DanaGRather, I need "newreloc", it seems.00:00
KillerKristin1hi everyone00:09
KillerKristin1I gots a question00:09
KillerKristin1using Ubuntu 10.10 and I lost surround sound output on SB Xi-Fi and was wondering if there is a way to get it back?00:09
KillerKristin1it worked earlier today00:10
KillerKristin1after the upgrade00:10
jjcmOnly surround sound, or all sound?00:10
KillerKristin1I was playing music00:10
KillerKristin1only surround00:10
KillerKristin1I have it set to Analog Output right now and it works00:10
KillerKristin1Surround worked fine on 10.0400:10
KillerKristin1i have a SB Xi-Fi Music00:11
KillerKristin1and strange thing is that the beep on startup worked00:11
KillerKristin1but not the startup sound00:12
jjcmKillerKristin1: Surround might just be muted then00:13
jjcmKillerKristin1: what's it say in alsamixer?00:13
KillerKristin1im guessing i stumped ya00:15
KillerKristin1:) its got me perplexed too00:15
KillerKristin1I got disconnected00:15
KillerKristin1is my chat showing?00:15
KillerKristin1got disconnected00:16
KillerKristin1hi all00:16
jjcm23:13 < jjcm> KillerKristin1: Surround might just be muted then00:16
jjcm23:13 < jjcm> KillerKristin1: what's it say in alsamixer?00:16
jjcmthat was the last thing I sent over to you00:16
KillerKristin1what am I looking for00:16
KillerKristin1never used this terminal command before00:17
KillerKristin1its wierd looking00:17
jjcmKillerKristin1: ha, just look for a channel that says surround00:18
KillerKristin1it was all the down00:18
jjcmKillerKristin1: so bump it up00:18
jjcmKillerKristin1: and you should be good00:18
KillerKristin1i did but still no good00:18
jjcmmake sure that it doesnt have a MM on it00:18
jjcmIf there's an MM at the bottom, it means it's muted00:19
jjcmin which case just press m00:19
KillerKristin1your a genius00:20
KillerKristin1PCM was all the down too00:20
KillerKristin1bumped it up and now it work00:20
jjcmAlso, *you're00:21
KillerKristin1how do I quit alsamixer?  Can i just close the terminal?00:21
KillerKristin1thank you00:21
KillerKristin1:p fine you're a genius00:21
jjcmAnd now you know00:21
jjcmand knowing is half the battle00:21
jjcm(the other half being red lasers and blue lasers, at 25% each)00:21
KillerKristin1last time I tried to use alsamixer on I think 9.10 it said no such command00:22
KillerKristin1at least now I know what it is00:22
KillerKristin1I love the new rythmbox integration into the sound panel applet00:23
KillerKristin1so easy\00:23
lucas-argany app to control bass and treble in maverik?00:46
sometuxwill gimp be shipped in ubuntu 10.10 final release?01:08
sometuxI can't find gimp in the beta?01:09
sometuxwill u10.10 have an photo-editing app?01:11
magedragon25I am running lucid, want to upgrade to 10.10. I ran sudo update-manager -d. After is gets to calculating changes, I get an error. If i check the /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log, it says Can't mark ubuntu-desktop. Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. Any help with this?01:14
yofelsometux: we have gimp 2.6.10 in the archive, but it won't be on the live disk01:18
yofelmagedragon25: probably the dependencies are broken currently, try again in an hour or so01:18
magedragon25tried several days in a row with same prob01:18
sometuxmagedragon25: use this commadn update-manager --devel-release01:18
yofelsometux: that does exactly the same thing01:19
jjcmsometux: gimp got axed01:20
jjcmout of the official release that is01:20
yofelmake that 'out of the default installation', as it's still officially supported01:23
magedragon25sometux: tried that, still same error01:24
sometuxmagedragon25: use synaptic to resolve any broken packages you have and try again01:27
magedragon25synaptic doesn't report anything broken01:28
sometuxmagedragon25: pastebin the log file01:32
blaz_hi. since 2.6.35-19 kernel update boot hangs when video modes are switched (this happens twice during boot). I have to press (any) key to continue. Same happens during shutdown. Anyone has similar issue?01:32
litropyhi, peeps. What's the best chan for Unity?01:49
Dr_WillisHmm. Not sure if theres a #unity channel or not01:57
Dr_Williswhats Unity again? I forget.. sounds familer01:57
DaekdroomDr_Willis, Unity is ubuntu netbook edition replacement to default GNOME.01:58
DaekdroomWell, not quite a replacement.. I don't know how to explain.01:58
Dr_WillisOh yea.. read/seen the reviews.. not used it yet.01:58
Dr_WillisThe new netbook interface :)01:58
Dr_WillisIm still exploring the 'new' features of the gnome desktop ive been reading about..  (some seem to be missing however)02:00
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bdogghey, can someone help me with xmms03:28
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.03:43
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:45
Dr_WillisI recall compiling xmms - being a bit of a pain.. for very little gain03:45
bdogghelp with old xmms anyone?03:46
bazhang!xmms > bdogg03:47
ubottubdogg, please see my private message03:47
Sir_Brizzhi all... I'm running Kubuntu 10.10 beta and I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable the nvidia drivers03:47
Dr_Willisbe a bit more verbose in the questions also.03:47
Dr_WillisSir_Brizz:  run the jockey-??? program (from cli or menus) and let it install them?03:47
bdoggAlsa plugin conflicts with other audio03:47
Sir_Brizzis that the "Additional Drivers"?03:48
bdoggand oss is no longer functional (doesnt detect soundcard)03:48
Dr_WillisSir_Brizz:  yea - i think they renamed it.. (again)03:48
Sir_BrizzI ran that and it doesn't seem to show anything03:48
Dr_Willisthe actual binary name is jockey-SOMTHING03:48
DanaGjockey-gtk for gnome.03:48
Dr_WillisSir_Brizz:  on my system. i couldent even see the desktop. I had to install ssh, and then ssh -X in to run jockey :) to get them to install03:48
