Dehs anyone here know how to setup a static ip on edubuntu server 10.4.1? please dont ask me any random or pointless questions, not trying to be rude, ive just encountered several idiots here and want a quick answer, not wasted time17:34
alkisgUrm. Not the best intro, but ok, let's go through this17:36
alkisgThere are two ways, 1) with network manager and 2) with /etc/network/interfaces17:36
alkisgDo you have any preference over those 2?17:36
Dehswell ive been trying to use the /etc/network/interfaces file for a minute now but its asking for several variables im not familiar with17:37
alkisgDehs: can you use pastebin?17:37
Dehsyeah gimme a sec17:37
alkisgPut there the following info:17:37
alkisgcat /etc/network/interfaces17:37
alkisgifconfig -a17:37
alkisgcat /etc/resolv.conf17:37
Dehsput it in terminal? or pastebin? and sorry im kinda nubish lol17:39
alkisgIn the pastebin17:39
alkisgYou put the interfaces file, but paste the output of the other 2 commands too17:40
alkisg(the interfaces file is wrong)17:40
Dehswell yeah im missing info17:40
Dehsbut sec17:40
Dehshere is the output of ifconfig -a17:41
Dehsoutput of cat /etcv/resolv.conf17:43
Dehsand im using dhcp as of right now so once you get me setup on the static and i restart i'll lose you for a moment :P17:44
alkisgDehs: you have 2 network cards, do you want a static ip on both of them or just on eth0?17:44
alkisgIs that for ltsp?17:44
Dehsstatic on just one17:44
alkisgOK, what IP do you want there?17:45
alkisgThat doesn't sound right17:45
alkisgYou currently have: eth0=  and eth1=
Dehsits an isp assigned ip, one of 517:46
alkisgSo, do you want eth1 to take the ip of eth0?17:46
Dehsis there a command to see which nic is in use? because im not sure exactly17:46
Dehsit looks like eth0 is the active one apparently, but in the network manager, and my etc/network/interfaces file it lists eth1 o.O17:48
alkisgeth1 is connected to the local network, eth0 to the internet17:48
alkisgCan you describe your network setup?17:48
alkisgI.e. where is eth0 connected and where is eth1 connected?17:48
alkisg(switches, dhcp servers, routers etc)17:48
Dehsdsl to netopia to switch to server17:49
alkisgand the other nic?17:50
Dehssame thing17:51
alkisgThey're both connected to the internet?17:51
alkisgOK. Is netopia some kind of a router?17:51
alkisgThen, that router gets the external IP17:52
alkisgeth0 currently has the same IP, but it's useless17:52
alkisgIt doesn't have access to anything17:52
Dehsactually netopia generates the ips17:52
alkisgAnd, eth1 gets a local address from your router, and you access the internet from it17:53
alkisgSo, if I'm reading you correctly, you *don't* want a static ip, because netopia has it.17:53
Dehsbtw im just a tech here, im just relaying info from my boss in a wheelchair :P17:53
Dehsno he wants the static ip, just on the one nic o.O sorry you both kinda have me lost17:54
alkisgOK. I think it would break your internet connection, but sure, we can do that.17:54
alkisgOn which eth do you want it?17:54
alkisgeth0 or eth1?17:55
Dehswell how are we gonna do it without breaking the net first lol17:55
Dehsoh i think i get you lol17:56
alkisgIf you're behind a router, you can't use a public IP17:57
Dehscontinue on17:57
alkisgIt doesn't make sense17:57
alkisgBut if you want to put a static IP, you can17:57
alkisgYou just won't have access to anywhere17:57
alkisgE.g. do you know your public subnet mask?17:57
alkisgOK. On which eth do you want that info?17:58
alkisgOn eth0 or on eth1?17:58
alkisgAnd, what's your gateway?17:59
alkisgHere's your interfaces, as you described it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/492263/18:00
alkisgMake backups etc because I doubt that that's valid info... :)18:00
alkisg(for your current wiring)18:01
alkisgI think that what you want to do is to setup your router to have a dmz server18:01
alkisgi.e. for the router to have 2 IPs, and send whatever data it gets to the server18:01
alkisgBut the server won't have a public IP - the router will.18:02
Dehsgimme a sec lemme try this :P18:02
alkisgFor anyone interested, I've packaged a chemistry app (http://www.chemcollective.org/applets/vlab.php) as a binary package here: http://ts.sch.gr/repo/pool/main/l/lyk-virtual-chemistry-lab/lyk-virtual-chemistry-lab_1.6.4-1_all.deb20:12

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