser: system>Preferences>monitors15:12
Bert-I tried NEC/SK-620015:12
webbgroupOr if you have a special video card, you will need to go through it's settings to change it.15:12
korisnikuseri have ati drivers installed15:12
korisnikuserati control center15:12
dajhornFloggg: You probably won't be able to use the first bit of slack space. Try moving /dev/sda3, which might coalesce the unallocated space.  gparted won't know how to do this for some filesystems.15:12
webbgroupgo there to change it.15:13
uberub1dajhorn: option "Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)" is checked...15:13
korisnikuserbut why would ubuntu not be in full screen15:13
korisnikuserbut ok gonna try, tnx15:13
dwayneI have a Dell Latitude E6510 (Intel Core i5) laptop that always seems to lock up yet I can ssh into it.  The dmesg output is full of back traces: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/9zhfMvL715:13
Flogggdajhorn: thanks, will try.15:13
dwayneshould I just open an issue for that ^ ?15:14
eikelmthi folks15:14
dajhornuberub1: Okay, that is what needs to be enabled.   Install nvidia-glx-185 directly, or do an `apt-get update; apt-get install nvidia-current` at a terminal prompt.15:14
glebihanBert-: what's your keyboard/computer model ?15:14
nyc-h0st10.04 iptables NAT table doesnt work, gives me iptables v1.4.4: can't initialize iptables table `NAT': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)15:14
uberub1dajhorn: thanks. will try with apt-get update after update manager gets job done.15:15
Flogggdajhorn: it worked, thank you very much :)15:15
dajhornServerTech|Busy: The -j switch tells `make` to spawn more than one build process, which will use more than one CPU core.15:15
dajhornFloggg: Welcome.15:16
dajhornuberub1: Welcome.15:16
Bert-glebihan, NEC versa e6300 (laptop) Keyboard is US (I think)15:16
boywonderif my usb live disk boots straight into say a guest use account,does that mean in non persistant?15:16
dajhornServerTech|Busy: Note that recent build systems will automagically max-out the number of available cores.  Do a compile, run `top`, push '1', and check whether you're seeing 100% cpu usage.15:17
eikelmtI have a problem with my wireless card, it is working, sudently it will disconnect , then when i try to reconnect it will not, it will time out and I have to restart my system to be able to connect15:17
boywonderif my usb live disk boots straight into say a guest user account,does that mean its non persistant?15:18
dwayneAlso, regarding http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/9zhfMvL7 , my laptop is currently in this hung state and I'd be willing to provide any additional information that may be useful for debug15:18
eikelmtthe logfile saying time out15:18
DragonKeeperhello i got a script to mount my iso files easily  but when  i right click  mount  it   attempts to mount iso tells me the file about to mount  then says unable ... script im using   http://tinyurl.com/32yqv6       and its in this folder   ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/    .. script appears in right click menu   and script has permissions     any ideas why wont mount ?15:18
ashiswinI am getting all these dev, sda IO errors and i cant even run any commands through terminal. This happens when i try to mount my dying windows drive. any ideas. also all my programs start haning randomly.15:18
ServerTech|BusyI got it15:18
ashiswinAlso, i can't run any programs besides the programs i currently have open15:19
mweijtsis it possible to get a timestamp in .xsession-errors ?15:19
dajhornDragonKeeper: You are reimplementing something that is already in Ubuntu.  Investigate the "Archive Mounter" and gvfs.15:19
=== Guest45699 is now known as BOBBY
bazhang!ot | BOBBY15:20
ubottuBOBBY: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:20
ashiswinplease help me. its urgent. i have stuff on my dying windows partition that I need urgently and my computer is not letting me mount that drive. when i try to, i get millions of IO errors when i do ctrl-alt-f115:20