DanaGah, I tried kde 4.4 again.  It's nice and shiny, but too bulky.03:49
DanaGEverything takes up 25% more space than in Gnome.03:49
Dr_Willisthe nvidia package is nvidia-commion isent it?03:49
Sir_BrizzDanaG: 25% more than Mono?03:49
Dr_Willisthere we go. :)03:49
DanaGI mean screen real estate.03:49
DanaGNot disk space.03:49
Sir_Brizzoh lol03:50
Sir_BrizzI always change the font size down which makes everything smaller03:50
Dr_WillisI always make the font sizes BIGGER.. so i can read easier. :)03:50
DanaGYeah, I use 8.5 in Gnome, and probably in KDE as well.03:50
DanaGXorg deliberately fails at setting correct DPI: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2370503:51
ubottuFreedesktop bug 23705 in Server/general "xserver 1.7.0rc0 uses wrong dimensions" [Normal,Reopened]03:51
DanaGWith correct DPI set, the default font size of 10 points is freaking huge.03:51
dk12548is anyone here03:53
* Dr_Willis looks at his system using size 13-16 fonts...03:54
DanaGDr_Willis: what size and resolution screen?03:54
dk12548how can i increase the dpi ?03:54
DanaGdk12548: are you affected by this lame "feature"?  http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2370503:55
ubottuFreedesktop bug 23705 in Server/general "xserver 1.7.0rc0 uses wrong dimensions" [Normal,Reopened]03:55
DanaGIt's a feature!  It makes your screen larger!03:55
DanaG(Or so it claims.)03:55
DanaGIt's magically turned my 15.4" LCD into 20 inches.03:55
DanaG... or so Xorg claims.03:55
dk12548no dona i am not affected by that bug03:56
dk12548actually i am totally unable to increase the dpi of my screen03:57
dk12548i am a complete noob. i came to +1 cause there was no one answering in kubuntu03:57
DanaGah yeah, KDE only gives you 96 and 120.03:57
dk12548so how should i change it?03:58
DanaGAh, I put something in my Xsession.d03:58
DanaGcat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/15damn-xorg03:58
DanaGxrandr --dpi 14703:58
dk12548oh k03:59
dk12548also i wanna know if i can have a keyboard shortcut for opening console04:00
dk12548not alt+f204:00
dk12548something like ctrl+shift+o04:00
yofeldk12548: kde right? give me a sec04:00
yofeldk12548: in the keyboard shortcuts, go to custom shortcuts click on edit->new->global shortcut->command/url, set the trigger, and under action put 'konsole' as command04:02
dk12548where is keyboard shortcut?04:04
yofelerm, somewhere in systemsettings, in kde 4.5 it's under 'shortcuts and gestures'04:04
dk12548well i figured that out but there is no option of custum shortcut04:07
yofeliirc it was named slightly different in 4.4, but it is there somewhere04:08
dk12548i dont know if im working on 4.4 or 4.5 how can i figure out?04:09
yofelopen some kde app -> help -> about kde04:09
dk12548hey its 4.2.204:11
dk12548i mean 4.4.204:11
yofelhere's how it looks like in 4.5.1 http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/keyb.png04:12
dk12548oh ok but it is not like this here04:13
dk12548how can i upgrade?04:13
yofelright, it was a bit different in 4.4, but it's possible04:13
dk12548i googled it too but didnt helped:(04:13
yofeldk12548: there is 4.5.1 in the kubuntu backports ppa for lucid, and note that maverick isn't released yet04:14
yofelthere are instructions on how to add the ppa somewhere on kubuntu.org04:15
dk12548oh kk. looks like i have to do some workout then04:15
* yofel needs some sleep04:16
dk12548see ya04:17
DanaGWeird... my gwibber shows more posts than it lets me scroll to see!04:25
DanaGWait, it's just wrapping.04:26
DanaGHow weird.04:26
DanaGIf you look beyond the bottom of the list... you see the top of the list!04:26
Sir_BrizzDanaG: you are right ffs04:26
Sir_Brizzat 1680x1050 the font got huge04:26
DanaGWrong DPI also means that zooming 100% in OpenOffice and Gimp and Inkscape is meaningless.  It's not really 100%.04:27
DanaGWith DPI set correctly, I can zoom OpenOffice to 100% and hold an envelope up to the screen, and the size matches exactly.04:27
Dr_WillisHmm. I now get  kernel messages spamming my consoles 'Unable to enumerate USB device on port 1'    seems that was an issue last week.. got fixed.. now its back.04:47
Dr_Willisi just unplugged all usb devices.. :) still getting it. Perhaps its an internal usb hub/thing on the laptop04:48
TsimsCan someone help me out? I'm trying to install an icon set and am totally lost04:54
Sir_BrizzDanaG: is there an easy way to fix the dpi or should i just lower the font size?04:55
SBRiI installed 10.10beta using Wubi and noticed something very annoying. Everytime I ran a program, opened a new tab in firefox, or opened any program for that matter, my hard disk made a screeching sound, the sound I hear when I turn my laptop on, as if the hard drive stops spinning that starts back up again. Can anyone help me in this matter?04:59
DanaGSir_Brizz: if your screen is really high-dpi, you should lower the font size.05:46
DanaGA point is supposed to be 1/72 inch (or 1/96, if you follow Microsoft's lead).05:47
Sir_Brizzhmm I don't really know what happened05:47
Sir_BrizzI set my resolution to 1680x1050 in nvidia-settings and my fonts look way too big05:48
DanaGSo 1/72 * 10 points = 0.138 inches.05:48
DanaGHmm, what's the native resolution of your screen?05:48
DanaGHigher, or lower?05:48
Sir_Brizz1680x1050 is the recommended resolution05:48
DanaGnvidia doesn't lie about DPI... so just make the font sizes smaller.05:48
DanaG10 points really is really big.05:48
DanaGer, wait... 10 isn't all that big according to screenruler...05:49
DanaGah, they must not be following 72.05:50
DanaGMy 8.5-point font is 12 points according to screenruler.05:50
Sir_Brizz8 seems okayish05:52
Sir_Brizzno wonder my friend is always complaining about giant fonts in kde05:53
Sir_Brizzon my other laptop at 1440x900 the fonts looked fine05:53
DanaGI use 8.5.05:53
DanaGI also found that KDE takes up a boatload more space (on screen) than Gnome does.06:02
