craigwdy2kI'm back: I found out that I was missing a Turion 64 X2 processor driver that I plan to install eventually...  Right now I'm trying to fix my broken sources.list file: unlike a regular Debian install I found it quite strange that the Trees: line was missing.  Why is that & how should I go about attempting to fix it?00:21
madodaskreecH, ... djustice ... i tried searching with "kfind" but when i right-click them there is no "move"-option or "cut"-option00:23
madodaskreecH, ... djustice ... i can only e.g. copy or delete those files00:23
craigwdy2kI also figured out that I needed to enable the Experimental Repo in order to upgrade to KDE 4.5.1: so far the upgrade went good with only minimal issues like held back packages...00:26
craigwdy2kupgrade went well*00:27
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daskreecHsithlord48: when did they vanish?00:44
daskreecHDid You change anything/ do an upgrade?00:44
sithlord48umm .well i reinstalled..00:44
sithlord48but i kept my home partition00:45
daskreecHThe directory still has a .svn directory ?00:45
sithlord48and also upgraded to 4.5.1 ultimately00:45
sithlord48yes it does have .svn00:45
daskreecHdo an svn up in the directory see what it does00:45
sithlord48i just did a new export00:45
daskreecHmado: Cpy then delete? :-D00:45
sithlord48er that is i removed my local folder and re checked out from the svn00:46
madodaskreecH,  didn't work completely like that but ... i think i'm on to something :) ... one sec please00:46
djusticemado: you cant/-rly- shouldnt delete your png files in system folders.. the apps wont know where to find them..01:08
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madodjustice, understood ... thank you for that too01:15
djusticemado: np ;)01:28
djusticemado: welcome to kde ;p01:28
madodjustice, ... somebody showed me a command :) ...01:30
madoand thank you for the welcome :) ...01:30
madofind "where are the files now?" -iname "*.png" -exec mv -i "{}" "where do you want the files?" \;01:31
lisa88hey just installed lucid kubuntu (from wubi fwiw). Can't seem to get wifi working. Any idea? ifconfig -a showed wlan0. ideal would be to get this working using wicd (or other command line). but anything that will get me online would be welcome.01:45
Pavel_10anyone know about how Wine affects performance?  Will running a windows application through wine on a netbook drastically slow me down?01:48
djusticemado: nice :)01:51
djusticei cant ever remember the syntax when i need it.. i just use ack & xargs mostly.01:51
djusticePavel_10: not unless you leave it running..01:52
madodjustice, well ... i didn't know at first it was that easy  ... you see ... i'm new to all this01:52
djusticePavel_10: the first time you run wine = rly slow. it needs to do a bunch of config stuff. so just make sure your app closes. i use 'htop' for that stuff.01:53
djusticemado: hehe :) learning is good.01:53
javarockerlisa88: how are you chatting on irc if you don't have net? or are you just here to soak up the tech vibe?01:54
lisa88I'm on a yucky Windows box... I would rather use linux except I cant get wifi working01:55
sithlord48 what kind of wifi card do you have lisa8801:55
lisa88is there a command to tell?01:56
sithlord48you can find out with lshw01:57
madoyep ... i hope i can learn a lot more too :)01:57
sithlord48you will have to scroll thur the output to find network info (there will be a lot of output)01:57
madodjustice, is there anything you could recommend me to read?01:57
sithlord48lisa88: in windows you can find out in the device manager?01:58
javarockerlisa88: you can use lshw | more01:58
lisa88the wireless (wlan0) just says Disabled, but eth0 says Broadcom Netlink BCM5906M Fast Ethernet PCI Express02:01
sithlord48lisa88:  does you laptop have a wifi switch?02:01
lisa88javarocker less is more02:01
Pavel_10djustice, this may be a dumb question, but android is linux based, right?  Is there a possibility to run an android app on kubuntu nativly?02:02
lisa88I was wondering what that mysterio switch was... but, alas, it was already on.02:02
madoplease excuse me for a minute or so02:02
lisa88It was working on Jaunty, but somebody else had gotten it configured....02:03
javarockerlisa88 :)02:04
sithlord48lisa88: does its have a button to turn it on02:04
lisa88I booted into windows, the Wifi is broadcom, and the switch is in the right position and the wifi works ok02:10
sithlord48if you plug it in to the wired lan you may be able to dl properitary driver w/ kubuntu when its online02:11
lisa88Would the hardware IDs from the windows properties helP/02:11
lisa88let me boot back into linux02:11
madodoes anyone in here know "fdupes" ?02:15
Pavel_10has anyone here had success running an android app in kubuntu?02:18
javarockerlisa88: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=98184002:23
javarockermaybe that helps02:23
dk12548my firefox tell me that it the default browser. but whenever i open any link it opens in konquerer browser02:58
dk12548pls help02:58
dk12548anyone here03:00
dk12548pls help me03:01
pingjockyI installed the bpackage kdebase and i dont have a add user under system settings, what is the package name to install the add user group function?03:05
