sanguine1i have a question: if i created a new program that integrates with the indicator-app, should i submit it to just ubuntu or try to get it into debian?15:08
fagansanguine1:  debian15:17
faganapp indicators should be done in such a way that they can be submitted anywhere and if they arent installed it should fall back to the notification area15:18
sanguine1is there special coding to ensure the fallback works?15:18
faganIm pretty sure its in the examples15:18
* fagan goes looking15:18
sanguine1i found it on the wiki but will have to see how to test that in python15:23
faganOh its automatic15:24
* fagan = dumb15:24
faganso you should be able to just push it to debian15:25
sanguine1great, so as long as my package depends on the indicator-applet it won't install without it15:25
sanguine1but since it's installed it'll be able to fallback if they don't have the applet active15:25
faganyou dont need to depend on it anyway15:26
faganit will fallback to the notification area if it isnt installed15:26
faganyou can put it as suggests though which is the more common one for the apps in universe that use it15:27
sanguine1hmm, i tried removing the indicator-applet and running my program but it's not creating a fallback icon15:33
faganit should go to the notification area15:35
faganI dont know15:35
fagani havent made any yet15:36
sanguine1okay, no problem15:37
* fagan goes making one in vala to see if it does it15:37
faganI wonder what the --pkg name for the app indicator is15:46
sanguine1what's a --pkg name? indicator-applet?15:47
faganFor vala15:48
faganits really particular because it has to find the package name properly15:48
faganhmmmm maybe its not installed by default15:49
sanguine1unfortunately the fallback example's in c, so i'm trying to glean how the bindings might be referenced in python15:52
faganIm trying to work out what the package import is for vala15:59
faganah ill ask on monday15:59
sanguine1i don't think it's limited to just my app15:59
sanguine1i'm not seeing icons for other programs usually in the applet: pidgin and gwibber16:00
c10udi guess it falls back if you have no indicator-applet running but still libappindicator installed16:01
c10udpython-appindicator, for, well, python16:01
sanguine1i didn't uninstall them, just removed the applet from my panel16:01
sanguine1but it's not falling back16:01
sanguine1i have other icons in the regular notification area so the fallbacks do have a place to go16:03
c10udmy suggestion is that you code a fallback manually, it's a few lines of code and doesn't make the libappindicator dependency mandatory16:09
c10udabout the thing not working, well, i guess that's a bug16:10
sanguine1yeah, it looks like a bug16:10
sanguine1i'll file a report16:10
sanguine1thanks for your help fagan16:52
faganah np16:52
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