xubuntu888while i'm waiting for xu to install... anyone know a repo i could plug in with nvidia's latest drivers02:25
xubuntu888could put them in manually, but a managed package would be nice02:26
Balsaqxubuntu 10.04 wont update and crashes...just stops. forced me to power off and then the computer would not run after that...just booted to the same crashed update screen.05:40
Balsaqhad to delete the partiton and reinstall...happened again, tried ubuntu 10.04 same.05:41
sbyou people are homosexuals10:05
sbi am stupid10:05
Sysido you think he was looking for company?10:06
Balsaqyo sysi10:07
Sysihi Balsaq10:08
Sysione other guy talked also about that update failing10:08
Sysiyou used update-manager?10:08
Balsaqyeah i have since read a lot of things...i think i know wut happened10:09
Balsaqi did update mgr and sudo10:09
Balsaqit crashed both ways10:09
Balsaqits a mem leak issue10:09
Balsaqmy system monitor peaks10:09
Balsaqthey messed up10:09
Balsaqall the 512 ram aint enough10:10
Balsaqyet in my 1 gig machines and my new 6 gig machine...buntu 10004 runs good10:10
Balsaq10.04 i mean10:10
Balsaqgot a feelin if i go pop another half gig in there my problem is solved....or if i increase my swap partition.10:11
Balsaqmany others in blogs all over are compaing about how it slows to a crawl and then stops10:12
Balsaqbut i finally found an article published in april about this memory leak issue10:12
Balsaqi think they put out the new distro before it was fixed10:13
Balsaqbut i could be wrong who knows10:14
Balsaqjust not inthe mood to deal wit hit right now, all my other computers are running fine10:16
BalsaqSysi, do u think my best guess has any chance of being correct?10:19
Balsaqknowing i am a certified non tech?10:19
Sysiit could well be that memory leakage10:20
Balsaqand honestly i dont even know what that means....leak? or does it just mean its a mem hog?10:20
Balsaqeven on my 1 gig machine it gets slow sometimes all the sudden,,,then it runs fast again.10:21
Sysiit uses memory and don't give up of it10:22
Sysiit should free it after usage, when not needed anymore10:22
Balsaqoh i see10:22
Balsaqthey knew about it in april10:24
Balsaqacording to what ive read10:25
Sysii used lucid with 512 succesfully.. i could test what update had done that10:26
Sysimaybe it's because i use aptitude10:26
Sysialways succesfull updating after install10:26
Balsaqisnt that the same as sudo apt-get update?10:27
Balsaqcos i tried that10:27
Sysialmost, hum10:28
Balsaqwell maybe aptitude is better?10:28
Balsaqexpalin that way?10:28
Sysii've also used apt-get, can't remember exactly10:30
Sysiatm i have 10.10 in low-end box10:31
Balsaqhow is 101010:31
Sysialpha ofc unstable, new software and a bit faster than lucid10:32
Balsaqhmmm i would even be ok with unstable if it would run on 512 and update10:34
Balsaqhow much ram do u have?10:34
Sysi512 in that10:34
Balsaqur running 512?10:35
Sysihad to do netinstall, any other didn't boot from usb10:35
Balsaqi was thinking maybe 101 doesnt have the mem leak thing10:35
Balsaqwhen you say unstable what happened that made you say unstable..crashes?10:36
Sysirhythmbox didn't work10:37
Balsaqdoes it work now?10:37
Sysithere's a bug that causes xfce4-terminal to use 100% cpu10:37
Balsaqahhh same thing i saw in 100410:37
Balsaqi saw it peakin like that10:37
Balsaqi mean we put a man on the moon in 1960? why cant they build a distro without that?10:38
Balsaqthink about that?10:38
Balsaqsee during my update it started out ok...then that black and white terminal style screen appears on its own and BAM it peaks10:40
Balsaqsoon after that is stops10:40
Balsaqso i still tried the terminal update method but it still stopped after awhile10:40
UbuXubuSysi, are you still on11:03
Sysimostly present11:04
UbuXubuits me i just decided to run downstairs to the lab and jump on my 1 gig dedicated ubuntu 10.04 machine and install xchat11:05
UbuXubuthe lil buggar with only 512 is next too me running another me test now11:06
UbuXubusays pass complete, no errors, press exit to exit....but still lokks like the test is running. either way keeps passing everything.11:07
UbuXubupres esc to exit i meant...11:07
UbuXubuso i still think its just the 512 thing vs the cpu max bug thing or ram leak think11:08
UbuXubucos this dedicated machine here,,,using the 10.04 is fine11:08
UbuXubuon 1 gig11:08
UbuXubusame 2.4 cpu11:08
UbuXububut i added an extra half gig of ram awhile ago11:08
UbuXubuso i guess ill just have to use some other lightweight linux distro for this half gig machine next too me i guess...might be fun to try something new i guess.11:10
UbuXubui saw lxde the other day, looks pretty good, basic but good and there was a lot of people in their chat room...maybe it will run good on half a gig.11:11
UbuXubumy update mgr says this one is all up to date...whew good.11:15
UbuXububut when i use the fancy nvidia driver they told me to use...it made my desktop look funny, stretched? so i went back tot he gnome driver and my destop looks perfect? but videos dont play very clear?  gotta love buntu!11:16
UbuXubui must say if they ever really perfect buntu...this 10.04 looks really great, i used their desktop with a simple drinking glass on it and one drop of water suspened in mid air and it looks really professional!11:18
UbuXubuwhy cant the gnome drivers play online videos on full screen mode?11:20
UbuXubuis it rocket science? geez i have a 10 year old windows 2000 computer here that plays them perfect?......am i askin too much hehe....tired i guess.11:21
Sysiflash videos?11:22
Sysiflash don't like linux very much11:22
Sysicompiz messes something up causing problems11:23
