randomusernameseems to be working00:13
randomusernamehi there00:13
randomusernamehi wgrant00:13
randomusernamewgrant, can you tell me if are there any launchpad dev/support members here?00:13
wgrantNot many, since it's the weekend for most people, but there are still some.00:14
wgrantAsk your question, and someone will answer if they know.00:14
randomusername"Thank you for your question concerning your Launchpad login that you are  experiencing. Case #number has been created and a support analyst  will get back to you within the next 24 hours."00:14
randomusernamethis was sent to me... two days ago00:14
randomusernametl;dr - after the 9/9 outage, my account got deleted00:15
wgrantWhat's the symptom?00:15
wgrantCan you no longer log in?00:16
randomusernamewhen I logged in two days ago I went to an account that wasn't mine at all00:16
randomusernameand my account URL always point to OOPS00:17
wgrantWhat's the URL?00:17
randomusernamemy deceased username is ~tiagosilva00:17
randomusernameI am now ~tiagosilva29 for some reason00:17
wgrantrandomusername: So, ~tiagosilva doesn't OOPS for me.00:18
wgrantDoes it for you?00:18
randomusernameI'm at home right now00:19
randomusernameand at work is the same thing00:19
randomusernamewe browse via a proxy hosted in another country, and it's the same00:20
wgrantAnd you're logged in as ~tiagosilva29?00:20
randomusernamewhen I log in I goto tiagosilva2900:20
wgrantAnd you get the OOPS when you're logged in?00:20
slangasekhi, I'm having persistent timeouts trying to file a bug against the ubuntu kernel package with apport; is there a known issue?00:20
slangasekoh n/m, apparently '/join #launchpad' was the magic rune to make it go through00:21
slangasekkthx ;)00:21
randomusernameOOPS in ~tiagosilva ?00:21
wgrantrandomusername: Yes.00:21
randomusernameit's persistent00:21
wgrantslangasek: As in "Sorry, we couldn't connect to the Launchpad server" timeouts? or timeouts with an OOPS ID?00:21
randomusernamelogged in/out = same result, OOPS00:21
randomusernamewgrant: I just logged in, and now I'm ~tiagosilva2900:23
wgrantrandomusername: Ah, interesting.00:23
wgrant~tiagosilva oopses on launchpad.net, but not edge.launchpad.net.00:23
randomusernamehttps://launchpad.net/~tiagosilva29 -> I just posted HELLO WGRUNT in that profile00:23
randomusernamewgrant: I confirm that ~tiagosilva via edge is me00:24
randomusernameaka the advice dog guy who hates easter eggs and translates more that it should00:25
randomusernameas this issue occurred before?00:27
wgrantNot that I've seen, no.00:27
wgrantI'm poking around to see what changed.00:27
randomusernamedo you want me to stay out of launchpad for a while?00:28
randomusernameor openid00:28
wgrantrandomusername: So, I can't obviously see what's wrong.00:35
wgrantrandomusername: You gave a reference above to a support case -- is that from the link on login.launchpad.net?00:36
wgrantIf so, I suggest waiting for a response from them.00:36
randomusernameCase #00012729 has been created and a support analyst will get back to you within the next 24 hours.00:36
randomusernamegot this two days ago on an email00:37
wgrantCan you add to that case the information we've established here? Your new and old usernames, the fact that your old one OOPSes on production with OOPS-1714K1846 but is fine on edge, and anything else that seems relevant?00:38
randomusernamewgrant: it doesn't just oops with -1714K184600:39
wgrantWell, it will get a different code each time.00:39
randomusernameah, that I did not know00:40
wgrant1714 identifies the day, K identifies the server, and 1846 is just a sequence number for that server today.00:40
randomusernamewhere do I have to log in to insert what you posted above?00:40
wgrantI have no idea, sorry. I've never used ISD's support system.00:40
wgrantMaybe try replying to the email?00:40
randomusernamereply -> noreply@canonical.com00:41
randomusernameso I'll just have to wait for an answer00:41
randomusernamewgrant: gonna forward this to feedback@launchpad.net00:47
randomusernameand hope for the better00:48