dk12548no one here ping03:06
pingjockylarge like for no one here... oh well...03:07
dk12548ping -t -l 500000000 lol03:07
pingjockyis everyone going to OLF?03:09
dk12548i feel #ubuntu room is much much better03:09
dk12548what is OLF?03:09
pingjockyOhio Linux Fest03:09
dk12548oh well i dont know about that either lol03:11
pingjockyits cool...  Im sure ill live03:12
avihaydk12548: system settings->default applications03:12
avihaywhat's in the web browser category?03:13
dk12548thanks avihay but cant u tell me that a while ago03:13
dk12548i have done it by the way thanks03:14
avihayno, my time machin is busted03:14
dk12548but yet the problem persist03:14
dk12548still when i clicked the link above it opened in konqueror03:14
dk12548i want to open it in firefox03:15
dk12548also i want the name of a good media player in ubuntu who can organise my music files and my music library03:16
avihaywell, it all works fine for me03:16
dk12548i think a restart will do the job03:17
dk12548isnt it?03:17
pingjockyapt-cache dont fail me now!03:18
dk12548so what about the media player03:18
pingjockymplayer from the CLI...03:19
dk12548apt-cache it?03:19
pingjockyrun this...03:20
pingjockysudo apt-cache search media03:20
pingjockyactually you may want this one03:21
pingjockysudo apt-cache search media | more03:21
dk12548oh kkk03:22
pingjockythat is like searching in synaptic but faster03:22
dk12548i am complete noob in linux. ping . can you tell me what is the difference between synaptic and aptitude03:23
pingjockysynatic is a GTK based front end for apt-get... aptitude is a CLI gui based front end for apt-get03:24
pingjockydid i get it right?03:24
pingjockyif you just do03:24
pingjockysudo aptitude03:25
dk12548oh my god looks like only googling can help me on that topic03:25
pingjockyyou will see a browseable menu03:25
dk12548i dont know gtk and all those stuff03:25
pingjockyare you running kubuntu or ubuntu?03:25
dk12548yes i can see a window has opened03:26
pingjockythen a majority of your apps are going to be Qt03:26
pingjockyits the GUI language the KDE is based on03:27
dk12548oh ok03:28
pingjockybut it has a C++ back end03:28
pingjockyblah blah blah... that means nothing if you dont find a media player you like03:29
dk12548lol is media monkey available for kubuntu?03:29
dk12548or i have to use wine for that03:29
pingjockymight be03:30
dk12548oh k03:30
dk12548and i have installed compiz for kde03:31
dk12548i dont know how to open it03:31
dk12548i mean use it?03:31
pingjockygot me there... i stick with Kwin...03:31
dk12548its ok03:32
dk12548is there any keyboard shortcut to open konsole03:33
pingjockyalt-f2 then start typing konsole03:36
pingjockygotta go03:36
Sir_Brizzhi all... I'm running Kubuntu 10.10 beta and I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable the nvidia drivers03:38
DaskreechSir_Brizz: #ubuntu+103:46
dk12548hi brizz03:48
Sir_BrizzDaskreech: thanks I always forget03:48
dk12548i think u should do this:03:48
dk12548click start03:48
dk12548type hard03:48
dk12548you will get hardware drivers03:49
dk12548click it03:49
dk12548it will check for the drivers03:49
dk12548for third party03:49
dk12548choose the driver u want and click activeate03:50
Sir_Brizzyeah it doesn't show the nvidia driver in there for some reason03:50
dk12548oh so that is your problem03:51
dk12548sorry i am not a advance user lol03:51
Sir_Brizzyou're fine :)03:51
Sir_Brizzthanks for trying to help! :D03:51
dk12548thanks :)03:52
dk12548k see u in ubuntu+103:52
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erewHow do i disable root?04:13
erewi mean log on as root?04:13
darthganeshIs anybody here used ns2?04:42
nymphaeaceaethat was odd04:45
nymphaeaceaeso anyone know how often I should be fscking?04:46
James147nymphaeaceae: its normally done after 30 mounts (or after a certin time, cant remember exactly)04:50
nymphaeaceaeso it's done automatically? or do I need to keep track?04:51
James147nymphaeaceae: should be done autoatically, during boot after either 30 mounts or a lenght of time04:52
nymphaeaceaeoh, thanks James ^_^04:52
nymphaeaceaeOH! that's when I get that "checking" message on the kubuntu loader and the option to skip, right?04:53
James147nymphaeaceae: yup04:54
nymphaeaceaealright. Thanks for the answer, James ^_^04:54
* nymphaeaceae skedaddles ... which is recognized by spellcheck?04:55
James147nymphaeaceae: (25 mounts or 180 days... )04:55
James147^^ is when it checks...04:56
nymphaeaceae... that's what I love about this help channel... it's free AND you guys know what you're talking about.04:58
Celectricrainello room05:26
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rackIT_AFKI've done it before, but can't find the setting now. How do I hide files with ~ appended to them06:38
=== rackIT_AFK is now known as rackIT
rackITi'm using konqueror on lucid...06:41
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liveuserrackIT: where?06:51
rackITliveuser: i want ~ files to be hidden in konqeror just the same as .xyz06:53
liveuserah I guess you ran through the options already06:54
liveuserHold on let me try something06:54
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Eruaranoh wait08:15
Eruaransorry wrong chan08:15
Eruarancan somebody help08:37