UbuXubui  dont know what they are but i tried hulu vids...they look good until i put it in full screen mode11:23
UbuXubuim not even using compiz to my knowledge11:23
UbuXubuwell idid install flash yes....can i try something else?11:24
UbuXubuwhen i went to youtube it wouldnt ever run unless i installed flash...should i have installed something else instead?11:25
UbuXubui am game for all gnome drivers if they work!11:25
Sysiwhat an earth is gnome driver11:26
Sysiperformace isn't very great with open drivers11:26
knomeSysi, think: gnome libraries, but that doesn't really relate much here11:26
Sysiclosed drivers.. when you have problem, we can't help11:26
Sysiknome: i don't quite get it, but maybe i don't need to11:27
UbuXubuwell, i mean when i installed it told me use a certain nvidia 96 driver, so i did bu tthe screen looked all stretched....so i went back tothe regular open source driver and my ddesktop looks perfect11:27
knomeSysi, no... i don't think you need.11:27
knomei think i need to switch my GC back to the one i had earlier. this one is giving me headache.11:27
SysiUbuXubu: did you even try nvidia settings manager?11:28
Sysiit's in menu11:28
UbuXubuhmmm no11:28
UbuXubumissed that?11:28
UbuXububut in was worried when i read that if i used closed drivers ubuntu ppl cant help11:29
knomethe nvidia settings manager is very powerful tool, and you can really achieve what you want tith it11:29
SysiUbuXubu: we can a little11:29
UbuXubuhmmmm where is this nvidia manager?11:29
knomeUbuXubu, we still can help you with adjusting the settings, but not fixing the bugs in the software/drivers11:29
SysiUbuXubu: it can be used only with restricted driver11:29
UbuXubui can reinstall the nvidia driver i just didnt see the nvidia manager setting thing11:30
Sysiit's under System or Settings11:30
UbuXubuwas it in one of the ubuntu drop down menus?11:30
Sysiin menu11:30
UbuXubuok hmmm11:30
UbuXubui uninstalled it11:30
UbuXubuoh well here goes?11:30
UbuXubuits ok to install again right?11:31
UbuXubuin out in out?11:31
UbuXubuinstalling the recommended nvidia driver as we speak...11:33
UbuXubuit will eventually make me restart but ill come back...11:33
UbuXubualways hangs on the darn install but installs11:34
UbuXubuok willrestart now see ya in a minute i wanna try that nvidia manager thing11:35
UbuXubuok lets see if i can find this nvidia manager...11:38
UbuXubuSysi, do u mean the nvidia x server setting?11:39
UbuXubucos i did try that before but i dont see how i am suposed to use it...hmmm will look more closely11:39
UbuXubui mean it is set automatically as far as far a s i can see..it know my exact model of monitor and the exact pixel resolution...so what am i supposed to do?11:41
UbuXubulots of thing to mess with in here but i dont understand any of them hehe...if it know my exact model and is set to auto configure...shouldnt me desktop NOT be stretched?11:45
UbuXubuhmmm maybe i fixed it11:50
UbuXubuguess il try to  watch a vide o now11:51
UbuXubuhmm its better11:53
UbuXubugood one Sysi!11:53
UbuXububut the people are still a lil bit slow on their movement in the videos but still better11:54
UbuXubui suppose if i figure out all of the 1o million adjustments in there i can fix it entirely.11:54
UbuXubusysi u still in here14:23
Sysidon't ask, i'm not only person in entire internet14:24
riz__is there someone who can help me with a trouble with my eeepc & xubuntu?14:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:36
bazhangriz__, ask a question14:36
riz__I'm trying to use Xubuntu on a eeePc, I've tried 4-5 different releases but cannot solve my problem: the system is incredibly slow, cpu works always a lot, also the ram... also scrolling the firefox pages is a pain in the ass! how can I solve this?14:40
charlie-tcaHow much ram do you have?14:41
riz__the eeepc model is 1101ha, 1gb ram, 2.8gb of swap, now, with FF and irc client open the ram is at 22%, the cpu1 is on 82%, the cpu2 floats from 60 to 100%14:43
Sysiuse "top" to see what's using resources14:45
Sysiflash webpages need lots of power14:45
riz__is it possible that is so slow that cannot see a youtube video normally? with winXp they works normally :P14:47
riz__right now 61mb for FF, 10mb for irc chat14:47
riz__and the system monitor keeps 32% of cpu14:47
riz__and cannot find any "drivers" that can help to improve performances :P14:50
bazhangusing compiz?14:52
bazhangah ask 'n quit14:52
BlueEaglebazhang: We all know if they don't get an answer within 20 seconds they google it. ;)16:14
charlie-tcaBe nice if they would try searching first16:15
BlueEaglecharlie-tca: It would be nice to win the lottery as well.16:16
charlie-tcaagreed :-)16:16
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kevinSjDoes anyone know if it's possible to dual monitor in Xubuntu? Worked perfectly in Ubuntu20:16
knomeit is possible.20:16
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead20:16
kevinSjUbottu, so Xubuntu doesn't have native support?20:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:17
kevinSjcharlie-tca, Okey. I want my os to be as lightweight as possible. is Xinerama light?20:18
charlie-tcaI don't know. If you light, why use dual monitors?20:18
kevinSjcharlie-tca, Need it when I program.20:18
kevinSjHow do I turn off my laptop display then?20:33
kevinSjSo I only use the external monitor?20:33
well_laid_lawnkevinSj:  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/automating-xorg-randr-turning-laptop-screen-off-if-external-monitor-is-connected-779386/20:39
jasonchmielah...what is this? a communication platform?21:12
jasonchmielI've never used linux before so this is foreign to me lol21:12
jasonchmiel-whois emma21:12

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