wgrantrandomusername: Sounds like a reasonable idea.00:48
wgrantrandomusername: Make sure you include all the information I suggested.00:48
randomusernameall done00:49
randomusernameinfo sent00:51
randomusernamethanks for the help wgrant00:51
wgrantrandomusername: Great. Hopefully you'll get a response soon.00:52
wgrantBut maybe not until Monday.00:52
randomusernameit's fine00:52
randomusernamethanks again00:53
yofelis something wrong with the ppa buildds?  since a while ago I see it frequently that builds start delayed, like https://edge.launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/ppa/+build/1954695 which is currently building for 15min whithout the buildd actually doing anything. Before that it tried to build on another one and was simply reset to 'needs building' after a while01:26
wgrantyofel: Known scaling issue. There have been a few fixes in the last couple of months, and the last bit might be happening next week.01:28
yofelk, thanks01:28
* maxb looks askance at the kdepim code import which has now been running for 24 hours01:58
maxbJust how slow a machine is galapagos anyway? :-/01:59
wgrantmaxb: The name might be a good hint.02:01
wgrant(There is a Galapagos Penguin. Penguin species were Canonical's first machine naming convention.)02:02
maxbMeanwhile the import on neumayer looks like it's got another day of "determining revprop revisions" before it starts fetching anything02:05
maxbI'm seriously tempted to keep poking it until it restarts on pear02:07
wgrantI think throughput would be increased if the russkaya/neumayer/galapagos were just disabled.02:07
maxbit would be entirely useful if ~vcs-imports still let you quiesce importds :-(02:14
maxb*right* having chased lp:kdepim onto pear, maybe it now has a hope of actually importing02:27
wgrantmaxb: How did you manage that?02:30
maxbwgrant: bombarding the importds with requests to import other kde branches to trigger a sqlite locking fail, to get it off the ones I didn't want, then refreshing +code-imports/+machines a lot and choosing an opportune moment to retry05:07
wgrantmaxb: Ahh, I forgot you could get them to fail like that.05:21
MTecknology Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode.07:47
MTecknologywgrant: you guys doing something?07:47
MTecknologyyou guys have two different try again pages?07:48
wgrantMTecknology: Which URL?07:49
MTecknologyI'm trying to file an apport bug07:49
wgrantKnown issue.07:49
wgrantKeep trying.07:49
wgrantIt should work eventually.07:49
wgrantPossibly a firewall issue.07:49
MTecknologywhat's the issue with it?07:49
MTecknologyon my side?07:49
wgrantAlthough the fact it's always kernel bugs may put an end to the firewall hypothesis.07:50
MTecknologylol.. I was going to file another kernel bug right after07:50
MTecknologyany chance it's because of the absolutely massive file upload size?07:50
MTecknologythis was 11.7MB07:51
wgrantI suspected that.07:51
wgrantBut maybe not.07:51
wgrantCould you stop trying to file it for a sec, while I poke around?07:52
wgrantThe data from it is trivially small.07:54
wgrantSo the error occurs after you enter the summary and description, and click the final submission button?07:55
wgrantMTecknology: ^^07:56
MTecknologyI get two different 'Please try again' pages too - one centered and one off to the left07:56
MTecknologywgrant: I don't like this :( make it better so I do this -> :) <- instead08:01
wgrantReproduced on staging.08:02
MTecknologyoh... disable redirect and pop off edge?08:02
wgrantProduction is broken too.08:03
MTecknologyok, so you're playing?08:03
wgrantI am.08:03
MTecknologyWTFery... I had to look that up on urban dictionary -_-08:04
MTecknologywgrant: should I keep trying it?08:06
wgrantMTecknology: I'd say so.08:06
wgrantOthers have said that it works eventually, and it's easy enough for us to reproduce.08:06
MTecknologyIf I go to sleep and save the page, maybe I could try in the morning too?08:08
wgrantI'm not sure how long the token will last.08:08
MTecknologylifeless: You happen to know if I could retry in the morning?08:13