Eruarani need to reinstall grub but i have no idea how to get the blocklist08:37
zarkoneEruaran, what blocklist08:38
EruaranI cant just install grub to a directory08:42
Synjunitzuhey all08:45
Synjunitzuwhat widget is the desktop switch widget?08:46
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aezaerthQuoi, ne me dite pas que ce chan est anglophone quand même08:59
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:00
aezaerthOkay, I can try to speak. I hope i don't kill the english language09:01
aezaerthI don't want to go on the other chan, because all people are Geek09:01
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ZvezdichkoHello. I siccessfully enabled the backports for kubuntu09:32
Zvezdichkocan somebody tell me how to upgrade the current K desktop environment ? from command line?09:33
daskreechZvezdichko: It's in the topic09:35
ZvezdichkoI guess I've missed to add :ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports09:36
daskreechZvezdichko: Well you can add that then update away :)09:36
Zvezdichkoyes. it works. thanks. years ago I edited manually sources.list :) I feel it's much more complicated to do it in Graphics mdoe09:38
daskreechI know09:40
daskreechCommand line is so much more straightforward09:40
daskreechgranted you must know what you are doing09:40
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:51
ZvezdichkoI've totally forgotten how cool IRC is10:19
mokushZvezdichko: blasphemy10:21
Zvezdichkowhy :D10:21
jjman6anyone use Miro here.   I'm having problems with audio i get no audio in Miro.  but no problems with all other apps.10:21
apparlehello guys10:23
ShinkaIs there an option "Replacing existing Linux" in the 10.04 installer (or in the new 10.10 beta) ?10:23
mokushapparle: hey10:28
apparlehey what's going on10:28
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vipinbHi all11:17
vipinbCan anyone help me is there any voice chat messaager available for Kubuntu11:19
ErtheYou can use Skype.11:20
ErtheFor Linux.11:20
vipinbBut I want a messenger like empathy in Gnome... is there anything in Kubuntu11:20
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craigwdy2kYou could always use Gizmo as a Skype replacement too...11:50
ErtheOr just use Empathy  :)11:51
craigwdy2kYeah: Gnome apps. like GnuCash 2 are still installable in any version of KDE too...11:54
ErtheWell everything runs in X11:55
craigwdy2kExactly: that's the beauty of it...11:55
Power-InsideI Just installed the Open Source edgy drivers for my ATI from the normal open source one and when i restarted it shows a garbled screen11:57
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ZvezdichkoI would never use the open source drivers12:04
Zvezdichkoit's silly IMO12:04
craigwdy2kThat's why I use the latest ATI official non-Open Source drivers instead: more features are present like working 3D support...12:05
Power-InsideBut ATI official drivers are not there for my model.. I checked the realease notes . My gfx is ATi Mobility Radeon HD 230012:11
Power-InsidePlease I need a working dual screen config.. ANY drivers?12:11
jjman6Gizmo is no longer!12:12
jjman6Google owns it and has stopped hte project, although supposedly replacing w/ Google Voice.12:12
jjman6I have no audio in miro but no problems with all other apps, running in kubuntu 10.04 i noticed the problem in 9.10 also12:15
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craigwdy2kI don't like Google Voice & Video: it doesn't work on PowerPC Macs running 10.4.11-10.5.8...12:30
rapidspwhere ktorrent stores his torrent-files?12:39
apparlerapidsp: use the export torrent option if you want the torrent of the download12:41
rapidspapparle: thanks12:42
JuJuBeeI am using NIS to handle log in for my students. However, yppasswdd is not running on the server and I cannot figure out why.12:43
jjman6rapidsp: ~/.kde/share/apps/ktorrent/   by default unless u've set a new default12:52
rapidspjjman6: yes, some torrent stops all downloads.. i must add by one :)12:54
jjman6if u go to the   preferences u can set it to dump a stalled torrent.   Not sure if thats your problem but i have that problem a lot so i set a time-limit on torrents to be stalled.  b4 it'll kick it down the queue and continue queue12:56
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muimotahi I've amd64 , kde 4.51 and phonon sound test works but not  sound in amarok, flash or any other application.Someone knows what is happening13:06
craigwdy2kWhich reminds me: my integrated Bluetooth 2.0+EDR module doesn't show up in KBluetooth...13:14
craigwdy2kI'm also running AMD64 Kubuntu 10.04 too...13:15
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zeltakhya..anyone have any idea how to get flash working on kubuntu 64bit?13:54
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash13:56
Synjunitzua bit offtopic. but does Konversation have the feature of moving chats into seperate windows.13:56
jjman6works fine for me13:56
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava13:57
apparlezeltak: ^ that might help13:57
apparlebut don't know13:57
apparle!info konversation13:58
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.3-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2352 kB, installed size 10568 kB13:58
