knittlhi guys09:09
knittli recently did a benchmark "log of subtree"09:09
knittlbzr really sucks xD09:09
knittl8 minutes for 10 k revs09:09
knittlyes, _minutes_09:09
knittl* bzr really sucks at this operation xD09:11
knittl(nobody should take it as offense)09:12
lifelessknittl: what format09:16
lifelesswhat bzr version09:16
knittllifeless: current bzr version and i didn't specify a format, so i'd guess 2a (or whatever it's called)09:19
lifelessseems to definitely need tuning09:19
knittlyeah. right now it loses by a huge margin09:21
knittlin average 500x times slower than git/hg09:21
lifelessits that much slower than bzr log -v too :P09:23
lifelessplease do file a bug09:23
knittl-v prints modified files? that means it would be still slower09:24
lifelesslog -v of the whole tree is reasonable09:31
lifelesslog -v of a subtree would be slow for the same reason log subtree is slow09:31
knittlit's reasonable fast but still slower than the others. i don't have a problem with that ;)09:31
knittli'm now trying on a smaller repo with shorter history – as soon as log -v has finished09:32
knittlin a 2k repository it only takes 20s09:35
lifelessplease file a bug09:39
lifelessI smell a regression09:39
ubot5`If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots09:41
knittllifeless: i read somewhere that a subtree log in a branch is really slow09:42
knittland it's known09:42
knittlbut this is not a branch, this is the only line of history09:42
knittl(i'm using the django repository as a reference)09:42
knittlalso, it's impossible to log a file in a directory that was removed09:46
lifelessyou can with -r09:46
knittlwhat's r?09:47
lifelesslog -r revitexistedin path09:47
knittlbut it works with files in root, which got removed09:47
lifelessif they were removed in the last commit only09:47
knittla friend tested this case for me. i don't know if the file was removed only then09:48
knittllifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/503071 maybe this bug?09:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 503071 in Bazaar "bzr log DIR could layer above iter_changes (affected: 2, heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed]09:49
lifelessthats the perf of log DIR bug09:49
lifelessbut log -v is too slow09:49
knittli was talking about bzr log -- dir09:49
lifelessI think that that is new09:49
knittllog -v isn't much slower than normal log (it scales proportionally)09:50
Kamping_Kaiserhi all, are ther eparticular situations in which you would want to use merge --pull over pull?09:55
Kamping_Kaiserguess i sshould explain where the question is from10:00
Kamping_Kaiserthe tool 'mr' uses 'bzr merge --pull' to update repos, but if there are uncommited changes the update bails. 'bzr pull' successfullydoes these updtes10:01
Kamping_Kaiserso unless ther eis a particular reason i'm not aware of to use merge, i might file a bug suggesting to simply use pull10:01
lifelesswell they are different things10:04
lifelesspull maintains a mirror10:04
lifelessmerge integrates changes from another branch; merge --pull says 'mirror if you can otherwise merge'10:04
Kamping_Kaiserif i have locally commited changes and i pull, it overwrites them? (I've not noticed that behaviour, thats all)10:07
lifelessno, pull will error, merge will merge, merge --pull will merge.10:07
Kamping_Kaiserso i'm going to get an error of some sort either way.10:08
Kamping_Kaiserguess i'll have to make sure i send my patches imediately in future instead of sitting on them :)10:08
jmlI would like to push a Bazaar branch to Twisted's Subversion repository13:50
jmlbut I'm afraid it will break something in the Subversion repository that I will be unable to fix.13:51
jmlwhat should I do?13:51
jelmerjml: Create a local clone of the svn repository and push to that first?13:52
jmlhmm. I guess I do have read access to the actual repo.13:53
jmlI guess I also don't really know how to check for badness.13:56
jmlall I really have are nebulous fears.13:56
jelmerI think if it does something wrong it will be fairly obvious from a look at "svn log -v"14:00
jmlok. I hope this works. I'd really love to abandon svn.14:07
jmlthis is a fairly lengthy process :)14:17