DanaGOxygen is nice, but it's way tooooo bulky.06:02
DanaGIt makes 1920x1200 feel like 1280x800.06:03
Sir_Brizzthe window decorations don't bug me that much06:03
Sir_Brizzit would be nice if Aurorae would get an update and include skins that were skinnier though06:03
lucidfoxDanaG> Oxygen is just the default theme, you can change it06:10
lucidfoxit's not even the default theme in Kubuntu, I think06:10
DanaGWell, I like the style (nothing else is as nice)... I just wish that style weren't such a space hog.06:10
DanaGSame style but slimmer, would be nice.06:10
lucidfoxtried QtCurve?06:10
DanaGOoh, just had a thought: gtk+ style, in KDE.06:11
DanaGAmbiance in KDE... spiffy.06:12
lucidfoxHow would you configure it? Through the GNOME appearance preferences?06:12
DanaGNot sure... I'll try to figure that out now.06:12
DanaGargh, stupid KDE... at login, it opens what's in my Xsession.d... in a text editor!06:13
DanaGSpiffy... that works.06:18
DanaGYou use the KDE gtk-appearance thing to change the theme.06:18
DanaGTakes a logout to take effect, though.06:18
DanaGWell, it's not consistent, though.06:19
DanaGOh, and KDE startled the pants off me (to use a figure of speech) when I had the volume all the way up (accidentally), and then went to close my laptop lid.06:27
DanaGIt played some sound.06:27
DanaGOkay, how do I do "replace playlist" without right-clicking, in amarok?06:29
DanaGHar, "LCD Weather Station" thinks it's -460 F outside.06:32
atari2600ahey, whenever I restart, Empathy accidentally all my accounts06:44
atari2600ais there a workaround?06:44
DanaGaccidentally all your accounts?06:45
DanaGAccidentally what?06:45
atari2600aaccidentally everything! D:06:46
DanaGargh, kwin is still laggy.06:48
DanaGBack to Gnome I go.06:48
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Eruaranneed a little help08:15
Eruaraninstalled kubuntu 10.10 partitioning manually08:16
Eruarandual boot08:16
Eruaranbut system only boots Windows XP, I don't get a grub menu08:16
EruaranIm a bit of a noob but looks like kubuntu is installed ok but just no grub08:16
EruaranIf I use guided install instead of manual partition will kubuntu actually give me a dual boot grup menu?08:46
bullgard4[Ubuntu 10.10 Beta] /etc/blkid.tab is a stale symlink with me. Is it with you also a stale symlink?09:03
bullgard4Can I remove it safely?09:23
mrphow can i bypass using my fstab file? it has a invalid entry and i can't boot my system...09:24
bullgard4mrp: Take a Live Ubuntu CD and edit it.09:25
bullgard4mrp: Before, You should make a backup copy of /etc/fstab.09:27
mrpbullgard4: blah thats the only way?09:29
mrpi tried reovery mode and no luck..09:29
bullgard4mc 3: shows the file entries as filename - size - access rights. How can I change that to the old layout filename - size - modify time?09:30
bullgard4mrp: I dont know. Usually Linux offers several solutions. May be you will find another solution by googling: "Ubuntu does not boot edit fstab".09:34
mrpbullgard4: i just booted a xubuntu cd and mount the drive changed fstab and rebooted working now thanks09:36
bullgard4mrp: Enjoy Ubuntu!09:37
Tittiwho can tell me how to upgrade to beta release from shell?09:38
bullgard4Titti: '~$ update-manager -d'09:44
Tittiwithout windows manager09:44
Tittionly from shell09:44
bazhangTitti, on server?09:45
bullgard4Try do-relase-upgrade. But I did not ry that myself.09:45
Tittino new relese found09:46
Tittiis not online the new beta?09:46
bullgard4Titti: Try do-release-upgrade. But I did not try that myself.09:46
Tittii tried it now09:46
bullgard4Beta is online.09:46
Tittido-release-upgrade say no new release online09:47
bazhangas there is no stable version available09:47
bazhangTitti, any reason not to use the gui09:47
Tittii tried this09:50
Tittibut don't works09:51
bazhangsudo apt-get install update-manager-core Titti09:52
Tittiit is installed09:52
bazhangsudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release   Titti09:52
Tittii did09:52
bazhangTitti, then what is the error09:53
Tittino new release found09:53
Tittimaybe i have to change repository?09:53
Tittican u try it09:54
bazhangTitti, not the recommended way; not sure why you simply dont use the update-manager09:56
Tittiok, i wanted only to try this way09:56
bazhangFollow the on-screen instructions. Titti that was the final step   <----09:57
Tittimassimo18: thanks  bye10:00
Tittithanks bye10:00
Tetsuo55is 10.10 already using the new ubuntu font?10:14
lapionI am getting intermittent keyboard/system freezes10:24
lapiondmesg gives me : http://pastebin.com/vBF9kFyT10:24
Machtincould someone help me to get 5.1 working on my Asus Xonar DX? it's somehow strange - seems to be upmixed when i do the 6-channel speaker-test. however, both front speakers and the center speaker work like they are supposed to.10:29
tekonimeltrying to get around the "no init found" at usb boot; now using freshest of the fresh unetbootn and daily 10.10 netbook meerkat ISO12:31
tekonimelbugger, that didn't work :(12:33
DrHalandid grub installation break?12:44
DrHalani can't install it on my drive anymore12:45
yofelodd, there was a grub update yesterday to fix bug 623609, and the preious update was on the 8th12:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 623609 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Maverick) "grub-pc needs some help in uec instances" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62360912:47
yofelDrHalan: it works fine here at least12:47
DrHalanyeah i just did a dist-upgrade and it failed to configure grub because of that12:49
h4fhi all13:08
h4fI have some keys of my touchpad not working any more. and i wan't that functionality back :)13:09
h4fI have a touchpad on my laptop like this http://computermonger.com/wp-content/uploads/reviews/acer_aspire_5315/acer_aspire_5315_touchpad.jpg13:09