apparleSynjunitzu: why don't you use quassel13:58
Synjunitzubecause it doesnt have that feature mirc has13:58
Synjunitzuas far as i know13:58
apparleSynjunitzu: why don't you try konversation and see if it has that feature14:00
Synjunitzuim using konversation right now an i dont see the feature14:02
Synjunitzuwondering if im missing something14:02
apparledon't know then, but you could suggest that feature in #quassel (or ask them if there is any way to do that)14:03
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apparleplease suggest a image editing application... except gimp14:27
James147apparle: you could try the ones in koffice :)14:28
=== nfeldman is now known as nathan
apparleJames147: I was looking for something light weight... I don't want super powerful apps. simple ones like paint14:28
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Sjors_apparle: kolourpaint! \o/14:29
apparle!info kolourpaint14:29
ubottuPackage kolourpaint does not exist in lucid14:29
apparleSjors_: ^14:29
Sjors_ew :(14:29
Sjors_it's in kdemultimedia I think14:29
Sjors_at least it was in 4.4.114:30
apparlewhat is kdemultimedia? a package?14:30
Sjors_but it should still be in there :/14:30
Sjors_yes, a part of kde14:30
apparle!info kdemultimedia14:30
ubottukdemultimedia (source: kdemultimedia): multimedia applications from the official KDE 4 release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 21 kB, installed size 64 kB14:30
Sjors_there should be a package for it, anyway14:30
apparlefjound it.... kolourpain414:31
apparle!info kolourpaint414:31
ubottukolourpaint4 (source: kdegraphics): simple image editor for KDE 4. In component main, is extra. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu1.1 (lucid), package size 827 kB, installed size 2192 kB14:31
Sjors_there :)14:31
apparlewhere can I get good graphics for developing a game?14:33
apparleyou know any website?14:34
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ToastWhat's the process name of the Alt-F2 dialog? Mine has frozen and I need to kill it.15:39
elslunkoToast: Krunner I believe15:44
=== jtheuer is now known as jt|away
Toastelslunko: Thanks, though there seem to be quite a few of them.15:45
Toastelslunko: That was it, thanks.15:46
elslunkoToast: No problemo.15:46
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ToastCool, now I know the name of the process I've found the appropriate bug report.15:50
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sanoophey anyone please help me on how to use emrald theme manager15:53
sanoopand how to apply the themes in it15:54
filePeterHow usuable is Kubuntu-NBR, yet? I think about switching form Ubuntu-NBR…16:01
James147filePeter: i find the kde 4.5 version is very usable :)16:02
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filePeterJames147: Nice, which one is it?16:05
filePeterJames147: 10.4?16:05
James147filePeter: 10.04 comes with kde 4.4.2, 4.5.1. is avilable in the backports repo (see topic)16:07
filePeterAh, thx, James14716:09
James147filePeter: if you just want to try it out you can install it inside an existing *ubuntu system by installing "kubuntu-netbook" from kpackagekit or apt-get, you can tehn choose which one you want to login as on the login screen16:11
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filePeterJames147: Ohhh… I see! :-) That sounds faster! Lets see how much space it usese… (Only have 8GiB)16:14
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ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:32
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filePeterHi, I have downloaded kubuntu-nbr iso, how to put them on a usb stick without these fancy ubuntu tools? I used dd but the usb drive does not seem to be bootable!16:39
daskreechfilePeter: What do you consider fancy tools?16:41
filePeterdaskreech: The wiki says I need to use this ubuntu usb creator thingy, which I don’t have on my debian; and I don’t want to mess with it.16:42
daskreechfilePeter: You can grab fedora's one Or go to pendrivelinux or install ubootnetin16:42
filePeterdaskreech: Well, fedora’s what?!? ;-) I mean I have this iso. What shall I do with it? What is it? Is it a thing I burn on CD and then use this programm on it do put it to my usb thing using windows? Hell!?16:45
daskreechfilePeter: you are just formatting a USB drive copying the ISO and putting a bootable flag on the front of the partition16:47
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:47
daskreechmore or less all the distros do it the same way16:47
daskreechIf you ask in #debian how to burn the debian ISO to a USB the same steps with the Ubuntu ISO will work16:48
filePeterdaskreech: As I said, it does not seem to be bootable.16:48
daskreechfilePeter: Do you mean the ISO is not bootable?16:49
daskreechAh then you will have to do some work then16:49
filePeterdaskreech: Hmm… Obviously, yes! ;-)16:50
daskreechWhy would the Ubuntu ISO be unbootable? Did you hashcheck it?16:52
filePeterYes. It seems to lack grub.16:52
filePeterThis wiki says I need to install it manually....16:52
filePeterWhy the hell is anyone wanting me to use windows tools to get an bootable usb-drive? Or why even use a gui-tool for that? Why not simply put the bootloader in the image!?!?16:57