DragonKeeperann archive mounter says is  CD-ROM is NOT in ISO 9660 format    but i have used this iso before  and it worked :S15:20
ChogyDanashiswin: not sure there is much anyone can do.  Just try to get your stuff off15:21
ashiswinnow it says that my filesystem is a readonly filesystem. Any idea??15:21
RamboJoewut i thought i was registered15:21
ashiswinChogyDan, I can't even mount the drive15:21
liberanso, i had 17" monitor when installing ubuntu and after some time i switched to 19". since then ubuntu would not go full screen. resolution is 1280 1024.problem was solved by changing refresh rate from 60 to 85.15:21
dajhornDragonKeeper: The script is probably failing because your $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS variable is unquoted, and because you are very likely stacking your mount points.  Think about using `mktmp` or something like it.15:21
RamboJoecould have sworn i was regged15:21
ChogyDanashiswin: that would be part of it failing15:21
jribashiswin: if you can read the data, then back it up immediately.  If not, you really care about the data, and you don't have backups, you should probably stop using the drive right away and pay someone15:22
DragonKeeperolk ill try15:22
glebihanBert-: seems you're not the only having troubles with the keyboard on this computer, but I can't get to find a solution15:22
dajhornDragonKeeper: The mounter can be confused by ISO files that have more than one filesystem.  What is in the ISO?15:22
DragonKeeperback up of a game15:22
KTLi just read "http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/opensource/?p=1707", and i was thinking what are all the factors keeping me from replacing the windows workstations by ubuntu workstations ... the windows domain. what is the open source alternative for windows domains?15:22
Bert-glebihan, thx for help anyway15:22
glebihanBert-: you're welcome15:23
jongoliaMaximLevitsky there?15:23
dajhornKTL: Winbind, Samba, Likewise15:23
liberanKTL:  samba, i think15:23
KTLthose are the servers15:23
liberanand sharing systems15:23
KTLbut can a ubuntu be a domain client too?15:23
dajhornKTL: They run on the workstations to provide authentication and things like nss.15:24
liberani file shared between ubuntu and winxp in home network15:24
ashiswinso, is there any method of mounting the dying partition?15:24
liberanwith samba. but im newb, google has an answer15:24
* KTL thinks about it15:25
=== undifined_ is now known as UndiFineD
liberanashiswin:  try hdd regenerator15:25
dajhornliberan: If your bad disk won't mount, then you need to make a raw copy of it.  Look at the two ddrescue packages.15:25
ashiswinwhats that liberan?15:25
* dajhorn derps15:25
dajhornashiwin: If your bad disk won't mount, then you need to make a raw copy of it.  Look at the two ddrescue packages.15:25
ashiswindajhorn, could you explain to me this on PM please :)15:26
liberanhehe dajhorn :) ashiswin  its a live cd for checking hdd and fixing15:26
dajhornashiswin: No. We should have the discussion here so that other people can listen and benefit.15:26
liberanfixing sectors and stuff15:26
ashiswinbut liberan, the partition cannot even be mounted15:26
liberantry boot with live cd and then mount, if that doesnt work and your data is not crucial, kill it with fire15:27
liberanwith hdd regenerator, that is15:27
ashiswinbut my data is very crucial liberan >.<15:27
ashiswinand hdd regenerator must be paid for15:28
liberanpay to tech guys with license for fixing hdds15:28
ajayhi all, does abiword has support fot other language like hindi.15:28
liberanashiswin:  i cant help you with that paying thing :D15:29
haavarosHow do I move every jpg file in a directory structure to one specified folder? I've tried mv *.jpg from the source folder15:29
ashiswinso there is no free alternative?15:29
dwaynecould http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/9zhfMvL7 be related to the cyclone process that I can't seem to kill?  'ps aux' output for cyclone is: dwayne    2753  0.7  0.0      0     0 ?        ZN   Sep09   4:55 [cyclone] <defunct>15:30
Bert-haavaros,  ?15:30
ben_qhaavaros, isn't "mv *.jpg /dest/folder/" working?15:30