jmljelmer, bzr-svn seems to be doing more work than I'd expect. "Initialising Subversion metadata cache "14:55
jelmerjml: that should be a one-time thing14:55
jmloh wait, I think I get it.14:57
jmlI've been using the bzr-svn mirror of Twisted without bzr-svn installed, but now I've installed it so I can try writing to svn repos with bzr.14:58
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jmljelmer, interestingly, pushing up the branch doesn't make a revision that creates the branch as you would normally expect in svn.15:05
jmljelmer, this breaks some of our trac automation.15:05
jmlman. I'm so late. Gotta go.15:05
jelmerjml: You mean the new revision does the copy *and* the changes as opposed to creating the branch in a separate revision?15:06
jelmerjml: ttyl15:06
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JoshBrownmaxb: You remember we were talking about that qbzr issue to do with filepaths?16:19
JoshBrown<JoshBrown> maxb: I think this is a qbzr issue since everything works fine using plain bzr16:20
JoshBrown<maxb> that seems rather odd. Possible, but odd16:20
JoshBrown<JoshBrown> maxb: Yeah, maybe it's something to do with canonicalization of links or something like that. Anyway I'm off for now, I'll check the differences between the commands I'm running and the ones qbzr is running tomorrow. Bye, and thanks for the help!16:20
JoshBrownmaxb: Turns out Bash expands the `~` character, but qbzr doesn't. Could this be classed as a bug?16:22
vyomaI'd like to know if there are guidelines for setting up Bazaar repository(folder structure) for projects involving Eclipse plug-ins.19:18
vyomaProjects involving Eclipse plug-ins usually involve 'n' number of plugin (can be called modules) and each are worked on as separate (but interdependent) projects.19:19
vyomaAny pointers or links to documents would be helpful.19:20
lifelessvoidspace: hi; just so you know, you've dropped of launchpad-dev :P20:18
lifelessvoidspace: have I shown you pypi.org/pypi/fixtures20:19
lifelessvyoma: a person called 'verterok' often hangs out here; they wrong bazaar-eclipse, and are sure to know.20:20
lifelessmgz: ping23:14
lifelessmgz: I know its late, but :23:14
lifelessERROR: junitxml.tests.test_junitxml.TestWellFormedXml.test_error_with_surrogates23:14
lifelessTraceback (most recent call last):23:14
lifeless  File "junitxml/tests/test_junitxml.py", line 313, in test_error_with_surrogates23:14
lifeless    self.assertTrue(unichr(0x201A2) in traceback)23:14
lifelessUnboundLocalError: local variable 'unichr' referenced before assignment23:14
lifelessRan 18 tests in 0.007s23:14
mgz...but I've been to bed for a few hours and got up again23:15
lifelessdarn, I just reverted with my conflict fixes23:16
lifelessanyhow, where does unichr come from on python2.6 on Ubuntu ?23:16
mgzshould be in builtins23:16
mgzthere's a better way of spelling that make-it-work-on-Python-3 thing anyway23:17
lifelessdefining it locally makes it a non-free variable23:17
lifelessso you have to do23:17
lifelesslocal_unichr = chr23:17
lifelessand local_unichr = unichr23:17
mgzrather than making unichr work like I did, just create that string in one way for Python 3 and another for Python 223:17
lifelessor that23:17
mgzwant me to push something doing that? It's slightly more annoying because unichr is limited by sys.maxunicode and you can't just use u-prefixed strings23:20
lifelessif you would like to push anything that makes it work, that would be dandy23:20
mgzokay, this works, pushing.23:24
mgzah, of course, test didn't fail here as I'm giving narrow unicode builds a pass anyway23:26
lifelessjust fixing conflicts23:28
mgzhm, point about lack of news taken.23:28
lifelessI hope I wasn't too subtle23:29
mgzthanks for merging those lifeless.23:35
lifelessmy pleasure23:35
lifelesssorry I was slack23:35
lifelessbeen beating up on LP transparency and performance23:35
mgzwas good to get a little testing on babune first anyway23:37
lifeless0.6 is up on pypi and launchpad anyhow23:38
lifelessnow, wtf did I put the source package branch23:44
lifelesspyjunitxml could grow a parser too23:47
lifelessto allow injection from an xml file into python/subunit23:47

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