h4fthe touchpad itself is working good. but the keys between left and right button are not working any more as they were.13:10
h4fthere is a 4 button key. up/down is working. right/left suppose to open a new tab in firefox. in maverick its not working that way13:11
h4fcan some one point me where can I configure those keys to my needs ?13:11
DrHalanr wieso braucht ma bitter 124xD13:31
Sjors_Hi all14:07
bazhangSjors_, what options?14:08
somaunn_Hi Sjors_14:08
Sjors_I've downloaded the ubuntu 10.10 'standard' install CD, but I'm having problems booting it; the resolution is constantly wrong14:08
Sjors_so anyway: I was wanting to know whether I could start text-mode installation on the standard install CD14:08
bazhangSjors_, then try some boot options14:08
Sjors_bazhang: from vga=xxx to xsetup xforcevesa and everything I could find on the community wiki14:08
Sjors_everything either ended up in a console screen which had the wrong resolution *too*, to the standard X screen with the wrong resolution14:08
bazhangSjors_, not sure then; whenever I want the ncurses based installer I get the alternate14:09
Sjors_in the case of the wrong resolution console, the screen always started to act weird right after some nouveau lines14:09
Sjors_so I think nouveau is mis-detecting either the graphics card or the screen...14:09
Sjors_can I force the install CD to use a generic driver instead of nouveau, maybe?14:09
Sjors_for some reason, every time I gave xforcevega, the machine ended up doing nouveau anyway14:12
* Sjors_ downloads the alternate cd anyway, bah >_<14:16
sevenseekerthis is so odd, since upgrading to 10.10 2 days ago, I have no networking.  Interfaces are up, I can set everything up correctly including wireless but just nothing works (like pinging, browsing, etc).  No error messages anywhere that I have found.14:27
sevenseekerHowever, I did notice that if apparmour is running that bringing up interfaces results in a 'DENIED' message (which I can't post here since I am booted into another os)14:28
sevenseekerstopping apparmour eliminates this message but still no networking14:28
Sjors_sevenseeker: and `ping`?14:29
Sjors_try ping
Sjors_that's the IP address of one of the anycast OpenDNS servers14:29
sevenseekerping results in a resolution of the host, but no traffic14:30
nanomadis the btrfs regression fixed in maverick?14:30
sevenseekerok, lemme write that down and reboot :) thanks14:30
dupondjeHi guys :)14:30
dupondjeI need some noob help. I got a file '--exclude=*.jpg'  but can't remove it :p14:30
nanomadtry rm "--exclude=*.jpg"14:31
dupondjerm: unrecognized option '--exclude=*.jpg'14:31
nanomador just put a \ before every - and = and *14:31
dupondjejl@laptopjl:~$ rm \-\-exclude\=\*.jpg14:31
dupondjerm: unrecognized option '--exclude=*.jpg'14:31
nanomadrm \-\-exclude\=\*\.jpg14:32
dupondjejl@laptopjl:~$ rm \-\-exclude\=\*\.jpg14:32
dupondjerm: unrecognized option '--exclude=*.jpg'14:32
nanomadrm -- "--exclude=*.jpg"14:32
Sjors_I'd make that '--exclude=*.jpg' or it will try to glob the asterisk in there14:33
Sjors_not that it should matter14:33
nanomadotherwise just delete the inode14:33
nanomaddupondje, did it work?14:34
Sjors_except stat has no --exclude option too ;-)14:34
nanomadSjors_, ls -i .14:34
Sjors_hmm good idea14:34
dupondjerm -- "--exclude=*.jpg"14:35
dupondjeworked :p14:35
dupondjethat was a hard one :p14:35
nanomadnormal stuff against script kiddies14:35
nanomadbtrfs is still bugged in maverick14:35
dupondjebtw, could it be that man tar is wrong ?14:35
Sjors_no, impossible!14:36
dupondje     tar [-] A --catenate --concatenate | c --create | d --diff --compare | --delete | r --append | t --list | --test-label | u --update | x --extract --get [options] [pathname ...]14:36
Sjors_the man files are always right, if they aren't, they still are14:36
nanomadare u talking about the --exclude=PATTERN14:36
nanomadi'll try that14:37
dupondjetar -cjvf --exclude=*.jpg file.tar.bz2 dir14:37
dupondjethat doesn't work14:37
Sjors_dupondje: that's because after -f comes a filename14:37
dupondjetar --exclude=*.jpg -cjvf file.tar.bz2 dir14:37
Sjors_do it like this:14:37
Sjors_there. :P14:37
Sjors_or you will create a file called --exclude=*.jpg14:37
dupondjeah right14:37
dupondje-f = -file :)14:37
Sjors_and you will try to pack file.tar.bz2 in it14:38
dupondjethats why indeed14:38
Sjors_--file, actually, GNU longopts have two dashes :)14:38
nanomadman pages are always right14:38
Sir_Brizznice one dupondje ;)14:38
dupondjefail ... :)14:38
nanomadso, anyone using btrfs here?14:38
Sir_Brizzno because you can't fsck it :(14:39
dupondjeecryptfs here :P14:39
Sir_Brizzwhen btrfs has fsck i will probably start using it14:39
nanomadI was going to test btrfs with this install, but i didn't check the bug reports14:39
nanomadan install take 3h with btrfs14:40
Prettowhere do i find information about hal not installed by default anad what is used in his place?14:40
Sir_BrizzHallo, Dave!14:40
nanomadPretto, we are using udev i think14:42
Machtincould someone help me to get 5.1 working on my Asus Xonar DX? it's somehow strange - seems to be upmixed when i do the 6-channel speaker-test. however, both front speakers and the center speaker work like they are supposed to.14:44
nanomadwhat's the driver name?14:45
Machtinactually.. not even the center works when i add the surround option - just noticed14:46
Prettonanomad: :) tkx14:46
Machtincan't tell. :/14:46
Machtinsays chip "AV200" in alsamixer14:46
nanomadlsmod | grep snd14:47
nanomadMachtin, lsmod | grep snd14:47
Machtinsnd                    64036  12 snd_virtuoso,snd_oxygen_lib,snd_pcm,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device14:47
Machtinanything there?14:48
nanomadno module options, have u tried moving the sliders in alsamixer?14:48
nanomadtry this:14:50
nanomadu also need to remove the ; at the beginning of the line14:50
Machtindidn't change anything nanomad14:57