daskreechfilePeter: Where did you get the iso?16:57
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filePeterdaskreech: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/lucid/kubuntu-10.04.1-netbook-i386.iso16:58
daskreechlol ok16:59
filePeterdaskreech: But it has some nice exe-files installing kubuntu if I used windows…17:01
daskreechfilePeter: I don't understand. What has some nice exe files?17:01
filePeterdaskreech: The image itself. Mounted or written to the drive… ;-)17:02
daskreechfilePeter: Yes. in case you would like to do a Wubi install17:03
filePeterdaskreech: Right, wubi is the one’s filename17:03
* daskreech nods17:03
filePeterdaskreech: Ok, the plan is moving this “image” to an old ubuntu install, then installing this usb-installer-thing and then boot this usb-drive. You Ubuntu-guys really think different, eh!?! :-)17:05
daskreechfilePeter: You could just dd it to a USB drive17:05
filePeterdaskreech: That’s what I did! And it’s not bootable, because I did not use usb-creator! (Yes, I know how that sounds.)17:07
daskreechfilePeter: usb-creator is a front end for dd17:07
filePeterdaskreech: dd works with ubuntu’s ".img"-images but not with iso-images!17:07
filePeterdaskreech: Exept it installing grub, too.17:08
daskreechSo pretty much I assure you that you can dd it and have it work correctly. what ever you do to dd a Debian DVD to a USB drive will work here17:08
filePeterdaskreech: Yes, I thought that, too. And i did nothing but that! I’ll give usb-creator a try! Thanks a lot so far, daskreech!17:10
daskreechfilePeter: if you want yo ucan extract the bootable section of the ISO out and put that on the front of the USB drive17:12
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Dehsanyone here know how to setup a static ip on ubuntu server 10.4.1? please dont ask me any random or pointless questions, not trying to be rude, ive just encountered several idiots here and want a quick answer, not wasted time17:33
daskreechBluesKaj: That was a tad drastic17:34
=== krawek is now known as Guest36307
BluesKajwhatwas ?17:35
illunatici guess his autorejoin script doesn't work either17:36
daskreechBluesKaj: Read wrong17:37
daskreechit was ikonia17:37
BluesKajI cancelled it , lost 2conns today already17:37
BluesKajmaybe I should go bac to opendns , google dns seems to be having trouble today17:38
=== Guest36307 is now known as krwk
daskreechin which case ikonia that was a little srastic :)17:42
daskreechdrastic actually17:42
BluesKajdidn't see what he said17:43
Walzmynis there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to turn my screensaver on and off?17:43
daskreechBluesKaj: Someone came on and asked how to set a static IP address and was impatient about it. they got kicked17:44
BluesKajI tried that om my router but lost my connection as soon the isp changed my IP of course ...dumb dynamic IPs ...can't get on unless I pay commercial rate17:46
no_u0how do i increase the time a system notification stays up17:48
no_u0i barely get a chance to read them before they close17:48
daskreechnot sure. You can ask in #plasma17:49
zongo_Hey Guys, my wireless can connect without any issues but after a little while being connected, I have "wlan registration failed: authorization failed"17:50
zongo_Any idea ?17:50
zongo_my connectiion is working perfectly when wired and work for some time with wlan until i get the failed authorization17:51
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EagleScreen_zongo_: device?18:03
zongo_sorry EagleScreen_, what do you mean by device ?18:03
EagleScreen_your card model18:04
zongo_Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device [10ec:8172] (rev 10)18:07
zongo_ifconfig -a returns wlan0 with IP address: iwconfig tells me that my wireless is connected to good AP18:09
zongo_but yet I still have that auhorization failure and have no idea where its coming from18:09
zongo_link quality is 95/100 so close to perfection :)18:10
zongo_lsmod shows that the wilress module is loaded correctly and I have recompiled newest drivers from realtek from scratch18:11
zongo_it all works perfectly for a day or two until i get this authorization error and the connection seem to be refused by the AP18:12
zongo_eventhough the AP is actually giving my an IP address18:12
raven24can I use my thunderbird tags for emails with kmail? is there a way to migrate them easily18:20
daskreechgood question how does thunderbird store the tags?18:22
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raven24daskreech: i suppose if it's an imap account the imap server stores them18:31
raven24at least thats what I read about it here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Tags18:32
daskreechraven24: Then yes18:36
raven24daskreech: I guess then that I just have to create my tags by the same name in kmail and they should show up normally...?18:38
hsrPlease suggest me the best way to block adult sites.18:39
filePeterAnybody used Kubuntu-NetbokRemix, yet? Its seems quite slow on my EEEpc 900A……18:39
James147filePeter: its working great here on me eee 1005ha18:46
sithlord48i don't use it on my netbook , i just don't like it ..18:46