liberantry dajhorn  way. im newb with linux15:30
=== gryllida is now known as \G
dajhornhaavaros: Learn how to use `find` and `xargs`.    It will be something like `find -name \*.jpg -print0 | xargs -0 mv -t /My/Destination`15:30
kemalettin_12i want to install "google chrome" to my ubuntu 10.04. (i have already chromium-browser but i need googles chrome too ).15:30
wedwoajay, yes it does15:31
ajaywedwo, how do i know that how many languge supported by abiword15:31
Bert-haavaros, find . -name '.jpg' -exec mv {} /path/to/ \; works ?15:31
ajayi mean if i want to see other languge support15:31
Bert-haavaros, find . -name '*.jpg' -exec mv {} /path/to/ \; works ? (sorry)15:31
quiescensdwayne: a defunct process is just a process that has finished or died or exited in some way, which its parent hasn't reaped15:32
wedwoajay, look in Tools > Language settings15:32
=== astra-x is now known as astra05
ajaywedwo, thanks alot15:32
quiescensdwayne: there isn't technically anything wrong with processes showing up as defunct unless more of them keep appearing under the same parent without the old ones disappearing15:33
k0d3g3arafter recent updates with 9.10, my screensavers are now 'locking up' and take about 30 seconds to disable and return back to normal use after moving mouse.  Any ideas how to debug this?15:33
haavarosBert-: No15:33
kemalettin_12i want to install "google chrome" to my ubuntu 10.04. (i have already chromium-browser but i need googles chrome too ).15:33
dwaynequiescens, any chance you can take a look at my dmesg output (http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/9zhfMvL7), this ubuntu system is locking up daily15:33
sniperjo_ok right,15:33
webbgroupdajhorn: Have you used LDAP authentication?15:34
glebihankemalettin_12: http://www.google.com/chrome15:34
webbgrouprather than winbind, or likewise?15:34
nemoI'm chatting with the admins at work15:35
quiescensit looks a little like a deadlock between i915 and cyclone but I can't tell for sure15:35
nemowho are discussing integrating ubuntu15:35
dajhorndwayne: That looks like your video driver is crapping out.  It could be caused by a bad driver or by bad hardware.  Try disabling OpenGL screensavers.15:35
kemalettin_12glebihan:  if i install the deb package , after a time will be update automatically with update manager ?15:35
dajhornwebbgroup: Yes.15:35
nemoOne issue they'd like to know about is when ubuntu announces updates, is there any sort of rating mechanism, for which are critical and such.15:35
nemoI've never noticed that in update manager.15:35
BluesKajkemalettin_12, they 're almost identical on linux , why ?15:35
ajaywedwo, in setting i made default languge as hindi even though if i am typing then it is writing in english15:35
webbgroupdajhorn: On Hardy? I can't get getent groups to look up correct.15:35
quiescensand yeah, i915 being, video card15:36
webbgroupon Lucid, it works fine.15:36
dwaynedajhorn, will do.  thanks.  Think I should also upgrade to 10.04 or should I try disabling OpenGL screensavers and see if I go a few days w/o hanging?15:36
dajhorndwayne: Definitely use Lucid.  That i7 that you've got is new and recent drivers are much better.15:36
ajaywedwo, it worked after changing setting of font15:36
kemalettin_12 BluesKaj: i need a 3. broser. i sometimes need it. at the same time. if i install the deb package will install the updates automatically with update manger of ubuntu ?15:36
dajhornwebbgroup: Hardy is old and debugging LDAP is frustrating.  Just upgrade to Lucid.15:37
webbgroupdajhorn: it has something to do with this line: nss_map_objectclass posixGroup Group15:37
glebihankemalettin_12: no but you can a repository to apt source to handle it15:38
haavarosI have tried 'find -name \*.jpg -print0 | xargs -0 mv -t  /My/Destination' but get "mv: missing file operand' What's wrong?15:38
kemalettin_12i need a stable repo for ubuntu 10.04 google chrom (not for chromium browser).15:38
webbgroupdajhorn: I can't, our engineers are developing an application on it. and we need to have it, probably for the next 5 years.15:38