nanomadthen I can't help you, sorry14:57
akrcanzonExcuse me for offtopic, but has anyone got experience with routers/networks?14:58
Sir_Brizzdepends on what you need14:58
akrcanzonSir_Brizz,  can I pm you?14:58
akrcanzonSo I will not be offtopic here14:58
Machtinthanks anyway nanomad :)14:58
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AlanBellhi all15:08
AlanBellanyone know if adobe-flashplugin is going to land in the partner channel before release?15:09
AlanBellif you wind up at the adobe website from youtube or other sites it suggests for 9.04+ apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner15:10
AlanBellat the moment on maverick that results in an error message "Package 'adobe-flashplugin' is virtual."15:11
charlie-tcaIsn't the plugin itself outside the repositories, with just the flashplugin-installer now official?15:15
coz_hey guys   no mplayer  yet?15:21
* charlie-tca doesn't really know about flash; it is hard to find out information about it15:23
Dr_WillisThey may actally make it ehere you can click on flash at their web site and install it.. that would be nice15:39
Dr_Willisthats the way the Adobe air works last i tried it.. but its a little weird. the binary installer sort of makes/extracts a deb it then installs.15:39
mathewwhats the minimum ram requirement for Lucid Lynx 64 bit?15:41
penguin42mathew: I'm not sure what the official number is, but for the normal installer I suggest between 384mb and 512mb15:43
mathewpenguin42: just asking because the OS is too slow on by machine with 1 GB ram15:44
penguin42mathew: It shouldn't be, but if it is then I guess it's a case of finding out if RAM is the problem15:45
mathewpenguin42: why do they say 64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage on the website?15:45
penguin42mathew: Not sure, I suggest probably because things like Flash are more of a pain, and generally 64-bit does need a little more RAM15:46
mathewwell, flash works fine, its simple things which takes a lot of time15:47
mathewlike opening a new terminal sometimes take like 3-4 seconds15:47
BUGabundoI've been using 64bits for 3 yeats15:47
BUGabundonot a single stress15:47
mathewopening a movie in vlc takes 15-20 seconds15:47
BUGabundothat's a slow pc15:48
mathewit was fine for me till I updated it to Lucid Lynx15:48
penguin42mathew: youch, that shouldn't happen15:48
penguin42damn I was going to ask him something15:51
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soeeany idea how can i solve this errror msg while loggin in: Could not update ICEauthority file /gome/USER/.ICEauthority ?16:26
penguin42soee: Did it really spell it like that, or is that just a typo?16:27
soeepenguin42, "Could not update ICEauthority file /home/soee/.ICEauthority" - thts the error msg16:28
penguin42soee: OK, can you ls -l /home/soee/.ICEauthority  from a text login and also do df on /home/soee ?16:29
Monotokoheyy...how do i shortcut to my desktop?16:30
Monotokoctrl+alt+d isnt working anymore16:30
shadeslayerhey any ideas on how to set up your old ssh key on your new install?16:30
soeepenguin42, http://pastebin.com/txXmMJLF16:30
penguin42soee: Well, you have the disk space, did you just chmod 777 .ICEauthority or has it always had those perms?16:32
soeepenguin42, i was looking for a solution (google) and tried few things but none of theme helped16:33
penguin42soee: OK, chmod it back to normal    chmod 600 .ICEauthority16:33
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
soeei think its after today updates, i dont think it has anything to do with my sound system crash after trying to play song in Rythmbox via Sound Indicator while Radio Tray was running - now i have no sound :/16:35
soeepenguin42, k its 600 now16:35
penguin42Also check the perms on the directory itself   ls -ld /home/soee16:36
soeepenguin42, drwxr-xr-x 80 1016 1016 4096 2010-04-02 18:46 /home/soee16:37
penguin42seems sane16:37
penguin42any errors in dmesg?16:37
soeepenguin42, dmesg ?16:38
penguin42run dmesg it'll give you a load of logs16:39
Monotokowhy is it Windows+D to get to the desktop?!?!?!?!16:40
Monotokoyet ctrl+alt+l to lock?16:41
soeepenguin42, http://pastebin.com/Bk7ZQ8n216:42
penguin42soee: Hmm that looks OK (other than a moan about your mouse)16:43
AzelphurMonotoko: you can change it you know16:43
MonotokoAzelphur, but why have ctrl+alt keys, and then windows+ some other key16:44
AzelphurMonotoko: and the answer is because it's also ctrl+alt+D to show desktop :)16:44
Monotokosurely thats just gonna confuse people?16:44
soeepenguin42, its just drivers im truing to run, nothing important16:44
soeeill try logout brb16:44
AzelphurMonotoko: compiz likes using super, gnome likes using ctrl+alt. Lock is a gnome thing, show desktop is a compiz thing.16:44
MonotokoAzelphur, ctrl+alt+d isnt working here16:44
Azelphurwfm :p16:44
AzelphurMonotoko: but yea it's easy to change, system > preferences > keyboard shortcuts16:45
soeepenguin42, same msg again :/16:49
penguin42soee: Not sure what to suggest I'm afraid - are you using encrypted home directory out of interest?16:49
soeepenguin42, im not sure i did nothing that could cause this problem, just installed todays updates16:50
penguin42soee: All you can really do is report the bug16:50
soeepenguin42, ok16:51
penguin42soee: I don't know enough about the login process to suggest where to debug it more16:52
sevenseekerafter updating to 10.10 2 days ago I discovered that my fglrx module will not load (missing symbols)16:52
penguin42soee: You could look in /var/log/dpkg.log to find any promising looking package that got updated16:52
sevenseekertrying to rebuild it complains about lack of proper headers and source (kernel)16:52
sevenseekerwhat is the best way to update drivers to work?  Just get the official ones from the site?16:52
Tetsuo55anyone else suffering from having to ALT+TAB between windows before being able to enter text into them?16:55
