duffydackStrange no one else has had this problem.00:00
duffydackIve not done anything special.. Just using U1 on lucid, and setup Maverick dualboot and tried to use it there, thats all.00:01
joshuahooverduffydack: right, the problem on maverick is likely due to the way we're not handling someone having no keyring password setup...i'm trying to test that now00:01
duffydackI`m in the minority there?  oh.ok00:02
joshuahooverduffydack: it's hard to say...there are those that elect to have no password (login or keyring) but, like i said before, it's generally not recommended...but it's allowed and u1 should handle it00:03
kirillofici need help00:15
popeyhello kirillofic00:16
kirillofici`m installed Ubantu00:17
popeyHaving a problem?00:17
kirilloficI established system and in an installation time casually haven't set login and the password for an input00:19
popeyok, and you would like to set a password now?00:20
kirilloficAnd now I can't enter into system because neither it doesn't accept login nor the password - I haven't set it00:20
kirilloficyes, you right00:21
popeythat page may help you00:22
kirilloficoh! thank you! a am from Moscow)))00:22
popeyGreetings from London :)00:22
duffydackfrom russia with love00:22
* popey hides his walther ppk00:23
kirilloficfrom Moscow with love)))))00:23
kirilloficLondon - a remarkable city00:24
kirilloficThis page - not absolutely what approaches me as I don't have login - as to me to enter?00:26
duanedesignkirillofic: can you get to the GRUB screen?00:29
cullanHi everyone. Is there a backup stored on my computer of the files that were synced with U1? I somehow have an old version of a cpp file and my git repo is missing all the commits after that point also.00:45
cullanI had the folder in ~/Ubuntu One/. I have since moved it elsewhere after discovering the data loss.00:48
popeycullan: can you see the files at http://one.ubuntu.com/files/ ?00:51
cullanI downloaded the file from there but it is also the old one. I had been working on the file on my laptop and got it ready to turn in. It appears to have been overritten with the old version from my desktop computer.00:52
popeythats unfortunate00:52
popeyi dont know if there's something that can be done. I dont believe that U1 holds revisions of files00:53
cullanDamn. Well, thanks anyway00:54
popeyi dont work on u1, so to get the official answer you should ask someone who does00:55
popeyI'm just some guy who uses it00:55
popeyI would file a bug against it00:55
cullanI'll keep this channel open but my main concern now has to be starting over and attempting to finish it again by midnight. Thanks again00:56
kklimondaheh, so I've tried using couchdb-glib with reduced views and all hell broke loose ;)05:14
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duanedesigngood morning11:57
mkarnickimorning all :)11:59
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snap-lNoting that my bookmarks aren't syncing for Ubuntu One14:51
snap-lIs there something special I need to do outside of installing bindwood on the machines?14:51
snap-lAh, n/m, I didn't see the status that it's still borked.14:55
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CardinalFangmkarnicki, hi!  I'm puzzling over a line in ubuntuone-android-contacts.15:06
mkarnickiCardinalFang: hi! how can I help?15:06
* mkarnicki looks it up15:07
CardinalFangsaveCredential, about line 257 or so.15:07
mkarnickigot it15:07
mkarnickipublic void saveCredential(SaveSettingsCallback callback) {15:08
CardinalFangif(hasChanges() || !validCredential) { ...15:08
mkarnickiok, gimme sec15:08
CardinalFang"!validCredential"?  What is that checking?15:08
CardinalFangMaybe I'm just reading it wrong.15:09
mkarnickithat flag is set to false if checkFailes, let me look at that15:10
mkarnicki*checkCredential fails15:10
mkarnickiCardinalFang: hmm.. be aware that we use a custom settings screen, with no user/pass fields, just a single button15:11
mkarnickiCardinalFang: and it's possible that some methods do not apply to us (that is, affect the UI)15:11
mkarnickigimme 1", I'm on it15:11
* mkarnicki resets his password and checks behaviour15:12
mkarnickiah, got it15:14
CardinalFangmkarnicki, Yes, I see.  The configuration code hates that, which is what I'm aiming to fix right now.15:14
mkarnickiCardinalFang: if hasChanges() is true (which is true, when user/pass fields where editted [we don't use them])15:14
mkarnickior the checkCredentials has failed, and validCredentials is then == false15:14