webbgroupWe are trying to get off of NIS and move to AD, to later to move to OpenLDAP.15:38
dajhornwebbgroup: Debugging LDAP schemas are also annoying.  If Lucid works, then try backporting the LDAP and/or NSS packages to Hardy.15:38
webbgroupMoving to AD is the first item.15:38
kemalettin_12glebihan: i can not speak english well. what you mean with apt source handling ? i just need a repo !:(15:38
glebihankemalettin_12: deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main15:38
dwaynedajhorn, thanks.... upgrading now15:39
BluesKajkemalettin_12, as glebihan posted above15:39
dajhornwebbgroup: Your migration off of AD will fail.  Or suck badly.15:39
webbgroupI don't want to maintain an application.15:39
kemalettin_12The requested URL /linux/chrome/deb/ was not found on this server.  glebihan:15:39
kemalettin_12BluesKaj:The requested URL /linux/chrome/deb/ was not found on this server.15:39
jcrawfordthe issue i had with networking is there was no auto eth0 entry in my network/interfaces file so the n900 entry would override the eth0.  solved by adding auth eth0 just before my n900 entry15:39
webbgroupdajhorn: probably, but single sign on, and single home directories has to happen.15:39
glebihankemalettin_12: I know, you have to add the line I gave you using the Software Sources tool in System->Administration15:39
kemalettin_12ah sorry15:39
kemalettin_12glebihan: sorry ok. thank you!15:39
glebihankemalettin_12: you're welcome*15:40
dajhornwebbgroup: ActiveDirectory will mutilate your database.  Go directly from NIS to LDAP if at all possible.  If not, then use winbind, stay on AD, and migrate to Samba domain membership when it becomes available.15:40
kemalettin_12glebihan: i can not add it :(15:40
liberanhow can i see how much place is used on active ubuntu partition15:41
kemalettin_12add source button is not active :( glebihan:15:41
lavishhi all. Is it possible to deny users to change time settings?15:41
lucenut_Hey all. How do I use a proxy server on ubuntu?15:41
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
liberanmind that i have dual boot with xp and 4 partitions on 2 HDD15:41
glebihankemalettin_12: don't you have an "Unlock" button ?15:41
kemalettin_12glebihan: i t dont need unlock button.15:42
SteelFisthello, how can I set IBus to start at the time I log in my account?15:42
haavaros'find *' finds all CR2-files in a folder structure, but 'find *.CR2' results in 'No such file or directory'. Why?15:42
mbeierllucenut_: do you mean you have a proxy server already and you want to change your ubunutu computer to point to it, or you want to install proxy server software on your ubuntu?15:42
kemalettin_12glebihan: it is active when i write deb your adress lucid main but i dont know if this is true ?15:42
lucenut_Anyone know of free overseas proxies and how to use them on ubuntu?15:42
mbeierllucenut_: no.  I don't know of free overseas proxies15:43
glebihankemalettin_12: I don't understand15:43
lucenut_On windows I guess I would just enter the IP/port in my TCP/IP settings.15:43
eikelmt like right now, itis working perfekt, 5 min from now it might disconnect, if I try to reconnect it migt or migt not connect, most of the time not, then I have to reboot to connect again, reboot is only for MS people, logfiles telling me it is timing ou15:43
lucenut_How do you do similar in ubuntu?15:43
eikelmtso I would be a very happy camper if someone can put me into the right directions15:43
=== Guest50413 is now known as yangpeng
mbeierllucenut_: system -> preferences -> Network Proxy15:43
kemalettin_12glebihan: i first open the "software sources". and i open other software tab. i click add button. but when i write http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ there the add software button is not active.15:44
glebihankemalettin_12: you have to write "deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main"15:44
_2easydoes anyone knows in which file is the information if or if not the monitor is connected to VGA port?15:44
eikelmtit does not depend on the kernel because I had this almost from the time I installed ubuntu 10.2415:44