coz_Tetsuo55,  you mean using alt tab and then typing in that window?16:56
coz_Tetsuo55,  sorry read it wrong16:56
coz_Tetsuo55,  no I am not having that issue here16:56
Tetsuo55i want to type here, but after being idle for a while its like the window is type-write protected16:56
coz_i am however not able to compile my alsa driver yet :(16:56
Tetsuo55have to alt+tab to another window and back before i can type again16:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  oooo  no that's not happening here16:57
Tetsuo55the mouse can do everything though16:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  somthing is stealing focus?16:57
Tetsuo55the mouse can interact, but the keyboard cannot16:57
Tetsuo55its wierd16:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  desktop?16:57
Tetsuo55it happens (at least) to konversation and terminal16:57
coz_Tetsuo55,  mm16:58
coz_Tetsuo55,  I rarely work with laptops ... not sure what to say for that16:58
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magicianlordThe new window buttons are adequate.17:25
gnomefreakwas there a chane since Lucid?17:34
=== Sary is now known as S|away
androidbruceso far so good here on the beta18:06
androidbrucerunning it on workstation and laptop18:06
duffydackhaving an issue with the fan always running at max while using the radeon driver.  fglrx (in lucid) fixes this..what can I do in maverick?18:10
penguin42duffydack: The fglrx normally make it by release, not what you can do at the moment18:20
penguin42'Powermanagement has to be enabled explicitely. Depending on your hardware, the fan might run at full speed. This turned out to be really tricky.'  that's from the known bugs & limitations page of the radeonhd page - although I think the open one is normally radeon not radeonhd18:21
penguin42(given the known issues for the Radeon stuff is empty)18:22
penguin42although interestingly in https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21678 there's a comment saying the KMS has power management18:23
ubottuFreedesktop bug 21678 in Driver/Radeon "-radeon open source driver always run fans at full speed for modern cards" [Normal,New]18:23
compengiare there any known issues after upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10beta when i'm ubuntu on wubi application?18:23
penguin42my radeon is fanless so I don't have that problem18:23
sevenseekerradeon you say... I have no working fglrx on my 10.1018:24
sevenseekerwhat did you guys do special?18:24
sevenseekerif anything , please please document18:24
penguin42sevenseeker: If you've got the HD4xxx or older then the popen drivers work with some limitations18:24
penguin42duffydack: A bit of googling suggests there are 3 xorg.conf options; DynamicPM, ClockGating and ForceLowPowerMode - not seen any examples of how to use them though or exactly where they go18:25
duffydackIll google a bit18:26
compengioh, looks faulty18:29
sevenseekerpenguin42, thanks... how do I reconfigure X in a friendly manner to use those driver(s)?18:29
penguin42sevenseeker: Which card do you have, and did you previously have fglrx installed?18:29
gnomefreakits always best to use jockey but you can always edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:30
penguin42gnomefreak: Can jockey do that for the open drivers?18:31
gnomefreakpenguin42: disable all other drivers should do it, maybe18:31
gnomefreakit has to default to something18:32
penguin42gnomefreak: Ah OK; I've never had any of the closed drivers on my machine, so I've not had to disable them18:32
gnomefreaknow im not 100% sure that will work but i imagine it has to default to something. as nvidia does18:33
penguin42I just keep kicking the free ones hard enough to get them to work :-)18:34
sevenseekerpenguin42: I have a mobility radeon HD 4650 and fglrx worked perfectly in 10.0418:34
penguin42sevenseeker: OK, it'll probably work again by the time Maverick gets released, they have to wait for AMD/ATI to update it18:35
gnomefreaksevenseeker: it has to do with the transition to X 1.9 most likely18:35
penguin42gnomefreak: And the new kernel - the build always breaks when the kernel changes18:36
gnomefreakpenguin42: our drivers?18:36
penguin42gnomefreak: The AMD ones18:36
gnomefreakor upstream builds18:36
duffydacksevenseeker, same gfx card here18:37
sevenseekerok, so in the meantime I can use the non accelerated ati driver?18:38
sevenseekerif so, how do I switch?18:38
sevenseekerI haven't hacked on x.org configs in many a year18:38
penguin42sevenseeker: Is X working at the moment?18:39
sevenseekerpenguin42, no... fglrx is the driver referenced and will not load due to missing symbols... however if I just replace the fglrx with 'foo' I doubt it will work unless I uncomment everything (the config options), so is there an easier way?18:40
penguin42sevenseeker: ok, if oyu can't start X (and hence get to the jockey stuff - maybe there is a command line way?) I'd remove all fglrx packages and move the /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way18:40
gnomefreaknot sure what ATI defaults to but i had vesa working for a while when nvidia broke18:41
sevenseekeraha, lemme try that on reboot18:41
edgycrimsun_: hi18:48
sevenseekerpenguin42: would I then run a 'dpkg --reconfigure' on a xorg package or something else?18:50
penguin42sevenseeker: Nah, just move /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way, it should sort the rest out itself18:50
penguin42sevenseeker: if you do start gdm I think it should restart it18:50
sevenseekerpenguin42, ok... awesome to hear, thanks18:51
* penguin42 goes to get dinner18:51
coz_hey guys  icedtea isnt being installed by default  is it?18:57
bobo1231is there hope for a ubuntu-made graphics settings controlpanel one can use, depite that on is using nvidias drivers?18:59