mkarnickiit tries to save (possibly new) credentials from the form and check them again15:15
mkarnickiiirc, after 2nd try funambol reports as invalid credentials15:15
CardinalFangmkarnicki, okay.  Thank you.15:16
mkarnickiI don't really get that second, empty run() { } thread body.. funambol likes to "think big"15:16
mkarnickiCardinalFang: you are welcome. I don't feel I helped enough. What can I do else?15:16
CardinalFangYeah, if the user answered "no" to the question in arg 0, then don't do anything.  Meh!15:16
* mkarnicki jumps into the code again15:16
mkarnickioh o_O heh..15:17
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I'm just learning about the code, in trying to see how the pieces fit together.  There's a bug I'm trying to fix that is leading me around it.15:18
mkarnickiCardinalFang: is it a problem with invalid token? was it reported on lp ?15:18
mkarnickiCardinalFang: oh crap, for the first time in U1-contacts I saw a toast "Generic error" after "Setting up your account" dialog15:21
mkarnickiCardinalFang: Funambol client is pretty huge, when I tried to grasp that codebase helping out sil, it indeed proved to be a challenge15:22
mkarnickioh crap, 'Generic error' -- I can't re-authenticate. I assume that's the bug?15:22
CardinalFangmkarnicki, er, nope, not the one I'm after.  :(15:23
mkarnickiI'll reinstall and try that steps again. CardinalFang -- which bug are you after, if I may ask?15:23
CardinalFangmkarnicki, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-contacts/+bug/62954415:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 629544 in ubuntuone-android-contacts "saving configs requires nonOAuth username/password (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Confirmed]15:32
mkarnickioh :/15:32
CardinalFangmkarnicki, may be related to  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-contacts/+bug/63353615:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 633536 in ubuntuone-android-contacts "If app data cleared, no U1 auth triggered. Instead, "Please enter username..." (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed]15:32
* mkarnicki has a look15:33
CardinalFangmkarnicki, if you wish to work on one, take the latter, #633536 .15:33
mkarnickiCardinalFang: app behaves badly if Phone pass reset during operation in the webUI. I'll have to look at that later, too.15:36
mkarnickiaquarius: where do we save the oauth token in u1-contacts?15:37
* mkarnicki doesn't remember that detail15:39
aquariusmkarnicki, we don't save the oauth token15:40
aquariuswe get a special mobile username/password and save that in AccountManager15:41
mkarnickioh.. we save the credentials? oh right!15:41
mkarnickiso yes, I can take care of bug 63353615:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 633536 in ubuntuone-android-contacts "If app data cleared, no U1 auth triggered. Instead, "Please enter username..." (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63353615:41
mkarnickiaquarius: looks like I really wanted to forget the funambol nightmare hahahhah15:42
mkarnickiit's been so recently, and I forgot about the AccountManager used by u1-contacts meh15:42
* mkarnicki just installed maverick on his pendrive15:44
* mkarnicki installs u1-contacts on emulator15:52
kklimondaoh, joys of wrapping couchdb in C.. /me goes for a walk..16:15
mkarnickiaquarius: I noticed that initial sync (just after oauth login) isn't reflected in the GUI (no spinner, no animation on the textured bar, Sync all button still sensitive). Have you seen such bug reported?16:20
mkarnickitapping Sync all pops 'Sync operation is in progress' though Contacts bar says 'Not synchronized' with no animation (and no spinner in the title bar)16:21
aquariusmkarnicki, I haven't16:21
aquariusdoesn't seem to happen to me16:21
mkarnickiI see16:21
mkarnickiaquarius: so after initial login, you see it animate stuff and do initial-sync?16:21
aquariusno. It doesn't sync until I tell it to16:27
mkarnickiaquarius: each time i OAuth, and click the OK button ("Setting up your account"), and then click "Sync all" I always get the 'Sync operation in progress' toast, and no animations. that seems to be a new bug then..16:33
mkarnickiCardinalFang: I'm sorry, but I can't replicate bug 633536 - neither on HTC Hero, neither on the emulator16:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 633536 in ubuntuone-android-contacts "If app data cleared, no U1 auth triggered. Instead, "Please enter username..." (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63353616:35