haavarosWhy does 'find *' find all CR2-files in my folder structure, while 'find *.CR2' results in "No such file or directory"?15:44
kemalettin_12glebihan:  i click ok but this error i get : W: GPG error: http://dl.google.com stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A040830F7FAC599115:45
DragonKeeperis it   "chmod -x "   to give a file admin rights  ??15:45
_2easyhaavaros: rtfm15:45
eikelmtwireless card is Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI15:45
wickedSAhaavaros: think about what the wildcard is doing15:45
bazhang_2easy, dont say that here15:45
jribDragonKeeper: no, there's no such thing as "admin rights".  What do you want to accomplish?15:46
DragonKeepera script file to mount isos15:46
_2easybazhang: there is15:46
bazhang_2easy, what?15:46
miyamotoi need to install broadcom driver in my laptop but i dont have any connection in it right now ,how can i install it offline15:46
unpersonI've been using the TortoiseHG frontend for mercurial on my lucid box, and recently some text in the repository explorer window has become invisible for no apparent reason.  The GUI is python based and I got it by installing the tortoisehg and tortoisehg-nautilus packages from the universe repository.  Anyone experienced similar or have a clue how to diagnose?15:47
lucenut_OK, so I went in the Network Proxy Preferences and ticked "Manual Proxy Configuration". Checked "Use the same proxy for all protocaols." and entered "proxybum.com" and left the Port: 8080.15:47
jribDragonKeeper: chmod +x    will give execute permissions (assuming your umask doesn't interfere)15:47
jrib!permissions > DragonKeeper15:47
ubottuDragonKeeper, please see my private message15:47
lucenut_But I can't hit whatismyip.com now15:47
unclemantiswhen i use cp * /usr/share/php/Thrift I get "cp: omitting directory 'ext' , etc...15:47
sniperjo_ive got firefox running with security.checkloaduri=false,i want to play an embeded movie, the video works when it is hosted on another machine but when i refer to it using file:/// it doesnt.  ive checked the uri and it opens properly but it wont open when embedded on a live page. any ideas ?15:47
unclemantishow do i make it overwrite? I am upgrading the Thrift PHP extensions15:48
jribunclemantis: you probably don't want to do it this way15:48
wickedSAhaavaros: /lastlog haavaros15:48
glebihankemalettin_12: that's because you haven't added the key to the trusted software providers15:48
_2easybazhang: you should specify the path to search firs15:48
unclemantisjrib: can you suggest a better way?15:48
iflema!broadcom | miyamoto15:48
ubottumiyamoto: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:48
bazhang_2easy, then give a link. but dont say that here.15:49
kemalettin_12glebihan:  how to add the key ? and where is the key ?15:49
haavaroswickedSA: I have no idea what you are saying15:49
aganicemy recent lucid dell laptop using auto-suggested restricted broadcom driver bcmwl-kernel-source recently gave up the ghost and stopped seeing any wifi signals. what steps can i take to troubleshoot and/or make a good bug report?15:49
_2easyYNOPSIS find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-D debugopts] [-Olevel] [path...] [expression]15:49
jribunclemantis: I'm not familiar with thrift nor php extensions.  But /usr/ is package manager land, so ideally you would use a package (from the repositories).  If you are sure the repositories cannot satisfy your needs, then you usually install to /usr/local/15:49
wickedSAhaavaros: man find :)15:49
glebihankemalettin_12: run "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys A040830F7FAC5991 "15:49
jrib!cli > unclemantis, answer to your original question though so you know for other cases15:50
jrib!cli | unclemantis, answer to your original question though so you know for other cases15:50
ubottuunclemantis, answer to your original question though so you know for other cases: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro15:50