MTecknologymaybe I'll give up and just file the bug myself - might be easier08:14
lifelessI don't know the delete frequency for unused attachments08:14
lifelessprobablt a week or so08:14
lifelessAFACT this is just slow code08:14
wgrantBut slow code shouldn't cause a timeout like this... unless it has lots and lots of non-SQL seconds.08:15
lifelessSQL time: 13812 ms08:15
lifelessNon-sql time: 345 ms08:15
lifelessTotal time: 14157 ms08:15
lifelessStatement Count: 4208:15
MTecknologyis that what you were talking about in -dev?08:15
MTecknologyI'm too tired to comprehend it..08:15
lifelesswgrant: LaunchpadTimeoutError: Statement: 'SELECT BinaryPackagePublishingHistory.archive, BinaryPackagePublishingHistory.binarypackagerelease, BinaryPackagePublishingHistory.component, BinaryPackagePublishingHistory.datecreated,08:16
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lifelessthere is three seconds between08:16
lifelessSELECT SourcePackageName.id, SourcePackageName.name FROM SourcePackageName WHERE SourcePackageName.name = %s08:16
wgrantlifeless: That probably isn't it. If it was an SQL timeout, the appserver would have been killed and responded in time.08:16
lifelessSELECT DISTINCT SourcePackagePublishingHistory.archive, SourcePackagePublishingHistory.component, SourcePackagePublishingHistory.datecreated, SourcePackagePublishingHistory.datemadepending, SourcePackagePublishingHistory.datepublished, SourcePackagePublishingHistory.dateremoved,08:16
lifelessnote that staging runs at loads of 6 or more08:17
wgrant........ ew.08:17
lifelesstimeouts there currently mean almost nothing08:17
wgrantWell, yes, I don't care about the real timeouts that I was able to see. I care about the request that hung past the proxy's threshold.08:17
lifelessI spent a day chasing 10 seconds in storm that is 1.4 seconds under normal load08:17
wgrantWhich was probably *not* an SQL timeout.08:18
lifelessthe ones I saw were though08:18
MTecknologyaight.. I'm going to give up and file it myself in the morning08:19
MTecknologythanks for looking at it08:19
MTecknologyor morning..08:19
wgrantHeh. Night.08:19
MTecknologyI lost the description I wanted to send with08:20
lifelesswill be looking this monday08:21
lifelessas a priority08:21
wgrantIs the staging timeout 10s?08:21
wgrantNormal timeouts take 13s.08:23
wgrantThe proxy timeout comes back after slightly over 10s.08:23
wgrantSo there's something even more strange going on.08:25
wgrantAnd it's still intermittent, despite there only being one server.08:25
lifelesswe need to talk to spm to get details on the trigger for that page08:34
pmillerI am trying to upload a source package to a ppa, without success... https://launchpad.net/~pmiller-opensource/+archive/ppa09:04
wgrantpmiller: What does it do when you try?09:04
pmillerwgrant: nothing happens.  The upload completes, but the packages don't appear.09:05
wgrantpmiller: What are the commands that you're using to build and upload the source package?09:07
pmillerBuild: debuild -S -sa or debuild -S -sd, as per https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage, neither seems to make a difference.  Then cd ..; dput ppa:pmiller-opensource/ppa *.changes09:08
wgrantpmiller: Is the changes file signed with 0xD0EDB64D?09:09
wgrantpmiller: Can you upload the signed package somewhere that I can examine it?09:11
pmillerwgrant: http://libexplain.sourceforge.net/debian/x/09:24
wgrantpmiller: That sends a rejection email when I process it locally.09:27
wgrantDo you not have such an email?09:27
wgrantThe signature goes through fine, so you should.09:27
pmillerwgrant: no email09:27
wgrantWell, let's see what happens if you fix the package.09:28
wgrant2010-09-11 08:26:36 WARNING Unable to find distroseries: unstable09:28
wgrantYou need to have an Ubuntu series name in the changelog, rather than a Debian one.09:29
wgrantMaybe the email is getting lost.09:29
pmillerwgrant: will try hacking changelog.  email for openpgp key update took hours, but it did arrive.  I've been trying to upload fro longer than that.09:32
wgrantpmiller: Hm, could you see where the delay was?09:32