filePeterAhh… Ok… Maybe its something else… :-)18:47
sithlord48can anyone help me get svn files to have colored filenames again..18:47
James147filePeter: although I am using the kde 4.5 version on maverick... but 4.5 on lucid was just as good :)18:47
filePetersithlord48: Within an svn-command?18:47
sithlord48filePeter: with in a svn controlled folder as view by dolphin18:48
filePeterJames147: Ahh… Ok. Maybe Ill just need to uni4stall all the other crap on it.18:48
filePetersithlord48: Console?18:48
sithlord48filePeter: i use 4.5 lucid quite nicely on my netbook (emachine EM250)18:48
filePetersithlord48: Hmmm… Its a little slow here…18:48
sithlord48filePeter: they all seam to be the same color  when viewed in a konsole (with excetion of the exe)18:49
James147filePeter: 4.5 or 4.4?18:49
filePeterJames147: I thnk 4.418:49
James147filePeter: try upgrading to 4.5, they made quite a few improvments in that version18:50
sithlord48i really enjoy 4.518:50
filePeterOk, thx guys18:50
sithlord48well i have 4.5.1 now but i have not had any issues with it other then now my svn files don't show colored any more (but they haven't since i reinstalled the os so its prolly not a kde 4.5 related issue)18:51
daskreechraven24: Not sure actually you can ask in #kontact18:57
daskreechhsr: Vigilance ?18:57
raven24will do18:57
Freddy2in 4.5.1 i can add the translatoid plasmoid, but nothing happens when i click on translate.. is there any missing required package?19:08
Freddy2how can i check this?19:08
hsrHow to edit Auto eth0 connection settings?19:22
daskreechhsr: Look at icthux or ubuntu christian edition19:22
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daskreechhsr: For the adult site management19:24
hsrdaskreech: That's not my question19:24
hsrdaskreech: No19:24
daskreechwhat was it?19:24
hsrHow to edit Auto eth0 connection settings from KNetworkManager?19:24
James147hsr: can you not do that in the network managment settings?19:24
hsrJames147: Unable to find options to edit it19:25
daskreechweren\t you asking something else earlier?19:25
hsrdaskreech: But now i m not19:25
hsrdaskreech: How to edit Auto eth0 connection settings from KNetworkManager?19:25
James147hsr: Knetworkmanager > manager connection > wired > edit?19:25
hsrJames147: There is nothing called Autho eth0 in wired19:27
James147hsr: then try adding one :)19:28
hsrJames147: But i already have Auto eth0 enabled19:28
James147(or at least one called something else19:28
hsrJames147: Why should i, if i've one enabled?19:29
James147hsr: and is that a problem?... what are you trying to change exactly?19:29
hsrJames147: I am searching to add DNS id in that19:29
hsrJames147: DNS servers19:29
James147hsr: try creating a new connection... then switching to that one.19:30
James147(it should really disrupt anything...)19:30
hsrJames147: huh19:30
hsrJames147: Should or shouldn't19:30
James147shouldnt... :)19:31
James147my finger forget to type the nt... every time :(19:31
hsrJames147: Everytime i switch on pc, it may not enable the new connection19:31
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James147hsr: it may... try it... (hasnt really used the wired config)19:32
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daniel__anyone there?19:46
James147daniel__: there is :)19:47
Walzmynis there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to turn my screensaver on and off?19:54
James147Walzmyn: Dont know of a direct shortcut to do that... but there is probally a way you can :)  ... If you can find a command to start the screensaver then you can add an entry to kmenuedit and set the shotcut key that way... personally I dont use a screensaver so there may be a better way to do that, (note you can lock the screen with alt+ctrl+l, not sure if it starts the screen saver though)19:59
WalzmynJames147: yeah, if i could just find that command20:00
WalzmynWe use this computer to skype with grandparents, during that time I'd like to cut it off, then back on when I'm done20:01
James147Walzmyn: :) it could be a qdbus command20:01
WalzmynJames147: whatever it is, my friend google dosen't seem to know it either20:02
James147Walzmyn: you mean turn off the screen saver from auto starting?20:02
WalzmynJames147: yes20:02
James147(thourght you ment to manually start it)20:02
WalzmynMaybe I should ask how to disable / enable the screensaver20:02
James147Walzmyn: look into qdbus, running " qdbus org.kde.screensaver /ScreenSaver " give a bunsh of stuf that might be intresting to you20:05
WalzmynJames147: run that in termimal?20:06
James147Walzmyn: yeah20:06
James147Walzmyn: (also tabbing at the end of the comand give similar stuff)20:06
James147Walzmyn: ^^ dont know much about how to use qdbus, but from playing with it quickly (and knowing what it can do) it would seem that it should beable to do what you want20:07
Walzmynthanks James147, I think you've set me on the right path.20:08
James147Walzmyn: for example "qdbus org.kde.screensaver /ScreenSaver org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.GetActive" reports false, which is right for my system :)20:08
James147Walzmyn: "qdbus org.kde.screensaver /ScreenSaver org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.SetActive true" seems to turn it on (or at least give me a blank screen, but thats expected since I have disabled the screensaver)20:12