_2easybazhang: Command-line arguments following these are  taken  to  be  names  of files  or  directories to be examined, up to the first argument that begins with `-',15:51
kemalettin_12glebihan:  how to install from terminal ?15:51
glebihankemalettin_12: run "apt-get update" then "apt-get install google-chrome"15:52
_2easybazhang: find simply does not find any crt files in current directory15:52
glebihankemalettin_12: both preceded by "sudo"15:52
bazhang_2easy, then you would say that to haavaros15:52
Izinucskemalettin_12: glebihan it's sudo apt-get install chromium-browser .... google-chrome won't do anything.15:53
_2easybazhang: if you type 'find *' then you  try to egazime all directories in current directory, it's simply like 'ls -R'15:53
wickedSAhaavaros: try find "*CRT*"15:53
glebihanIzinucs: yes it will as he added the repository for it15:53
kemalettin_12Izinucs:  will install stable right ?15:54
haavaroswickedSA: Ok, thx15:54
wickedSAhaavaros: or find "*.CRT*"15:54
Izinucsglebihan: getting it from googles repo?15:54
haavaroswickedSA: Yes, that worked15:54
_2easybazhang: i already said "RTFM"15:54
glebihanIzinucs: yes15:54
BluesKajkemalettin_12, sudo apt-get update.  first15:54
bazhang!rtfm | _2easy15:54
ubottu_2easy: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.15:54
Izinucskemalettin_12: didn't know you were using a repository outside of ubuntu's...15:54
bazhang_2easy, that's enough15:54
Izinucsglebihan: kemalettin_12 why are you using a 3rd party repo for chrome?  are you trying to instal vs 4?15:55
_2easybazhang: ok, but don't tell me that im wrong15:55
wickedSAhaavaros: shell wildcard expansion is fun ;)15:55
kemalettin_12 Izinucs: it is something bad for ubuntu ?15:55
glebihanIzinucs: kemalettin_12 wanted to install both chromium and google-chrome15:55
kemalettin_12 Izinucs: i have firefox, opera and chromium but i need a 4. browser here.15:56
kemalettin_12 Izinucs: i will delete the opera because it is  not open-source.15:56
look_2easy: but if he knows your wrong he will tell you that you are wrong, please be nice yea?15:56
Izinucskemalettin_12: glebihan good luck guys ..15:56
wickedSAif someone knew enough to read the fine manual, then they would have already and we wouldnt be having this conversation15:56
kemalettin_12Izinucs: thank you15:57
ashiswindoes anyone here know why Partimage keeps hanging at 1.06 GiB when creating an image of a partition?15:57
BluesKajkemalettin_12, you xan also go to the google chrome website and download the deb from there , right click on the app after downloading and choose deb installer15:57
glebihanIzinucs: thanks15:57
_2easylook: be nice, be nice, what's that all about? this is a disscusion i don't have to be nice.15:57
kemalettin_12BluesKaj: but if i do this. it will not updated right ?15:57
kemalettin_12BluesKaj:  i mean need a repo here..15:57
glebihanBluesKaj: yes I already suggested that but kemalettin_12 wanted automatic updates to be enabled, so he needed the repo15:57
BluesKajgooglr chrome auto updates itself , without the repos afaik15:58
glebihanBluesKaj: didn't know about that, I myself have the repo15:59
ashiswindoes anyone here know why Partimage keeps hanging at 1.06 GiB when creating an image of a partition?15:59
kemalettin_12BluesKaj: i need to update with manger.15:59
kemalettin_12repo is better..16:00
haavaroswickedSA: What's wrong with 'find . -name '*.CR2' -exec mv {} ./'? I get 'find: missing argument to `-exec''16:00
Picihaavaros: You need to have \; at the end of your -exec statement.16:01
wickedSAhaavaros: slow that down, what does find . -name '*.CR2' return?16:01
* BluesKaj shrugs , update from repos or google-chrome self upgrade , makes it redundant , kemalettin_12 , but go ahead if you insist16:01
yangpengwhois Pici16:01
Piciyangpeng: I'm me.16:01
Izinucsglebihan: kemalettin_12 chrome and chromium are essentially the same.. http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome   ....  If you need a 4th browser try Flock. It's Firefoxed based but different enough.16:01
glebihanPici: wow that's surprising :)16:01
haavaroswickedSA: Pretty much exactly what I'm looking for16:01
