ScottLoh, troy_s, making some progress thinking about ubuntu studio, target audience, and delivery04:59
troy_sScottL: Well that's optimistic.04:59
ScottLtroy_s, staying with ISO's for the moment and I do have a good reason04:59
ScottLbut i'm too tired to go into it right now04:59
ScottLtroy_s, right now my "fun" is trying to get someone to help work on the website05:00
ScottLtroy_s, some people seem to think that giving each other titles and setting up forums is "helping" *sigh*05:00
troy_sScottL: It sure does doesn't it?05:01
troy_sScottL: Seems to me not having a damn project is likely the bigger problem.05:01
ScottLtroy_s, eh, i think we have a project, natty will see some significant changes, direction included05:02
ScottLtroy_s, but i'm tired, work has been hard today, and i'm going to bed05:03
troy_sAight. Chat soon.05:03
ScottLtroy_s, i'll find you again soon, we'll talk more05:03
quadrisprohi all09:22
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