CardinalFangmkarnicki, Huh!16:36
mkarnickiaquarius: indeed.. it looks like it starts the sync right away. it'd be nice to have someone with 2.1 test that16:36
mkarnickiaquarius: should I file a bug report?16:36
mkarnickiCardinalFang: my Hero is 2.1, the emulator is 2.2 (good guess aquarius ? the default emulator from the readme)16:36
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mkarnickiCardinalFang: pardon me, the emulator is 2.0. so I couldn't replicate that under 2.0 and 2.116:52
mkarnickiCardinalFang: perhaps it's the case on 2.216:52
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CardinalFangmkarnicki, I lost my battle with Eclipse, so now I will compare 2.0 and 2.2 very soon.17:25
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andyrogershi all, would someone be able to possibly help me with a minor issue iam having with ubuntuone latest version's since my upgrade to maverick...18:02
andyrogersbasically everytime i log into ubuntu i need to issue the command u1sdtool -c for my computer to connect to the U1 servers for it to start sync any of my files18:03
rye_andyrogers, popey, hi18:05
andyrogershi rye, popey18:05
rye_andyrogers, the issue in question is bug #63182218:05
popeyandyrogers: rye_ is an expert here18:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 631822 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[maverick] ubuntuone-launch is not compatible with SSO tokens (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63182218:06
rye_Chipaca, when is the next planned release for ubuntuone-client with the fix for ^ ?18:06
Chipacarye_: tuesday18:07
andyrogersthanks rye_ i looked about a week ago and could not find anything similar.  I had been having this issue for approx 3-4 weeks since my upgrade but been waiting on the nighligities to see if had improved the situation18:08
Chipacarye_: you might be able to goad dobey to build a package before that if you need it :)18:08
Chipacaah! should be in the nightlies already18:08
* Chipaca checks18:08
andyrogersit is is i have already upgraded to the latest version about 1 hour and still experience the same issues18:09
Chipacaandyrogers: that on login you aren't connected?18:09
andyrogersive got no prolems with the SSO client any more, and getting sync erros since the server side of things were fixed earlier this week18:09
andyrogersyup, basically when I log into ubuntu ubuntuone does it local rescan etc and then just sits with this message in the log : State: 'READY'  (queues IDLE  connection 'Not User With Network')>; queues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=9274 miss=26038) ----18:10
andyrogersuntil I issue u1sdtool -c to force a server connection18:11
Chipacaandyrogers: do you have Ubuntu One enabled in startup applications?18:11
andyrogersit did use to do this all automatically before I upgraded18:11
Chipacaandyrogers: grep ready /usr/bin/ubuntuone-launch18:11
Chipaca^ if that doesn't find stuff, it isn't in the nightlies yet18:12
Chipacaandyrogers: we had some issues with launchpad yesterday so maybe that merge got delayed18:12
andyrogersrout of message:18:13
andyrogers * otherwise if syncdaemon is not already running it is started, and18:13
andyrogersdef wait_for_ready(_, sync_daemon_tool):18:13
andyrogers                d.addCallback(wait_for_ready, sync_daemon_tool)18:13
andyrogers            # SD is already running18:13
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Chipacaandyrogers: ok, so it should be working18:16
Chipacaandyrogers: is Ubuntu One enabled in startup applications?18:16
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Chipacaandyrogers: if so, then what *should* happen is that, *30 seconds after you log in*, syncdaemon is started and connected after local rescan is done18:17
Chipacaandyrogers: there's a separate issue where syncdaemon is started early, so it should just connect at the 30 seconds mark18:17
Chipacaandyrogers: the 30 seconds is controlled by the .desktop file in startup apps18:17
Chipacaandyrogers: or ~/.config/autostart/ubuntuone-launch.desktop  if you've twiddled with it18:18
andyrogerschipaca: contents of my file:18:18
andyrogers[Desktop Entry]18:18
andyrogersName=Ubuntu One18:18
andyrogersExec=/bin/sh -c '[ -d "$HOME/Ubuntu One" ] && ubuntuone-launch'18:18
andyrogersComment= 18:18
andyrogerschipaca: would you say I should increase this Delay then possibly?18:19
andyrogerschipaca: no file at ~/.config/autostart/ubuntuone-launch.desktop18:19
Chipacaandyrogers: I don't think that would help, no18:19