pmillerwgrant: X-greylist: delayed 2431 seconds by postgrey-1.31 at mail.ivt.com.au; Sat, 11 Sep 2010 16:00:34 EST (I know the admin, I aks him about it)09:34
wgrantAh, IVT.09:37
pmillerwgrant: ooh, look!  email.09:39
pmillerwgrant: for "distroseries" it wants "lucid"?   (I usually upload to Debian, as you may have guessed.)09:40
wgrantpmiller: Yep.09:40
pmillerwgrant: most recent upload was accepted "currently building" yay10:11
pmillerwgrant: is there a way to request automatic backports, or do I have to make multiple uploads, one for each distroseries?10:14
wgrantpmiller: You can't request automatic backports. However, you can build on one series and copy the source and binaries to another.10:39
wgranteg. lots of people build on hardy, then copy up to newer series.10:39
pmillerso long as there aren't library versioning issues, yes.10:41
pmillerof course, libexplain underlies some of the other projects I want in the ppa, so I'm acutely aware of library version issues.10:42
wgrantIf you want multiple sets of binaries, you need multiple uploads.10:42
lifelesswgrant: don't recipes provide a build-for-N releases?10:43
wgrantThis is true.10:43
pmillerthat's what I thought.  It just gripes me that they will differ by only one word: s/lucid/whatever/10:43
pmillerrecipes are predicated on bzr branches, and despite lifeless' best efforts, I don't use bzr10:44
lifelesspmiller: export a tarball; bzr import that onto a branch; push11:13
lifelesspmiller: not trying to move you to bzr to do this :P11:13
Ddordahey guys11:17
Ddordais it a known bug that launchpad mailing lists can't read non-latin languages?11:18
philip_stoevguys, the search box for finding users when trying to assign a bug to a specific user in the bug database does not work13:04
philip_stoevno matches are returned even when the actual user id or user name is used13:04
wgrantphilip_stoev: Unless you are the bug supervisor of the project, it will only find teams that you administer.13:09
wgrantphilip_stoev: If you are a bug supervisor, it should find anyone.13:09
philip_stoevwgrant: ok got it, thanks13:35
ftaif any admin is here, please kill this build: https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+build/1952454 (stuck for 3 days)14:47
bilalakhtarfta: You're right. terranova builder is slow14:53
bilalakhtarI have also faced it once14:53
wgrantThis isn't slow.14:53
bilalakhtarplymouth, which takes 10 minutes for a build, took 4 hours on it!14:53
wgrantSomething's broken.14:53
bilalakhtarwgrant: what about my plymouth case?14:54
wgrantHmm. That is odd.14:54
wgrantI could see up to half an hour or so.14:54
wgrantBut not four hours.14:54
bilalakhtarwgrant: I saw, towards the end, dpkg-deb was taking 15 minutes to just archive a minary!14:55
bilalakhtarAnd there were 8 binaries by that source14:55
wgrantThe log can take up to 15 minutes to upate.14:55
wgrantYou can't rely on it for timings like that.14:55
bilalakhtarwgrant: really? but still, 4 hours was too long! And the build succeeded, nevertheles14:56
wgrantHmm. That's concerning.14:56
bilalakhtarthen I deleted my PPA and created a new one, otherwise I would have shown you the logs14:56
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jenkinshow do I release a package for different versions of ubuntu in the same ppa? I have tired another entry in the change log  (changing maverick to lucid) but that does not help20:23
JoshBrownjenkins: I don't use PPAs that much personally but I've heard there's a built-in Launchpad function to do this (unless the package needs to be different in different Ubuntu versions)20:27
jenkinsI did have a play with the lauchpad build function but I decided i like the the dput wap20:28
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MTecknologyLP is making me cry :(23:02
lifelessthe filebug thing?23:07
lifelesswill be looking at that tomorrow; need LOSA support23:07
lifelesslaunchpad operational sysadmin23:15
penguin42ah, guys with hamers23:16
* JoshBrown says HAMMER TIME23:32

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