ahaminoHi, my AMD Turion X2 ultra overheats under normal stress load, it has been doing that since ubuntu 9.04 -> 10.04 (runs fine on windows 7) .. I'm wondering if that got solved in this release.. Checked lp .. and found a bug that looks similar to the problem I'm having ... but there are no indication of it's status : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/370173?comments=all19:01
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/370173)19:02
coz_ahamino,  have you checked with #ubuntu-x  channel ?19:03
ahaminocoz_ : what is #ubuntu-x ?19:03
coz_ahamino,  that channel deals with many things including drivers and functinality as far as I know   I believe that channel would offer more information19:04
ahaminocoz_ : ok thanks, will check it19:04
duffydackjust tried booting with radeon.dynpm=1 on kernel line and I get radeon: Unknown parameter `dynpm'  and compiz doesnt get loaded and I get a metacity desktop.19:15
duffydackthats what a few sites suggested to do.. using xorg apparently is for UMS not KMS19:16
Slasher`i try to upgrade to the beta and get this error - 'E:Couldn't configure pre-depend x11-common for x11-xkb-utils, probably a dependency cycle.' - anyone know how to fix it?19:30
gnomefreakSlasher`: are you using update-manager -d?19:32
gnomefreaksounds like you are using X from a PPA19:32
Slasher`how would i know if i am/how would i use a different one?19:33
gnomefreakupdate-manager should be able to fix it19:33
gnomefreakSlasher`: do you have an X PPA?19:33
Slasher`i have no clue lol19:33
Slasher`would it be in /etc/apt/sources.list?19:33
gnomefreakSlasher`: you dont know?19:33
gnomefreakS|away: yes19:33
gnomefreakSlasher`: yes19:33
* gnomefreak wonders how you do not know19:34
Slasher`right lets look19:34
Slasher`well it's added lines by itself by the looks for maverick19:34
Slasher`the rest are commented out19:34
gnomefreakSlasher`: yes they start with #19:35
gnomefreakSlasher`: do you have one?19:37
Slasher`# http://ppa.launchpad.net/bogdanb/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main <-is that what i'm looking for?19:38
Slasher`# deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/bogdanb/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main19:38
gnomefreakSlasher`: you are on jaunty?19:38
Slasher`i don't even know why that's there19:38
penguin42might still have old packages left in from them after an upgrade19:38
penguin42Slasher`: oh that looks like it was just an amarok version froma year or so ago19:39
Slasher`ah yeah19:40
Slasher`i now use amarok2 anyway19:40
gnomefreakmaqke a whole new lucid .list file assuming you are on lucid. than run update than update-manager -d see if it happens19:40
Slasher`lets see what else i have19:40
gnomefreakim gone dinner is done19:40
Slasher`ok will do19:40
gnomefreakpastebin the whole list so people can help19:40
Slasher`do you have a default lucid.list ?19:40
gnomefreakSlasher`: you cant upgrade from karmic -> maverick you have to upgrade from karmic -> lucid -> maverick19:44
gnomefreakSlasher`: best to get a new ISo and install clean. back up your files.19:44
Slasher`i'm on lucid i dont know why it still says karmic19:44
gnomefreak!upgrade | Slasher`19:45
Slasher`( Operating System ) Linux Ubuntu 10.04 - lucid Kernel: 2.6.32-24-generic, GNU/Linux | Xorg: 1.7.6 | Desktop: Gnome v2.3.2 | IRC CLient: X-Chat v.2.8.619:45
ubottuSlasher`: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:45
gnomefreakSlasher`: your sources list list karmic19:45
gnomefreakSlasher`: not strange that is wha5t is there. you most likely have karmic packages as well as lucid but i do not see a lucid repo at all19:45
Slasher`should i get a lucid .list file, replace it and then update?19:46
gnomefreakSlasher`: your system is unstable and you should reinstall lucid and wait a while longer before upgraded to maverick. gone now19:46
Slasher`bugger lol19:47
Slasher`oh well, thanks19:47
duffydackRhythmbox never fetches cover art.. what gives19:47
Dr_Willisduffydack:  i noticed that also.19:51
Dr_WillisOne of these days i need to track down a way to clean out all these DUps of my music files and sort them better also.19:52
duffydackI think there exists a program for that... just dont ask me the name19:52
Dr_Willisyea. I got like 15gb of muzak and i think 1/2 of it are dupes.19:54
coz_yikes :)19:54
coz_Dr_Willis,  that has to take up space :)19:54
Dr_Willis2TB usb HD on sale for $109 last week.19:54
Dr_WillisI got 2... :)19:54
coz_Dr_Willis,  oh then nevermind lol19:55
Dr_WillisIve ran out of USB ports on this PC.  I need to track down a PCI usb expansion card thats BIGGER then the 2 i allready have in the machine.19:55
penguin42Dr_Willis: What the heck of you got plugged in to it?19:57
coz_ok my first impressions of maverick...still wallpaper choices  span zoom  etc etc are screwed up....right click desktop icons for multiple partitined external drive still have no  unmount options... the search button in synaptic is in a very odd place :)19:57
duffydack+1 on the unmount.. pita.  I use disk utility for a quick-ish way of unmounting a few drives.20:00
coz_duffydack, :)  for sure pita... concerned about errors when umounting single partition on external with mulitple partiions ..it tends to screw up the drive re mounting at times20:00
penguin42coz_: Have you tried the gnome drive mount applet?20:01
coz_penguin42,  I have and also cairo-dock's as well...they unmount individually fine  however  as in lucid,, highlihgting the set of icons for mulitple drive partitions on the desktop still has no unmount or safely remove drive options20:02
coz_and of course a single icon right click has it but spits out errors20:02
penguin42coz_: Hmm, I'd thought for USB stick with multiple partitions it did20:02
coz_penguin42,  all of my usb sticks are single partition...but external drives are multiple partitions   ...worked fine in karmic though20:03