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WalzmynJames147: my kids are up no, so my attention is split20:14
wboykinmUbuntu background screen and cursor appear on startup, but no login, icons or anything else clickable shows up.  Anyone know how to fix this?  It may or may not be a video driver bug . . . Running ubuntu 10.04 Netbook remix on an HP Mini 110c, Installed fine and worked like a charm for about a month.  The activities preceeding the malfunction were: 1.) I was configuring the required libraries for an installation of MapServer (libjpeg20:14
wboykinm, libpng, GD, etc.), 2.) I opened GNU emacs to edit a script, and it locked the screen, 3.) After closing emacs, the screen was still blocked, and nothing was clickable, 4.) Not knowing any non-gui ways to force a shutdown, I hard-booted the netbook, 5.) On reboot, the BIOS loaded, the "Ubuntu  Loading" progress bar came up, the marimba sounded and the Ubuntu bubbles background screen came up with a moveable cursor on it, 6.) No20:14
wboykinm login was presented and no interface was available.   This has happened through a half-dozen reboots.  I've tried a few things via console login (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen#Workaround A:  VESA Driver, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121819), but the suggested prompts don't appear.  I'm sure this is a basic problem, and I seem to be missing something fundamental (I'm new to Linux; many apologies).20:14
wboykinm Any ideas?20:14
FloodBotK2wboykinm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:14
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Walzmynwboykinm: don't do that20:15
wboykinmWalzmyn: whould I aim straight for the forums?20:15
WalzmynJames147: that command true/false seems to just kick it in. I'm going to hunt down the one i'm looking foward20:16
Walzmynwboykinm: don't copy/paste a huge chunk into IRC - it comes acros as spam on our screens20:16
James147Walzmyn: yeah... but at least it shows that the screen saver can be minipulated with dbus :)20:16
WalzmynJames147: yes, thanks for the help. I think we're on the right track20:17
James147wboykinm: would be better to post on the forums a detailed discription, then give us a brief overview with the link20:17
Walzmynwboykinm:  you useing gnome or KDE?20:17
wboykinmWalzmyn: Ah.  Learning.  Thank you.20:18
wboykinmWalzmyn: Not sure.  gnome?20:18
Walzmynwboykinm: when you go to the "start" menu is there a foot print or a big "K"20:19
wboykinmWalzmyn: footprint20:19
Walzmynwboykinm: ok, you're using gnome20:19
Walzmynwboykinm: this is #kubuntu - the KDE side of things. #ubuntu is the channel for gnome users20:20
wboykinmWalzmyn: I'll shift over then.  Thanks.20:20
Walzmynwboykinm: you might need to re-install something with the plymothm theme engine, but I'm thinking it's the login stuff that needs adjusting and that will be part of gnome20:21
James147wboykinm: yeah, try asking in #ubuntu , but try to keep the question consist, things that are easier to read/understand are more likly to get an answer20:21
SynjunitzuJames147, could yu help me change me background?20:23
James147Synjunitzu: umm.. right click the desktop > configure desktop... or just drag and drop the image from dolphin should do it20:23
Synjunitzuwill that work if "Background" the module isnt even in the "Desktop" module?20:24
James147Synjunitzu: ??20:24
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James147Synjunitzu: afraid I need to leave now, but someone else might beable to help20:25
Synjunitzulook quick20:25
wboykinmWalzmyn: Thanks.  Hopefully it's an easy one.20:30
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WalzmynSynjunitzu: what is your issue?20:44
Synjunitzui figured it out20:45
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elijahDoes Kubuntu have a keyboard shortcut to "hide" a window, similar to OS X?20:58
elijahOn mac I hit command + h and it hides it until I alt + tab back to it20:58
elijahThat is "one" thing I guess I like about Mac20:59
hagabakawhy not just minimize?20:59
hagabakayou can also use smooth-tasks to have a task bar that only displays an icon for each window20:59
elijahhagabaka: Do you know the keyboard shortcut for minimize?20:59
hagabakano :p21:01
hagabakaelijah: looks like there is no default, but you can set it in "Global Keyboard Shortcuts" (Alt-F2 and type that name, or find it in system settings)21:04
elijahhagabaka: Do you know which component I select to set it?21:05
elijahhagabaka: I wish the search bar below components searched all components, that would be sweet!21:06
elijahhagabaka: Found it, it is Kwin21:06
hagabakaoh that's what you mean21:06
elijahDo you know where I would control the look and action of the alt+tab action?21:08
elijahThe one that flips through all your apps21:08
hagabakadesktop effects21:09
elijahhagabaka: Great, that worked. Now do you know how to always get the window switcher to show on my primary desktop?21:11
elijahhagabaka: Right now it is coming up on whatever screen has the active app. I have dual monitor setup.21:11