=== apparle_ is now known as apparle
kemalettin_12Izinucs: i know thank you!.16:02
* BluesKaj switched back to Firefox siunce they fixed their rendering engine ..prefer it to chrome > the fonts on chrome's toolbars etc can't be adjusted for large screens16:04
haavarosPici: ah, I forgot the semicolon16:04
wickedSAhaavaros: try it with what Pici said16:04
dorganok mysql guys....what is the recommended setting for: delay_key_write16:04
haavaroswickedSA: Pici: Got it now, thx for the help16:04
Picihaavaros: sure :)16:04
wickedSAhaavaros: np16:05
ExtremeDevilzHello Everyone16:08
kemalettin_12i need to ask something else..16:09
bazhang!ot | BOBBY16:09
ubottuBOBBY: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:09
BOBBYhello everyone16:10
BOBBYany one16:11
PiciBOBBY: Anyone what?16:11
jellowhow can i get elinks to support facebook?16:11
bazhangBOBBY, /join #ubuntu-offtopic16:11
jellowI mean more get facebook to support elinks :P16:12
IdleOneask facebook16:13
jellowIdleOne: I do not feel i will get very far.16:13
meatbunhow to disable google's auto complete?16:14
meatbunthe first google complete was boarder line annoying, now the gray out autcomplete is totally sh*t16:15
IdleOnemeatbun: how is that Ubuntu related?16:15
jellowIdleOne: do you know of no user agent switchers for elinks or any other terminal based browser16:16
IdleOnejellow: I don't sorry16:16
meatbunubuntu ppl general has a broad knowledge base16:16
IdleOnemeatbun: this is #ubuntu not #ask-anything-because-you-run-ubuntu16:17
jellowmeatbun: try #ubuntu-offtopic , This for *ubuntu* support only16:17
kemalettin_12when starts gnome starts also my gmail with a browser automatically. which do you prefer to use as a browser google chrome or chromium ?16:18
FiReSTaRTquick question.. how's ubuntu with ati chipsets.. i know it's pretty good with nvidia, but i'm mostly wondering about hdmi out and using 2d/3d acceleration16:19
mernilioHi all!16:20
jellow!hi | mernilio16:21
kemalettin_12when starts gnome starts also my gmail with a browser automatically. which do you prefer to use as a browser google chrome or chromium ?16:21
ubottumernilio: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!16:21
mernilioShould i install regular jdk or the one with netbeans bundled? .. im not sure..?16:22
glebihanmernilio: depends on what you plan to do16:22
suboneIs there any way to specify that a program is only to be givin, say, 50% maximum of the cpu load? an app im using is using 100% constantly for an hour or so and is causing my computer to overheat16:22
mernilioglebihan: I need to brush up my javs skills16:23
glebihanmernilio: will netbeans is a great IDE, but you might prefer Eclipse or another one, so it's up to you16:23
ExtremeDevilzxD ?16:24
* ExtremeDevilz is downloading lubuntu <316:24
kemalettin_12when starts gnome starts also my gmail with a browser automatically and i just use this browser for gmail. which do you prefer to use as a browser google chrome or chromium ?16:24
infidfor some reason when i try to copy files to my usb flash drive it's saying it's a read only file system. how is that possible? it worked fine yesterday16:25
mernilioglebihan: i think so too. Im not planning to make *anything*. Just to brush up my skills, like i said.16:25
glebihanmernilio: in that case, netbeans might be a good choice, it's far lighter than eclipse16:25
jellowkemalettin_12: I prefer chromium as it's not owned by google , yet i'm probally just paranoid16:26
mernilioglebihan: well, yes. but both is rather heavy, in all fairness.16:26
jellowkemalettin_12: By the By this topic would be great for #ubuntu-offtopic and not ubuntu support :)16:27
kemalettin_12jellow:  ok sorry.16:27
var_im uber new to linux :\ and is their anything i have to do special for sound and video to work?16:27
glebihanmernilio: netbeans only uses about 3MB of disk space, not that heavy...16:27
DragonKeeperanyone know the name of a video  input viewer for ubuntu  (i.e i want to view  the video input from a dvd player in linux)16:27
var_also, is their a way to find out how much space ( memory )  i have?16:28