duffydackit has eject and safe remove for me...  both do the same thing in terms of removing the partitions from being seen20:03
coz_duffydack,  on singel partitions?20:03
duffydackwhich is the problem, and why I want an unmount.. I wanna unmount and keep them available.20:03
duffydacknot got any with single partitions...20:04
duffydackso I cant say20:04
coz_duffydack,  here i get an error when trying to right click unmount with a single partition on the multiple partiioned drive  let me get error20:04
penguin42coz_: Is this esata?20:04
coz_penguin42,  no external ide via usb20:05
coz_this is the error consistent with lucid as well   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/errors/external%20drive%20error20:05
duffydackusb stick with 6 partitions for me20:05
coz_penguin42,  also doesnt seem to matter what file system is on externals  I have tried fat  ext4 and ntfs  all with same error20:06
penguin42coz_: I think that error is from the thing trying to do the sync/clean unmount20:06
Dr_WillisI have lets see... 6 usb ports built in.. 2 on front (not used except for flash drives)  and 2 pci add on usb cards. one gvives 2 usb ports.. one gives 3 (plus one internal on each) :)20:07
Dr_Willisthe internal ones are neat. but  a bit of a hassle. I put a Bluetooth dongle on one.. and it had a range of like 2 feet20:07
onyxgaze_i must say im loving ubuntu after switching from windows 7, it's come a long way from installs i've done in the past, it seems to just work on this box20:11
coz_onyxgaze_,  very cool :)20:18
aboSamoorHi, I am using tsclient, but it seems that it truncates the domain name after specific length. I mean cs.stonybrook.edu appears as cs.stonybrook.e20:21
penguin42aboSamoor: Just looking up, tsclient looks like it's a front end for rdesktop, have you tried rdesktop directly?20:23
aboSamoorpenguin42: yes, and it works20:23
penguin42aboSamoor: OK, then I suggest raising a bug against tsclient20:23
aboSamoorpenguin42: but I have to install rdesktop package so I doubt that tsclient is using the same code base20:23
penguin42oh, ok20:24
aboSamoorpenguin42: is tscleint part of gnome, I want to file upstream then link to launchpad20:24
penguin42aboSoCurious, it says in the package description it does and it does actually depend on rdesktop20:25
penguin42aboSamoor: If you do dpkg -s tsclient what version does it say?20:25
aboSamoorpenguin42: 0.150-4ubuntu120:26
penguin42hmm that matches20:26
aboSamoorpenguin42: I can not run rdesktop command without installing the package20:27
penguin42aboSamoor: Weird, ok, what happens if you remove the rdesktop package :-)20:27
* penguin42 discovers the Brazilian Debian Pure Blend - brdesktop20:28
aboSamoorpenguin42: I am sorry. The first time that I thought i installed rdesktop, it was upgrading the packaging and not installing it20:29
penguin42ah ok20:30
* shoonya is away: Gone to bed...20:43
doc|homeanyone had mpd break on them recently?20:45
doc|homeplayer_thread: problems opening audio device while playing "Radiohead/[1997.06] OK Computer [24bit-96kHz Vinyl LP]/Radiohead - 01 - Airbag.flac" from the mpd log20:45
doc|homesame for mp3s20:45
=== tester_ is now known as ia
LynoureAmarok working fine for people?21:21
LynoureI'm wondering if I am alone with the problem I asked about ~1 day ago21:22
Monotokohmmm, one sec il fire it up21:27
Monotokowhats the problem?21:27
doc|homeplayer_thread: problems opening audio device while playing "Radiohead/[1997.06] OK Computer [24bit-96kHz Vinyl LP]/Radiohead - 01 - Airbag.flac" from the mpd log. Same for mp3s.22:27
doc|homeanyone had mpd break on them recently?22:27
doc|homemust have been a recent update because it was working fine22:27
penguin42doc|home: I don't use it, does it normally use Pulse or directly access the device?22:31
doc|homepenguin42: you can configure it to use pulse22:36
doc|homeand it had been working fine, so I don't know if it could be configuration22:36
penguin42doc|home: OK, so is pulse running   ps -eaf|grep pulse should show a pulseaudio process22:37
doc|homepenguin42: it gives two results pulseaudio and gconf-helper22:38
penguin42ok, so pa is running, so mpd had better be trying to use it22:38
penguin42doc|home: If it's trying to open the device directly it won't work if pa is running22:38
doc|homepenguin42: http://pastebin.ca/1938469 is the mpd.conf22:41
doc|homeand while I haven't changed that, I wonder if pulse has changed and may expect something else since last week?22:41
doc|homecorrection: I changed it when I installed it as it doesn't use pulse by default, in order to get it to work via pulse, but it worked after I did that until some time over the last few days22:42
penguin42doc|home: Well, that looks like it's set for pa (even though I've never looked at it before)22:43
penguin42doc|home: Is other stuff playing audio?22:43
doc|homepenguin42: yep, xine, totem and rhythmbox work fine, as does flash on websites22:44
penguin42doc|home: OK then I guess mpd got broke22:44
penguin42doc|home: File a bug22:45
doc|homewill do, thanks22:46
vbabiyis any one else seeing high cpu usage for xorg?23:36
bazhangvbabiy, let me check23:36
penguin42vbabiy: A few people have said that23:36
vbabiyI see it when I alot of text scrolling in my terminal23:36
vbabiypenguin42, do you know if there is a fix yet?23:36
bazhangvbabiy, yep23:36
penguin42vbabiy: No I don't, I'm not sure anyone has nailed it down - still, text scrolling through a terminal IS limited by the rate at which X/graphics card can shift it23:37
penguin42(although konqueror is actually neater than most terminals)23:37
* penguin42 means konsole23:37
Kendalja I just downloaded the Ubuntu 10.10 netbook iso23:58
Kendaljahow do i install from usb stick?23:59
penguin42Kendalja: Have you got an Ubuntu machine already running ?23:59

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