CaerI created a tango-like icon for Irssi (or any command-line IRC app) : http://caerbazar.free.fr/terminal-muc.svg (48x48)03:10
Caershould I work to have it included in humanity-icon-theme? and if so, what resolution should I work on?03:12
CaerI would also love to make more application specific icons, would that be useful?03:14
Caer(now off to bed)03:16
zniavregood morning08:25
zniavrewith maverick how is managed the smal arrow into indicator-me for running aplications   (before it was inside the icon theme but now i can't find where its placed) ?08:26
zniavreapplication-running.png *08:29
vishtroy_s: nah.. i was thinking of reviving the artwork team/ML.. seems we are doing nothing .. especially last cycle nothing was done ..  and there was talk about alpha wallpapers earlier but nothing seems to have been put into action.. i'm planning on writing a mail to the list to know if people are interested in doing anything...08:56
vishoops troy isnt here :(08:56
* darkmatter gently pats vish08:57
vishCaer: hi.. i'm one of the authors for humanity..  we dont include app specific icons in humanity.. we try not to change branding of the apps.. you could try sending the icon to the main authors/debian maintainers of the package ..08:58
vishCaer: not sure what irssi app 'muc' refers to though..08:59
Caerhi vish09:00
Caerby muc I meant any multi user chat or IM program09:00
CaerI tried to make a generic icon, like htop and gnome-monitor have09:00
vishCaer: ok.. i noticed it does look generic but is the icon used? is that a generic icon name  ?09:01
vishCaer: i mean a standard icon name that applications fallback to?09:02
Caerno, I just made it and don't work on any application09:02
vishCaer: ok, so there would be no point in including it in the theme, if its not used .. :)09:03
Caerfine, but why would developers reference an icon that doesn't exist ?09:03
CaerShould I try to convince irssi to ship it first ?09:04
vishCaer: yup..09:04
Caerok, thanks09:04
vishCaer: or try to get it included as a new generic icon name in gnome-icon-theme09:04
Caerdirectly on launchpad, or through a ML?09:05
vishCaer: there was already a similar concept put forward for gwibber/twitter  icon09:05
vishCaer: you can file a bug gnome-icon-theme  in bugzilla.. but i doubt they would include it though.. [not trying to discourage you , but just letting you know]09:06
Caerno problem, and thank you09:07
Caerany idea of other needed icons I could work on?09:07
vishCaer: very rarely new icon names are added to gnome-icon-theme.. you get asked a lot of questions.. if it is really required, will any app dev use it.. is any app dev interested in using it.09:07
vishCaer: for humanity?09:07
Caer(i'm not sure of the limits between Humanity and gnome-icon-theme)09:08
Caerbut yes, for example09:08
darkmatterg-i-t = "we're to lazy to make icons, so don't propose any" ;)09:08
vishhehe ;)09:08
vishCaer: usually new app icon names are requested by the application devs.. and icons get done.. not the other way around..09:09
vishthats how it works in gnome..09:09
vishCaer: if you are looking to work on humanity.. its pretty late for Maverick, we are past UI freeze. so not much going to change now...09:10
vishCaer: also , since there is a call for a new icon theme ideas, not sure if humanity will be the default for Natty..09:11
vishCaer: you can work on gnome icons.. they still have a lot of Hi-resolution icons they want to complete09:12
vishCaer: and gnome icons are not going away anytime soon ;)09:12
Caeras long as everyting is Tango-like, that's fine09:13
Caerthanks for all of your suggestions, and I understand that I should wait for the next cycle09:14
CaerAnd I'm going for gnome-icon big sizes, and try to get irssi to ship terminal-muc :)09:14
vishnp.. :)09:15
* darkmatter needs cookies :/09:16
thorwildoctormo, kwwii: how did this happen? http://ubuntu-free-culture.deviantart.com/  vs  http://ubuntu-artists.deviantart.com/gallery/2566768309:18
vishthorwil: doctormo is an evil genius, thats why ;)09:21
vishthorwil: afaik , they both discussed it and i think it was merged..09:22
thorwilvish: i guess the wallpaper thing on flickr works because the barrier to entry is very low (and because a lot more people do photos than drawings/illustrations)09:23
thorwilvish: i hope the empty group can be deleted09:23
thorwilvish: the countdown banner thing likely works because it's a well defined task with deadline09:24
vishthorwil: yeah.. it should have been.. we lack a little organization...  we need co-ordiation.09:24
thorwilvish: both benefit from being official, not being the idea of just some guy in the community. this provides a sense or security/reliability09:25
thorwilthere's also the aspect of visibility. work in the open encourages more work09:26
vishthorwil: i'm still not sure why doctormo started the group as ubuntu-artists rather than ubuntu-artwork ...  he did announce that group on the artwork ML.. i think he might have over looked it.. but for now i'm still sticking with "doctormo is an evil genius part" ;p09:27
thorwilvish: so to revive the team/ml, you should care about visibility, clear tasks and deadlines, official endorsement09:27
vishthorwil: yeah.. first we need to know *if* people are interested.. no use putting in work when on one is subscribed there .. or we need to think of better ways to get the message out...09:28
thorwilvish: the deviantart concept is called "Groups". it's not gallery, channel or collection. the group contains artists, so ...09:29
thorwilvish: first asking if people are interested leads nowhere09:29
thorwilthere's no motivation, no commitment09:30
vishmaybe.. but we need to try asking too.. atleast if there are a couple of people.. not saying we shouldnt organize .. irrespective of whatever goes on on the list, there needs to be organization..09:31
vishthorwil: i spoke to the xubuntu/kubuntu people too , xubuntu needs help.. so we can include theme too09:31
vishkubuntu changes very little from upstream.. so they are happy.09:32
ThingymebobNot sure about this, replaced hi-color launcher icons in my panel with some freshly created mono ones to match the notification area http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/will.bickerstaff/SomeStuff15:42
ThingymebobThink they now look like they belong there?15:42
Thingymebobcool, maybe I'll make some more for common apps15:58

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