Chipacaandyrogers: unless your local rescan is taking really long18:20
Chipacaandyrogers: but that's not your case as per your description18:20
Chipacaandyrogers: so maybe you're just impatient? :)18:20
andyrogersi do have approx 8000 files18:20
Chipacawhen you check syncdaemon and it is "READY", how long has passed since startup?18:20
andyrogerschipaca: i have left it between 5-10 mins, and also 60 mins and the same message just keeps appearing in my logs every 2 mins18:21
andyrogersit looks like 4 mins from the creation of the syncdaemon file to the actual "READY" message18:23
rye_andyrogers, could you please run find ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/fsm -type d -empty  - just to find out how many unnecessary folders are there18:23
rye_andyrogers, wait18:23
Chipacaandyrogers: you want to try commenting out the X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay and seeing how that helps?18:23
rye_andyrogers,  find ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/fsm -type d -empty | wc -l18:23
Chipacaandyrogers: either that, or change it to 240 or more :-/18:23
Chipacaandyrogers: this should be fixed when nautilus stops starting syncdaemon itself; then we'd just do the right thing18:24
Chipacaandyrogers: (will be fixed on trunk tue or wed next week, packages after that)18:24
andyrogers460 reply I got from the find command18:25
rye_andyrogers, ok, thanks18:25
andyrogersso should I comment out that line, or be patient for a few more days?18:25
Chipacaandyrogers: your call :)18:26
rye_hm, i tested ubuntuone-launch and it appeared to be quite working... /me needs moar files.18:26
Chipacarye_: you've got the fixed nautilus, don't you?18:26
Chipacarye_: the one with rodrigo's fix that almost but not quite worked? :)18:26
rye_Chipaca, well, yes, i tried using that and it does not look like it triggered syncdaemon on startup18:27
Chipacarye_: right. So that's why your launcher works :)18:27
andyrogersright ill comment out that line, reboot & see what happens and report back in a few mins18:28
Chipacaandyrogers: you rock18:28
andyrogerscheers chipaca18:28
andyrogerschipaca: bad news, that alteration did not work18:33
rye_andyrogers, wait, could you please run ubuntuone-launch now in the terminal ?18:34
Chipacarye_: once syncdaemon is in READY you mean?18:34
Chipacathat's a few minutes more i figure :)18:34
rye_Chipaca, well, it should not be in READY for launch to work, right?18:34
rye_i am wondering whether it times-out somewhere where i failed to test18:34
andyrogersthis is the message where I spotted it had not connected:2010-09-10 18:34:14,291 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: <State: 'READY'  (queues IDLE  connection 'Not User With Network')>;18:36
andyrogersqueues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=9274 miss=26038) ----18:36
andyrogersi ran ubuntuone-launch and it connected ok then18:36
Chipacarye_: local rescan pretty much blocks dbus messages from getting in18:37
Chipacarye_: that is the core issue here18:38
Chipacarye_: we work around that18:38
rye_Chipaca, local rescan does not have dbus server at all18:38
rye_Chipaca, it is initialized later on after local rescan is finished18:39
Chipacarye_: haw haw, ok, hadn't realized that18:39
Chipacarye_: so, we work around that :)18:40
Chipacaandyrogers: so, it should just work if you change the delay to something ridiculously huge18:40
Chipacaandyrogers: but we're working on not starting syncdaemon at all except via launch, so then that goes away too18:40
Chipacaandyrogers: I mean, that bug goes away, and launch at 30s works18:41
andyrogersthats good news then :) , will it make it into maverick final?18:41
rye_hm, my client stucks at SET_CAPABILITIES18:42
andyrogerschipaca, im just going to do another reboot and see how it goes.  will an increase time of 360 be ok?18:43
Chipacaandyrogers: yes, that'll be in final18:43
Chipacaandyrogers: depends on how long your syncdaemon takes to get to ready18:44
Chipacaandyrogers: 6 minutes is a long time, but some poor souls have to wait 45 :(18:44
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andyrogerschipaca: right ive rebooted & its just done the same again, but it did not seem to delay the start either18:50
Chipacaandyrogers: you set it to 360?18:50
Chipacaandyrogers: and you've already been booted for 6 minutes?18:50
andyrogersno, its been less then this18:50
andyrogersso should it auto connect after 6 mins?18:51
andyrogersi thought it would delay the local rescan18:51