elijahI saw a setting once but forgot where it is21:11
hagabakaif you already checked the individual plugin settings in desktop effects, no idea21:12
elijahhmm, no I didn't knwo about that, let me see21:12
elijahhagabaka: I found the plugins but that is too specific for the overall action of it21:15
KubuntiacAnyone know whether UbuntuOne uses webdav?21:29
claydohKubuntiac: don't think so21:30
claydohit is iirc canonical-developed and not open21:31
claydohbut that is all I know21:31
Kubuntiacclaydoh: The server is closed, but the client is open21:31
KubuntiacI'm wondering about the client21:31
claydohif it was webdav, we'd have a working KDE client  along time back :)21:32
claydohKubuntiac: I have been testing U1-kde off and on, apache logger is the guy who would know as he had been working on it21:34
Kubuntiack thx, claydoh Will look for a client elsewhere...21:36
claydohiirc the ubuntu client works, just no KDE integration21:36
KubuntiacYeah. What I want to work with is an OwnCloud server, not U1. Was wondering if U1 client could be modified to fit21:37
KubuntiacBut if it isn't webdav, then there's probably better options21:37
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asdfasdfasdfasdfhello i'm using ubuntu 10.04.1 and  installed KDE when i choose it in kdm i get to see the splash screen for a while and then I get kicked back to kdm, gnome loggin in works fine, and my system seem to be fine what can i do?21:52
no_u0how do i add root to xhost?21:54
no_u0i cant open anything with root unless i disable access controls21:54
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alex______i've just run tasksel to install my lamp but it seems like apache2 has not been configured to work with php5. i got a bit rusty as it's been a long time since my last lamp install. what should i add to the apache.conf please?21:56
elijahWhen using Krunner, I would like to be able to down arrow through the results. Is this possible?21:59
elijahLike Gnome Do or Quicksilver21:59
MarkSSIn Konsole under /bin fusermount, unmount, su and others are highlighted in red.  Why are these highlighted in red and not others?22:00
elijahAlso depending on when, Krunner appears at the top of either screen a or b and just below center of screen a on occasion, is there a way I can make it appear at the top of screen a, all the time?22:00
elijahMarkSS: Some files in terminal are highlighted, green, blue, red etc depending on certain characteristics.22:00
elijahThere is a command you can run to turn it off but I have long forgotten.22:01
MarkSSWhat characteristics are associated with a red highlight?22:01
elijahMarkSS: I don't know, there is some sort of logic behind it, I just remember that it was irritating because it made some names hard to read.22:01
elijahI am still setting up so I may run into this again, previously it was on my Mac.22:02
elijahOur programmer found out that info above.22:02
cortex_skMarkSS: man chmod will help you with those red files ;)22:03
cortex_sk'set user or group ID on execution (s)'22:03
elijahI answered the Krunner question above, I switched to task oriented22:03
elijahIt doesn;t seem like you can tell Krunner to "always" be in a certain area22:04
elijahOkay, I am trying to get Kubuntu setup. I am having issues with it always asking me for password access to access my 2 NTFS partitions (same logical drive). A user pointed me in the direction of using fsck sp? and I had more problems. Is this the right way to go about this?22:05
elijahHmm, I see an option in removable media to automount on boot!! yay! Much easier than fsck22:10
elijahno, fstab!22:10
elijahthat was it22:10
elijahHow do I stop Kopete from loading on startup?22:21
elijahIt isn't listed in "startup and shutdown", that I can see at least.22:22
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elijahHow would I best mount ISO and DMG files from within Dolphin? I am used to just clicking them in Mac and them mounting that way. Can I do this in Dolphin?22:38
claydohelijah: disable saved sessions22:38
claydohelijah: I was catching up22:38
claydohelijah: you would need to find a service-menu or use commandline to mount isos22:40
claydohin dolhin'ssetings (kde 4.5. not sure about older versions) you can go to 'services' and then download new items22:41
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claydohelijah: MountISO is what you would look for22:42
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Randy_TIs there a way to make gcc compile faster by utilizing more CPU or somthing?23:05
Randy_Tthe terminal output is scrolling pretty fast but it takes 20 mins or so to compile my program. and my cpu output ranges from 0-523:06
elijahHow would I assign a keyboard shortcut to super + f5 to make Kubuntu go to sleep?23:06
elijahclaydoh: That is pretty slick! Thankx23:22
ArGGu^^Has anyone noticed that in Kubuntu 10.04 ark wont extract password protected rar files. It does not ask for password :S23:29
Randy_Tactualy, i couldn't extract rar files using ark until I installed the rar package. there is a free and the paid one does verison 3 files.23:36
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naseteRiddell: ping23:51

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