DanaGargh, curse that NDA on Panda.00:59
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robclarkanyone tried mythbuntu on armel?19:59
robclarkmythbuntu-common depend on vnc4server which seems to be MIA on armel..20:00
ogra_cmpcthat strange20:08
ogra_cmpchttp://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ doesnt show up onm the fail to build list20:08
robclarkhmm.. could it have a dependency that failed to build?20:09
ogra_cmpcthats possible20:10
robclarkit suggests vnc-java which might be missing I suppose.. but all it's dependencies look pretty standard20:10
ogra_cmpcthough if a dep is missing and it was tried to build at all during maverick it should show up as dep-wait (orange) on the list20:11
robclarkohh.. but there is moovida20:38

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