andyrogersim still learning the inns & outs of Ubuntuone still18:52
andyrogerschpiaca: but good news it that is has connected now18:52
Chipacaandyrogers: this would delay the connect18:52
Chipacaandyrogers: without the *other* bug, that nautilus starts syncdaemon, then it would start, do the local rescan, and connect, all starting after that delay18:52
andyrogerschipaca: so will this nautilus bug be fixed in the next few days then?18:53
Chipacaandyrogers: yes18:54
andyrogerschipaca: is there a bug report number you can point me to?18:54
Chipacaandyrogers: probably, give me a sec18:54
andyrogerschipaca: will i need to change this calue back once the bug has been fixed, or can I forget about it now18:54
Chipacaandyrogers: you'll probably want to change it back18:54
rye_the merge proposal is here - https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntuone-client/fix-613219/+merge/3496718:54
andyrogerschipaca: thankyou very much for your help19:00
Chipacaandyrogers: thank you for using ubuntu one! :)19:00
dobeyhey look19:06
dobeya diff!19:06
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rolandhello alll19:31
rolandI have 2 UbuntuOne account, how can I remove one of them?!19:31
Andre_Gondimis it possible running ubuntu one in ubuntu server withou interface? like dropbox?21:38
nessitaAndre_Gondim: yes, you can use the CLI tool names u1sdtool21:52
nessitaAndre_Gondim: though the first time you'll need credentials.... I think you can get those by CLI as well, but rye is the guru on this21:53
Andre_Gondimnessita, may I get the credentials from other pc? cause in this I have one, but in the server I don't21:54
ryeAndre_Gondim, i accomplished that by patching the source of ubuntuone-client so that it reads oauth tokens from the config file and does not have runtime dependency on gnome-keyring22:01
verterokrye: I think there is no more a dep on gnome-keyring, but I might be wrong...nessita would know22:02
ryenessita, i see that in syncdaemon/dbus_interface.py there is self.oauth_credentials but don't see the setter for that22:06
ryenessita, please ignore me i cannot read22:08
ryeAndre_Gondim, i believe I will come up with a blog post describing ubuntuone usage on the server during this weekend22:09
duffydackhow is https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/634465 coming on,.22:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 634465 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged]22:09
Andre_Gondimnice, I will waiting for this22:09
ryeduffydack, question - are you able to reproduce this? I've switched many locales, changed vms but could not have reproduced that22:10
duffydackI`ll try it in a vm I guess.22:12
duffydackso.. I just tried something.22:22
duffydackin seahorse I made a new keyring called login22:22
nessitaduffydack: the branch has just landed trunk22:22
duffydackgave it a password (not sure if no pass would work) and it works22:22
nessitaduffydack: do you wanna try from the source?22:22
ryenessita, ah, so bug #634465 is due to keyring?22:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 634465 in ubuntu-sso-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Required argument 'password' (pos 2) not found (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63446522:23
nessitarye: not really, is due to ussoc not passing all the params to gnomekerying.create_sync22:24
duffydackit was discussed that I had no 'login' keyring22:24
duffydackSo I made one22:24
duffydackits doing sync now....22:25
duffydackthere is a key called ubuntu one in there now22:25
duffydackWether its down to me not using a password when first being asked by seahorse for it not making the key, I dunno.22:26
ryebtw, why hasn't Ubuntu One entry in startup applications got any description?22:44
duffydackinstalling maverick beta to a vm, with autologin.23:10
Andre_Gondimwhere are the ubuntu one client icon in maverick?23:13
duffydackor do you mean,  System>Prefs>23:17
Andre_Gondimsince last update, I don't have ubuntu client in system>prefs..23:20
duffydackwell to launch it, ubuntuone-preferences23:21
duffydackrye, or anyone else.. are you there23:22
duffydackthe size of my added computers list since I got U1 working in maverick has grown, a LOT23:23
duffydackRight, fully updated clean install of maverick.. here goes.23:37
duffydackseahorse asked for my password for keyring (I didnt set one, so its auto set to login pass obviously) so I unlocked it and it works23:38

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